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West Yorkshire Archive service. Bradford
Collections of the West Yorkshire Archive Service, Bradford (as filmed by the AJCP)
Date Range
6 January 1784 - March 1973
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147 items
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Scope and Contents

Transcripts of letters 1828-1851 of John and Mary Glasson referring to discovery of gold in Bookanan, New South Wales, 1851.

Letters 1944-1945 of William Moore, a naval officer serving in the Pacific, to his family referring to war news from Europe, end of war in Pacific, and visits to Canberra, Sydney and Nowra.

Papers 1929-1957 of Hirsch Family relating to their wool and yarn exporting business.

Correspondence and papers 1954-1957 relating to visits of Young Australia League boys and girls to Bradford.

Papers 1911-1918 of Edward R. Hartley, including diary kept on a voyage on board the Ionic to New Zealand in 1911 and reports of his lectures on socialism.

Records 1919-1973 of Illingworth Morris Plc, textile manufacturers, including ledger of wool shipped from Australia and correspondence with Australian banks.

Papers 1942-1945 of Harry Eaddie relating to his imprisonment at POW Camp, Changi.

Papers 1939-1945 relating to the Japanese POW Camps in Southeast Asia.

Papers 1882-1905 of William Cudworth, including journal kept on a voyage to Australia on the Parramatta 1882-1883 and letter written from Sydney.

Journal 1891-1892 of Ben Simpson kept on voyage from Hull to Melbourne.

Papers 1896-1924 of William P. Baildon including letters of Rev. J. Chalmers in New Guinea and Francis J. Bayldon in Sydney.

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Archival History

Material selectively filmed at the West Yorkshire Archive Service, Bradford, as part of the Australian Joint Copying Project, 1992 (AJCP Reels: M2857-M2861). Original microfilm digitised as part of the AJCP Online Delivery Project, 2017-2020.

Existence and Location of Originals

West Yorkshire Archive Service, Bradford. 15 Canal Road, Bradford, West Yorkshire BD1 4AT, England. For further information, see West Yorkshire Archive Service catalogue (

Existence and Location of Copies

The original AJCP microfilm of the records filmed from this collection is available at the National Library of Australia [] as well as other institutions holding AJCP microfilm.

Finding-Aid Notes

This finding aid is a revised online version of the original finding aid prepared by the Australian Joint Copying Project (AJCP), published by the National Library of Australia in 2019. The original AJCP finding aids were unpublished typescripts or photocopies available from libraries that held copies of the original microfilm.

Dates used in this finding aid refer to the date range of the records selected for filming rather than to the date range of the Series or Files.

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Australia; Baildon, William P.; Bayldon, Francis J.; Bookanan, New South Wales; Bradford, England; Canberra, Australian Capital Territory; Chalmers, James, Rev.; Changi, Singapore; Cudworth, William; Eaddie, Harry; Emigrant voyages; Glasson, John; Glasson, Mary; Hartley, Edward; Great Britain; Hirsch Family; Hull, England; Illingworth Morris Plc; Australia: immigration to; Melbourne, Victoria: immigration to; Ionic (ship); Moore, William; Naval officers; Gold and Goldfields: New South Wales; Nowra, New South Wales; Pacific Ocean; Papua New Guinea; Parramatta (ship); Prisoners of war; Simpson, Ben; Socialism; Sydney, New South Wales ; Textile industries; New Zealand: visits to; Sydney, New South Wales: visits to; Wool and woolgrowing: export; World War II; Young Australia League


Originally cited in Australian Joint Copying Project Handbook. Part 8: Miscellaneous (M) Series. Third Edition, published 1998. Entry 491, p.191.

Item Descriptions

Fonds 15D 74. Miscellaneous Deeds and Papers, 1863 - 1868

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2857.

Series Box 5/Case 1. Mitchell Family, November 1863 - January 1868

Filmed selectively.

Note re death of George William Mitchell, St Peter's, Cook's River, native of Bradford., 21 November 1863 (File 3)

Taken from list of deaths in Sydney Morning Herald. (1p.)

Letters of Administration for estate of George William Mitchell, woolsorter of Cook's River, 5 April 1864 (File 4)
Catherine Mitchell (Mittagong) to W. Bradfield (Bradford), 18 July 1867 (File 4)

re her reduced circumstances, taking a situation. (6p.)

Note of George W. Mitchell's address for burial certificate, 5 October 1865 (File 6)
George William Mitchell death certificate. (2 copies, 2p.), 4 November 1863 (File 10)
Commercial Banking Company of New South Wales (London) to Manager of Berrima Branch, 30 October 1867 (File 24)

Re money for Catherine Mitchell. (1p.)

Receipt signed by Catherine Mitchell (1p.), 21 January 1868 (File 25)

Fonds 21D 76. John and Mary Glasson, 1828 - 1851

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2857.

Series 1. Letters from John and Mary Glasson (London, Australia, Sydney, Bathurst, Newton, Bookanan) to parents (30p., transcripts), 1828 - 1851

Subjects include: decision to go to New South Wales, 'judging from the present prospect I can't exactly fail of making a fortune', items needed for the journey and to establish himself on a farm in Australia; conditions on ship - provisions, gales, 'the meat is excellent and we have plenty of rich cakes baked almost every day, potatoes etc'; Cape Town; taking produce to market in Sydney; loss of Hibernian; productivity of land; planting fruit trees and wheat; drought; 'I have a pretty good farm in Australia and don't by any means wish myself back paying rents, tithes and taxes etc'; prices of wheat; harvest; 28 December 1834 marries Annie Evans; news of children; putting up smelting works with Mr Lane to avoid carriage of ore to Sydney; discovery of gold in Bookanan, 1851; 'hundreds are arriving and many are leaving every day, some have got hundred of pounds worth of gold in a few minutes.…it is a perfect lottery' prices rising due to discovery of gold.

Fonds 22D 77. Papers of Miriam Lord, 1938 - 1949

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2857.

Biographical / Historical

Miriam Lord (1885-1968) was a teacher and pioneer nursery educationalist.

Series 3/8. Photographs, January 1948 - c.1949

Filmed selectively.

Visit of Miss Thomson from Hobart, c.1949 (File 3/8/12-14)

Three photographs showing Miss Thomson with children of Bowling Back Lane Infants School.

Photograph showing Bishop of Bradford opening food parcel sent by Home Economics Group, Christchurch, New Zealand, 30 January 1948 (File 3/8/18)
Photograph showing Bishop of Bradford and pile of tins of food sent by people of Awakino-Mokau Taranaki, New Zealand, 30 January 1948 (File 3/8/19)

Series 4/6. Katharine Bruce Glasier Papers, 1938

Filmed selectively.

Photograph 'As I was setting out to Australia in the Spring of 1938.', 1938 (File 4/6/2)

Series 4/7. Katharine Bruce Glasier Letters, October 1938 - February 1949

Filmed selectively.

Katharine Bruce Glasier (Newcastle N.S.W.) to Miriam Lord, 7 November 1938 (File 4/7/8)

Speaking on nursery education; delights of Australia. (1p.)

Katharine Bruce Glasier (Earby) to Miriam Lord, 20 April 1940 (File 4/7/11)

Death of son-in-law, Cecil Webb, drowned by a freak wave at Newcastle 'Two of his life savers had themselves to be rescued.' (4p.)

Newspaper cutting, Daily Herald (File)

Article by Keith Scott Watson

Katharine Bruce Glasier (Earby) to Miriam Lord, 16 February 1942 (File 4/7/39)

War news from Singapore and Australia. (4p.)

Katharine Bruce Glasier (Earby) to Miriam Lord, 19 November 1943 (File 4/7/70)

Visit from Australian RAF sergeant 'we all lost our hearts to him'. (2p.)

Katharine Bruce Glasier (Earby) to Miriam Lord, 15 August 1948 (File 4/7/181)

Jeannie arriving from Australia on Antenor after terrible storms have held up the ship. (2p.)

Katharine Bruce Glasier (Earby) to Miriam Lord, 23 February 1949 (File 4/7/191)

Jeannie is returning to Australia on Dardanus. (2p.)

Lizette and Fred Foster (Earby) to Miriam Lord, 25 October 1938 (File 4/7/243)

Katharine Bruce Glasier left for Australia on 16 July. (2p.)

E. Glasier Foster (Earby) to Miriam Lord, 5 January 1939 (File 4/7/244)

Katharine Bruce Glasier's busy schedule in Australia. (2p.)

Jeannie [Webb] (SS Antenor) to mother, 26 July 1948 (File 4/7/280)

Journey from Australia; snow in Sydney 'first time in 78 years'; gales. (2p.)

Fonds 77D 77. Miscellaneous Title Deeds, 1916 - 1921

Filmed selectively.

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2857.

Notice to trustees of will of Sophia Uttley of Yarrowville, Victoria, 21 February 1916 (File 652)

Postponing realisation of residue of real estate. (1p.)

Conveyance of land at Keighley by Samuel Clapham of Huon, Tasmania. (4p.), 30 March 1921 (File 654)

Fonds 108D 77. Moore Family Papers, 1944 - 1946

Letters from William Moore to wife Vera and daughter Patricia.

Filmed selectively.

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2857.

Billie Moore (HMS Atheling, Sydney, HMS Golden Hind, HMS Nabbington, Nowra; Quirindi; Canberra; Melbourne; HMS Nabberley, Bankstown; Hong Kong), 25 December 1944 - 18 October 1945 (File 238-367)


Subjects include: arrival in port [Sydney]; Christmas celebrations; visit to zoo; scouting activities; invited home by Mr Bailey whose wife came from Bolton; hospitality offered to ships crew; life at sea; not allowed to say where docked [New Zealand?]; bad weather; visit to sugar and pineapple plantations [on Hawaiian Islands]; allowed to say the ship is somewhere in the Pacific; travelling to new appointment in Australia in a merchant ship; social activities in Hollywood; arrival in Sydney; visiting cousin Rose; Australian scenery; hopes to explore countryside; life on the air base; hospitality offered by neighbours; visit to Baileys in Sydney; meeting other people who emigrated from Bradford; bitten by mosquitoes; war news from Europe; celebrations for V.E. day; other men on the base; demobilisation hopes; comparison of teachers' salaries in England and Australia; trip to Blue Mountains; can now say he has been to Solomon Islands, Admiralty Islands and Hawaii; just missed seeing Duke of Gloucester who was at the airbase inspecting aircraft which have been raiding Japan; leave at Quirindi; met headmaster of Quirindi school; sheep station; sending home a food parcel; hopes atomic bomb will soon finish the war; end of war in Pacific; 'almost everybody seemed to be trying to get drunk and most of them succeeding'; visit to Canberra; journey from Nowra; visit to school; picnic at Cotter Dam; tour of House of Representatives and Senate; concert party at Kiama; going to Hong Kong with party of meteorologists; uncomfortable train journey to Melbourne, changing trains at NSW/VIC border; transfer to HMS Nabberley, Bankstown; other officers at the station; trade unions 'Australia really is a terrible place for strikes - the country seems to be run by the trade unions who bring the men out on strike at the silliest of excuses'; cricket match at Mosman; voyage to Hong Kong; Coral Sea; sighting New Guinea; visit to Admiralty Islands; arrival at Hong Kong.

Billie Moore (Hong Kong, HMS Reaper, Sydney; HMS Devonshire) (38p.), 20 December 1945 - 22 February 1946 (File 394-412)

Subjects include: news he is to go home via Sydney; voyage to Sydney in Reaper; visit to Brisbane; visits to friends in Sydney; presents he has bought; visit to zoo; bathing at Manly; cricket - New South Wales v Australian Services Team at Sydney Cricket Ground; social events in Sydney; voyage home on Devonshire; Australia Day in Fremantle; Perth - 'the people have the reputation in the navy of being the friendliest in Australia'; shopping in Colombo; Aden; Port Said.

Vera Moore (Baildon) to Billie, news from cousin Rose and other Australian friends. (6p.), 10 February 1946 (File 432)

Fonds 11D 78. J.W. MacGregor Correspondence, 1844

Filmed selectively.

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2857.

Biographical / Historical

J.W. MacGregor was an official at the Board of Trade.

Lord Canning (Foreign Office) to MacGregor re sugar trade with Manila (1p.), 28 May 1844 (File 4)

Fonds 5D 80. Queensbury Parish Records. Holy Trinity Church, 1969

Filmed selectively.

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2857.

Joseph Briggs (Northam, W.A.) to vicar requesting copy of baptism certificate (2p.), 9 September 1969 (File 264)

Fonds 33D 80. Poor Law and Miscellaneous Records Relating to Bingley and Haworth, 1826

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2857.

Series 2/13. Disbursements, January 1826 - February 1826

Filmed selectively.

Five Shillings given to Hannah wife of William Sugden of Great Horton whose husband is at Chatham about to go to N.S.W., 9 January 1826 - 13 January 1826 (File)
£2-2s to Hannah Sugden to go to Chatham to her husband, 13 February 1826 - 18 February 1826 (File)

Fonds 85D 80. Hirsch Family Papers, 1929 - 1955

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2857.

Biographical / Historical

The Hirsch family operated several companies concerned with exporting wool and yarn.

Series 3. Legal and Administration, June 1929 - April 1939

Filmed selectively.

T.L. Dallas & Co Ltd (Bradford) to Hirsch and Son, 12 June 1929 - 6 December 1937 (File 3/29)

Insurance of wool cargoes from Australia and New Zealand. (10p.)

Insurance for shipment of wool from New Zealand (2p.), 9 November 1936 - 25 November 1936 (File 3/31)
Insurance cover for W.C. Pollard's baggage to New Zealand (2p.), 27 October 1938 (File 3/36)
Insurance cover for ships from Australia (4p.), 18 April 1939 (File 3/38)

Series 4. Production, October 1952 - November 1955

Filmed selectively.

Moorhead (152p.), 30 October 1952 - 7 November 1955 (File 4/2)

Deciphered cables from Melbourne, Adelaide, Hobart on the state of the wool market and orders placed (some faint carbon copies).

Fonds 14D 82. Miscellaneous Title Deeds, 1959

Filmed selectively.

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2857.

Conveyance of property in Bingley between Bernard Leather, Geoffrey A. Nixon of Bradford, William Pickles of Homai, Auckland and George V. Thompson of Bingley. (4p.), 2 December 1959 (File 1/387)

Fonds 54D 82. Miscellaneous Methodist Records, 1784

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2857.

Series 2/3. Clayton Heights (Dolphin) Wesleyan Chapel, January 1784

Filmed selectively.

Thomas Coke (Plymouth) to [?] requesting subscriptions to establish foreign missions (1p., printed), 6 January 1784 (File 2/3/5A)

Fonds 69D 82. Cliffe Castle Museum Keighley Miscellaneous Records, 1935

Filmed selectively.

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2857.

William Shackleton (Pudsey) to Butterfield, 10 October 1935 (File 7/15)

Relics of Ernest Shackleton's trans-antarctic journey; his only son is in Australia. (4p.)

Fonds 32D 83. Geo Hattersley & Sons Ltd, Keighley, 1926 - 1968

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2858.

Biographical / Historical

Machine company manufacturing screws and small parts for textile machines, power looms, tobacco machines and garden furniture: founded 1789, liquidated by 1983.

Series 37. Memoranda, November 1938 - December 1938

Filmed selectively.

Notes on business trip to Australia and New Zealand (86p.), 3 November 1938 - 16 December 1938 (File 37/5)

Notes on visits to customers in Adelaide, Ballarat, Geelong, Albury, Sydney, Ipswich, Wellington, Dunedin, Wanganui, Auckland; comments on Australian textile trade.

Series 48-57. Related Companies, 1926 - 1968

Filmed selectively.

L. Hinks & Co Sydney: Stock account (652p.), 1926 - 1968 (File 52)

Details of parts for looms supplied to L. Hinks.

Fonds 3D 84. Bradford City Council (Lord Mayor's Office) Miscellaneous Records, 1954 - 1970

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2859.

Series 5. Files, November 1954 - July 1958

Filmed selectively.

Young Australia League, 29 November 1954 - 22 June 1955 (File 5/18)

Correspondence, itineraries, list of participants, souvenir programme re visit of Australian boys to Bradford, 11-16 June 1955 organised by Young Australia League. (150p.) Correspondents include: Jack Cotterill (YAL, Perth); S. Hall (Bradford Chamber of Commerce); John Hey (Rotary Club of Bradford); J.H. Nash (Yorkshire County Cricket Club, Leeds); Cecil Baker (YAL, London).

Young Australia League Girls Tour, 4 April 1957 - 12 July 1958 (File 5/27)

Correspondence, itineraries, list of participants, programme re visit of Australian girls to Bradford 3-5 July 1958 organised by Young Australia League. (68p.). Correspondents include: Jack Cotterill (YAL, Perth); Wilfrid Robertshaw (Bradford Art Gallery); K.M. Pitts (Bradford Business and Professional Women's Club); C.R. Gibson (YAL, London); Cecil Baker (YAL, Perth).

Includes report on visit to Bradford by the YAL boys in 1955.

Series 6. Invitations and Tickets, 1 November 1970

Filmed selectively.

Invitation by Rugby Football League to World Cup Match between Australia and France at Odsal Stadium, Bradford. (1p.), 1 November 1970 (File 6/334)

Fonds 46D 84. Bennett and Sydney Carter Papers, 1868 - 1906

Filmed selectively.

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2859.

Biographical / Historical

Bennett and Sydney Carter were cinema owners.

Scrapbook, 1905 - 1906 (File 1)

Programme for Harrison Concerts, St George's Hall Bradford season, 1905 - 1906 (Item p.16)

Featuring Madame Melba to appear on 27 October 1905. (2p.)

Includes 'Opening of Bradford Town Hall 1873'

Log, 17 April 1868 - 7 August 1868 (File 8)

Journal of voyage to Wellington, New Zealand on Henry Adderley written by Eliza and Annie Wrigley[?], 17 April 1868 - 7 August 1868 (Item)

(24p. pagination erratic, incomplete, starts p.5). Details of weather; fish sighted; Madeira; state of provisions; other ships; Cape Farewell; Cook's Strait; pilot comes on board.

Fonds 11D 85. Edward R. Hartley, 1911 - 1918

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2859.

Related Materials

See also: Dictionary of Labour Biography

Biographical / Historical

Born at Horton in Bradford, Edward R. Hartley (1855-1918) spent his early employment was in the wool trade, engineer's workshop, spinning room and library, later becoming a master butcher. In 1889 he began campaigning as an active socialist and was a founder member of the National Independent Labour Party. He was general secretary of the Clarion Van Movement, and in 1903 joined the Social Democratic Federation. In 1910 he was invited to undertake a lecture tour by the Socialist Party of New Zealand, with his wife and he also spent six months in Australia acting as organiser of the Victorian Socialist Party.

Series 1. Scrapbooks, c.1911-30 December 1912

Filmed selectively.

New Zealand, c.1911-1912 (File 1/20)

Press cuttings of articles by Edward R. Hartley in The Common Weal: organ of the New Zealand Socialist Party and reports on meetings addressed by Edward R. Hartley in New Zealand from other newspapers. (c74p. and loose cuttings).

Includes: Reverend C.N. Gray (Helmsley) to 'Dear C' requesting information on state of Waihi Mines. (2p.)

Australia, c.1912 (File 1/21)

Press cuttings re Australia, mostly dated but unidentified (23p., many blank pages).

Includes: The land question: state graduated land tax compared with the Murray-Watt Tax: the farmer and the middleman by P.L. McNamara. Melbourne, Labour Call Print (8p., printed)

Australia, c.1912 (File 1/22)

Press cuttings re Australia, mostly dated but unidentified c1912. (c.27p., many blank pages)

Australia, 30 December 1912 (File 1/23)

Press cuttings of reports on meetings in Australia addressed by Edward R. Hartley, c.1912-1913. (c40p. and loose cuttings).

Items of interest include:

Flyer 'Every Sunday Night at the Gaiety Theatre Alderman Hartley Bradford will lecture on Socialism'

R.J. Powell (Ballarat) to 'Comrade' re contributions to The Evening Echo. (2p.)

Notes for a speech[?] headed 'Mount Lyell'.

Series 2. Newspaper Cuttings, c.1911 - 19 July 1918

Filmed selectively.

Cuttings re his life, 19 July 1918 (File 2/1)

Filmed selectively.

R.S. Ross (Socialist Party of Victoria, Melbourne) to Mrs E.R. Hartley re death of Edward R. Hartley. (1p.), 19 July 1918 (Item)
Australia and New Zealand, c.1911-1912 (File 2/10)

Press cuttings of reports on meetings addressed by Edward R. Hartley in Australia and New Zealand and of articles by Edward R. Hartley, c.1911-1912. (20 cuttings).


Admission ticket for Socialist Party of Victoria 1st lecture by Alderman Edward R. Hartley, 10 October [1912?]

Australia and New Zealand, c.1911-1912 (File 2/11)

Press cuttings of reports on meetings addressed by Edward R. Hartley in Australia and New Zealand and of articles by Edward R. Hartley, c.1911-1912. (c.30 cuttings).


Flyer for meeting at Karongahake addressed by E.R. Hartley on 6 December.

11 Mar 1913 J.R. Wilson (Australasian Socialist Party, Melbourne) to E.R. Hartley re postponing meeting. (1p.)

Series 3. Diaries, September 1911 - November 1911

Filmed selectively.

Diary of voyage to New Zealand. (50p., pencil and ink), 7 September 1911 - 9 November 1911 (File 3/4)

Details of: boarding Ionic in London; other passengers; weather; playing cricket; death of child in 3rd class; entertainments - fancy dress ball; Cape Town; concerts - E.R. Hartley as a republican, refuses to stand for 'God Save the King' and antagonises the other passengers; Mrs Hartley insulted by another passenger; wrestling bouts in single men's quarters; Hobart - inspected by Doctor; 'Hobart is a lovely place'; E.R. Hartley visits several socialists; visits Parliament; voyage to Wellington; visit to offices of Maoriland Worker; comments on New Zealand socialists; voyage on Mararow to Lyttleton; Christchurch; meeting in theatre; New Brighton; journey to Dunedin; 'The Canterbury plain is rather monotonous'; meeting in Settlers Hall

Copy also: At back of volume list of prices at Christchurch, November 1911. (1p.)

Series 4. Correspondence, 17 October 1911 - 2 August 1912

(42 letters)

E.R. Hartley and Mrs Hartley (Ionic, Christchurch, Dunedin, Waihi, Auckland, Collingwood, Nelson, Puponga, Millerton, Dunerton, Greymouth) to their children. (Pencil and ink, some very faint pages, includes photographs).

Subjects include: voyage on Ionic, incident in 2nd class saloon when E.R. Hartley refused to stand for the National Anthem and is put out of the saloon; first impressions of New Zealand; addressing socialist meetings; railway journey to Dunedin; election at Waihi; prohibition; visit to hotsprings at Waiwera; 'our Sunday meetings are a great success, no parson in Waihi getting anything like the same congregation'; Easter conference in Wellington; E.R. Hartley invited to stay in New Zealand; Nelson 'a bonny place'; strike in Waihi.

Series 6. Photographs, 1912

Filmed selectively.

Photograph of Edward R. and Mrs Hartley on New Zealand tour, 1912 (File 6/9)

(Maoriland Worker Series no 1) (1p.).

Series 7. Miscellaneous, 1912

Filmed selectively.

'To the Electors of Ohinemuri' P.H. Hickey the workers' candidate, (3p.), 1912 (File 7/9)

Fonds 12D 85. J.H. Smith of Queensbury. Papers, 1890

Filmed selectively.

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2860.

Orient Line, contract ticket made out to Thomas Wilson and family to sail on Orizaba to Australia on 29 August 1890 (2p.), 7 July 1890 (File 2)

Fonds 94D 85. T.I. Clough, Solicitors of Bradford. Records, 1852

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2860.

Series 10. Greenwood of Moorhouse, Oxenhope, September 1852

Subseries 10/5. Legal, n.d.

Filmed selectively.

Notes in case Greenwood and Harper (6p.), n.d. (File 10/5/13)

Biographical / Historical

John Harper had been transported 19 years previously for housebreaking, he returned to claim his wife who worked for Greenwood.

Subseries 10/6. Wills, 24 September 1852

Filmed selectively.

Residuary account and Inland Revenue forms, 24 September 1852 (File 10/6/16)

Re estate of Joseph Hugh Greenwood of Wellington, New Zealand, died 1848. (15p.)

Fonds 40D 87. Bradford Arts Club, 1960 - 1962

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2860.

Series 15/1. Links with Australia, July 1960 - March 1962

Robert T. Miller (Hughesdale Art Group, Murrumbeena) to Bradford Arts Club, 18 July 1960 (File 15/1/1)

Re their group and requesting information on Bradford Arts Club.

Secretary (BAC) to Miller sending information on BAC, 24 September 1960 (File)
Robert Miller (Carnegie) to BAC sending slides of paintings by members; activities, 7 August 1961 (File)
Notes for article[?] on the Robert Miller correspondence (6p.), n.d. (File)
Hughesdale Art Group Tentative Program, 1961 (File)
Cuttings from Bradford Telegraph and Argus re above correspondence, 13 October 1961 (File 15/1/2)
Correspondence with Mrs Padmore (Birmingham) re lending slides sent from Australia (4p.), 30 January 1962 - 23 March 1962 (File 15/1/3)

Fonds 48D 87. Illingworth Morris PLC, 1919 - 1973

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2860.

Biographical / Historical

Textile manufacturers, Bradford. In 1960 they took over Salts Mill (Saltaire) Ltd.

Series 1. Salts (Saltaire) Ltd, December 1949 - March 1973

Subseries 1/1. Accounting Records, 1969 - 1971

Filmed selectively.

Ledger of Australian weight note for wool shipped to London from Geelong, Sydney, Newcastle (292p.), 1969 - 1971 (File 1/1/20)

Details of ship, date, type of wool, original brand, bale weight.

Subseries 1/8. Sales Production and Purchase Records, 26 February 1965 - March 1973

Filmed selectively.

Fabrics Australia, 26 February 1965 - 3 March 1972 (File 1/8/12)

Details of sales to Fabrics Australia Pty Ltd, (11p.)

Fabrics Australia, 31 March 1965 - 31 March 1972 (File 1/8/13)

Details of account with Fabrics Australia Pty Ltd, Sydney. (34p.)


15 October 1970. Salts (Saltaire) Ltd to Fabrics Australia terminating their agency for ladies cloths. (1p., carbon)

Wm McDonald & Co Ltd, 31 March 1968 - March 1973 (File 1/8/21)

Details of sales to Wm McDonald & Co Ltd Auckland. (23p.)

Private Cable Code book, Australia, c.1957 (File 1/8/104)

List of codes and meanings for cables sent to and from Australia. (57p.)

Subseries 1/10. Miscellaneous Financial Records, December 1949 - June 1950

Filmed selectively.

Correspondence with Australian banks re payments for wool (265p.), December 1949 - June 1950 (File 1/10/34)

Banks include: Barclays Bank; Bank of Adelaide, Union Bank of Australia Ltd.


2 December 1949. W & D Hill & Sons (Australia) Pty Ltd (Sydney) to Salts re possible effect on wool trade of devaluation of Australian currency after federal elections.

Series 16. Ernest Gates & Co Ltd, February 1919 - October 1922

Subseries 16/1. Correspondence, 3 February 1919 - 5 October 1922

Filmed selectively.

Letters and agreements re agencies, 3 February 1919 - 5 October 1922 (File 16/1/1)
Gates to L. Moritzson (New Zealand Engineers) appointing him agent in New Zealand (2p.), 3 February 1919 (Item [10th env.])
Correspondence with Devereux and Company (Melbourne) appointing them agents in Australia and terminating arrangement. (11 p.), 31 March 1919 - 5 October 1922 (Item [14th env.])

Includes: Lists of goods on order 13 November 1922. (10p.)

Series 46. James Sykes & Sons Ltd, October 1955 - February 1959

Filmed selectively.

Matheson Minster Ltd, October 1955 - February 1959 (File 46/1)

Correspondence, invoices, orders from Matheson Minister Ltd (Wellington) (83p.) Subjects include: orders for wool suiting; shipping and packing instructions; import licences; invoicing problems; faulty cloth.

Fonds 67D 87. Deighton Family Papers, [1898?]-c.1942

Filmed selectively.

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2861.

Thomas Scott Lister (Manila) to brother William Dawson Lister that left Fremantle in Lord Canning, now en route to Canada; crew drunk in Manila (4p.), 12 April [n.y.] [1898?] (File 3)

Press cutting re Thomas Lister who has just returned home after working on Coolgardie gold fields and shipping as a sailor (1p.), n.d. (File)

Covering note Thomas Lister settled in Perth as a sheep farmer and died in Albany., c1942. (1p.), n.d. (File)

Fonds 86D 87. Journal of voyage to Sydney, 1849

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2861.

Typescript copy of journal of voyage to Sydney on Scotia by unknown woman (6p.), 2 March 1849 - 9 July 1849 (File)

Details of: assembling at Emigrant Depot at Deptford; boarding Scotia; while at Plymouth several ladies and gentlemen board to distribute tracts, bibles and prayer books, 'also a good deal of suitable advice', taking on board 70 Irish Emigrants; storms; births; porpoises; captain reads prayers on Quarter Deck; serving of lime juice; drunkenness of doctor; entertainments; death of child; sighting Van Diemen's Land; pilot on board.

Fonds 43D 88. Zion Congregational (United Reform) Church Wibsey, 1955 - 1957

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2861.

Series 8. Groups and Committees, August 1955 - October 1957

Subseries 8/9. London Missionary Society, n.d.
Cloth map of Polynesia, marking London Missionary Society areas of activity (File 8/9/5)
Subseries 8/10. Men's Own, August 1955 - October 1957

Filmed selectively.

Correspondence re showing of film of MCC tour of Australia (9p.), 15 August 1955 - 1 October 1957 (File 8/10/6)

Correspondents include: Bob Appleyard (Bradford); Vic Wilson (Malton); D.J. Hutton (Wibsey).

Fonds 16D 90. Harry Eaddie, 1942 - 1947

Papers re his imprisonment at Changi.

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2861.

Nominal roll 280/122 Army Field Regiment R.A. POW Camp Changi Singapore (34p.), n.d. (File 1)

In defence of Singapore: a series of drawings with brief notes by Lance-Bombadier Alan V. Toze and Sergeant S. Strange (42p., printed), (1947?) (File 2)

Includes: sketch of Australian POW punished for stealing onions.

Mrs C. McKie (Sacramento) to Mrs Alice Eaddie relaying message from Harry (1p.), 10 August 1945 (File 4)

Sketches of a POW in Korea by J.D. Wilkinson, Melbourne (32p., printed). References to Fukkai Maru, 1945 (File 5)

Photograph of 6 soldiers, n.d. (File 6)

Photo of soldiers from 122nd Field Regiment. Soldiers are Charlie Moore, Johnny Riley, Harry Eaddie, John Jewitt, Horace Redfern and one unidentified.

Wooden badge 'meat ticket' no. 200 and rank in Japanese, n.d. (File 7)

'POW's progress': 6 cartoons by Alan V. Toze, 1943 (File 8)

Instructions given by Colonel Y. Noguchi, Superintendent of the Chosen War Prisoners' Camp (4p.), September 1942 (File 9)

Challenge between Artillery and Engineers (2p.), 10 June (1943?) (File 10)

Cutting from Bradford Telegraph and Argus re landing of troops in Singapore, 5 September 1945 (File 11)

Brewster Rooster newssheet published aboard USS Brewster (6p.), 2 November 1945 (File 12)

Leaflet in English and Dutch re surrender of Japanese and planned air drops of supplies (2p.), September 1945 (File 13)

Poem 'The Fukkai Maru' (3p.), n.d. (File 14)

Poem 'Malayan Lament' (4p.), n.d. (File 15)

USS Mercy Radio News (2p.), 25 September 1945 (File 16)

Fonds 76D 90. Japanese POW Camps, 1939 - 1980

Filmed selectively.

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2861.

Men from the 122 Royal Artillery who died in action or while interned in Japanese Prisoner of War Camps (23p.), 1939 - 1945 (File 1)

Names and addresses of soldiers who died in Singapore, Malaya, Philippines and other camps.

Medical Research Committee of American Ex-prisoners of War Inc. Japanese POW Camps during World War II, 1941-1945., 1980 (File 2)

Known locations of camps where American, British, Dutch, Australian, Canadian, Indian and other allied military and civilian personnel were imprisoned by the Japanese (1p., 77cm × 50cm.)

Fonds 19D 91. John Robson (Shipley) Ltd, 1927

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2861.

Biographical / Historical

John Robson (Shipley) Ltd were engine makers.

Series 3. Administration, April 1927

Subseries 3/1. Agreements, 21 April 1927

Includes: 21 April 1927. Minute from Directors' meeting of McCulla's Ltd.

Filmed selectively.

Agreement with Messrs McCulla's Ltd of Sydney to act as agents in N.S.W. (7p.), 21 April 1927 (File 3/1/4)

Includes: 21 April 1927. Minute from Directors' meeting of McCulla's Ltd.

Fonds 2D 92. Yorkshire convicts who sailed on 2nd fleet to Australia by M. Flynn, n.d.

(19p., pagination erratic)

Details of: name, date, trade, crime, trial, any trace of person in NSW.

Sources: Public Record Office, local newspapers, quarter session papers.

(19p. pagination erratic)

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2861.

Fonds DB. Deed Box Collection, 1856 - 1938

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2861.

Formerly at Bradford Public Library

Series Deed Box 5. Case 26. William Cudworth, 1882 - 1886

Biographical / Historical

William Cudworth (1830-). Local historian, antiquary, journalist on Bradford Observer.

Subseries 3. Voyage to Australia (2 vols.), September 1882 - July 1883

Filmed selectively.

Notes on a voyage to Australia, 1883 (File [A])

(25p., p.1-23.5, p.20.5-32, p.24-24.5, pagination erratic).

Draft notes for an article?/lecture?

Details of: voyage in Parramatta; accommodation on board; food; ceremony of 'Dead horse'; monotony of voyage 'my experience was that the women folk had much the best of it. They had always something to do in the way of sewing or knitting and when these failed they could always talk.'; evening entertainments; notes on Australia; geography of NSW; impressions of Sydney Harbour; scenery; Indigenous Australians; 'affection for England (or home as they call it) is great'; social conditions; Tristan da Cunha; Cape of Good Hope; gales; Christmas Day; Bass Strait; pastoral wealth of NSW.

Notes on a voyage to Australia, (91p.), 25 September 1882 - 6 July 1883 (File [B])

Journal of voyage on Parramatta, London to Sydney and return.

Details of: boarding Parramatta, Captain Goddard at East India Docks; his cabin in 2nd class; other passengers; complaints about food; gales; concert given by 1st class passengers; J.R. Houlding 'Old Boomerang' among passengers; the crew's conditions of service and duties; ceremony of 'Dead Horse'; signalling to other ships; Petrel Papers or Parramatta newspaper issued weekly edited by Dr Maffey; no ceremony of crossing the line allowed on Parramatta since it is a temperance ship; sports; bazaar held in poop of work done by ladies on board; Tristan d'Acunha; transit of Venus observed on 6 December; death of Mr Reid, saloon passenger; Christmas Day; fancy dress ball - 'one ghastly figure representing a 'bag of bones' intended as a grim protest against the poverty of the second class dietary was only understood and appreciated by the unfortunate sufferers'; Cape Otway; beauty of Sydney Harbour; 3 January 1883 at Neutral Bay; Sydney boarding houses - mosquitoes, cockroaches; food; bad language; visits to Goulburn, Bathurst, Blue Mountains; embarking 6 March 1883 for return voyage to England on Parramatta via Cape of Good Hope; St Helena.

Abstract log 8 October-30 December 1882.

Subseries 4. Correspondence while in Australia, February 1882 - 1886

Filmed selectively.

Australian Correspondence, 1 November 1882 - 4 March 1883 (File [A])
William Cudworth (off Plymouth) to family re boarding ship and voyage to Plymouth. (9p.), Tuesday [n.d] (Item)
William Cudworth (at sea) to family re progress of voyage. (7p.), 1 November 1882 (Item)
William Cudworth (Sydney) to family, 1 January 1883 - 3 January 1883 (Item)

re his health, life on board; events during voyage; Christmas Day; the ship's newspaper; Sydney. (23p.)

William Cudworth (Sydney) to family, 4 March 1883 (Item)

re return voyage on Parramatta; his health; 'There is no doubt this is a fine country for those who will work……newcomers, however must get accustomed to the heat, and the mosquitoes and the cockroaches, not to mention the snakes.'; wages. (4p.)

Dr John Maffey (Melbourne) to William Cudworth re William Cudworth's health. (4p.), 21 February 1883 (Item)
D. Vernon (Melbourne) to Dr Brereton (Gladsville) re Victoria Railway pass for CW. (1p.), 2 February 1883 (Item)
Miscellaneous Material, 10 February 1882 - 1886 (File [B])

Related Materials

Letters to CW from England, originally in this File, have not been filmed by the AJCP.

Receipt for tickets for return voyage, 10 February 1882 (Item)
Parramatta menu, 21 December 1882 (Item)
Passenger's contract ticket for CW to sail in Parramatta, 21 September 1882 (Item)
List of passengers on Parramatta to Sydney, September 1882 (Item)
In memoriam card for John Le Gay Brereton, 1886 (Item)
Pass to enable CW to visit NSW Public institutions. (2p.), 22 January 1883 (Item)

Series Deed Box 5. Case 27. William Cudworth, 1905

Letters, September 1905 (File B/6)

Filmed selectively.

Marie Crofts (Brisbane) to cousin, William Cudworth, 28 September 1905 (Item)

Re death of her husband, economic circumstances, trying to set up in feather and glove line - cleaning and curling feathers and cleaning gloves

(5p. pagination erratic)

Series Deed Box 16. Case 35. Woolcombers' Aid Society, July 1856 - October 1857

Filmed selectively.

Three notebooks detailing new clothes and other supplies bought for emigrants. (30p., 9p.,7p.), n.d. (File 2b)

Includes: address in Australia of some emigrants.

List of Woolcombers about to emigrate to Australia. (1p.), 19 July 1856 (File 2c)
Report to mayor [of Bradford?] on the operations of the Woolcombers' Emigration Society. (5p., Draft and fair copy), 23 October 1857 (File 2d)

Series Deed Box 20. Longley, May 1909 - August 1911

Longley Family History (35p.), 1 May 1909 - 15 August 1911 (File Case 32)

Items of interest include:

Letters from Charles Frederick Lungleye (Melbourne) to H. Speight (Bingley) re research into the Lungleye family.

Miscellaneous notes on Lungleye, Langley, Longley, Lingley and Lengley families.

Series Deed Box 34. John Malham Dembleby Papers, 6 October - c.9 January [1891/1892?]

Ben Simpson. Journal of voyage to Melbourne, 1891 - 1892 (File Case 23)

(79p. in ink and faint pencil, some damaged pages).

Details of: boarding - Fairy[?] a German ship at Humber Dock; Antwerp; Isle of Wight; Gibraltar; food; Germans hold own service on board; Doctor does not speak English; killed bullock; other livestock on board; arrangements on board; Port Said, 'a dirty hole.'; Suez Canal; crossing the line; Kangaroo Island; coaling at Port Adelaide, 24 November; Melbourne, 26 November; Australian fauna; wages; 'you can roam about here anywhere without anyone saying what do you want here and you can take a gun and shoot anything you like except Laughing Jackasses'; fruit; Lizzie's Uncle has been mayor of Melbourne and is building Parliament House.

Biographical / Historical

Ben Simpson was Mrs Malham Dembleby's uncle.

Series Deed Box 70. H. Beadle of Keighley, November 1879 - February 1916

Records of amateur radio station G8VO, 1930s-1950s.

Cases 1/1, 2/2, 3/4, include QSL cards from Australian amateur radio stations, including VK3KB, VK2ME, VK3TX, recording the reception of G8VO in Australia.


2 June 1956. Bill Tregeal, (VK3TX, Ashburton, Vic) to Harry Beadle re radio reception; the coming of television to Australia. (2p.)

Documents and photographs re Henry Arnold Atkinson of Adelaide (c.7p.), 20 November 1879 - 15 February 1916 (File Case 5/4)


Series Deed Box 71. Sir Len Hutton, 1938

Cutting re tablet placed in pavilion of Pudsey St Lawrence Cricket Club, 1938 (File Case 6/14)

Tablet to mark Sir Len Hutton's world record score of 364 runs in an innings at the Oval in the 5th test against Australia. (1p.)

Fonds WPB. William Paley Baildon Papers, 1896 - 1924

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2861.

Series 4. Correspondence, December 1896 - October 1924

Filmed selectively.

Francis J. Bayldon (Sydney Nautical School, Sydney) to W.P. Baildon, 24 May 1920 - 21 October 1924 (File 4/48)

re Baildon and the Baildons; his career as meteorologist and hydrographer; his son. (12p.)

Edward Oerton (Applethorpe, Qld) to W.P. Baildon, 14 September 1919 - 22 February 1920 (File 4/329)

re other Bayldons in Australia; snow in Queensland 'real flakes - for about 5 minutes'; politics; strikes. (5p.)

Tamate [Reverend J. Chalmers] (New Guinea) to May, 31 December 1896 - 1 January 1897 (File 4/538)

re New Year celebrations; building a house in native style. (7p.)

Elizabeth [Chalmers] (Fly River, BNG) to May, 8 November 1899 - 12 December 1899 (File 4/540)

Tamate has met the Governor in the Straits; Governor recalled East to settle some trouble; her health; lack of supplies. (7p.)

Thomas Paley Reade (Cook Town) to Sarah, his sister, n.d. (File 4/589)

Requesting guns and other items be sent care of Mr Beardmore; proposes setting up in business. (2p.)

Thomas Paley Reade (Cook Town) to Sister [Sarah] his circumstances. (2p.), n.d. (File 4/590)

Series 16. Photographs, n.d.

Dr John Baildon of Sydney, n.d. (File 16/36)

Fonds. Heaton MSS, 1916

Filmed selectively.

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2861.

Pedigree of Michael Heaton of the Ponden Heatons who went to Australia. (1p.), 1916 (File A 558)

List of the 11 children of Henry Cryar Johnston and Henrietta Heaton who married in Victoria 18 December 1864. Gives birth and marriage dates and addresses as of 1916.

Fonds MM. Miscellaneous Documents, 1837

Filmed selectively.

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2861.

R.S. Nichols (Thomas Laurie, Downs) to Thomas Freeman, 2 December 1837 - 5 December 1837 (File MMA 373)

re life on board, a temperance ship, other steerage passengers'much more disagreeable than I expected' the crew; provisions. (1p.)

[No indication of destination, ship noted as travelling to Australia in 1834 and 1839].

Fonds Sp. St Spencer Stanhope MSS, 1810 - 1853

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2861.

Series 6. Family Papers, May 1810 - November 1810

Correspondence, 10 May 1810 - 22 November 1810 (File 6/1)
John Hillas (Sydney) to Walter Spencer Stanhope, 10 May 1810 (Item 6/1/141)

Sending skins; he has remained faithful to William Bligh; Macquarie's arrival; Samuel Marsden brought a letter from his father; requests guns and gunpowder be sent to him. (4p.)

M. Mason (London) to Walter Spencer Stanhope, enclosing above letter. (2p.), 22 November 1810 (Item 6/1/141)

Series 8. Legal Papers, March 1845 - March 1853

Filmed selectively.

Crown calendar for Yorkshire Spring assizes. (1p.), 8 March 1845 (File 8/236)

Includes: details of transportees.

General Gaol Delivery at York Assizes. (1p.), 8 March 1853 (File 8/237)

Includes: details of transportees.

Fonds. Seal MSS, 1908 - 1914

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2861.

Series A.. Papers re Bradford Parish Church, November 1908 - November 1914

Papers re estate of William Pennington of South Yarra, Agent for Messrs J.V. Godwin and Co of Bradford, died Melbourne, (21p.), 12 November 1908 - 19 November 1914 (File A/2/13)


12 November 1908. Will of William Pennington.

27 March 1912. Messrs Mills and Oakley, solicitors (Melbourne) to vicar of Bradford re death of Pennington, who has left the bulk of his estate to form a trust to benefit poor of Bradford.

9 October 1912. Derham and Derham (Melbourne) to Messrs Gordon Hunter and Duncan (Bradford) re estate of Pennington and their attempts to contact the executor William James Rivers Langton.

19 November 1914. Derham and Derham (Melbourne) to Messrs Gordon, Hunter and Duncan (Bradford) that it appears the executor has used the balance of the proceeds from Pennington's estate for his own purposes.

Biographical / Historical

William Pennington died 13 March 1912.