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A. G. Stephens
Papers of A. G. Stephens
Date Range
1852, 1880-1929
Collection Number
MS 75
0.9 metres 2 ms boxes + 1 large folio box
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National Library of Australia


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Item Descriptions

Notes re wheat matters; Letterbook William Farrer, 1906 (Item 1)

Along the Castlereagh - Pamphlet by A.G. Stephens (4pp.), 1924 (Item 2)

Adams, Arthur Henry How the south was saved for the Empire. An Incident of 1840 1928 (poem) 4pp. foolscap. (Item 3)

Airey, Peter Genius Poem N.D. 1 p. foolscap. (Item 4)

Allen, James Alexander The Women Speaks poem N.D. 2 pp. (Item 5)

Anstey Frank M.P. The Church Labour lecture 9 pp. Carbon TS no MS corrections. (Item 6)

Anstey, Frank On Norfolk Isle 2 copies Carbon TS 10 pp. (Item 7)

Bayldon A.A.D. Poems 4 pp. (Item 8)

Budge, Sir Ernest Alfred Thompson Wallis ALS Kings Cross. 16 June 1830 to J. White 2pp. (Item 9)

Becke George Lewis (Louis Becke) Short Story The Old Time Supercargo : Men with whom Stevenson sailed 20 pp. (Item 10)

Bedford, Randolph 2 Poems 6pp., 1914 (Item 11)

Birtles, Francis A Motor Tramp (extracts from diary) (Item 12)

Blin, O poem N.D. 2 pp. (Item 13)

Boake, Barcroft Henry Exercise. book - short stories, poems. 48 pp. N.D. (Item 14)

Boake, Barcroft Henry - short stories and poems 48 pp. N.D. (Item 15)

Burnell, Fredk. Spencer Poem 1 p. N.D. (Item 16)

Campbell, Norman The Long Road 7 pp. N.D. (Item 17)

Cassidy, Robt. J. Poems 1914 17 pp. (Item 18)

Church, Herbert poem N.D. 1 p. (Item 19)

Clarke, Wm. Jn. Andrew (Marcus Clarke Jr.) ALS Perth 25th July, 1898, to E.S. Emerson, Melbourne. 10 pp. (Item 20)

Colles, Cecil G.A. Poems 12pp., 1914 (Item 21)

Crosbie, Clarice G. Poem 3pp N.D. (Item 22)

Cross, Zora Bernice May Poems 2 pp N.D. (Item 23)

Cumine Geoffery F. Poems 3pp. [1915] (Item 24)

Daley, Victor James Poem 3pp., 1903 (Item 25)

Dennis C.J. Poems 30 pp. (Item 26)

Esson, Louis Poems 20pp., c.1914 (Item 27)

Dyson Edw. 2 short stories 38 pp., 1914 (Item 28)

Evans, G.E. Jiggity Jane 2pp N.D. (Item 29)

Fisher Lala Poems 16 pp., c. 1903 (Item 30)

Forrest, Helena Mabel Checkley (Mills) Mrs. Poems TS and MS 2p., 1904, 1913 (Item 31)

Gilmore Dame Mary Jean (Cameron) Poems (Item 32)

Hall, Geo Wm. Louis Marshall - Poem (copy) 1p., 1893 (Item 33)

Hansell, H. Poems 5pp. N.D. (Item 34)

Hebblethwaite, Jas. Poem The Recruiting Sergeant TS N.D. 1p. (Item 35)

Hervey, Grant M. Wando Vale poem lp. N.D. (Item 36)

Hogue, Oliver (Trooper Bluegum) Bakshish (Story) 4p. N.D. Also ALS to Whyte [1916]. (Item 37)

Humphrey, Geo. Dan. (Woola) Spawlin (poem) N.D. 3p. (Item 38)

Innes, Guy Edw. Mitchell (As de Pique) Fact 4pp. N.D. (Item 39)

Kaleski Robt. (Robt. Halder) Sheepdog Trials 20 pp. N.D. (Item 40)

Lawson, Henry - birth, marriage, death certificates - notes on Lawson's family, 15pp., 1845-1929. (Item 41)

Lawson, William (Quilp N) Poems N.D. 28pp. (Item 42)

Lofting Hilary Weekend (poem) 2p. (Item 43)

McCay Del W. Macquarie Pass (poem)3p. (Item 44)

McCrae Dorothy Frances (Mrs. C.E. Perry) The First Brigade (poem) lp. N.D. (Item 45)

McCrae H.R. Poems 5pp. N.D. (Item 46)

McCrae G.G. (poem) Crillon 2pp., 1914 (Item 47)

Matson, Geo. poems MS and printed 9pp., 1895-1905 (Item 48)

Morton, Frank Finnerty (sh. story) 10p. N.D. (Item 49)

Murchison, Patricia Fort Franklin (poem) 1p., 1914 (Item 50)

Murdoch, Madoline (Nina) poems 5pp., 1914, 1916 (Item 51)

Neilson, J.S. Quarrel with the Neighbour 2pp. N.D. (Item 52)

Ogilvie, Will poems 8pp N.D. (Item 53)

O'Reilly, Dowell, Philip verse [Hilp verse ILIP. Verse [Title] 4 Poems 6 Printed (Item 54)

O'Reilly, Dowell, Philip. Love in Death 2pp. N.D. (Item 55)

Palmer, Edw. Vance The Harvest (poem) lp N.D. (Item 56)

Pettinger, Charles Firth Song of the Vine 2p., 1915 (Item 57)

Pitt, Marie Eliz. Josephine (McKeown) Mrs. A House N.D. lp. (Item 58)

Quinn, Rod. Joseph TS list of MS poems (72 items) 72 MS poems c. 1913 - 1914, mostly N.D. 214 pp. (Item 59)

Quinn, Rod. Joseph TLS A Blakely to K. Binns 1929 re R. Quinn. A.L.S. R. Quinn to A. Blakely, 1929 (Item 60)

Robertson, J. Steele (Steele Grey) When I am Dead 2pp. N.D. (Item 61)

Sommers, Jack Poems 5p., 1914 - 1916 (Item 62)

Souter Charles Henry 5 poems 6p. TS and MS, 1895-1916 (Item 63)

Souter David Henry (Story) The Redhaired Girl 6p., 1913 (Item 64)

Letters to R.A. Broinowski in connection with The Spinner 1924 from F.T.B. Macartney, C.H. Sayee, E. Derham, M. Gilmore, J.B. O'Hara, L.H. Allen, A.T. Strong, G. Byrne, J.S. Neilson, E.T.R. Atkinson, W. Gurdoch. (Item 65)

Stone Louis Jonah Ch. 11 1909 13pp. (11 pp.) (Item 66)

Storrie Agnes L. (Mrs. Kettlewell) The man who failed his country Poem 4pp. N.D. (Item 67)

Turner Eardley When it was dark lp N.D. (Item 68)

Webb, James Lindon 2 poems 5pp. N.D. (Item 69)

Whitney, Wm. Montague Nocturne 1914 2p. (Item 70)

Wilkinson, Thos. Hattam. Christian Mysteries (Sermon) 25p. 1851. MS. (Rector St. Johns, Canbury, 1851-1854) Preached, 1852 (Item 71)

Wise B.R. (Artide) Reminiscences of 3 Men of Genius (Wilde, Geo. Meredith and A. Toynbee). 23pp., 1915 (Item 72)

Wright David McKee 6 poems 37p. 1914 - short play 15pp. N.D., 1914 (Item 73)

Kendall Henry and Gordon, A.L. - Records of baptism and marriage TS transcript also TLS K. Binns to A.G.S. 1928 and MS reply A.G.S. to K. Binns on back. (Item 74)

Lawson, Henry Grandfathers Courtship duplic. TS with M.S. additions, notes etc. c. 70 p., 1912 (Item 75)

Lawson, Henry The Fairy West (ms poem) 4p. 1911 (Item 76)

The Soldier Libertine (poem) 3pp. n.d.

The Portugee (poem) 4pp. n.d.

About Dreams (article) 17pp. n.d.

The Foreign Legion (poem) 2 p. n.d.

Young Kings and Old poem 4p. n.d.

To Roumania 1p. n.d.

A letter from Seeton 17 pp. n.d.

Kiddies' Land 4pp. n.d. (p. I missing)

Austrazealand - Authors, artists, musicians - Autobiographical notes ed. by A.G. Stephens, Carbon TS bound - alphabetical (Item 77)