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Fonds MS 12. Meagher Papers, 1877

Notes for the biography of Thomas F. Meagher. (File MS 12/P9)

Thomas Meagher (1823-1867) was one of the Irish political convicts transported to Van Diemen's Land in 1849. The notes, interspersed with several newspaper cuttings, are pasted into a copy of the 1877-78 report of the Victorian Railways They are headed 'Meagher's politics' (79pp) and are followed by two pages headed 'Meagher's disposition and character' and copies, in another hand, of two undated letters written by Meagher in Richmond Gaol to John Dillon and Doherty (?).

Thomas Meagher to Charles Gavan Duffy, n.d. (File MS 12/P19)

His escape from Van Diemen's Land in Jan. 1852. (38pp + 6pp postscript)

Fonds MS 24. Madden Papers, 1828 - September 1855

Series MSS.24. Newspaper cuttings, notes, unpublished essays and correspondence, 21 March 1848 - September 1855

Newspaper cuttings and unpublished essays by Madden, 28 October 1851 (File Ms. 06)

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Meagher to William German, 28 October 1851 (Item f.311)

construction of a boat in Hobart that he now uses to communicate with his Kilkenny man on the island. (extract)

Newspaper cuttings and unpublished essays by Madden, 21 March 1848 (File MS. 07)

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Madden (Fremantle) to acting governor Colonel Frederick Irwin, 21 March 1848 (Item f.285)

Arrival on barque Orient; his appointment as Colonial Secretary.

Newspaper cuttings and unpublished essays by Madden (File 08)

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Note on a gold cup presented to William Smith O'Brien by his friends in Victoria after his release, September 1855 (Item f.269)
Correspondence (File 09)

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Copy of a letter of Madden on education of the poor of all religious denominations in Ireland, with a reference to instruction in New South Wales, n.d. (Item ff.481-95)
Literary, historical, political and travel notes (File 013)

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South Pole discoveries, n.d. (Item ff.161-67)

Series N1. Papers relating to Western Australia, Section 1, 1828 - 1849

The papers include the proposed prospectus for the settlement of the colony of Victoria in Western Australia (n.d.), an extract from the report of Charles Fraser on the botany, geology and general character of the country bordering the Swan River, Geographe Bay and Cape Naturaliste, notes on the settlement of Western Australia taken from J.L. Stokes. Discoveries in Australia (1846), a list of the first settlers who were passengers on the Parmelia (1829), correspondence about the formation of the settlement (1828-29), a journal of events connected with the Public Service (1829), extracts from despatches of Capt. James Stirling (1829-38), an extract from the Royal Instructions to Capt. Stirling (28 April 1831), a letter to Stirling from the Western Australian Institution requesting a library and reading room (1831), notes on the origin of the colony (1833), a despatch from Sir Richard Bourke (Sydney) to Lord Stanley about education (1833), an extract from a report of Capt. F.C. Irwin on Indigenous Australians (1835), letters about expeditions to the interior of the colony, a letter of Edward J. Eyre on a survey of Albany (1841), correspondence of Capt. J. Lort Stokes of HMS Beagle (1841) and copies of the Western Australian Almanac (1842, 1844).

Series N1. Papers relating to Western Australia, Section 3, 1828 - 1849

The papers include a draft of a letter from Madden to Lord Grey (1848), papers on communication with England via Batavia and Singapore, Post Office revenue and expenditure, expenditure on military and civil administration (1847), a letter by Madden on the management of convicts from Parkhurst and Pentonville prisons (11 April 1848), a circular concerning violence towards Indigenous Australians (12 July 1848), papers regarding the sale of the brig Thistle, a report on the Rottnest Island establishment (25 Sept. 1848), correspondence on mineral resources of Western Australia, a geological map of Western Australia by Ferdinand von Sommer, a letter from A. O'Grady Lefroy on the prospects of sheep farmers (1 Jan. 1849), claims by James Stokes for compensation for the loss of his distillery, the draft of Madden's letter resigning as Colonial Secretary (12 Jan. 1850), the draft of a submission to Lord Grey for a pension, and addresses to Madden published in The Inquirer.

Series N1. Papers relating to Western Australia, Section 4, 1828 - 1849

Papers relating to the Roman Catholic Mission in Western Australia, 1847-50, including many letters and memoranda by Bishop John Brady. The subjects of the correspondence include State assistance for Catholic education, the need for a separate Catholic burial ground, relations between Bishops Brady and Serra and between Brady and the acting governor, Col. Frederick Irwin, a proposal for a school for Australian Aboriginal girls under the direction of the Sisters of Mercy, a petition to Queen Victoria from Catholic residents seeking an inquiry into public administration of Western Australia, complaints by Catholics of excommunication by Bishop Brady, and a disputed grant of land adjoin the mission station at Victoria Plains. In addition to Madden and Brady, the correspondents include Terence Farrelly, Archbishop J.B. Polding (Sydney), Rev. Thomas Heptonstall (London), Capt. Charles Fitzgerald, Sister Ursula Frayne, Bishop Joseph Serra and Rev. John Joostens.

Series N1. Papers relating to Western Australia, Section 5, 1828 - 1849

Papers relating to Western Australian Aboriginals, 1832-49, including lists of Indigenous Australians, vocabularies, instructions to the Protector of Aborigines (1840), publications, memoranda, despatches and correspondence. The subjects of correspondence include the legal status of Indigenous Australians, Madden's opposition to 'the flogging ordinance' proposed by the acting governor, Colonel Irwin (1847), the Wesleyan Mission and education of Indigenous Australian children, the treatment of Indigenous Australians in other Australian colonies, protection and the civil rights of Indigenous Australians, a plan for civilising the Indigenous Australians drawn up by Bishop Augustus Short (1848), burial customs of Indigenous Australians, an ordinance for the summary trial and punishment of offending Indigenous Australians (1849), and a report by Madden on the condition of the Indigenous Australians of Western Australia. The correspondents include Madden, John Hutt, Peter Brown, Col. Frederick Irwin, Lord Grey (London), Rev. John Smithies, Rev. George King, Charles Symmons, John Bussell (Bunbury) and J.R. Phillips (Albany).