Daisy Bates special map collection.


Daisy Bates special map collection
Call Number
MAP Daisy Bates Special Col. /1-116 (Rare Map Room)
approximately 1889 - approximately 1940
113 maps, 3 notes : some col., some mounted on linen, some diazo prints ; 85.5 x 62 cm. or smaller.
For item 64 see nla.obj-240377910. For item 68 see nla.obj-230045965. For item 69 see nla.obj-230046136. For item 70 see nla.obj-230046409. For item 71 see nla.obj-230046519. For item 72 see nla.obj-230046629. For item 73 see nla.obj-230046730. For item 74 see nla.obj-230046842. For item 75 see nla.obj-230046953. For item 76 see nla.obj-230047068. For item 77 see nla.obj-230047174. For item 78 see nla.obj-230047286. For item 79 see nla.obj-230047397. For item 80 see nla.obj-230047502. For item 81 see nla.obj-230047614. For item 82 see nla.obj-230047726. For item 83 see nla.obj-230047833. For item 84 see nla.obj-230047948. For item 85 see nla.obj-230048056. For item 98 see nla.obj-230048184.
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