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Item Descriptions

Series 1. An Alpine Excursion, and Six Days on the Mountains of Cowley, by John Gale

Positive photostat copies of two accounts serialised in the Queanbeyan Observer, 13 February 1903 - 8 May, 1903

Page prints numbered pp. 1-42.

An Alpine Excursion. Notes of a trip to the Mountains, Rivers, Plains and Caves of the Australian Alps (Item 1(a))

Described as 'By the Editor' [John Gale].

Page prints pp. 1-20.

Queanbeyan Observer, 1903: February, 13, 17, 20, 24, 27 March, 3, 6, 10, 13, 17.

Account of a trout fishing and sporting excursion, 24 January to 11 February, 1903 by John Gale joined at different stages by various friends and local property owners including the McDonalds, South wells, Lampe's, Franklins, Harcourts, Webbs, McClungs and Gale's grandson Alf Fallick of Queanbeyan.

Urayarra - Cotter River - Brindabella - trout fishing in the Goodradigbee - Little Peppercorn Station - Coolamon Creek - Yarrangobilly Caves - Kiandra gold dredging - and return.

Six Days on the Mountains of Cowley (Item 1(b))

By John Gale. Described as 'Published in 1875 and reprinted by special request'.

Page prints pp. 21-42 including 22A, 22B.

Queanbeyan Observer, 1903: March, 24, 27, 31 April, 3, 7, 14, 17, 21, 24, 28 May, 5, 8.

Account of a journey, 13 February to 19 February, 1875, to the Coolamon Plain caves and to a waterfall of great height on a tributary to the Cotter River, chiefly in the company of A. McDonald and William Reid.

Yarralumla station first night (Augustus Gibbes). Urayarra station - sermon by Rev. P. G. Smith. Including Sarah McDonald to John Blundell's homestead (Condore) towards Mt. Coree - Brindabella station (George Franklin) and Goodradigbee River. Deserted gold prospecting works up the Goodradibgee River (seen by Rev. W. B. Clarke) - Coolamon Creek - Wombat Ground - Peppercorn Hill area and source of the Murrumbidgee - Long Plain station (John McDonald) - anecdote of loss of George Palmers stock attempting to winter on Old Coolamon Plain - description of area, vegetation including peppercorn shrub, snakes, bees, wild horses. The Coolamon station (W. F. de Salis) - Coolamon Caves and description - back to Long Plain station, Gale and William Reid with difficulty reach waterfall of great height via Diamond Hill, the Wombat Ground, eastward over the Goodradigbee River and up the Brindabella range - return to Urayarra after discovering bushrangers fort (Collins).

Series 2. Six Days on the Mountains of Cowley

Original press cuttings from the [Queanbeyan Age of 1875?] not complete. Of the xiv instalments, lacks i-iv and first part of v (Item 2(a))

Clippings mounted by Library and paged pp. 1-13.

Correlation with Item 1 (b) above as follows.

Page 1 covered by pp. 26, 27, 28; 2 covered by pp. 29, 30; 3 covered by pp. 29, 30, 31, 32; 4 covered by pp. 32, 31, 32; 5 covered by pp. 32, 31, 32, 33; 6 covered by pp. 33, 34, 33; 7 covered by pp. 33, 34, 35, 36, 35; 8 covered by pp. 35, 36, 37, 38; 9 covered by pp. 38, 37, 38; 10 covered by pp. 38, 37, 38, 39; 11 covered by pp. 39, 40, 41.; 12 covered by pp. 41, 42, 41; 13 covered by pp. 41, 42, 41, 42

The reprint, 1 (b) and the original 2 (a) do not exactly correspond.

The original was printed in xiv parts and this division was not adhered to in reprinting. Paragraph headings in the original are not always identical in the reprint.

The original refers to members of the party by their initials; in the reprint initials are either omitted or the name given in full.

Some few small paragraphs in the original are omitted in the reprint: on the other hand occasional slight additions are made in the reprint.

The two accounts, in detail, are complimentary.

Negative photostat print of 2 (a) (Item 2(b))

Series 3. Six Days on the Mountains of Cowley

Original press cuttings from the Queanbeyan Age, 12 June and 20 March, 1875, not complete. Includes only instalments iii iv (part) vii and xiv and is thus in part a duplicate of Item 2 (a). Clippings mounted by Library and paged pp. 1-5. Correlation with reprint Item 1 (b) above, as follows (Item 3(a))

pp. 1-2 (instalment xiv) covered by pp. 41-42.

3 (instalment iii, iv) covered by pp.22B, 22A, 23, 24.

pp. 4 (instalment vii) covered by pp. 29, 30, 31.

5 (instalment vii, iv) covered by pp. 31, 24, 23, 25, 26.

Positive photocopy of 3(a) (Item 3(b))

Series 4. Miscellaneous Press Cuttings

Negative photostat prints of miscellaneous press cuttings having some reference to John Gale including: reviews of his Canberra: History and Legends published in 1927; a cutting on the origin of the name Canberra; account of a luncheon given a number of veteran journalists, including John Gale at the age of 97; and other biographical cuttings, 4 pages (Item 4(a))

Original cutting from Daily Telegraph of 22 November, 1913 by G.C.P. describing electioneering in the seventies, 1 page (Item 4(b))