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Tourist map of Osaka, c.1947 (Item 1) - Folder 1

Brochure. Osaka map, places of interest text continued, supplementary index and Japan Travel Buseau local offices listed on verso. Osaka and Vicinity map and places of interest text on verso. On sheet 61 x 92 cm.

Business Map of Osaka, 1:30,000 (Item 2) - Folder 1

Map on recto shows railways, streetcar lines, subways, police stataions, ward offices, post offices, schools, shrines, temples, hospitals and prominent buildings. List of exhibitors and Harold S. Williams book plate on verso. On sheet 38 x 54 cm.

Map of Tokyo Expressway, 1:64,000, 1967 (Item 3) - Folder 1

Maps with tabale showing legend, signs, tolls and origins and ends of the Tokyo Expressway Routes. Coca-Cola logo in lower left corner. Diagrams of expressway loops and routes with corresponding map in centre, safe driving hints on the Tokyo Intra-Urban Expressway, Coca-Cola advertisement and Harold S. Williams bookplate on verso. On sheet 52 x 77 cm.

New Century Map of Tokyo with Index, 1:12,000, c. 1901 (Item 4) - Folder 1

Fold out map in a booklet. Map on recto showing roads, railways, tramways, district boundaries, embankments, hills, Shinto Shrines, Buddhist Temples, Post & Telegraph Offices, Ward Offices, Police Stations, Gendarme Offices, Railway Stations, Bridges, and municipal administrative divisions of Machi and Cho. Inside cover shown with map on recto lists Books for Foreign Visitors. Verso shows cover and list entitled To Purchasers. On sheet 99 x 109 cm.

Kobe, 1964 (Item 5) - Folder 1

Printed Brochure. Down Town Map (Scale 1:15.000), Scenic map of Kobe, Around Kobe map, text on scenic spots and how to get to Kyoto, Nara & Takarazuka, and Canon advertisement on recto. Shopping map and advertisements on verso. On sheet 59 x 42 cm.

Kobe The Flying Angel, c. 1967 (Item 6) - Folder 1

Brochure. Recto shows Scenic Map of Kobe, welcome text on 'The Flying Angel', including The Chapel, Sunday Services and Weekday Services, and places of interest. Verso shows opening times, what's available at 'The Flying Angel', day tours to nearby cities, a map of businesses and accompanying advertisements, and illustrated cover. On sheet 60 x 25 cm.

Kobe, 1:15.000, 1967 (Item 7) - Folder 1

Brochure. Later version of map at item 5. Down Town Kobe map, listing of shopping, restaurants, coffee shops, nightclubs, hotels and a home visit service, and illustrated cover on recto. Scenic Map of Kobe, listing of scenic spots, facts about Kobe, transport information, how to get to nearby cities and advertisements on verso. On sheet 59 x 42 cm.

Kobe. Scenic Map of Kobe. Down Town Kobe, 1966 (Item 8) - Folder 1

Brochure. Later version of maps at items 5 and 7. Down Town Kobe, Scenic Map of Kobe and advertisements on recto. Map of Japan, map of Around Kobe showing transport, Some Facts About Kobe, Scening Spots in Jobe, How to get to Kyoto, Nara & Takarazuka and advertisements on verso. Updated listings of shopping and other services mentioned in previous maps also on verso. On sheet 59 x 42 cm.

Port of Kobe, 1 : 20,000, 1967 (Item 12) - Folder 1

Brochure. Latest version of map at item 13. Map on recto, with legend showing the Waterfront Area, Commercial Port Development Plan (Under Construction) and Seaside Industrial Zone (Completed). Cover and text on Port's history, geographical features, and other details of the capacity of the port on recto. On sheet 109 x 53 cm.

Port of Kobe Today, 1 : 15000, 1965 (Item 13) - Folder 1

Brochure. Earlier version of map at item 12. Explanation shows Transit shed & waterfront area. Details the port's history, geographical features, and the port's capacity. On sheet 78 x 53 cm.

City Plan Tokyo & Environs Road Map, 1:39,000, 1953 (Item 15) - Folder 1

Brochure. Revised & Enlarged after Peace Treaty. Recto shows Tokyo & Environs Road Map with glossary and index of places on interest and main bus routes. Annotated in pencil with 'Korinji' [?]. Insets: 1 Central Tokyo at Scale 1 : 25,000; 2 Marunouchi District at Scale 1: 10,000; 3 Tokyo & Environs Main Road map at Scale 1 : 2,000,000; 4 Yokohama.Kamakura Yokosuka Area Road map at Scale 1: 100,000. Tokyo guide, text detailing ancient and modern Tokyo, images, general places of interest, advertisements and currency conversion tables are on verso. On sheet 109 x 76 cm.

Buyer's Map of Osaka, 1954 (Item 16) - Folder 1

Brochure. Recto shows Map of the Osaka city at 1:30,000 with key points of interest listed and inset of Osaka Business Center. Verso shows Map of Kinki District at 1 : 40.000.0 on verso, as well as text on Osaka, a list of exhibitors, and advertisements. On sheet 54 x 76 cm.

Main Road Map of Japan, 1951 (Item 17) - Folder 2

Brochure. Recto shows map with inset of Hokkaido. Includes Mileage Charts of Japan - From Tokyo (Honshu, Kyushu, Shikoku). Reference table includes natural features, temples, prefectural boundaries and recreational activities. Verso shows cover and advertisement for Nissan Motor Co. On sheet 109 x 79 cm.

[San Pu-Go Ko Saiken-Gen-zu-Meiji 9 (Plans of three Fu and five Ports)], 1876 (Item 18) - Folder 2

Fold out map from a booklet. Maps of Yokohama, Kobe, Hakodate Niigata, Osaka, Tokyo, Nagasaki, Kyoto and Fushimi City. Rare item. Title, year and translated title on cover on verso. On sheet 97 x 115 cm.

Map of Japan for Tourists, 1897 (Item 19) - Folder 2

Brochure and envelope with label showing creator and publisher information. Brochure details origins of The Welcome Society of Japan on recto. Recto also shows map with glossary and explanation of signs. Insets: Chart of the World; Hokkaido (Yezo). Business advertisements on verso. Envelope recto has editor and publisher information from the map translated from Japanese into English. Envelope verso cites The Time Supplement on Japan July 19, 1910, available in the Moji Library, for limited information on the Welcome Society. Map On sheet 87 x 58 cm.

Map of Japan, 1 : 2 000 000 (Item 20) - Folder 2

Map with index including principal cities, National Parks, Places of Scenic Beauty and J.N.R Main Lines, and table showing topographic features and legend for infrastructure. On sheet 76 x 104 cm.

Japan. Honshū, Kyushu and Shikoku and Shikokiu and part of the Korea, 2347, 1876 - 1953 (Item 21) - Folder 2

Hydrographic chart; includes sea depths and physical features (mountain ranges). Annotated in pencil. On sheet 102 x 70 cm.

Translation. Extract from Map of Kobe, 1891 (Item 22) - Folder 2

Three pages of text relating to map at item 47 in this collection, according to library label. Lists firms and consulates in Kobe settlement - British, German and North American. Stamped with Williams' address in Kobe. On sheet 18 x 25 cm.

[Kaiko Kobe no Zu (Map of Kobe at time of opening of port)], 1868 (Item 23) - Folder 2

Diagramatic map. Note about the map annotated on verso, and typed notes regarding translating Japanese script about copier and book stores on accompanying slips. On sheet 55 x 40 cm.

[Meiji 2 Hyogo-tsu Saiken Zen-zu (Sketch of Hyogo port)], 1869 (Item 24) - Folder 2

Artistic map. On sheet 55 x 40 cm.

Map of Kobe Gateway to Japan, 1:50,000, c. 1956 (Item 25) - Folder 2

Physical features/road map and envelope. Pie graphs on map show Kobe's exports/imports compared to other Japanese cities. Inset: Port of Kobe 1:20,000. On sheet 53 x 74 cm.

[Old Map of] Maya San, Kobe (Item 26) - Folder 2

Pictorial map and accompanying envelope annotated with translation. Map on sheet 48 x 40 cm.

Map of Tokyo, Yokohama and Neighbourhoud, 1:200000 (Item 27) - Folder 2

Topographic features, province boundaries, road and railways, Jinsha (Shintō Temples) and Ji-ins (Buddhist Temples) and other infrastructure are shown. Ri [Japanese mile] and kilometre scales annotated in pencil on recto. On sheet 92 x 61 cm.

The "Japan Gazette" Hong List Plan of the Bluff and Settlement Yokohama, Japan, 1876 (Item 28) - Folder 2

Sketch map. Annotated in pencil on verso "From the Japan Gazette Hong List & Directory for 1876." On sheet 67 x 48 cm.

Yokohama, 1:2,5000, c. 1875 (Item 29) - Folder 2

Topography and settlement areas shown on map. Shows land lots in the Settlement and on the Bluff. Scales for Japanese Ri, English mile and Kilometres shown. Reference lists institutions including banks, shops and the British, Chinese and French consulates. Calculations annotated in pencil on verso. Note accompanying map states '(This map was issued with "The Japan Gazette Hong List and Directory for 1876".) Note: A somewhat better plan for the "Yokohama Settlement, 1862-3" is to be found in "Japan Gazette Yokohama Semi-Centennial 1859-1909".' On sheet 31 x 30 cm.

Shikoku Hachi-ju-hachi kasho Junpai ryaku-zu (88 places of Shikoku for praying), 1600 - 1868 (Item 30) - Folder 2

Pictorial map. Title typed on label on envelope accompanying map. Envelope annotated with 'Old Pilgrims Map.' in blue and '(88 Holy Places of Shikoku)' in red. Envelope shows Melbourne and Australia stamps. Map on sheet 48 x 35 cm.

The Temple, Hōriuju's Hichido-Garan. Yamato, Japan, 1893 (Item 31) - Folder 2

Pictorial map. Black and white drawing of temples, landscape and clouds, with Japanese script. Title, publisher and printer details, printing and issuing date and Copy right information typed on verso, and on accompanying envelope. Map on sheet 59 x 38 cm.

Picture of Haruna-san Kozukeno Kuni Japan, c. 1895 (Item 32) - Folder 2

Pictorial map. Landscape and temples depicted. Title, printer and editor, and publisher details, and issuer information typed on verso, and on accompanying envelope. Map on sheet 54 x 34 cm.

The Far East, 1:7,500,000, 1952 (Item 33) - Folder 2

Political map. Inset: Korea - showing battleline as of July 1st 1952, scale 1:4,000,000. Transverse mercator projection. On sheet 74 x 102 cm.

Map of the Inland Sea of Japan (Seto Nai Kai), 1:850,000 (Item 34-36) - Folder 2

Pamphlet. 3 copies, one of which (34/Copy 1) is annotated in pencil. Inset showing more details of Bingo Nada (Open Sea), Kagawa, Shodo Shima and surrounding areas. On sheet 60 x 22 cm.

How to see Inland Sea, Japan, 1963 (Item 37) - Folder 2

Brochure. Includes tourist information of surrounding cities. Brochure on sheet 10 x 23 cm. Includes fold out map of the surrounding area. Map on sheet 35 x 23 cm. Lists Tourist Information Centres and Overseas Offices for the Japan National Tourist Organization on verso.

Kobe-Shi Kanko (Kobe City Tourist Map) Kobe: Kōbe-she Keizai-kyoku Kankōka (City of Kobe) (Item 38) - Folder 2

Pictorial map, most likely a brochure. Title annotated in pencil on verso. Information about night life in Kobe on verso. On sheet 103 x 37 cm.

Seto Nakai (Inland Sea of Japan), 1:850,000, c. 1962 (Item 39-40) - Folder 2

2 copies. Brochure. Depicts topography and main driving/shipping routes. Inset map of certain eastern area of inland sea – scale 1: 500 000. On sheet 72 x 26 cm.

Port of Osaka, 1 : 15, 000 (Item 41) - Folder 3

Map in colour. Legend showing railways, subways, bus routes and stops, tram stations, ferry boat, proposed roads, projected waterfront, lighthouses, floodgates etc. Shows Wind Rose adjacent to the Legend. On sheet 76 x 81 cm.

Plan of the Foreign Settlement of Kobe, 1872 - 1967 (Item 44) - Folder 3

Map in colour and overlay tracing of map on tissue paper, with additional land owner data printed in red in Japanese script and English (2 sheets). Map shows Remarks tables show calculations, lot sales coded by nationality of, and building materials. 'Mr Hart C.E., Hiogo on July 3rd 1872' signed in lower right corner. On sheet 49 x 75 cm.

Map of Yokohama, [1:50,000], c. 1953 (Item 45) - Folder 3

Topographic map. Title annotated on map recto. Scale and year derived from Library listing. Shows Harold S. William's signature in green on recto. Has been hole punched on sides of the map. On sheet 46 x 58 cm.

Map of Yokohama. Yamate-Cho, Yamashita-Cho (Item 46) - Folder 3

Plan showing numbered lots. Title annotated in black and Harold S. Williams signature annotated in green in recto. Has hole punctures like Item 45. Annotations in pencil on recto, including 'Finalay Richardson & Co destroyed in Earthquake'. On sheet 54 x 39 cm.

[Kobi-shi zenzu: Wa-Ei Shomitsu (Detailed map of the City of Kobe)], 1891 (Item 47) - Folder 3

Title and date derived from Library listing. Shows railway timetables, public buildings, distances, Japanese firms, hotels and shipping bays tables surrounding the map, the data in Japanese script and annotated in pencil with English labels. 'Hyogo Hotel' and 'Nishimura' are also annotated in pencil on recto. Has H.S. Williams stamp on verso. Related to Item 22 according to note on Library label on item 22. On sheet 36 x 46 cm.

Japan and Korea, 1:3,801,600, 1960 (Item 48) - Folder 3

Political, road, and topographical map information. Polyconic Projection. Mentions areas under US or USSR occupation. Listing of Korean Provinces and Japan prefectures. Korean ceasefire line of July 27th 1953. Insets: Central Japan at 20 miles to the inch, and Ryuku Islands. Sakishima Guntō at same scale as main map. On sheet 48 x 64 cm.

Kuwagata Keisai: Nihon Ezu (Bird's eye view of Japan) (Item 49) - Folder 3

Artistic map in colour. Printed in Japan. On sheet 82 x 57 cm.

[Kobe-shi Ikuta-ku kyu Kyoryuchi fukin koku shashin([Aerial photograph of the former foreign settlement Ikuta Ward, Kobe City)], 1966 (Item 50) - Folder 3

Title and date derived from annotation in pencil on verso and Library listing. Black and white aerial photograph. On sheet 49 x 62 cm.

Tsing Tau (Item 51) - Box 1

Title annotated on recto and verso. Silk or cotton, painted map in colour. Includes Japanese script in red, and shows buildings,hill, wharves, and ships in the ocean and harbours. 'For description of Tsing-Tau see p. 141 of Madrolle's Guide Book to Northern China and Korea annotated in black on verso. On sheet 131 x 82 cm.