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PIC/P721; PIC/P742; PIC/P748.PIC/P754; PIC/P758; PIC/P766. PIC/19021; PIC/13562

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Created: 2023

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Class PIC/P721. Collection of ambrotype portraits, 1850 - 1880 - Drawer PIC Drawer PM 7348-7359 #PIC/P721/1-12

Sitters and photographers not known. Some cases incomplete.

Unidentified woman with a baby in her lap and two children, all seated in a studio, 1850 (Item PIC/P721/10) - Piece PIC Drawer PM 7357 #PIC/P721/10

Class PIC/P742. Collection of portraits and coastal sceneries / Charles Bennett, ca.1878 - ca.1912 - Drawer PIC Drawer C2 #P742/1-15, 35-51, Piece PIC Glass Plate #P742/16-34

Collection includes family portraits and a self-portrait. Coastal views in England and New Zealand. Views around Sutherland, N.S.W. and Watson's Bay, family groups and scenery. Experimental prints, montages, carbon prints, telephotography, prints on glass, lantern slides and some glass negatives. Most are identified on reverse or on mount...

Charles Bennett's wife and daughter sitting on a rock ledge, Sutherland, New South Wales, ca. 1900 (Item PIC/P742/5) - Piece PIC Drawer PM 6393 #PIC/P742/5

Charles Bennett's daughter standing under a cabbage-tree palm, South Coast, New South Wales, ca. 1900 (Item PIC/P742/6) - Piece PIC Drawer PM 6394 #PIC/P742/6

Boat docked near bridge over Georges River at Como, New South Wales, ca. 1900 (Item PIC/P742/7) - Piece PIC Drawer PM 6388 #PIC P742/7

Woman standing on driveway with a cottage in the background, near Helensburgh, New South Wales, ca. 1900 (Item PIC/P742/8) - Piece PIC Drawer PM 6395 #PIC/P742/8

Horse-drawn carriages and buildings, Ipswich, Queensland, ca. 1900 (Item PIC/P742/11) - Piece PIC Drawer PM 6398 #PIC/P742/11

Sailing ship on Sydney Harbour, New South Wales, ca. 1900 (Item PIC/P742/13) - Piece PIC Drawer PM 6400 #PIC/P742/13

View of Watsons Bay, New South Wales, ca. 1900 (Item PIC/P742/14) - Piece PIC BOX P742 #P742/14

The graves of Charles Bennett and his wife Mary Dunsford, Blackheath, ca. 1940 (Item PIC/P742/15) - Piece PIC BOX P742 #P742/15

Class PIC/P748. Freeman Studio staff portraits, Sydney / Freeman & Co, ca. 1900

Includes accompanying printed New Year card signed by M. McKelly, one of Freeman's staff.

Staff of Freemans Studio, 318 George Street, Sydney, ca.1900 (Item PIC/P748/1) - Piece PIC Box P748 #P748/1

Gwen Burns and Alice on the roof of the Freeman Studio, 318 George Street, Sydney, ca.1910 (Item PIC/P748/2) - Piece PIC Drawer PM 6782 #PIC/P748/2

Miss Halls, receptionist of Freemans Studio, 318 George Street, Sydney, ca.1900 (Item PIC/P748/3) - Piece PIC Drawer PM 6783 #PIC/P748/3

Miss M. McKelly, Freemans Studio, 318 George Street, Sydney, ca.1910 (Item PIC/P748/4) - Piece PIC Drawer PM 6784 #PIC/P748/4

Series. Assorted photographs, 1830 - 1965

Patrons are advised this Series is incomplete and material will be added to it over time.

Portrait of Maria Brady, ca. 1857 (Item PIC/P759) - Piece PIC Drawer PM 7324 #PIC/P759

Mother and baby in a garden, ca. 1860 (Item PIC/P761) - Piece PIC Drawer PM 7327 #PIC/P761

Portrait of a family, ca. 1860 (Item PIC/P762) - Piece PIC Object Drawer 26 #P762

An outing to Marysville, Victoria / Harvey, J. H. (John Henry) [transparency] (Item PIC/P765) - Piece PIC Drawer PM 7328 #PIC/P765

Portrait of H. Walter Barnett (Item PIC/5458) - Piece PIC Box PIC/5458 #PIC/5458

Hemi Pōmare, London / Claudet, A. (Antoine), ca. 1846 (Item PIC/12305) - Piece PIC Drawer PM 7337 #PIC/12305

Interior of the wool room, Canonbar Station, Nyngan Region, New South Wales / Kerry, Charles H. (Charles Henry), ca. 1900 (Item PIC/13562/1A) - Piece PIC Drawer PM 4838 #PIC/13562/1A

Baling and sampling tobacco, New South Wales [?] / Kerry, Charles H. (Charles Henry), ca. 1900 (Item PIC/13562/2) - Piece PIC Box PS 1435 #PIC/13562/2

Billie, King of the Macquarie, an Aboriginal women sitting in a tent and a dog, New South Wales? / Kerry, Charles H. (Charles Henry) (Item PIC/13562/4) - Piece PIC Drawer PM 4828 #PIC/13562/4

Johnston Street Bridge, Melbourne / Morris, Alfred, 1870 (Item PIC/13562/6) - Piece PIC/13562/6 LOC Drawer C1

A waterfall, Victoria?, ca. 1865 (Item PIC/13562/7) - Piece PIC/13562/7 LOC Drawer C1

The Yarra River, Melbourne / Morris, Alfred, 1870 (Item PIC/13562/8) - Piece PIC/13562/8 LOC Drawer C1

Distant view of Gisborne, Victoria, ca. 1865 (Item PIC/13562/9) - Piece PIC/13562/9 LOC Drawer C1

Flood water on Simpson's road, Collingwood, Victoria, 1863 (Item PIC/13562/10) - Piece PIC/13562/10 LOC Drawer C1

Blackened trees after a bush fire, Victoria?, ca. 1865 (Item PIC/13562/11) - Piece PIC/13562/11 LOC Drawer C1

The Moorabool Viaduct, Moorabool, Victoria, ca. 1865 (Item PIC/13562/12) - Piece PIC/13562/12 LOC Drawer C1

View from Black Hill, Ballarat, Victoria, ca. 1865 (Item PIC/13562/13) - Piece PIC/13562/13 LOC Drawer C1

Rock formation at Point Lonsdale, Victoria, ca. 1865 (Item PIC/13562/14) - Piece PIC/13562/14 LOC Drawer C1

View of the Royal Botanical Gardens, Melbourne / Morris, Alfred, 1870 (Item PIC/13562/15) - Piece PIC/13562/15 LOC Drawer C1

Prince's Bridge, Melbourne / Morris, Alfred, 1863 (Item PIC/13562/16) - Piece PIC/13562/16 LOC Drawer C1

Bendigo waterworks, Victoria, ca. 1861 (Item PIC/13562/17) - Piece PIC/13562/17 LOC Drawer C1

The Malmsbury Viaduct over the Coliban River, Malmsbury, Victoria, ca. 1865 (Item PIC/13562/18) - Piece PIC/13562/18 LOC Drawer C1

View along a creek bed, Victoria?, ca. 1865 (Item PIC/13562/19) - Piece PIC/13562/19 LOC Drawer C1

New Treasury building, Melbourne, ca. 1870 (Item PIC/13562/20) - Piece PIC/13562/20 LOC Drawer C1

Prince's Bridge, Yarra River, Melbourne, ca. 1870 (Item PIC/13562/21) - Piece PIC/13562/21 LOC Drawer C1

Oriental Bank, Melbourne, ca. 1872 (Item PIC/13562/22) - Piece PIC/13562/22 LOC Drawer C1

Jewish synagogue, Melbourne (Item PIC/13562/23) - Piece PIC/13562/23 LOC Drawer C1

Footbridge to Botanical Gardens, Melbourne / Morris, Alfred (Item PIC/13562/24) - Piece PIC/13562/24 LOC Drawer C1

Pontoon bridge over the Murray River, Echuca, Victoria (Item PIC/13562/25) - Piece PIC/13562/25 LOC Drawer C1

Fern Tree Gully, Victoria, 2 / Morris, Alfred (Item PIC/13562/26) - Piece PIC/13562/26 LOC Drawer C1

Fern Tree Gully, Victoria, 1 / Morris, Alfred (Item PIC/13562/27) - Piece PIC/13562/27 LOC Drawer C1

Melbourne Savings Bank, ca. 1870 (Item PIC/13562/28) - Piece PIC/13562/28 LOC Drawer C1

Parliamentary Library, Melbourne / Morris, Alfred, 1870 (Item PIC/13562/29) - Piece PIC/13562/29 LOC Drawer C1

Old Customs House, Melbourne / Morris, Alfred, 1870 (Item PIC/13562/30) - Piece PIC/13562/30 LOC Drawer C1

The University of Melbourne / Morris, Alfred, 1870 (Item PIC/13562/31) - Piece PIC/13562/31 LOC Drawer C1

Willow trees along the Yarra River, Melbourne / Morris, Alfred, 1870 (Item PIC/13562/32) - Piece PIC/13562/32 LOC Drawer C1

Punt Road flooded, Richmond, Victoria / Morris, Alfred, 1870 (Item PIC/13562/33) - Piece PIC/13562/33 LOC Drawer C1

Botanical Gardens, Melbourne / Morris, Alfred, 1870 (Item PIC/13562/34) - Piece PIC/13562/34 LOC Drawer C1

Fitzroy Gardens, Melbourne / Morris, Alfred, 1870 (Item PIC/13562/35) - Piece PIC/13562/35 LOC Drawer C1

Public school at Candelo, Bega, New South Wales / Walter, Charles, ca. 1870 (Item PIC/13562/36) - Piece PIC/13562/36 LOC Drawer C1

M. Bamford Commercial Sales and importers shops along Bourke Street, Melbourne / Morris, Alfred, ca. 1860 (Item PIC/13562/37) - Piece PIC/13562/37 LOC Drawer C1

Remington scouts enjoying lunch after wrecking a Boer home, Yaasfontein, South Africa, 1900 (Item PIC/13562/38) - Piece PIC/13562/38 LOC Drawer C5

Lord Roberts' ammunition columns on route to relieve Kimberley, South Africa (Item PIC/13562/39) - Piece PIC/13562/39 LOC Drawer C5

Lord Roberts' infantry crossing the Zand River, South Africa, 1900 (Item PIC/13562/40) - Piece PIC/13562/40 LOC Drawer C5

British 4.7 inch naval gun on the Boer position at Schwartzkop, South Africa, 1900 (Item PIC/13562/41) - Piece PIC/13562/41 LOC Drawer C5

First train of refugees out of Kimberley after the siege, South Africa, 22 February 1900 (Item PIC/13562/42) - Piece PIC/13562/42 LOC Drawer C5

Aerial view of the docks and harbour, Cape Town, South Africa, 1900 (Item PIC/13562/43) - Piece PIC/13562/43 LOC Drawer C5

Lord Roberts' army advancing toward Johannesburg, 84th Battery and Balloon Corps, South Africa, 1901 (Item PIC/13562/44) - Piece PIC/13562/44 LOC Drawer C5

Royal engineers making a roadway on the steep Velch River Banks, South Africa, 1900 (Item PIC/13562/45) - Piece PIC/13562/45 LOC Drawer C5

Canadians leaving Cape Town for the front, South Africa, 1900 (Item PIC/13562/46) - Piece PIC/13562/46 LOC Drawer C5

Passenger ship entering Fremantle Harbour, Western Australia, 1908 (Item PIC/13562/47) - Piece PIC/13562/47 LOC Drawer C5

Capital city Hobart, Tasmania, 1908 (Item PIC/13562/48) - Piece PIC/13562/48 LOC Drawer C5

View of Brisbane, southeast from the Observation Tower, Queensland, 1908 (Item PIC/13562/49) - Piece PIC/13562/49 LOC Drawer C5

Horse and carriage outside of Parliament House, Brisbane, Queensland, 1908 (Item PIC/13562/50) - Piece PIC/13562/50 LOC Drawer C5

Three children standing on ledge overlooking Hobart, Tasmania / Kilburn, B.W., 1903 (Item PIC/13562/51) - Piece PIC/13562/51 LOC Drawer C5

The Australian Expeditionary Force breaking camp prior to their departure for the front, Broadmeadows, Victoria, 1914 (Item PIC/13562/52) - Piece PIC/13562/52 LOC Drawer C5

Waiting the arrival of the Duke and Duchess during the Duke of York celebrations, Sydney, 1901 (Item PIC/13562/53) - Piece PIC/13562/53 LOC Drawer C5

Review of troops, Commonwealth celebrations, Sydney, 1901 (Item PIC/13562/54) - Piece PIC/13562/54 LOC Drawer C5

Swearing in ceremony of the first Governor General at the Pavillion, Centennial Park, Sydney, 1901 (Item PIC/13562/55) - Piece PIC/13562/55 LOC Drawer C5

Cadets parade at Children's Fete during the Duke of York celebrations, Sydney, 1901 (Item PIC/13562/56) - Piece PIC/13562/56 LOC Drawer C5

Portrait of a woman wearing decorative hat, 1882 (Item PIC/13562/70) - Piece PIC/13562/70 LOC Drawer C1

Winner of the Walkley award for best news photograph, Jim Fenwick, Brisbane, Queensland, 1965 (Item PIC/13562/71) - Piece PIC Box PS 1588 #PIC/13562/71

Rescue workers on the dredge Kaptajn Nielson, after it overturned in Moreton Bay, Queensland / Fenwick, Jim, 1965 (Item PIC/13562/72) - Piece PIC Box PS 1589 #PIC/13562/72

Herd of cattle on road and drover with horse, ca. 1950s (Item PIC/13562/73) - Piece PIC Box PS 1590 #PIC/13562/73

Dr H.J. Rodda, guest speaker, addressing the inaugural meeting of the South Australian division of the Australian Institute of Photography, Rundle Street, Adelaide, 26 March 1965 (Item PIC/13562/74) - Piece PIC Box PS 1591 #PIC/13562/74

Mr P.G. Norman addressing the inaugural meeting of the South Australian division of the Australian Institute of Photography, Rundle Street, Adelaide, 26 March 1965 (Item PIC/13562/75) - Piece PIC Box PS 1592 #PIC/13562/75

Drover counting sheep, New South Wales / Kerry, Charles H. (Charles Henry), ca. 1920 (Item PIC/13562/97) - Piece PIC Box PS 1593 #PIC/13562/97

Architectural drawing of tropical house type L [transparency], 17 December 1946 (Item PIC/13562/101) - Piece PIC/13562/101 LOC Cold Store PIC KB