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MS 7992 et al

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Class MS 7992. Original Consignment received 1989

Comprises approximately 250 files containing correspondence, minutes, news cuttings, pamphlets, petitions, reports, ronoed documents, addresses, transcripts, material pertaining to Supreme and Industrial Court matters, newsletters and other papers relating chiefly to Aboriginal affairs throughout Australia. The principal correspondents include Frank Stevens, Josie Briggs, Gordon Bryant and Joe McGinness...

Series 6. Queensland, 1961-81

24 files on the campaign to abolish the system whereby Aboriginal wages were lodged in trust accounts with the Commonwealth Bank, 1963-73 (File [unnumbered]) - Box 12
Item . Petition form. Entitled 'How equal is an Aborigine on ₤3/3/3 a week?'
Item . Petition form. Entitled 'Should a Queensland Aborigine stil beg for his own wages?'.
Item . Photograph, five Aboriginal students with placards, c.1971.
Item . Pamphlet 'The Aboriginal and the cattleman: the truth about the award wages battle in the N.T.'
15 files on resistance to the Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders Acts of 1965 and 1971 (including petitions and electoral campaigns), 1965-77 (File [unnumbered]) - Box 13
Item . Pamphlet 'Aborigines and Islanders are working together!'
Item . Pamphlet 'The Hopevale Mission flogging'.
Item . Pamphlet 'Have the natives of W.A. been the victims of a Confidence Trick'.
Item . Petition form. Entitled 'To the Honourable Members in Parliament assembled'.

Series 7. Northern Territory, 1952-64

7 files including: Statements by Paul Hasluck, Minister for Territories; Antislavery questionnaire, n.d; Albert Namitjira's imprisonment, 1958-9; Newscuttings on Aboriginal conditions (File [unnumbered]) - Box 15
Albert Namatjira news cuttings

Series 8. Federal Council for the Advancement of Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders, 1958-78

Note: Papers re the Queensland trust funds campaign in Series 6.

16 administrative files, 1958-69, including: Citizenship referendum; Yirrkala; Marriage; Federal Conference (File [unnumbered]) - Box 16
Item . Citizenship referendum national petition form. Entitled 'Towards equal citizenship for Aborigines'.
Item . Citizenship referendum national petition question-and-answer information sheet. Entitled 'Towards equal citizenship for Aborigines'.
Item . 'The welfare of the Aborigines of Gove Peninsula'. Statement in the House of Representatives by Paul Hasluck.
Item . Federal Council for Aboriginal Advancement press release regarding objections to Penchiney Lease claims.
Item . 'Report on Yirrkala, Northern Territory, and bauxite deposit leases', visit by G.M. Bryant and K. Beazley, 1963.
Item . Pamphlet, 'Methodist policy on Aborigines: a big job for eleven million Australians'
Item . Leaflet, 'Northern Territory Council for Aboriginal Rights (Inc.): program for improved living standards for Northern Territory Aborigines', David Daniels and Dexter Daniel.

Class MS 7992. Consignment received 27 July 1994

Series [unnumbered]. Industrial, 1961-1973

Item . 'The facts on wage discrimination against Aborigines', information pamphlet.
Item . 'Queensland Aborigines: official statistics of wages of Queensland Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders seized by the Department of Native Affairs 1937-1958 and still retained 1962.