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Created: 2019

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Fonds B/RM. Business Records: Rowland Mitchell and Co. Ltd, 1918 - 1931

Records of a woollen and worsted manufacturing firm, Lepton...

Sales Day Book, Australia (654p.), August 1918 - December 1924 (File 36)

Details of: Cloth ordered by Australian and New Zealand firms, includes shipping details...

Sales Day Book, Australia (318p.), December 1924 - October 1931 (File 37)

Details of: Cloth ordered by Australian and New Zealand firms, includes shipping details...

Ledger, Australian Sales, (233p.) Indexed, October 1914 - c. October 1931 (File 39)

Accounts with Australian and New Zealand firms...

Fonds DD/VR. Family and Personal Papers: Father Vivian Redlich, 1942 - 1962

Filmed selectively.

Papers re life and death of Father Vivian Redlich, 1942 - 1962 (File)

Father Vivian Redlich joined the Bush Brotherhood at Rockhampton, Queensland in 1935 and went to the mission in New Guinea; he was beheaded by the Japanese in 1942 (104p.)...

Fonds DD/WB. Family and Personal Papers: Whitley Beaumont Family, 1879

Filmed selectively.

Series W. Wills, April 1879

Power of attorney, Sir Luke Samuel Leake of Perth, Western Australia and Lady Louisa to A.D. Hooper, 19 April 1879 (File 92)

Re his entitlement under the will of R.H. Beaumont of Whitley Hall. (7p.)

Fonds KC.6. Non Official Records: Kidd Meller & Co., Holmfirth Solicitors, 1839 - 1942

Filmed selectively.

Series 8. Family Papers, April 1839 - December 1942

Subseries 10. Joseph Dyson Box, April 1839 - June 1891
Folder of Correspondence, 16 April 1839 - 16 June 1846 and undated. (File [A])

Matthew Henry Moorhouse Dyson (London and Adelaide) to his father Joseph Dyson (Huddersfield). (90p.) (Some crossed and faint letters)...

Envelope: Administration of M.H.M. Dyson, deceased, 1889 - 1891 (File [B])

Papers re estate of Matthew Henry Moorhouse Dyson at Hobson Hotel, Hobson Street, Auckland, (14p.)...

Subseries 14. Hampshire Family, November 1941 - December 1942
Envelope Thomas Henry Hampshire, 5 November 1941 - December 1942 (File)

Papers re income tax repayment claim of Thomas Henry Hampshire of Cambridge, New Zealand (23p.)...

Subseries 49. John Tyson, 7 February 1902
Probate of will of Sarah Anne Coulter, of Gosford, New South Wales in Supreme Court of New South Wales. (4p.), 7 February 1902 (Item [4])

Fonds KC. 39. Non Official Records: Edgar Battye Collection, 1888 - 1891

Filmed selectively.

George Lodge (Ipswich, Queensland; Parramatta; Otago) to Edgar Battye. (126p.), 12 November 1888 - 10 February 1891 (File 18-25)

Subjects include: Employment at Queensland Woollen Manufacturing Company at North Ipswich; voyage to Australia on Austral September - October 1888; trips on shore in Mediterranean; taking on board Italian opera company visiting Melbourne; Suez Canal; abstract log; effects of heat - sleeping on deck; Colombo; death of Lord Hastings' valet; tug of war, 2nd class v 3rd class, Irish v England; Albany; Williamstown; took train to Melbourne 'The streets are very wide … they have a splendid cable tramway'; Sydney; voyage to Brisbane on Fitzroy, three passengers refuse to pay, have to go 2nd class - better food than on Austral ; annual factory treat to Southport - saw kangaroos, making tea 'billy tea is considered to be the best made tea'; working at the mill 'the girls at the factory come to their work in hats and dresses with improvers or sunshades and gloves'; aboriginals 'there is not many of them left now, no one can teach them to do anything'; weaving blankets for the Government to give to aboriginals; South Sea islanders; Chinese supply neighbourhood with vegetables; Germans will work for lower wages; differences in working conditions 'there is not always someone looking at the looms here like there is at Washpit'; his working conditions weaving blankets, flannel and worsted cloth; benefits of working in Australia; different mode of living 'the bread is all made at the bakers … we have meat to every meal nearly'; food is kept in a safe 'they have to set the safe feet in small tins of water to prevent ants and cockroaches getting in'; reasons for leaving the factory and moving to New South Wales; working at weaving mill built by convicts in 1825 in Parramatta owned by Murray Bros.; description of Parramatta - fruit growing, learning to ride; reasons for going to New Zealand; death of Searle in Victoria; climate of New Zealand; Christmas celebrations in the sun; description of Wellington; woollen factories in New Zealand; leaves New Zealand due to cold climate and returns to Parramatta.

Fonds KC. 45. Non Official Records: Independent Order of Oddfellows, Manchester Unity Friendly Society, Huddersfield District, 1920

Filmed selectively.

Series 11/2. Financial and Miscellaneous Papers, July 1920

Filmed selectively.

George Newson (Auckland) to [George Bottom (Huddersfield)] that joined Loyal Parnell Lodge no. 4750, 11 July 1920 (File)

Impressions of New Zealand; shortage of moulders; housing shortage. (2p.) (Very faint)

Fonds KC. 289. Non Official Records: Fletcher Family of Dewsbury Papers, 1833 - 1860

Filmed selectively.

Release between James Bagshaw and others including James Firth of Wellington relating to will of Benjamin Firth to Paul Fletcher. (2p.), 11 September 1857 (File 1)

Will of Benjamin Firth. (1 p.), 8 May 1833 (File 2)

Power of attorney, James Firth of Wellington to Abraham Rhodes and receipt signed by Abraham Rhodes. (4p.), 2 April 1860 (File 3)

Fonds KC. 312. Non Official Records: Tolson Memorial Museum. Family and Estate Papers, 1838

Samuel Lumb (Break O'Day Plains, Van Diemen's Land) to brother, Robert Lumb (Huddersfield), 3 March 1838 (File 11/10)

Has been carpentering for twelve months; his master (James Grant) ships wool from Launceston; the journey to Launceston by bullock team takes eight days; prices in Hobart 'wine is about 4 shillings per gallon'; building materials. (4p.) (Dirty and damaged)

Fonds KC. 314. Non Official Records: Tolson Memorial Museum. Apprenticeship and other Papers, 1806

Filmed selectively.

Series 5. Miscellaneous, March 1806

Botany Bay or the way to make better times., n.d. (File 2)

Broadsheet poem suggesting that all rogues be shipped to Botany Bay. Printed for E. Anderson by J. Dawson, Stockport. (1p.)

Calendar of prisoners in York Castle and Ousebridge Gaol tried at Lent Assizes (1p.), 8 March 1806 (File 5)

Includes details of transportees.

Fonds KC. 315. Crosland and Fenton, Solicitors, Huddersfield, 1851 - 1865

Filmed selectively.

Series. Battye Family Box, June 1851 - November 1851

Release made by William Ledgard and Daniel Ledgard and Robert Holdsworth Ledgard of Adelaide concening estate of John Archibell, 13 June 1851 (File)
Witnessed by Henry Edward Downer, 14 June 1851 (File)
Covering letter from London office of Bank of Australasia, 4 November 1851 (File)
Bank of Australasia, London Office. Printed flyer giving details of Directors, share capital, branches, etc. (9p.), n.d. (File)

Series [F46/F60]. Miscellaneous Box, November 1864 - November 1865

Two Envelopes bundle J.B. Fenton and Others, December 1864 - November 1865 (File)
Release by John Battye Fenton, London, Francis Dart Fenton of Waikato, Harold Hyde Fenton of Invercargill and others to Richard Hyde, 6 December 1864 (Item)
Release by John Battye Fenton of London, Francis Dart Fenton of Waikato, Harold Hyde Fenton of Invercargill, New Zealand and others to George Ashby and George Falkner, 6 December 1864 (Item)
Power of attorney signed by Francis Dart Fenton, of Auckland, Chief Judge of the Native Land Court, 17 October 1865 (Item)
Power of attorney signed by Harold Hyde Fenton of Waikato, land surveyor, 1 November 1865 (Item)