Guide to the Autobiography of James Francis Plunkett (as filmed by the AJCP)



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Created: 2019

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James Francis Plunkett: Autobiography, 1893 (File 82: 130)

Birth at Southampton, 18 Aug 1831; history of his family; childhood memories; school; death of father (1838); removal to Tixall; school at Sedgley Park - learning to serve mass and joined choir, dramatic performances, religious education; marriage of mother to William Furlong; school holidays; attendance at St Mary's College, Oscott, Sutton Coldfield (1846); Jenico Preston (Lord Gormanston, Governor of Tasmania, 1893), fellow pupil, runs away from College; poetry submitted to College magazine, Academia; leaves Oscott - Bishop Ullathorne tells him he has no vocation for priesthood; London; anti papal riots; employment as clerk, Messrs Shoolbred & Co., Tottenham Court Road; return to Sedgley Park as a master (1857); enters religious order - College of St Mary Rugby (1852); returns to family who have decided to emigrate; passage on British Isles, Mr Furlong fleeing creditors; voyage to Port Phillip, sea sickness, playing chess, suicide of apprentice, becomes editor of ship's newspaper, crossing the line; arrival Port Phillip (4 Feb 1853); excitement of sailors over Great Britain; living in tent and then cottage at Collingwood Flat - dysentery; employment at Bendigo store - journey on foot; description of Bendigo; "discomforts of a life on the diggings"; robbery of escort; life at McIvor - buying gold; attitude of police to diggers - incidents observed by Plunket; situation of women at the diggings; return to Melbourne; employment on Armchair; mother living at Canvas Town; connection with St Vincent of Paul Brotherhood; opening of Hobson's Bay Railway, 12 Sept 1854. (Faint in parts).

Charles Plunkett (Auckland) to Rev Father Sandy (Oscott College), 19 May 1926 (File)

Re his father's autobiography detailing his college days at Oscott; further details of life of James Plunkett - marriage 1864; opened Catholic boarding school at Elsternwick called Oscott; emigration to New Zealand - opened Catholic School for boys in 1871 at Auckland; 1875 abandoned teaching and joined Southern Cross as reporter; died 23 April 1917; Disabilities of Catholic Church in New Zealand re education...

Poem (1p.) (File)

Aide-memoire re events at diggings[?] (File)

Poem written New Year's Eve (2p.), 1874 - 1875 (File)

Poem. Kynge Alfred in the Danyshe Campe (2p.) (File)