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Created: 2019

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Documents on consular appointments, 1883 - 29 May 1889 (File 1)

Filmed selectively.

Coutts Trotter. 'Some account of New Guinea', [1883] (Item)

Cutting on South Sea Island mail service (Item)

Powell to Lord Salisbury, 30 June 1885 (Item)

Passage from Auckland to Apia. (draft)

Sir Francis Bell to Powell, 28 July 1885 (Item)

Passage to Samoa.

P.W. Cruin (Foreign Office) to Powell, 10 January 1887 (Item)

Payment of full salary while in London.

E. Malet (Berlin) to Powell, 9 May 1889 (Item)

Requests attendance at Berlin Conference on affairs of Samoa.

E. Malet to Powell, 29 May 1889 (Item)

Thanks for assistance at Samoa Conference.

Powell's travels, 1873 - 1887 (File 2)

The papers include the registration certificate of the ship Star of the East (1875), memorandum of Powell Trading Association Ltd. (1880), correspondence with Queensland Treasury concerning pilotage duties (1887), indenture between Powell and G. Turner relating to a voyage to New Guinea (1877), correspondence concerning a paper by Powell on the South Sea Islands given to the Royal Colonial Institute (1880), and a letter from R.H. Herbert arranging a meeting with Lord Derby on New Guinea (19 April 1883). (13 items)

Book of press cuttings, 1883 (File 3)

The cuttings, mainly from London and Sydney newspapers, relate to the annexation of New Guinea, Polynesian labour trade, Fiji, New Caledonia and Powell's book Wanderings in a wild country. (c. 70p.)

Routine consular affairs, 1885 - 1886 (File 4)

The documents include correspondence with the Auckland Chamber of Commerce on a mail service to the Navigator Islands, provision of a light on Opolu, consular accounts, and description of materials for Powell's house at Apia. (8 items)

Letters on natural history specimens, 1885 - 1886 (File 5)

The documents include lists of Samoan exhibits and ornithological specimens given to the Zoological Society of London and Oxford University Museum. (7 items)

Letters and reports on Samoa, 1885 - 1889 (File 6)

The papers include letters from Captain A. Brooke on visits to Samoa, letters from J.B. Thurston on the interest of the Great Powers in Samoa, Powell's achievements and allegations that he wished New Zealand to annex Samoa, notes on the value of British, German and American properties in Apia, map of the political divisions in Savair, Opolu and Tutuila, report on special administration of Apia, notes by Powell on the distribution of Pacific Islands between Britain, France and Germany, August 1887 (printed), and Berlin Declaration relating to the demarcation of British and German spheres of interest in the Western Pacific, April 1886. (22 items)

Notebook, c. 1885 (File 7)

Small notebook with pencilled notes on conditions in Samoa, land transactions, accounts.

Map of Samoan Islands, 1839; 1871 (File 8)

C. Wilkes. Map of Samoan Islands, 1839, corrected by United States Hydrographic Office, 1871.

Photographs of Samoa (File 9)

Photographs of Samoan houses, canoes, government offices, Pago Pago village and harbour, R.L. Stevenson, and memorial to British and Americans killed in 1899.

Typescript account of Samoa (File 10)

The typescript deals with the physical geography of Samoa, customs, ceremonies, buildings, religion, music, sport, and manufacture of tapo. (44p.)

Account of Samoan hurricane, 1889 (File 11)

Typescript account of Samoan hurricane, 15 March 1889. (6p.)

Exercise book (File 15)

Book of speeches, letters, stories and notes on beche de mer, fishing, labour trade and other subjects. (c. 100p.)

List of Samoan exhibits (3p.) (File 16)

Correspondence, 1934 - 1940 (File 18)

Correspondence between E. Lewin, A.B. Campbell and Powell mostly dealing with the Samoan hurricane of 1889.

Miscellaneous notes (File 19)

Notes relating to the life of Powell, including notes by P. Kennedy on British and German archival sources on his Samoan Consulateship.

Album of photographs (File)

The photographs are uncaptioned, but about 70 of the photographs relate to the South Seas.