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Created: 2019

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Series 92/64. Records of Kirkby Family of Trentham (Select)

J. Barrett (Waimate) to his sister Alice Mart, 20 May 1880 (File 8)

Life in New Zealand; bountiful harvest; availability of machinery and other hardware; family news; advises Willie to remain in England; sends Canterbury newspaper.

Series 253/68. Records of J.N. Mart (Select)

Catalogue of exhibits displayed on the barque Success (File)

Used as a convict hulk at Melbourne in 1852-1854, and the last surviving convict ship, n.d. (printed, cover page missing, 16pp). The ship was first exhibited as a relic in Australia in 1890 and sailed to England in 1894, where it was exhibited for many years.

Series D1798. Records of Hand, Morgan and Owen, solicitors of Stafford (Select)

New Zealand Company: terms of purchase for a quantity of land in the Wellington district, 18 July 1843 (File 321)

(Printed, 2pp.)

Thomas C. Hartington (Association for Promoting the Settlement of Otago). Article on the purchase of land in Otago, 1 August 1849 (File)

(Printed, pp 18-24)

Series M769/40. Pictures Collection: Foreign pictures

Filmed selectively.

'Sarambeau, a fishing raft of Manila', published 20 June 1798 (File 1)

By I. Stockdale. Size: 7″ × 4½″

'Parao, a passage boat of Manila', published 20 June 1798 (File 2)

By I. Stockdale. Size: 7″ × 4½″

'A lady of Manila', n.d. (File 3)

Size: 2½′ × 5½″.

'Inhabitants of Manila', n.d. (File)

Size: 3¼″ × 2¼″.

'Things remarkable in the Mary-Anne Islands' (File)

Featuring the Rima tree, the Duodu tree, the Indian fish hock, a fish called by English seamen a yellow tail, an Indian prow. A page extracted from a publication, marked volume 1, page 351.

'View of Cavite in the Bay of Manila', 1 November 1798 (File)

Published by G.G. and I. Robinson, London, . Size: 12½″ × 8¼″.