Guide to the Papers of Sir W. S. Kent Hughes


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Series 2. General correspondence, 1914-70

Through out his life, Kent Hughes corresponded with a large number of Australian and overseas friends, including those from his years in Oxford, as well as American and Asian friends and politicians. Usually Kent Hughes kept copies of his letters. The Australian correspondents include ex-World War I soldiers and other POWs. Other correspondents include Major General Hans de Fremery, E.J. Holt, W.R. Milligan, Vernon Morgan, William J. Sebald, H.A. Stokes Hughes, Felix Stump and John Wedderburn-Maxwell...

Desert Mounted Corps Memorial in Canberra, 1963-68 (See also Series 4/51) (File 20) - Box 4

Series 4. Photographs and photograph albums, early 1900s-70

In the First World War, Kent Hughes served in the Middle East, as a member of the Light Horse Brigade in the Australian Imperial Force, from June 1917 to March 1918. The earlier photographs document this period of his career...

Photographs of Opening ceremony of the Light Horse Memorial in Canberra, 19 April 1968 (See also Series 2/20) (File 51) - Box 23

Series 19. 1956 Melbourne Olympic Games, 1952-68

The Provisional Organising Committee of the 1956 Olympic Games was set up by the Australian Olympic Federation in 1949. Its main responsibility was the selection of venues and liaison with Governments and the Melbourne City Council in relation to the construction of venues and the Olympic Village. An office was opened in 1951 and in that year Kent Hughes became Chairman of the Organising Committee, holding the position until the Committee was wound up in 1958. He was also chairman of the Executive Committee and the Finance and general Purposes Committee, which was formed in 1953 and which met every two weeks or so...

Copies of letter of John Ian Wing, 1956 (original in the Strong Room) (File 20) - Box 67, Folder Letter original located in MSR

Letter from John Ian Wing to the 1956 Melbourne Olympic Games Committee suggesting that athletes walk together rather than in teams by countries at the closing ceremony

Letter from John Ian Wing to Sir Wilfred Kent Hughes, thanking him for accepting his suggestion that athletes at the Olympic Games closing ceremony walk together as a single group, not by nation.