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MS 8354

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Created: 2003.

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Dance North: miscellaneous choreographic photographs, 1985-1995 (File 45-46)

Bradford Leeon in Windprints, Dance North, 1991 (Item 31)

Choreography: Nanette Hassall, Music: Kevin Volans, Design: Margaret Wilson...

Item . Dance North performance of Windprints, choreographed by Nanette Hassall and performed by Bradford Leeon, 1991 [picture] /

Brett Daffy and Bernadette Walong in A Moon of Our Own, Dance North, 1991 (Item 33)

Choreography: Cheryl Stock, Music: Robert Keane (commissioned score), Design: Anneke Silver...

Item . Dance North performance of A Moon of our own, choreographed by Cheryl Stock and performed by Brett Daffy and Bernadette Walong, 1991 [picture] /

Bradford Leeon and Bernadette Walong in Women's War Too, Dance North, 1992 (Item 34)

Choreography: Cheryl Stock, Music: 40's medley, Design: Michael Pearce...

Item . Dance North performance of Women's War Too, choreographed by Cheryl Stock, performed by Bradford Leeon and Bernadette Walong, 1992 [picture] /

Debbie Clements and Csaba Buday in World Café, Dance North [1], 1993 (Item 44)

Choreography: Graeme Watson, Music: Sheila Chandra, Design: Michael Pearce...

Item . Dance North performance of World Cafe, choreographed by Graeme Watson, performed by Debbie Clements and Csaba Buday, 1993 [picture] /