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Fonds ABC. Dr Albert Ballard, 1950 - 1955

Series ABC 4. Letters, 1950 - 1955

Includes several from Mrs Eleanor Barton from New Zealand.

Fonds ACM. Arundel Castle Manuscripts: Muniments of Duke of Norfolk, 1866

Series. Ellison Family Papers, August 1866

Letters to Michael Joseph Ellison, August 1866 (File ACM X14)

Filmed selectively.

E.H. Allies (Brovunia, Gayndah, QLD), 2 August 1866 (Item)

Re experiences taking sheep up country under Halloran, attacked by Indigenous Australians, return to Brisbane, entered into partnership with Williams of Brovunia sheep station (14p. and typed transcript 4p.).

Fonds Bar D. Barker Family of East Lodge, Bakewell. Deeds and Papers, 1851 - 1858

Filmed selectively.

Series Bar D801. Letters of Charles Barker RN, January 1851 - June 1858

Filmed selectively.

Copy of a despatch from J.W. Farren (Manila) to Lord Palmerston, 17 January 1851 (File Bar D 801/45)

Reporting on the Spanish punitive expedition against pirates on the island of Tonquil and a visit by the force to Sooloo. (4p.)

Translation of a communication from the Sultan of Suluk to Sir James Brooke, 2 February 1851 (File Bar D 801/46)

Reporting an attack by the Spaniards on Suluk on 31 December. (6p.)

Governor of P.W. Island (Singapore and Malacca) to Senior Naval Officer (Straits of Malacca), 3 February 1851 (File Bar D 801/47)

Transmitting a despatch by the British Consul at Manila to Lord Palmerston Foreign Secretary, reporting the proceedings of the Spanish Government of Manila regarding the islands of Sooloo. (1p.)

Addressed to the Senior Consul of England, copy of a despatch received by the Governor of P.W. Island, Singapore and Malacca from the Governor General of the Philipines, 13 March 1851 (File Bar D 801/48)

Relating to destruction of Soolooese forts in retaliation for an outrage committed by the Soolooese. (3p.)

Governor of P.W. Island (Singapore and Malacca) to Captain Barker, Senior Naval Officer in the Straits of Malacca, 2 April 1851 (File Bar D 801/49)

Transmitting copy of a communication from General. Blanco, Captain General of Manila, relating to proceedings of the Spanish Expedition against the island of Sooloo. (1p.)

Translation of communication from the Sultan Mulana Al Sultan Mahomed Pulaluh of Suluk to Sir James Brooke, Governor of Labuan, (c.1851) (File Bar D 801/50)

Complaining of Spanish aggressions against Suluk. (7p.)

Despatch from H.E. Rear Admiral C.J. Austin, Naval Commander in Chief to Spenser St John, esq., Acting Commissioner in Borneo, 30 April 1851 (File Bar D 801/51)

Relating to ratification of the treaty with the Sultan of Sulu. (2p.)

Despatch by Sir James Brooke, C.B., Commissioner, from Singapore, to Captain Barker, R.N., HMS Amazon, 3 February 1851 (File Bar D 801/52)

Advising postponement of Mr St John's visit to Sulu to ratify the Treaty in view of the likelihood of Spanish action against Sulu following the aggression of the Sulu government on a Spanish force, but recommending the despatch of a vessel there to prevent any claim being set up to the Eastern coasts by the Spanish. (4p.)

A document written in Arabic and stamped with the stamp of the Resident Councillor, Singapore (1p.), 1851 (File Bar D 801/53)
Report of Harbour Master, Hong Kong, of Typhoon, 13th and 14th September, 24 September 1849 (File Bar D 801/56)

Includes reports from ships from Singapore. (5p.)

Copy of English Treaty with the Sultan of Sultan signed at Suloo (4p.), 29 May 1849 (File Bar D 801/59)
Charles Barker, HMS Serpent, to his mother, from Singapore, 20 March 1850 (File Bar D 801/80)

Details of the voyage, impressions of Singapore. (4p., partly crossed)

Charles Barker (HMS Amazon, Hong Kong ) to his mother (6p.), 17 November 1850 (File Bar D 801/81)

Plans to sail to Straits of Malacca and Singapore.

[Unknown] Harvey (Singapore) to Charles Barker (4p.), 24 September 1855 (File Bar D 801/82)

Problem of finding housing in Singapore, plans to build own house, news of friends in Singapore.

Charles Barker to his mother [Honolulu] [en route to China] (5p.), 25 April 1858 - 30 April 1858 (File Bar D 801/101)

Details of voyage and weather, impressions of Honolulu Harbour, loading fresh produce.

Charles Barker to his mother on passage to Hong Kong (12p.), 2 June 1858 - 20 June 1858 (File Bar D 801/102)

Details of voyage from Honolulu, delighted with Honolulu, influence of American missionaries, native canoe, arrival in Hong Kong.

Fonds Carp.. Edward Carpenter Collection, 1895 - 1951

Series Carp Mss 376. Letters to EC from Australia, NZ, Malaya, West Indies, South Africa, 15 January 1907 - 15 March 1920

Filmed selectively.

Winifred Moore (Brisbane), 26 September 1914 (File 1)

Her thoughts on reading his book Intermediate Sex.

W.H. Carpenter (Broken Hill), 15 March 1920 (File 2)

He is misinformed on Australian Aboriginals; methods of Australian Aboriginal contraception.

Extract from Eugenical News, April 1918 (File 3)

Re Scientific Motherhood a tract from Sydney. (press cutting and leaflet) (6p.)

John Furniss (Huntly), 15 January 1907 (File 4)

Moved north to seek better climate for fruit growing, floods.

Joseph Kirkpatrick (Waikato), 8 April 1907 (File 5)

News of John Furniss at Huntly - will have to work hard; plenty of work in NZ, but cost of living increasing.

Grace E. Wills, (Christchurch), 31 May 1918 (File 6)

Appreciation of his poetry.

Robert Dashwood (Teluk Anson), 5 December 1919 (File 8)

On reading Towards Democracy.

Series Carp Mss 386. General Correspondence to Edward Carpenter, 8 December 1895 - 22 February 1899

Filmed selectively.

H.H. Champion (Melbourne), 8 December 1895 (File 386/60)

Relations with father; spent all his money on the movement; running a paper; no solid socialist movement - 'people are Italianized by the sun'. (3p.)

G.C. Ives (RMS Oceana, Australia), [1899-02-22 postmark] (File 386/83)

Re voyage from Ceylon. (posted in Melbourne) (2p.)

Series Carp Mss 388. Edward Carpenter International Memorial Trust, 19 June 1951

Filmed selectively.

Eleanor Barton (Palmerston North) to Miss Bingham, 19 June 1951 (File)

Appreciation of Edward Carpenter for Carpenter Memorial Service.

Fonds. Sheffield Cooperative Party Records, 1933 - 1949

Series CPR 38-42. Notes on prominent local persons, 1933 - 1949

Alfred and Eleanor Barton, 1933 - 1949 (File CPR 38)

Cuttings re his death (1933) and Eleanor Barton leaving for New Zealand (1949).

Fonds Donc. Daniel Doncaster & Sons Ltd., 1960 - 1961

Papers and correspondence re visit by Richard T Doncaster to Western Australia, 1960 - 1961 (File Donc 152)

Visit made as part of British trade delegation and subsequent attempts to buy a company there.

Fonds EM. Elmhirst Papers, 1840 - 1969

Papers and family muniments of AO Elmhirst Esq of Hound Hill, Worsbrough Bridge, Yorkshire.

Series EM 930. William Elmhirst of Round Green, 17 February 1845

Miscellaneous letters, 17 February 1845 (File EM 930)

Filmed selectively.

Lawrence Potts (Maitland) to William Elmhirst, 17 February 1845 (Item EM 930/31)

Re straightened circumstances, problems with weather and 'Bugs'. (6p.) (partly crossed)

Series EM 950. Reverend William Elmhurst, 4 December 1840 - 23 June 1841

Notes, exercises and letters, 4 December 1840 - 23 June 1841 (File EM 950)

Filmed selectively.

W. Elmhirst Potts (on board Kinnear) to WE, 4 December 1840 (Item)

Storms, death of cow.

Lawrence Potts (Sydney) to [William Elmhurst], 23 June 1841 (Item)

Re voyage on Kinnear, storms, trip to interior of St Jago on donkey, ceremonies of crossing the line, landing in Australia, mosquitoes, local fruit - misses English fruit, children at school at Parramatta, Sarah to be married, livestock on farm.

Series EM 2017. Letters from E. Potts, Philip E. Potts and Laura E. Hughes (nee Potts) from Australia (84p.), 1882 - 1969

Subjects include: business dealings in Australia, family news, emigration of English people, death of family members, news of war, christmas card, unemployment in Australia and visit to England and United States of America...

Series EM 2028. William Elmhirst of Round Green Correspondence, 22 March 1841 - 10 October 1842

Filmed selectively.

Lawrence Potts (Kinnear, Jervis Bay) to William Elmhirst, 22 March 1841 (File EM 2028/5)

Miseries of voyage, intends to buy land at Melbourne, ship overrun with mice.

Lawrence Potts (Sydney) to William Elmhirst, 10 October 1842 (File EM 2028/5)

Arrival of James Coles, illness of family, Sydney politics, giving up retail store, intend to return to England (faint).

Fonds LD 1782-91. Fowler Family of Wadsley Hall Papers, 1857 - 1865

Series LD 1783/4. Letters from Charles to various family members, 22 October 1860 - 21 October 1863

Filmed selectively.

Charles Fowler (Sydney) to 'Poll', 22 October 1860 (File 4)

Joined volunteers, family news.

Charles Fowler (North Shore) to Father, 21 November 1860 (File 5)

Dispute between Rhodes and Whitton, election news.

Charles Fowler (Sydney) to Father, 20 September 1861 (File 6)

Death of Fanny.

Charles Fowler (Sydney) to Father, 21 October 1863 (File 7)

Sent Charlie home on Jason, undesirable to bring up children in the colony, Whitton may be forced to leave, economic news - high price of labour.

Series LD 1783/7. Letters from Elizabeth (Chibbs) Whitton, 9 September 1857 - 20 July 1865

Letters from Australia where she emigrated with husband John Whitton to Father, Fred, Bob...

Letters from Elizabeth (Chibbs) Whitton, 9 September 1857 - 20 July 1865 (File 2-10)

Letters dated 9 September 1857, 7 October 1857, 20 September 1860, 22 May 1861, 20 August 1861, 20 September 1862, 20 December 1862, 21 August 1864, 21 September 1864, 20 July 1865 (Brisbane House, Blue Mountains, Manly, Wheatleigh)...

Fonds LD. Matthias Spencer & Sons. Records, 1938 - 1958

Series. John Versey and Sons Ltd, Brunswick Steel Works, Denby St. Steelmakers, July 1938 - May 1958

John Versey & Sons Ltd. Foreign Day Book (606p.), July 1938 - May 1958 (File LD1935)

Firms include George H. Martin (Sydney); Iron and Steel Co. of NZ Ltd.; Coates and Co. (Melbourne); F.C. Matthews & Sons Ltd. (Auckland)...

Fonds LD 2229. Sheffield Chamber of Commerce. Papers, 1969 - 1972

Series LD 2229/8. Trade Mission to Australia, 7 May 1972 - 28 May 1972

Correspondence with participating firms, itineraries, circulars, report on mission and questionnaires completed by participants, 7 May 1972 - 28 May 1972 (File)

(Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth)...

Series LD 2229/15-27. Trade Mission to Far East, 1969

9 - 28 November 1969. (Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong)

Itinerary, 1969 (File LD 2229/15)

Includes: Details of itinerary, press release on mission; leaflet on participants; detailed program in each city; correspondence with Woodcock Travel Ltd (Sheffield), 1969. (62p.)

Correspondence, 1969 (File LD 2229/16)

Correspondence with participants; personal itineraries for participants; programme for visits; correspondence with Woodcock Travel Ltd. (Sheffield); drafts of publicity leaflet. (88p.)

Correspondence, August 1969 - September 1969 (File LD 2229/17)

Comprises: Correspondence with participating firms re persons to be invited to receptions on the tour. (48p.)

Singapore, January 1969 - November 1969 (File LD 2229/19)

Comprises: Correspondence with British High Commission, Singapore; newspaper cuttings on the mission from Singapore papers; programme for visit; lists of guests invited to receptions (poor xerox copy); invitations for receptions. (78p.)

G.R. Woosey. Mission Secretary, 1969 (File LD 2229/20)

Comprises: Guests at receptions in Singapore; notes on Singapore; Industrial Britain Supplement October 1969 re Sheffield Trade Mission to Malaysia and Singapore; programme for Singapore visit. (23p.)

Background information: Malaysia, n.d. (File LD 2229/23)

Details of history, geography, commerce. (40p.)

Malaya, January 1969 - December 1969 (File LD 2229/24)

Comprises: Correspondence with Rubber Research Institute of Malaya; British High Commission, Kuala Lumpur; programme for visit; guests to be invited to receptions. (53p.)

Graham R Woosey, 30 April 1969 (File LD 2229/25)

Comprises: Provisional programme re visit to Kuala Lumpur; index of pioneer products, 30 April 1969. (12p.)

Export Trade Mission to the Far East, November 1969 (File LD 2229/26a)
Report (15p.), n.d. (Item)
Replies to questionnaire on trip (File LD 2229/27)

Includes questions on success of mission, import restrictions, market potential. (86p.)

Fonds Marsh. Marsh Brothers. Papers, 1870 - 1930

Filmed selectively.

Edwin Phillips & Co (Melbourne), 1890 - 1892 (File Marsh 21)

Sales from stock. (2p.)

Letter of Attorney, 9 October 1889 (File Marsh 75)

Edwin Phillips of Malvern Victoria, commission agent appoints John Harrison of South Melbourne his attorney to receive delivery of goods and merchandise, sell land etc. (3p.)

Letters of application for employment as travellers, 5 December 1885 - 22 December 1898 (File Marsh 102)

Filmed selectively.

Envelopes '1893 Re Mr J Harrison' (11p.), 5 December 1885 - 22 December 1898 (Item)

Comprises: References for John Harrison from Mitchell & Co. (Melbourne), 19 May 1893; Garde and Chrystal (North Melbourne), 17 June 1893; Swan & Co. (North Melbourne), 19 June 1893; P.J. McGennan & Co. (Warrnambool), 12 May 1893; William Chipperfield (Melbourne), 30 June 1890; Spear and Jackson (Sheffield), 5 December 1885 (on Harrison going to their Melbourne store)...

Agency Agreements, 16 October 1923 - 24 July 1930 (File Marsh 152-155)

Filmed selectively.

Agreement with Frank Wells Proprietory Ltd. (Melbourne) for Australian agency (8p.), 16 October 1923 (Item 152/7)

Includes sales leaflets for augers and bits, and for 'Rox' razors.

Agreement with W.A. Johnston of Auckland for New Zealand agency (2p.), 24 July 1930 (Item 153/1)

Letters from George J. Wyleigh of Melbourne, 4 January 1870 - 14 August 1872 (File Marsh 250)

Letters: 4 January 1870, 23 April 1870, 13 June 1870, 2 January 1871, 2 February 1872, 14 August 1872...

Fonds LD 2404-2010. George, Lord Darling. Papers, 1944 - 1967

Papers relating to the New Zealand side of the Darling family, and George Darling's visit to New Zealand in 1967, 1944 - 1967 (File LD 2410)

(18 items)

Fonds MD 1628-1723. Ellin Family, 1835 - 1844; 1956

Series MD 1713-1714. Letters, September 1835 - July 1844; 1956

Filmed selectively.

[Hannah Law] (Hobart) to [Thomas Ellin Snr.], 26 September 1835 (File MD 1713/8)

Their health; teaching at infant school established by Mr Young of Sydney; prices of goods - opportunity to send out Sheffield goods for sale. (4p.)

Benjamin Law (Hobart) to Thomas Ellin Snr., 1 June 1837 (File MD 1713/11)

Opportunities for investment in sheep. (4p.)

Thomas Ellin Jnr. (Sheffield) to Benjamin Law (Hobart), 21 December 1837 (File MD 1713/16)

Sending money (Copy) (3p.)

Benjamin and Ellin Law (Hobart) to Thomas Ellin Jnr., 21 July 1838 (File MD 1713/25)

Opportunity for selling Shefffield goods - list of saleable articles. (4p.)

Hannah Ellin Law (Hobart) to Thomas Ellin Snr., 17 May 1839 (File MD 1713/27)

News of house and garden, entertainments, prices of commodities, had no news of the busts of Indigenous Australians modelled by Benjamin Law and sent to Cutlers' Hall. (4p.)

Hannah Ellin Law (Hobart) to Thomas Ellin, 23 October 1840 (File MD 1713/32)

Due to ill health given up teaching and have purchased a vessel to take provisions to distant settlers, bringing back potatoes and timber for sale in Hobart. (4p.)

H.E. Law (Hobart) to Thomas Ellin Jnr., 9 January 1841 (File MD 1714/1)

Her hard life as a child; family business. (4p.)

E. Hawksley (Sheffield) to Thomas Ellin, 8 July 1844 (File MD 1714/102)

Had a letter from Hannah Law that she has recommenced teaching. (1p.)

Typescript of and notes on letters from Hobart, 1835-1841 by P.C. Garlick (25p.), 1956 (File MD 1713A)

Fonds MD 1972-1978. Sir Henry Coward (Sheffield). Notes on World Tour, 1911

Series MD 1978. Notes on World Tour Book VII, 1911

Filmed selectively.

Notes on tour by Sheffield Choir to New Zealand and Australia, 1911 (File)

Tour included: Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin (where a concert was given in a tram shed), Hobart, Melbourne, Ballarat, Adelaide...

Fonds MD 2296-2339. Edgar Allen & Co, 1907 - 1929

Filmed selectively.

Order Books Australasia, 1923 - 1929 (File MD 2315)

Orders for steel, springs, picks, sawblades, drills. (554p.)...

Order Book. Colonial and Foreign, 24 June 1907 - 24 July 1908 (File MD 2318)

Filmed selectively.

Selected orders, 24 June 1907 - 24 July 1908 (Item CF876 - CF1052 [p1-96])

Includes orders from Broken Hill South Silver Mining Co.; Consolidated Gold Fields of NZ; John Chambers & Son Co. Ltd.; North Broken Hill Mining Co.; P.J. Taylor (Sydney). Also includes index (42p.)

Order Book. Colonial, I (540p.), 1908 - 1911 (File MD 2319)

Includes orders from Broken Hill South Silver Mining Co.; Consolidated Gold Fields of NZ; John Chambers & Son Co. Ltd.; North Broken Hill Mining Co.; P.J. Taylor (Sydney).

Order Book. Colonial, 3 (552p.), 1915 - 1924 (File MD 2320)

Includes orders from Broken Hill South Silver Mining Co.; Consolidated Gold Fields of NZ; John Chambers & Son Co. Ltd.; North Broken Hill Mining Co.; P.J. Taylor (Sydney).

Fonds MD 2692-2696. Hall Family Documents, 1904

Papers relating to Francis Hall Vicar of Greasborough, 1 February 1904 (File MD 2694)

Filmed selectively.

William Hall (Kakanui, NZ) to niece Alice, 1 February 1904 (Item f.64)

That he was clerk to an auctioneer and has also done agricultural work. (2p.)

Fonds MD 5690-5710. Mrs M.A. Rawson Papers, 1817 - 1826

Series MD 5690. Letters to Joseph Read, Mrs Read and Catherine Read from George Bennett, 24 October 1817 - 29 March 1826

Filmed selectively.

Letters (60p.), 24 October 1817 - 29 March 1826 (File [1-13])

George Bennett (Highfield, London, Raiatea, Papara, Bay of Bengal) to Read family (Sheffield)...

Fonds MD 5716-5855. Documents from Local Firm of Solicitors, 1841

Series MD 5742. Agreements etc relating to property of Thomas Holy and Thomas Beard Holy, July 1841

Filmed selectively.

George Smith (Liverpool) to Tom B Holy, 13 July 1841 (File MD 5742/6d)

That he is leaving for Australia due to martial discord; he has left his affairs in order. (4p.)

Fonds MD 6793. Bernard Gray, Letters and Papers, 1913 - 1933

Letters from, and papers relating to Bernard Gray.

Statement of bankruptcy of T. Gray and Sons of Sheffield Rd Tinsley, builders and contractors (2p.), 13 March 1913 (File MD 6793/1)

R.F. Payne, solicitor (Sheffield) to B.E. Gray (Sydney), 7 April 1913 (File MD 6793/2)

Regarding his brother's bankruptcy and his claim as a creditor. (2p.)

Newspaper cutting relating to the bankruptcy (Sydney), n.d. (File MD 6793/3)

R.F. Payne to B.E. Gray, 16 June 1913 (File MD 6793/4)

Relating to the bankruptcy and admission of debt of £200 to him as a creditor. (2p.)

Bernard Gray (West Melbourne) to his wife and son (Sheffield), January 1922 (File MD 6793/5)

Relating to his recent arrival in Australia, encloses photograph of himself (see 6793/8), work is plentiful. (2p.)

Postcards of Camperdown, Victoria where Bernard Gray was working, July 1923 - August 1923 (File MD 6793/6a, b)

Bernard Gray (Adelaide) to his wife and son, 5 May 1924 (File MD 6793/7)

Relating to his move from Adelaide to work for the GPO. (1p.)

James Collins (Australia House, Strand, London) to Thomas Gray (Sharrow, Sheffield), 16 February 1933 (File MD 6793/8)

Relating to tracing the whereabouts of Bernard Gray in Australia. Information regarding Gray supplied on reverse of letter. Also includes photographs of Bernard Gray, one of which has been sent from Melbourne. (see 6793/5).

H. Ferrands (Australia House) to Thomas Gray, 11 October 1933 (File MD 6793/9)

The Commonwealth Investigation Branch (Adelaide) had been unable to trace Bernard Gray.

Fonds MD 6805. Miscellaneous Letters, 1860 - 1889

Filmed selectively.

J. Marsden (The Gap) to brother Isaac, 13 February 1860 (File MD 6805/1/1)

Working on the railways, conditions in Australia, harvest details, opportunities for sale of Sheffield merchandise; been in Melbourne Hospital (4p.). Written on Newsletter of Australasia No. 42, February 1860.

Joe Marsden (Heathcote Valley, Canterbury NZ) to mother, 4 November 1882 (File MD 6805/1/2)

That Mary should come out; fine country for farming, has own factory, farm and hotel. (4p.)

Mary (Heathcote Valley, Fery Mead) to sister, 8 January 1889 (File MD 6805/1/3)

Re death of Joe, news of other family members.

Fonds MD 6626. George Hadfield. Family Reminiscences, 1798 - 1870

Filmed selectively.

Robert Hadfield (Sheffield) to Dr Thomas Hawies, 14 November 1798 (File ff.170-171)

Re cutlery provided for the Missionary Society for South Sea Islanders. (Copy) (3p.)

Note by G. Hadfield that the articles were shipped to Otaheite by Duff, which was captured by French privateer, 1870 (File f.172)

Fonds MD 7068. Creswick Family, 1984

Family tree of Creswick Family of Australia, 1984 (File MD 7068)

Descendants of Henry, younger son of Richard Creswick, silver cutler of Hanover Street Sheffield and wife Mary, 1824-1974. Compiled and donated by Mr D. Thompson 1984. (1p.)

Fonds NVT. Needham, Veall and Tyzack. Papers, 1849 - 1922

Filmed selectively.

Registration certificate for 'Cannon Defiance' mark issued to B & D Turner trading as Abram Brookshank & Co by Register of Trademarks, Australia, 21 July 1908; 1922 (File NVT 20(b))

Also includes certificate of renewal. (5p.)

Consignment ledger of unknown cutlery firm, (possibly Birmingham) with large proportion of exports to Canada, USA, Australia, May 1849 - May 1880 (File NVT 26)

Australian firms include: W. Bennett (Melbourne), Edward Duchett (Melbourne), E.C. Dunn (Geelong), Farrhurst & Co. (Sydney), Mene and Edwards (Melbourne). Indexed (268p.)

Fonds QR. Quaker Records, 1840

Filmed selectively.

S. [Rowls? or Roulst?] (Exthorpe) to William Hargreaves (Sheffield), 20 November 1840 (File QR 71)

Seeking testimony for Daniel Wheeler, Minister. Note that in 1832 he applied for a certificate to visit the Pacific Islands, Van Diemen's Land and New South Wales. (3p.)

Fonds Phc. Photocopies, 1853

Filmed selectively.

Robert Cartwright (Melbourne) to father, 24 September 1853 (File Phc 505(a))

Re long voyage, death of son Robert and Mary Ellen; prices of goods and wages; animals sighted; natives have gone. (poor copy) (3p.)

Typed transcript of Robert Cartwright (Melbourne) to father (2p.) (File Phc 505(b))

Fonds SJC. Spear and Jackson Ltd, 1905

Filmed selectively.

Business diary of L.J. Coombe during a visit to Australia and New Zealand, 5 January 1905 - 3 November 1905 (File SJC 79)

Details of business appointments in Melbourne, Ballarat, Geelong, Launceston, Hobart, Invercargill, Dunedin, Oamaru, Christchurch, Wellington, Nelson, Palmerston North, Auckland, Sydney, Orange, Newcastle, Brisbane, Rockhampton, Townsville, Mackay, Bundaberg, Adelaide, Perth etc...

Fonds SLPS. Sheffield Literary and Philosophical Society, 1821 - 1840

Series SLPS 36. James Montgomery. Correspondence, 13 May 1821 - 10 November 1840

Filmed selectively.

George Bennett (on board Tuscan) to James Montgomery, 20 May 1821 (File SLPS 36/386)

Re the voyage, gale (4p.) (p1 crossed).

George Bennett (on board Tuscan) to James Montgomery, 11 June 1821 (File SLPS 36/389)

Re the voyage. (4p.)

George Bennett (Huaheine) to Lieutenant Colonel Bennett (York), 14 June 1822 - 21 June 1822 (File SLPS 36/400)

Description of island and missionary settlement; visit from Captain Gambier, Dauntless (Copy) (3p.). On back: 11 January 1823. R. Hodgson (Torquay) to James Montgomery, covering note.

George Bennett (Huaheine) to Edward McCoy, 22 January 1822 (File SLPS 36/404)

Delighted with native progress, his ill health (Copy) (3p.). Includes: 4 January 1823. McCoy (London) to James Montgomery, covering note.

George Bennett (Huaheine) to James Montgomery, 22 February 1822 (File SLPS 36/407)

Plans to sail to Sandwich Islands; the two kings are church members. (5p.)

George Bennett (Raiatea) to James Montgomery, 12 November 1822 (File SLPS 36/435)

Re other missionaries on Tahiti and Sandwich Islands; problems of voyage back to Huaheine; description of housing and chapel; missionary work. (6p.)

George Bennett (Raiatea) to James Montgomery, 17 April 1823 (File SLPS 36/463)

Voyage to Raiatea from Borabora, danger from waterspouts (4p., Incomplete).

George Bennett (Isle of Wight) to James Montgomery, 1821-05-13 (sic) (File SLPS 36/466)

Re the Isle of Wight and Tuscan's voyage. (3p.)

George Bennett (Bunaavia, Tahiti and Hawaii) to James Montgomery, 10 August 1823 - 1 October 1823 (File SLPS 36/473)

Naming of Haweis Town after Dr Haweis; Dr Nott to supervise young King's education; mission work on Tahiti - met French corvette La Coquille on voyage of discovery (Captain Duperrey); opening ceremony of new chapel at Haweis attended by king; future travel plans. (12p.)

George Bennett (Haweis Town) to James Montgomery, 5 October 1823 (File SLPS 36/478)

Sending box of curiosities; first communion service held in new chapel. (8p.)

George Bennett (Erineo) to James Montgomery, 26 January 1824 - 17 May 1824 (File SLPS 36/489)

Going to New South Wales, voyage to three beautiful islands - Raivauae (High Island) Tubuai and Rurutu - the people have thrown away their idols.[26/01/1824]...

W. Henry and J.M. Osmand (Erineo) to George Bennett, 7 May 1824 (File SLPS 36/494)

Re his service with them and thanks to friends in Sheffield for gifts.

George Bennett (Sydney) to James Montgomery, 5 November 1824 (File SLPS 36/525)

Voyage of 75 days to Sydney - gales, visit to Atia - mission work of Mr Williams and Mr Bourne; visit to Rorotonga - success of mission work. (9p.)

George Bennett (Parramatta) to James Montgomery, 25 December 1824 (File SLPS 36/528)

Entertained in homes of private families, including Attorney General and Solicitor General; plans to go to India; Mr Threlkeld to become missionary to Indigenous Australians; violence of local society, black and white. (4p.) (incomplete)

George Bennett (Sydney) to James Montgomery, 19 May 1825 (File SLPS 36/546)

Plans for voyage to India in Hugh Crawford; kindness of local officials and clergy; problems of Methodist Mission in New Zealand. (6p.)

William Ellis (London) to James Montgomery, 10 November 1825 (File SLPS 36/564)

Soliciting subscription to his account of life as missionary in Sandwich Islands with G. Bennett. (2p.)

George Bennett (Bay of Bengal) to Committee of Juvenile Missionary Society (Sheffield), 27 March 1826 (File SLPS 36/579)

Re mission work, voyage through East Indies; visits to Singapore, Pulo, Penang; mission work at Batavia. (4p.)

Henry Nott (Bordesley Nr Birmingham) to James Montgomery, 1 September 1826 (File SLPS 36/610)

Re mission meeting at Birmingham and remembrance of his time on Tahiti with George Bennett.

Henry Nott (Hoxton) to James Montgomery, 2 November 1826 (File SLPS 36/618)

Re his gifts, that since his return from Society Islands has become a public character.

[George Bennett] (n.p.) to James Montgomery, n.d. (File SLPS 36/867)

Introducing Mr Mundy, missionary from Calcutta and sending copy of: 18 November 1860. John Williams (Raiatea) to G. Bennett that mission stations flourishing, visited Navigators Islands, commenced mission work at Figis (sic), hope for success amongst the cannibals of the Figis.

George Fife Angas (London) to James Montgomery, 13 January 1839 (File SLPS 36/1168)

Drawing his attention to remarks in a lecture on the evils of emigration and transportation delivered in Sheffield by William Ashton.

George Bennett (Boro' Road School) to James Montgomery, 10 November 1840 (File SLPS 36/1263)

Written a printed account of deaths of Reverend J Williams and Mr Harris in New Hebrides at hands of natives. (7p.)

George Bennett [no place, Australia] to James Montgomery, 6 February (no year) (File SLPS 36/1439)

Re 'aborigines of this vast country will have a mission' ( 2p.).

George Bennett [no place] to James Montgomery, n.d. (File SLPS 36/1440)

Re visits to Tahua and Borabora. (2p.)

Fonds SLPS 51. Henry Clifton Sorby Papers, 1852 - 1871

Filmed selectively.

Gideon P. Mantell (London) to [Sorby?], 3 January 1852 (File SLPS 51/25)

Re specimen of limestone from New Zealand. (3p.)

Francis Dutton (Agent General South Australia, London) to Captain Moncrieff, 25 January 1871 (File SLPS 5/506)

Re model gun carriage for defences of Adelaide Harbour. (2p.)

Fonds SSC. Sheffield Smelting Company Ltd. Records, 1882 - 1950

Assay Ledger, 1897 - 1939 (File SSC 39)

Assays of gold and silver received from firms in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Newfoundland and Norway. (238p. and index 24p.)...

Miscellaneous letters and papers re platinum metals, 1897 (File SSC 161)

Filmed selectively.

Report and analysis of beach sand from Jerusalem Creek, Richmond River District, NSW and platinum concentrates. (3p.), 1897 (Item)

F.J. Greenway Letter, 25 March 1897 (File SSC 320)

F.J. Greenway (Broken Hill Proprietary Block 14 Co. Ltd., Port Adelaide) to Wilson with notes on the Moebius process of electrolytic refining of silver. Includes leaflet re Broken Hill Proprietary Block 14 Co. Ltd., smelting works, Port Adelaide, purchase terms and tariff terms. (8p.)

Miscellaneous invoices and letters, 16 April 1886 (File SSC 366)

Filmed selectively.

Royal Mint (Melbourne) to SSC, 16 April 1886 (Item)

Enclosing bill of lading for 71 casks of mint sweepings (gold/silver).

Tables of figures of sulphides and silver precipitates bought from America, Canada and Australia and of Scandinavian business, 1914 - 1918 (File SSC 376)

Filmed selectively.

American, Canadian and Australian list (1p.) (Item)

J.W. Wilson. Notebook, 16 January 1897 - 6 April 1897 (File SSC 407)

Carbon copy of journal kept and letters written during trips to USA, 1891; USA, 1896; Australia and New Zealand, 1897...

Notes on clients and business, 16 January 1897 - 6 April 1897 (Item ff. 182-204)

Done in Auckland (including dentists); Wellington; Sydney (potential business, visit to Mint and Bank of NSW); Melbourne (details of rivals); Adelaide; Auckland (Bank of NZ); itinerary and expenses of journey (very faint).

Index to J.W. Wilson Notebook (59p.) (File SSC 408)

Numbers refer to John Wilson's numbers, not printed numbers; the notebook (SSC 407) has two sequences of John Wilson's numbers, Australasian visit is in second sequence.

JW Wilson. Correspondence, 18 November 1896 - 10 February 1897 (File SSC 410)

Filmed selectively.

Talbot Wilson to John Wilson, 18 November 1896 (Item)

Re Australasian business.

Oliver Wilson to John Wilson, 18 November 1896 (Item)

Re Australasian business - Sydney Mint and Bank of NZ.

Oliver Wilson to John Wilson, 18 November 1896 (Item)

Re Australasian business and appointing agency.

Oliver Wilson to John Wilson, 21 November 1896 (Item)

Re fraudulent Sheffield G. & S. Refining Co. Sydney. (10p.)

Talbot Wilson to John Wilson, 25 November 1896 (Item)

Re Australasian business.

Talbot Wilson to John Wilson, 18 December 1896 (Item)

Re Australasian business and terms for Melbourne and Sydney.

Talbot Wilson to John Wilson, 24 December 1896 (Item)

Re Australasian business - terms for Royal Mint.

Oliver Wilson to John Wilson, 8 January 1897 (Item)

Re business with Australian Mint (faint).

J.W. Wilson (Rotarua) to relatives, 2 January 1897 (Item)

Re New Zealand trip.

J.W. Wilson (Nelson) to relatives, 10 February 1897 (Item)

Re trip to Nelson, business part of trip 'useful', dentists do little gold work.

List of Australian and New Zealand customers (2p.), 31 October 1895 (File SSC 421)

Terms offered to Melbourne and Sydney Mints (1p.), 17 December 1896 (File SSC 422)

Notes of visits to firms in Sydney by J.W. Wilson, 1897 (File SSC 423)

Personal comments on firms and dentists visited, including Jas Taylor, Flavelle and Roberts. (31p.)

Notes of correspondence with firms in Australia and New Zealand (110p.), 1897 - 1900 (File SSC 424)

Firms of refiners and smelters. Indexed.

List of commercial councillors, senior trade commisioner, and Trade Commissioners in various countries (1p.), 1928 - 1938 (File SSC 427)

Includes Australia, Brisbane, Melbourne, New Zealand.

Agreement, 1 June 1882 (File SSC 633)

Agreement between H.J. Wilson, J.W. Wilson, Andrew French - metallurgist with James Powrie of Sydney, mine owner to allow J. Powrie to buy exclusive rights to the fume condensing plant in Australia for £2000. (6p.)

Information on clients in all countries, 1927 - 1950 (File SSC 859)

Details of directors, history of registration and trading, credit worthiness...

Fonds WhM. Wharncliff Muniments, 1851 - 1876

Series WhM 418. Correspondence of 3rd Baron (1st Earl) Wharncliff, 23 November 1855 - 2 May 1876

Filmed selectively.

T.A. Browne (Rolf Boldrewood) (Melbourne) to L. Worsley, 28 November 1855 (File WhM 418/i)

Re Worsley's marriage, news of friends in Australia.

Thomas A. Browne (Heidelberg, Melbourne) to Lord Wharncliff, 23 October 1861 (File WhM 418/vii)

Re obtaining birds and other Australian animals, going to live a quiet bush life.

T. Browne (Melbourne) to Lord Wharncliff, 26 January 1862 (File WhM 418/vii)

Re marriage, Australian politics, cricket.

T. Browne (Belfast), 17 October 1862 (File WhM 418/viii)

Re shipping native weapons, New land bill.

T. Browne (Narrandera) to Lord Wharncliff, 3 September 1864 (File WhM 418/x)

Losses - had to sell sheep station, bushrangers - Morgan's exploits.

T. Browne (Wagga Wagga) to Lord Wharncliff, 7 February 1868 (File WhM 418/xiii)

Political issues in Victoria including universal suffrage; danger from bushrangers, he is a magistrate; news of his children.

T. Browne (Wagga Wagga) to Lord Wharncliff, 27 March 1868 (File WhM 418/xiii)

Re attempt on life of Duke of Edinburgh.

Harman and Stevens (Christchurch) to Lord Wharncliff, 1873-03-13; 1873-05-06; 1873-07-03; 1872-[unknown]-28 (File WhM 418/xviii)

Re selling Ferry Road Property and other business.

T.A. Browne (Gulgong) to Lord Wharncliff, 2 May 1876 (File WhM 418/xxi)

Congratulations on Earldom; losses due to drought and panic in 1868, now warden of gold fields for Mudgee Mining and police magistrate at Gulgong, news of family.

Series WhM 450-458. Papers of John Stuart Wortley 2nd Baron Wharncliff, 1851 - 1853

Subseries WhM 457 a and b. Letters from New Zealand, 1851 - 1853
Notes on New Zealand by E. Stuart Wortley written for a relation on board HMS Hercules, Sydney to Hong Kong, 1853 (File B)


Fonds WWM. Wentworth Woodhouse Muniments, 1772 - 1834

Series WWM/Bk. Edmund Burke Papers, June 1772

Filmed selectively.

Joseph Banks (n.p.) to Burke, June 1772 (File WWM/Bk 1/380)

Thanking him for interest in [his withdrawal from Cook's second voyage] (2p.).

Series WWM/F. Papers of 4th Earl Fitzwilliam, 8 December 1789 - 1834

Letters to Earl Fitzwilliam re patronage, 29 December 1791 - 23 August 1801 (File WWM/F66)

Filmed selectively.

Notes on rations on Norfolk Island, 29 December 1791 - 26 April 1792 (Item WWM/F66/13)
D'Arcy Wentworth (Norfolk Island) to Thomas Hill, 7 May 1792 (Item WWM/F66/14)

Hoping to get appointment confirmed will say nothing on state of Norfolk Island but encloses notes on rations. (4p.)

D'Arcy Wentworth (NSW) to Fitzwilliam, 23 August 1801 (Item WWM/F66/18)

Reduced rations, scarcity of grain, hopes to send pair of geese.

William Haigh (agent at Malton (Wicklow)). Correspondence, 22 March 1817 (File WWM/F79)

Filmed selectively.

Haigh (Malton) to Fitzwilliam, 22 March 1817 (Item WWM/F79/56)

Re attendance at Wicklow assizes, several sentences of transportation including gang of robbers. (6p.)

Correspondence re Lady Harriet Sturgeon, 8 December 1789 (File WWM/F112)

Filmed selectively.

Thomas Hill (Lincolns Inn) to Fitzwilliam, 8 December 1789 (Item WWM/F112/80)

Re fitting out D'Arcy Wentworth with shirts, jacket, hammock and that he has been arrested and sent to New Prison Clerkenwell for robbing Mr Heywood on Finchley Common, his evidence is not certain (3p.)

Letters concerning D'Arcy Wentworth of NSW and his sons D'Arcy and William Charles, 1796 - 1834 (File WWM/F114)

62 letters...

Miscellaneous Correspondence, 14 July 1828 (File WWM/F127)

Filmed selectively.

Lady Frances Fitzwilliam to Fitzwilliam, 14 July 1828 (Item WWM/F127/202)

Re death of D'Arcy Wentworth and his fortune. (3p.)

Various papers on financial affairs, 21 February 1822 (File WWM/F132)

Filmed selectively.

C. Cookney (London) to Fitzwilliam, 21 February 1822 (Item WWM/F132/3)

Re payments to D'Arcy Wentworth (2p.)

Fonds. George Tyson, 1833

George Tyson (Camden, Victoria) to Father and Mother, 5 December 1833 (File MP 462L)

Re working on sheep station for same master for 7 years. (4p.)

Fonds. Joseph Gillott, 1880 - 1900

Joseph Gillott. Cutler's Hall Sheffield. [Programme of] farewell concert... Sheffield, Robertshaw (4p.) (faint), 15 December 1880 (File MP 199S)

Joseph Gillott. Programme of grand complimentary concert, Town Hall Melbourne, 7 March 1900 (File MP 200S)

Tendered to Joseph Gillott, Australia's national composer. (8p.)

Australia's national composer: a few notes about Joseph Gillott [extracted from] The New Penny Magazine (3p.), n.d. (File MP 688M)

An Australian national composer: a few notes about Joseph Gillott [reprinted] from Cassell's Magazine (1p.), n.d. (File MP 689M)

Joseph Gillott. Athenaeum Lower Hall, Joseph Gillot's evening with Chopin: annotated programme. Melbourne (22p.), 20 December 1889 (File O 42S)

(Local pamphlets, vol 136 no 1).

Joseph Gillott. Hints aesthetical and technical for the practice and performance of the various works for the use of piano-forte students in Mr J Gillott's three concerts, 1887 (File O 42S)

[Issued by] The Melbourne Athenaeum 1887, 4th edition. Melbourne, Stillwell & Co. (74p.) (Local pamphlets, vol 176 no 7)

Joseph Gillott. Opinions of the press: on annotated programmes (9p.), 1887 (File O 42S)

(Local pamphlets, vol. 176 no. 5).

Joseph Gillott Miscellaneous works: vocal and piano scores (76p.), n.d. (File 784.8 G418 S STF)

Contents: Lullaby; Waissail bough; The King; The Bushman's Corp; All in one; Sons of the Southern Seas; Australia's Cherished Dream; Be my own, my Marguerite; The Empress of India.

Fonds. Brenda McLean, 1970

Brenda McLean (Migration Officer, Australia House, London), 19 August 1970 (File MP 1874M)

Re information for a 'find out about Australia' day to be held at Cutlers' Hall Sheffield on 8 Nov 1970. (1p.)

Fonds. Sir Denis Blundell, 1971

New Zealand High Commissioner visit, itinerary (2p.), 17 March 1971 - 19 March 1971 (File MP 1947M)

Fonds SYCRO 180/F1/1. Sheffield Musical Union. Tours, 1911

Scrapbook kept by Miss H.M. Midgley (Bradford) as a member of the Sheffield Musical Union on tours of Germany and the Empire...

Tour of Empire visiting Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, 1911 (File (b))

Papers re membership of the choir, rehearsals etc, menu for farewell dinner, programmes for concerts in Pretoria, Kimberly, Cape Town, tickets for receptions, press cuttings from Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Auckland and Wellington papers. (46p.)

Fonds SYCRO 360/J. John Mendelson MP, 1973 - 1975

Filmed selectively.

Series SYCRO 360/J/5. Parliamentary Correspondence, July 1975

Filmed selectively.

Sydney Irving MP (House of Commons) to John Mendelson, 2 July 1975 (File 5/140)

Re meeting with sub-committee of Australian Parliament appointed to review working of committee systems.

Series SYCRO 360/J/11. Subject Files, 1973 - 1975

Filmed selectively.

Indonesia papers re TAPOL (British campaign for release of political prisoners in Indonesia), 1973 - 1975 (File 11/26)

Comprises: Correspondence between J. Mendelson, Carmel Budiardjo (TAPOL) and Sarah Leigh (TAPOL); TAPOL Bulletin Vol. 1 no. 1, August 1973, TAPOL Bulletin no. 10, June 1975 concerning the human rights question in Indonesia. (30p.)

Fonds SYCRO 473/Z. Printed Ephemera, 1833; n.d.

Filmed selectively.

Sentences of prisoners now confined in York Castle Yorkshire summer assize (1p.), 15 July 1833 (File 473/Z/2/1)

Taken from York Herald. Gives details of transportees: name and crime. (damaged)

Sorrows of Seduction. Being a correct account of the remarkable sufferings of Mary Ann Fletcher, n.d. (File 473/Z/4/2)

Sentenced to 14 years transportation to Botany Bay for robbing her landlady, printed J. Pannel, Horncastle. Reprinted R. Hopkinson, Sheffield n.d. (1p.) (faint)...