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Fonds [1]. Kew Collectors Series

Series [1]. Papers of John Armstrong

The papers comprise biographical notes, letters (1837-40) from Armstrong to William T. Aiton and others at Kew Gardens, written from Port Essington and Copang (Kupang) and lists of plants.

Series [2]. Papers of George Barclay

The papers comprise list of plants forwarded to the Royal Botanic Gardens, letters (1837-39) from Barclay to William T. Aiton, written from the Sandwich Islands and Mexico, and lists of plants discovered at various locations.

Series [3]. Papers of George Caley

The papers consist of correspondence with Sir Saul Samuel about the papers of Caley acquired by the New South Wales Government (1897-98), biographical notes, transcripts from correspondence (1800-25) of Caley with George Suttor and Sir Joseph Banks (62pp) and a copy of John Lee. Rules for collecting and preserving seeds from Botany Bay, n.d.

Series [4]. Papers of Allan Cunningham and James Bowie

Filmed selectively.

Appointment and embarkation for Rio de Janeiro, including letters of Sir Joseph Banks, William Aiton and Allan Cunningham, 1814 - 1817 (File ff.1-23)
Ships for the Cape of Good Hope and New South Wales (File f.103)
Preparations to leave Rio de Janeiro (File ff.180-188)
Copies of letters of Allan Cunningham, James Bowie and others, and lists of plants collected by Cunningham in Australia, 1816 - 1817 (File ff.221-269)

Series [5]. Miscellaneous papers of Allan Cunningham

Lists of plants, timbers and seeds collected and despatched by Cunningham in Brazil, New South Wales and New Zealand, 1816-36 (179 folios) (File [1])

Includes letters of Cunningham to John Smith (Kew) written from the Bay of Islands in 1838.

Enumeration of the plants collected by Cunningham during several voyages surveying the coasts of Australia on the cutter Mermaid and the brig Bathurst under the command of Lieut. P.P. King, December 1817 - January 1823 (File [2])
Correspondence of Allan Cunningham, January 1817 - December 1831 (File [3])

Copies of letters of Cunningham written to Sir Joseph Banks, William T. Aiton and others, mainly written from Sydney and Parramatta. (200pp.)

Series [6]. Papers of William Grant Milne

Documents including the terms of Milne's appointment as assistant naturalist on HMS Herald (19 April 1852), correspondence of Sir William Hooker concerning bills drawn by Milne, letters from Milne to John Smith, the curator at the Royal Botanic Gardens (1852-59), lists of plants, and a log kept by Milne on HMS Herald (June 1852-Nov. 1853) with detailed reports on anthropology, botany and natural history of the places visited.

Series [7]. Papers of Berthold Seemann

Journal kept by Seemann while serving on HMS Herald, 1847-49, including notes on the botany of various places in South America, correspondence with John Smith at the Royal Botanic Gardens, plant and seed lists, and financial papers. (77 folios)

Fonds [2]. Papers relating to collectors, 1791 - 1865

The volume contains a variety of documents including biographical notes, letters and records of payment...

Berthold Seemann, 1846 - 1850 (File f.26)

George Barclay (File f.49)

J.C. Bidwill, 1843 (File f.55)

H. Cuming (File f.98)

Allan Cunningham (File ff.99-100)

Richard Cunningham (File f.101)

Peter Good (File ff.182-183)

B. Beattie? (Sydney), 1852 (File f.185)

Walter Hill (Sydney, Brisbane), 1855 - 1865 (File ff.186-195)

John Kent (File f.208)

William Ker (File f.209-210)

James Kidd (Sydney), 1845 - 1846 (File f.212-227)

Thomas McDonnell, 1840 - 1844 (File ff.229-237)

Archibald Menzies (File f.300)

William Milne (File f.302)

Charles Moore (Sydney), 1840 - 1855 (File ff.303-310)

D. Moore, 1840 - 1847 (File ff.312-314)

Although described individually, this letter was originally microfilmed with a page from another letter. The last page of the letter described can be found at the beginning of nla.obj-1551446228.

William Morrison, 1833 - 1834 (File ff.315-319)

David Nelson (File ff.324-326)

John G. Robertson (Hobart), 1834 (File ff.347-348)

Fonds DC. RBGK: Director's Correspondence, 5 December 1805 - 1928

Official correspondence: letters to Sir William Hooker...

English Letters, 16 September 1828 - 7 September 1829 (File DC/1)

Allan Cunningham (Brisbane River) to Hooker, 16 September 1828 (Item f.112)
Allan Cunningham (Parramatta) to Hooker, 10 January 1829 (Item ff.113-114)
Capt. James Stirling (Swan River) to Hooker, 7 September 1829 (Item f.127)

English Letters H-W, 23 November 1833 - 18 January 1834 (File DC/8)

Charles Mallard, (Sydney) to Hooker, 18 January 1834 (Item f.151)
Charles Mallard (Hobart) to Hooker, 23 November 1833 (Item f.153)

English Letters, 1865 (File DC/17)

J. Campbell (Darjeeling) to Hooker, 17 January 1865 (Item f. 107)

English Letters, 1846 and undated (File DC/24)

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Sir Francis Beaufort (Admiralty) to Hooker (5 letters), 1846 and undated (Item f.52)

English Letters, 20 July 1848 (File DC/26)

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Edward Wakefield to Hooker, 20 July 1848 (Item f.564)

English Letters K-Z, 7 February 1848 (File DC/28)

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John MacGillivray (Port Phillip) to Hooker, 7 February 1848 (Item f.67)

English Letters I-Z, 13 February 1850 (File DC/30)

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William Selwyn (Melbourne) to Hooker, 13 February 1850 (Item f.250)

English Letters, 7 May 1850 - 1852 (File DC/32)

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Capt. Henry M. Denham (HMS Herald) to Hooker, 1852 (Item ff.139-144)
Capt. John Erskine (Sydney) to Hooker, 7 May 1850 (Item f.153)

English Letters, July 1852 - 23 February 1853 (File DC/33)

Filmed selectively.

John MacGillivray (Sydney) to Hooker, 23 February 1853 (Item f.278)
William Milne to Hooker, July 1852 - October 1852 (Item ff.304-307)

English Letters, 29 August 1853 (File DC/34)

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Capt. Henry M. Denham (Sydney) to Hooker, 29 August 1853 (Item f.86)

English Letters, 6 December 1854 - December 1855 (File DC/35)

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Capt. Henry M. Denham (Sydney) to Hooker, 27 April 1855 (Item ff.134-135)
John MacGillivray (Tanna, New Hebrides) to Hooker, 6 December 1854 (Item f.291)
William G. Milne (Sydney, Ovalau, Tanna) to Hooker, March 1855 - December 1855 (Item ff.316-320)

English Letters, 14 September 1857 (File DC/37)

Filmed selectively.

Capt. Henry M. Denham (Sydney) to Hooker, 14 September 1857 (Item f.147)
Biographical notice of Alexander Macleay (printed) (Item f.435)

South American Letters (File DC/38)

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Walter Clifton to Hooker, n.d. (Item f.122)

Miscellaneous: Foreign Letters, 1 August 1824 - 7 June 1828 (File DC/43)

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Allan Cunningham (Bulli, NSW) to Hooker, 1 August 1824 (Item f.35)
Allan Cunningham to Hooker, 25 August 1824 (Item f.54)
Joseph Frank to Hooker, and prospectus of Florae Javae, 7 June 1828 (Item ff.166-167)

German Letters, 7 May 1839 (File DC/50)

Filmed selectively.

Ludwig Preiss (Perth) to Hooker, 7 May 1839 (Item ff.237-239)

East Indian, Chinese and Mauritius etc. Letters, 5 December 1805 (File DC/52)

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L'Eschenault de la Tour (Samarang) to Hooker (extract), 5 December 1805 (Item f.16)

East Indian, Chinese and Mauritius etc. Letters, 20 May 1831 - 1836 (File DC/53)

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R. Addison (Batavia) to Hooker, 4 February 1832 (Item f.1)
H. Cuming (Manila) to Hooker, 24 December 1836 (Item f.37)
C. Millett (Batavia) to Hooker, 20 May 1831 (Item f.84)
J.B. Spanoghe (Kupang, Timor, Batavia) to Hooker, 1834 - 1836 (Item ff.105-106)

East Indian Letters, 13 December 1835 - 24 July 1850 (File DC/54)

Filmed selectively.

John Armstrong (Kupang) to Hooker, 13 December 1835 (Item ff.1-2)
A.E. Armstrong (Timor) to Hooker, 6 June 1847 (Item ff.3-4)
H. Cuming (Manila) to Hooker, 18 November 1838 (Item f.93)
M.P. Edgeworth to Hooker, n.d. (Item f.120)
John Henshall (Batavia) to Hooker, 24 July 1850 (Item ff.252-253)
A.J. Kerr (Penang) to Hooker, 2 July 1847 (Item f.278)
F. Oxley (Singapore) to Hooker, 1 May 1848 (Item f.372)

East Indian, Chinese and Mauritius etc. Letters, 1851 - 5 February 1857 (File DC/55)

Filmed selectively.

Edward S. Barber (Labuan) to Hooker, 1853 - 1854 (Item ff.5-6)
Sir James Brooke (London, Sarawak) to Hooker, 1853 (Item ff.49-51)
W.J. Lewis (Penang) to Hooker, 8 November 1852 (Item f.194)
James Motley (Labuan, Java, Borneo) to Hooker, 1852 - 1854 (Item ff.216-225)
Finlay, Hodgson & Co. to Hooker, 5 February 1857 (Item f.226)
Society for the Propagation of the Gospel. Pitcairn Island and its inhabitants (Item f.229)
F. Oxley (Singapore) to Hooker, 1851 - 1852 (Item ff.231-233)
J. Scott (Labuan) to Hooker, 18 May 1854 (Item f.287)
B. Seemann (Singapore) to Hooker, December 1854 (Item f.288)

Indian Letters, 1858 - 1861 (File DC/56)

Filmed selectively.

Voyage de M. Le Prof. W.H. de Vriese dans l'Archipel des Indes Orientales Neerlandaises, 1857-1861 (Item f.6)
James Motley to Hooker, 6 January 1858 (Item ff.294-297)
W.H. de Vriese (Java) to Hooker, 1858 - 1861 (Item ff.472-475)
C.H.H. Wilson (Singapore) to Hooker, 15 January 1858 (Item f.496)

Indian and Chinese Letters, 1859 - 1860 (File DC/57)

Filmed selectively.

Admiral Michael Seymour (Singapore) to Hooker, 5 April 1859 (Item f.188)
W.H. de Vriese (Java, Celebes) to Hooker, 1859 - 1860 (Item ff.240-242)

African Letters, 1 February 1840 (File DC/58)

Filmed selectively.

Ludwig Preiss (Perth) to Hooker, 1 February 1840 (Item f.212)

North American Letters, 19 November 1835 (File DC/62)

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Meredith Gairdner (Sandwich Islands) to Hooker, 19 November 1835 (Item f.83)

North American Letters, 14 January 1839 - 18 September 1839 (File DC/63)

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Capt. James Clark Ross (London) to Hooker, 14 January 1839 (Item f.398)
Capt. James Clark Ross (Hobart) to Hooker, 18 September 1839 (Item f.406)

South American Letters, 13 June 1831 (File DC/67)

Filmed selectively.

W. Mackenzie (Batavia) to Hooker, 13 June 1831 (Item f.99)

South American Letters, 26 November 1840 - 4 December 1841 (File DC/69)

Filmed selectively.

W.C. Cunningham (Chile) to Hooker, 26 November 1840 (Item f.38)
A. Sinclair (Auckland) to Hooker, 4 December 1841 (Item f.301)

Australian Letters, 1825 - 1833 (File DC/72/1-172)

Letters to William Hooker (Glasgow) from William Baxter (Sydney), James Bowie (Kew), Sir Thomas Brisbane (Kelso), J. Campbell (Ormidale, Scotland); Allan Cunningham (Kew) and his brother Richard Cunningham (Kew, Sydney), the latter of whom was appointed superintendent of the Sydney Botanical Garden in 1832. Other correspondents include Eliza Darling (Sydney), Robert Dyce (Aberdeen), C. Fraser (Sydney), Ronald C. Gunn (Launceston), Jorgen Jorgensen (Hobart), James King (Sydney), R.W. Lawrence (Launceston, Formosa), John Lhotsky, Joseph McLean (Sydney), Thomas Keir Short, Thomas Smith and Charles Sturt (London, Langley). The letters of Richard Cunningham contain a few drawings and also copies of 'The Kangaroo' and other poems of Barron Field.. Several of the letters from Cunningham are accompanied by lists of plants, including plants from Swan River, King George's Sound and Melville Island, and notes about plants. There is also a rough map by Cunningham of his journey to the Liverpool Plains in July 1825.

Australian Letters, 1834 - 1851 (File DC/73/1-294)

Letters to Sir William Hooker. The chief correspondents are Henry S. Chapman (Wellington), a judge of the Supreme Court of New Zealand, and James Drummond (Perth, Tooyay), who was for many years a plant collector in Western Australia. Other correspondents include John Armstrong (Plymouth), F. Dillon Bell, Joseph Bidwill (Sydney, Exeter), Thomas Brain (St Albans), Walter Brodie (London), James Busby (London), Benjamin Bynoe (HMS Beagle), William Colenso (Waitangi, Waimate), H. Chapman (London), W.C. Chapman (London), W.H. Christie (Sydney), Allan Cunningham (London, Sydney), Sir William Denison (London, Hobart), E. Dieffenbach (London), James Drummond (Perth, Tooyay, WA), John Edgerley (London, Cowes), Capt. Robert Fitzroy (London), J.E. Featherston (Wellington), Sir John Franklin (Hobart), Sir George Gipps (Sydney), J.R. Gower (London), J.C. Gregson (London) and Ronald C. Gunn (Launceston)...

Australian Letters, 1851 - 1858 (File DC/74/1-241)

Letters to Sir William Hooker (Kew) from Frederick Adamson (Melbourne), O.G. Adamson, J. Archer, William Macarthur (Sydney), Sir Henry Barkly (Watford, Melbourne), M. Bates (Brighton), Edward Bell (Durley), George Bennett (Sydney), Joseph Bidwill (Sydney), D. Bolton (Auckland), B. Britten (London), H.B. Burton (London), George Clifton, William Colenso (Waitangi), John Dallachy (Melbourne), Capt. Henry M. Denham (Fiji, Sydney), Sir William Denison (Hobart). Rev. John Diell (Sandwich Islands), W. Dixon, N. Domio (London), James Drummond (Tooyay, WA), Lieut. Edmund Du Cane, J.R. Elsey (London), George Francis (Adelaide), Anne Gregory (London), Sir George Grey (Wellington), Ronald C. Gunn (Launceston), William Howitt (London), John Jolliffe (London), John Kent (London, Brisbane), Capt. Phillip P. King (Sydney, Parramatta), Charles Knight (Auckland), Charles La Trobe (Hastings, London), A. Ludlam (Wellington), Sir William Macarthur (Camden, London), John MacGillivray (Sydney), Joseph Milligan (Hobart), William Milne (Sydney, Ovalau, King George's Sound), D. Monro (Nelson), Charles Moore (Sydney), J. Moore (Melbourne) and Ferdinand von Mueller (Melbourne, Omeo, Gippsland)...

Australian and Pacific Letters, 1859 - 1865 (File DC/75/1-250)

Letters to Sir William Hooker (Kew) from William Archer (Hobart, Launceston, Deloraine), Sir Henry Barkly (Melbourne), Sir Redmond Barry (Melbourne), George Bennett (Sydney), Joseph Bidwill (Sydney), William Blandowski (London), Sir George Bowen (Brisbane), Capel Brockman (Bunbury), Charles Brown (New Plymouth), William Burges (Champion Bay), George Burnett (Whangarei), B.D. Clarkson (Perth), George Clifton (Fremantle), Sir Dominick Daly (Adelaide), Sir William Denison (Hobart, Sydney), Rupert de Vere (Sandhurst, Victoria), Edwin Dickson (Auckland), C.S. Dumaresq (Torquay, Sydney), Eliza Dumaresq (London), James Drummond (Tooyay, WA), George Francis (Adelaide), Sir George Grey (Auckland), Julius von Haast (Christchurch), William Hill (Brisbane), William Hillebrand, Maubry Hopkins (London), Emma Jones (Auckland), Charles Knight (Auckland), A.A. Leycester (Richmond River, Singleton, NSW), John Lhotsky (London), Sir William Macarthur (Camden, London), Sir Richard MacDonnell (Adelaide), George Maxwell (King George's Sound), Charles Moore (Sydney)...

New Zealand, Western Australian and Tasmanian letters, 1835 - 1843 (File DC/76/1-61)

Letters to William Hooker (Glasgow, Kew) from William Colenso (Paihia), James Drummond (Perth, Tooyay), Thomas K. Short (London), Ronald C. Gunn (Launceston, Circular Head), W. Wilson, Richard Moody (Falkland Islands), Joseph Hooker (Falkland Islands), E.V. Thompson, Jorgen Jorgensen (Hobart), John Armstrong (Plymouth), James Stephen (London), W.C. Ondaatje (Peradinea, Ceylon), C. Campbell (Kandy), G.W. Hope (London), Sir George Gipps (Sydney) and Alexander McLeay (Sydney). Item 48 is the draft of a biographical sketch of Richard Cunningham and item 61 is an agreement between the Admiralty and the Royal Mail Stream Packet Co. (1840).

Asia Letters, 1909 - 1928 (File DC/149)

Filmed selectively.

Borneo: letters from J.P. Mead (Kuching) and A. Parker Smith (Item ff.43-44)
Federated Malay States (Item ff.213-242)

Letters from F.T. Brooks, Mrs Burgmann, Henry Burkill, E.J. Butler, F.W. Foxworthy (Kuala Lumpur), E.B. Hose (Penang), A.S. Haynes (Kuala Lumpur), William Handover, Harry Jack (Kuala Lumpur), C. Boden Kloss (Kuala Lumpur), L. Lewton-Brain (Kuala Lumpur), A. Sharples (Kuala Lumpur) and W.L. Wood (Kuala Semerak).

Java (Item ff.285-318)

Letters from W.H. Boyle, Cecil Brookes, M. Brugsman, P.J.S. Cramer, F.D. Duyvis, W.M. van Leeuwen, Frank Hawkins, Edward Jacobson, Arthur Hill and Melchior Treub.

Philippines: letters from A.D.E. Elmer, Sir David Prain, Elmer Merrill and A. Wigglesworth (Item ff.363-396)
Singapore (Item ff.501-578)

Letters from J.L. Anderson, F.O. Bower, Henry Burkill, E.J. Butler, T.F. Chipp, R. Holttum, Richard Page, Henry Ridley, W.N. Sands and Sutton & Sons (Reading)...

East Asia Letters I, 1866 - 1900 (File DC/165/1-377)

Borneo, Celebes, New Guinea (Item ff.1-49)

Letters from Odoardo Beccari, Margaret Brooke, Thomas Christy, C.V. Creagh, Thomas Crocker, J.B. Burnford, J.J. Dunn, Henry Forbes, Thomas & Madden (Cooktown), W. Carruthers, Gray, Dawes & Co. (London), G.A. Frank, D. Manson Fraser, G.D. Haviland, L.V. Helms, Bishop George Hose, Bishop F.T. Macdougall, E. de la Savinierre, Hugh Low, Richard Mayne, W.B. Pryer, Oliver St John, J.A. Skertchley, John Whitehead and Percy Wrigley.

Java and Sumatra (Item ff.49a-145)

Letters from S. Binnendijk, Jacob Boelage, J.J. Brutel de la Riviere, W. Burch, H.J. Wigman, Henry Forbes, A. Fraser, Sydney Hickson, Kolonial Bank (Amsterdam), J.D. Kobus, P. von Ramburger, Rudolph Scheffer, J.H. Swensson, J.E. Teijsman, U. Teuscher, Henry Tiedeman, Melchior Treub, J.G. Romanes, W. Watson, Horace Brown and J.C.C.W. Ranooten (?).

Malacca (Item ff.146-167)

Letters from R. Derry, D.F.A. Hervey, Alexander Maingay, Clements Markham and Robert Scott.

Penang (Item ff.168-244)

Letters from Rev. Louis Biggs, Charles Curtis, E. Loureirs, H. Mann, T.A. Wooldridge, R. Berry, J.S. Goodenough, D.F.A. Hervey and Hugh Low. The principal correspondent is Charles Curtis, who was the first superintendent of the Penang Botanic Gardens.

Perak (Item ff.245-282)

Letters from C.V. Creagh, P.A. Saccardo, B. Scortechini, Frank Swettenham, Owen Thomas, Leonard Wray and A.D. Newbronner and Sir Ferdinand von Mueller.

Philippines (Item ff.283-339)

Letters from Marquis de Casa Laiglesia, Charles Cundall, Hugh Cundall, Regius Garcia, A. Gollan, T.H. Haynes, George Hickson, A. Owen Jones, A. Loher, Frederick Coville, Richard Rathburn, L. Radlkefer, W. Gifford Palgrave, S.H. Low, C.R.B. Pickford, W. Ricketts, E.W. Streeter, Sebastian Vidal y Soler, John Whitehead and William Wood.

Siam and Cochin China (Item ff.340-377)

Letters from Henry Alabaster, O. Frankfurter, A. Clarke, R. Jamie, R. McLachlan, H. Jarck, Arthur Keith, D. Zelleson, S.H. Low, Thomas Ogilvie, James Traill, H.J. Murton, Gifford Palgrave, L. Pierre, Thomas Knox, H. Rais, William Waddington, C. Goldrichner, F.H. Smiles, P.C. Thong Tham and Margaret Widdy.

East Asia Letters II, 1866 - 1900 (File DC/166/378-715)

Singapore (Item ff.378-715)

Lletters from Robert Blim, Nathaniel Cantley, Sir Andrew Clarke, R. Trevor Clarke, Cuthbert Collingwood, William Coveney, Messrs. Codd (London), R. Derry, J.W. Draper & Son (London), J. Fisher, Walter Fox, Henry Guppy, George Haviland, E.C. Hill, Bishop George Hose, R.W. Hullett, E.E. Isemonger, R. Jackson, Robert Jamie, Herbert Jekyll, John Bradock & Co. (London), Maharajah of Johore, John McNair, Lillie McNair, Edward Man, J.N. Mangles, W.E. Marshall, H.J. Murton, John Reed, Henry Ridley, W. Watson and Lady Weld...

Malayan Letters: Java, Borneo, Philippine Islands, 1901 - 1914 (File DC/167/1-433)

Java (Item ff.1-94)

Letters from J. Tempest Anderson, W.G. Boorsma, Cecil Brooks, M. Buysman, Edward Connell, P.J.S. Cramer, Stephen Dunn, W.H. Foch, C. Holkmann, J.D. Kobus, J.C. Konigsberger, S.H. Koorders, Lobins, John Norman, John Ridley, P. Van Romburgh, A.A.C. Rutgers, Dunkinfield Scott, J.J. Smith, J.E. van der Stock, Melchior Treub, E. Velds, J. Vigman and L Zehntner. The chief correspondent is Melchior Treub who worked in the Dutch East Indies as a plant collector and director of gardens from 1880 to 1909.

Borneo (Item ff.95-150)

Letters from F. Abrahamson, Mabel Bayley, Odoardo Beccari, Edgar P. Bidwell & Co. (London), Rev. C.H. Binstead, C.J. Brooks, Charles Curtis, W.B. Deane, Edward Gerrard & Sons (London), L.S. Gibbs, J.H. Haviland, John Hewitt, Bishop George Hose, John Moulton, L. Myddleton Nash, W.B. Orme, Tom Petch, David Prain (Kew), Nathaniel Rothschild, Sander & Sons (St Albans), D. Sinclair, O.D. Thomson, E.L. Woodell and C. Wright.

Philippines (Item ff.151-433)

Letters from George Ahern, J. Tempest Anderson, C.J. Arnell, C.F. Baker, O.W. Barrett, Nathaniel Lord Britton, Joseph Clemens, Frederick Coville, Lyster Dewey, A.A. Eaton, H.F. Edwards, Paul Freer, Joseph Gardner & Sons (Liverpool), W. Klemme, William Lyon, Elmer Merrill, Gustav Niederlein, Mary Polk, David Prain, V.O. Raedt, R. Rathbun (Washington) and C.B. Robinson. The chief correspondent is A.D.E. Elmer, an American botanist who worked in the Philippines between 1904 and 1927.

Singapore, Penang, Perak, Malacca, 1901 - 1914 (File DC/168/1-325)

Singapore (Item ff.1-190)

The main correspondents are Henry Burkill and Henry Ridley, the directors of the Singapore Botanic Gardens. There are also letters from James Anderson, Sir John Anderson (London), G. Battiscombe, Ethel Burkill, R. Derry, Heinrich Engler, Walter Fox, R. Hamitsch, Sir Charles Lucas (London), A.D. Machado, G. Burn Murdoch, Sir Cecil Smith and Otto Stapf (Kew).

Penang (Item ff.191-220)

Letters from Edward Boustead & Co. (London), James Dawes, Charles Curtis (Barnstaple), Walter Fox, Hecht, Levis & Kahn (London), Sir George King (San Remo), Malay Peninsula Agricultural Association, Charles Rothschild (London), Percy Taylor (London) and Charles Ussher.

Perak (Item ff.221-322)

The main correspondent is John Carruthers, the Director of Agriculture and Government Botanist in the Federated Malay States. There are also letters from Claude Bancroft (Kuala Lumpur), Basil Bernard, W. Leonard Braddon, Frederick Brooks, Evans, Sons, Norman Grieve (Tunbridge Wells), James Gamble (East Liss), Klanang Produce Co. Ltd. (London), C. Boden Kloss, William Laverock (Liverpool), Malay Coconut Estates Ltd. (London), H.C. Pratt (London), Herbert Robins (Taiping), Samuel Satow, A. Sharples and Sungei Krian Rubber Estate Ltd. (London).

Malacca (Item ff.323-325)

Letters from L.E. Bland and J.S. Schafer.

Australasian Letters, 1914 - 1928 (File DC/169/1-485)

Adelaide (Item ff.1-35)

Letters from C.E.F. Allen (Darwin), Edwin Ashby, J.F. Bailey, Robert Pulleine, J.M. Black, Herbert Basedow, Ellen Macklin, T.G.B. Osborn, Arthur Hill (Kew), R.S. Rogers, L. Keith Ward and T.C. Wollaston.

Melbourne (Item ff.36-49)

Letters from Fred Bird, J. Cronin, E.J. Dunn, E.E. Pescott, Charles Lane-Poole, J.T. Smith, D.J.W. Chandler and A.A. Peverill.

New Guinea and New South Wales (Item ff.50-170)

Letters from G. Bryce (Rabaul), G.L. Campbell (London), Howard Newport (Cairns), Nathaniel Rothschild (Oundle), Australian Forest League, G. Darnell-Smith (Sydney), L. Ellis (Sydney), William Greenwood (Mittagong), A.A. Lawson (Sydney), John Maiden (Sydney), Alice Balfour, T.G.B. Osborn (Sydney), F.A. Rodway (Nowra), Herbert Rumsey (Dundas, NSW), H.J. Solomon (Sydney), Taronga Zoological Park Trust (Sydney), Fred Turner (Sydney) and F.A. Weinthal (Sydney). There is also correspondence about the trees for Canberra campaign (1926-27).

New Zealand (Item ff.171-352)

Letters from H.H. Allan (Feilding), Sir James Allen (London), E.C. Aston (Wellington), Sir Frederick Chapman (Wellington), Leonard Cockayne (Wellington), H. Cotterill (London), R. Macintosh Ellis (Wellington), Arthur Hill (Kew), James McPherson (Kew), F. Mason (New Plymouth), J. Petrie (Auckland), J.W. Poynton (Palmerston North), Sir David Prain (Warlingham), A.H. Reed (Dunedin), G.O.K. Sainsbury (Wairoa), A.L. Scott (Sumner), D. Tonnock (Dunedin), C.G. Teschemauer (?, Blenheim), George Thomson (Dunedin), C.H. Treadwell ((Wellington), M.P. Turner (Wellington) and A. Wilkinson (Nelson).

Pacific Islands (Item ff.353-380)

Letters from William Greenwood (Fiji, Sydney), Sir Everard Im Thurn (London), Sir David Prain (Kew), Arthur Ridesdale (London), S. Routledge (London), Charles Woodford (Partridge Green) and C. Harold Wright (Suva)...

Queensland (Item ff.381-400)

Letters from W.B. Alexander (Westwood), C.E. Allen (Darwin), J.F. Bailey (Brisbane), A. Cayzer (Brisbane), W.D. Francis (Brisbane), J.M. Hunter (London), A.M. Mitford (London) and C.T. White (Brisbane).

Tasmania (Item ff.401-412)

Letters from R.M. Blomfield, L. Rodway (Hobart), Alan Walker (London), Frank Walker (Launceston) and G. Weidenhofer (Cradle Mountain).

Western Australia (Item ff.413-485)

Letters from W.B. Alexander (Perth), Ellen Babington (Perth), G.F. Berthaud, William Carne (Perth), C. Brudenell Carter (Bridgetown), T. Flintoff Perth), A. Haselgrove (Guildford), Arthur Hill (Kew), B. Hill (Jarnadup), Max Koch (Pemberton), Ruth Lane-Poole (London), Ernest Le Soeuf (Perth, London), John Pizzey (Hester Siding), Sir David Prain (Kew), H. Steedman (Perth), W. James Stewart (London), Michael Terry (London), C.G. Thorp (Onslow) and Madeleine Trethowan (Perth).

Australia and Tasmania Letters, 1899 - 1914 (File DC/170/1-456)

Victoria (Item ff.1-74)

The principal correspondent is Alfred Ewart, Professor of Botany and Plant Physiology at the University of Melbourne. Other correspondents include Rev. W.H. Bliss (Kew), Alfred Bowley (London), Charles Brittlebank (Melbourne), W.J. Clark (Melbourne), J. Cronin (Melbourne), William Guilfoyle (Melbourne), D. McAlpine (Melbourne), H. Mackay (Melbourne), Sir David Prain (Kew), J.M. Reader (Warracknabeal), Bertha Rees (Melbourne), J.J. Rendle (Melbourne), Johannes Rafn, Reginald Talbot (London), T. White (London), Percy Wrigley (Kew) and Charles Yapp (London), A.J. Ewart (Melbourne), J.G. Luchmann (Melbourne) and J.R. Tovey (Melbourne).

South Australia (Item ff.75-117)

The principal correspondent is John Black, journalist and author of The naturalised flora of South Australia (1909). Other correspondents include E.D. Benham (London), J. Comber, S.M. Faulkner, E.A. Hillier (St Albans), H.D. Hillier (St Albans), Maurice Holtze, Max Koch (Adelaide), R.S. Rogers (Adelaide), Edward E. Smith, B. Stalker (Alexandria), Otto Stapf (Kew), Sir William Thiselton-Dyer (Kew) and J.H. Whitney (London).

Tasmania (Item ff.118-136)

Letters from Hampton Binns, Alfred Dobson (London), B.R. Dyer (Hobart), H. Faulkner (London), B. Horton (Zeehan), E.L. Piesse (Hobart), James Vail, Mrs Robert Walker (Hobart), Alfred R. Wallace (Wimborne) and A.T. Webster (London).

New South Wales (Item ff.137-302)

The principal correspondent is Joseph Maiden, director of the Botanic Gardens at Sydney. Other correspondents include Richard Baker (Sydney), F.A. Bennet (Sydney), Frederick Bower, James Britten (London), N.E. Brown (Kew), A. Burge (London), Edwin Cheel (Sydney), R.B. Comins (Sydney), Sir Timothy Coghlan (London), John Creed (Sydney), A.A. Gardner (Glasgow), William Hemsley (London), Sir Joseph Hooker (Sunningdale), T.T. Jones (London), Alfred Liversidge (London), M. Manning (Reigate), Sir David Prain (Kew), Finlay Sanderson (Chislehurst), Charles Smith (Sydney), Fred Turner (Sydney) and T. White (London).

Western Australia (Item ff.303-378)

The principal correspondent is Alexander Morrison, the Government Botanist of Western Australia. Other correspondents include Paul Adler, W.B. Alexander (Perth), Cecil Andrews (Perth), A. Lees Aspland (Albany), Barr & Sons (London), George Berthoud (Waroona), Maurice Browne (Perth), A.S. Bryson (London), Lilias Cowan (Albany), Arthur Dorrian Smith (Scilly), Lois Drummond (Perth), Wyndham Dunstan (Perth), W.V. Fitzgerald (Perth), Amy Fuller, Hodgkinson, Preston & King (London), Baron Anatole von Hugel (Cambridge), Max Koch (Carnamah, London), W.A. Michell (Roebourne), Spencer Moore (London), C. Mowbray (London), Harold Parsons (London), Sir David Prain (Kew), A.W. Ridge (Boulder), Alfred Rundle (London), Lily Royce (Jersey), Otto Stapf (Kew), P. Stoward (Perth), Norman Temperley (London), Leonard Webster (Edinburgh) and Elfride Zeyer (Richmond).

Queensland (Item ff.379-456)

The principal correspondent is F. Manson Bailey, the Colonial Botanist. Other correspondents include G.E.F. Allen (Rochester), J.F. Bailey (Brisbane), A. Evan Bernays, Reginald Clayton (London), Leslie Corrie (Brisbane), W.T. Deverell (London), Bowes Forster (Surbiton), C.D. Gilles (Brisbane), Walter Hill (Brisbane), W. Hill James (London), H.M. Johnson (Weston super Mare), Langton, Fort & Co. (London), William Leslie (Glasgow), Sir William MacGregor (Brisbane), M. May (Thursday Island), Howard Newport (Cairns), Sir David Prain (Kew), Charlotte Rogers (Rockhampton), R. Simmons (Rockhampton), Charles Stubbs (London), Summerlin & Co. (Brisbane), Jean White (Dulacca) and Wigglesworth & Co. (London).

Queensland Letters, 1865 - 1900 (File DC/171/1-471)

Queensland Letters, 1865 - 1900 (Item ff.1-471)

The principal correspondent is Frederick Manson Bailey, the Colonial Botanist. Other correspondents include Charles Adams (London), John T. Arundel (Thursday Island), Joseph Bancroft (Brisbane), Thomas Bancroft (Brisbane), Lewis Bernays (Brisbane), W. Gardner and Francis Gore (Betchworth), Sir George Bowen (Brisbane), Christopher Broome (Bath), Frank Bryce, George Carins, W.H.J. Carter (London), Alexander Cowan (Brisbane), Ebenezer Cowley (Brisbane), Elizabeth Coxen (London), James Critchell (London), G. Creswell Crump (London), Charles Dicken (London), G. Edelfelt (Kew),J.S. Edgar (Rockhampton), Edward Fletcher (London), M.S. Gregory (London), Sir Samuel Griffith (London), Edward Grimley (Brisbane), B. Gulliver (Townsville), A.T. Hare (Richmond), Richard Harding (Brisbane), John Horne (Jersey), R. Illidge (Brisbane), Robert King (Teddington), Sir John Lawes, Wyndham Madden (Shrewsbury), Philip MacMahon (Brisbane), William Maplestone (Brisbane), John Mark (Brisbane), Sir Anthony Musgrave (Brisbane), Patrick O'Shanesy (Emerald), James Pink (Brisbane), Lawrence Porter (Liverpool), William Ramsay (Mount Morgan), George Russell, Kenneth Smith, William Soutter (Brisbane), William Spottiswoode (London), Fred Stevens (Lyme Regis), N. Enoch Sully (Brisbane), A. Thozet (Paris), Traill & Ross (Toowoomba), Edward Tylor (Wellington, UK), Edmund Venables (Lincoln), J.G. Vidjen (Brisbane), Vilmorin-Andrieux & Co. (Paris), H.A. Wickham (Townsville) and H.C.A. Young (London).

South Australian, Tasmanian and Western Australian Letters, 1865 - 1900 (File DC/172/1-385)

South Australia (Item ff.1-163)

The principal correspondent is Richard Schomburgk, the curator of the Adelaide Botanic Gardens. Other correspondents include J.C. Agardh (Lund), E.G. Blackmore, R.S. Buckland (Torrington), Roland Campbell (Millicent), A. Castle (Swansea), Thomas Clode (Venus Bay), Charles Cresswell (London), Samuel Deering (London), W.L. Dobson (Hobart), A. Englehart (Gawler), George Hawker (Adelaide), Maurice Holtze (Adelaide), Nicholas Holtze (Port Darwin), Max Koch (Mt Lyndhurst), Sir John Lefroy (Adelaide), J.S. O'Halloran (London), A. Smith (Langley), John Smith (Kew), J. Swan (Adelaide), Ralph Tate (Adelaide), Sir William Thiselton-Dyer (Kew), W. Wilson Tickle (London), F.G. Waterhouse (Eltham), Sir Samuel Way (Adelaide), Thomas Worsnop (Adelaide) and R.T. Wylde (Adelaide).

Tasmania (Item ff.164-257)

The principal correspondent is Frederick Abbott, the superintendent of the Botanical Gardens in Hobart. Other correspondents include Morton Allport (Hobart), William Archer (Cheshunt), Sir Edward Braddon (London), W.L. Dobson (Hobart), D. Morris (Kew), W.E. Gumbleton, Ronald C. Gunn (Launceston), H.H. Hayter (Melbourne), Sir Joseph Hooker (Kew), Louisa Johnstone (Isle of Wight), Sir John Lefroy (Hobart), A.J. Logan (Zeehan), D. McAlpine (Edinburgh), J.L. Miller (London), Edwin Oldfield (Hobart), L. Rodway (Hobart), Thomas Russell (Etchingham), Frederick Weld (Hobart) and W.A. Weymouth (Hobart).

Western Australia (Item ff.258-385)

Letters from George Berthoud (Drakes Brook), Mrs Edward Brockman (Bunbury), Lady Broome (Perth), D.R. Bunbury (Bunbury), David Carnegie (London), Daniel Chapman (Cossack), E. Clement (Carshalton), Collyer, Thirkell & Bell (London), J.F. Cornish (London), W.H. Cusack (Roebourne), A. Frederick Durlacher (London), Thomas Edwards (Beverley), B.T. Goadby (Albany), Edward Hardman (Perth), R.C. Hare (London), W.B. Hemsley (Jersey), Ernest Hursthouse (Perth), William Kent (Wallington), George Leake (Perth), Robert Lee (London), Kate Logue, George Maxwell (King George's Sound), Alexander Morrison (Perth), Sir George Ord (Perth), Harold Parsons (Perth), C. Josephine Prinsep (Australind), Ernst Pritzel (Berlin), Finlay Sanderson (Chislehurst), George Shenston, John Skewes (Perth), Edward Smith (Murchison River), J.R. Streeter (Rickmansworth), Alfred Thomson (London), Frank Tratman (Guildford), Henry Wakeford (London), W. Webb (Albany), Frederick Weld (Perth), Bernard Woodward (Perth) and Henry Woodward (London).

New South Wales and Victorian Letters, 1865 - 1900 (File DC/173/1-350)

New South Wales and Victorian Letters, 1865 - 1900 (Item ff.1-350)

The principal correspondents are William Guilfoyle, the curator of the Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne, and Charles Moore and Joseph Maiden, the directors of the Botanic Gardens in Sydney. Other correspondents include William Archer (Melbourne), Alicia Barnard (Norwich), Peter Barlett (Melbourne), Sir Redmond Barry (Melbourne), John Bedford (Selby), George Bennett (Sydney), T.F. Bride (Melbourne), Leonie Bongralee (Sydney), Henry Canaler (Epsom), E. Carlile (London), W. Carron (Sydney), W.H. Carlatt (Sydney), Duncan Carson, J. William Clarson (Melbourne), Thomas Cole (Melbourne), Richard Comins (Norfolk Island), Alfred Corris (HMS Pearl), Daniel Curdie (Camperdown), Henry Deane (Sydney), C.S. Dumaresq (Sydney), E.J. Dunn (Melbourne), Thomas Duppuy (Melbourne), Frank Ertel (Sydney), William Farrer (Queanbeyan), Robert FitzGerald (Sydney), A.R. Fremlin (Sydney), A.F. Gode (Melbourne), F.R. Godfrey (London), J. Graves (Winchmore Hill), H. Groenwegen (Amsterdam), Brian Hooker (Harden, NSW), D. Jones (Sydney), I.H. Kay (Melbourne), Rev. William G. Lawes (Somerset, Queensland), Alfred Liversidge (Sydney), George Luchmann (Melbourne), D. McAlpine (Melbourne), Sir William Macarthur (Camden), S. MacDonnell (Sydney), P.H. MacGillivray (Sandhurst), John McLachlan (Sydney), Sir George McLeay (Sydney), G.A. Main (London), W.E. Martin (Melbourne), C.M.W. Merewether (London), Charles Moore (Sydney) and Sutton & Sons (London).

New Zealand Letters, 1854 - 1900 (File DC/174/1-687)

New Zealand Letters, 1854 - 1900 (Item ff.1-687)

The principal correspondents are Frederick Cheeseman, the curator of the Auckland Museum, and the missionary, printer and botanist William Colenso. Other correspondent include Adams & Sons (Gloucester), T.P. Arnold (London), R.H. Bakewell (Dunedin), S. Berggren (Dunedin), S. Birch (London), D.J. Blaikley (London), F. Bowden (London), F. Buchanan (Bremen), Sir Walter Buller (Wellington), Wentworth Buller (Paris), George Burnett (Whangarei), John Cadman (Timaru), William Chick (London), A.H. Church, Leonard Cockayne (New Brighton), Georg K√ľkenthal (Coburg) and Humphry Ward (London), E.J.M. Cranfield (London), T. Cranwell (Auckland), William Crompton (New Plymouth), S.M. Curl (Wellington), Charles Dacre (Auckland), James Dall (Collingwood), J.G. Davis (Christchurch), E.B. Dickson (Auckland), Henry Dods (London), John Dutton (Christchurch), S. Edwards (London), H. Ellascombe, John D'Enys (Penryn, Christchurch), M.A. D'Enys, James Farmer (Auckland), Thomas Gilles (London), W. Gisborne (London), Richard Gore (Wellington), H.C. Gibbons & Co. (Wellington), Arthur Green (Westport), W.S. Green (Cork), Sir George Grey (Wellington), R.C. Haldane (London), A. Hamilton (Dunedin), Walter Haynes (Wellington) and E.A. Wickstead (Wanganui).

New Zealand Letters, 1854 - 1900 (File DC/175/688-1215)

New Zealand Letters, 1854 - 1900 (Item ff.688-1215)

The principal correspondent is Thomas Kirk, who at various times was secretary of the Auckland Institute, a lecturer at Wellington College, governor of the New Zealand Institute, and Chief Conservator of Forests. Other correspondents include Frederick Cheeseman (Auckland), A.H. Church (Kew), F.M. Cowie (Wellington), Charles Hardy (Dover), G. Henderson (Bournemouth), Georgina Hetley (London), Isabel Hopkins (London), W.F. Howlett (Waipapa), F.W. Hutton (Christchurch), Henry Inglis (Kincaid), A.M. Johnson (Christchurch), Walter Kennaway (London), Robert Kingsley (Nelson), Kinross & Co. (Hawkes Bay), Richard Kippist (London) and Charles Knight (Auckland), Thomas Maude (Woodbridge), A. Morrow (Auckland), Christopher Mudd (Christchurch), G. Oliver (New Plymouth), William Percival (Dunedin), W.W. Perry (Wellington), Potter & Co. (Auckland), Thomas Potts (Ohinetahi), D. Rough (Nelson), Thomas Satchell, William Seed (Wellington), Andrew Sinclair (Auckland, Nelson), Fred Spencer (London), Edgar Spooner (Auckland), W.W. Smith (Ashburton), J.W. Stack (Kaiapoi), F. Stephani (Leipzig), Agnes Stock (Twickenham), A. Stock (Wellington), M. Strand (Surbiton), Stratford (Auckland), Rev. Richard Taylor (Wanganui, Winchester), F.R. Teschemaker (London), George Thomson (Woking), George Thomson (Dunedin), W. Tipler (Westland), Henry Travers (Wellington), F.E. Trollope (Richmond), H.S. Wales (Hokitika), A. Watkins (London), Thomas Waugh (London), Emma Weston (Muswell Hill), Bishop W.L. Williams (Napier, Gisborne) and John Winter (Brighton).

New Zealand, New Guinea and Pacific Islands Letters, 1892 - 1914 (File DC/177/1-344)

New Zealand (Item ff.1-182)

The principal correspondents are Frederick Cheeseman, the curator of the Auckland Museum, and Captain Arthur Dorrien-Smith, who collected plants in Australia, New Zealand and the Chatham Islands in 1910. Other correspondents include T.W. Adams (Canterbury, NZ), E.A. Arber (Cambridge), F. Astley-Corbett (London), B.C. Aston (London, Wellington), J.G. Bartel (Nelson), Leonard Cockayne (Wellington), George Bullock (Dunedin), Charles Burgess (Market Harborough), A.C. Bartholomew (Reading), Walter Barratt (London), Herbert Carter (Manchester), A. Zahlbruchner (Vienna), Charles Chilton (Christchurch), L.M. Coombe (Liverpool), F.A.D. Cox (Chatham Islands), Charles Dacre (Auckland), M.G. Fennell (Wakefield), Thomas Kirk (Wellington), Linda Fenwick (London), H.C. Field (Wellington), Edward Fletcher, L.S. Gibbs (London), Cecil Harington (London), E.F. Harvey (London), Sir James Hector (Wellington) and W.B. Hemsley (London), J.R. Reynolds (Market Harborough), J.R. Scott, A.C. Seward (Cambridge), S. Percy Seymour (Invercargill), Robert Shakespear (Auckland), L. Stowe (Wellington), A.G. Tansley (London), W. Malcolm Thomson (Plymouth), D. Tonnoch (Dunedin), Alfred Trapnell (Bournemouth), Henry Travers (Wellington), P. Warnford-Davis, M. Whitehead, E. Wilson (Christchurch), J. Wilson and Herbert Wright (London).

Fiji (Item ff.183-208)

Correspondents include Brown & Joske (Suva), Sir Everard Im Thurn (Suva), A.B. Joske (Reading), H.N. Joynt (London), C.P. Lucas (London), A. Rufus Powell (Suva) and Powell Bros. (Suva).

Sandwich Islands (Item ff.209-232)

Correspondents include Frederick Boue, N. Cobb (Honolulu), Henry Cooper (Honolulu), Henry Davis (Honolulu), Sir Francis Fox (London), David Haughs (Honolulu), L. Lewton-Brain (Honolulu), Sir David Prain (Kew), Joseph Rock (Honolulu), G.H. Tuttle (Honolulu), W. Vredenburg (Lalamilo) and G.P. Wilder (Honolulu).

Pacific Islands (Item ff.233-301)

Correspondents include R.M. Rudmore Brown (Edinburgh), W.S. Bruce (Edinburgh), Frederick Christian (London), H.L.W. Costenoble (Guam), Louise Dacres (Guildford), Edward Harland (Sydney), Rev. J.W. Hills (London, Watford), James Irvine (Liverpool), Isabel Jordan (Derby), H.S. Kingsford (London), Lever's Pacific Plantations Ltd. (Port Sunlight), T. Loesener (Berlin), William Mackay (London), Pacific Phosphate Co. Ltd. (London), Howard Payn (London), Sir David Prain (Kew), Ernest Rason (Waldron), W.H.R. Rivers (Cambridge), Sander & Sons (St Albans), J.L. Tillotson (Port Sunlight), Robert Williamson (Manchester) and Charles Woodford (Tulagi, Solomon Islands).

New Guinea (Item ff.302-344)

Correspondents include Reginald Bartlett (Orokolo), C.H. Binstead, G.C.M. Birdwood, T.L. Bunbury (London), George Cousins (London), Hubert Murray (London), W.J. Down (Samarai), A. Guilianetti (Cooktown), Alfred Haddon (Dublin), George Hempson (Gatton Park), Rev. J.W. Hills (London), T.A. Joyce (London), George Le Hunte (Port Moresby), William MacGregor (Port Moresby), W.R. Ogilvie-Grant (London), A.E. Pratt (London), Charles Rothschild (London), Sander & Sons (St Albans), C.G. Seligmann (London), A.F.R. Wollaston (London) and R. Williamson (London).

Pacific Islands Letters, 1865 - 1900 (File DC/178)

Fiji (Item ff.1-174)

The principal correspondent is Sir John Thurston, the Governor of Fiji and High Commissioner for the Western Pacific, and Daniel Yeoward, the curator of the Fiji Botanical Gardens. Other correspondents include W.A. Bailward (London), G. Birdwood, Eliza Brightwen (Stanmore), Fielding Clarke (London), Bolton Corney (Suva), Lord Mount Edgecumbe, Sir Arthur Gordon (Nasova), A.L. Holmes (Bua), J.M. Holmes (Sydney), W.H. Moseley (Bournemouth), William Parr (Levuka, London), S.P. Storck (Rewa) and J.H. Wiseman (Suva).

Pacific Islands (Item ff.175-341)

The correspondents include Thomas Andrew (Apia), John T. Arundel (London, Auckland, Norfolk Island), J. Atkins (Norfolk Island), H.W. Bates (London), Emile Bescherelle, William Carruthers (London), T.B. Cartwright and F.W. Christian (London)...

Sandwich Islands (Item ff.342-388)

The correspondents include A.G. Burchardt Ashton (Monmouth), Henry Guppy (Falmouth, Kau), Alice Hamilton (Tunbridge Wells), A.A. Heller (Honolulu), W. Hillebrand (Heidelberg), A. Hoffnung & Co. (London), H. Whalley Nicholson (London), G.W. Parker (Honolulu), Thomas Potter (London), A.B. Purvis, John Purvis, W. Herbert Purvis (London, Hamakua, Hawaii), Charles Read (London), A. Saiger (Honolulu), Francis Sinclair (London), Isabella Sinclair (Kauai), W. Vrendenburg (Waimea) and William Wait (Kailua-Kona).

Supplementary Foreign Letters, 1852 - 1881 (File DC/218)

William Archer (Deloraine, Tasmania), 1854 - 1860 (Item ff.22-30)
F. Archer (Liverpool), 1863 (Item f.31)
William Archer (Hobart, Deloraine, Melbourne), 1861 - 1864 (Item ff.32-39)
George Bennett (Sydney), 1861 - 1865 (Item ff.48-49)
S. Binnendijk (Buitenzorg, Java), 1865 (Item f.63)
M.C. Friend (George Town, Van Diemen's Land), 1849 (Item f.84)
Ronald C. Gunn (Launceston), 1843 - 1860 (Item ff.91-139)
Julius von Haast (Christchurch), 1861 - 1881 (Item ff.140-143)
Walter Hill (Brisbane), 1860 - 1863 (Item ff.160-163)
Gerard Krefft (Sydney), 1863 (Item f.172)
John Lefroy (Circular Head, Tasmania), 1881 (Item ff.175-176)
Hugh Low (Labuan), 1859 (Item ff.180-181)
B.T. Lowne (Sydney) (very poor condition), 1861 (Item f.182)
Frederick McCoy (Melbourne), 1861 (Item ff.206-207)
George Macleay (Sydney), 1861 (Item f.208)
William S. Macleay (Sydney), 1860 - 1861 (Item ff.221-222)
Charles Moore (Sydney), 1861 - 1865 (Item ff.230-233)
Charles Nicholson (Sydney), 1861 (Item ff.236-237)
Augustus Oldfield (Hobart), 1861 (Item ff.238-239)
D. Rough (Nelson), 1861 - 1865 (Item ff.279-281)
Capt. Peter Scratchley (Melbourne), 1861 (Item ff.300-301)
Rev. Richard Taylor (Wanganui), 1862 (Item f.306)
J.E. Teijsmann (Buitenzorg), 1881 (Item f.307)
John Veitch (Manila), 1860 - 1861 (Item ff.313-316)
Stephen Watkins (Akaroa Harbour, NZ), 1863 (Item ff.338-339)
Rev. W.L. Williams (Auckland), 1852 (Item ff.353)

Fonds BAC. James Backhouse Papers

Series BAC/1. Botany of New South Wales

The botany of New South Wales, vol. 1 (manuscript, 252pp.) (File BAC/1/1)
The botany of New South Wales, vol. 2 (manuscript, pp. 1-215) (File BAC/1/1)

Fonds CBAK. John Baker Papers, 8 December 1883 - 12 August 1890

Filmed selectively.

Series CBAK/1. Correspondence 'Letters to J. G. Baker', 8 December 1883 - 12 August 1890

Letters to J. G. Baker, 8 December 1883 - 12 August 1890 (File CBAK/1/1)
Sir Ferdinand von Mueller [Melbourne] to Baker, 8 December 1883 (Item f.64)

Thanks for Baker's elaboration of the Selaginellae; additional material will be discovered in New Guinea.

Sir Ferdinand von Mueller to Baker: congratulations on Baker's promotion, 12 August 1890 (Item f.65)
John B. Thurston (Fiji) to Baker, 26 October 1886 (Item f.85)

Thanks for Journal of Botany with description of ferns discovered by Thurston.

Fonds JBK. Sir Joseph Banks Papers

Series JBK/1. Correspondence, 1766 - 1820

This series comprises the main collection of letters, primarily addressed to Joseph Banks, as well as correspondence and other papers concerning the production of flax and hemp. It also contains indexes to the main collection and to letters held at Kent Archives Office...

Sir Joseph Banks' Letters. Volume 1 (folios 1-365), 10 April 1768 - 18 May 1876 (File JBK/1/2-4)
Thomas Pennant (Oxford) to Banks, 10 April 1768 (Item f.21)
Thomas Falconer (Chester) to Banks, 16 April 1768 (Item f.22)
Thomas Pennant (Chester) to Banks, 30 April 1768 (Item f.23)
Thomas Pennant (Chester) to Banks, 2 May 1768 (Item f.24)
R. Kaye (Kirkby) to Banks, 26 June 1768 (Item f.27)
2 letters from Thomas Falconer (Chester) to Banks, 16 June 1773 (Item ff.32-33)
Richard Weston (London) to Banks, 1 March 1775 (Item ff.48-49)
Daniel Solander (London) to Banks, 22 August 1775 (Item f.51)
John Miller to Banks, 18 May 1876 (Item f.57)
William Anderson (Cape of Good Hope) to Banks, 24 November 1776 (Item ff.58-59)
J.G. Loten to Banks, 14 December 1776 (Item f.62)
John Hope (Edinburgh) to Banks, 25 November 1780 (Item f.99)
William Ellis (London) to Banks, 25 Dec. [1782] (Item f.113)
Joseph Billings (London) to Banks, 8 January 1783 (Item f.122)
Banks to [?], 15 May 1783 (Item f.140)
William Pigou and John Duncan (Canton) to Banks, 31 December 1783 (Item f.155)
Archibald Menzies (London) to Banks, 7 September 1786 (Item f.243)
Sigismund Bacstrom (London) to Banks, 26 September 1786 (Item f.245)
R.C. [?] (London) to Banks, 29 September 1786 (Item f.246)
Archibald Menzies (St Jago) to Banks, 16 November 1786 (Item f.249)
Sir George Yonge (London) to Banks, 16 September 1787 (Item f.285)
Sir George Yonge (Escot) to Banks, 16 July 1788 (Item f.307)
Sir George Yonge (Escot) to Banks, 4 August 1788 (Item f.312)
Archibald Menzies (Isle of Wight) to Banks, 14 July 1789 (Item f.356)
Archibald Menzies (Deptford) to Banks, 21 July 1789 (Item f.357)
Archibald Menzies (London) to Banks, 8 October 1789 (Item f.362)
R. Molesworth (London) to Banks, 26 October 1789 (Item f.363)
Sir Joseph Banks' Letters. Volume 2 (folios 1-361), 6 October 1790 - 8 November 1819 (File JBK/1/5-7)
H. Earl (Kingston, Jamaica) to Banks, 6 October 1790 (Item f.19)

Although described individually, this letter was originally microfilmed with a page from another letter. The last page of the letter described can be found at the beginning of nla.obj-1551451275.

David Burton (London) to Banks, 10 October 1790 (Item f.20)
B. Edwards (Jamaica) to Banks, 26 January 1791 (Item f.29)
Jacques Labillardiere (London) to Banks, 22 April 1791 (Item f.51)
Charles Ker (Calicut) to Banks, 28 March 1793 (Item f.94)
Thomas Bishop (Hayes) to Banks, 26 March 1796 (Item f.137)
J. Corres de Serra (London) to Banks, 17 October 1798 (Item f.206)
James Miles (Jamaica) to Banks, 12 April 1799 (Item f.215)
William Kent (London) to Banks, 9 November 1801 (Item f.251)
William Kent. Note on the emu (Item f.252)
Francis Barrallier (London) to Banks, 6 November 1802 (Item f.281)
William Hunter (Prince of Wales Island) to Banks, 28 December 1802 (Item f.283)
Ferdinand Bauer (Norfolk Island) to Banks, 27 August 1804 (Item f.293)
S. Castang (London) to Banks, 11 October 1804 (Item f.296)
Allan Cunningham (Timor) to Banks, 8 November 1819 (Item ff.355-358)
Sir Joseph Banks' Letters. Volume 3 (folios 1-46), c.1785-c.1795 (File JBK/1/8)
Davis (London) to Banks, 5 Feb. (Item f.36)
William Edgar to Banks, 25 July (Item f.39)

Series JBK/2. Journal of Sir Joseph Banks, 1833 (1768-1771)

Transcript of the journal of Joseph Banks on the voyage of HMS Endeavour, commanded by Lieut. James Cook, 1768-1771. The journal was transcribed in about 1833 by the two daughters of the botanist and banker Dawson Turner (1775-1858). The transcript was amended by Turner's grandson, Sir Joseph Hooker, who published the journal in 1896.

Sir Joseph Banks' Journal, Volume 1 (File JBK/2/1)

This volume covers the 1768-1769 voyage from England to the South Sea Islands.

Sir Joseph Banks' Journal, Volume 2 (File JBK/2/2)

This volume covers the 1769-1770 voyage from the South Sea Islands to New Zealand.

Sir Joseph Banks' Journal, Volume 3 (File JBK/2/3)

This volume covers the 1770-1771 voyage from New Zealand to England.

Fonds GEB. George Bentham Papers

Series GEB/3. Personal Papers, Manuscripts and Biography, 1835 - 1883

Collectors' accounts, 1835 - 1883 (File GEB/3/7)

Filmed selectively.

James Drummond's Swan River collection (Item f.10)
James Drummond's Swan River collection, July 1839 (Item f.16)

Series GEB/1. Correspondence: Letters received by George Bentham, May 1834 - November 1882

Correspondence, Volume 1, A-B, 11 April 1859 - 27 August 1867 (File GEB1/1)

Filmed selectively.

3 letters from William Archer to Bentham, 11 April 1859 - 27 August 1867 (Item ff.56-58)
Correspondence, Volume 2, B-C, May 1834 - 25 July 1862 (File GEB1/2)

Filmed selectively.

John Bidwill (Sydney) to Bentham, 25 July 1862 (Item f.313)
Allan Cunningham (Kew), to Bentham, May 1834 - July 1836 (Item ff.627-632)
Correspondence, Volume 4, E-G, August 1876 - November 1882 (File GEB1/4)

Filmed selectively.

Robert FitzGerald (Sydney) to Bentham, August 1876 - November 1882 (Item ff.1445-1449)
Correspondence, Volume 7, Mac-M, 1861-08-21? to 1870-02-19 (File GEB1/7)

Filmed selectively.

Charles Moore (Batavia) to Bentham, 21 Aug. 1861 (?) (Item f.2861)
Charles Moore (Sydney) to Bentham, 19 February 1870 (Item f.2862)
Correspondence, Volume 9, 18 August 1867 - September 1872 (File GEB1/9)

Filmed selectively.

Richard Schomburgk (Adelaide) to Bentham, 18 August 1867 - September 1872 (Item ff.3492-3500)
Correspondence, Volume 10, T-Z, 26 December 1865 (File GEB1/10)

Filmed selectively.

William Woolls (Parramatta) to Bentham, 26 December 1865 (Item ff.4222-4223)

Series GEB/4. Botanical Papers and Manuscripts, 1841 - 1846

Memoirs of botanists (File GEB/4/17)

This bound volume contains short biographies of various Botanists, written and compiled by George Bentham. Bentham generally gave a brief background on each botanist, before expanding his contribution to the field of botany and often including personal insights and accounts...

Allan Cunningham (Item f.7)
Charles Fraser (Item f.13)
Horace Mann (Item f.19)
Robert and Richard Schomburgk (Item ff.24-25)
Herbarium Bentham: Plant Lists, 1841 - 1846 (File GEB/4/15)

Filmed selectively.

Hugh Cuming: Philippines, 1841 (Item ff.81-99)
Hugh Cuming: Malacca and Singapore, 1841 (Item ff.99-101)
John Armstrong: Port Essington, 1842 (Item ff.116-117)
Heinrich Zollinger: Java, 1843 (Item ff.157-167)
Ronald C. Gunn: Van Diemen's Land, 1843 (Item ff.178-190)
Thomas Lobb: Java and Singapore and Montmeyn: Singapore and Penang, 1846 (Item ff.220-223)

Fonds BUR. Isaac Henry Burkill Papers, 19 September 1893 - 3 January 1937

Series BUR/1. Correspondence and Personal Papers of Henry Burkill, 19 September 1893 - 3 January 1937

Correspondence, 19 September 1893 - 3 January 1937 (File BUR/1/1)

Filmed selectively.

Sir Ferdinand von Mueller to Burkill, 19 September 1893 (Item ff.153-155)
Henry Ridley (Kew) to Burkill, 27 April 1913 (Item ff.226-227)
R.J. Wilkinson (Chios) to Burkill, 3 January 1937 (Item ff.433-435)
Malaya: Botanical Diary, 1913 - 1924 (File BUR/1/5)

Typed transcript of the botanical parts of a diary kept by Henry Burkill when he was working in the Straits Settlements, June 1913 - Dec. 1924 (308pp.). There is an index at the end of the volume.

Plants collected in the Malay Peninsula, 1912 - 1925 (File BUR/1/5[?])

Typescript summary list of 17,650 plants collected by Burkill, his colleagues and other collectors in the Federated Malay States and the Straits Settlements. It is arranged chronologically, by the date of the collecting expedition, and there is a manuscript index at the end of the volume.

Fonds JDH. Sir Joseph Hooker Papers, March 1874 - January 1876

Filmed selectively.

Series JDH/1. Expeditions, March 1874 - January 1876

The Challenger Expedition of 1872-76 was organised by the Royal Society with the aim of studying the world's oceans. HMS Challenger circumnavigated the globe, sailing about 68,000 miles and making 492 deep sea soundings and 133 bottom dredges. The scientists aboard the ship included C. Wyville Thomson, John Murray, John Buchanan and Henry Moseley.

Voyage of HMS Challenger Letters, March 1874 - January 1876 (File JDH/1/14/1-2)
Henry Moseley (Sydney, Kadavu, Somerset, Amboina, Yokohama, Valparaiso) to Sir Joseph Hooker, March 1874 - January 1876 (Item ff.68-108)
Letters of C. Wyville Thompson of HMS Challenger published in Good Words, c.1874-1875 (Item ff.155-164)
C. Wyville Thompson (Fiji, Hong Kong) to Sir Joseph Hooker, August 1874 - November 1875 (Item ff.165-174)
Contents of cases of botanical specimens (Item ff.270-283)

Fonds [AJCP M751]. Frederick Christian

Frederick Christian. Plant names of the North and South Marquesas Islands (6pp.) (File [1])

Fonds CLA. Charles Baron Clarke Papers

Series CLA/2. Unpublished Manuscripts

Acanthaceae of South-Eastern Asia. Manuscript, Volume 1 (pp.1-126) (File CLA/2/2/)
Acanthaceae of South-Eastern Asia. Manuscript, Volume 2 (pp.127-537) (File CLA/2/2/)

Fonds [AJCP M752]. William Colenso, 1851 - 1852

Series. Botany of New Zealand:

Letters and lists sent to Sir William Hooker (160pp.), 1851 - 1852 (File [1])

The four letters were written from Paihia, Bay of Islands, and Waitangi. The accompanying lists record 6190 botanical specimens collected by Colenso.

Fonds COM. Harold Comber Papers

Series COM/2. Collecting Notebooks

Numerical list of Kew identifications of Tasmanian plants collected by H.F. Comber in 1929-1930 (typescript, 15pp.) (File COM/2/15)

Fonds [AJCP M752]. Allan Cunningham, 1826 - 1835

Congestiones plantarum minus cognitarum Australasiae (117pp.), 1834 - 1835 (File [1])

The notebook, which contains drawings as well as notes, has sub-headings referring to the botany of the shores of Shark's Bay, Western Australia, plants of Western Australia collected on the voyage of Freycinet in 1817-1820, and a few plants collected by Robert Brown on the voyage of Matthew Flinders in 1801-1803.

Florae insularum Novae Zealandiae (145pp.) (File [2])

A summary listing of 629 New Zealand plants, including the date of discovery, the place (mostly Bay of Islands) and the collector, including Joseph Banks and Daniel Solander, Dumont D'Urville, William Colenso and Richard and Allan Cunningham. At the end is a list of Maori names of trees and shrubs and an index.

Florae insularum Novae Zealandiae (209pp.) (File [3])

A more detailed listing of 629 New Zealand plants, including a few drawings, preceded by a short account of botanical collecting on English and French voyages of discovery and by Allan and Richard Cunningham. There is an index at the end of the volume.

Hortus Trianonus. An alphabetical listing of plants, 1826 (File [4])

Fonds DAR. Charles Darwin Papers, January 1836

Series DAR/1. Charles Darwin Correspondence, January 1836

Letters of Charles Darwin to Professor Henslow, January 1836 (File DAR/1/1)

Filmed selectively.

Charles Darwin (Sydney) to John Henslow (Cambridge), January 1836 (Item f.36)

Impending return to England; Australia 'really a wonderful place'; journey to Bathurst; extraordinary increase in wealth of the colony; his work at Galapagos Islands; no opportunity for natural history work at Tahiti or New Zealand; achievements of missionaries in New Zealand and Australia.

Fonds [M753]. John Duthie, 11 May 1877 - January 1905

Filmed selectively.

Series [1]. Letters to John Duthie, 11 May 1877 - January 1905

Volume 1. Letters to John Duthie, March 1898 - January 1905 (File [1])
T.W. Naylor Beckett (Christchurch) to Duthie, March 1898 - January 1905 (Item 37-43)
Volume 2. Letters to John Duthie, 1887-05-11 to 1886-08-04? (File [2])
Charles Moore (Sydney) to Duthie, 11 May 1877 (Item 110)
Sir Ferdinand von Mueller [Melbourne] to Duthie, July 1878 - April 1885 (Item 119-123)
B. Scortechini (Penang) to Duthie, 4 Aug. 1886 (?) (Item 156)

Fonds [M753]. A.D.E. Elmer, 1907 - 1917

Philippine field notes (typescript, 1220pp.), 1907 - 1917 (File)

The field notes, numbered 7037 to 18477A, were attached to botanical specimens and were transcribed by E.D. Merrill at Berkeley, California, in 1925. Arranged chronologically, they give the date and location of each specimen. The early descriptions are relatively brief, but from about 1908 onwards they are extremely detailed.

Fonds [M754]. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, 1846 - 1904

Series. Fern Lists, 1846 - 1904

Volume 1. Fern Lists, 1846 - 1891 (File)

Filmed selectively.

Odoardo Boccari: Sumatra, 1879 (Item ff.9-14)
Frederick Burbidge: Borneo, 1878 (Item ff.17-25)
Charles Curtis: Borneo, Sumatra, 1881 (Item ff.27-29)
Charles Curtis: Penang, 1886 (Item ff.33-35)
D.F.A. Harvey: Malacca, 1886 (Item ff.87-88)
Bishop George Hose: Borneo, Malaya, 1886 (Item ff.89-91)
Kurz: Andaman and Nicobar Islands, 1879 (Item f.105)
H. Murton: Singapore, 1878 (Item f.115)
Carl Nicholitz: Philippines, 1889 (Item ff.121-123)
Edouard de la Savinierre: Celebes, Java, 1886 (Item ff.127)
B. Scortechini: Perak, 1886 (Item ff.139-36)
Frederick Bailey: Queensland, 1885 (Item f.235)
J.B. Cartwright: Polynesia, 1889 (Item ff.237-238)
HMS Challenger: Polynesia, Tahiti, Hawaii, 1875 - 1876 (Item ff.239-242)
William Colenso: New Zealand, 1883 - 1890 (Item ff.243-247)
William Swainson: New Zealand, 1846 (Item ff.248-249)
Rev. J.B. Comins: Solomon Islands, 1882 (Item ff.250-251)
D'Albertis: New Guinea, 1879 (Item ff.251-252)
E.L. Layard and Rev. J. Buchanan: Fiji, 1879 (Item ff.253-254)
Rev. J. Leefe: Queensland, 1870 (Item f.257)
J.J. Lister: Christmas Island, 1888 (Item f.259)
C. Hartmann: New Guinea, 1888 (Item ff.261-262)
William MacGregor: New Guinea, 1889 (Item ff.263-266)
Sir Ferdinand von Mueller: New Guinea, 1891 (Item ff.267-268)
Rev. J. Palmer: New Hebrides, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Norfolk Island, 1884 (Item ff.269-271)
Jean Armand Pancher: New Caledonia, 1870 (Item ff.273)
Rev. Thomas Powell: Samoa, 1877 - 1885 (Item ff.275-279)
Richard Schomburgk: Adelaide, 1884 (Item f.281)
John B. Thurston: Polynesia, 1884 (Item f.283)
John B. Thurston: Fiji, 1886 (Item f.285)
Rev. S. Whitmee: Samoa, 1875 (Item ff.287-289)
Rev. A.E. Eaton: Kerguelen Island, 1875 (Item f.321)
Volume 2. Fern Lists, 1868 - 1904 (File)
S. Curtis: Malay Peninsula, 1899 (Item f.52)
Hermann Kunstler: Malay Peninsula, 1892 (Item ff.53-62)
Henry Ridley: Malay Peninsula, Singapore, 1891 - 1898 (Item ff.63-67)
B. Scortechini: Malay Peninsula, 1887 (Item ff.68-72)
Charles Creagh: Borneo, 1895 (Item ff.73-74)
G.D. Haviland: Borneo, 1892 (Item f.75)
Bishop George Hose: Borneo, Malay Peninsula, 1893 - 1895 (Item ff.76-77)
A.H. Everett: Celebes, 1896 (Item f.78)
W. Hancock: Java, 1892 (Item ff.79-80)
E.D. Merrill: Philippines, 1904 (Item f.81)
W. Hancock: Sumatra, 1892 (Item f.83)
W.E. Armit: New Guinea, 1894 - 1895 (Item f.84)
W. Fitzgerald: New Guinea, 1896 (Item f.85)
Rev. C. Kennedy: New Guinea, 1894 (Item f.86)
William MacGregor: New Guinea, 1889 - 1897 (Item ff.87-90)
Elizabeth Musgrave: New Guinea, 1900 (Item f.91)
Sir Ferdinand von Mueller: Louisiade Archipelago, 1889 (Item f.92)
Bailey: Queensland, 1891 (Item f.93)
G.F. Salmon: New Zealand, 1901 (Item f.94)
John Horne: Fiji, 1879 (Item ff.95-100)
Sir John Thurston: Fiji, 1894 (Item f.101)
Frederick Christian: Marquesas Islands, 1894 (Item f.102)
S.R. Lenormand: New Caledonia, 1868 (Item f.103)
T.F. Cheeseman: Rarotonga, 1900 (Item f.104)
F. Reinecke: Samoa, 1899 (Item ff.105-106)
A. Heller: Sandwich Islands, 1895 (Item f.107)

Fonds [M754]. Henry Forbes Papers, 1881 - 1885

Series. Papers concerning a scientific expedition by Henry Forbes to Timor Laut (Tanimbar Islands) in 1882, 1881 - 1885

In 1881 Forbes proposed an expedition to Timor Laut, a group of islands in the Banda Sea between the Aru Islands and Timor. After some delays, he visited the islands in 1882. The papers document the interest of various British scientific expeditions in the expedition, the financial grant made to Forbes by the British Association for the Advancement of Science, and disputes about the ownership and distribution of the natural history and ethnological collections assembled by Forbes. The papers include correspondence, memoranda, minutes and notes of meetings, financial papers, reports, newspaper cuttings, lists of plants and published papers by Forbes and others about the expedition. In particular, there are reports of a committee of the British Association set up to liaise with Forbes. Its members were P.L. Sclater, Howard Saunders and W.T. Thiselton-Dyer...

Fonds FOR. William Forsyth Papers, 1790

Series FOR/1. Correspondence of William Forsyth, 1790

Volume 2. Foreign Letters, 1790 (File FOR/1/2)
Unsigned document written at Norfolk Island, 1790 (Item ff.40-43)

Referring to the expedition sent to Norfolk Island by Governor Arthur Phillip, the wreck of HMS Sirius, the return of Lieut. Philip King as lieutenant-governor, the shortage of provisions, rationing, and the abundance of birds on the island.

Fonds [M754]. Henry Guppy Papers, February 1885

Series. Notes on Solomon Islands plants (55pp.), February 1885

The notebook contains brief descriptions of trees, ferns, leaves, fruit and other botanical specimens collected by Guppy.

Fonds [M754]. Clara Hemsley Papers, 1898

Series. Catalogue of the plants of New Guinea, 1898

An alphabetical listing of plants with abbreviated bibliographical references.

Fonds HEM. William Hemsley Papers, 19 September 1879 - March 1916

Filmed selectively.

Series HEM/1. Correspondence: Letters to William Botting Hemsley, 19 September 1879 - March 1916

Letters to W.B. Hemsley, Volume 1, August 1902 - March 1916 (File HEM/1/1)
Thomas Cheeseman (Auckland) to Hemsley, April 1903 - October 1915 (Item ff.46-56)
Leonard Cockayne (Christchurch, Wellington) to Hemsley, August 1902 - January 1914 (Item ff.64-70)
Joseph Maiden (Sydney) to Hemsley, May 1908 - March 1916 (Item ff.199-205)
Letters to W.B. Hemsley, Volume 2, 19 September 1879 - April 1891 (File HEM/1/2)
Sir Ferdinand von Mueller [Melbourne] to Hemsley, October 1881 - April 1891 (Item ff.7-10)
Sebastian Vidal (Manila) to Hemsley, 19 September 1879 (Item f.171)

Fonds [M754]. John Henslow Papers, 13 April 1838 - 6 March 1839

Filmed selectively.

Series. Correspondence of John Henslow, 13 April 1838 - 6 March 1839

Due to the method of filming, the last page of some letters may run onto the next item.

Allan Cunningham (Sydney) to Henslow, 13 April 1838 (File f.112)

Introduces Edwin Suttor; impending departure for New Zealand...

Allan Cunningham (Sydney) to Henslow, 6 March 1839 (File ff.113-114)

offers to send a selection of dried plants collected in New Zealand; proposed visit of George Suttor to Cambridge

Fonds AWH. Sir Arthur Hill Papers, November 1927 - April 1928

Series AWH/1. Travel Diaries and Travel Noteboks, November 1927 - April 1928

Filmed selectively.

Australia and Java, November 1927 - April 1928 (File AWH/1/5)

Two detailed diaries describing Hill's travels in Australia and the Netherlands East Indies, his meetings with botanists and other scientists, visits to botanical gardens, and plants that observed on his travels.

Fonds JDH. Sir Joseph Hooker Papers, 1839 - March 1914

Series JDH/1. Expeditions, 1839 - 1845

This series contains primarily bound volumes relating to expeditions that J.D. Hooker was involved in, either as a direct participant or in an advisory capacity. It includes some of Hooker's original expedition journals, correspondence, botanical manuscripts and notebooks.

Subseries JDH/1/5. Antarctic botany, notes and drawings, 1839 - 1843
Antarctic botany, notes and drawings, 1839 - 1843 (File JDH/1/5)
Subseries [M755]. Antarctic Expedition Correspondence, 1839 - 1845
'Extracts from the letters of a botanist on HMS Erebus', n.d. (Item f.1)
Letters from Hooker to his father Sir William Hooker and other members of his family, and also Robert Brown, written from Hobart and the Bay of Islands, August 1840 - November 1841 (Item ff.24-54)
Sir John Franklin (Hobart) to Sir William Hooker, 6 August 1841 (Item f.110)

Meeting with Joseph Hooker; Capt. J.C. Ross; magnetic observations at Hobart Observatory; Ronald Gunn; Hooker's appointment as director of Kew Gardens.

Captain Ross and the Antarctic Expedition (4pp.) (Item f.111)
Subseries JDH/1/1. Antarctic Journal, 18 May 1839 - 28 May 1843

The journal begins with Hooker's appointment as assistant surgeon and the voyage of HMS Erebus and Terror from London to Kerguelen Island, Hobart and Sydney. It contains lengthy descriptions of the botany of both settlements, as well as the Bay of Islands in New Zealand, which Hooker first visited in August 1840. The expedition left Hobart in November 1840 and the entries are relatively brief until April 1841, after it had reached the Antarctic. The most detailed sections in the later part of the journal relate to Hooker's time at Sydney and the Bay of Islands (Sept.-Nov. 1841) and the visit of HMS Erebus to the Falkland Islands, the Hermite Islands and the South Shetland Islands in 1842.

Typescript copy of the Antarctic Journal of Joseph Hooker (369pp.), May 1839 - March 1843 (File)
Subseries [M756]. Unknown subseries, 1839 - 1845
Botany of the Auckland and Campbell Islands, HMS Erebus, 1842 (File [1])
Notebooks and loose notes (File [2])

On the botany of the Auckland and Campbell Islands, subantarctic islands lying south of New Zealand which HMS Erebus visited in December 1840.

Correspondence, 1839 - 1845 (File [3])

Filmed selectively.

John Bidwill (Sydney) to Hooker, n.d. (Item ff.7-8)
William Colenso (Paihia) to Hooker, n.d. (Item ff.17-21)
Joseph Dayman [Hobart] to Hooker, n.d. (Item ff.28-29)
J.E. Davis (HMS Terror) to Hooker, December 1842 (Item ff.30-31)
Joseph Dayman [Hobart] to Hooker, July 1841 - July 1842 (Item ff.52-56)
Ronald C. Gunn (Launceston) to Hooker, April 1841 - September 1841 (Item ff.66-79)
F. Hartwell Henslowe (Hobart) to Hooker, 24 August 1841 (Item f.82)
Jorgen Jorgenson (Hobart) to Hooker, 10 September 1840 (Item f.86)
Rev. J. Lillie (Hobart) to Hooker, May 1841 (Item ff.183-184)
D. Lyall (HMS Terror) to Hooker, n.d. (Item ff.185-191)
Correspondence, July 1841 - 15 September 1843 (Item ff.194-197)


G.H. Moubray (HMS Terror) to Hooker, n.d. (Item ff.210-211)
Capt. James C. Ross (HMS Erebus), to Hooker, 8 August 1843 (Item f.234)
John Gibbald (HMS Terror) to Hooker, n.d. (Item f.235-239)
Flora of the Malayan Peninsula (10pp.) (File)

A rough list of flora of Malaya and Sumatra, with some bibliographical references, dating from the late nineteenth century. It has no obvious connection with Hooker.

Series JDH/2. Correspondence, May 1843 - March 1914

Filmed selectively.

Subseries JDH/2/1. Letters to Joseph Hooker, May 1843 - July 1909
Letters to Joseph Hooker. Volume 1: ACL/BAL, June 1896 - November 1905 (File JDH/2/1/1)

Filmed selectively.

F. Manson Bailey (Brisbane) to Hooker, June 1896 - November 1905 (Item ff.225-227)
Richard Baker (Sydney) to Hooker, November 1903 - February 1904 (Item ff.234-235)
Letters to Joseph Hooker. Volume 2: BAL-BIN, October 1891 - July 1909 (File JDH/2/1/2)

Filmed selectively.

Odoardo Beccari (Florence) to Hooker, October 1891 - July 1909 (Item ff.63-84)
Letters to Joseph Hooker. Volume 3: BIR-BUS, 25 August 1902 (File JDH/2/1/3)

Filmed selectively.

W.L. Bowen (Christchurch) to Hooker, 25 August 1902 (Item f.127)
Letters to Joseph Hooker. Volume 4: CAD-COL, May 1843 - February 1907 (File JDH/2/1/4)
Thomas Cheeseman (Auckland) to Hooker, April 1899 - February 1907 (Item ff.47-58)
Leonard Cockayne (Wellington) to Hooker, October 1904 - January 1905 (Item ff.103-104)
William Colenso (Paihia, Napier) to Hooker, May 1843 - February 1898 (Item ff.116-189)
Various correspondents in New Zealand to Hooker on the life and death of William Colenso, February 1899 - March 1902 (Item ff.190-212)
Letters to Joseph Hooker. Volume 8: ENG-GAG, 8 August 1903 (File JDH/2/1/8)

Filmed selectively.

Walter Fox (Penang) to Hooker, 8 August 1903 (Item f.211)
Letters to Joseph Hooker. Volume 10: GRI-HOR, September 1886 - March 1900 (File JDH/2/1/10)

Filmed selectively.

William Guilfoyle (Melbourne) to Hooker, January 1899 - March 1900 (Item ff.68-70)
Sir James Hector (Wellington) to Hooker, September 1886 - August 1898 (Item ff.186-192)
Maures Horner to Hooker, 28 April 1893 (Item f.305)
Letters to Joseph Hooker. Volume 15: MAC-MUD, 6 June 1892 - 31 May 1904 (File JDH/2/1/15)

Filmed selectively.

Joseph Maiden (Sydney) to Hooker, 31 May 1904 (Item f.17)
Edward Morris (Melbourne) to Hooker, December 1896 - May 1897 (Item ff.293-295)
Alexander Morton (Hobart) to Hooker, October 1903 - February 1904 (Item ff.296-299)
G.R. Mott (Apollo Bay, Victoria) to Hooker, 6 June 1892 (Item f.301)
Christopher Mudd (Melbourne) to Hooker, 20 December 1899 (Item f.303)
Letters to Joseph Hooker. Volume 16: MUE-PIT, December 1893 - April 1896 (File JDH/2/1/16)

Filmed selectively.

Sir Ferdinand von Mueller [Melbourne] to Hooker, December 1893 - April 1896 (Item ff.1-34)
Letters to Joseph Hooker. Volume 18: REE-SCO, February 1889 - April 1906 (File JDH/2/1/18)

Filmed selectively.

Henry Ridley (Singapore) to Hooker, February 1889 - August 1906 (Item ff.58-89)
Letters to Joseph Hooker. Volume 20: STR-WAL, 11 October 1906 (File JDH/2/1/20)

Filmed selectively.

Melchior Treub (Buitenzorg, Java) to Hooker, 11 October 1906 (Item f.142)
Subseries JDH/2/2. Letters to Sir Joseph and Lady Hooker, 1 January 1893 - 2 November 1909
Letters to Sir Joseph and Lady Hooker. Volume 3: JAC-PUT, 1 January 1893 (File JDH/2/2/3)
Letters to Sir Joseph and Lady Hooker. Volume 4: RAE-ZEV, 2 November 1909 (File JDH/2/2/4)
Subseries JDH/2/3. Letters from Joseph Hooker, 30 January 1904 - March 1914
Letters from Joseph Hooker. Volume 1: ADA-BAR, 30 January 1904 (File JDH/2/3/1)
Hooker (Sunningdale) to E.A. Newell Arber, 30 January 1904 (Item f.115)
Letters from Joseph Hooker. Volume 3: BOL-DAR, 8 July 1907 - March 1914 (File JDH/2/3/3)
Hooker (Sunningdale) to W.S. Bruce, February 1909 - October 1911 (Item ff.59-79)
W.S. Bruce (Edinburgh) to Lady Hooker, June 1912 - March 1914 (Item ff.80-86)
Hooker (Sunningdale) to Charles Chilton, 24 June 1910 (Item f.109)
C. Coleridge Farr (Christchurch) to Hooker, 8 July 1907 (Item ff.110-111)
Charles Chilton (Christchurch) to Lady Hooker, 18 February 1914 (Item f.112)

Series JDH/1. Expeditions, 1839 - 1901

Subseries JDH/1/3. Extract from Antarctic Journal and Letters, 1839 - 1843
Extract from Antarctic Journal and Letters, August 1840 - October 1841 (File JDH/1/3)

Filmed selectively.

Hooker (Hobart) to Sir William Hooker and other members of his family, August 1840 - July 1841 (Item f.129-226)

Includes a letter from Ronald Gunn (Hobart) to Sir William Hooker.

Hooker (Sydney) to Sir William Hooker, 5 August 1841 (Item f.227-229)
Sir John Franklin (Hobart) to Sir William Hooker, 6 August 1841 (Item f.231-236)
Hooker (Bay of Islands) to Sir William Hooker, other members of his family and also Mary Richardson, August 1841 - October 1841 (Item f.237-274)
Subseries JDH/1/4. Antarctic Manuscript, 1839 - 1843
Manuscripts on the Antarctic, n.d. (File JDH/1/4 [?])
Subseries JDH/1/8. Notebooks, October 1839 - 1841
Five notebooks on mosses and plants in the vicinity of the Bay of Islands, 1841 (File JDH/1/8/1)
Notebook on Kerguelen Island, including a catalogue of plants, October 1839 (File JDH/1/8/1)
Notebooks with miscellaneous jottings kept on HMS Erebus (File JDH/1/8/1)
Subseries JDH/1/7. Antarctic Expedition, 1887 - 1901

Filmed selectively.

Papers on a proposed expedition to the Antarctic, 1 April 1842-c.1846 (File JDH/1/7 [?])
J.E. Davis (HMS Terror) to his sister Emily, 1 April 1842 (Item ff.235-257)
James Savage. Account of the voyage of HMS Terror, transcribed by C.J. Sullivan, 19 June 1843 (Item ff.258-299)
Notes by Hooker for lectures on the Antarctic Expedition, c.1846 (Item ff.301-340)
Subseries JDH/1/16. Transit of Venus Expedition, 1874 - 1875

Filmed selectively.

Transit of Venus Expedition, 1874 - 1875 (File)

Filmed selectively.

Sir George Airy (Greenwich) to Hooker, April 1874 - November 1877 (Item ff.1-3)
A.E. Eaton (Cape Town) to Hooker, 10 August 1874 (Item ff.23-27)
Thomas Huxley (London) to Hooker, 9 December 1875 (Item f.57A)
Submission by Council of the Royal Society to the British Government on the Transit of Venus expedition, n.d. (Item ff.97-98)
Newspaper cuttings about the expedition, 1875 (Item ff.120-124)

Fonds [M757]. Janet Hutton Papers

Alphabetical listing and descriptive notes by Janet Hutton of Indian, Burmese and Malayan plants, with reference to some of her paintings held in the Royal Botanic Gardens (169pp.) (File)

Fonds. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, 1793 - 1895

Series [M757]. Inwards and Outwards Books, 1793 - 1895

The inwards books record the receipt by the Royal Botanic Gardens of plants, seeds and other specimens from collectors, botanists and botanic gardens in Britain and throughout the world. They overlap with the original plant lists and fern lists. The outwards books record the despatch of plants from Kew to gardens and herbaria overseas...

Inwards book, 1793 (File [1])

Filmed selectively.

Capt. Arthur Phillip, Sydney, 1793 (Item ff.6-8)
Capt. William Bligh, Tahiti, 1793 (Item ff.10-16)
Sir Joseph Banks, New South Wales, 1793 (Item f.21)
Inwards book, 1807 - 1827 (File [2])
Inwards book, 1803 - 1809 (File [3])

Filmed selectively.

Fleming, East Indies and Peter Good, New South Wales, n.d. (Item ff.20-21)
Sir Joseph Banks, n.d. (Item f.68)
William Roxburgh, East Indies, n.d. (Item ff.70-76)

Although described individually, this letter was originally microfilmed with a page from another letter. The last page of the letter described can be found at the beginning of nla.obj-1551458445.

George Caley, New South Wales, 1803 (Item f.77)
William Kerr, Java, n.d. (Item f.80)
Robert Brown, Van Diemen's Land, 1804 (Item f.109)
Robert Brown, Port Phillip, Hunter River, 1804 (Item f.118)
William Roxburgh, East Indies, n.d. (Item ff.153-155)
Elizabeth (?) Paterson, Van Diemen's Land, 1806 (Item f.166)
George Caley, Sydney, n.d. (Item ff.170-176)
George Caley, Sydney, 1804 (Item ff.179-181)
Robert Brown, Australia, n.d. (Item ff.188-189)
Col. William Paterson, Australia, 1807 (Item ff.240-249)
George Caley, Sydney, 1807 (Item ff.274-276)
Sir Joseph Banks, 1808 (Item ff.285-286)
Sir Joseph Banks (Item f.322)
William Roxburgh, East Indies, 1808 (Item ff.340-353)
Capt. William Bligh, Sydney, 1809 (Item ff.363-364)
Inwards book, 1809 - 1817 (File [4])

Filmed selectively.

Unnamed donor of Australian plants, 1809 (Item ff.22-29)
Paterson, East Indies, n.d. (Item f.44)
William Roxburgh, East Indies, 1810 (Item ff.50-51)
Unnamed donor of Tahitian seeds, 1811 (Item ff.52-53)
William Roxburgh, East Indies, 1809 (Item ff.60-63)
William Roxburgh, East Indies, 1811 (Item f.75)
George Caley, South America, 1811 (Item f.79)
William Roxburgh, East Indies, 1811 (Item ff.79-81)
Sir Joseph Banks, East Indies, 1812 (Item f.98)
William Roxburgh, East Indies and unnamed donor, Straits of Malacca, 1810 - 1812 (Item ff.100-101)
William Roxburgh, East Indies, 1812 (Item ff.110-112)
Robert Brown, Sydney, n.d. (Item ff.129-132)
Col. Harriot, East Indies, 1813 (Item ff.135-136)
Unnamed donor, East Indies, 1814 (Item f.166)
William Roxburgh, East Indies, 1814 (Item ff.167-178)
William Roxburgh, East Indies, n.d. (Item ff.172-173)
E. Barnard, New South Wales, 1815 (Item f.196)
Sir Joseph Banks, Sydney, n.d. (Item ff.279-280)
Allan Cunningham, Sydney, 1817 (Item ff.306-307)
Allan Cunningham, Sydney, n.d. (Item ff.328-331)
Stewart, Van Diemen's Land, 1815 (Item f.333)
Inwards book, 1819 - 1822 (File [5])

Filmed selectively...

Inwards book, 1828 - 1847 (File [6])

Filmed selectively.

Allan Cunningham, Sydney, 1828 (Item ff.2-3)
Allan Cunningham, Sydney, 1829 (Item ff.11-15)
Allan Cunningham, Sydney, 1830 (Item ff.20-22)
Allan Cunningham, Sydney, 1831 (Item ff.30-33)
F. Burnett, Hobart, 1834 (Item ff.48-49)
James Backhouse, Darlington, 1841 (Item ff.63-64)
George Drummond, Swan River, 1843 (Item ff.106-109)
John Bidwill, Sydney, 1843 (Item ff.117-118)
John Bidwill, Sydney (Item f.124)
James Kidd, Sydney, 1845 (Item f.191)
Ronald C. Gunn, Van Diemen's Land, 1845 (Item f.194)
Ronald C. Gunn, Van Diemen's Land, 1846 (Item f.223)
Sir Thomas Mitchell, Sydney, 1846 (Item f.226)
James Kidd, Sydney, 1846 (Item f.243)
George Drummond, Swan River, 1847 (Item f.290)
Inwards book, 1838 - 1849 (File [7])


Outwards book, [1822] (File [8])

Filmed selectively.

To Laurence, New South Wales, [1822] (Item f.156)
Outwards book, 1838 - 1847 (File [9])

Filmed selectively...

Outwards book, 1848 - 1859 (File [10])

Filmed selectively.

To Anderson, Perth, 1848 (Item f.10)
To Governor of Western Australia, 1848 (Item f.25)
To Port Adelaide by Capt. Charles Sturt, 1849 (Item ff.28-29)
To John Bidwill, Sydney, 1849 (Item ff.31-32)
To John Bidwill, Sydney, 1849 (Item f.52)
To John Bidwill, Sydney and To Capt. King, 1849 (Item ff.101-102)
To Canterbury, New Zealand, 1851 (Item ff.114-115)
To Sir William Denison, Hobart, 1851 (Item ff.121-122)
To Sir William Denison, Hobart, 1851 (Item f.137)
To Sir William Denison, Hobart, 1852 (Item ff.167-168)
To Archdeacon Williams, New Zealand, 1852 (Item f.171)
To Rev. Gunn, 1854 (Item f.211)
To Charles Moore, Sydney, 1854 (Item f.230)
To Charles Moore, Sydney, 1855 (Item ff.252-253)
To Sir Henry Barkly, Melbourne, 1856 (Item ff.306-307)
To Ferdinand von Mueller, Melbourne, 1857 (Item ff.345-346)
To Walter Hill, Moreton Bay, 1857 (Item ff.401-402)
To Ferdinand von Mueller, Melbourne, n.d. (Item ff.438-439)
Outwards book, 1860 - 1869 (File [11])

Filmed selectively.

To Walter Hill, Brisbane and to William Macleay, Sydney, 1860 (Item ff.34-35)
To Ferdinand von Mueller, Melbourne, 1861 (Item f.96)
To Walter Hill, Brisbane and to Mrs Dumaresq, Sydney, 1862 (Item f.133)
To Watson, New Zealand, 1862 (Item f.141)
To Sir George Grey, New Zealand, 1863 (Item ff.152-153)
To Walter Hill, Brisbane, 1863 (Item f.166)
To Sir George Grey, New Zealand, 1864 (Item ff.201-202)
To Ferdinand von Mueller, Melbourne, 1864 (Item f.205)
To Walter Hill, Brisbane, 1864 (Item f.213)
To Ferdinand von Mueller, Melbourne, 1865 (Item f.226)
To Ferdinand von Mueller, Melbourne and to William Hill, Brisbane, 1865 (Item ff.234-235)
To Sir George Grey, New Zealand and to Ferdinand von Mueller, 1866 (Item f.255)
To Walter Hill, Brisbane and to Charles Moore, Sydney, 1866 (Item ff.256-257)
To Walter Hill, Brisbane, 1866 (Item f.260)
To Charles Moore, Sydney, 1866 (Item f.278)
To Ferdinand von Mueller, Melbourne, 1866 (Item f.285)
To Ferdinand von Mueller, Melbourne, 1866 (Item f.289)
To Charles Moore, Sydney and to Col. Man, Penang, 1867 (Item ff.316-317)
To Ferdinand von Mueller, Melbourne (Item f.323)
To James Hector, Wellington and to Julius von Haast, Canterbury, New Zealand, 1867 (Item f.328)
To Charles Moore, Sydney, 1867 (Item f.341)
To Walter Hill, Brisbane, 1867 (Item ff.343-344)
To Charles Moore, Sydney, 1868 (Item ff.362-363)
To Walter Hill, Brisbane, 1868 (Item ff.392-393)
To James Hector, Wellington, 1868 (Item ff.397-398)
To Ferdinand von Mueller, Melbourne, 1868 (Item f.403)
To Ferdinand von Mueller, Melbourne, 1869 (Item f.411)
To Ferdinand von Mueller, Melbourne, 1869 (Item f.427)
To Ferdinand von Mueller, Melbourne, 1869 (Item f.437)
Outwards book, 1869-1877, 1880-1881 (File [12])

Filmed selectively.

To Charles Moore, Sydney and to Ferdinand von Mueller, Melbourne, 1869 (Item f.14)
To Ferdinand von Mueller, Melbourne, 1869 (Item f.16)
To Walter Hill, Brisbane and to James Hector, Wellington, 1869 (Item ff.20-21)
To James Hector, Wellington and to Ferdinand von Mueller, Melbourne, 1870 (Item f.26)
To Ferdinand von Mueller, Melbourne, 1870 (Item f.30)
To Ferdinand von Mueller, Melbourne and to James Hector, Wellington, 1870 (Item f.36)
To James Hector, Wellington, 1870 (Item ff.44-45)
To Ferdinand von Mueller, Wellington, 1870 (Item f.76)
To Ferdinand von Mueller, Melbourne, 1870 (Item ff.89-90)
To Ferdinand von Mueller, Melbourne, 1871 (Item ff.115-117)
To Charles Moore, Sydney, 1871 (Item ff.135-136)
To Charles Moore, Sydney, Richard Schomburgk, Adelaide, Walter Hill, Brisbane, and Ferdinand von Mueller, Melbourne, 1871 (Item f.160)
To James Hector and Julius von Haast, New Zealand, 1872 (Item f.163)
To Ferdinand von Mueller, Melbourne, 1872 (Item f.181)
To Ferdinand von Mueller, Melbourne, 1872 (Item ff.191-192)
To Charles Moore, Sydney, 1872 (Item ff.215-216)
To Charles Moore, Sydney, 1873 (Item f.250)
To Charles Moore, Sydney, 1873 (Item ff.269-270)
To James Hector, Wellington and to Charles Moore, Sydney, 1874 (Item ff.319-320)
To James Hector, Wellington, 1875 (Item ff.343-344)
To Charles Moore, Sydney, 1875 (Item ff.347-348)
To James Hector, Wellington, 1875 (Item f.367)
To James Hector, 1876 (Item ff.370-371)
To James Hector, 1876 (Item ff.373-374)
To Charles Moore, Sydney, 1876 (Item ff.402-403)
To Governor Frederick Weld, Hobart, 1876 (Item f.410)
To Governor of Labuan, 1877 (Item f.425)
To Charles Moore, Sydney, 1880 (Item f.471)
To G. Fisher, Singapore, Java Botanical Gardens and to Col. McNair, Singapore, 1880 (Item ff.535-537)
To L.A. Bernays, Brisbane, 1880 (Item f.542)
To Richard Schomburgk, Adelaide, 1880 (Item ff.545-546)
To L.A. Bernays, Brisbane, 1880 (Item f.553)
To T. Kirk, New Zealand and James Pink, Brisbane, 1881 (Item ff.578-580)
To Singapore Botanical Gardens, 1881 (Item f.586)
Outwards book, 1882 - 1895 (File [13])

Filmed selectively.

To Brisbane, Fiji and Adelaide, 1882 (Item ff.34-37)
To James Pink, Brisbane, 1883 (Item ff.71-72)
To Nathaniel Cantley, Singapore, 1883 (Item f.81)
To Nathaniel Cantley, Singapore, 1884 (Item f.107)
To James Pink, Brisbane, 1884 (Item f.111)
To Thomas Kirk, Auckland, 1884 (Item f.130)
To Adams & Sons, Christchurch, Nathaniel Cantley, Singapore and to James Pink, Brisbane, 1885 (Item ff.144-147)
To Charles Moore, Sydney, 1885 (Item ff.154-155)
W. Soutter, Brisbane, 1885 (Item f.158)
James Pink, Brisbane, 1885 (Item f.162)
Colonial and Indian Exhibition, 1886 (Item f.178a)
Nathaniel Cantley, Singapore, 1886 (Item f.192)
A. Cowan, Brisbane, 1886 (Item f.194)
John B. Thurston, Fiji, 1886 (Item f.199)
Melchior Treub, Java, 1886 (Item f.203)
Sir Anthony Musgrave, Brisbane, 1886 (Item f.207)
Alpin Thompson, Fremantle, 1886 (Item f.211)
F. Abbott, Hobart, 1886 (Item f.213)
Nathaniel Cantley, Brisbane, 1887 (Item f.241)
F. Cowan, Brisbane, 1887 (Item f.246)
Charles Moore, Sydney, 1888 (Item f.291)
Melchior Treub, Java, 1888 (Item ff.296-297)
Melchior Treub, Java, 1889 (Item ff.333-334)
Sir John Thurston, Fiji, 1889 (Item ff.340-341)
Melchior Treub, Java, 1890 (Item f.383)
D. Yeoward, Fiji and Henry Ridley, Singapore, 1890 (Item ff.384-385)
C. Curtis, Penang, 1891 (Item ff.423-424)
Fiji Botanical Gardens and Java Botanical Gardens, 1892 (Item ff.447-448)
Fiji Botanical Station, 1893 (Item ff.482-483)
Java Botanical Gardens and Fiji Botanical Station, 1894 (Item ff.503-506)
Java Botanical Gardens, 1895 (Item ff.543-544)
Sydney Botanical Gardens, 1895 (Item f.546)

Fonds [M758]. William Kerr Papers, March 1809

Filmed selectively.

William Kerr (Canton) to Sir Joseph Banks, 2 March 1809 (File)

Despatch of plants for Royal Botanic Gardens and also Manila catalogue of plants.

William Kerr (Canton) to William T. Aiton, 3 March 1809 (File)

Acknowledges receipt of books; despatch of plants and seeds for Royal Botanic Gardens; Admiral Drury's expedition to Macao.

Fonds [M758]. Aylmer Bourke Lambert Papers, 3 March 1820 - December 1840

Filmed selectively.

C.L. Bume (Tyamis) to the Governor General of the East Indies, 8 December 1824 (File f.14)

Report of a botanical tour of Cheribon (Cirebon) in Java.

John Edgerley (Hokianga) to Lambert: despatch of specimens, 14 March 1839 (File f.29)

John Edgerley (Hokianga) to Lambert, 15 March 1839 (File f.30)

Details of new species discovered and despatched.

William Jack to Lambert, 3 March 1820 (File f.65)

Plants collected in Malaya and the East Indies.

William Jack (Bencoolen) to Lambert: plants collected in Sumatra, 4 July 1821 (File f.66)

Lambert (Boyton, Wiltshire) to John Smith (Kew) (14 letters), July 1835 - December 1840 (File ff.224-251)

Fonds [M758]. L.V. Lester-Garland Papers

Series. Notebooks

Notebook (File [1])

Notebook containing inter alia a list of plants confined to Australia, New Zealand and islands, a list of endemic genera of New Caledonia, a list of the numbers of native species in L. Rodway's The Tasmanian flora, a list of species regarded as indigenous in Tasmania which are also found in the North Temperate Zone (Europe), a list of native species of phanerogams in New Zealand, and a list of species regarded as indigenous in New Zealand which are also found in the North Temperate Zone.

Notebook (File [2])

Notebook containing a list of plants collected by R.M. Lester-Garland at Albany, Western Australia, in October - November 1921, a list of plants sent home by G.M. Lester-Garland or brought back by R.M. Lester-Garland from New Zealand in 1922, a list of plants sent home by R.M. Lester-Garland at Christmas 1922 from or near Nietta, North Tasmania, a second list of plants from the Nietta district, Tasmania, sent by R.M. Lester-Garland, May 1923, a third list of native plants mostly from Cradle Mountain sent by R.M. Lester-Garland, April 1924, a list of plants collected by R.M. Lester-Garland from New Zealand collected in winter, August 1924, a list of plants brought home by R.M. Lester-Garland from the Windsor district, near the foot of the Blue Mountains, New South Wales, Oct. 1924, a fourth list of Tasmanian plants from Nietta and Point Sorell, 1926-27 and a list of a few more plants from Nietta received January 1928.

Notebook containing records of Antarctic plants (113pp.) (File [3])

Fonds. John Lindley Papers, 11 December 1843 - 1861

Filmed selectively.

Series [1]. Letters

Volume 1: Letters, 11 December 1843 (File [1])
Ronald Gunn (Launceston) to Lindley, 11 December 1843 (Item ff.364-367)
Volume 2: Letters, 1848 - 1861 (File [2])
William Macarthur (Camden) to Lindley, 16 February 1861 (Item ff.566-567)
Sir Thomas Mitchell (Sydney) to Lindley, 6 Aug. 1848-7 Aug.1848 (Item ff.642-643)
Ferdinand von Mueller, (Melbourne), to Lindley, 5 February 1859 (Item ff.659-660)

Fonds [M758]. John MacGillivray Papers, 1847 - 1849

Catalogue of botanical plants collected on the voyage of HMS Rattlesnake, 1847 - 1849 (File [1])

The catalogue is arranged by date and the islands and bays along the eastern coast of Australia from Moreton Island to Cape York and in the Louisiade Archipelago.

Fonds [M758]. Albert Maingay Papers

Series. Flora of Malacca (manuscript, 5 vols.), 1867

Volume 1: Flora of Malacca (227pp.), 1867 (File)
Volume 2: Flora of Malacca (209pp.), 1867 (File)
Volume 3: Flora of Malacca (224pp.), 1867 (File)
Volume 4: Flora of Malacca (241pp.), 1867 (File)
Volume 5: Flora of Malacca (247pp.), 1867 (File)

Series. Notebook on the Malay names of plants

Arranged alphabetically, the entries give the botanical name, the Malay name, weight, colour, grain, hardness, split or otherwise in drying, specific gravity, price and uses. At the end of the notebook is a newspaper cutting with a report by Maingay on timber and wood conservancy in Malaya, 20 August 1865.

Fonds [M759]. Franz Meyen Papers

Filmed selectively.

Series. Extracts from Dr F.J. Meyen's travels round the world in the years 1830, 1831 and 1832

Volume 2: Extracts from Dr. F.J. Meyen's travels (File)
Voyage to the island of Luzon, Philippines (Item ff.192-279)

Fonds. Friedrich Miquel Papers

On the physical geography and vegetation of Sumatra, being the introduction to the Prodromus florae Sumatrae or first supplement to the Florae Indiae Batavie of Miquel, 1860, translated by George Bentham (92pp.) (File)

Fonds. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, 26 October 1839 - 1965

Filmed selectively.

Series. Miscellaneous Correspondence to Kew Staff

Filmed selectively.

A.A. Black (Bangalore) to Daniel Oliver, November 1863 - June 1865 (File)
Lord Bledisloe (Wellington) to Sir Arthur Hill, November 1932 - December 1933 (File)
Henry Burkill (Singapore, Leatherhead) to various correspondents, 1916 - 1965 (File)
W.J. Dowson (Launceston) to Arthur Hill, 22 August 1930 (File)
George Haviland (Sarawak, Singapore) to various correspondents, October 1894 - February 1895 (File)
Justus Jorgensen (Hobart) to Sir John Franklin, 26 October 1839 (File)
Thomas Kirk (Wellington) to J.G. Baker, 19 April 1892 (File)
A. Moore (Campbelltown, NSW) to R. Clark, 3 December 1881 (File)
Sir Ferdinand von Mueller (Melbourne) to various correspondents, 1881 - 1896 (File)
Robert Pulleine (Adelaide) to Brown, 17 May 1926 (File)
A. Sharples (Kuala Lumpur) to Sir David Prain, 1 May 1913 (File)
T.N.H. Smith-Pearse (Hobart) to Sir Arthur Hill, 17 February 1939 (File)
Henry Travers (Wellington) to Sir Joseph Hooker, 26 October 1911 (File)

Fonds [M759]. William Mitten Papers

Letters to William Mitten, 1848 - 1905 (File [1])

Frederick Bailey (Brisbane) to Mitten, January 1887 - June 1887 (Item ff.1-2)
William Bell (Dunedin) to Mitten, August 1888 - July 1889 (Item ff.8-10)
Alfred Everett (Sarawak) to Mitten, July 1874 - October 1878 (Item ff.103-104)
Thomas Kirk (Wellington) to Mitten, April 1877 - February 1896 (Item ff.178-180)
Martleischner (Buitenzorg) to Mitten, 20 June 1900 (Item f.196)
Sir Ferdinand von Mueller (Melbourne) to Mitten, 1876 - 1888 (Item ff.205-220)
Rev. Thomas Powell (Niue, Penzance) to Mitten, 1873 - 1887 (Item ff.238-239)
Henry Ridley (Singapore) to Mitten, April 1898 - July 1898 (Item ff.245-246)
W.A. Weymouth (Hobart) to Mitten, December 1892 - July 1896 (Item ff.286-288)

Notebooks (File [2])

Notebook entitled 'Australia: Dr F. von Mueller', c.1881-1882 (Item [1])
List entitled 'Museo and hepatica returned to Melbourne' (Item [2])

Fonds [M759]. Sir Ferdinand Von Mueller Papers, 1858 - 1896

Series. Correspondence of Ferdinand von Mueller with the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, and George Bentham (3 vols.), 1858 - 1896

Correspondence. Volume 1 (folios 1-460), 1858 - 1870 (File [1])

Letters from von Mueller, the Director of the Melbourne Botanical Gardens, to George Bentham and Joseph Hooker, the Assistant Director and later Director of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. Von Mueller was Bentham's principal collaborator on Flora Australiensis (1863-1878).

Correspondence. Volume 2 (folios 1-351), 1871 - 1881 (File [2])

Letters from von Mueller to Joseph Hooker and George Bentham.

Correspondence. Volume 3 (folios 1-338), 1882 - 1891 (File [3])

Letters from von Mueller to George Bentham, Sir Joseph Hooker and William Thiselton-Dyer, the Assistant Director and later Director of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

Letters from von Mueller to William Thiselton-Dyer (88 folios), 1891 - 1896 (File [4])

Fonds MUN. William Munro Papers, 9 November 1844 - October 1877

Filmed selectively.

Series MUN/1. Correspondence received by General William Munro, 9 November 1844 - October 1877

W. Griffith (Malacca) to Munro (Allahabad): Munro's botanising in the Himalayas; despatch of plants, 9 November 1844 (File 114)
Correspondence with George Bentham, April 1877 - October 1877 (File)

Correspondence between Munro and George Bentham (London) relating to Australian grasses. The letters of Munro are rough drafts.

Fonds [M763]. William Paterson Papers, 1777 - 1803

Series [1]. Letters of William Paterson to William Forsyth, 1777 - 1803

Filmed selectively.

William and Elizabeth Paterson (Norfolk Island, Sydney) to Forsyth (9 letters), May 1792 - May 1803 (File 34-51)

Fonds. William Perry Papers, 7 March 1881 - 20 June 1894

William Thiselton-Dyer (Kew) to Admiral Robert Hall, 7 March 1881 (File [1])

Scientific work carried out by Perry while serving in the Royal Navy, including a specimen from Amsterdam Island; opportunities for collecting in the China Seas.

Admiral Robert Hall to W.T. Thiselton-Dyer: acknowledgment, 11 March 1881 (File [2])

Perry (Shanghai) to Sir Joseph Hooker, 17 May 1881 (File [3])

Gardens of Hong Kong; small opportunities for collecting.

Obituary of W.W. Perry, The Times, 20 June 1894 (File [4])

Fonds [M763]. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, 1802 - 1937

Series. Plant Lists, 1802 - 1937

Plant Lists. Volume 1, 1845 - 1863 (File [1])

Filmed selectively.

John Bidwill: New Zealand and John MacGillivray: Australia, 1848 (Item ff.16-19)
Thomas Lobb: Malaya (Item ff.31-32)
John Bidwill: sub-tropical Australia (Item ff.41-42)
Capt. McArthur: South Australia (Item ff.52-54)
Anon: New Zealand (Item ff.66-78)
Major Madden: East Indies (Item ff.80-83)
Sir William Norris: Penang and W. Low: Borneo, 1851 - 1852 (Item ff.159-160)
David Monro: New Zealand (Item ff.162-163g)
William Milne: South Seas islands and New Zealand (Item ff.195-201)
Ferdinand von Mueller: New South Wales and Victoria (Item ff.213-216)
Augustus Oldfield: Tasmania (Item ff.253-254a)
William Milne: South Seas islands, 1855 (Item ff.255-256)
Frederick Adamson: Melbourne (Item ff.269-274)
Ferdinand von Mueller: Australia, 1857 (Item ff.317-336)
Sir Robert Schomburgk: Penang, Singapore, Siam (Item f.419)
Miscellaneous (Item ff.524-530)
Plant Lists. Volume 3, 1853 - 1868 (File [3])

Filmed selectively.

Richard Oldham, Penang, 1861 (Item f.79)
John Veitch: Australia, New Caledonia (Item ff.157-158)
Paris Herbarium: New Caledonia (Item ff.159-169)
Sebastien-Rene Lenormand: New Caledonia, 1866 (Item ff.170-173)
Eugene Viellard: New Caledonia (Item ff.174-175)
Eugene Viellard and Emile Deplanche: New Caledonia, 1865 (Item ff.176-177)
Musee Jarr. Plant Paris: New Caledonia, 1864 (Item f.178)
Sebastien-Rene Lenormand: New Caledonia (Item ff.179-180)
Exposition Coloniale: New Caledonia, 1864 (Item ff.181-182)
Sebastien-Rene Lenormand: New Caledonia, 1868 (Item ff.183-184)
James Macrae: Malden Island and Charles Darwin: Albrahos Island, Coral Island, Fernando Noronha (Item ff.185-186)
United States Exploring Expedition: Fiji, Samoa, Tonga, Sandwich Islands (Item ff.187-197)
Charles Pickering: Aurora Island (Item ff.198-199)
William Hillebrand: Sandwich Islands, 1865 (Item ff.200-207)
Rev. Thomas Powell: Samoa, 1866 (Item ff.208-212)
John MacGillivray: Isle of Pines, Lord Howe Island, 1854 (Item ff.213-215)
Capt. Henry Denham: St Pauls Island (Item f.216)
John MacGillivray: Lord Howe Island, 1853 (Item ff.217-220)

Although described individually, this letter was originally microfilmed with a page from another letter. The last page of the letter described can be found at the beginning of nla.obj-1551466456.

John MacGillivray and William Milne: Isle of Pines, Lord Howe Island, New Zealand, Fiji (Item ff.221-239)
William Milne: Norfolk Island, Fiji, 1855 (Item ff.240-244)
James Motley: Borneo, Labuan, 1853 (Item ff.245-300)
Thomas Horsefield: Java (Item ff.301-307)
Daniel Hanbury: Java, 1866 (Item ff.308-309)
Plant Lists. Volume 8, 1850 - 1872 (File [8])

Filmed selectively.

Christian Ehrenberg: Orient, 1872 (Item ff.1-4)
Carl Haussknecht: Orient (Item ff.5-50)
Alfred Wallace: Lombok, Timor, 1856 (Item ff.111-112)
Alexander Maingay: Malaya, Penang, 1872 (Item ff.157a-198a)
Charles Moore: Sydney, 1867 (Item ff.215-221)
Richard Schomburgk: Australia, 1871 (Item f.222)
Charles Moore: Lord Howe Island, 1871 (Item f.223)
Anthelme Thozet: Lord Howe Island (Item f.224)

Although described individually, this letter was originally microfilmed with a page from another letter. The last page of the letter described can be found at the beginning of nla.obj-1551466830.

Frederick Schultz: Northern Territory, Australia, 1870 (Item ff.225-246)
Richard Schomburgk: Australia, Charles Moore: Lord Howe Island and Eclipse Expedition: Lord Howe Island, 1870 - 1872 (Item ff.247-250)
Joseph Milligan: Tasmania, 1868 (Item ff.250-257)
John Armstrong: New Zealand, 1867 (Item ff.258-259)
Julius von Haast: New Zealand (Item f.260)
John Armstrong: New Zealand (Item f.261)
Thomas Kirk: New Zealand, 1867 (Item ff.263-267)
Sebastien-Rene Lenormand: New Caledonia (Item f.268)

Although described individually, this letter was originally microfilmed with a page from another letter. The last page of the letter described can be found at the beginning of nla.obj-1551467038.

Eugene Viellard, Jean Pancher and Emile Deplanche: New Caledonia, 1871 (Item ff.269-282)
Musee d'Histoire Naturelle, Paris: New Caledonia, 1872 (Item ff.283-285)
Rev. Thomas Powell: Samoa, 1872 (Item ff.286-287)
Rev. W.W. Gill: Mangaia Island (Item f.288)
William Hillebrand: Sandwich Islands, 1872 (Item ff.289-291)
Plant Lists. Volume 12, 1871 - 1879 (File [12])

Filmed selectively.

Rev. Samuel Whitmee: Samoa, 1875 - 1878 (Item ff.190-203)
Rev. Thomas Powell: Samoa, 1874 - 1880 (Item ff.204-222)

Although described individually, this letter was originally microfilmed with a page from another letter. The last page of the letter described can be found at the beginning of nla.obj-1551467254.

Edouard Graeffe: Polynesia, 1880 (Item ff.223-225)
Robert Brown: Australia, 1802 - 1805 (Item ff.226-266)
Ferdinand von Mueller: Lord Howe Island, 1874 (Item f.267)

Although described individually, this letter was originally microfilmed with a page from another letter. The last page of the letter described can be found at the beginning of nla.obj-1551467350.

Charles Moore: New South Wales, 1876 (Item f.268)
William Hann: Cape York Peninsula, Queensland, 1873 (Item ff.269-270)

Although described individually, this letter was originally microfilmed with a page from another letter. The last page of the letter described can be found at the beginning of nla.obj-1551467391.

William Gosse: Central Australia, 1874 (Item ff.271-275)

Although described individually, this letter was originally microfilmed with a page from another letter. The last page of the letter described can be found at the beginning of nla.obj-1551467417.

William Hann: Cape York Peninsula, Queensland (Item f.276)
Andrews: Lake Eyre, South Australia, 1875 (Item ff.277-279)
Charles Moore: New South Wales, 1874 (Item ff.280-283)
Andrews: Lake Eyre, South Australia (Item f.284)

Although described individually, this letter was originally microfilmed with a page from another letter. The last page of the letter described can be found at the beginning of nla.obj-1551467496.

William Hann: Cape York Peninsula, South Australia (Item f.285)
James Hector: New Zealand, 1875 (Item f.287)
Thomas Kirk: New Zealand, 1879 (Item f.288)
Thomas Cheeseman: New Zealand, 1879 (Item f.289)
Thomas Kirk: New Zealand, 1874 - 1877 (Item ff.290-295)

Although described individually, this letter was originally microfilmed with a page from another letter. The last page of the letter described can be found at the beginning of nla.obj-1551467594.

Thomas Cheeseman: New Zealand, 1878 (Item f.296)
Thomas Kirk: New Zealand, 1878 (Item f.297)
Plant Lists. Volume 13, 1872 - 1880 (File [13])

Filmed selectively.

Frederick Burbidge: North Borneo, Sulu Archipelago, 1877 - 1878 (Item ff.16-22)

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James Murton: Singapore, 1879 (Item ff.23-26)
De Vreise: Java, 1879 (Item f.27)
Wilhelm Kurz: Pegu, Burma (Item ff.61-70)
Odoardo Beccari: Borneo, 1865 - 1868 (Item ff.153-183)

Although described individually, this letter was originally microfilmed with a page from another letter. The last page of the letter described can be found at the beginning of nla.obj-1551467759.

Johann Riedel: North Celebes and A.B. Meyer: New Guinea, 1874 - 1875 (Item ff.184-191)
Plant Lists. Volume 14, 1874 - 1886 (File [14])

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Col. H.C. B. Tanner: Kashmir and Gilgit, 1880 (Item ff.1-14)
Gilgit Expeditition, 1886 (Item ff.16-19)

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John Duthie: North West India, 1885 - 1886 (Item ff.20-31)

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W.A. Talbot: North Kanara, India, 1885 (Item ff.32-34)
Charles Curtis: Penang, 1885 - 1886 (Item ff.35-51)
Richmond Hullett: Singapore, Borneo, 1885 (Item ff.52-56)
Leonard Wray: Perak, 1885 - 1886 (Item ff.56-74)
Nathaniel Cantley: Singapore, Malacca, 1886 (Item f.75)
Dudley Hervey: Malacca, 1886 (Item ff.76-78)
George King: Calcutta, 1885 (Item ff.79-85)
M. Fraser: Borneo, 1885 (Item ff.86-90)
Odoardo Beccari: Indian Archipelago, New Guinea, 1883 (Item ff.91-93)

Although described individually, this letter was originally microfilmed with a page from another letter. The last page of the letter described can be found at the beginning of nla.obj-1551468142.

Charles Curtis: Timor, 1884 (Item f.94)
Henry Forbes: Timor Laut, 1883 (Item ff.95-96)
Johann Riedel: Timor Laut, India, Buru, 1882 - 1884 (Item ff.97-106)
Challenger Expedition: Indian Archipelago (Item ff.108-114)
Henry Guppy: Solomon Islands, 1883 - 1885 (Item ff.117-149)
Jacob Storck: Fiji, 1882 (Item f.151)
Rev. W. Wyatt Gill: Rarotonga, 1882 (Item ff.151a)
John Arundel: Pacific Islands, 1882 - 1885 (Item ff.152-153)
Jacob Storck: Fiji, 1881 (Item f.153a)
Rev. Thomas Powell: Samoa, 1885 (Item f.154)
Isabella Sinclair: Hawaii, 1885 (Item f.154a)
Hume: Diego Garcia, Chagos Islands, 1883 (Item f.155)
G.C. Bourne: Diego Garcia, 1886 (Item f.156)
Rev. A.E. Eaton: Kerguelen Island, 1874 - 1875 (Item ff.157-160)
Challenger Expedition, 1874 (Item ff.161-165)
French Eclipse Expedition: St Pauls and Amsterdam Islands, 1879 (Item f.166)
Felix Reader: Melbourne, 1885 (Item f.168)
R.W. Coppinger: Torres Strait, Port Molle, 1882 (Item f.169)
Donald Petrie: New Zealand, 1886 (Item f.170)
Frederick Cheeseman: New Zealand, 1885 (Item ff.171-172)
William Colenso: New Zealand, 1885 (Item ff.173-213)
Plant Lists. Volume 15, 1841 - 1884 (File [15])

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Smith: Perak (Item ff.56-58)
James Murton: Singapore, 1881 - 1882 (Item ff.59-62)

Although described individually, this letter was originally microfilmed with a page from another letter. The last page of the letter described can be found at the beginning of nla.obj-1551468626.

Nathaniel Cantley: Singapore, 1882 - 1884 (Item ff.63-70)

Although described individually, this letter was originally microfilmed with a page from another letter. The last page of the letter described can be found at the beginning of nla.obj-1551468647.

Sir Hugh Low: Perak, 1883 (Item f.71)
Leonard Wray: Perak, 1884 (Item ff.72-75)
Ludwig Johann Riedel: Timor Laut, Timor, 1879 - 1883 (Item ff.76-78)
Odoardo Beccari: Sumatra, 1879 (Item ff.78-89)

Although described individually, this letter was originally microfilmed with a page from another letter. The last page of the letter described can be found at the beginning of nla.obj-1551468724.

Henry Forbes: Java, 1881 (Item ff.90-91)
George King: Malay Peninsula, 1884 (Item ff.94-95)
Sebastian Vidal: Philippines, 1883 (Item ff.109-123)
Hugh Cuming: Philippines, 1885 (Item ff.124-147)
Richard Schomburgk: South Australia, 1884 (Item ff.231-234)
Sir Ferdinand von Mueller: Australia, 1884 (Item ff.235-239)
Ralph Tate: Australia, 1884 (Item f.240)
Thomas Cheeseman: New Zealand, 1880 - 1883 (Item ff.241-244)
Thomas Kirk: Fiji, New Zealand, 1880 - 1884 (Item ff.245-256)
William Colenso: New Zealand, 1883 (Item ff.257-259)
Julius von Haast: New Zealand (Item ff.260-261)
Plant Lists. Volume 21, 1868 - 1888 (File [21])

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Charles Curtis: Penang, Perak, Singapore, 1887 - 1888 (Item ff.131-140)
Sir Robert Schomburgk: Siam, Penang, Aden (Item ff.186-199)
Wilhelm Kurz: Andaman Islands, 1868 (Item ff.200-234)
Hugh Cuming: Philippines, Malacca (Item ff.235-253)
Sydney Hickson: Celebes, Indian Archipelago, 1886 (Item f.255)
Buitenzorg Botanic Gardens, 1887 (Item f.256)

Although described individually, this letter was originally microfilmed with a page from another letter. The last page of the letter described can be found at the beginning of nla.obj-1551469092.

Joseph Lister: Christmas Island, 1888 (Item ff.257-259)
Capt. John Maclear: Christmas Island, 1887 (Item f.259)
Henry Forbes: New Guinea, 1887 (Item ff.260-263)
Plant Lists. Volume 22, 1830 - 1888 (File [22])

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Hugh Cuming: South America, Pacific Islands (Item ff.274-285)
Plant Lists. Volume 27, 1884 - 1896 (File [27])

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Calcutta Herbarium: India, Malay Peninsula, 1890 - 1891 (Item ff.26-40)
Charles Curtis: Penang, Perak, Wellesley Province, Malay Peninsula, 1888 - 1893 (Item ff.42-55)
Robert Derry: Malacca, 1889 (Item ff.56-57)
Dudley Hervey: Malay Peninsula, 1891 (Item f.85a)
Richmond Hullett: Singapore, Borneo, 1888 (Item ff.86-87)
Henry Ridley: Singapore, Pahang, 1889 - 1891 (Item ff.117-123)

Although described individually, this letter was originally microfilmed with a page from another letter. The last page of the letter described can be found at the beginning of nla.obj-1551469416.

Henry Ridley and Charles Curtis: Perak, Penang, Langkaui, Johore, 1893 (Item f.124)

Although described individually, this letter was originally microfilmed with a page from another letter. The last page of the letter described can be found at the beginning of nla.obj-1551469434.

Henry Ridley: Singapore, Selangor, Pahang, Straits Settlements, 1893 (Item ff.125-132)
Leonard Wray: Malacca, 1891 (Item f.143)
Odoardo Beccari: Borneo, 1888 (Item ff.176-180)
Charles Creagh: Borneo, 1895 - 1896 (Item ff.181-187)

Although described individually, this letter was originally microfilmed with a page from another letter. The last page of the letter described can be found at the beginning of nla.obj-1551469515.

G.D. Haviland: Borneo, 1891 - 1894 (Item ff.188-195)
Henry Ridley: South Celebes, 1896 (Item f.196)

Although described individually, this letter was originally microfilmed with a page from another letter. The last page of the letter described can be found at the beginning of nla.obj-1551469553.

Sebastian Vidal: Philippines, 1884 (Item ff.197-247)
Max Hollrung: New Guinea (Item ff.248-253)
William MacGregor: New Guinea, 1889 (Item f.254)
Henry Guppy: Keeling Islands, 1889 (Item f.255)

Although described individually, this letter was originally microfilmed with a page from another letter. The last page of the letter described can be found at the beginning of nla.obj-1551469638.

Henry Guppy: West Java (Item f.256)
Plant Lists. Volume 28, 1829 - 1895 (File [28])

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Mrs Bunbury: Western Australia (Item ff.1-2)
Diana Bunbury: Western Australia, 1886 - 1887 (Item ff.3-4)
Kate Logue: Western Australia, 1889 (Item ff.7-6)
James Veitch: Western Australia, 1892 - 1893 (Item ff.7-10)
Frederick Bailey: Queensland, 1891 - 1892 (Item ff.11-12)
Charles Fraser: Queensland, 1829 (Item ff.13-18)
Sir Ferdinand von Mueller: Queensland, 1855 (Item ff.19-26)
Kew Herbarium: Tasmania, 1861 (Item f.27)
Ronald C. Gunn: Tasmania (Item ff.28-29)
William Lindsay: New Zealand (Item ff.30-34)
William Colenso: New Zealand, 1844 - 1892 (Item ff.35-60)
Andrew Sinclair and Julius von Haast: New Zealand, 1861 (Item ff.61-69)
Julius von Haast: New Zealand, 1861 - 1862 (Item ff.70-116)
James Hector and John Buchanan: New Zealand, 1864 (Item ff.117-152)
Sir Ferdinand von Mueller: New Zealand, 1887 - 1888 (Item ff.153-156)
Donald Petrie: New Zealand, 1885 - 1893 (Item ff.157-168)
Thomas Kirk: New Zealand, 1887 - 1895 (Item ff.169-183)
Georgina Hetley: New Zealand, 1887 (Item f.184)
Thomas Cheeseman: New Zealand, 1889 (Item f.185)
John Horne: Fiji, Samoa, 1877 - 1879 (Item ff.186-194)
Daniel Yeoward: Fiji, 1894 - 1896 (Item ff.195-197)

Although described individually, this letter was originally microfilmed with a page from another letter. The last page of the letter described can be found at the beginning of nla.obj-1551470170.

Augustus Hamilton: Macquarie Island, 1894 (Item f.198)
Joseph Lister: Phoenix and Union Islands, 1891 (Item f.199)

Although described individually, this letter was originally microfilmed with a page from another letter. The last page of the letter described can be found at the beginning of nla.obj-1551470216.

John Arundel: Rocky Islet, Gulf of Carpentaria, 1890 (Item f.200)
Rev. Thomas Powell: Samoa, 1887 (Item ff.201-218)
William Hillebrand: Sandwich Islands, 1878 (Item f.219)
Munro: Sandwich Islands (Item ff.220-232)
Rev. Richard Comins: New Hebrides, Norfolk Island, Solomon Islands, 1890 - 1895 (Item ff.233-238)
Henry Guppy: Solomon Islands, 1885 (Item ff.239-240)
Henry Guppy and William Wharton: Solomon Islands, 1885 (Item ff.241-242)
William Wharton: Solomon Islands, 1887 (Item f.243)

Although described individually, this letter was originally microfilmed with a page from another letter. The last page of the letter described can be found at the beginning of nla.obj-1551470376.