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Sir Thomas Brisbane
Papers of Sir Thomas Brisbane
Date Range
1815 - 1858
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MS 4036
1.23 metres (4 small phase boxes + 1 folder)
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Special Collections (Manuscripts)


Scope and Contents

MS 4036 comprises reports and letters dealing with his period in N.S.W. chiefly, giving detailed description of events (4 boxes).

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Item Descriptions

Notes on the Brisbane papers (File)

Letter of advice from Phyllis Mander-Jones on the sale of the Brisbane papers, 16-Oct-60 (Item) - Box 1

includes two lists, one shorter, and one copy of the shorter list. The longer list has 11 pages.

Two letters from Sir Thomas Makdougall Brisbane 1822 (File)

Bruce - Incomplete, 28 Mar 1822 (Item 1/1/1-2) - Box 1

Extract, 13 Dec 1822 (Item 1/2/1-3) - Box 1

Two extracts Sir TM Brisbane re Sir J Jamison's false statements 1823 (File)

Extract -E ndorsed: Copy to Mr Bruce 15 Feb 1823, respecting Sir J. Jamieson's false statements. Also another copy, 15 Feb 1823 (Item 1/3, 1/4) - Box 1

Five letters Sir TM Brisbane 1823 (File)

"My dear Sir Henry" - autograph, 23 Mar 1823 (Item 1/5/1-4) - Box 1

Extract, 31 Mar 1823 (Item 1/6/1-3) - Box 1

Incomplete, 26 Jul 1823 (Item 1/7/1-3) - Box 1

Miss Bruce, 12 Aug 1823 (Item 1/8) - Box 1

Dr Hope, 5 Nov 1823 (Item 1/9) - Box 1

Twenty one letters Sir TM Brisbane 1823-1825 (File)

Bruce, 31 Dec 1823 (Item 1/10) - Box 1


Bathurst, 14? Jan 1824 (Item 1/11) - Box 1

See HRA Ser 1 Vol XI p. 199 21 Jan 1824. Autograph

Bruce, 30 Jan 1824 (Item 1/12) - Box 1


To Dr Douglas, Jan-Feb1824? (Item 1/13) - Box 1


Bathurst, 28 Feb 1824 (Item 1/14/1-2) - Box 1

Endorsed: copy of despatch to Earl Bathurst 28 Feb. 1824. Not found in HRA. Autograph

Rev G Burder Sec., Mission Society, 20 Mar 1824 (Item 1/15) - Box 1

Item microfilmed

Sir Gilbert Blase, 22 Mar 1824 (Item 1/16/1-2) - Box 1

Bruce, 17 Apr 1824 (Item 1/17) - Box 1

Major Goulburn, 21 Apr 1824 (Item 1/18/1-2) - Box 1

Not found in HRA. But see HRA Series 1 Vol XI pp 259-260

Butterworth, MP, 28 Apr 1824 (Item 1/19/1-2) - Box 1

Dr Bruntley, 13 May 1824 (Item 1/20) - Box 1

Rev J Pratt, 27 May 1824 (Item 1/21) - Box 1

Autograph. Item microfilmed

Butterworth, 28 May 1824 (Item 1/22) - Box 1

Not listed, 29 May 1824 (Item 1/23) - Box 1

Foreshadows an establishment on Moreton Bay

re. his Aide-de-Camp, Capt. J. Fennell, 18 Jun 1824 (Item 1/24) - Box 1

Bruce, 27 Jun 1824 (Item 1/25) - Box 1

Mr Wilmot Horton, 30 Jun 1824 (Item 1/26) - Box 1

Mr Wilmot Horton, 1 Jul 1824 (Item 1/27) - Box 1

Dr Cowper, 3 Jul 1824 (Item 1/28/1-2) - Box 1

Bannister, 5 Nov 1824 (Item 1/29) - Box 1

Under Secretary Horton, 24 Mar 1825 (Item 1/30/1-3) - Box 1

Copy of despatch. See HRA Series 1 Vol XI pp 552-

Sir TM Brisbane draft of despatch re his recall 1825 (File)

Bathurst, Apparently early May 1825 (Item 1/31) - Box 1

Draft of despatch re his recall. Not in HRA. Autograph

Sir TM Brisbane Statement of Circumstance as Governor of NSW 1825 (File)

Statement of circumstances connected with his appointment as Governor of NSW, 13 May 1825 (Item 1/32/1-4) - Box 1

re. draft of the above, 13 May 1825 (Item 1/33/1-2) - Box 1

Sir TM Brisbane six letters to Duke of Wellington, Earl Barthurst etc. 1825 (File)

NB only five letters could be found in this folder.

Bruce, 20 May 1825 (Item 1/34/1-3) - Box 1


Duke of Wellington, 20 May 1825 (Item 1/35) - Box 1

Reply to Feb. letter, 31 Jul 1825 (Item 1/36/1-3) - Box 1

Butterworth, 1 Aug 1825 (Item 1/37/1-2) - Box 1

Bathurst, 7 Sept 1825 (Item 1/38/1-2) - Box 1

Despatch No 80 See HRA Series 1 Vol. XI pp 810-812

Sir TM Brisbane two copies of despatch to Earl Bathurst 1825 (File)

Bathurst, Aug 1825 (Item 1/39/1-2) - Box 1

Dated thus. Endorsed: No 77 copy to Earl Bathurst Aug 1825. Correct copy. See HRA Series 1 Vol XI pp812-814, Despatch No 77 dated 10 Sept. 1825

Bathurst, 10 Sept 1825 (Item 1/40/1-2) - Box 1

Another copy

Sir TM Brisbane eight letters copies of despatches, and re his recall 1825-1830 (File)

Extract of letter to members of the Legislative Council. Incomplete, 13 Oct 1825 (Item 1/41) - Box 2

Copies of enclosures to a despatch ? Copies of correspondence re absence of Rev W Walker and his wife from the orphan School, Parramatta. Copy of a letter from Capt. R Stirling, ADC to the Governor, to the Rev W Walker Nov. 8 1825 and copy of reply from Rev W Walker, 12 Nov. 1825, 8-12 Nov 1825 (Item 1/42) - Box 2

Bathurst, 18 Nov 1825 (Item 1/43/1-2) - Box 2

Copy of Despatch No 97 See HRA Series 1 Vol XI pp902-903

Major Goulburn, 18 Nov 1825 (Item 1/44) - Box 2

Note copy of Goulburn's reply 21 Nov 1825 in 11[1/12/1-2]

Apparently written by Brisbane soon after his return to England re his recall, nd (Item 1/45) - Box 2

Holograph draft .

Forbes, 26 Feb 1827 (Item 1/46/1-2) - Box 2

Document dated at Holy Island. Entitled:Replies to Questions by M.Gen?Sir Thomas McDougall[sic]Brisbane connected with N. S.W. affairs, 28 Sept 1830 (Item 1/47/1-6) - Box 2

Holograph draft signed.

autobiographical extract on astronomy, nd (Item 1/48) - Box 2

Sir TM Brisbane three incomplete documents (File)

Incomplete document, nd (Item 1/49) - Box 2

Incomplete document, nd (Item 1/50) - Box 2

Incomplete document, nd (Item 1/51) - Box 2

Addresses to Sir TM Brisbane 1825 (File)

Extract of an Address from the Inhabitants of Sydney. Incomplete, nd (Item 2/1) - Box 2

Brisbane's reply to the address of the people of New South Wales, 25 Oct 1825 (Item 2/2/1-2) - Box 2

Autograph copy

Brisbane's reply to the address of the people of New South Wales, 25 Oct 1825 (Item 2/3/1-3) - Box 2

Clerk's copy with holograph additions. Also loose sheet 1/2 page.

Brisbane's reply to the address of the people of New South Wales, 25 Oct 1825 (Item 2/4/1-2) - Box 2

Clerk's copy

Address from the Australian Turf Club, 29 Oct 1825 (Item 2/5) - Box 2

Brisbane reply to the ATC, 1 Nov 1825 (Item 2/6) - Box 2

Address from the Agricultural Society, nd (Item 2/7) - Box 2

Address from Civil Officers, 26 Oct 1825 (Item 2/8) - Box 2

Traces of wax seal on page

Copy of Brisbane's reply giving permission for his portrait to be painted for Government House, 1 Nov 1825 (Item 2/9) - Box 2

Address from Leinster Marine Lodge of Australia No 266 and some other members residing in NSW (Item 2/10) - Box 2

Rough copy' written in top left corner

Brisbane's response to the above, Nov 1825 (Item 2/11) - Box 2

Copy of Brisbane' s reply to Address fromMaster, Wardens and Brethren of Australian Social Lodge No 260, 2 Nov 1825 (Item 2/12) - Box 2

Brisbane's reply to address from the Wesleyan missionaries, 8 Nov 1825 (Item 2/13) - Box 2

Autograph copy

Brisbane's reply to address from the Wesleyan missionaries (Item 2/14) - Box 2

Clerk's copy NOT signed or dated

[Draft] of Brisbane's reply to address from Inhabitants at Parramatta, 17 Nov 1825 (Item 2/15) - Box 2


Five Australian newspapers 1825 (File)

Two issues of The Australian newspaper containing Addresses to Brisbane. Nov 3, 1825 Nov 17,1825, Nov 1825 (Item 2) - Box 2

These newspapers have not been microfilmed.

Three issues of the Sydney Gazette Oct.ober 27 1825 Nov 10 1825 Nov 21 1825 these issues containing Addresses to Brisbane, Oct 1825-Nov 1825 (Item 2) - Box 2

These newspapers have not been microfilmed.

Sir T.M.Brisbane's memorial to Queen Victoria, etc 1858 (File)

Memorial to Queen Victoria asking for a Field Marshall's baton, 28 Aug 1858 (Item 3) - Box 2

Copy, but with shaky signature, original?

Letter to HRH Duke of Cambridge Commander in Chief Horse Guards asking for opinion, 28 Aug 1858 (Item 3) - Box 2


Letter to Brisbane from George Duke of Cambridge declining to appoint Brisbane a Field Marshall, 2 Sept 1858 (Item 3) - Box 2

Letter to Queen Victoria from Brisbane asking re his Memorial Aug 25 1858, 1 Nov 1858 (Item 3) - Box 2


Letter to Brisbane from Grey, Windsor Castle in reply to his memorial, 6 Nov 1858 (Item 3) - Box 2


Four letters to Sir T.M. Brisbane 1815, 1821, 1824 (File)

Letter from Bathurst, Secretary of State for the Colonies refers to Brisbane's desire to be appointed to the chief command in New South Wales but regrets that a vacancy is unlikely to occur, 24 Nov 1815 (Item 4) - Box 2

Letter to Brisbane from Bathurst transmits Brisbane's Commission and Instructions as Captain General and Governor-in-Chief of New South Wales, 30 Mar 1821 (Item 4) - Box 2

Bathurst's signature original? The Commission and Instructions are absent. [See HRA Series 1 Vol.x pp589-603. For Instructions see also Stheby, Sale Dec. 16 1958 Lot 456 now in Mitchell Library.]

Letter to Brisbane from Bathurst instructs him to dismiss Dr Douglas from the Magistracy.[ See HRA. Ser 1 Vol X1 p 307], 18 Jul 1824 (Item 4) - Box 2


Letter to Brisbane from Bathurst concerns Brisbane's proposal to raise a troop of Colonial Cavalry for "keeping in check" the Aborigines.[See HRA Ser 1 Vol XI p 423], 22 Dec 1824 (Item 4) - Box 2

Duplicate no 48

George IV document authorising Brisbane to hold Courts Marital 1821 (File)

Printed document with seal attached signed George IV King of England and Viscount Sidmouth authorises Brisbane to hold Courts Martial, 2 Mar 1821 (Item 5) - Box 2


Miscellaneous Sir T. M. Brisbane items 1824-1858 (File)

Letter from Brisbane to Lord Fitroy Somerset, 1 Mar 1837 (Item 6?) - Box 3

two drafts, much amended. Copies

Letter from Anthony D Lilly Bookseller undated, With translation of a letter to Lord Fitzroy Somerset, nd (Item 6?) - Box 3

photocopy, much deteriorated. Another tranlsation of the same letter on creamy paper

Letter from Lady Brisbane to Miss Shotta Scott Douglas - personal letter, 16 Sept 1853 (Item 6?) - Box 3

copy on this blue paper over written diagonally

Letter to Brisbane from Lt Col. R D Kelly 69th Regiment from India 1858 dealing mainly with the Indian Mutiny, 30 Apr 1858 (Item 6?) - Box 3

Cutting from The Scotsman obituary of Sir Thos.Macdougall[sic]Brisbane, nd (Item 6?) - Box 3

Handdrawn military map 'North Road from Chrazy? To Plottsburgh[Flanders?], nd (Item 6?) - Box 3

Letter from 5 people to Brisbane re local matters. + possible response from Brisbane on back of letter, 2 Jul 1848 (Item 6?) - Box 3


Last will from Henry Douglas at Patna, India, leaving 9/40th of the residue of his estate to Sir Henry and Lady Brisbane [neice], 14 Oct 1837 (Item 6?) - Box 3

Letter to Brisbane from Henry Thomson of Penrith, Cumberland on the death of Brisbane's son, 11 Dec 1849 (Item 6?) - Box 3


Letter to Brisbane from Earl Buchan enclosing an opal ring, 24 Feb 1824 (Item 6?) - Box 3

copy? With remains of address and wax seal

Letter to Brisbane from Lord Fitzroy Somerset announcing Sir George Henry Scott Douglas 's appointment to an ensigncy by purchase in 34th Foot, 3 Nov 1843 (Item 6?) - Box 3

from Horse Guards

Memorandum of Sir Thomas Makdougall Brisbane's service, some corrections in his own hand, nd (Item 6?) - Box 3


4 statistical tables from official document by H Marshall, Dep. Inspector of Hospitals 1836, black slaves in West Indies and British troop numbers. Part of letter to Lord Fitzroy Somerset from Makerstoun, Kelso. [see above], nd (Item 6?) - Box 3

in Brisbane's own hand.

Letter to Bill Torrington, NLA Liaison Officer UK re Brisbane letters for sale from Anthony Lilly Bookseller. Note about the relevance of some of the above letters, 09-Aug-60 (Item 6?) - Box 3


F.Goulburn Four letters to Sir T.M.Brisbane 1822-1825 (File)

Letter from Goulburn, F [Colonial Secretary] to Lieut. Percy Simpson giving him his instructions as Commandant at the new station at Wellington Valley[via Bathurst], 1 Jan 1822 (Item 6) - Box 3


Letter from Goulburn, F [Colonial Secretary] man as Superintendent of Agriculture at Bathurst together with his instructions. Draft of 3 tables included, 22 Feb 1823 (Item 6) - Box 3


Letter from Goulburn to Mr John Maxwell appointing him as Superintendent of Government Stock Bathurst and with his instructions, 20 May 1823 (Item 6) - Box 3


Letter from Goulburn to Brisbane on the eve of his departure from the colony, 21 Nov 1825 (Item 6) - Box 3


Sir George Arthur Letter to Sir T.M.Brisbane 1824 (File)

Letter from Sir George Arthur Lt-General and Governor of Van Diemen's Land to Brisbane from Government House, Hobart Town. Letter refers to the second and third parts of Bigge's reports, to the moral depravity prevailing in VDL suggests a small corps of yeomanry in VDL and send his congratulations on the survey of Moreton Bay, 18 Jun 1824 (Item 7) - Box 3

Autograph Marked 'private'

Undated extracts from letters from Arthur referring to a proposed visit to VDL by Brisbane and family, undated (Item 7) - Box 3

Female Factory printed report Sydney 1825 (File)

Report of the three Commissioners appointed by Brisbane to inquire into the employment and treatment of 32 female convicts sent from the Factory in Parramatta to be employed in light field labour at the Government establishment at Emu Plains in 1822, 7 Sept 1825 (Item 8) - Box 3


Printed prayer used for Governor Brisbane after Royal Family (File)

Form of a prayer to be used for Governor Brisbane after the prayer for the Royal Family (Item 9) - Box 3

Printed sheet

Governor Sir Ralph Darling letter to Sir T.M.Brisbane Sydney 1826 (File)

Letter from Sir Ralph Darling, General and Governor of New South Wales thanking Brisbane for his private letter which contained so much useful and acceptable information, referring to the appointment Oxley and McArthur to the Legislative Council, etc. Also with cover, 4 Feb 1826 (Item 10) - Box 3

Autograph. Marked 'Private'. With address sheet.

Letters to Sir T.M.Brisbane 1812-1837 (File)

Letter to 'My dear Tom'. With wax seal, 26 Nov 1812 (Item 11.1) - Box 3

Postmark Barbados

Letter to Le Blanc?, 31 May 1814 (Item 11.2) - Box 3

From Toulouse

Letter from ? Nee Corsin, 23 Jul 1814 (Item 11.3) - Box 3

[Date from postmark] In French. Postmark Bordeaux

Letter from Arago, 11 May 1816 (Item 11.4) - Box 3

From Paris, in French

Letter from James Campbell, 27 Sept 1818 (Item 11.5) - Box 3

From Cork

Letter to Brisbane from HRH William Duke of Clarence later King William IV, 11 Dec 1820 (Item 11.6) - Box 3

From St James

Letter to Brisbane from Sir Ronald C. Ferguson introducing Mr William Effingham Ferguson, 24 Dec 1821 (Item 11.7) - Box 3

From Raith

To Brisbane from Prof. John Leslie, introducing Rev Archibald Macarthur, 29 May 1822 (Item 11.8) - Box 3

From Edinburgh

Letter to Brisbane from Lord Charles Henry Somerset, 29 Mar 1823 (Item 11.9) - Box 3

From Cape of Good Hope. With cover & with wax seal

Letter to Brisbane from Charles Humker?, 27 Aug 1823 (Item 11.1) - Box 3

From Stonequarry

Letter to Brisbane from ? introducing Mr. Balcomb [sic], thought to have been involved with Bonaparte on St Helena but since re-instated. Balcombe was appointed Colonial Treasurer of NSW in 1823. See ABD Vol 3, 10 Oct 1823 (Item 11.11) - Box 3

From Horse Guards, London. Letter possibly from Bathurst

Letter to Brisbane from Admiral Sir George Cockburn at the Admiralty introducing Mr Balcombe, 20 Oct 1823 (Item 11.12) - Box 3

Letter marked Private

Letter to Brisbane from John ? Recommending mathew Gregson, Jun convict, 14 Feb 1824 (Item 11.13) - Box 3

From Seaforth House, near Liverpool

Letter to Brisbance from Pitt, thanking B for his kindness to Mr Arrietta and Mr Elyard and expressing interest in the news he has had from his neqphew Capt Gambier of New South Wales which he trusts will in time become the Emporium and the central point of everything great and good through the extent of the North and South Pacific Oceans, 14 Feb 1824 (Item 11.14) - Box 3

From Dover Street

Letter to Brisbance from Robert Knox [anatomist and ethnologist], 9 Mar 1824 (Item 11.15) - Box 3

From 5 Nicolson Square Edinburgh

Letter to Brisbane from M. L I Duperrey, 14 Mar 1824 (Item 11.16) - Box 3

On board the corvette La Coquille at Sydney. Letter in French.

On letterhead 'Ministere de la Marine et des Colonies (Item) - Box 3

Letter to Brisbane from James Macarthur [son of John Macarthur], 28 Aug 1824 [not 24th] (Item 11.17) - Box 3

From Camden

Letter to General Sir Andrew F Barnard from Mr Brent recommending a convict Sarah Warmby, 21 Sept 1824 (Item 11.18) - Box 3

From The King's Lodge, Windsor Park

Letter to Brisbane from Barnard enclosing the letter from Mr Brent, 21 Sept 1824 (Item 11.19) - Box 3

Cumberland Lodge, Windsor Great Park

Letter to Brisbane from Edwards Barnard introducing Mr John Edwards, 8 Nov 1824 (Item 11.2) - Box 3

From 16 Parliament St

Letter to Brisbane from John Campbell re his search for land for his sons on the North-East arm of Broken Bay, 8 Nov 1824 (Item 11.21) - Box 3

From Bungarabu. Traces of a red wax seal on last page

Letter to Brisbane from a friend NM?, 3 Jan 1825 (Item 11.22) - Box 3

From Horse Guards. Letter marked 'Private'

Letter from John Jamison President of the Agricultural Society re the Society, 15 Jun 1825 (Item 11.23) - Box 3

From Regentville

Letter to Brisbane from Lord Napier introducing himself, Saturday 11pm (Item 11.24) - Box 3

From HMS Diamond Address 'envelope' on back of document with Napier's wax seal

Letter from Lord Fitzroy Somerset, 24 Sept 1826 (Item 11.25) - Box 3

From Ordnance Office

Letter from Joseph Little re his petition presented a short time before Brisbane's departure from NSW asking for a Free Pardon and enclosing letter from Private Secretary's Office dated 1 Dec 1825. see next, 27 Feb 1828 (Item 11.26) - Box 3

From the Sydney Asylum. Address on back of document with postmarks and remains of wax seal.

Note to Joseph Little with Governor Brisbane's reply to his petition, in absence of the Private Secretary signed Wm Lithgow, 1 Dec 1825 (Item 11.27) - Box 3

From Private Secretary's Office

Letter to Brisbane from L Allan re his appointment, 14 Dec 1828 (Item 11.28) - Box 3

From Strathallan, Argyle

Letter to Brisbane at Kelso, North Britain from Edward Sabine Secretary of the Royal Society on behalf of the President and Council of the Royal Society on the subject of Mr Rumker's observations, 13 Mar 1830 (Item 11.29) - Box 3

From Somerset House. Address label on back of letter + wax seal.

Letter to Brisbane at Kelso from Sir W Gordon asking Brisbane to write observations relative to the Establishments, Civil and Military in NSW, 3 Sept 1830 (Item 11.3) - Box 3

From Horse Guards

Letter to Brisbane from J Lindesay, 20 Dec 1834 (Item 11.31) - Box 3

From Sydney

Letter to Brisbane from Charles Grant, Baron Glenelg advising his appointment as Knight Grand Cross of the Bath, 6 Feb 1837 (Item 11.32) - Box 3

From London Also envelope with postal stamp + wax seal

Letter to Brisbane, from signature ?, nd (Item 11.33) - Box 3

in pencil noted Australia, undated

loose envelope addressed to Brisbane at Kelso, marked ..Command in India copy of reply. Wax seal on reverse + postmarks, 15 Aug 1838 or 58 (Item 11.34) - Box 3

Copies of two letters from John Macarthur to Mr Justice Field (File)

Copy of a note [by John Macarthur] delivered to Mr Justice Field by Mr Murray of the 48th Regiment. Also included on the same page is a copy of a letter delivered to Mr Field near the Heads 29 Jan 1824 with a copy of a short rude note dated 3 Feb 1824 from JM?, 28 Jan 1824 (Item 12) - Box 4


Letter in Maori and English re "Boyd" massacre New Zealand 1823 [thought to have been written on the behalf of Chief Te Aara ('George') by Samuel Marsden or John White] (File)

Letter written in English and Maori from the Maori chief George, who was responsible in 1809 for seizing the 'Boyd' and killing and eating the crew, 6 Nov 1823 (Item 13) - Box 4

Copy? + 1 photocopy. From Wesleydale, W[h]angaroa, NZ. Translation reads 'let your anger cease for the killing of Capn Thompson and all his men. I came from Port Jackson on board his ship and he flogged me thrice... A ship came from England to revenge the loss of the Boyd when Tippeher, his son and Duateua were killed. that is enough let our anger cease and as a token of that I have given a New Zealand matt to Mr White for your. You give me a fowling piece, etc.'. Rev Samuel Marsden on his fourth visit to NZ Jul-Dec 1823 visited the chief George, and talked with him about the massacre of the crew of the Boyd. George expressed a wish to go again to Port Jackson and Marsden agreed to look after him.[See Missionary Register for 1824pp517-18]. It seems highly probable therefore that this letter was written by Marsden for the chief.

Letter written in English and Maori from the Maori chief George, who was responsible in 1809 for seizing the 'Boyd' and killing and eating the crew

Petition of the Gentry...other free inhabitants of N.S.W. for trial by jury (File)

"Petition of the Gentry, Merchants, Land Holders, Yeomen, Traders and other Free Inhabitants of H.M.'s Colony of New South Wales assembled at a Public Meeting duly onvened by the Sheriff of the Colony" petitioning the House of Lords for the priveleges of Trial by Jury, Taxation by Representation and an Elective Assembly, [1827] (Item 14) - Box 4

original manuscript on two pages of vellum.Subscribed and signed on behalf of the meeting by John Mackaness, Sheriff of the Colony of New south Wales.

L.E.Threlkeld M.S.S. Dialect of the Aborigines Newcastle Sept. 1825 (File)

Booklet sent to Brisbane by LE Threlkeld Missionary from the London Missionary Society. 'Orthography and Orthoepy of a dialect of the Aborigines of New South Wales. Part 1.' No doubt specially prepared and written for the Givernor to help enlist his aid. It will be remembered that Threlkeld's 'Specimen of a Dialect of the Aborignines of New South Wales' was published in Sydney in 1827. this manuscript is therefore 'THE FIRST WORK DEVOTED TO ANY DIALECT OF THE AUSTRALIAN ABORIGINES.', Sept 1825 (Item 15) - Box 4

oritginal autograph manuscript and hand bound booklet inscribed on the cover "To His Excellency the Governor, Sir Thomas Brisbane, KCB, etc". Inlcudes modern photocopy. Has been microfilmed

The orthography and orthoepy of a dialect of the Aborigines of New South Wales. Part 1 [manuscript]

John Oxley Manuscript Report of Expedition - discovery of Brisbane River 1825 (File)

John Oxley [1781-1828] Surveyor-General of New South Wales. Report of an expedition to survey Port Curtis, Moreton Bay and Port Bowen, with a view to form Convict Penal Establishments there, ORIGINAL MANUSCRIPT REPORT sent to Frederick Goulburn, Colonial Secretary of new Sout Wales, for the information of the Governor, General Sir Thomas M Brisbane. Oxley was sent by Brisbane in 1823 in the 'Mermaid' to search the coast line beyond Port Macquarie for a site where a new convict settlement might be established. On his way back he put into Moreton Bay and discovered the Brisbane River, 1825?? (Item 16) - Box 4

original manuscript paper watermarked 1820, unfortunately lacking the first four and the last leaf.

Printed copy of pp1-26 from Barron Field's 'Geographical memoirs' . The only publication of Oxley's report on this important discovery was in Field's Geogrpahicla Memoirs on New South Wales 1825. Field 'edited' it slightly, altering a number of words and some of the punctuation, 10 Jan 1824 (Item 16) - Box 4

Copy torn out from a book, a Copy in the collection of Mr Rex de C. NanKivell.

[Map] Plan of the River Brisbane by John Oxley Surveyor General of NSW - inserts of Mouth of the river and Chart of Moreton Bay, 6 Feb 1825 (Item 16) - Box 4

Printed, onion skin paper, water stained. Printed by John Murray London 6 Feb 1825.

[Map] Sketch of the River Boyne, Port Curtis by John Oxley, Surveyor General of NSW 1823, Mar 1825 (Item 16) - Box 4

Printed, onion skin paper, water stained. Printed by John Murray London Mar 1825. Stamped on the back Australian Subscription Library 1826

Map of the country between Bathurst and the Liverpool Plains shewing Mr Allan Cunningham's route during the months of Apr May & Jun 1823, 6 Feb 1825 (Item 16) - Box 4

Printed, onion skin paper, water stained. Printed by John Murray London 6 Feb 1825. Stamped on the back Australian Subscription Library 1826

Map of the country to the south of the Country to the south of Lake George shewing Capt Currie's, Major Oven's route during the months of May and Jun 1823. Lieutenant Oxleey's General Map of the colony of New South Wales by Mark John Currie Comm.RN 1825, 23 Apr 1826 (Item 16) - Box 4

Printed, onion skin paper, water stained. Printed by John Murray London, 23 Apr 1826. Stamped on the back Australian Subscription Library 1826

Royal Society - Brisbane's observatory, Parramatta 1828 (File)

Royal Society Copy of resolution of a Council held May 22 1828 advocating the maintenance of Brisbane's observatory at Parramatta at the public expense, the appointment of Dunlop as Direcotr and the recovery of books on observations from Rumker, 22 May 1828 (Item 17) - Box 4

Statement of Brisbane's services to astronomy[ by Royal Society], no date (Item 17) - Box 4

Endorsed in pencil Alex Wallace, First Assistant, Royal observatory, Prof. R. Smith Astronomer Royal. Blue paper