Guide to the Papers of Gerald Wheeler (as filmed by the AJCP)



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Created: 2019

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Series 1. Correspondence of George B. Milner (School of Oriental and African Studies), Mrs E. Wheeler (Gerald Wheeler's wife) and the Royal Anthropological Institute, 1953 - 1954

Concerning the life of Gerald Wheeler, the typing of his manuscript, and the transfer of the manuscript to the School of Oriental and African Studies.

Series 2. Manuscript on the Mono-Alu people (2 boxes)

The manuscript is arranged by subjects, some of which have subdivisions. There are title pages for some additional subjects, but no texts have survived. The bulk of the manuscript is paginated, but there is some duplication of page numbers and the order of folders does not correspond exactly with the pagination. In addition, the glossary and two other folders are paginated differently, while another two folders are unpaginated.

The plan: manuscript and typescript notes and jottings (File Box 1/1)

Totemism (File Box 1 (pp 435-468))

Kinship (File Box 1 (pp 469-498))

Death rites (File Box 1 (pp 499-565))

Death rites (unpaginated) (File Box 1)

Eschatology: death; the soul; the life after death (File Box 1 (pp 1-36))

Eschatology: the life after death (File Box 1 (pp 37-72))

Justice; morals; folkways; war, anthropophyteia (File Box 1 (pp 566-638))

Sickness; magic; taboo (File Box 1 (pp 639-653))

Ownership: the Toniga (Thrall) (File Box 1 (pp 654-686))

Ownership in land, trees and other things; inheritance (File Box 1 (pp 687-703))

Ownership: shell money; Kia; Gorau; Pago (File Box 1 (pp 704-731))

Chiefship (File Box 1 (pp 750-834))

Religion: Introduction (File Box 2 (pp 1-87))

Religion: Dudueri (File Box 2 (pp 88-184))

Religion: Soi (File Box 2 (pp 185-255))

Religion: Bego (File Box 2 (pp 256-325))

Religion: Bunosi (File Box 2 (pp 326-360))

Religion: Sisimino, Divo, Kiriaiku, Fetunu, Bakuai (File Box 2 (pp 361-378))

Religion: Sakusaku; Ome (File Box 2 (pp 379-401))

Religion: Cosmology, taboo; sundry observations (File Box 2 (pp 402-434))

History (unpaginated) (File Box 2)

External relations (File Box 2 (pp 882-904))

Ritual pastimes: feasting, dancing, music (File Box 2 (pp 835-881))

Ritual pastimes: games (11pp) (File Box 2)

Astronomy, time, numbers, measures (16pp) (File Box 2)

Glossary: Mono-Alu - English (File Box 2)