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Created: 2019

Collection Summary

Warwick County Record Office
Collections held by the Warwick County Record Office (as filmed by the AJCP)
Date Range
5 May 1829 - 23 March 1939
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38 items
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Scope and Contents

Letter 1889 of Justice Sir Joseph Long Innes to F.A. Newdegate.

Papers 1852-1933 of Farr Family including letters of Edwin Bartlett of Ballarat and Annie Morley of Hastings, New Zealand.

Papers 1829-1872 of Dormer Family including letters of Charles Dormer describing visits to Singapore, Labuan and Manila and letters and cuttings on the Tichborne Case.

4. Papers 1865-1866 of Bree Family relating to John Gardner of Bendigo.

Diary 1882 of F. Bostock on voyage of Torrens from London to Adelaide and correspondence 1937-1939 on genealogy of Bostock and Burgess families in Australia.

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Archival History

Material selectively filmed at the Warwickshire County Record Office, Warwick, as part of the Australian Joint Copying Project, 1980 (AJCP Reel: M1197). Original microfilm digitised as part of the AJCP Online Delivery Project, 2017-2020.

Existence and Location of Originals

Warwickshire County Record Office, Priory Park, Cape Road, Warwick, England.

For further information see Warwickshire County Record Office catalogue. []

Existence and Location of Copies

The original AJCP microfilm of the records filmed from this collection is available at the National Library of Australia [] as well as other institutions holding AJCP microfilm.

Finding-aid Notes

This finding aid is a revised online version of the original finding aid prepared by the Australian Joint Copying Project (AJCP), published by the National Library of Australia in 2019. The original AJCP finding aids were unpublished typescripts or photocopies available from libraries that held copies of the original microfilm.

Dates used in this finding aid refer to the date range of the records selected for filming rather than to the date range of the Series or Files.


Adelaide, South Australia: immigration to; Australia; Ballarat, Victoria; Bartlett, Edwin; Bendigo, Victoria; Bostock Family; Bostock, F.; Bree Family; Burgess Family; Dormer Family; Dormer, Charles; Emigrant voyages; Farr Family; Gardner, John; Genealogy and genealogies; Great Britain; Hastings, New Zealand; Labuan, Borneo; London, England; Long Innes, Sir Joseph, Judge; Manila, Philippines; Morley, Annie; Newdegate, F.A.; New Zealand; Tichborne case; Torrens (ship); Singapore: visits


Originally cited in Australian Joint Copying Project Handbook. Part 8: Miscellaneous (M) Series. Third Edition, published 1998. Entry 479, p187. []

Item Descriptions

Fonds CR 136. Newdegate of Arbury, 5 March 1889

1 item

Filmed selectively.

Biographical / Historical

Sir Francis Newdegate (1862-1936) of Arbury Hall, Nuneaton, visited India, Australia and other colonies on a world tour in 1885-1887. He was later a member of the House of Commons and governor of Tasmania (1917-1920) and Western Australia (1920-1924).

Letter from Sir Joseph Long Innes, 5 March 1889 (File B6405)

1 item

Biographical / Historical

Sir Joseph Long Innes (1834-1896), judge of the New South Wales Supreme Court.

Sir Joseph Long Innes (London) to F.A. Newdegate (Rome), 5 March 1889 (Item)

Innes' activities since his arrival in London; Sir Henry Irving as Macbeth; hopes to pay Newdegate a visit.

Also includes a letter to Newdegate regarding his new Bill.

Fonds CR 198. Sitwell Family of Leamington Hastings, 4 March 1873 - 20 May 1880

3 items

Filmed selectively.

Manager, Rugby Branch, Lloyds Banking Co., to Reverend D.W. Sitwell (Leamington Hastings), 7 June 1873 (File 67/1)

New Zealand bonds for £500 purchased by Sitwell.

Manager, Rugby Branch, Lloyds Banking Co., to Reverend D.W. Sitwell, 20 May 1880 (File 67/5)

Purchase of Queensland shares.

Bill from Lloyds Banking Co. to Reverend D.W. Sitwell, 4 March 1873 (File 67/8)

Purchase of £500 New Zealand bonds.

Fonds CR 394. Hyett Freer (Frier), Farr and Gwinnett Family, 21 May 1852 - 3 February 1933

2 items

Filmed selectively.

Series 107. Correspondence, 21 May 1852 - 11 January 1921

Correspondents include: Henry Chamberlaine, Frederick Chamberlaine, E. Bartlett (Ballarat), Annie Morley (Hawkes Bay; Hastings), Miss Farr and G.H. Bartlett (Sutton Goldfields).

Subjects include: impending departure for the colonies, family and health news, life on the goldfields, desires to return to England, history of Chamberlaine family.

Also includes a portrait of Henry Bartlett.

Series. Correspondence, 16 June 1913 - 3 February 1933

Correspondents include Annie Morley (Hastings), her cousin and Miss Farr.

Subjects include domestic and family news, depression in New Zealand, earth tremors, Christmas at Napier.

Also includes newspaper cutting on death of Edwin Bartlett.

Fonds CR 895. Dormer of Grove Park, 5 May 1829 - 1872

12 items

Filmed selectively.

Biographical / Historical

The Dormer Family was granted the manor of Grove Park, near Warwick, in 1608. Joseph Dormer (1790-1871), 11th Baron Dormer, married Elizabeth Tichborne in 1829. She was the daughter of Sir Henry Tichborne and a cousin of Roger Tichborne, who disappeared in 1854.

Series 63. Miscellaneous Papers, 5 May 1829 - 5 July 1871

8 items
Heads of the will and codicil of Sir Henry Joseph Tichborne Bart (deceased) Appleyard, Lincolns Inn, n.d. (File)

Refers to will of 12 August 1831 and codicil of 31 August 1842.

Pedigree of the Tichborne Family from the 1st Baronet, London, E. Stanford, [c.1866] (File)
Proposals for settlements to be made previously to the intended marriage of Joseph Thaddeus, Lord Dormer, with Miss Elizabeth Tichborne, eldest daughter of Sir Henry Joseph Tichborne Bart. Appleyard, Lincolns Inn, n.d. (File)
Miss Tichborne's account with Mr R.L. Appleyard, June 1829 (File)
Copy of certificate of marriage of Joseph, Lord Dormer, and Eliza Tichborne at Tichborne House in County of Southampton, 5 May 1829 (File)
Copy of certificate of death of Joseph, Lord Dormer, at Budbrooke in County of Warwick, 5 July 1871 (File)
Copy of certificate of baptism of John Baptist Joseph Dormer, son of Joseph, Lord Dormer, and Elizabeth Dormer, nee Tichborne, at Catholic Chapel at Hampton-on-the-Hill, Budbrooke, County of Warwick, 22 May 1830 (File)
Biographical notes of Joseph, 11th Lord Dormer, and his family to be inserted in the Great Missal at Grove Park (File)

Series 99. Correspondence, 12 January 1882

2 items
Charles Dormer (Malacca Straits) to his brother, 13 Mar 188[illeg] (File)

Voyage from Singapore to Hongkong on Iron Duke; Singapore; the ship.

Charles Dormer (Manila) to his mother, 12 January 1882 (File)

Family news; visits to Labuan and Manila.

Series 100. Correspondence, 22 October 1866 - 1872

2 items
Andrew Boyle to Lady Dormer, 22 October 1866 (File)

Sir Roger and Lady Tichborne are in Sydney and will be leaving for England; encloses letter from K. Doughty.

Newspaper cuttings on Tichborne Case, 1872 (File)

From Pall Mall Gazette, Morning Star, Daily News, Daily Telegraph, Globe, Times, Saturday Review and other papers.

Fonds CR 1012. Fernbank Deeds, 6 April 1851 - 14 April 1859

6 items

Deeds and papers of the Gibbs Family of Fernbank, Snitterfield.

Filmed selectively.

Series. Folder entitled 'Gibbs. Letters from Australia', 6 April 1851 - 14 April 1859

6 items
M.A. Hunt to [unknown], 6 April 1851 (File)

Voyage from England.

M.A. Hunt to her mother: voyage, 5 June 1851 (File)
M.A. Hunt (Dry Creek, S. Australia) to her brother, 19 September 1852 (File)

Is glad of steam communications with England; hopes family will follow him out.

M.N. Hunt (Hope Valley, S. Australia) to her niece, 23 August 1858 (File)

Brother William Gibbs on the goldfields.

Sergeant, Police Station, Bunniyong, to M.A. Hunt, 31 August 1858 (File)

Murder of William Gibbs by his mate Thomas Leonard.

Henry Willis (Kingston) to brother and sister, 14 April 1859 (File)

Death of William Gibbs on goldfields; his estate.

Fonds CR 1334. Bree Family of Allesley, 31 July 1835 - 15 January 1866

10 items

Filmed selectively.

Series 75. Papers relating to John Gardner of Bendigo, Victoria, 31 July 1835 - 15 January 1866

10 items
John Gardner (Sandhurst) to [unknown], 25 January 1865 (File)

Gives names of parents, brothers, sisters, biographical details.

John Gardner to P. Cournouls (Kenilworth), 22 May 1865 (File)

Gives further details of his family to establish his identity.

John Gardner to P. Cournouls, 24 July 1865 (File)

Requests that he expedite matter.

Power of attorney from John Gardner to Philip Cournouls, 14 August 1865 (File)

Empowering Cournouls to cause John Knight of Arden, Warwickshire, to pay Gardner £15 owing to him under will of his grandfather.

John Gardner to P. Cournouls, 21 August 1865 (File)

Returns deed and letter.

P. Cournouls to J. Knight: requests £15 (copy) (File)
Notice from Bank of Victoria to John Gardner, 20 October 1865 (File)

That £19.8.9 has been paid into his account.

John Gardner to [P. Cornouls], 15 January 1866 (File)

Acknowledges receipt of money.

Assignment of Property to Gardner and others, 31 July 1835 (File)
Fred Twist to P. Cournouls, 22 May 1865 (File)

Regarding the new stamps Act.

Fonds CR 1680. Reverend Hubert Gerald Holbeche, 29 May 1848 - 23 March 1939

4 items

Filmed selectively.

Biographical / Historical

Reverend Hubert Gerald Holbeche (1900-1976) was the vicar of Sandford St Martin in Oxfordshire. He had a strong interest in genealogy. Reverend. Thomas Bostock (1791-1876) was a Congregational minister at Haslington, Cheshire. His daughter Ellen (1817-1859) married Thomas Burgess, an ironmonger, and they migrated to South Australia in 1848. Burgess became an official at the Burra copper mine. Bostock's son Richard Bostock (1827-1876) also migrated to South Australia in 1848, but later returned to England.

Lines written by Reverend Thomas Bostock to his daughter Ellen Burgess (1817-1858) on her departure to South Australia, 29 May 1848 (File 28)

Diary of F. Bostock, 9 March - 27 June 188[illeg] (File 29)

Kept on a voyage from Adelaide to London via Cape Town on the Torrens.

Norman Burgess (Melbourne) to Gerald Holbeche (London), 23 March 1939 (File 684)

Encloses forms giving biographical data of about 80 members of the Burgess family in Australia and New Zealand.

Family tree showing descendants of Reverend Thomas Bostock, [c. 1937-1938] (File 693)

Including the descendants of his children Ellen Burgess and Richard Bostock in Australia.

Also includes correspondence between Gerald Holbeche, Tom. B. Hodgkinson and Norman Burgess (Melbourne), 1937-1938, concerning their genealogical research on the Bostock family, and also a letter from Gladys Cooper on the family of Richard Bostock, who migrated to South Australia in the 1850s.