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White, Patrick, 1912-1990
Papers of Patrick White
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MS 9982
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Papers of Patrick White, covering his career and literary work from the early 1930s through to his death in 1990, including notebooks, manuscripts, typescripts, correspondence, photographs, publications and ephemera. There are also papers following White's death, and personal papers of Manoly Lascaris, White's partner.


Scope and Contents

Papers of Patrick White, covering his career and literary work from the early 1930s through to his death in 1990. The collection includes: correspondence received and drafts of correspondence sent by White (1939-1994); 10 literary notebooks (1930s-1970s) which include the beginnings of most of White's 12 novels; papers relating to White's autobiography Flaws in the glass, including all manuscript and typescript drafts; typescripts, corrections and correspondence relating to 3 published novels together with manuscripts for 2 unpublished novels and a novella (c.1965-1986); manuscripts for 3 late plays, typescripts for several major plays, and manuscripts of several [never performed] dramatic works (c.1962-1996); manuscripts and typescripts for several short stories (c.1976-1988); manuscripts for a number of poetry and short prose works (c.1970-c.1988); manuscripts and typescripts of speeches (1972-1989); dramatised extracts, scripts and artwork adapted from or based on White's work (1960-1987); address books and diaries (1960s-1990s); personal documents and certificates (1940-1988); awards received by White (1974-1987); files relating to the Patrick White Literary Award and Patrick White's Choice (1975-1990); theses and draft publications about White's work (1969-1986); scripts written by others and sent to White (1980-1990); photographs (1930-1984); ephemera (1960-1993); and printed material (1934-1990).

Also included are papers of White's lifelong partner, Manoly Lascaris, comprising condolence letters on White's death, photographs and correspondence (1962-2002).

Conditions Governing Access

The collection is available for research.

Conditions Governing Use

Copying and publication of unpublished manuscript material is subject to copyright restrictions. For such material, written permission to publish must be obtained from the copyright holder(s). Copying of unpublished material for research purposes is permissible 50 years after the death of the creator of the material. White's Literary Executor has given the Library permission to copy White's copyright material for research purposes, at the Library's discretion.

Preferred Citation

Items from this collection should be cited as '[Title or description of manuscript item], Papers of Patrick White, National Library of Australia, MS 9982, [series and file number]'.

Immediate Source of Acquisition

During White's lifetime, he asserted that he kept no manuscripts or personal papers, burning his drafts on completion of each work. For many years after his death, it was believed that a single manuscript draft of Memoirs of many in one (1986), donated by White to the anti-apartheid Canon Collins Education Trust for Southern Africa in 1988 and subsequently purchased at auction in 1991 by the National Library of Australia and the State Library of New South Wales, was the only surviving record of White's literary manuscripts. While White does appear to have destroyed a considerable portion of his manuscript material, he clearly retained many literary papers and personal papers until his death. The papers in this collection were in the custody of Manoly Lascaris (White's partner) who died in 2003, and of Barbara Mobbs, White's long-term literary agent and Literary Executor, who presented the collection to the National Library of Australia in 2006.

Existence and Location of Copies

Selected items from Series 2 and Series 4 have been digitised and are available online through this finding aid.

White's manuscript draft of the 1986 Memoirs of many in one is owned jointly by the National Library of Australia (MS 8293) and the State Library of New South Wales. Letters of Patrick White may also be found in a large number of manuscript collections held by the National Library of Australia. Information on these items may be found via the Library's catalogue at


While the papers were received from the depositors very well sorted and arranged, rearrangement was required to bring items belonging to specific series together. In addition, incoming and outgoing correspondence has been sorted by correspondent. A number of items not on the original packing list were found in the boxes, and these items have been described in this finding aid. A list detailing the conversion from the original packing list to the final finding aid is available from the National Library of Australia's Pictures and Manuscripts Branch upon request.

Biographical Note

Born in England in 1912, the son of wealthy New England (NSW) graziers, Patrick White became Australia's first Nobel Laureate in Literature (1973). White was educated in Australia and in England, where he studied French and German languages and literature at Cambridge in the early 1930s. White began his career as a serious writer in London in the 1930s, writing across all genres as he was to do for the rest of his life. By the late 1930s, he had published poems, plays, short stories, and his first novel, Happy Valley, which he was later to repudiate.

White continued to write during World War II, when he served as an RAF Intelligence Officer in the Middle East. His surviving wartime notebook makes clear that the key ideas and concepts of several of his great novels were conceived during this period of his life. His wartime service had another major and lasting impact: he met Manoly Lascaris in Alexandria, Egypt, in 1941, and spent the rest of his life in this enduring partnership.

After moving between Australia and Europe in the immediate post-war years, White and Lascaris returned permanently to Australia in 1948. They lived first in Castle Hill (NSW) - breeding Schnauzers and trying various small pastoral enterprises while White continued to write and be published - before moving to 20 Martin Road, Centennial Park (Sydney, NSW) in 1964. White died at Martin Road in 1990; Lascaris survived him for 13 years, dying in 2003.

White was a prolific and constant writer. He published 12 novels (and wrote at least 2 further novels and a novella which remained unpublished) and nearly 30 short stories during his lifetime, together with a modest number of poems. His great novels - from The aunt's story (1948) to Memoirs of many in one (1986) - were written steadily over a period of almost 40 years. He had a dozen plays and screenplays produced and wrote several more which were never performed or published. These were written in two distinct periods of activity, from The ham funeral in 1947 to A cheery soul in 1962, and then again from Big toys in 1977 to Shepherd on the rocks in 1987. He published a number of essays during his lifetime, especially in his later years when he became an activist, making speeches and attending protests for the preservation of Centennial Park and other green spaces, for Indigenous rights, for an Australian Republic and against nuclear arms. He was a prolific correspondent: David Marr, his biographer and editor of the 1994 Patrick White: Letters, tracked down 3000 letters by White, despite White's exhortations to many of his friends that they burn his letters in their possession. He also published a searching self-portrait in his 1981 Flaws in the glass, drawing on notes and writings from his earliest notebooks.

White's genius was recognised by many during his lifetime. In addition to the 1973 Nobel Prize, White won the Miles Franklin Award twice (for Voss in 1957, and for Riders in the chariot in 1961), and the Australian Literary Society Gold Medal three times (for Happy Valley in 1939, for The tree of man in 1955, and for The burnt ones in 1965). But he was also denigrated and suffered excoriating reviews of some of his novels and plays. Friend and supporter of many - as his considerable correspondence attests - he also severed long friendships with ferocity, and maintained old enmities, fuelling criticism of his work and contributing to a now somewhat hackneyed persona as a 'monster'.

White continues to be a controversial figure. In 2006, White was named by the Bulletin as one of Australia's 100 most influential people. In the same year, the Institute of Public Affairs included White's 1973 Nobel Prize as one of the 13 biggest 'mistakes' in Australian history. In any case, he is - by a wide margin - Australia's most written about writer, and new critical studies of his work are produced every year.

For further reading, David Marr's 1991 Patrick White: A life, a draft of which was read by White just a few months before his death, is the essential source.

Item Descriptions

Series 1. Correspondence received and drafts of correspondence sent by Patrick White, 1939-1994 (bulk 1970s-1990s)

Correspondence received by Patrick White over a fifty-two year period. Includes draft correspondence sent by White between 1980 and 1990. Occasionally correspondence includes attachments (articles, photographs, sketches) and these have been noted in the item description.

Subseries 1.1. Correspondence (inwards), 1939-1991

Correspondence from May-Brit Akerholt, 1987-1990 (File 1) - box 1
Correspondence from James Allison, 1980s (File 2) - box 1
Correspondence from Neil Armfield, 1980-1982 (File 3) - box 1
Correspondence from Luciana Arrighi (Chetwynd), c.1980 (File 4) - box 1

Also includes a children's book by Luciana Chetwynd, Seawater and the dragon.

Correspondence from Art Gallery of New South Wales, 1981-1994 (File 5) - box 1

Also includes list of artworks White deeded to the Gallery in his will.

Correspondence from Peter Bleesens, 1984 (File 6) - box 1

Includes photograph of Bleesens and dog.

Correspondence from Maie Casey, 1976-1979 (File 7) - box 1

Includes 2 limited edition volumes of verse by Maie Casey, Melba re-visited and Verses .

Copy of poem 'The banana shed' signed by John Coleing, n.d. (File 8) - box 1
Correspondence from H.C. 'Nugget' Coombs, 1988 (File 9) - box 1

Includes photograph of baby named Patrick White II.

Correspondence from Ruth Cracknell, 1979 (File 10) - box 1
Correspondence from Roy de Maistre, 1968-1974 (File 11) - box 1

Includes press cuttings, obituaries and other ephemera.

Correspondence from Desmond Digby, 1963 (File 12) - box 1

Includes photocopy of outgoing letter by Patrick White to Desmond Digby, press cuttings and other ephemera.

Volumes presented to Patrick White by Desmond Digby, n.d. (File 13) - box 1

Includes inscribed copy of Waltzing Matilda, illustrated by Desmond Digby, and volume of press cuttings concerning Malcolm Fraser, Sir John Kerr, Peter Sculthorpe and other social and cultural figures.

Correspondence from Geoffrey and Ninette Dutton, 1982 (File 14) - box 1

Includes undated series of black and white and colour photographs of White and Lascaris with Dutton Family at Kangaroo Island, South Australia .

Correspondence from Nick Enright, 1984 (File 15) - box 1
Correspondence from Lady Mary Fairfax, 1981-1988 (File 16) - box 1

Christmas cards including family photographs and news.

Correspondence from Elizabeth Falkenberg, 1979-1990 (File 17) - box 2

Includes press cuttings, mostly of European architecture.

Correspondence from Fitzgerald, Halliday and Co., 1967 (File 18) - box 2

Fitzgerald, Halliday and Co. acted for White in matters relating to mineral rights .

Hand painted postcard by David Garland, 1971 (File 19) - box 2
Correspondence from Peggy Garland, 1980-1984 (File 20) - box 2

Includes photograph of Peggy Garland's son, David Garland and his dog, and a copy of Crafts magazine with an article about David Garland's pottery.

Correspondence from Dorothy Green, 1986 (File 21) - box 2
Correspondence from Graham C. Greene, 1981-1990 (File 22) - box 2

Graham C. Greene was White's publisher at Viking Press.

Correspondence from Marion Hardman, 1975 (File 23) - box 2
Correspondence from Bill Hayden, 1983 (File 24) - box 2
Correspondence from Christine Hiller, n.d. (File 25) - box 2
Correspondence from Myfanwy Horne, n.d. (File 26) - box 2
Correspondence from Barry Jones, 1990 (File 27) - box 2

Includes an article by Alexander Solzhenitsyn, 'The first circle'.

Correspondence from Reverend Kevin V. Joyner, 1975-1983 (File 28) - box 2

Includes a number of religious publications by Joyner.

Correspondence from E.W. Irwin, 1964 (File 29) - box 2
Correspondence from Michael King, 1984 (File 30) - box 2

Includes several photographs of White and King.

Correspondence from Axel Kruse, 1982 (File 31) - box 2

Includes a copy of an article by Kruse, 'How to read the literary hoax of the century', together with draft reply by White.

Correspondence from Nicholas Kyriacos, 1989 (File 32) - box 2
Correspondence from Elizabeth Knight, 1988 (File 33) - box 2

Includes a pamphlet on Centennial Park.

2 photographs and a memorial booklet for 'Lizzie' Kirk, 1975 (File 34) - box 2
Correspondence from Stephen Layford, n.d. (File 35) - box 2
Correspondence from Robert Liddell, 1976 (File 36) - box 2
Correspondence from Charles Lloyd-Jones, 1982 (File 37) - box 2
Correspondence from Noel O'Neill, 1986-1988 (File 38) - box 2
Correspondence from Barbara Mobbs, 1989 (File 39) - box 2
Article about Jim McClelland, inscribed to Patrick White, 1985 (File 40) - box 3
Correspondence from Keitha Montefiore, 1990 (File 41) - box 3

Concerns naming of school, 'Mandala'.

Correspondence from Gwen and David Moore, n.d. (File 42) - box 3
Correspondence from Jinx and Sidney Nolan, 1982 (File 43) - box 3

Includes 2 cards hand-painted by Sidney Nolan and a photocopy typescript of an unpublished poem by White, 'Aspects of Mrs Fraser', dedicated to Sidney Nolan, together with several black and white Axel Poignant photographs of Nolan and White.

Correspondence from the Olsens, n.d. (File 44) - box 3
Correspondence from Rudolph Oertel, 1977 (File 45) - box 3

White stayed with and studied German with the Oertel family in Hanover during the 1930s.

Correspondence from Elly Polymeropoulos (née Lascaris), n.d. (File 46) - box 3
Correspondence from Max Renton, 1979 (File 47) - box 3
Correspondence from Hilda Richardson, 1939 (File 48) - box 3

Hilda Richardson was White's housekeeper at 13 Eccleston Street Victoria S.W. 1, London.

Correspondence from Salman Rushdie, 1985 (File 49) - box 3
Correspondence from Gina Schien, n.d. (File 50) - box 3
Correspondence from Jim Sharman, 1984-1991 (File 51) - box 3

Includes black and white photograph of White and Sharman.

Correspondence from Martin Sharpe, n.d. (File 52) - box 3

Includes typescript of 'VII sermones ad mortuos' by Carl Jung.

Correspondence from John Sligo, 1974 (File 53) - box 3
Correspondence from Kylie Tennant, 1983 (File 54) - box 3
Correspondence from Acton Tyler Coppin, 1989 (File 55) - box 3

Hand-made card.

Correspondence from Ero and Stathis Tzahanatzis, n.d. (File 56) - box 3
Correspondence from Tom Uren, 1989 (File 57) - box 3
Correspondence from Gunther Wagner, 1990 (File 58) - box 3
Correspondence from Thea Waddell, 1984 (File 59) - box 3
Correspondence from Kerry Walker, 1987 (File 60) - box 3

Includes black and white photographs, ephemera, and typescript copy of 'Knuckledusters: The jewels of Edith Sitwell', 1987, words by Kerry Walker, music by Nigel Butterley.

Correspondence from Ronald Waters [?], n.d. (File 61) - box 3
Correspondence from William Yang, 1989 (File 62) - box 3
Correspondence from Peter Yeend, 1988 (File 63) - box 3

Includes photograph of White's father, from the Archives of The King's School (Sydney, NSW).

Correspondence from unidentified writers (File 64) - box 3

Subseries 1.2. Correspondence (outwards), 1980-1990

Correspondence (draft) from Patrick White to Richard Adrian, Australia Council, Ingmar Björkstén, Hermann Black, Council of the City of Sydney, Geoffrey Dutton, James Fairfax, Graham C. Greene, Letters to the Editor, Keith Mackriell, Harry M. Miller, Athena Morton-Saner, Michael Shaw, Amanda Vaile, Gerard Windsor, Cecil Woolf and Neville Wran, 1980-1990 (File 65) - box 3

Series 2. Literary notebooks, 1930s-1970s

Over the course of his writing career, White kept a series of notebooks in which he recorded literary references and research notes which he used as background material for his writings. Several of the notebooks also include draft writings, including dialogues and character studies for White's literary works. Material relating to at least 11 of White's 12 novels (The tree of man (1955) appears to be the exception), 2 of White's dozen produced dramatic works and several short stories is contained in these notebooks.

Notebook with handwritten French poems, c.1932-1935 (Item 1) - box 4

Notebook, probably compiled while White was studying at the University of Cambridge, containing poems by Moreau, Hugo and other French writers, and handcopied into the volume by White in pen

Notebook, including material for Happy Valley (1939), The living and the dead (1941), The aunt's story (1948) and Voss (1957), c.1939-1941 (Item 2) - box 4

Small quarto, upper cover missing, in pencil and ink. Begins as a commonplace book with quotes from Butler, Lawrence, Proust, La Rochefoucauld, Samuel Johnson, Webster, Rene [Crevel?], William James, Tagore, Cervantes, Thomas Browne, Gandhi, Schwietzer, Picasso, Malraux, Montaigne, Katherine Mansfield, Berkeley, Pirandello, Thoreau.

Includes handwritten notes, dialogues, research notes for plays: Miracle (1936), outline and characters; 'Marriages are made in Hell', outline and draft dialogue; 'Man alone', outline and characters; 'The island', outline; '[Pure?] [words?] - a novel'; 'Part 1, Australia'; 'Part 2, Europe'; 'Part 3, A period of hopelessness and chaos'; 'The man touching amber'; The aunt's story, outline; de Maistre family tree; 'It's a pity she is blind', characters and outline - Aunt Margaret, Rodney, Joan, Noella, and many lesser characters in scenes - 'Sunday afternoon at the manor', 'At the riding school...'; 'Kitty Raspaldo', characters - Chervil, Mrs Rogers, Bruno Hinschel; 'How many virgins', plot outline; 'The cosmopolitans', characters and plot outline.

Also includes notes and observations on Hedda Gabler and Emma Bovary; scraps of dialogue, list of names, rehearsals, showing transition from poet and stage writer to the extended observations of the novelist; notes for 'On the train'; quote for The living and the dead - ' can't neglect the belly to feed the soul'; aphorisms; notes with page references to The living and the dead, (relating to an advanced draft, pp20-366); 'Oliver and Alys'; draft chapter for Happy Valley, summary, outline, numerically listed points 1-33, draft chapter; 'No more love', list of characters, names, draft timeline calculating dates and ages for characters, scene breakdown; 'Leichhardt', notes for Voss.

War journal, including material for The aunt's story (1948), c.1941 (Item 3) - box 4

Exercise book (56pp), ruled, handwritten in ink and pencil. Begins with war journal entries (January-May 1941), then notes relating to: 'The woman who knew best'; 'Three poems from the desert'; a list of the titles of nine stories, including 'The twitching colonel' (published 1937), 'Cocotte', 'Diddy Dumpkins', 'The book makers', 'Ridley's here', 'The hyena', 'There's nothing like chintz', 'Road's end' and 'Chambers'; 2 war lyrics; 'Sudan blues'; reference to the 'jardin exotique' in The aunt's story; Theadora Goodman; short story 'The Hoxton rose'; quotes from Olive Schreiner at end of volume.

Notebook, including material for Voss (1957), Riders in the chariot (1961) and A fringe of leaves (1976), c.1947-1976 (Item 4) - box 4

St George brand exercise book, handwritten in pencil and blue ink. Contains research and preparation for Voss - Leichhardt, diction, terms, phrases, details for follow-up, prospective names and parts; dialogue (notes evolving into a novel), comprising exchanges in draft developing key themes and character dispositions.

Also includes notes relating to: Riders in the chariot; notes in and from the German by Gershom Scholem on the Kabbalah; notes on Jewish thought and Hassidism (Alf Dubbo and Himmelfarb emerge on these pages); 'Brainstorm - What is love but a half hour with Liberace?'; Mitchell Library call slip for C.C. Petrie's Reminiscences of early Queensland, 9 October 1973, inserted; notes to background and historical detail for A fringe of leaves; timeline of records and events; notes on geography, topography and climate.

Notebook containing research for Voss (1957), c.1955-1957 (Item 5) - box 4

Small exercise book with 'Groβe Fugel In B Flat Opus 133' [Beethoven] written on cover in White's hand; largely in pencil, some blue ink towards end of volume. Comprising research notes for Voss, principally relating to Leichhardt's 1846 expedition, including: timeline, 1846-1847; weather notes; copied map of Sydney, 1842; details of expedition supplies; notes on fashion; events; buildings; society; manners. Also includes bibliographic references and sources; 'Paddy O'Cock'; addresses and phone numbers in Athens and Alexandria.

Notebook, including material for The solid mandala (1966), The vivisector (1970), Memoirs of many in one (1986), The eye of the storm (1973) and other works, c.1964-1976 (Item 6) - box 4

Medium-sized notebook with faux marbled cover; entries by White, principally in pen. Includes: notes for The solid mandala; timeline, 1892-1964; 'Death of Waldo'; 'Points to develop in Arthur's story'; corrections to a presumed advanced draft; dialogue for Mrs Poulter; 'The cockatoos' (published 1974); miscellaneous quotes; 'A woman's hand'; 'Dolly Formosa and the happy few'; The vivisector, with references to an advanced draft; 'Memoirs of one in many' [sic] (published as Memoirs of many in one); military notes relating to 'AFC' (Australian Flying Corps), 1915-1919; 'Hunger? or The full belly?'; 'The vivisectionists' [sic]; timeline, names of characters, possible epigraphs; notes on The eye of the storm; 'Within the eye' characters; cyclones; short dialogue between a King, a Queen and a Prime Minister.

Notebook, including material for A fringe of leaves (1976), 'For binoculars - Helen Nell', The Twyborn affair (1979), Netherwood (1983), Big toys (1977) and other works, c.1976-1983 (Item 7) - box 4

Swain's brand small exercise book; in characteristic broad nib, blue ink and pencil; also ballpoint in red and blue. Comprising: notes relating to A fringe of leaves, including description of Fraser Island and other Queensland locations; character notes on Ellen Roxburgh; 'For binoculars - Helen Nell'; '1836'; 'Barbara Thompson'; 'Brisbane in the thirties'; The Twyborn affair; Netherwood; Big toys; 'The faëry kingdom'; 'The monkey puzzle' (written c.1977), draft dialogue; notes on the history of Babylon; Netherwood, long dialogue; 'The empty chair', brief list of characters. Also a transcribed recipe for raw fish; with bibliographical references and Mitchell Library call slip (26 August 1981) included as inserts at end of volume.

Notebook, containing draft material, 1970s-1980s (Item 8) - box 5

Spriax brand, foolscap. Comprising: first draft [?] handwritten manuscript in blue ballpoint with revision in red ballpoint of 'The last long weekend' radio play; family tree for 'Sir Benedict Moneypenny (Tug), Eleanor Clifton'; drafts of 'Four love songs', 'The park', 'The cat', 'The nun'; draft of 'III. My big American' radio play; notes beginning 'My memories of last Palm Sunday march...'.

Notebook, containing draft material, 1970s-1980s (Item 9) - box 5

Foolscap torn-out sheets, 14pp, 14pp, 7pp. Comprising: 'Three [strikethrough] 2 love songs: The park, The cat, The nun [strikethrough]'; 'Memorial park'; 'I. The park'.

Notebook, containing draft material, 1970s-1980s (Item 10) - box 5

Spirax brand, foolscap. Comprising 'Four [strikethrough] three (or four) love songs: The cat'.

Series 3. Flaws in the glass, 1981

Papers relating to White's autobiography, Flaws in the glass: A self-portrait (1981), including an early manuscript draft with annotations and corrections, and four annotated typescript drafts. There is also a set of uncorrected printer's proofs, a letter from White to Tom Maschler at Jonathan Cape, 1981, with some explanatory notes and corrections by White, and a selection of prints of photographs used in the book.

Manuscript draft, n.d. (File 1) - box 5

Handwritten foolscap sections numbered I-VIII (48p each), each section numbered by White except for Section III, which lacks a section cover; various inks, principally blue ballpoints, with some revisions and deletions in red ballpoint; many surface excisions, substitutions and hesitations

Typescript draft (1), n.d. (File 2) - box 5

Carbon copy typescript (260pp); some annotations in red ballpoint

Typescript draft (2), n.d. (File 3) - box 5

Carbon copy typescript (260pp); some annotations in red ballpoint; identical to draft (1)

Typescript draft (3), n.d. (File 4) - box 6

Typescript (260pp); half-spaced with some overtyping; many annotations, primarily in red ballpoint and some in blue ballpoint; grammatical and stylistic changes and reworking of sense and description

Typescript draft (4), n.d. (File 5) - box 6

Carbon copy typescript (3pp + 256pp); including title page; some annotations in red ballpoint; handwritten page (verso of discarded sheet identified as p155) interleaved between pp161-162

Papers relating to Flaws in the glass, including a letter from White to Tom Maschler of Jonathan Cape, 20 March 1981, notes by White and photographs, 1981 (File 6) - box 6

Carbon copy typescript letter and notes from White to Tom Maschler (see Patrick White: Letters (1994), p542); 'Own choice of photographs for Flaws in the glass' carbon copy typescript by White; handwritten notes and comments by White, written on the verso of discarded typescript pages; prints of photographs (20) used in the book (also some duplicate prints)

Uncorrected proofs, 11 May 1981 (File 7) - box 6

One set of 'Author's spare set' photocopy page proofs (in two oblong clip-bound volumes) with minor late changes, including corrections indicated in the margin and a paragraph excised at p155

Series 4. Novels and novellas, c.1965-1986

Drafts and draft material for novels and a novella by Patrick White. There are manuscripts drafts of his unpublished and apparently unfinished works: 'The binoculars and Helen Nell'; 'Dolly Formosa and the happy few' (later mentioned in Memoirs of many in one), and 'The hanging garden'. There are also typescript drafts and page proofs for his published novels The vivisector (1970), A fringe of leaves (1976) and Memoirs of many in one (1986).

Subseries 4.1. 'The binoculars and Helen Nell' [unpublished novel], c.1965

'The binoculars and Helen Nell' manuscript draft (File 1-2) - box 7

Handwritten foolscap sections numbered 1-15; each section approximately 50pp; blue ink; working method evident, drafting process shown in much correction, revision and excision.

Subseries 4.2. 'Dolly Formosa and the happy few' [unpublished novella], c.1965

'Dolly Formosa and the happy few' manuscript draft (File 3) - box 7

Handwritten in foolscap sections numbered I-II (46pp + 27pp); blue ink with some pencil annotations; progress of composition evident.

Subseries 4.3. The vivisector [novel] (1970)

The vivisector typescript draft fragments (File 4) - box 7

Approximately 60 sheets of typescript draft fragments, with many handwritten annotations in blue ballpoint and blue ink.

Subseries 4.4. A fringe of leaves [novel] (1976)

A fringe of leaves typescript draft (File 5) - box 7

Carbon copy typescript draft (3pp + 219pp) on quarto onionskin. Minor typewritten corrections and handwritten corrections in blue ink. Draft appears to be in a late stage prior to typesetting.

Subseries 4.5. Memoirs of many in one [novel] (1986)

Memoirs of many in one typescript draft photocopy (1) (File 6) - box 8
Memoirs of many in one typescript draft photocopy (3pp + 132pp) (Item)
Memoirs of many in one typescript draft photocopy (2) (File 7) - box 8

Typescript draft photocopy (131pp, p132 not included), no annotations.

'Memoirs of many in one: changes made to the text' typescript (File 8) - box 8

Typescript notes (2pp) on corrections to the text, with blue ballpoint annotations.

Memoirs of many in one page proofs photocopy (File 9) - box 8

Photocopied page proofs marked 'Author's spare set'; minor corrections in blue ballpoint and red ballpoint.

Subseries 4.6. 'The hanging garden' [unpublished novel], n.d.

'The hanging garden' manuscript draft (File 10) - box 8
The hanging garden manuscript draft (Item)

Handwritten foolscap sections numbered I-V (189pp in total); blue ballpoint; numerous annotations and corrections in red ballpoint.

Series 5. Dramatic works, c.1962-1996

This series consists of material relating to works that Patrick White wrote as stage or screenplays, or developed from short stories as dramatic works. It includes manuscript drafts, scripts, typescripts and photographs, and programs from various productions.

Subseries 5.1. The ham funeral

First written by White as a stage play in 1947. Further developed and first produced in 1961.

Typescript, c.1962 (File 1) - box 9

Red quarto springback folder, iii + 104pp clean carbon copy typescript on onionskin paper (some pages are upside-down): 'Four plays by Patrick White'. Although the contents list includes The season at Sarsaparilla, A cheery soul and Night on Bald Mountain, the binder contains only the script for The ham funeral. The collection of plays is dedicated to Frederick Glover, a Grafton bank manager, who encouraged White to re-work the play after it had failed to be staged for more than ten years.

Correspondence, programs and photographs, 1961-1963, 1989-1991 (File 2) - box 9

Contents include: Jim Waites' 'birthday card' to Manoly Lascaris, made up of 2 cuttings of 1963 reviews of The season at Sarsaparilla; a 1989 Sydney Theatre Company (STC) Schoolsday program for The ham funeral with a typescript letter from Theresa Willsteed (Assistant to the Director); The ham funeral programs and 3 still photographs, 2 from the 1961 Adelaide University Theatre Guild production, and another by Robert McFarlane inscribed 'To Mr White from Mrs White with a big punch'; various review clippings; a letter from May-Brit Akerholt, 24 October [1989], regarding program material (Ackerholt, STC dramaturg and NIDA lecturer, had written a study of White's plays in the Australian playwright's monograph series published by Rodopi (Amsterdam) the previous year).

Subseries 5.2. The season at Sarsaparilla: A charade of suburbia in two acts

Written by White as a stage play in 1961 with the first production in 1962

Photographs and programs, 1962-1963, 1976 (File 3) - box 9

Still photographs in colour and black and white from various productions and programs from four productions.

Playscript, c.1962 (File 4) - box 9

Uncorrected script bound in full red morocco and titled in gilt, inscribed 'Patrick - Adelaide 14.ix.62 - John' (Tasker), (i.e. from the director to the playwright). The title page bears a stamp, 'Adelaide University Theatre Guild'.

Subseries 5.3. A cheery soul

Written by White as both a short story and stage play in 1962, with the first production in 1963.

Photographs and programs, c.1963-1966, 1989-1994 (File 5) - box 9

Contents include: six black and white production stills with the studio stamp of Helmut Newton and Henry Talbot Pty Ltd on the back; programs from Sydney Theatre Company, Royal Queensland Theatre Company and Union Theatre Repertory Company productions; and from Durrant's Press Cuttings, a damning review of the BBC 1 production penned by Kenneth Eastaugh in the Daily Mirror on 28 April 1966.

Subseries 5.4. 'Willy-wagtails by moonlight', 'Clay' and 'Down at the dump'

'Willy-wagtails by moonlight' was first published as a short story in 1962, and 'Clay' and 'Down at the dump' were published as short stories in 1963. The screenplay versions of these works appear to have been written shortly afterwards.

'Willy-wagtails by moonlight': short story and screenplay, c.1962-1963 (File 6) - box 9

A quarto card folder with a typical typed label on the cover, 'Triple sec: A triple bill of films by Patrick White comprising "Willy-wagtails by moonlight", "Clay", and "Down at the dump"'. Labels on the inside give White's Dogwoods address and that of Curtis Brown's London office. The folder contains a clipped section of Australian letters of 'Willy-wagtails by moonlight' as a short story, illustrated by Alun Leach-Jones, followed by 30pp of carbon typescript of White's screen adaptation.

Screenplays, c.1963 (File 7) - box 10

Orange A4 clip folder (with Dogwoods and Curtis Brown return addresses) containing: 'Willy-wagtails by moonlight' (2 sets of 15pp clean carbon copy typescripts of the short story, i.e. 30pp, and a 26pp carbon copy typescript of the screenplay); 'Clay' (a 46pp carbon copy typescript of the screenplay); and 'Down at the dump' (a 52pp carbon copy typescript of the screenplay). The typescripts contain minor corrections.

Screenplays, c.1963 (File 8) - box 10

Blue A4 clip folder (with Dogwoods and Curtis Brown return addresses) containing: 'Willy-wagtails by moonlight' (a 15pp clean carbon copy typescript of the short story and 2 sets of a 26pp carbon copy typescript of the screenplay); 'Clay' (a 46pp carbon copy typescript of the screenplay); and 'Down at the dump' (a 52pp carbon copy typescript of the screenplay). The typescripts contain minor corrections.

Subseries 5.5. Night on Bald Mountain

Written by White as a stage play in 1962 with the first production in 1964.

Photographs and programs, 1964, 1976, 1996 (File 9) - box 10

Contents include: a black and white production still of Nita Pannell and 2 copies of the program from the Adelaide University Theatre Guild production, 9-21 March 1964; and a black and white production still inscribed on the back '"Nacht auf dem Kahlen Berg" von Patrick White Ubersetzung Renate Volkner: Ilse Dannahl, Gunter Arnswald, Bernhard Dube' showing a set design and the actors listed from the Hildesheim, Stadttheater production, 2 November 1976.

Subseries 5.6. The night the prowler

Written by White as a short story in 1974 and as a screenplay in 1976 and produced in 1980.

Screenplay first draft, c.1976 (File 10) - box 10

British flat file containing 122pp typescript with minor corrections in red ballpoint pen on quarto typing paper. The coversheet states 'First draft, May 1976'. A copy of this draft was given by White to Desmond Digby for comment in 1976.

Photograph and screenplay, c.1976 (File 11) - box 10

Contents: one black and white publicity shot of Ruth Cracknell and Kerry Walker; and a shooting script, duplicated foolscap 122pp, marked 'Final draft' and '1', containing no annotations.

Subseries 5.7. Big toys

First produced as a stage play in 1977 and published in 1978.

First version manuscript, photographs and programs, c.1977 (File 12) - box 10

The manuscript is inscribed 'First version' and is in 2 sections: Section I is approximately 60pp handwritten foolscap manuscript in blue ink with a stage plan sketched in ink by the author and containing corrections and revisions throughout in blue ink and red ballpoint; Section II is 7pp handwritten foolscap manuscript with corrections and revisions throughout in blue ink and red ballpoint. The photographs consist of one Polaroid of Jim Sharman with a set model and 5 informal black and white first night photographs.

Subseries 5.8. 'Monkey puzzle'

Written by White in 1977 as a screenplay but never filmed. The main character is believed to be based on Hazel De Berg, an oral historian who interviewed notable Australians between 1957-1984.

Screenplay typescripts, c.1977 (File 13) - box 10

Torn quarto manila folder containing: a typescript in quarto onionskin paper, mixed top copy and a carbon copy with corrections throughout in the author's hand, 3pp + 122pp; and a mixed top copy and carbon copy typescript, 11pp, titled 'Additional scenes for the "Monkey puzzle" (Holy Writ? Tapeworm?)'.

Subseries 5.9. 'Last words'

Screenplay, 1979 (File 14) - box 11

A bound foolscap typescript containing 223 scenes over 192pp in printed wrappers. The final page is dated 1 June 1979.

Subseries 5.1. Signal driver: A morality play for the times

Written by White as a stage play and first produced in 1982.

Second version manuscript, c.1982 (File 15) - box 11

Inscribed 'Version 2', this handwritten manuscript consists of 42p foolscap paper in blue ballpoint with revisions and deletions in red and blue ballpoint pen.

Playscript, c.1982 (File 16) - box 11

Riven spring back folder with a typical label on the cover, containing a carbon copy typescript: Act One, 16pp with minor corrections in red ballpoint in the author's hand; Act One (next draft), 16pp with extensive corrections and amendments in the author's hand; Act Two, 14pp with corrections throughout in the author's hand; and Act Three, 14pp with minor corrections in the author's hand.

Playscript, c.1982 (File 17) - box 11

In 'Lighthouse - State Theatre of South Australia' wrappers, marked 'Script No. 1', a duplicated production script with 45pp + marked changes in White's hand throughout, including a change of character name from 'Abe' to 'Sol'.

Adelaide Festival and Belvoir Street productions ephemera, c.1982 (File 18) - box 11

Contents include: a still photograph and note fold from Neil (Armfield) to White thanking him for Signal driver and wondering what 'Brizzy' will make of the play; an annotated photograph from the Adelaide Festival opening night; note from Willy (William) Yang to Jim Sharman with a photograph of Sharman yawning at a News banner 'Festival shock - worse than perverse'; 7 still photographs by David Wilson and 2 colour snaps from the Adelaide production; 2 copies of a photocopy transcript of the ABC Books and Writing review; a Belvoir Street folder with a covering letter from Director Chris Westwood addressed to White and enclosing Regis Lansac's still photographs from the Belvoir Street production; and 2 programs from the Lighthouse production.

Subseries 5.11. Netherwood

Written by White as a stage play and first produced in 1983.

First version manuscript, c.1983 (File 19) - box 11

A 'First Version' handwritten foolscap manuscript in blue ballpoint with many amendments, some in red. There are 3 sections: Section 1 (52pp) with stage plan; Section 2 (44pp); and Section 3 (28pp + 1p), which is marked 'Second Version' but is in fact a continuation of the preceding first version sections.

Revisions, c.1983 (File 20) - box 11

Over 9pp in carbon typescript and handwritten manuscript of revisions to be implemented in what appears by page references to be an existing stage script.

Typescripts, c.1983 (File 21) - box 12

2 manila folders containing identical uncorrected photocopy typescripts, each 107pp.

Playscript, c.1983 (File 22) - box 12

Script in a red Lighthouse State Theatre Company of South Australia folder. The title page includes credits and there are White's adjustments throughout, including the re-written closing words of the character, 'Sarge', crossed out by White and a loose sheet with the change inserted.

Subseries 5.12. 'Births, deaths and lotteries'

Written as a libretto.

Suggestions for opera libretto, c.1984 (File 23) - box 12

Contents consist of: an A4 unannotated photocopy with some pages missing text at the bottom; 22pp quarto, top copy typescript on onionskin paper with a few corrections - none significant; and 2pp rough musical sketch, possibly by Richard Meale.

Subseries 5.13. Shepherd on the rocks

Written by White as a stage play. First produced in 1987.

Manuscript of early draft, c.1987 (File 24) - box 12

Students note book no. 594 foolscap spiral bound notebook containing an incomplete handwritten manuscript draft over 57pp in blue ballpoint pen.

Manuscript fragment, c.1987 (File 25) - box 12

A manuscript fragment in blue ballpoint pen.

Early draft manuscript, c.1987 (File 26) - box 12

44pp incomplete handwritten foolscap manuscript of an early draft with much reworking and a stage plan.

First version manuscript ('The Budgiwank experiment'), c.1987 (File 27) - box 12

Over 200pp handwritten foolscap manuscript in 5 sections plus a cast list.

Second version manuscript ('The Budgiwank experiment'), c.1987 (File 28) - box 12

Over 200pp handwritten foolscap manuscript in 5 sections.

Corrections, c.1987 (File 29) - box 13

Manuscript list of corrections presumably relating to a typescript not held in this collection.

Typescript, c.1987 (File 30) - box 13

A late photocopy typescript with changes by White in red ballpoint pen. The title, 'The Budgiwank experiment', has been corrected to 'Shepherd on the rocks'.

Typescript ('The Budgiwank experiment'), c.1987 (File 31) - box 13

70pp unmarked photocopy typescript with stage plan, entitled 'The Budgiwank experiment'.

Typescript, c.1987 (File 32) - box 13

70pp unmarked photocopy typescript with stage plan.

Programs and photographs, 1987 (File 33) - box 13

3 black and white still photographs by David Wilson and 2 programs from the State Theatre of South Australia production.

Subseries 5.14. 'My big American'

Originally written by White as part of a proposed trilogy, also to include the plays 'Cats' and 'Nuns'.

Radio play (File 34) - box 13

A foolscap manila folder containing: 18pp + 2pp handwritten manuscript draft script in blue ballpoint and ink; and 8pp foolscap handwritten manuscript draft torn from a Spirax notebook headed 'III' and written in a late or frail hand. Both items have minor corrections.

Subseries 5.15. 'Kidults'

Manuscript (File 35) - box 13

16pp handwritten manuscript in blue and red ballpoint pen containing dialogue and screen directions.

'Screenplay by Penny Finkelstein' (File 36) - box 13

22pp uncorrected photocopy typescript.

Subseries 5.16. 'The white goddess and the firebird: a history'

Draft and manuscript (File 37) - box 13

Contents consist of: an Olympic exercise book, 238pp, with the front cover inscribed 'P. White, 20 Martin Road, Centennial Park 2021' and containing a well-developed stage playscript including convicts, explorers and Aborigines, with set and stage directions, in a late or frail hand (alternating between block printing and typical cursive) in blue ballpoint pen with some revisions in red; and a handwritten foolscap manuscript in five sections, 36pp + 32pp + 32pp + 32pp + 32pp.

Series 6. Short stories, c.1976-1988

This series consists of draft handwritten manuscripts, typescripts, page proofs and a letter from Jonathan Cape Publishers relating to 4 of White's short stories. 'Fête galante' was published in the 1977 (no. 1) issue of Meanjin Quarterly. The 3 pieces, 'The screaming potato', 'Dancing with both feet on the ground' and 'The age of a wart' were published together as Three uneasy pieces in 1987.

Subseries 6.1. 'Fête galante', c.1976

Manuscript draft, n.d. (File 1) - box 14

32pp foolscap; fluid cursive pen and blue ink with late corrections in ballpoint.

Manuscript draft, c.1976 (File 2) - box 14

43pp handwritten manuscript in blue ballpoint on ruled quarto paper, with corrections and revisions throughout - some in red ballpoint.

Subseries 6.2. Three uneasy pieces, 1987-1988

Manuscript draft, n.d. (File 3) - box 14

Foolscap Spirax notebook, handwritten in blue ballpoint: 'The age of a wart' (2pp); 'The screaming potato' (7pp+); 'Dancing with both feet on the ground' (24pp); and a second draft of 'The age of a wart'.

Uncorrected typescript of 'The screaming potato', 'Dancing with both feet on the ground' and 'The age of a wart', 1987 (File 4) - box 14

22pp photocopy typescript with no corrections.

Page proofs and letter from Jonathan Cape Limited, 1988 (File 5) - box 14

Cape photocopy page proofs from the Australian setting with approved changes incorporated includes: publisher's note; 2pp typescript letter, signed on Cape letterhead from the copy editor 22 April 1988. The letter includes 16 queries about Three uneasy pieces, many of which are annotated forcefully in White's hand.

Series 7. Miscellaneous poetry and prose, c.1970-c.1988

Various manuscript and typescript drafts by White, including his poems 'Nine thoughts from Sydney 1970', 'A woman of fashion and distinction', 'State affair' and 'Music theatre'; and his prose pieces 'My book discoveries of 1983 - Patrick White', 'The flag', 'Flag business' and 'Why did I refuse to have any of my own work performed or published during the Bi?' (also titled 'Patrick White's views on the Bicentenary 25 January 1988').

Typescript drafts of 2 poems by White, 'Nine thoughts from Sydney 1970' and 'A woman of fashion and distinction', and a typescript draft of his article 'My book discoveries of 1983 - Patrick White', c.1970-c.1983 (File 1) - box 14

'Nine thoughts from Sydney 1970' carbon copy typescript (2pp); 'A woman of fashion and distinction' typescript on ruled foolscap with extra draft of first page (2pp + 1p) and typescript on ruled foolscap with red ballpoint corrections (2pp); 'My Book Discoveries of 1983 - Patrick White' typescript on ruled foolscap (1p)

Notebook featuring manuscript drafts of prose by White, primarily his article 'Why did I refuse to have any of my own work performed or published during the Bi?', c.1988 (File 2) - box 14

Ruled foolscap Students Note Book No 594 containing drafts handwritten in blue ballpoint, including 'Why did I refuse to have any of my own work performed or published during the Bi?' (6pp), a list of names and addresses (5pp) and a letter to Nick Kyriakos of the Maroubra Greek Orthodox High School (1p)

Manuscript and typescript drafts by White including 'The flag', 'Flag business', 'State affair', 'Music theatre', 'Why did I refuse to have any of my own work performed or published during the Bi?' and 'Patrick White's views on the Bicentenary 25 January 1988', c.1988 (File 3) - box 14

Ruled foolscap pages (torn out of notebook) featuring handwritten drafts in blue ballpoint, including 2 prose works 'The flag' (2pp) and 'Flag business' (1p), 2 poems 'State affair' and 'Music theatre' (1p), and an article 'Why did I refuse to have any of my own work performed or published during the Bi?' (6pp); typescript of 'Patrick White's Views on the Bicentenary 25 January 1988' (3pp, 2 copies); together with Blast no. 5, Autumn 1988, featuring 'Patrick White blasts bi-birthday' pp5-6

Series 8. Speeches, 1972-1989

This series comprises drafts of speeches written and delivered by White in the last two decades of his life. While a small number of the speeches relate to awards that he received, most present White's views on contemporary issues with which he was particularly concerned. Topics covered in the speeches include the Green Ban movement, patriotism, nuclear disarmament, democracy, human rights and the environment, with many containing interesting insights as to White's philosophy and world view. Also of interest is a speech delivered in Athens at the 10th anniversary celebrations of the Greek student uprising and fall of the military dictatorship, which White attended at the invitation of the Greek Government in 1983.

Speeches, 1972-1984 (File 1) - box 15

Draft speeches by White, mostly typescript, some with corrections: untitled speech giving White's views on Jack Mundey (c.1982); short handwritten notes on nuclear disarmament with statement on Aborigines and mining companies (c.1982?); 'Role of the Australian citizen in a nuclear war' (1983); 'Town Hall rally' on urban development (Sydney, June 1972); 'Address to the Librarians of Australia' (Mitchell Library, September 1980); 'National Book Council Awards' (Melbourne, October 1980), together with NBC Seventh Annual Literary Dinner agenda and head table plan; 'People for Nuclear Disarmament' (Melbourne, October 1981); 'The state of the Colony' (1981); 'A letter to humanity' (Sydney, November 1982); 'Speech at demonstration for nuclear disarmament' (Sydney, April 1982); 'Citizens for Democracy' (1983); 'Patrick White at celebrations of the student uprising and fall of the Junta' (Athens, November 1983); 'Australian patriotism' (Sydney, January [1984?]). A presentation folder given to White on the occasion of his 1983 Athens speech is filed at Series 8, Folder 3.

Speeches, 1984-1989 (File 2) - box 15

Draft speeches by White, mostly typescript, some with corrections. Including: 'The search for an alternative to futility' (c.1984); speech given at the launch of Australia and Nuclear War edited by Michael Denborough (ANU, March 1984); 'Hiroshima Day' (Sydney 1984); 'Peace and other matters' (Auckland, November 1986); 'To Artur Lundevist' (1986), on the occasion of his 80th birthday in Stockholm; 'A sense of integrity' (La Trobe University, July 1988); in absentia speech written for Friends of Wolli Creek rally (October 1984).

Papers relating to the 10th anniversary celebrations of overthrow of the Greek military dictatorship, 1983 (File 3) - box 15

Presentation folder for official guests of the Greek Government attending the 10th anniversary celebrations of the overthrow of the military dictatorship, containing: program; address by Xenophon Peloponnisios, President of the Association of Imprisoned and Exiled Anti-Sedition Citizens; and 3 certificates given to White in honour of his support of the resistance movement. A speech delivered by White at this event is filed at Series 8, Folder 1.

Series 9. Dramatised extracts, scripts and artwork adapted from or based on the work of Patrick White, 1960-1987

A series of various works created by others which are either adapted or based on the work of Patrick White. Authors include Jonquil Antony (BBC), Chrisopher Waddington (artist), Michael Le Moignan, Larry Lucas, Benoît Braun, David Mercer, David Malouf and Curt and Maria Prerauer.

'A cheery soul: For television', 1960s (File 1) - box 15

A cheery soul (first produced 1963), script adapted for television by Jonquil Antony for the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). Includes a BBC complimentary slip signed by David Benedictus.

A fringe of leaves, 1970s-1980s (File 2) - box 15

Picture narrative by Christopher Waddington, inspired by Patrick White's novel A fringe of leaves (1976)

Dramatised extracts, 1984 (File 3) - box 15

Dramatised extracts adapted for radio by Michael Le Moignan and Larry Lucas (Copy 1/2)

Dramatised extracts, 1984 (File 4) - box 15

Dramatised extracts adapted for radio by Michael Le Moignan and Larry Lucas (Copy 2/2). Includes a cover letter from Michael Le Moignan to Patrick White, 29 May 1984.

'Patrick to camera', 1980s (File 5) - box 16

'Patrick to camera' (draft) 20 pieces to camera - dialogue in Memoirs of many in one (1986), walking in park, garden, etc.

'Patrick White: A film profile', 1991 (File 6) - box 16

Proposal for a documentary television special by Don Featherstone Productions, January 1991

The ham funeral French translation, 1970s-1980s (File 7) - box 16

French translation of The ham funeral (first produced 1961) by Benoît Braun for radio play

The ham funeral German translation, 1960s (File 8) - box 16

German translation - tragedies-farce by Curt and Maria Prerauer

'The tree of man - adapted for radio', 1982 (File 9) - box 16

The tree of man (1955), adapted for radio by Michael Le Moignan and Larry Lucas. Episodes 1-20 (1st draft), April 1982

'The tree of man - adapted for radio', 1982 (File 10) - box 16

Adapted for radio by Michael Le Moignan and Larry Lucas. Episodes 21-40 (1st draft), April 1982. Includes typescript (2pp) of suggestions by White to make the literary dialogue more colloquial.

'The tree of man - radio play', 1982 (File 11) - box 17

Adapted by Michael Le Moignan and Larry Lucas. Episodes 1-10 (2nd draft) Part 1/4.

'The tree of man - radio play', 1982 (File 12) - box 17

Adapted by Michael Le Moignan and Larry Lucas. Episodes 11-20 (2nd draft) Part 2/4.

'The tree of man - radio play', 1982 (File 13) - box 17

Adapted by Michael Le Moignan and Larry Lucas. Episodes 21-30 (2nd draft) Part 3/4.

'The tree of man - radio play', 1982 (File 14) - box 17

Adapted by Michael Le Moignan and Larry Lucas. Episodes 31-40 (2nd draft) Part 4/4.

'The tree of man - screenplay', 1982 (File 15) - box 17

Screenplay by Michael Le Moignan (1st draft), August 1982, with a covering letter, 21 September 1982

'The tree of man - treatment for a TV mini series', 1986 (File 16) - box 17

Treatment for a TV mini series by Michael Le Moignan and Larry Lucas. Includes a letter from the Australian Film Commission to Michael Le Moignan and Larry Lucas rejecting their proposal, 1 April 1986.

'The tree of man - treatment for a TV mini series', 1986 (File 17) - box 17

Photocopy of treatment for a TV mini series by Michael Le Moignan and Larry Lucas

Voss [film script], 1975 (File 18) - box 17

Film script, adaptation by David Mercer for Joseph Losey. Includes a typescript letter from Joseph Losey to Patrick White, recommending Mercer as 'brilliant'.

Voss [opera], 1981-1986 (File 19) - box 18

The Australian Opera 1986 premiere program plus a small amount of related ephemera and a souvenir t-shirt. Includes an inscribed black and white photograph of Richard Meale and Jim Sharman, Adelaide, June 1981.

Voss [opera libretto], 1980 (File 20) - box 18

Opera libretto by David Malouf. Inscribed 'For Patrick, with hope since all things aspire to that condition that Voss may find a second life in music'. Includes a complimentary slip from Curtis Brown (written by Barbara Mobbs, 12 February 1980).

Voss [press file], 1986 (File 21) - box 18

Press file from the Australian Opera (1986), compiled by Mrs Nancy McCabe.

'White light: A film portrait of Patrick White', 1987 (File 22) - box 18

Film portrait of Patrick White by Michael Le Moignan. Adapted from 'Patrick White' a radio feature by Michael Le Moignan and Larry Lucas. 1st draft, 16 September 1987 (Copy 1/2).

'White light: A film portrait of Patrick White', 1987 (File 23) - box 18

Film portrait of Patrick White by Michael Le Moignan. Adapted from 'Patrick White' a radio feature by Michael Le Moignan and Larry Lucas. 1st draft, 16 September 1987 (Copy 2/2).

'White light: Adaptation for radio', 1980s (File 24) - box 18

Extracts from stage plays and screenplays, 1947-1983. Adapted for radio by Larry Lucas and Michael Le Moignan.

Series 10. Index to music recordings, c.1955-1960

White was formally introduced to classical music in the mid-1950s by a Hungarian refugee couple with whom he was friends. This series comprises a single index book listing musical recordings, which was kept by White who made handwritten entries in pen. Interestingly, there is only one entry for Mozart, a composer whom White reputedly only came to admire later in life.

Index to music recordings, c.1955-1960 (File 1) - box 19

Alphabetical index book belonging to White, containing handwritten details of music recordings. Entries are arranged alphabetically by composer, with the performer's and/or orchestra's name together with the name of the conductor listed under the title of each piece.

Series 11. Research files, 1980-1988

A small selection of research material presumably used by White for various projects.

Conservation, n.d. (File 1) - box 19

Contains 2 pamphlets: 'National Parks in NSW', National Parks and Wildlife Services NSW; and 'The wildlife of Centennial Park, Sydney. History and birds with map', prepared by the Gould League of New South Wales

Jack Mundey, 1980 (File 2) - box 19

Includes article by Jack Mundey 'The motor car - symbol of industrialised vandalism' and 'A wider vision for trade unions' (Green Bans).

Mary MacKillop, 1982-1988 (File 3) - box 19

Publications including: 'We are her people: Mary MacKillop - woman of Australia'; 'Resource material from the Archives of The Sisters of St. Joseph of the Sacred Heart'; and '533 Elizabeth Street'.

Peace, 1980-1983 (File 4) - box 19

Peace Dossier newsletters from the World Citizens Assembly and the Victorian Association for Peace Studies.

Series 12. Address books and pocket diaries, 1960s-1990s

White's address books (2) containing names and addresses dating from the 1960s to 1990s, together with pocket diaries (2) dating from 1988 and 1990, primarily containing brief appointments and reminders.

Subseries 12.1. Address books, 1960s-1990s

Address book, 1960s (File 1) - box 19

'Addresses and telephone' volume, bound with brown cover; alphabetical tabs, usually 2-3 entries per tab, handwritten by White; inserts include an address handwritten on the verso of an advertisement for stationery, c.1968, and a blank sheet of notepaper with 'F.W. Gibbons: Electrical Contractor' letterhead.

Address book, 1980s-1990s (File 2) - box 19

'Telephone and address' volume, bound with red cover; alphabetical tabs, often 10-20 entries per tab, handwritten by White; includes a letter to Manoly Lascaris from the Office of J.O. Fairfax, 24 October 1991, regarding attendance at a book launch.

Subseries 12.2. Pocket diaries, 1988-1990

Diary, 1988 (File 3) - box 19

'Diary 1988' volume with red cover; contains numerous brief entries handwritten by White, primarily appointments and reminders; includes an affirmation handwritten by White inside back cover - 'May I be guided in the coming year in my efforts to unite people, through the written and the spoken word - that we may abandon despair [and?] [apathy?] for a [fresh?] belief in spiritual progress and universal peace'.

Diary, 1990 (File 4) - box 19

'Perpetual Trustees 1990' volume with navy cover; contains numerous brief entries, primarily appointments and reminders, many handwritten by White, while some appear to be written by another author; last entry dated 30 September 1990.

Series 13. Personal documents and certificates, 1940-1988

This series contains correspondence between Patrick White and his solicitor J.W. Butterfield relating to White's will and power of attorney, including copies of the draft will and final will. There are also copies of White's birth certificate and his war service record, together with facsimiles of his early letters to 'Dear Fairies' and 'Dear Father Christmas' (plus a later handwritten version of this letter).

'Dear Father Christmas' and 'Dear Fairies', n.d. (File 1) - box 20

Facsimiles of White's letters to 'Dear Father Christmas', 1918 and 'Dear Fairies', n.d. (originals held by the State Library of New South Wales), together with a more recent handwritten version by White of the 'Dear Father Christmas' letter

Certified birth certificates, war service record and passports, 1940-1988 (File 2) - box 20

Certified copies (2) of White's birth certificate, issued 17 August 1940 and 28 November 1983; transcript of White's war service record, issued 25 March 1987; Australian passports (3), issued 6 March 1968, 22 March 1976 and 26 October 1988

General personal documents, 1952-1986 (File 3) - box 20

Prescription, 1952; receipts (2) issued by Ronald R. Coutts (Real Estate Agent) for the rental and sale of 'Dogwoods', 1967; Westpac deposit book, 1986; Qantas itinerary, 1983; vaccination certificate issued by the Bank of New South Wales Travel Department, 1968-1976

Will and power of attorney, 1983-1988 (File 4) - box 20

Copy of will (1983 draft); photocopy of will (final 1988 draft), signed; copy of power of attorney, 2 March 1988; correspondence between Patrick White and J.W. Butterfield (solicitor), 1983-1988

Series 14. Awards received by Patrick White, 1974-1987

A menu for the luncheon at which Patrick White received his Australian of the Year award from the Australia Day Council, 1974; White's Republican of the Year 1983 certificate from the Citizens for Democracy; and White's 1987 certificate of Life Membership of the Special Black Bicentennial and 20th Anniversary Membership of Black Women's Action - Educational Sponsorship Section.

'Australia Day Luncheon, Melbourne Town Hall, Friday 25th January, 1974' menu, 1974 (File 1) - box 20

Menu for the luncheon at which Patrick White was presented with 1974 'Australian of the Year' award

'Republican of The Year 1983' certificate, 1983 (File 2) - box 20

'Awarded to Patrick White. Author, Nobel-Laureate and Activist. For the inspirational view of this land and its people his writings have provided; for the international recognition his literature has won Australia; and for his acts in support of Australian autonomy. By Citizens for Democracy.'

'Life Member, 1987, Certificate of Membership, Black Women's Action - Educational Sponsorship Section' certificate, 1987 (File 3) - box 20

Awarded as a 'Special Black Bicentennial and 20th Anniversary Membership. 1787 - Last year of freedom. 1967 - The referendum that accorded Aboriginal Australians citizenship of their own country.' Signed by Roberta Sykes.

Series 15. Patrick White Literary Award, 1975-1990

The Patrick White Literary Award is given annually to writers who have been highly creative for a long period but who may not have received adequate recognition for their work. White used his 1973 Nobel Prize for Literature to create a trust for the Award, which was first won in 1974 by Christina Stead. The series consists of the trust deed, media releases and financial statements.

The Patrick White Literary Award Trust Deed (between Patrick White and the Perpetual Trustee Company Limited), 10 July 1975 (File 1) - box 21

Media releases for 1982 and 1988 recipients, 1982-1988 (File 2) - box 21

Perpetual Trustee Company Limited financial statements, 1988-1990 (File 3) - box 21

Series 16. Patrick White's Choice - Art Gallery of New South Wales, 1981-c.1987

As part of the 1982 Festival of Sydney, the Art Gallery of New South Wales presented a number of exhibitions of works selected by a prominent individual. Patrick White selected 20 works from the Gallery's collections for the first exhibition, titled 'Patrick White's Choice', which ran from December 1981 to January 1982. This series includes letters to White from Barry Pearce of the Art Gallery of New South Wales, 1981, and Brian Adams of the Australian Broadcasting Commission, 1981, together with some draft material for the catalogue, copies of the printed catalogue, and papers relating to artworks that the Gallery acquired from White.

Draft text for 'Patrick White's Choice' catalogue, forwarded to White by Barry Pearce of the Art Gallery of New South Wales, and a letter from Brian Adams of the Australian Broadcasting Commission, 1981 (File 1) - box 21

Photocopy draft of text for the exhibition catalogue (including preface by Edmund Capon, introduction by Patrick White, and citations for the selected artworks), with an accompanying note from Barry Pearce to White, 10 December 1981; typed letter from Brian Adams to White, 21 December 1981, regarding a proposed interview with White

Copies of the 'Patrick White's Choice' catalogue, together with information on artworks that the Art Gallery of New South Wales acquired from White, 1981-c.1987 (File 2) - box 21

Brochure on Taxation Incentives for the Arts Scheme, n.d.; copies (5) of the 'Patrick White's Choice' catalogue, 1981; valuation by Christie's of 2 artworks owned by White, 20 January 1983; valuation by Christie's of six artworks owned by White, 20 October 1983; letter to White from Alan Froud of the Art Gallery of New South Wales, 6 February 1985, regarding 8 artworks offered to the Gallery by White; photocopied handwritten and typescript lists (3) of artworks given by White to the Art Gallery of New South Wales from 1968 to 1987, including provenance and acquisition information

Series 17. Theses and drafts of publications relating to Patrick White, 1969-1986

Theses (3) focussing on Patrick White and his writings, together with typescript drafts for David Marr's Patrick White: Letters (1994).

Subseries 17.1. Theses, 1969-1986

Maria Helena Ribeiro De Paiva Correia Gomes De Vallera, O regresso à Abissínia, ou, Uma interpretação do romance de Patrick White, Universidade de Lisboa, 1969 (File 1) - box 21

Inscription signed Maria Helena Vallêra.

Benoît Braun, Le theatre de Patrick White, Prix Nobel de Littérature 1973, Universite Catholique de Louvain (Centre d'Ètudes Théâtrales), 1974-1975 (File 2-4) - box 22

Also included is a letter from Braun to White, 30 April 1975, in which Braun explains that he was translating and adaptating The ham funeral for the Belgian Broadcasting Company, and hopes that White would '…not object to my translation'.

Effie A. Lambadaridou, Patrick White: Magna Mater and her son-lover, University of Athens, 1986 (File 5) - box 22

Subseries 17.2. Draft publications

'Patrick White: The letters', volume 1, 1912-1961, chapters 1-6, edited by David Marr (File 6) - box 22

Unedited MS, typescript, presented to Patrick White by David Marr.

'Patrick White: The letters', volume 2, 1961-1972, chapters 7-11, edited by David Marr (File 7) - box 22

Unedited MS, typescript, presented to Patrick White by David Marr.

'Patrick White: The letters', volume 3, 1972-1990, chapters 12-16, edited by David Marr (File 8) - box 22

Unedited MS, typescript, presented to Patrick White by David Marr.

Series 18. Scripts by individuals other than Patrick White, 1980-1990

A series of screenplays sent to Patrick White. All are unannotated. Some include inwards correspondence.

Jim Sharman and Richard O'Brien, 'Shock treatment: screenplay by Richard O'Brien and Jim Sharman', 1980 (File 1) - box 23

Shooting Script, October 1980

Louis Nowra and Jim Sharman, 'Sunrise by Louise Nowra', 1983 (File 2) - box 23

Lighthouse. State Theatre Company of South Australia. Inscribed 'Patrick, hot off the press. As Signal driver was our first chapter, I thought you should receive this copy of the last. Jim [Sharman], 11 June 1983'.

Louis Nowra and Jim Sharman, 'Rednights. A screenplay by Louis Nowra and Jim Sharman', 1983 (File 3) - box 23

Louis Nowra and Jim Sharman, 'Red Nights. The story of Jack Montgomery. A man of our times. An original screenplay: Written by Louis Nowra in collaboration with Jim Sharman', 1984 (File 4) - box 23

Includes note from Jim Sharman to Patrick White

Stephen Sewell, 'Miranda. Screenplay by Stephen Sewell', 1987 (File 5) - box 23

Script no 21. Includes typescript letter from Glenys Rowe to Patrick White.

Nick Enright, 'St James Infirmary blues', 1990 (File 6) - box 23

James Waites, 'Shakespeare and the Hermetic Tradition', n.d. (File 7) - box 23

Australian Broadcasting Commission. Radio Drama and Features. Radio Helicon.

Bill Harding, 'Silver lining. A revolutionary comedy in two acts', n.d. (File 8) - box 23

Copy no. 16. Lighthouse. State Theatre Company of South Australia.

Series 19. Photographs, 1930-1984

A collection of photographs documenting a long period of White's life. The series comprises photographs of: White's family and early life; war-time photographs of White and Lascaris; 'Dogwoods', Castle Hill (NSW); as well as formal portraits of White covering many years and taken by Cecil Beaton, Rob Hillier, William Yang, Axel Poignant, David Moore, Edie Kurzur, Howard Coster, Phil Lock, Eva Mandel-Pavlovic and Leopold Pavlovic. Photographs of the Martin Road house (Centennial Park, Sydney, NSW) and various social events are also present. Individuals pictured with White include: Manoly Lascaris; Suzanne Peck (née White) and family; Pepe Mamblas; Neville Wran; Jill Hickson; William Yang; Barry Humphries; Kate Fitzpatrick; Sister Veronica Brady; Yevgeny Yevtushenko; Neil Armfield; Keith Mitchell; Joel Ellenberg; Brett and Wendy Whitely; and Barry Jones. Many of the photographs are undated and unidentified and the original arrangement has been retained.

Early family photographs (File 1) - box 24

8 photographs of White's parents in group shots; Florence and Matt Davis

Various family photographs, 1931-1983 (File 2) - box 24

61 photographs and 6 colour transparencies of White's family from various periods. Includes Suzanne Peck and family, and White and Lascaris in Athens.

War-time and other early photographs of White and Lascaris, c.1940-1958 (File 3) - box 24

46 photographs, including portraits of White and Lascaris in uniform, and photographs taken in Rome, 1958

London period photographs, 1930s (File 4) - box 24

32 photographs, including photographs of White's home and study, photographs with dogs, and portrait of Pepe Mamblas

Castle Hill period photographs, 1947-1960s (File 5) - box 24

58 photographs, including photographs of the dogs, the house's exterior and grounds and social events

Various photographs including Castle Hill, 1950s (File 6) - box 24

19 photographs, 2 transparencies and 4 sets of negatives, including photographs of 'Dogwoods' house, gardens and dogs

Various photographs, including dogs and studies of White (File 7) - box 24

13 photographs, mainly of dogs, 2 of White at his home


Various photographs, mostly Martin Road period, 1964-1984 (File 8) - box 24

62 photographs, including views of house and garden at Martin Road, White and Lascaris (including photograph with potatoes by William Yang), and White with Neville Wran and Jill Hickson. Also includes photographs taken in the Domain, Auckland, and Garden for the Blind.

Photographs of White, Lascaris and friends, 1958-1984 (File 9) - box 24

19 photographs, including of William Yang, Barry Humphries and children, Kate Fitzpatrick, Veronica Brady, Yevgeny Yevtushenko, Neil Armfield, Keith Michell, Joel Ellenberg, Brett and Wendy Whitely

Various photographs (File 10) - box 25

63 photographs, including series by Barry Jones of White at Martin Road with Eureka and Aboriginal flags, 1988, with letter to White. Also includes photographs of travel, relatives, friends and protests.

Portraits of White by Eva Mandel-Pavlovic and Leopold Pavlovic (File 11) - box 25

26 prints

Various photographs, mostly portraits of White (File 12) - box 25

50 photographs, mostly portraits of White, including by Axel Poignant, David Moore, William Yang, Edie Kurzer and Howard Coster. Also includes photographs of 'Dogwoods' and earlier.

Portraits of White by Cecil Beaton, 1968 (File 13) - folio 1

2 portraits with invoice from Beaton for 12 prints for 'Special Secret Price of 2 gns each'

Portraits of White (File 14) - folio 1

16 portraits of White by various photographers, including Rob Hillier, William Yang, Axel Poignant, David Moore, and Phil Lock

Framed photographs (File 15-18) - folio 1

4 framed photographs: early portrait of White; Patrick White and Kerry Walker; Ellie (sister of Lascaris) and Sidney Nolan; and puppies

Series 20. Artworks, 1959

This series consists of artworks by three Australian artists - Tom Gleghorn, Lawrence Daws and Margo Lewers. White willed his extensive art collection to the Art Gallery of New South Wales. These artworks are those that the Art Gallery of New South Wales declined to accept. A related letter from Barry Pearce of the Art Gallery of New South Wales, 7 October 1981, is held in Series 1.1, Folder 5.

Tom Gleghorn - 'Enpedition Disaster', 1959 (File 1) - folio 1

Tom Gleghorn - 'Journey of Voss', watercolour on paper, [385 x 275], 1959 (File 2) - folio 1

Tom Gleghorn - 'Journey of Voss', watercolour on paper, [385 x 275], 1959 (File 3) - folio 1

Tom Gleghorn - 'Burial of Gyp', watercolour on paper, [385 x 275], 1959 (File 4) - folio 1

Tom Gleghorn - 'Burial of Gyp', watercolour on paper, [385 x 275], 1959 (File 5) - folio 1

Lawrence Daws - untitled etching no. 2 of 3, [170 x 165], n.d. (File 6) - folio 1

Margo Lewers, untitled oil on paper, n.d. (File 7) - folio 1

Series 21. Realia

3 objects belonging to Patrick White - a beanie, a beret and a pair of spectacles. The beanie and the beret are inseparable from the image of the public figure that emerged after the Moore Park protest.

Beanie (File 1) - box 27

Beret (File 2) - box 27

Spectacles (File 3) - box 27

Series 22. Ephemera, 1960-1993

Ephemeral material including recipes and menu plans created or collected by White; theatre, film, dance and opera programs; art exhibition catalogues and invitations; stickers and media banners.

Recipes and menu plans collected or created by Patrick White (File 1) - box 25

Spiral bound notebook containing menu plans. Also includes a draft letter entitled 'What is the future of Radio National' in White's hand (3pp).

Theatre and concert programs, 1960 (File 2) - box 25

Theatre, opera and film programs, c.1978-1989 (File 3) - box 25

Includes the 'Sydney Theatre Company Songbook. Lyrics by May-Brit Akerholt'.

Theatre, concerts and dance programs, c.1977-1992 (File 4) - box 26

Art exhibition catalogues and invitations, c.1962-1993 (File 5) - box 26

Banner from the National Times 'Patrick White: exclusive interview', 1979 (File 6) - box 26

Sticker '…for a democratic constitution' (File 7) - box 26

Dog show schedule, 1963 (File 8) - box 26

Southend (UK) Show.

Series 23. Printed material, 1934-1990

Printed material, including books, journals, magazines, pamphlets and ephemera. This material has been divided into four subseries: publications featuring articles, poems and stories by White; publications featuring writings concerning White; publications relating to White's 1973 Nobel Prize for Literature; and miscellaneous printed material.

Subseries 23.1. Printed material featuring writings by Patrick White

The London Mercury, volume 30, no. 176 (London), June 1934 (File 1) - box 28

Poems by Patrick White: 'Meeting again' (p104) and 'The ploughman' (p105).

The London Mercury and Bookman, vol. 35, no. 210 (London), April 1937 (File 2) - box 28

Short story by Patrick White: 'The twitching colonel' (pp602-609).

Modern reading, no. 10 (London: Staples Press) (cover title: Staples modern reading), Autumn 1946 (File 3) - box 28

Short story by Patrick White: 'On the balcony' (note: entire story removed from pp49-62).

B.W. Huebsch, 1876-1964: A record of a meeting of his friends at the Grolier Club, New York City, on December 9, 1964 (New York: [privately printed]), 1964 (File 4) - box 28

Tribute to B.W. Huebsch by Patrick White (pp30-31).

Southerly: A review of Australian literature, no. 1 (Sydney: Angus and Robertson), 1968 (File 5) - box 28

Short story by Patrick White: 'Five-twenty' (pp3-25).

Twentieth century literature: a scholarly and critical journal, vol. 29, no. 2 (Hempstead, N.Y.: Hofstra University Press), Summer 1983 (File 6) - box 28

Commentary on writer Angus Wilson by Patrick White (pp121-122).

Overland, no. 111, June, 1988 (File 7) - box 28

Short prose piece by Patrick White: 'Credo, 1988' (p 16); and photograph of Patrick White (cover).

Subseries 23.2. Printed material featuring writings relating to Patrick White

Bibliography of Patrick White (Adelaide: Libraries Board of SA), 1966 (File 8) - box 28
Morley, Patricia A. Doppelgänger's dilemma: Artist and man in "The vivisector". Offprint from Queen's Quarterly, Autumn issue, vol. 78, no. 3, 1971 (File 9) - box 28
Australian Book Review: Geoffrey Dutton on Patrick White, vol. 11, November (cover: Volume 12), 1973 (File 10) - box 28

Article by Geoffrey Dutton: 'She whipped you on: Some thoughts on Elizabeth Hunter, "The eye of the storm", and Patrick White's Nobel Prize' (pp121-123).

Études (Paris), October 1975 (File 11) - box 28

Article by Jean Mambrino: 'Le dîner avec Isaïe: ou l'œvre réaliste et visionnaire de Patrick White' (pp403-427).

New theatre: Australia, no. 1, (Sydney), September/October 1987 (File 12) - box 28

Article by James Waites: 'The hegemony of naturalism: Patrick White - still fighting at 75' (pp6-10).

New theatre: Australia, no. 4 (Sydney), March/April 1988 (File 13) - box 28

Photograph: 'Patrick White backstage at the Parade Theatre, Sydney, opening night of Big toys, 1979' (insert between p20 and p21).

Blast, no. 6/7 (Canberra: Ann Nugent and Bill Tully), Winter 1988 (File 14) - box 28

Brief mention in article by Bill Tully: 'Great Australian fictions revisited' (p32).

Nicholas Pounder: Bookseller, Catalogue 3 (Sydney), 1989 (File 15) - box 28

18 entries for works by Patrick White (p78-79).

Subseries 23.3. Printed material relating to Patrick White's 1973 Nobel Prize for Literature

Reimpression de "Les prix Nobel en 1973": Biography: Patrick White (Stockholm: The Nobel Foundation), 1974 (File 16) - box 28
Nobelstiftelsen kalender 1975-1976/Nobel Foundation calendar 1975-1976 (Stockholm: Sturetryckeriet), 1975 (File 17) - box 28
Meckseper, Friedrich. The Nobel prizes: Physics, chemistry, medicine, literature, peace, economics (Malmö, Sweden: Galerie Börjeson), 1983 (File 18) - box 28
Les prix Nobel 1985: Nobel prizes, presentations, biographies and lectures (Stockholm: Almqvist and Wiksell International), 1986 (File 19) - box 28
Voice of the children: An endangered species; children from all over the world supported by Nobel Laureates on the ongoing devastation of the earth (Amsterdam: Amsterdam Council for the Future of the World's Children), 1990 (File 20) - box 28

Subseries 23.4. Other printed material

The new Loggan guide to Oxford colleges (Oxford: Basil Blackwell). Illustrations by Edmund H. New; letterpress by E.G. Withycombe; preface by Gilbert Murray, 1932 (File 21) - box 29

Inscription on inside cover 'P.V.M. White from E.G.W.' [E.G. Withycombe?].

Bruny Island [travel brochure], c.1950s (File 22) - box 29
The story of Mt Wilson in the Blue Mountains of NSW (Katoomba, NSW: Mt Wilson Progress Association) [travel brochure], c.1950s (File 23) - box 29

Inscription on title page 'Love and best wishes from ?, Christmas 1955'.

The modern Greek theatre: A concise history, translated from the Greek by Lucille Vassardaki (Athens: Hellenic Centre of the International Theatre Institute), 1957 (File 24) - box 29
Huebsch, B.W. Busman's holiday: 'What, exactly, do publishers do?' (New York: The New York Public Library). Nineteenth of the R.R. Bowker Memorial Lectures, 1959 (File 25) - box 29
Eliza Sands - Fraser Island [travel advertisement], 1980s? (File 26) - box 29

Inscription on verso listing accommodation tariffs.

Philp, Anne and Oppenheimer, Jillian. Saumarez Homestead: An outline history and guide (Sydney: National Trust of Australia - NSW), 1986 (File 27) - box 29

Enclosed: handwritten note on Australian National University paper to Patrick White from [M?], 13 April 1987; also uninscribed postcard of Saumarez Homestead.

Gorbachev, Mikhail. For the sake of preserving human civilisation: Speech before the participants in the international forum 'For a nuclear-free world, for the survival of humanity' (Moscow: Novosti Press Agency), 1987 (File 28) - box 29
Blast, no. 9 (Canberra: Ann Nugent and Bill Tully), Autumn 1989 (File 29) - box 29
Nicholas Pounder: Bookseller, Catalogue 5 (Sydney), May 1990 (File 30-31) - box 29

Inserted in Item 30: subscription form for journal Scripsi (Oxford University Press); and Borges, Jorge Luis. Ragnarök: A story; parallel text, translated by Nestor Silva (Sydney: Nicholas Pounder) (Item 31).

Series 24. Maps, 1942, 1962

Maps of Africa, Britain, Greece and the United States of America used by Patrick White during his overseas travels. The obverse of the British map includes verse written by White.

Alexandria. Africa - Sheet N.H.35, 1942 (File 1) - box 29

Issued by Air Information, supplied by HQ RAF ME.

Poster map (Greece), 1962 (File 2) - box 29

'Bartholomew's Tourist's Map of England and Wales. Southern Section', n.d. (File 3) - box 29

Linen-backed map with several lines of verse in pencil (on obverse) in White's hand. White's route is traced in heavy ink.

Rand McNally standard map of United States, n.d. (File 4) - box 29

Linen-backed. White's route is traced in black ink (White's first trip to America).

Series 25. Audio material

Magnetic tape (1 reel) featuring a broadcast/speech by Patrick White.

Magnetic tape (7 inch spool) marked 'Patrick White Broadcast / Speech 3.75ips', n.d. (File 1) - box 29

Series 26. Manoly Lascaris - condolences and memorials, 1990

Condolence letters received by Manoly Lascaris upon the death of Patrick White, parliamentary tributes, and correspondence relating to a memorial in honour of Patrick White.

Subseries 26.1. Condolence letters, 1990

Condolence letters - A-C, 1990 (File 1) - box 30
Condolence letters - D-G, 1990 (File 2) - box 30
Condolence letters - H-K, 1990 (File 3) - box 30
Condolence letters - L-M, 1990 (File 4) - box 30
Condolence letters - N-S, 1990 (File 5) - box 30
Condolence letters - T-Z, 1990 (File 6) - box 31
Condolence letters - unknown, 1990 (File 7) - box 31

Condolence letters where the full name of the sender is unknown.

Subseries 26.2. Parliamentary tributes to Patrick White, 1990

Parliamentary tributes, December 1990 (File 8) - box 31 ?

Correspondence from Leo McLeay MP (The Hon), Speaker of the Commonwealth House of Representatives, and a bound and autographed copy of A Tribute to the Memory of Patrick Victor Martindale White: House of Representatives. Extract from the Votes and Proceedings, no. 20.

Subseries 26.3. Correspondence, 1990

Letter to Manoly Lascaris from Arthur Charles, Chairman of Centennial Park, 9 November 1990 (File 9) - box 31 ?

Discussion of a proposal by Leo Schofield to erect a memorial to Patrick White in Centennial Park.

Series 27. Personal papers of Manoly Lascaris, 1944-2002

A small collection of Manoly Lascaris' personal papers including Patrick White's estate papers, correspondence received by Lascaris, photographs and sketches, postcards of Palais Lascaris and publications. Additional personal papers of Manoly Lascaris are held by the State Library of New South Wales.

Estate papers of Patrick White, 1990 (File 1) - box 32

Includes statement of White's finances as at 25 October 1990 and correspondence from Perpetual Trustees.

Correspondence received by Lascaris, 1990-2001 (File 2) - box 32

Includes correspondence received from Penny Coleing, Desmond Digby, Elizabeth Harrower, Jim Sharman, Film Australia (Robin Hughes), Greg Young, David Marr, Jim Waites, Ulrike Polymeropoulos, Heather Johnson, Nicholas Kyriacos, Jerry Kilbride, State Library of NSW (Paul Brunton) and a small number of unidentified individuals.

Correspondence (Christmas cards) received by Lascaris, 2000-2002 (File 3) - box 32

Photographs and sketches, 1944-1993 (File 4) - box 32

Includes sketch portrait of Lascaris (1944) and signed portrait of Lascaris by Marco Bok (1993); photographs of Lascaris; relatives (children and parents); a birthday party for Lascaris at Centennial Park (1990s) and several unidentified colour photographs.

Postcards (blank) of Nice, Palais Lascaris (File 5) - box 32

Publications received by Lascaris, 1962-1970 (File 6) - box 32

Includes work by Clayton Joyce and a script by Ian MacNeill 'Breakfast with the patriarch'.