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Fonds Acc 31. Papers of Stuart Rendel, 1878 - 1881

Filmed selectively.

Correspondence with Sir W.G. Armstrong and Co., George Rendel, Sir William Jervois and Sir Arthur Blyth, 1878 (File 5884-5894)

Concerning purchase of 10" mounted guns and gunboats for South Australian Government.

Correspondence with Sir W.G. Armstrong and Co., George Rendel, and Colonel P. Scratchley, 1878 - 1880 (File 5895-5926)

Concerning guns, carriages and platforms ordered by the Victorian and N.S.W. Governments including copies.

Correspondence with Sir W.G. Armstrong and Co., P. Scratchley and E.H. Steward, 1880 - 1881 (File 5927-5948)

Concerning guns ordered by N.S.W. and Queensland Governments. Also letters from Scratchley seeking further employment in the British colonial service.

Correspondence with H. Sargood, 1881 (File 5949-5950)

Concerning visit of J. Service to Elswick works.

Correspondence with Sir W.G. Armstrong and Co. and P. Scratchley, 1881 (File 5951-5960)

Concerning purchase of gunboat by N.S.W. Government.

Fonds Acc 213. Letters of Mabel Spence Watson, 1881 - 1884

Filmed selectively.

Elizabeth Spence Watson (Gateshead) to Mabel Spence Watson, 1 March 1881 (File 119)

Journey back to Gateshead; account of industrial schoolgirl being fitted out to emigrate to Queensland.

Elizabeth Spence Watson (Gateshead) to Mabel Spence Watson, 9 March 1884 (File 172)

Mabel's impending return from Cambridge; refers to helping some industrial girls to emigrate.

Elizabeth Spence Watson to Mabel Spence Watson, 12 March 1884 (File 173)

Visitors; lecture by father; account of emotional departure of industrial girls on first stage of journey to colonies.

Fonds Acc 359. Records of Guardians of the Poor, Newcastle upon Tyne Union, 1923 - 1929

Filmed selectively.

Emigration of children from cottage homes, 1923 - 1927 (File Box 2282 File 158)

Papers mainly relating to emigration to Canada and Australia. Includes correspondence with Church Army, British Dominions Emigration Society, Overseas Settlement Office, Catholic Emigration Association and Society of St. Vincent de Paul. There are reports on particular children and letters about the selection of boys for Fairbridge farms in Western Australia. (63ff.)

Migration of workers, paupers etc., 1927 - 1929 (File Box 2310 File 82)

Minutes, financial statements and correspondence of the Newcastle upon Tyne Migration Committee, which aimed to train boys of 14-18 and provide them with outfit prior to emigration to Canada and Australia. Most of the correspondence is between the Committee and the Clerk of the Guardians. (c. 150ff.)

Fonds Acc 429. Papers of William L. Harle, 1835 - 1849

Letters and cuttings of William L. Harle (1801-1878), lawyer and Deputy Recorder of Newcastle...

W. Hutt to W.L. Harle, 8 December 1835 (File 70)

Colonization scheme; inquires if Harle is interested in secretaryship; 'we colonizers go at our work like men who intend to have it done'.

W. Hutt to W.L. Harle, 21 March 1849 (File 81)

Likely election of Harle to Reform Club; unprecedented sales of E.G. Wakefield's book; little too caustic in its treatment of Colonial Secretary.

Fonds Acc 578. Papers of Singers Family of Gateshead, c.1855-1860

Filmed selectively.

Crossley Bros. to H. Singers, 27 April 1857 (File 517)

Committee of investigation expected to recommend North British Australasian Co. be placed under Limited Liability Act.

Five papers of North British Australasian Company, [c. 1855-1861] (File 1070)

Including 1855 report of Committee of Management (14 p.) and resolutions of 1859 and 1861 annual general meetings.

Three papers of North British Australasian Company, 9 July 1857 - July 1860 (File 1071)

Includes: Letter of John Taylor and Sons resigning as managers, 9 July 1857...

Fonds Acc 671. Records of Merz and McLellan, 1907 - 1922

Filmed selectively.

C.H. Merz. Report upon the application of electric traction to the Melbourne Suburban Railway system. London (73p. + 26 plates), 1908 (File 177)

C.H. Merz. State of Victoria; report upon production and use of electric power. London (48 p.), 1908 (File 180)

Victorian Railways. Preliminary estimates taken to Australia, 1907 (File 181)

Papers sent to Merz by secretary of Victorian Railways, July-September 1907, including track measurements, power required for transportation, traffic estimates, preliminary investigations into electrification proposal, roster for motormen and guards...

Victorian Railways. Data file; information supplied by Railway Commissioners, 1912 (File 188)

Includes list of lines to be electrified; average schedule speed; traffic statistics; heating of cars; prices of materials; price of coal; poles for overhead electric traction; site for powerhouse at Yarraville; Trawool water storage scheme; railway and postal wires within suburban area; electrification beyond suburban area...

Victorian Railways. Calculations and justification of figures in connection with traction report; memorandum on country lines; and power report (File 189)

Contents:- 1. Suburban lines-capital cost. 2. Suburban lines-annual cost of operation. 3. Country lines-Melbourne-Woodend-Bendigo-capital cost. 4. Country lines-annual cost of operation. 5. Country lines-3000 volts. 6. Country lines-Melbourne-Wallan-Seymour-1500 volts. 7. Power-capital cost. 8. Power-annual cost of operation. 9. Power-Gas Corporation's estimates. 10. Miscellaneous. 11. Technical memorandum...

Merz and McLellan. New Zealand railways; report on electrification. London (51p.), 1925 (File 236)

Justification. Typescript. 1 vol. (216pp)...

Photograph album. Perth Power Station, 1913 - 1917 (File 460)

Photographs of construction of power station (1913-1915) and of interior views. (59p.)

Photograph album. Perth Power Station, 1922 (File 461)

Photographs of trams, tramlines, generator, converter, turbo-alternator. (25p.)

Photograph album. Victorian Railways, 1913 - 1914 (File 462)

Photographs of Newport Power Station and construction of Jolimont Workshops. (58p.)

Photograph album. Victorian Railways, 1914 - 1915 (File 463)

Photographs of Newport Power Station and Jolimont Substation. (55p.)

Photograph album. Victorian Railways, 1915 - 1916 (File 464)

Photographs of Newport Power Station, Jolimont Substation, Jolimont car shed, Flemington railway, laying cables in Spencer Street. (57p.)

Photograph album. Victorian Railways, 1916 - 1917 (File 465)

Photographs of Newport Power Station, Newmarket Substation, Spencer Street railway yard, Flemington railway, laying cables in Flinders Street. (59p.)

Photograph album. Victorian Railways, 1919 - 1922 (File 466)

Photographs of Middle Brighton Substation, Caulfield Substation, Newport Power Station, Melbourne railway line, Lygon Street tramway crossing. (60p.)

Photograph album. Victorian Railways, 1921 - 1922 (File 467)

Photographs of Seaford Substation, Eltham line, rotary converters (23p.)

Photograph album. Victorian Railways, c. 1922 (File 468)

Photographs of stator, rotary converter and other machinery. (25p.)

Photograph album. Machinery breakdowns, c. 1921 (File 495)

Mostly photographs of Victorian Railways machinery, including stator and turbo-alternator. (27p.)

Fonds Acc 780. Records of Merz and McLellan, 1908 - 1926

Filmed selectively.

Copy agreement with State Electricity Commission of Victoria, 7 July 1926 (File 1339)

Appointing Merz and McLellan as inspecting engineers of machinery and plant to be shipped to Australia Typescript. (9p.)

Victorian Railways. Report, including review and comments of the Victorian Railways Commissioners in connection with the report of Charles H. Merz on the application of electric traction to the Melbourne suburban railway system (65p.), 16 November 1908 (File 1710)

Fonds Acc 1101. Papers of Swan Family of Newcastle, 1882 - 1885

Filmed selectively.

Agreement between J.W. Swan of Newcastle and J.S. Sellon of Sydenham, Kent, 14 April 1882 (File 478)

Concerning sale of patents and other privileges for use in Australia and New Zealand (2p.)

Agreement between J.W. Swan and Australian Electric Co. Ltd. of Melbourne, 20 December 1882 (File 484)

Concerning sale of patent rights for incandescent lamps in Australian colonies (4p.)

J.H. Ivory to J.W. Swan and Co., 22 February 1883 (File 491)

Agrees to proposals to supply lamps to Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

J.W. Swan to J. Payne (Newcastle), 24 November 1883 (File 494)

Payment of tax due on Australian patent.

Lauchland, Mackay and Baker (London) to J.W. Swan and Co., 22 November 1883 (File 495)

Payment of tax on Australian patent.

J.W. Swan to J. Payne, 6 November 1884 (File 515)

Shipment of lamps to Australia.

Bill of costs from Ashurst, Morris, Crisp and Co., November 1882 - November 1883 (File 519)

For expenses incurred in connection with sale of patent rights to Melbourne Electric Light Co. (8p.)

G.H. Swan (Napier) to J.W. Swan and Co., 5 December 1885 (File 532-539)

Sale of lamps and plant; recommends R.E. Fletcher of Dunedin be sole agents for lamp in New Zealand; cheapness of other lamps available in market...

J.W. Swan to G.H. Swan, n.d. (File 542)

Approves of sale of lamps; declines to appoint R.E. Fletcher and Co. sale agents in New Zealand. (draft)

Fonds Acc 1325. Records of Merz and McLellan, c.1890-1960

Filmed selectively.

Photograph album, c. 1890-1920 (File 812 ff. 51-58.)

Select pp. 51-58. Photographs of Melbourne electrified railways, Newport Power Station, Jolimont Substation, stator, Perth Power Station, Western Australian electric shunting locomotives.

Photograph album on railway electrification projects, c. 1951-1960 (File 845)

Photographs of Victorian Railways (Co-Co locomotive, motor generator set, air compressor set, motorized bogie, locomotives, Gippsland electrification)...

Fonds Acc 1341. Photographs of J.E. Williamson, n.d.

Filmed selectively.

Photograph of iron railway and highway bridge over Shoalhaven River at Nowra, N.S.W., completed 25 July 1881, n.d. (File 2)

Photograph of railway and highway bridge over Bunberra Creek, Nowra, N.S.W, opened 1 August 1881, n.d. (File 3)

Designed and built by J.E. Williamson.

Fonds Acc 1386. Correspondence, 1912

Filmed selectively.

T. Marston (Auckland) to J. Longstaff, 3 January 1912 (File 3)

Voyage to New Zealand; wages and rent; visit of Japanese battleships; narrow-minded colonists.

Fonds Acc 44-50. Papers of John Miller of North Shields, 1852 - 1853

Filmed selectively.

J. Miller (Melbourne) to parents, 23 October 1852 (File Acc 46)

Cheating and deception on emigrant ships; arrival in Melbourne; high prices and wages; plans to go to diggings; arrival of Great Britain and Marco Polo; advises emigrants not to bring fine clothes. (4p.)...

J. Miller (Callao) to parents, 26 May 1853 (File Acc 47)

Reasons for leaving Melbourne; work as bullock driver, cook and labourer; seaman on voyage to South America on Argo. (3p.)

J. Miller (Kyneton) to parents, 27 December 1852 (File Acc 48)

Dullness of Kyneton; prices; drunkeness; discovery of gold at Ovens River; decline of diggings; work as storekeeper. (10p.)

J. Miller (Kyneton) to parents, 1 February 1853 (File Acc 49)

Lack of success of Newcastle men at diggings; plans to leave colony; no amusements or society; news of Shields friends in Australia; prices and wages; 'uncomfortable colony for any Englishman of sensibility'; heat, dust, flies, locusts, snakes; birds. (7p.)

J. Miller (Melbourne) to parents, 24 November 1852 (File Acc 50)

Lack of success at Bendigo diggings; high cost of provisions; best places completely riddled; wages in Melbourne. (4p.)