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Fonds T-AF. Anderson, Fife, Littlejohn and Co. Solicitors. Deposit, 1889 - 1900

Series 167. Trust of Ebenezer McAlister, merchant of Glasgow and Singapore (279p.), 1889 - 1900

Copies of documents including minutes of meetings of executors, details of estate, cash expenditure and receipts in Singapore, list of curios, weapons etc removed from house and sold, balance statements.

Fonds T-ARD. Ardgowan Estate Records, 1796 - February 1854

Series 1. Ardgowan Estates, 1796 - 12 June 1852

Subseries 1/6. Miscellaneous bundles, 1796 - 12 June 1852
Sir Thomas Brisbane loans, 13 April 1821 (File 1/6/238)

Filmed selectively.

Agreement between Sir Thomas Brisbane and Hugh Crawford, 13 April 1821 (Item [5])

Re payment of Sir Thomas Brisbane's debts on his appointment as Governor of NSW, and of money to Robert Crawford on his going to NSW. (6p.)

Robert and Thomas Crawford letters (250p.), 1822 - 1828 (File 1/6/293)

Letters from Robert and Thomas Crawford (Sydney, Hillend) to their father Hugh Crawford; and from John Curtis (London)...

Robert Crawford (74p.), 1821 - 1828 (File 1/6/294)

Correspondence re his appointment as Principal Secretary to Government of NSW and his life in NSW...

Robert Crawford (118p.), 1821 - 1823 (File 1/6/295)

Letters from Robert on voyage to Sydney on Royal George and from Sydney; and from John Shaw (London) to Hugh Crawford...

Robert Crawford (84p.), 19 April 1821 - 17 May 1821 (File 1/6/297)

Letters from Robert in London and on board Royal George to his father, Hugh Crawford...

Robert Crawford (c.72p.), 1821 - 1825 (File 1/6/298)

Miscellaneous papers, correspondence, visiting cards, London theatre bills...

Sapphire (c.30p.), 1853 - 1854 (File 1/6/417)

Correspondence between David Balderston (Greenoch) and Archibald Macgoun (London) re insurance and cargo of Sapphire on voyage to Australia.

Robert and Thomas Crawford (c.139p., some crossed and damaged letters), 1824 - 1848 (File 1/6/626)

Correspondence and miscellaneous papers re Robert and Thomas Crawford, Hillend NSW to father Hugh and brother David Crawford re their farming activities, conditions in the colony...

Miscellaneous legal papers, 1796 - 12 June 1852 (File 1/6/702)

Filmed selectively.

Thomas Crawford [Brouri Muir?] to David Crawford, 12 June 1852 (Item [1])

Introducing Reverend W. Purvis who has been sent to Scotland by the Synod to obtain clergymen and 'endeavoring to promote a stream of emigration of a superior class', refers to gold digging. (2p.)

The Telegraph: a consolatory epistle from Thomas Muir Esq. of Botany Bay to the Hon. Henry Erskine, Late Dean of Faculty (11p., printed), 1796 (Item [2])
William Shaw Stewart (Luskingtyre) to David Crawford, 26 August 1831 (Item [3])

With opinion on Robert Crawford's claims against the colonial government. (4p.)

Series 12. Greenock Shipping, June 1840 - February 1854

Subseries 12/4. Bargue Sappho, June 1840 - February 1854
Voyages book (114p.), June 1840 - February 1854 (File 12/4/2)

Details of accounts for voyages to Calcutta, China, Penang, Singapore, Melbourne.

Log book (163p.), 28 May 1850 - 9 June 1851 (File 12/4/3)

Log book for voyage to Penang, China, Manila, Cork, Greenock...

Log book (145p.), 2 August 1851 - 1 July 1852 (File 12/4/4)

Log book for voyage to Penang, Singapore, Mauritius, Greenock...

Fonds T-BK. Bannatyne, Kirkwood and France, Solicitors. Deposit, 9 February 1844 - 9 May 1888

SS Wybia Log book (122p.), 22 September 1887 - 9 May 1888 (File 147/1-2)

Log of voyage Glasgow to Launceston, kept by Archibald Duncan, Chief mate...

Series 176. Miscellaneous Papers, 9 February 1844 - 17 April 1860

Filmed selectively.

Deed between William Steuart of Sedgeby… and Neil Black, farmer of Glenormiston, Melbourne, 9 February 1844 (File 10)

Substituting T.K.Finlay as partner in Neil Black and Co in place of William Steuart. (2p.)

Commission to Peter Black, John B.Dill and James D.Hamilton, 17 April 1860 (File 11)

Writers of Glasgow to examine William Middleton Tennent of Well Park in connection with an action in High Court in Melbourne between John Raleigh and Frederick Cook. (2p.)

Fonds T-HB. W. and J.M.Hill Brown and Co, writers of Glasgow. Deposit, 1849 - 1905

Series 13. Andrew Bald Estate (160p.), 1849 - 1890

Correspondence, deeds, miscellaneous documents re death and estate of Andrew Bald, formerly of Nelson, NZ...

Series 47. William Easton, Miscellaneous Papers, 3 November 1870 - 28 December 1871

Filmed selectively.

Corned Beef, 3 November 1870 - 28 December 1871 (File)

Correspondence between David Buchan, (Melbourne) and W. Easton (Glasgow) re shipping corned beef to Glasgow...

Series 54. Marion Graham Henderson (12p.), 12 October 1859 - 8 November 1869

Marion Henderson (Melbourne) to Hill, dated 12 October 1859, 15 November 1859; 23 February 1865; 13 August 1868; 30 March 1869; 8 November 1869...

Series 511. William Peter McGregor. Trust (118p.), 1899 - 1905

Copies of correspondence documents and accounts re estate of William Peter McGregor of Melbourne. Includes his will and list of his brother's family (Andrew MacGregor of Essendon).

Series 642/1-4. John Walker. Trust, 1868 - 1902

Correspondence and papers, 1868 - 1902 (File)

(358p., 107p., 348p., 68p.)...

Fonds T-MH. Merchants House of Glasgow, c.1900

Filmed selectively.

Series 43. Unidentified survey of trading relations with the colonies and other foreign countries (48p.), c.1900

An alphabetical list of Glasgow merchants and their answers to questions giving details of address, nature of business, goods exported or imported, years in business, country business done with (includes: Australia and New Zealand, Straits Settlements); if trade has increased or decreased and attributed cause (examples given of German competition and Australian duties) and remedy, effects of tariff and shipping bounties on trade...

Fonds T-MJ. Messrs Mitchells, Johnstone and Co, Solicitors, Glasgow. Deposit, 1876 - 1903

Series 227. Maud Moncrieff. Trust (109p.), 1876 - 1903

Copies of documents, minutes of trustee meetings and correspondence re trust established for Maud Moncrieff of Clunes, Melbourne, heir of William Honeyman Gillespie of Torbanehill...

Fonds T-MR. MacKenzie, Robertson and Co, Solicitors, Glasgow. Deposit, 1874 - 1931

Series 268. Patrick Park Mclndoe. Marriage Trust (158p.), 1878 - 1931

Copies of documents (including marriage settlement), minutes of trustees' meetings, council's opinion and correspondence re marriage trust of Patrick Park Maclndoe of Melbourne and Lamberta Robertina Gemmell of St Kilda...

Series 430. John Tennant Wallace. Trust (79p.), 1874 - 1903

Copies of documents (including will), correspondence, minutes of trustees' meetings, accounts re trust of John Tennant Wallace of Haldon Station, McKenzie County, NZ.

Fonds T-MS. MacLay, Murray and Spens, Solicitors, Glasgow. Deposit, 1871 - 1891

Series 325/1-3. New Zealand and Australian Land Company Ltd. Debenture Trust, 1871 - 1891

General minute book (123p.), 1871 - 1881 (File 1)

Minutes of general meetings of holders of mortgage debentures granted by the New Zealand and Australian Land Co. Ltd. of Glasgow...

Trustees minute book (78p.), 1871 - 1885 (File 2)

Minutes of meetings of the trustees for the mortgage debenture holders of New Zealand and Australian Land Co. Ltd...

Trustees minute book (166p.), 1881 - 1891 (File 3)

Minutes of meetings of trustees for the mortgage debenture holders of New Zealand and Australian Land Co Ltd and documents...

Fonds T-PM. Maxwell Family of Nether Pollok, 1820 - 1956

Series 117. Papers of Sir John Maxwell, 9th Baronet, 26 August 1841

Dated correspondence, 26 August 1841 (File 117/1)

Filmed selectively.

Circular letter from William Morrison, chairman of a meeting, held at Philosophical Hall Paisley, of the Unemployed Operatives intending to emigrate to Port Phillip or Sydney, 26 August 1841 (Item 355)

Re subscription to provide intending migrants with necessities. (2p., printed)

Series 119. Papers of Sir William Stirling Maxwell, January 1857

Filmed selectively.

Countess of Leven and Melville (Melville) to her daughter Elizabeth, January 1857 (File 4)

Family news; letter received from Georgiana Kess (?)' at the diggings and in spite of murders and robberies, says she prefers the bush life to Melbourne.' (6p.)

Series 120. Papers of Lady Susan Leslie Melville, 24 March 1865

Filmed selectively.

Adelaide Ross (London), [1865]-03-24 (File 5)

Re emigration of 'good girls' to Queensland and Canada. (4p.)...

Series 122. Papers of Sir John Stirling Maxwell, 3 February 1892 - 15 October 1921

Subseries 122/1. Correspondence, 3 February 1892 - 15 October 1921
Correspondence, 3 February 1892 (File 122/1/5)

Filmed selectively.

William Bridgeman (Lake Mauipuri), 1892-02-03 [i.e. 1893] (Item)

Re his impressions of South Africa; arrival in New Zealand, journey through hot springs; Lake Taupo; met Governor at Dunedin; 'anything scotch is very acceptable at Dunedin'; dinner for Lord Glasgow; government land policies. (8p.)

Correspondence, 30 September 1907 (File 122/1/24)

Filmed selectively.

Aymer Maxwell (Java), 30 September 1907 (Item)

Thanking him for money; fertility of Java; attractiveness of Javanese. (4p.)

Correspondence, 24 December 1914 (File 122/1/30)

Filmed selectively.

R. Munro Ferguson (Australia), 24 December 1914 (Item)

Re war news; the double dissolution; opinions of the politicians; 'their finance frightens me but their troops should frighten the Germans. They look like veterans'. (4p.)

Correspondence, 16 January 1915 - 10 November 1915 (File 122/1/31)

Filmed selectively.

R. Munro Ferguson (Australia), 16 January 1915 (Item)

Re Australian troops 'recruits come in at the rate of about 400 a day'. (4p.)

R. Munro Ferguson (Australia), 7 July 1915 (Item)

Re Dardanelles campaign; recruitment. (4p.)

R. Munro Ferguson (Government House): re recruitment. (2p.), 24 September 1915 (Item)
L. Maxse (London), 10 November 1915 (Item)

Re General Monro's report on Dardanelles.

Correspondence, 11 June 1916 - 8 October 1916 (File 122/1/32)

Filmed selectively.

R. Munro Ferguson (Australia), 8 October 1916 (Item)

Re Australia's land settlement scheme for discharged soldiers. (3p.)

R. Munro Ferguson (Government House), 11 June 1916 (Item)

Re War news; opinion of Hughes. (7p.)

Correspondence, 23 January 1917 - 24 September 1917 (File 122/1/33)

Filmed selectively.

R. Munro Ferguson (Australia), 24 September 1917 (Item)

Re Australian forestry. (3p.)

R. Munro Ferguson (Australia), 23 January 1917 (Item)

Re Australian settlement scheme 'here it is the fad of the moment'; timber trade; touring camps; threat from Japan; 'Mr Hughes is 1st rate'. (6p.)

R. Munro Ferguson (Australia), 4 March 1917 (Item)

Re their life in Australia 'one can start ideas'. (4p.)

R. Munro Ferguson (Government House), 31 July 1917 (Item)

Re planting timber in Scotland.

Correspondence, 5 February 1918 - 28 October 1919 (File 122/1/34)

Filmed selectively.

R. Munro Ferguson (Melbourne), 5 February 1918 (Item)

Re soldier settlement. (2p.)

R. Munro Ferguson (Melbourne), 12 April 1918 (Item)

Re conscription; recruiting conference. (4p.)

R. Munro Ferguson (Government House): re timber. (2p.), 27 March 1919 (Item)
R. Munro Ferguson (Australia), 8 May 1919 (Item)

Re soldier settlement scheme. (5p.)

R. Munro Ferguson (Australia): re Scottish land owning. (4p.), 28 October 1919 (Item)
Correspondence, 15 October 1921 (File 122/1/35)

Filmed selectively.

Town Clerk (Dunedin), 15 October 1921 (Item)

Acknowledging receipt of collection of Rhododendrons for the Botanic Gardens. (1p.)

Correspondence of Lady Christian Stirling Maxwell, 1 November 1907 - 1 March 1908 (File 122/1/44)

Filmed selectively.

Letters from Aymer Maxwell (Java, Johore, Bangkok) to his sister, Lady Stirling Maxwell, 1907-11-01 - 1908-03-01; 19 July [n.y.]; September [n.y.] (Item Folder 2)

Subjects include: voyage on Sultan; tea estates at Soekaboemi; diet of the Dutch; Tjilangla tea estate; rubber estates; voyage on Selangor, Straits of Malacca; Port Dickson; prosecuting ruffians who broke into shop on Pulai estate; Bangkok social life; Queen's Garden Party, Bangkok; precarious state of the rubber estate; Sikh soldier searching for runaway coolies; Bingley's expertise. (36p.)

Lectures and articles, November 1917 (File 122/4)

Filmed selectively.

'Eucalyptus Fergusoni' (Bloodwood-bark Ironbark) excerpt from a paper read before Royal Society, NSW. by R.T.Baker. (1p., printed), November 1917 (Item 2)

Fonds T-SK. Stirling Family of Keir and Cawder, 6 November 1838 - 1 January 1877

Series 13. Miscellaneous correspondence, 6 November 1838 - 28 June 1846

Edward Stirling to Archibald Stirling (father), 6 November 1838 - 28 June 1846 (File 13/13)
E.S. (Glasgow) on receipt of £1000 to go to Australia. (2p.), 6 November 1838 (Item 1)
E.S. (Strath Albyn, SA), 29 December 1845 (Item 2)

Re sheep farming, sheep lost to disease; his engagement; asks for money. (4p.)

Charles Stirling (Strath Albyn, River Angus), 1 August 1846 (Item 3)

Re moving sheep to new run; Mr. Grote's legacy on death of mother. (3p. extract)

E.S. (Strathalbyn), 3 February 1846 (Item 4)

Re drawing bills on his father's name; lost more sheep. (4p.)

Campbell and Co. (Glasgow): re bills of exchange. (2p.), 9 May 1846 (Item 5)
Archibald Stirling to [Edward], 28 June 1846 (Item 6)

Re the bills of exchange 'you had no right to draw on me'. (4p.)

Series 29. Correspondence of Sir William Stirling Maxwell, 19 November 1840 - 1 January 1877

Correspondence, 19 November 1840 - 10 February 1846 (File 29/4)

Filmed selectively.

John Stirling (Posthumous, off Bahia), 19 November 1840 (Item 27)

Re voyage, seasickness, birds sighted, reading. (4p.)

John Stirling (Sydney), 17 August 1844 (Item 65)

Re loosing money in Bank of Australia; new position as Sergeant at Arms to Legislative Council; ways of influencing a new Governor in his favour. (5p.)

Lord Euston (Wakefield Lodge), [1846]-02-10 (Item 127)

Re introduction for [John Stirling] to Sir Charles Fitzroy. (4p.)

Correspondence, 11 September 1847 - 25 July 1849 (File 29/5)

Filmed selectively.

R.W. Grey (, 14 March 1848 (Item 36)

That no vacancy in the customs in Sydney.

John Stirling (Sydney), 11 September 1847 (Item 85)

Thanks William for introduction to Sir Charles Fitzroy; 'they made some sad blunders in society when they first arrived which created great disturbances'. (3p.)

John Stirling (Sydney), 25 July 1849 (Item 297)

Thanking him for his kindness; Captain Erskine's cruise among 'cannibal islands'; excise laws. (4p.)

Correspondence, 23 December 1850 - 9 January 1854 (File 29/6)

Filmed selectively.

John Stirling (Sydney), 23 December 1850 (Item 32)

Thanks Sir William for using his influence with Lord Euston, as a result Sir Charles Fitzroy has promoted him; news of 'our friend Erskine'. (4p.)

John Stirling (Sydney), 12 June 1851 (Item 33)

Re appointment of Sir Charles Fitzroy as 'Governor General of all Her Majesty's Australian Provinces'; discovery of gold; sending 2 sons home with Erskine. (8p.)

Charles Stirling (London), 7 August 1852 (Item 132)

Requesting loan on going to Adelaide; booked passage with Mr. Grote on Cleopatra. (3p.)

William Stirling (Keir) to Charles, 9 August 1852 (Item)

That cannot lend him money. (2p., draft.)

Charles Stirling (London), 27 August 1852 (Item 133)

That Alexander Morrison is informed on Australia. (2p.)

Eliza Stirling (Clydehaugh), [1852]-01-14 (Item 135)

Thanking William for interest in John's boys. (4p.)

John Stirling (Sydney), 1 April 1852 (Item 138)

Re future of his sons; importance of 'English education'; problems caused by discovery of gold; farming prospects; squatters. (6p.)

John Stirling (Sydney), 3 May 1852 (Item 139-140)

That appointed Agent for the Church and School Estates by Sir Charles Fitzroy, requests William uses his influence to get appointment confirmed by Secretary of State. (8p.)

John Stirling (Sydney), 20 June 1852 (Item 141)

Re prosperity of Victoria; gold.

John Stirling (Sydney), 24 February 1853 (Item 214)

Re his appointments; possibility of responsible government; prosperity of the colony. (8p.)

Lady Matilda Maxwell, n.d. (Item 279)

That she has given Mrs McDougall £100 for her mission to Borneo. (4p., part letter)

John Stirling (Sydney), 9 January 1854 (Item 324)

That has been appointed Acting Auditor General with a seat in the Legislative Council; French occupation of New Caledonia.

Correspondence, [1857] (File 29/7)

Filmed selectively.

Eliza Stirling (Edinburgh), n.d. [1857] (Item 258)

That John has started sheep farming venture with Andrew Bonar at Moreton Bay. (2p., faint)

Eliza Stirling (Born Castle), n.d. [1857] (Item 259)

Re death of one of John's sons. (1p., faint)

Correspondence, 28 February 1861 (File 29/11)

Filmed selectively.

Julia Lockwood (Brighton), 28 February 1861 (Item 104)

Requesting Governorship of Southwest Australia for Charles Keith Falconer. (8p.)

Correspondence, 4 March 1863 - 9 December 1863 (File 29/13)

Filmed selectively.

C.T. Grant (London), 2 May 1863 (Item 17)

Re return of Sir James Brooke to Sarawak. (1p.)

J. Brooke Brooke (Dorking), 12 May 1863 - 9 December 1863 (Item 18-24)

Re situation in Sarawak and relations with his uncle. (60p.). A statement regarding Sarawak by J.Brooke Brooke. (34p., printed)

J. Grant (Bridge of Carn), 1 May 1863 (Item 124)

Re activities of Sir James Brooke in Sarawak. (6p.)

C. Stirling (Edinburgh), 1863-03-04; 1863-03-20 (Item 294-5)

Re sending money to Hannah Hamilton in Australia. (8p.)

Correspondence, 12 March 1864 - 8 April 1864 (File 29/14)

Filmed selectively.

J. Brooke Brooke (London, Dorking), 12 March 1864 - 8 April 1864 (Item 27-32)

Requesting W.S. ask a question in Parliament about Sir James Brooke's activities; the appointment of a consul in Sarawak; John Abel Smith's endeavour to form a new company to take over the Borneo company. (25p.)

Correspondence, 17 June 1871 (File 29/21)

Filmed selectively.

H. Hamilton (Fitzroy), 17 June 1871 (Item 181)

With news of her children; requesting subscription for new church. (4p.)

Correspondence, 7 November 1872 - 1 October 1873 (File 29/23)

Filmed selectively.

David Blair (Melbourne), 7 November 1872 (Item 13)

Requesting a copy of W. Stirling's privately printed catalogue Raisoumee of the Anas, which he will present to the Melbourne Public Library. (3p.)

Duke of Buccleuch (Dalhuith), 17 June 1873 (Item 23)

Re Colonial Church Bill. (1 p.)

Henry Sheffield (Public Library, Melbourne), 1 October 1873 (Item 460)

Acknowledging receipt of two books. (2p.)

Correspondence, 1 June 1874 (File 29/24)

Filmed selectively.

William Anderson (Wellington), 1 June 1874 (Item 7)

Re his meeting with W.S. 22 years ago; has had a varied life in New Zealand; gold mining for 13 years; manager of wholesale store. (14p.)

Correspondence, 4 September 1875 (File 29/25)

Filmed selectively.

David Carnegie (Stronvar), 4 September 1875 (Item 33)

Enclosing: John Sawers (Gothenburg) to Carnegie, 20 August 1875, news of his sons, John and William, in their sheep farming venture at Bundabulla, Darling River; John is manager of a New Zealand Bank in Wellington; quantity of wool produced. (8p.)

Correspondence, 14 January 1876 (File 29/26)

Filmed selectively.

John Sawers (Gothenburg), 14 January 1876 (Item 287)

Re mortgage on his son's sheep run as security for loan. (4p.)

Correspondence removed from main sequence, 18 February 1873 (File 29/28)

Filmed selectively.

J.E. Alexander (Bridge of Allan), 18 February 1873 (Item 126)

Re his proposed book 'Bush fighting', a history of the Maori wars. (4p.)

Letters marked 'to be placed in sorted packets', 17 October 1856 - 14 August 1857 (File 29/29)

Filmed selectively.

Eliza Stirling (Kenmuir), 14 April 1857 (Item 19)

Re John's situation in Australia.(2p., faint)

John Stirling (Sydney), 17 October 1856 (Item 20)

Introducing his neighbour Mr Bloxsome. (1p.)

John Stirling (Sydney), 22 January 1857 (Item 21)

Re his treatment at hands of new representative assembly; new postal service. (4p.)

John Stirling (Sydney), 9 March 1857 (Item 22)

Re effects of new government, 'the truth is they want to make room for their own friends in all the appointments'; his sheep station at Moreton Bay. (6p.)

Estate correspondence, 21 May 1856 (File 29/35)

Filmed selectively.

R.T. Girdwood (Bridge of Allan), 21 May 1856 (Item 346)

Offers to supply information on Australasian colonies. (1p.)

Literature and Art: letters of thanks for Songs of the Holy Land, 9 March 1848 (File 29/48)

Filmed selectively.

C.M. Stirling (Kippenross), n.d. [January/February 1848] (Item 28)

That John wishes to obtain post of Clerk to Legislative Council in Sydney. (2p.)

William Stirling (Glasgow), 9 March 1848 (Item 29)

That John has written about position in Customs House at Sydney. (4p.)

Letters from C.H. Wilson, 3 October 1874 (File 29/63)

Filmed selectively.

Charles Heath Wilson (Florence), 3 October 1874 (Item 16)

Re death of Walter Campbell in New Zealand from exposure. (3p.)

Public business, 17 February 1853 - 22 February 1853 (File 29/85)

Filmed selectively.

S. Walcott (Colonial Land and Emigration Office), 22 February 1853 (Item 193)

Re memorial of Alexander Kemp and others, desiring passages to Australia. (1p.)

D. Robertson Williamson (Creiff), 17 February 1853 (Item 201)

Re desire of local people to go to Australia. (2p.)

Public business, 1855 (File 29/86)

Filmed selectively.

Jane Bright (Sterling), [n.y.]-12-14 (Item 14)

Re her son George in the Colonial Office, Melbourne.(4p.)

Jane Bright (Sterling), [n.y.]-12-17 (Item 15)

That emigrated with family in 1853. (8p.)

Public business, 11 January 1859 - December 1859 (File 29/88)

Filmed selectively.

Elliot (Colonial Office), December 1859 (Item 47)

That Emigration Agency at Stirling is filled by Emigration Commissioners. (4p.)

John Grant (Bridge of Carn), 26 January 1859 (Item 60)

Re situation in Sarawak. (4p.) Encloses copy of William Seymour Fitzgerald (Foreign Office) to Sir James Brooke, 11 January 1859, re protection of British Crown over Sarawak. (2p.)

John Stirling (Windham Club), n.d. (Item 166)

Enclosing a draft of his case against the Legislative Council; hopes for compensation for loss of office. (4p., enclosure wanting)

H. Drummond Wolff (Colonial Office), 6 April 1859 (Item 206)

Re case of John Stirling. (2p.)

Public business, 4 November 1875 (File 29/92)

Filmed selectively.

Francis Eddington (Melbourne), 4 November 1875 (Item 113)

Re his pension from service in 1st 14th Regiment of Foot.

Public business, 1 April 1874 - 1 January 1877 (File 29/93)

Filmed selectively.

Captain Thomas Buchanan (Bridge of Allan), 21 February 1874 - 13 May 1874 (Item 14-20)

Re position at Penang. (18p.)

Lord Carnarvon (Colonial Office): re Captain Buchanan. (2p.), 2 March 1874 (Item 21)
J. Ormanney (Colonial Office), 11 March 1874 (Item 28)

That Captain Buchanan needs to be familiar with Malay language. (2p.)

C.T. Grant (Bridge of Earn), 1 January 1877 (Item 68)

Re James Brooke Cruickshank 'an able administrator amongst the natives in Borneo'. (4p.)

Allan MacPherson (Blairgowrie), 1876-04-01; 1876-04-16 (Item 216-7)

Re abolition of law of Hypothec; recommends enactment of NSW law 'Act to give a preferable lieu on wool from season to season, and to make mortgages of sheep, cattle and horses valid'; his membership of NSW Legislative Council. (8p.)

Public business, 22 February 1876 - 8 March 1876 (File 29/95)

Filmed selectively.

C.H. Ainslie (London), 1876-02-22; [1876]-03-08 (Item 4-5)

Re obtaining a colonial governorship. (8p.)

Lord Carnarvon (Colonial Office), 1 March 1876 (Item 5A)

That no vacancies amongst Governorships; 'promotion [in Colonial Service] goes on from the lower to higher ranks and it is difficult to introduce outsiders except in peculiar circumstances'. (2p.)

Miscellaneous, 15 July 1871 - 1 August 1871 (File 29/98)

Filmed selectively.

J.Carment (McEwen and Carment, Edinburgh), 1871-07-15; 1871-07-25; 1871-07-26, 1871-07-27; 1871-08-01 (Item 367-371)

Re method of sending loan to Mr Sawers' sons in Australia. (11p.)

Sir James Brooke, 31 July 1852 - 28 June 1858 (File 29/102)
Extract from speech or article?. (1p.), 31 July 1852 (Item 1)
J. Brooke (London) to Lord Grey, 11 February 1858 (Item 2)

Re future government of Sarawak. (2p.)

'The Settlement at Sarawak: proceedings at Manchester'. The Times. (3p., printed extract), 23 April 1858 (Item 3)
J.Grant (Kilgraston), 28 June 1858 (Item 4)

Re protection of Sarawak: Lord Derby's opinion; activities of pirates; his son Charles in S.E.Asia. (16p.)

Notes on Sarawak for Lord Claredon, n.d. (Item 5)

Alternative solutions to problems of future government; position of the natives; 'the objects of the government heretofore have been to raise the natives, to lead them, to teach them their just rights as a People and to give them a share in framing and administering the laws under which they live. The same general principles should in future be maintained.' (4p.)

Wrapper (Item 6)

Fonds TD 1. Smith of Jordanhill Collection, 5 December 1855 - 1935

Series 233-391. Correspondence of James Parker Smith, 1903

Filmed selectively.

Correspondence, 1903 (File 373)

Re erection of memorial to soldiers from the colonies and India who fell in the South African War (29p). Includes: variant inscriptions and letters from R.C. Jebb.

Series 448-478. Correspondence of Isabella Gore Booth (nee Smith), 19 January 1862 - 15 July 1876

Correspondence from Robert and Reginald Gore Booth in Shanghai, and Singapore, 19 January 1862 - 15 July 1876 (File 470)

Filmed selectively.

[Edmund Gore Booth?] (Hong Kong) to Isabella, 19 January 1862 (Item)

Re voyage from Singapore; tiger shooting in Singapore; 'Singapore is not a bad sort of place, but is very flat and very hot and has some fine buildings'. (8p.)

Reginald Gore Booth (Penang, Singapore, Manila) to his mother. (64p.), 15 May 1874 - 8 May 1876 (Item)

Subjects include: voyage on Zambesi to Penang 'this full of cockroaches...I could not stand troops of cockroaches walking over me in the night time'; his house 'Leonie Hill'; his working companions Campbell and Wilson; Chinese in office; 'there are all sorts of queer insects here against which I wage a perpetual warfare'; learning Malay; Islamic practices; decline in China trade; his health; his position in the House at Manila.

Reginald Gore Booth (Singapore) to his sister Cally, 15 July 1876 (Item)

Re life in Singapore; the cathedral. (8p.)

Series 673-686. Correspondence of Isabella Gore Booth (nee Smith) and family, 29 May 1874 - 5 June 1876

Family correspondence, 5 June 1876 (File 681)

Filmed selectively.

Nellie Levick (Sydney) to Isabella Gore Booth (Liverpool), [1876]-06-05 (Item)

Re winter weather; insects; 'spiders and ants I rather admire for their perseverance'; amusements; 'Sydney is really not far behind the old country in most things'; Mrs Scott Siddons' performance in Romeo and Juliet; expecting visit from Mrs Herbert Levick from Fiji. (8p., faint). Includes: photograph of Mrs Hamilton and baby Walter.

Correspondence of Gore Booth Brothers, 29 May 1874 - 24 November 1875 (File 685)

Filmed selectively.

Reginald Gore Booth (Singapore) to brother Henry, 29 May 1874 (Item [3])

Re life in Singapore; the cathedral; local insects; Mangostine. (2p., transcript)

Reginald (Singapore) to sister Bella, 25 June 1874 (Item [4])

Re robbery; local fruit and flowers. (1p., transcript)

Reginald (Singapore) to his mother, 24 November 1875 (Item [5])

That leaving Singapore for his health. (1p., transcript.)

Series 707-713. Miscellaneous papers of the Smith family, 1935

Nellie Levick, nee Hamilton. Her reminiscences of family matters etc. (10p., one copy only), 1935 (File 712)

Memories of Nellie Levick's (b.1848) early life in Scotland and London; friendship with Levicks; marriage to Percy Levick and emigration to Sydney to look after family business at Sydney, Herbert in Fiji, Florrie Levick's marriage to Mr Owen, Supreme Court Judge; her daughter, Gwen's marriage.

Series 744-842. Correspondence of Archibald Smith, Scientific, 5 December 1855 - 12 November 1859

Filmed selectively.

Edward Sabine to Dr Scoresby, [1855]-12-05 (File 766)

Re his voyage [to Australia to carry out magnetic observations]; equipment. (2p.)

Duke of Argyll (Trentham) to Dr Scoresby, 19 December 1855 (File 767)

Re introductions to the Governors of the Australian colonies. (3p.)

Archibald Smith (London) to Dr Scoresby, 27 December 1855 (File 768)

Sending good wishes for the voyage; compasses of Royal Charter. (5p.)

G.B. Airy (Ipswich) to Dr Scoresby, 11 January 1856 (File 769)

Re compasses and ships magnetism. (4p.)

G.B.Airy (Greenwich) to Dr Scoresby, 6 September 1856 (File 771)

Congratulations on his observations. (4p.)

James R. Napier (Glasgow) to Archibald Smith, 17 October 1859 (File 781)

Re compass deviation on Royal Charter on voyage from Melbourne. (4p.)

Correspondence between Archibald Smith and G.B. Airy, 9 November 1859 - 12 November 1859 (File 782/1-4)

Re Airy's criticism of Smith's introduction to Scoresby's voyage. (11 p., 782/4 in shorthand)

Series 850-972. Correspondence of Susan Emma Smith, 20 February 1860 - 3 January 1885

Correspondence of Susan Emma Smith, 25 June 1860 - 25 August 1860 (File 910)

Filmed selectively.

Harry R. Parker (Lower Murray, NSW) to Susan, 25 June 1860 (Item)

Re mustering cattle; discovery of gold on Snowy River; 'the two colonies are fighting about gold duties and levying taxes on goods crossing the Murray'; quality of food. (6p.)

Harry R. Parker to Susan, 25 August 1860 (Item)

Re possibility of George going out to Australia. (1p.) (letters at back of bundle)

Correspondence of Susan Emma Smith, 11 May 1877 (File 926)

Filmed selectively.

Charles S. Parker (London) to cousin Susan, 11 May 1877 (Item)

Re lending money to her brother Harry Parker. (8p.)

Correspondence of Susan Emma Smith, 7 April 1879 (File 928)

Filmed selectively.

Harry R. Parker (Rothley Temple Loughborough) to Susan, 7 April 1879 (Item)

Re return to family home; paying off liabilities in New Zealand. (8p.)

Correspondence of Susan Emma Smith, 21 April 1882 (File 934)

Filmed selectively.

Marian Frances Parker (W[ellington?]) to Susan, 21 April 1882 (Item)

Re death of her father; visit to Okara - sailing on harbour; the International Exhibition 'New Zealand really does herself great credit by her exhibits'. (4p.)

Correspondence of Susan Emma Smith, 25 April 1884 - 15 August 1884 (File 938)

Filmed selectively.

M.F. Parker (W[ellington?]) to Susan, 25 April 1884 (Item)

Re health of children; planning trip to England. (4p.)

James Edward Parker [New Zealand] to Susan, 15 August 1884 (Item)

Re health of children; intending to visit England in November. (4p.)

Extracts from family letters, 5 January 1860 - 3 January 1885 (File 973/12)

Correspondents include: Harry R. Parker, George Babbington Parker, Susan E. Smith, Margaret Parker, A. Caldwell, John Babbington, Louisa Hamilton...

Series 1063-1065. Correspondence of Charles Stewart Parker MP, 6 October 1873 - 12 May 1877

From cousin, Susan E. Parker Smith, 6 October 1873 - 12 May 1877 (File 1063)

Filmed selectively.

S.E. Smith (Weybridge), 6 October 1873 (Item)

Re lending money to Harry Parker. (8p.)

S.E. Smith (Putney), 11 May 1877 - 12 May 1877 (Item)

Re money raised on the Temple for Harry. (10p.)

Series 1144-1150. Smith family correspondence, 15 February 1860 - 25 August 1912

Subseries 1145. Correspondence of Isabella Smith, (Gore Booth), 29 February 1868

Filmed selectively.

William Cunninghame Smith (Timaru) to Isabella Gore Booth, 29 February 1868 (File)

Re news that son Edmund has joined Robert in China, better prospects there than in New Zealand; lower wool prices. (4p.)

Subseries 1155-1157. Correspondence of Susan E.Smith from her brothers, 15 February 1860 - 25 August 1912
Letters from Harry R. Parker (Pera, Suez, Benares, Yowen Hill, Christchurch, Omeo, Dunedin, Waitaki, Waitangi Waihau, Waimate, Temple Rothley Loughborough), 1860-02-15 - 1885-11-24; 1912-08-25 (File 1155)

Subjects include: voyage on Pera; other passengers 'are not of the first order'; tiresomeness of overland route; Aden; fine sunsets; staying on Danglish's sheep station 130 miles from Melbourne; the diggings; extracting gold; profitability of Victorian stations; looking for a station in New Zealand; bad roads in Otago; voyage on Omeo to Melbourne; has bought a run from Pike on Waitangi River; Christmas in Otago; stock on the run and labourers; plan of house; diggings at Inapeka drawing all farm hands; shearing 'fancy having about twenty ruffians to look after for a month'; buying cattle; unsuitability of Queensland appointment; visit from Bishop; training a horse for Timaru races; visit to England 1863/1864; new mail arrangements; effects of wet summer; price of wool; marriage to Emily Kitchener; birth of son, 1871; meeting of New Zealand synod 'who seem to devote themselves to persecuting poor Bishop Jenner'; change in partnership with brothers; buying land and borrowing money; George in attendance on Governor; deprived of large portion of run by freeholders; business and family matters after return to Temple Rothley, 1877-1912. (226p., some faint letters).

Letters from George B.Parker in New Zealand, 11 January 1861 - 8 June 1896 (File 1156)

Five folders, some faint and crossed letters, some incomplete.

Letters from George B. Parker: Folder 1 (Orwell, Melbourne, Waitangi, Dunedin, Christchurch, Waihoa. (172p.), 11 January 1861 - 16 December 1864 (Item)

Subjects include:...

Letters from George B. Parker: Folder 2 (Greenock; Atrato, Tobaga, Waitiu, Waimate, Melbourne, Oamaru, Christchurch, Waihou.) (118p.), 11 April 1866 - 30 November 1867 (Item Folder 2)

Subjects include:...

Letters from George B. Parker: Folder 3 (Waihou, Dunedin, Christchurch, Auckland, Francaise Le Duchayler, Cook's Archipelago, Waimate) (78p.), 18 January 1868 - 24 November 1869 (Item Folder 3)

Subjects include: acting as steward of the races; washing the sheep before shearing; building a sheep dip; bad floods - lost 200 sheep; shooting of Duke of Edinburgh in Sydney by Fenians; Young Osborne's debts; poor treatment afforded Bishop of Otago; invitation from Duke of Edinburgh to sail in Galatea in southseas; meeting the Duke in Canterbury; voyage to Tahiti 'the country is the most beautiful'; the climate; expeditions on shore with the Duke and other officers; differences between French and English ships; Harry's marriage; some fortunes made at Thames diggings; Australian opinion of Duke of Edinburgh 'Australia is horribly Yankee in its style. I wonder when we shall be annexed to the United States'; beneficial future effects of meat preserving; Gisborne Baddington going to gold fields; rich discoveries near Auckland; Harry's return from England.

Letters from George B. Parker: Folder 4 (Christchurch, Waihou, Wellington, Timaru, Canterbury, Waimate) (100p.), 22 January 1870 - 24 November 1873 (Item Folder 4)

Subjects include:...

Letters from George B. Parker: Folder 5 (Christchurch, Westport, Timaru, Dunedin, Melbourne and Sydney, Irawaddy, Parthia, San Francisco, Australia, Canterbury, Marseilles, Mentone, Melton Mowbray, New York. (116p.), 1874-01-09 - [1896?]-06-08 (Item Folder 5)

Subjects include:...

Letters from James Edward and Marion Frances Parker (Waitangi, Oamaru, Waimate, The Trap, Wales, Waimate, W[ellington?], Ravenscroft, Newcastle), 11 May 1864 - 31 January 1894 (File 1157)

Subjects include: trip with Harry up country to Erskine's Station; George's popularity; planting fruit trees; enlarging the woolshed; George's return from England; high taxation 'it all goes into the pockets of the North Island people who reap a benefit from this horrid war. I wish they had to fight their own battles'; visit to Charles Perring and Angus Macdonald; obtaining land in North Island from Maoris; Harry's wedding; wool market; land policy; effects of the weather; South Canterbury Amateur Athletic Club meeting; cultivating land; visit to Wales with wife, Fanny, (Marion Frances Sandbach) 1876; return to New Zealand; 'the piano is universally admired for beauty of tone'; news of children; merino wool of 5 years growth; Synod meeting; opening of Cathedral; quality of New Zealand meat; wrecks in Timaru harbour 'nine or ten lives lost'; International Exhibition 'the Christchurch people are a good deal pleased to turn up their noses at it'; return to England in 1885; sale of family home Temple Rothley; Millie's extravagances. (120p., some letters incomplete).

Series 1167-1179. Cartes de visite, c.1869-1888

Filmed selectively.

Photographs of Harry Parker, George Parker, Edward Parker, Fanny Sandbach Parker, Wiremu Tamihana, New Zealand, Mrs L.C.King aged 73 in 1879, Sydney. (16 photographs), c.1869-1888 (File 1177)

Fonds TD 35. A.G. Manrea, P. Henderson and Co. Deposit, 1826 - 1952

Details of Paddy Henderson Fleet (55p., typescript), 1826 - 1952 (File 1)

Notes on various ships, includes date of construction, where built, route engaged on, whether sold or wrecked...

Passenger lists of sailing and steam ships belonging to P. Henderson and Co., voyages from the Clyde to Australia and New Zealand, with emigrants. (194p.), 1871 - 1880 (File 2)

Details of: name, address, occupation, age, payment...

Fonds TD 57. J.D. Dunn and Co. Glasgow, 6 January 1931 - 27 March 1935

Filmed selectively.

Australian Grain fixtures, 6 January 1931 - 7 October 1931 (File 3)

Abstracted (7p.). Includes details of ship and price.

John Kilgour and Co. Ltd. (London) to Messrs James D. Dunn and Co. (Glasgow), 27 March 1935 (File 5)

Re freight, cooperation on the Australian grain trade. (3p.)

Fonds TD 96. List of Cases for Trial, Glasgow Spring Circuit (324p, printed), April 1825

Details of: name, crime, date of trial, indictment, list of witnesses. Verdict and sentences, including transportation have been written in. Assizes for Lanarkshire, Dunbartonshire, and Renfrewshire.

Fonds TD 217. Scott Frew Hunter Family, 1 September 1862 - 8 September 1862

Filmed selectively.

Robert Ewing (Helensburgh) to sister [Jane Hunter], 1 September 1862 (File 34)

Re cost of going to New Zealand. (3p.)

Robert Ewing (Helensburgh) to sister [Jane Hunter], 8 September 1862 (File 35)

Re voyage to Dunedin. (2p.)

Fonds TD 230. Anderson and Watkins Family, 30 April 1864 - 25 February 1916

Series 3. Frederick Anderson Correspondence, 25 September 1885 - 16 January 1914

Filmed selectively.

Frederick Anderson (Chusan, Daneuirke, Napier) to his sister M.E. Anderson (Glasgow). (49p.), 25 September 1885 - 16 January 1914 (File)

Subjects include: voyage on Chusan; commissions for roofing iron; hardships; 'larrikinism' - two boys taking a horse and trap out over the hills; labour troubles; his health.

Series 7. Anna D. Anderson Mackie Correspondence, 30 April 1864 - 2 February 1876

Anna D. Anderson Mackie (Glasgow, Alexandria, Peru, Poonah, Singapore, Manila, Batavia) to members of her family. (1388p., some poor quality letters)...

Series 16. Miscellaneous, 28 November 1873 - 2 October 1874

Filmed selectively.

M.J. MacArthur (Singapore) to M.E. Anderson, 28 November 1873 (File)

Re birth of baby; arrival of new Governor; 'the last Governor was not at all popular and no one regretted his departure'. (4p.)

Jeannie MacArthur (Singapore) to Mrs Anderson, 2 October 1874 (File)

Re visit from James and Anna [Mackie]; climate. (4p.)

Series 18. Charles Connor Correspondence, 9 April 1911 - 25 February 1916

Charles Connor (Napier) to Miss Anderson. (25p.), 9 April 1911 - 25 February 1916 (File)

Subjects include: Frederick Anderson's hospitalization; Frederick's health; money spent on Frederick; his removal to Mrs Stow's lodgings; Frederick suffers a stroke and makes his will.

Series 19. Caleb Anderson Correspondence, 9 May 1864 - 20 April 1874

Caleb Anderson (Rio de Janeiro, Castlemaine, Melbourne) to his cousins. (54p.), 9 May 1864 - 20 April 1874 (File)

Subjects include: Voyage from Hobson's Bay; coaling at Rio; sighting ice berg; arrival of Reverend John Anderson and Alexander Anderson by Royal Standard; formed Castlemaine Pastoral Company; buying sheep in Brisbane to take to Leichard or Albert Rivers, 'this is quite new country'; sending money for his brother Allan; plans to visit Scotland; good prospects for the colony.

Fonds TD 263. Houstoun of Johnstone, 9 June 1876 - 3 November 1897

Series 108-158. Papers of George Ludovic Houstoun, 9 June 1876 - 3 November 1897

Filmed selectively.

Sir Arthur Gordon (Nasova, London) to Dr George Turner (Samoa). (22p.), 1876-06-09; 1876-12-27; 1877-02-18; 1877-06-30; 1877-08-17 (incomplete), 1878-12-05 (File 108)

Subjects include: German intentions in Samoa; British interests; news of armed expedition having left San Francisco for Samoa to reinstate Steinberger; thanks Turner for sending German communication 'of considerable moment'; no suitable ship for him to travel to Samoa; awaiting Queen's answer to the petition.

John Gorrie (Levuka) to Turner, 1879-06-10; 1879-07-03 (File)

Re desire of Samoa for treaty with England; arrangements for Sir Arthur Gordon's voyage to Pango Pango. (16p.)

Lord Glasgow (Wellington) to Houstoun, 17 August 1893 (File 114)

Thanking him for The problem of National Unity; party politics in New Zealand; 'I refrain from expressing any opinions on the party I have just alluded to as it would not be decorous to speak of them as I would like to do'. (4p.)

G.H. Reid (Sydney) to Houstoun, 20 May 1894 (File 116)

Re general election; 'I am about to enter on a great battle to restore free trade in this country'. (4p.)

J. Henniker Straton (Frederich der Grosse, Genoa) to Houstoun, 8 October 1897 (File 129)

That on way to Australia. (2p.)

G.H. Reid (Sydney) to Houstoun, 3 November 1897 (File 130)

Re his visit to Johnstone; 'Scotch people out here were very pleased at the great warmth of the reception given me'; vote of censure. (2p.)

Series 264-313. Additional deposits, 4 June 1889

Correspondence from colleagues in Colonial Office, 4 June 1889 (File 298)

Filmed selectively.

Dr George Turner (Glasgow) to Houstoun, 4 June 1889 (Item)

Re Samoa; his paper on Samoa has been sent to political quarters and published in Scottish Geographical Magazine May issue; mistake made by Sir John Thurston in admitting the 'preponderance' of German interests; Sir Arthur Gordon's actions in 1879. (6p.)

Fonds TD 336. George Smith of Tradeston. Records, 25 May 1854 - 22 June 1857

Filmed selectively.

William Smith (Melbourne) to Mother, 22 June 1857 (File 1)

That returning home. Written on News letter of Australasia no. XII, June 1857 (2p.)

Cheque to George Smith on Adams and Co. Express, Melbourne. (1p.), 25 May 1854 (File 2)

Fonds TD 467. Documents found in tenement in Rose Street Glasgow, 24 November 1859 - 3 November 1884

Filmed selectively.

Robert Henry (Glasgow) to parents, 24 November 1859 (File 5)

That signed on Rangatira bound for Sydney. (3p.)

Robert Henry (Goodna) to brother George, 1 October 1869 (File 6)

Re prospects for Queensland 'all we want here now is any quantity of Capitalists to take up the land and grow cotton and sugar and other tropical products'; lost money in a Building Society run by Mrs Cochrane; his house 'built of rough slabbs'. (2p.)

Robert Henry (Goodna) to brother William: family news. (3p.), 26 January 1872 (File 7)

Robert Henry (Goodna) to brother William, 2 October 1872 (File 8)

Re Thomas Cochrane and family going to tin mines discovered in January; his lack of schooling. (4p., incomplete)

Robert Henry (Goodna) to William: with family news. (4p.), 18 March 1873 (File 9)

Robert Henry (South Brisbane) to parents: sending them money. (2p.), 2 December 1878 (File 16)

L.G. Henry (South Brisbane) to Mother, 17 June 1879 (File 17)

Sending money; her children. (2p.)

Robert Henry (Brisbane) to parents, 10 October 1879 (File 19)

Re visit from brother, Charles, going on to New Zealand (2p.)

Robert Henry (South Brisbane) to William, 22 December 1879 (File 20)

That Charles settled in Auckland (2p.)

Robert Henry (South Brisbane) to William, 9 August 1880 (File 21)

That lost job in pilot service; 'trade is very dull'; building trade in Queensland 'nearly all the houses are built of wood very shaky places most of them'. (4p.)

Robert Henry (South Brisbane) to brother George, 9 August 1880 (File 22)

Re depression in Queensland; Charles dislikes New Zealand; Sandy Butter's attempt to float a company to work a quartz reef. (4p.)

Robert Henry (South Brisbane) to William, 11 April 1881 (File 23)

Re new job as master; local housing 'everybody builds according to their means'. (4p.)

Robert Henry (Resolute, Wide Bay) to William, 10 May 1884 (File 25)

Re debts to Building Society; eldest daughter Effie appointed pupil teacher in State School for £16-00 per annum until she is 14, then £20-00; he is master of Resolute, owned by timber merchants in Bundaberg. (4p.)

Robert Henry (Resolute, Bundaberg) to William, 3 November 1884 (File 26)

Re birth of son, Clement; effects of drought. (3p.)

Robert Henry (Bundaberg) to William: re family news. (2p., damaged), [1885?]-08-07 (File 28)

Photograph of three children of Robert Henry taken by Mathewson, Brisbane, n.d. (File 30)

Fonds TD 512. MacLellan Family, Records, 22 May 1879 - 27 December 1879

Filmed selectively.

George MacLellan (Lusitania, Adelaide, Sydney, City of Sydney, Auckland, Christchurch, City of New York) to brother Peter MacLellan, partners in George MacLellan and Co. Ltd. India Rubber manufacturers, Glasgow Rubber Works, Maryhill, 22 May 1879 - 27 December 1879 (File 5-16)

Subjects include: prices for goods; complaints from Adelaide customers that hoses and belting perish; voyage out; visit to Cape Town; death of one of second cabin passengers; 'Adelaide is a very nice little town of about 6 000 inhabitants'; the Everards; Brisbane; business contacts; 'the Exhibition is in a very backward state'; voyage to New Zealand; problems with packaging; orders from Hudson, Sydney, James Blackwood and others; importance of timber trade in Auckland and need for India rubber belting; business in Auckland and Dunedin. (32p.)

Fonds TD 522. Miss S.A. Bray. Journal, 11 August 1864 - 7 November 1864

Diary kept by Miss S.A. Bray during maiden voyage of City of Adelaide, Plymouth to Adelaide. (45p., photocopy, poor in places)...

Fonds TD 825. John Hardie and Co. Records, 1876 - 1922

Filmed selectively.

Book of sailings, 1876 - 1909 (File 1)

Details of voyages of John Hardie and Co ships...

Sailing ship movements, 1909 - 1922 (File 2)

Details of voyages, length of passage, master, whether sold or wrecked...

Fonds TD 931. Thomas Laing. Photograph album, 1935

One hundred and sixty six photographs, identified, of Australia, New Zealand and family and friends in Australia and Britain, c.1929-1933...

Fonds TD 949. Thomas Brownlie. Records, 16 June 1858

Filmed selectively.

Profit and loss account of Sir William Eyre on first voyage to and from Melbourne, (3p.), 16 June 1858 (File 21)

Fonds TD 1029. Cochrane - Baillie Family of Lamington. Papers, 1893 - 1901

Series 38-42. Papers of 2nd Baron Lamington, 1893 - 1901

Subseries 38. Diaries and Journals, 1901
Diary, 1901 (File 38/17)

Daily entries re activities as Governor and voyage across Pacific home...

Subseries 46. Papers of 2nd Lady Lamington, 1896 - 1898

Filmed selectively.

Victor's and Gem's Scrapbook, 1896 - 1898 (File 46/3)

Press cuttings telegrams, correspondence, memorabilia, photographs, re births of children to Lord and Lady Lamington in Queensland, (c.30p.)...

Subseries 48-51. Lamington Family papers, c.1893-1900
Diaries, sketchbooks and press cuttings, c.1893-1900 (File 50)

Filmed selectively.

Scrapbook, c.1893-1900 (Item 50/3)

Cuttings from Scottish and Australian papers, correspondence and memorabilia, c.1893-1900. (c100p.)...

Fonds TD 1113. J. and W. Campbell. Papers, 1843 - 1876

Series. Papers, correspondence and accounts with trading partners in Canada and Australia (c.259p), 1843 - 1876