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Leeds District Archives
Collections held by Leeds District Archives (as filmed by the AJCP)
Date Range
21 August 1821 - 1935
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78 items
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Scope and Contents

Arthington Trust Archive 1906-1934 relating to Australian and New Zealand Baptist Mission in India.

Papers 1858-1894 of George and Louisa Briggs of Allora, Queensland.

Records 1915-1930 of Greenwood and Batley Ltd concerning small arms factory and Australian and New Zealand factories of Colonial Ammunition Co. Correspondents include G. Hagger, Commander W. Clarkson, T. Muirhead Collins, S.T. Batley and R. Betts.

Correspondence 1823-1825 of the politician George Canning, Prime Minister in 1827. Subjects include: Irish affairs; New South Wales Bill 1823; the possible annexation of New Zealand; Maoris; and Dutch East Indies. Correspondents include H. Goulburn and T. Rowescroft.

Correspondence 1822-1829 of Augustus G. Stapleton, private secretary to George Canning.

Papers 1856-1861 of Charles Canning, 1st Earl Canning, Governor-General of India, on appointments of Superintendents in Penang and Singapore, the Indian Mutiny, and export of Indian camels to Australia. Correspondents include E. Blundell and Sir William Denison.

Correspondence 1850-1874 of Sir Joseph and Lady Radcliffe concerning the Tichborne Case.

Letters 1853-1867 of Robert and Jane Walker of Goulburn to their family in Leeds.

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Archival History

Material selectively filmed at the Leeds District Archives, Sheepscar, as part of the Australian Joint Copying Project, 1983 (AJCP Reels: M1898-1900). Original microfilm digitised as part of the AJCP Online Delivery Project, 2017-2020.

Existence and Location of Originals

West Yorkshire Archives Service, West Yorkshire Joint Services, Nepshaw Lane South, Leeds England.

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The West Yorkshire Archives was formerly known as the Leeds District Archives.

Existence and Location of Copies

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Finding-aid Notes

This finding aid is a revised online version of the original finding aid prepared by the Australian Joint Copying Project (AJCP), published by the National Library of Australia in 2019. The original AJCP finding aids were unpublished typescripts or photocopies available from libraries that held copies of the original microfilm.

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Allora, Queensland; Arthington Trust Archive; Australia; Australia: Wool and woolgrowing; Baptist Church; Baptist Church; Batley, S.T.; Betts, R.; Blundell, E.; Briggs, George; Briggs, Louisa; Politicians: Britain; Canning, Charles J., 1st Earl; Canning, George; Clarkson, W., Commander; Collins, T. Muirhead; Colonial Ammunition Co; Denison, Sir William T.; Dutch East Indies; Goulburn, Henry; Goulburn, New South Wales; Greenwood and Batley Ltd; Great Britain; Hagger, G.; India; India: Governors and Governors General; Ireland; laws: Great Britain; Maori; Missions and missionaries: Australia; Missions and missionaries: India; Missions and missionaries: New Zealand; Munitions and munition production; New Zealand; Penang, Malaysia; New South Wales: politics and government; Radcliffe, Katharine M., Lady; Radcliffe, Sir Joseph, 3rd Baronet; Rowescroft, T.; Singapore; Stapleton, Augustus G.; Straits Settlements; Tichborne case; Walker, Jane; Walker, Robert


Originally cited in Australian Joint Copying Project Handbook. Part 8: Miscellaneous (M) Series. Third Edition, published 1998. Entry 272, pp101-102. []

Item Descriptions

Fonds. Arthington Trust Archive, 1906 - 1935

14 items

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M1898.

Biographical / Historical

Robert Arthington (1823-1900) was the son of a wealthy brewery owner in Leeds. His parents both died in 1864 and he invested his fortune, mostly in railways, which brought him even greater wealth. He lived very frugally, but made huge contributions to the Baptist Missionary Society and the London Missionary Society, as well as contributing to hospitals and charities. He never married and he left the great part of his fortune to Christian missions. The will was poorly drafted and the distribution of funds was not completed until 1910. The bequest was to be used within 25 years.

Arthington Fund No. 2 (L.M.S.) Estimates, balance sheets and reports, 1 February 1927 (File B.8)

1 item

Filmed selectively.

B.T. Butcher. Report on work done under Arthington Bequest at Aird Hill, Kikori, Papua (6p.), 1 February 1927 (Item)

Australian Baptist Foreign Mission, Fureedpore (East Bengal), 1906 - 1935 (File C.9)

File of correspondence of E. Little, Secretary, Arthington Trustees' Fund No. 3, Leeds, with C.S. Mead, Reverend J. Mursell (Melbourne), Reverend J.G. Raws, (Adelaide), A.S. Neill (Adelaide), Reverend. J.C. Martin (Adelaide) and others. Also cuttings from magazines.

Reverend J. Takle, Brahmanbaria (East Bengal), 1908 - 1912 (File C.89)

File of correspondence of E. Little and Reverend. J. Takle concerning New Zealand Baptist Mission at Brahmanbaria.

Victorian Baptist Mission. Mymensingh (East Bengal), 1907 - 1927 (File C.108)

File of correspondence of E. Little with Reverend H. Sutton (Mymensingh), Reverend. P.C. Nall (Mymensingh) and others.

Western Australian Baptist Mission, Rajbari, 1906 - 1912 (File C.111)

File of correspondence of E. Little with Grace Brown (Rajbari) and C. Mead (Faridpur).

New Zealand Baptist Missionary Society, 1908 - 1913 (File C.221)

File of correspondence of E. Little with Reverend J. Takle (Brahmanbaria), Reverend. E. Kirwood (Auckland), C. North (Chandpur), and others. Also cuttings.

New Zealand Baptist Missionary Society; Dr. C. North, 1906 - 1910 (File C.222)

File of correspondence of E. Little and C. North and others concerning New Zealand Baptist Mission at Chandpur.

Queensland Baptist Mission, Feni (East Bengal), 1908 - 1914 (File C.230)

File of correspondence of E. Little with Reverend J. Ings (Noakhali and Feni), Reverend C. Moon (Brisbane), Reverend. J. Mursell (Brisbane) and C. Mead (Faridpur).

South Australian Furreedpore Mission, 1908 - 1934 (File C.242)

File of correspondence of E. Little with Reverend J.G. Raws (Adelaide), C.S. Mead (Faridpur) and Reverend P.J. Clark (Pubna). Also cuttings from missionary magazines.

Victorian Baptist Mission, Mymensingh, 1912 - 1933 (File C.246)

File of cuttings from missionary magazines, and letter from Reverend H. Sutton (Mymensingh), 1927.

Victorian Baptist Mission, Birisiri, 1912 - 1934 (File C.247)

File of cuttings from missionary magazines.

Twenty-two photographs of South Australian missions at Furreedpore, Orakandi and Namasudra, 1910 - 1912 (File E.27)

Ten photographs of Western Australian mission at Rajbari, 1911 - 1912 (File E.33)

Photographs, July 1909 (File E.38)

1 item

Filmed selectively.

Two photographs of construction of New Zealand Arthington outstation near Brahmanburia, July 1909 (Item 10-11)

Fonds. Briggs Papers, 1858 - 1901

1 item

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M1898.

Biographical / Historical

George Briggs married Louisa Spencer (d. 1883) at Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire, in 1853. They migrated to New South Wales and lived in Armidale, before settling in the Allora district of Queensland in 1878.

Photocopies of papers of George and Louisa Briggs of Allora, Queensland, 1858 - 1901 (File Acc. 2223)

Letters from Thomas Spencer (Hobart) to Louisa Briggs, 1858-1883; letters from Mary Spencer to Louisa Briggs, 1882-1883; letters from James Briggs (London) to George Briggs, 1886-1894; letters from Elizabeth Clarke (Sydney), Annie Thompson (Warwick) and H. Heron (Sydney), 1872-1883;, letter from Louisa Briggs (Allora) to George Briggs, 1883; power of attorney granted by George Briggs to Louisa Briggs, 1882; business papers; notices of lectured by George Briggs at Allora and West Maitland.

Fonds. Greenwood and Batley Ltd. Records, 1889 - 1930

4 items

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M1898.

Biographical / Historical

Thomas Greenwood and John Batley formed a partnership in 1856 and established the Albion Foundry and later the Albion Works in Leeds. By 1888 the works covered 11 acres and employed 1600 men. The company manufactured an extraordinary rage of goods including machine tools, textile machinery, steam engines, turbine motors and pumps, ordnance, tanks, printing machines, sewing machines, tramcars and locomotives. It had a major interest in the Colonial Ammunition Company, founded in 1888, which had factories in Melbourne and Auckland.

File of correspondence and cables relating to a tender for an Australian Government contract to build a small arms factory at Lithgow, 1906 - 1909 (File 11/3/58)

The correspondents include G. Hagger, Colonial Ammunition Co. (Melbourne), Commander W. Clarkson, T. Muirhead Collins and Birmingham Small Arms Co.

Bundle of correspondence concerning Colonial Ammunition Co. and its factories in Australia and New Zealand, 1889 - 1930 (File 11/3/92)

The papers include lists of plant and machinery installed at Melbourne and Auckland factories 1889-1912; notes and correspondence between Colonial Ammunition Co. and Australian Government concerning a new agreement on the ammunition factory at Footscray 1911-1916; case for opinion of counsel on possible breach of contract by Australian Government, May 1915; report of visit by R. Betts to Melbourne and Auckland works, 1916-1917; correspondence between R. Betts and S.T. Batley on agreement with Australian Government for renewal of contract for supply of ammunition, 1916-1918; correspondence between Hodge Engineering and Contracting Co. and Colonial Ammunition Co. (Auckland) concerning machinery, 1919; and correspondence between S.T. Batley (Leeds), R. Betts (London), and Greenwood and Batley Ltd. on liquidation of Colonial Ammunition Co., 1929-1930.

File of drafts and copies of agreements between Australian Government and Colonial Ammunition Co., 1915 - 1919 (File 11/3/94)

File of papers concerning Auckland factory of Colonial Ammunition Co., 1915 - 1927 (File 11/3/98)

The papers include notes on the history of the Colonial Ammunition Co. (1888-1904); notes on pensions granted to members of the Whitney family; financial papers 1919-1920; draft agreement between Colonial Ammunition Co. and Major J. Whitney for sale of Auckland undertaking, 1921; and notice of meeting to wind up Colonial Ammunition Co., 1927.

Fonds. Earl Of Harewood Archives: Canning Papers, 21 August 1821 - 1 March 1826

7 items

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M1899.

Biographical / Historical

George Canning (1770-1827) was educated at Eton and Christ Church, Oxford, and became a member of the House of Commons in 1794. A strong supporter of William Pitt, he held junior offices in Pitt's ministries. He was Foreign Secretary in the administration of the Duke of Portland (1807-1809), ambassador to Portugal (1814-1815), President of the Board of Control (1816-1820) and Foreign Secretary and Leader of the House (1822-1827). In 1827, when Lord Liverpool had a stroke and resigned, Canning succeeded him as Prime Minister but died three months later.

Series 62-81a; 143. Private correspondence: personal and political, 28 January 1822 - 1 March 1826

3 items
Private Correspondence, 23 September 1823 - 1 March 1826 (File 75)
7 items

Filmed selectively.

Canning to H. Goulburn, 23 September 1823 (Item)

Encloses letter from Lady Glengall on growth of New Zealand flax in Ireland.

H. Goulburn (Dublin) to Lady Glengall, 27 September 1823 (Item)

Funds not available to promote cultivation of New Zealand flax in Ireland.

H. Goulburn to Canning, 29 September 1823 (Item)

Sends copy of letter to Lady Glengall; Irish affairs.

H. Goulburn to Canning, 12 October 1823 (Item)

Returns Lady Glengall's letter.

R. Wilmot Horton to Canning, 9 July 1823 (Item)

Background of N.S.W. Bill; urges priority over other Bills.

Canning to R. Wilmot Horton, 9 July 1823 (Item)

No objection to N.S.W. Bill but it should have been introduced in House of Lords.

R. Wilmot Horton, [1826]-03-01 (Item)

Duties of Under Secretary for Colonies and his responsibilities in House of Commons.

Private Correspondence, 28 January 1822 - 22 January 1824 (File 76a)
2 items

Filmed selectively.

J. Backhouse to Canning, 28 January 1822 (Item)

Sends letter from Lord Hastings re. correspondence with Canning on negotiations with Dutch over East Indies.

Canning to T. Courtneay (India Board), 22 January 1824 (Item)

Cession of Bencoolen to Dutch; cultivation of pepper.

Series 82-97b. Political correspondence: official and private, 4 January 1824 - 1 September 1825

3 items
Political Correspondence, 22 July 1824 - 27 July 1824 (File 91)
2 items

Filmed selectively.

Petition of George Gordon to Canning, 22 July 1824 (Item)

Seeks appointment as Hebrew and English teacher in N.S.W.

Canning to G. Gordon, 27 July 1824 (Item)

Petition should be addressed to Colonial Office.

Political Correspondence (File 97a)
1 item

Filmed selectively.

Late King of Sandwich Islands (Item)

Particulars extracted from correspondence of Mr. Ellis of L.M.S. (6 p.)

Political Correspondence, 4 January 1824 - 1 September 1825 (File 97b)
3 items

Filmed selectively.

[T. Rowcroft]. Memorandum on advantages of Chinese immigration into Australia and New Zealand, 4 January 1824 (Item)
[T. Rowcroft]. Memorandum on advantages of annexing New Zealand, 4 January 1824 (Item)

Refers to flax, timber; Maoris; urges military or naval station uncontaminated by convicts.

Govnor Botei (Woahoo) to Canning, 1 September 1825 (Item)

Greetings from Hawaiian chiefs; burial of King and Queen; British Consul gone to Society Islands.

Series 99a. Papers relating to India, 21 August 1821 - 29 December 1823

6 items

Filmed selectively.

Lord Hastings to C.B. Bathurst, 21 August 1821 (File)

Negotiations with Dutch; Dutch claims to Johore and its dependencies. (extract)

W.T. Money to Canning, 30 December 1823 (File)

Claims of British subjects owning property in Java.

Copy of Batavian Gazette referring to lease of lands from Javanese princes, 24 May 1823 (File)
D. and P. McLachlan (London) to M. de Falck, 29 December 1823 (File)

Proclamation on lease of lands in Java.

Extracts from two Batavian letters on coffee cultivation and lease of lands, May 1823 (File)
Opinion of Calcutta solicitors on tenure of estates in Java, 8 August 1822 (File)

Series 143. Private correspondence: personal and political, 9 October 1824 - 27 November 1825

4 items

Filmed selectively.

Sir Stamford Raffles to Canning, 9 October 1824 (File)

Satisfaction with Treaty with Dutch on East Indies; thanks for support when Raffles was in Singapore.

Sir Stamford Raffles to Canning, 21 November 1825 (File)

Seeks compensation for loss of property and health while in East Indies.

Canning to Sir Stamford Raffles, 27 November 1825 (File)

Undertakes to speak to Sir G. Robinson.

Canning to Sir Stamford Raffles, 11 October 1824 (File)

Anglo-Netherlands Treaty; Raffles' extremist actions might have led to war but fruits of policy worth preserving.

Fonds. Earl of Harewood Archives: Stapleton Papers, 3 February 1822 - 30 April 1829

2 items

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M1899.

Biographical / Historical

Augustus Granville Stapleton (1800?-1880) was educated at Rugby and St John's College, Cambridge. On leaving university in 1823 he became the private secretary of George Canning. He was a commissioner of customs (1827-1831), but failed to enter Parliament and most of his life was devoted to writing. He produced a number of books on Canning including George Canning and his times (1859).

Correspondence with C.B. Bathurst, 3 February 1822 - 18 February 1822 (File 31)

3 items

Filmed selectively.

Canning to C.B. Bathurst, 3 February 1822 (Item)

Correspondence with Lord Hastings on Singapore; Hastings' irresponsibility; doubts justification of Sir Stamford Raffles in seizing Singapore.

C.B. Bathurst to Canning, 13 February 1822 (Item)

Forwarding of Singapore correspondence to Wynne.

Canning to C.B. Bathurst, 18 February 1822 (Item)

Apologizes for sending correspondence to Wynne.

Miscellaneous papers, 30 April 1829 (File 56)

1 item

Filmed selectively.

Twiss (Colonial Office) to Stapleton, 30 April 1829 (Item)

Appointment of R. Therry to N.S.W. due to Sir George Murray; proof of his regard for memory of Canning.

Fonds. Earl of Harewood Archives: Lord Canning Papers, 14 October 1842 - 29 November 1861

42 items

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M1899-M1900.

Biographical / Historical

Charles John Canning (1812-1862) Viscount Canning (succeeded 1837), 1st Earl Canning (created 1859), the son of George Canning, was educated at Eton and Christ Church, Oxford. On the death of his mother in 1837 he succeeded to the peerage which had been created in her favour in 1827. He was under-secretary for foreign affairs in the Peel Ministry (1841-1845) and he remained a Peelite after Peel's death. He was postmaster-general under Lord Aberdeen and Lord Palmerston (1853-1855) and in 1856 was appointed Governor-General of India. Following the Indian Mutiny and the dissolution of the East India Company he became the first viceroy of India (1858-1862).

Series. Governor-General's Papers, 14 October 1842 - 29 November 1861

42 items
Subseries ff.1-64. Volumes of letters (civil), 25 October 1860 - 19 July 1861
1 item
Letters from Governor of Madras, 25 October 1860 - 19 July 1861 (File f.14)
4 items

Filmed selectively.

W.A. Morehead to Canning, 25 October 1860 (Item f.52)

Appointment of Sir William Denison as Governor of Madras; no one in England would accept appointment.

Sir William Denison (Sydney) to Canning, 17 November 1860 (Item f.53)

Appointment to Madras; plans for leaving Australia and meeting Canning; family.

Sir William Denison to Canning, 18 May 1861 (Item f.60)

Indian Native Army; complains of Australian Association, great nuisance to governments in Australia.

Sir William Denison to Canning, 19 July 1861 (Item f.65)

Cultivation of cotton; Australia may eventually supply part of cotton requirements of factories.

Subseries ff.94-131. Private Secretary's Office Papers, 14 October 1842 - 29 November 1861
41 items
Correspondence (103 bundles), 4 April 1856 - 29 November 1861 (File 108)
34 items

Letters addressed either to Lord Canning or his private secretary.

Bundles filmed selectively by the AJCP.

E. Blundell (Singapore), 4 April 1856 (Item Bundle 3/256)

Remonstrates against appointment of Lieutenant. Hilliard as Superintendent of Convicts at Penang.

J. Rose (Penang), 4 June 1856 (Item Bundle 5/491)

Seeks appointment as Senior Surgeon in Penang.

E. Blundell, 20 June 1856 (Item Bundle 6/581)

Appointment of Superintendent of Convicts at Penang.

E.E. Lloyd (Penang), 25 September 1856 (Item Bundle 11/1086)

Seeks appointment as Assistant Surgeon at Penang.

Captain H. Man (Malacca), 22 November 1856 (Item Bundle 14/1312)

Complains of appointment of H.S. Mackenzie as Resident Councillor at Singapore.

Captain J. Flint, 4 February 1857 (Item Bundle 16/1585)

Seeks appointment as Superintendent of convicts at Singapore.

E. Blundell (Singapore), 23 February 1857 (Item Bundle 17/1620)

Arrival of 14th M.N.I.; all quiet in Straits; Auckland reported to have destroyed some pirate junks.

Lieutenant G. Heath (Singapore), 14 April 1857 (Item Bundle 19/1882)

Requests civil appointment.

Captain J. Flint, 28 April 1857 (Item Bundle 19/1890)

Seeks appointment as Superintendent of Convicts at Singapore.

To Sir William Denison, 15 May 1857 (Item Bundle 20/1914a)

Despatch of some birds.

E. Blundell, 25 April 1857 (Item Bundle 21/2082)

All quiet at Penang and Singapore.

E. Blundell, 22 June 1857 (Item Bundle 22/2152)

Appointment of Captain. Purvis as Superintendent of Convicts; departure of H.M.S. Simeon for Calcutta with 700 soldiers.

E. Blundell, 10 July 1857 (Item Bundle 23/2217)

Despatch of troops to Calcutta; Transit being detained until arrival of China mail.

E. Blundell, 29 July 1857 (Item Bundle 23/2272)

Arrival of Lord Elgin in Singapore; diversion of troops to Calcutta.

E. Blundell, 7 August 1857 (Item Bundle 24/2356)

Blervie Castle sent to Calcutta; state prisoner sent to Penang.

E. Blundell, 22 August 1857 (Item Bundle 24/2366)

Arrival of detachment of Royal Engineers; false alarm among Europeans at Singapore; sale of Transit.

Dr. Bleeker (Java), 21 July 1857 (Item Bundle 24/2398)

Indian Mutiny; doubts if it will affect Dutch East Indies.

E. Blundell, 7 September 1857 (Item Bundle 25/2476)

Shipping news; all quiet in Straits.

E. Blundell, 4 September 1857 (Item Bundle 25/2482)

Despatch of detachment of Royal Engineers; hopes Singapore will not be receptacle for political prisoners.

E. Blundell, 1 October 1857 (Item Bundle 26/2590)

Tour of Straits Settlements.

E. Blundell, 17 September 1857 (Item Bundle 26/2599)

Allegations made by Captain. H. Man; offers to resign Governorship if explanation unsatisfactory.

E. Blundell, 28 November 1857 (Item Bundle 29/2833)

All quiet at Singapore; complains of mutineers being sent out as convicts.

Lieutenant R. Farrer, 11 December 1857 (Item Bundle 30/2987)

Offers services to buy horses in Australia.

E. Blundell, 15 December 1857 (Item Bundle 30/2993)

Offers resignation on account of response of Supreme Government to allegations of Captain. Man.

E. Blundell, 16 December 1857 (Item Bundle 30/2994)

Applies for leave to visit Calcutta and submit resignation.

Mrs. E. Flint (Singapore), 20 June 1857 (Item Bundle 31/3045)

Seeks appointment for husband as Superintendent of Convicts in Straits.

E. Blundell, 26 January 1858 (Item Bundle 32/3111)

Arrival of troops in Singapore.

J.D. Vaughan (Singapore), 15 December 1857 (Item Bundle 32/3151)

Sends notes on Malays of Penang and Province Wellesley; value of regiment of such men.

E. Blundell, 12 February 1858 (Item Bundle 33/3275)

Submits to Canning's wishes on resignation of Governorship; dissension in European community in Singapore.

C. Beadon (Calcutta), 5 March 1858 (Item Bundle 34/3374)

Captain. Man and Governor Blundell.

G. Landels (Buxar), 16 February 1859 (Item Bundle 50/4960)

Purchase of camels in India for Victoria.

E. Blundell, 8 February 1859 (Item Bundle 50/4970)

Resignation as Governor of Straits Settlements.

Captain C. D'Oyly, 23 February 1859 (Item Bundle 50/4986)

Transport of camels to Australia.

W.S. Atkinson (Calcutta), 2 April 1859 (Item Bundle 52/5119)

Exchange of natural history specimens between Asiatic Society and Sydney Museum.

G. Landels (Lahore), 19 May 1859 (Item Bundle 55/5447)

Export of camels from India to Victoria.

E. Blundell, 15 June 1859 (Item Bundle 58/5702)

Objections to transfer of Singapore from Government of India to Colonial Office. (extract)

Colonel O. Cavenagh (Singapore), 28 August 1859 (Item Bundle 60/5968)

State of society and economy of Singapore; defences; unpopularity of Governor Blundell.

W.S. Atkinson (Calcutta), 18 September 1859 (Item Bundle 61/6048)

Sends box of shells for Sir William Denison.

To Sir William Denison, 27 September 1859 (Item Bundle 61/6095)

Sends shells of India.

Colonel O. Cavenagh (Singapore), 27 September 1859 (Item Bundle 62/6156)

Procurement of panther for Canning; affray in Johore.

Colonel O. Cavenagh, 22 October 1859 (Item Bundle 64/6345)

Despatch of panther; conduct of Police and charges against Robertson.

O. Cavenagh, December 1859 (Item Bundle 66/6527)

Sends report on Civil Service in Straits Settlements; suggests civilians be appointed in England for Straits Service; no Resident needed in Singapore.

P.W. le Geyt (Calcutta), 12 February 1860 (Item Bundle 68/6792)

Request by Lieutenant. R. Farrer to be appointed Agent for Indian Government in Australia for purchase of horses.

Sir William Denison (Sydney), 21 December 1859 (Item Bundle 69/6868)

Thanks for shells sent by Asiatic Society.

Lieutenant G.L. Huyshe (Poona), 8 September 1861 (Item Bundle 93/9289)

Wishes to be included in any contingent sent from India to New Zealand.

W. Grey (Calcutta), 29 November 1861 (Item Bundle 97/9635)

Return of Dr. T. Anderson from Java; cinchona plants

Papers on miscellaneous subjects (48 bundles), 1850-12-27 - [1859] (File 114)
5 items

Filmed selectively.

Memorandum on piracy in Straits of Singapore (10 p.), n.d. (Item Bundle 6/127)
Two papers on Straits Settlements currency (24 p.), [1856] (Item Bundle 9/219)
Notes on Johore Treaty and the Tumungong of Mour (7p.), [1859] (Item Bundle 15/355)
Note by Canning on removal of Sultan of Tumongong from Singapore. (2 p.) (Item Bundle 15/363)
Statement of receipts and charges of Straits Settlements during years, 1854-1855 to 1857-1858 (1 p.), 6 July 1859 (Item Bundle 16)
Address to W. Napier from merchants and residents of Singapore, 27 December 1850 (Item Bundle 30/664)

On occasion of his removal from Lieutenant-Governorship of Labuan (2 p. printed)

Statement of facts relative to suspension by Sir James Brooke of W. Napier from office of Lieutenant-Governor of Labuan (8 p. printed), n.d. (Item Bundle 30)
Memoranda, 1855 (File 176/2)
1 item

Filmed selectively.

Court of Judicature (Prince of Wales Island) Bill, 1855 (Item)

Also includes memorandum on Straits Settlements Recorders Court.

Non-Indian Papers: Correspondence of W.E. Gladstone and Canning, 14 October 1842 - 23 October 1843 (File S1)
1 items

Concerning negotiations with Dutch on Javanese sugar and use of slave labour in Java.

Filmed selectively.

Letters from W.E. Gladstone, 1842-10-14; 1843-01-26; 1843-05-05; 1843-05-26; 1843-10-23 (Item)

Fonds Acc. 1306. Records of Kirby, Son and Atkinson, Solicitors, of Harrogate, 14 April 1856

1 item

Filmed selectively.

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M1900.

Free pardon granted by Governor Sir Henry Young of Van Diemen's Land to Elisha Sinclair, 14 April 1856 (File 60 (58))

Biographical / Historical

Elisha Sinclair was convicted at York Assizes in 1843.

Fonds. Radcliffe Papers, 13 June 1831 - 1874

5 items

Papers of Radcliffe Family of Rudding Park, Harrogate.

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M1900.

Biographical / Historical

The Radcliffe Family lived at Rudding Park House, Harrogate, from 1824 to 1972. Sir Joseph Radcliffe (1824-1908), 3nd Baronet (succeeded 1872), married Katharine Doughty, the daughter of Sir Edward Doughty and cousin of Roger Tichborne. Sir Joseph Radcliffe (1858-1949), 4th Baronet, married Mary Katherine Talbot, the granddaughter of Sir John Talbot. Sir John Talbot (c. 1769-1851) entered the Royal Navy in 1784 and commanded a number of ships during the Napoleonic Wars. He saw no further action after 1814, but was promoted to vice-admiral in 1830 and admiral in 1841. His brother William Talbot (1784?-1845) arrived in Van Diemen's Land in 1820 and became a successful wool-grower.

Series. Family correspondence of Admiral Sir John Talbot, 13 June 1831 - 1874

2 items
William Talbot (Van Diemen's Land) to Sir John Talbot, 13 June 1831 (File 618)

Value of meat and wool production; fine country but inferior people; visits of W. Everard and S. Talbot from Swan River.

Series 659. Papers of Sir Joseph and Lady Radcliffe concerning the Tichborne Case, 1850 - 1874

2 Item

Correspondence, pamphlets, broadsheets, addresses, photographs, cartoons, newspaper cuttings and souvenirs of the Tichborne Case and claimant. Lady Radcliffe was the daughter of Sir Edward Doughty, an uncle of Roger Tichborne, and Lady Doughty and Lady Radcliffe were key witnesses at the trial.

Thirty letters from D. Cullington, solicitor (London) to Lady Doughty and J.P.P. Radcliffe, November 1866 - February 1870 (File Box F)

Arrival of claimant in England; collecting of evidence, including investigations in Australia and Chile on T. Castro; Lady Tichborne.

Five letters from P. Mostyn (Rhyl) to J.P.P. Radcliffe, December 1868 - December 1869 (File Box F)

Evidence obtained by Commission in Australia; details of family of T. Castro and Doughty estate.

Summons by Solicitor to Treasury to Lady Doughty to attend Old Bailey to give evidence in prosecution of T. Castro, 28 March 1872 (File Box F)

Fonds Acc. 1056. Records of Shaw, Mottershead and Badgery, Solicitors, of Colne, 1860 - 11 September 1861

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Filmed selectively.

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M1900.

Conveyance from S. Farrar of Halifax to William and Christina Berkett of Waimea East, Nelson, New Zealand, of 50 acres of land in Waimea East, 1860 (File 417)

W. Hodgson (Nelson) to S. Farrar, 11 September 1861 (File)

Requests he execute conveyance.

Fonds GA/Z41. Letters of Robert Walker, 1853 - 1867

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Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M1900.

Four letters from Robert Walker (Coolondong and Goulburn) to his parents and brother in Leeds, and one letter from his daughter Jane Walker, 1853-1864; 1867 (File)

Voyage to Australia in 1852; arrival in Melbourne; prices; violence; work on station in Monaro, on Araluen and Ovens River goldfields, and as turnkey in Goulburn Gaol; unemployment in Australia; farming depression; disillusion; family news.