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Doreen Langley
Papers of Doreen Langley
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Papers relating to her nutrition surveys in PNG, Fiji, Tonga and Niue, together with other South Pacific Health Service reports, by Susan Holmes, on nutrition surveys in Samoa, Cook Islands, Kiribati and the Solomon Islands, 1947-1954.

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Item Descriptions

Series 1. Papua New Guinea Nutrition Survey Expedition, 1947: diary notes, letters and press cuttings

Canberra: press cuttings, 27 February-6 March 1947 (File) - Box 1

Canberra: diary entries, 7 March-27 April 1947 (File) - Box 1

Lae: diary entries, 30 April-8 May 1947 (File) - Box 1

Busama-Lae: diary, pp.1-104, 10 May-12 June 1947 (File) - Box 1

Kaiapit-Lae: diary, pp.106-207, 15 June-20 July 1947 (File) - Box 1

Patep: diary, pp.208-254, 22 July-8 August 1947 (File) - Box 1

Walkabout at Patep: diary, pp.256-301, 10 August -25? August 1947 (File) - Box 1

Lae: diary, pp.302-323, 28 August -7 September 1947 (File) - Box 1

Kiriwina: diary, pp.324-353, and letters, 9 September-16 October 1947 (File) - Box 1

Samarai-Port Moresby: letters, 17-31 October 1947 (File) - Box 1

Port Moresby: letters, 1-6 November 1947 (File) - Box 1

Koravagi: diary, 9 November-11 December 1947 (File) - Box 1

Departure: press cutting (Herald), 20 December 1947 (File) - Box 1

New Guinea: correspondence, diary entries and ephemera, August 1970 (File) - Box 1

Series 2. Papua New Guinea Nutrition Survey Expedition, 1947: original records

Ernest P. Walker, "'Flying' Squirrels, Nature's Gliders", National Geographic Magazine, pp.662-674, 1947? (File) - Box 1

Pidgin-English Vocabulary. Ts., carbon, 9pp., plus Ms. notes n.d. (File) - Box 1

Buki Kawala. Biga Kiriwina, Salamo, Methodist Mission Press; 20pp., 1946 (File) - Box 1

Kiriwina Reader (no title), roneoed; 6pp. n.d. (File) - Box 1

Map. Wago (Huon Gulf), War Department, Corps of Engineers, US Army; printed, 1 sheet., April 1943 (File) - Box 1

Map. "Kavataria". North Kiriwina Island. Printed, photograph. 1 sheet. n.d. (File) - Box 1

Map. "Papuan Plateau and Delta Area Samberigi, Togi, etc. Peoples". Ms., sketch map, 1 sheet. n.d. (File) - Box 1

Map. Trobriand Islands. Ms., 1 sheet. n.d. (File) - Box 1

Australian Military Forces, Medical Treatment and Preventive Medicine: a handbook for the training and guidance of Native Medical Personnel in Papua and the Mandated Territory of New Guinea, printed in English, Motu and Pidgin, HQ AMF Cartographic Company; 68pp., 1946 (File) - Box 1

Permit to Enter Territory of Papua New Guinea; tax clearance; survey team's messing accounts, 1947 (File) - Box 1

Survey teams' rations issue, 1947 (File) - Box 1

Busama notes, including general bibliography and Lt. H. W. West, Cadet PO, Report of Food Resources of Busama Village, with maps and genealogies, Ts Ms, c.8pp., 11 September 1945. May-June 1947 (File) - Box 1

Kaiapit notes, June-July 1947 (File) - Box 1

Patep notes, July-August 1947 (File) - Box 1

Kiriwina notes, September-October 1947 (File) - Box 1

Series 3. Papua New Guinea Nutrition Survey Expedition, 1947: reports and publications

"Feeding the Nutrition Survey", for Dietetics Newsletter, on the 1947 Cmth Govt survey to PNG to study the nutritional status of the natives, Ts., 3pp. n.d. (File) - Box 1

"A Nutritional Study of the New Guinea Natives", by Eben H. Hipsley and Doreen Langley (from the Aust Institute of Anatomy, Cmth Dept of Health, Canberra). Paper read at the 7th Pacific Science Congress, Christchurch. Ts., 15pp. Also offprint of Hipsley Langley, "A Nutritional Study of New Guinea Natives", extract from the Proceedings of the 7th Pacific Science Congress, Vol. 7, 1953; pp.418-428., 1953 (File) - Box 1

Report of the New Guinea Nutrition Survey Expedition, 1947. n.d. Vol. I. Introduction; Organisation of the expedition; Summary of recommendations; and Parts 1-3. Roneoed (File) - Box 1

Carried out by Officers of the Commonwealth Department of Health (Australian Institute of Anatomy, Canberra; School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, Sydney) Provisional Administration of the Territories of Papua and New Guinea (Department of Education; Department of Agriculture, Stock and Fisheries) Commonwealth Department of Information (Photographic Division) Institute of Dental Research, Sydney, for the Department of External Territories

Report of the New Guinea Nutrition Survey Expedition, 1947. Vol. II. Parts 4-9. Roneoed. n.d. (File) - Box 1

Report of the New Guinea Nutrition Survey Expedition, 1947, Canberra, Dept of External Territories; 280pp. n.d., 1950 (File) - Box 2

Series 4. Fajara, Gambia, West Africa, 1950

Letters and diary notes, 9 February-9 April 1950 (File) - Box 2

Series 5. Fiji, 1951-1953

Fiji reminiscence and employment documents, 1951-1953 (File) - Box 2

Naduri, Fiji: diary entries, 24 January-4 July 1952 (File) - Box 2

Letter, 6 June 1952(?) (File) - Box 2

Letters, 11, 16, 26 January 1953 (File) - Box 2

Commentary, with reference to Fijian history and contemporary politics, on visits to Fiji, Niue and Samoa, 1951-1953. Ts., 24pp., with photographs n.d. (1988 or later?) (File) - Box 2

Maps. Colony of Fiji, printed by the Ordinance Survey Office, Southampton, 1938; Viti Levu and adjacent Islands, Lands and Survey Department, Suva, March 1939; Suva and Suburbs, Department of Lands, Mines and Surveys, Suva, March 1949. (File) - Box 2

Photographs of Fiji stamped, Public Relations Office, Suva. 23 items, most labelled. n.d. (File) - Box 2

Photographs. Naduri, Fiji., 1952 (File) - Box 2

Photographs. Labasa Taveuni (File) - Box 2

Photographs. With Health Sister Williams up river from Sigatoka (File) - Box 2

Photographs. Bau n.d. (File) - Box 2

Photographs. Lautoka, 1951-1952 (File) - Box 2

Photographs. CWM Hospital, Suva. n.d. (File) - Box 2

Photographs. Coronation procession and ball in Suva, together with other coronation ephemera, June 1953 (File) - Box 2

Photographs. Sundry (File) - Box 2

Series 6. Niue Island and Tonga Surveys, 1952-1953

Tonga reminiscence, 7 August-10 September 1952, Ts., 8pp, photographs and two letters received. n.d. (File) - Box 2

Nuku'alofa, Tonga: diary notes, 7 August-8 September 1952 (File) - Box 2

Doreen Langley, Nutrition Survey of the Kingdom of Tonga 1952, South Pacific Health Service. Ts., roneo, 46pp., and appendices. n.d. (File) - Box 2

Photographs. Tonga, 1952 (File) - Box 2

Niue Island reminiscence, 19 June-17 July 1953, Ts., 5pp, photographs, letters received and press cuttings. n.d. (File) - Box 2

Doreen Langley, Nutrition Survey Niue Island 1953, South Pacific Health Service. Ts., roneo, 58pp., and appendices. n.d. (File) - Box 2

Photographs. Niue Island., 1953 (File) - Box 2

Series 7. Susan Holmes. Nutrition Survey Reports

Susan Holmes, Report on a Qualitative Nutrition Survey in Western Samoa, January 1951, South Pacific Health Service. (File) - Box 3

Susan Holmes, Report of Nutritional Survey in Three Villages in the Cook Islands, August-October 1954, South Pacific Health Service. Roneoed, 32pp., plus appendices. (File) - Box 3

Carleen O'Loughlin and Susan Holmes, "A Survey of Economic and Nutritional Conditions in Indian Households", May 1954. Roneoed, 22pp., plus appendices. (File) - Box 3

Susan Holmes, Nutrition Survey in the Gilbert Islands, 1953, South Pacific Health Service. 66pp, plus appendices and photographs. (File) - Box 3

Susan Holmes, A Survey of Nutrition in the British Solomon Islands Protectorate, 1952, South Pacific Health Service. Roneoed, 82pp., plus appendices and photographs. (File) - Box 3

Series 8. Publications

Henry Barraclough, Abridged Mathematical Tables, Parts 1 2, Sydney, A (File) - Box 3

F. W. Clements (Ed.), Diet and Nutrition for the Australian People, Sydney, A (File) - Box 3

H. C. Coombs, "Support a treaty between aboriginal Australians and white Australians", Canberra, Aboriginal Treaty Committee, n.d.; leaflet 1p. with enclosed circular (File) - Box 3

John Crawford, International Aspects of Feeding Six Billion People 12th Roy Milne Memorial Lecture, 18 October 1961, Melbourne, Australian Institute of International Affairs, nd; 24pp. (File) - Box 3

Charlotte Chatfield, Food Composition Tables for International Use, Rome, Food and Agricultural Organisation of the United Nations, 1953; 36pp. (File) - Box 3

Current Affairs Bulletin, "Fiji", Vol.27, No.6, 23 January 1961 (File) - Box 3

Current Affairs Bulletin, "Feeding Future millions", Vol.36, No.5, 19 July 1965 (File) - Box 3

R. A. Derrick, The Fiji Islands: a geographical handbook, Suva, Govt. Printing Dept., 1951; 334pp., and appendices. (File) - Box 3

R. A. Derrick, A History of Fiji, Vol. 1, second edition, Suva, Printing and Stationary Department, 1950; 250pp., and appendices. (File) - Box 3

Transactions and Proceedings of the Fiji Society of Science and Industry, Vols. 2 - 3, 1940-1947 (File) - Box 3

Transactions and Proceedings of the Fiji Society, Vol. 4, 1948-1950 (File) - Box 3

Immigration Reform Group, Control or Colour Bar? A proposal for change in Australia's immigration policy, Melb, the Group, 1960; 52pp. (File) - Box 3

A. W. McMillan, Guide to Hindustani: lessons in grammar; key to exercises; vocabulary. Specially prepared for use in Fiji, Suva, Govt. Press, 1947; 75pp. (File) - Box 3

A Marist Brother, Fijian as it should be Spoken: a practical course to facilitate the study of the Fijian language, Sydney, Marist Brothers, 1950; 144pp. (File) - Box 3

National Health and Medical Research Council, Nutrition Committee, The Food Consumption and Dietary Levels in 2730 Australian Family Households in 1944, Canberra, Australian Institute of Anatomy, 1945; 84pp. (File) - Box 3

National Heart Foundation of Australia, Planned Fat-Controlled Meals, Alexandria, NSW, the Foundation, 1968; 19pp. (File) - Box 3

Anita Osmond and Winifred Wilson, Tables of Composition of Australian Foods, Canberra, Cmth Dept of Health, 1954; 77pp. (File) - Box 3

S. Postmus, R Luyken and P J Van der Rijst, Nutrition Bibliography of Indonesia, Honolulu, University of Hawaii Press, 1955; 135pp. (File) - Box 3

UK Colonial Office, Report on Nigeria for the Year 1949, London, HMSO, 1950; 124pp, map. (File) - Box 3

UK Colonial Office and Office of Information, Introducing the British Pacific Islands, London, HMSO, 1951; 96pp., illus., map. (File) - Box 3

US National Research Council, Food and Nutrition Board, Recommended Dietary Allowances, Revised 1948, Washington, the Council, 1948; 31pp. (File) - Box 3

Series 9. Press cuttings

"Fate of the Earth": book reviews from the SMH, Guardian and Australian, May-August 1982 (File) - Box 3

James Wood, "A Gentle Giant of Literature": obituary of V. S. Pritchett, from the Guardian, March? 1997 (File) - Box 3

Andrew Riemer and John Frow, "Canon or Fodder?", Australian, 16-17 November 1997 (File) - Box 3