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Created: December 1982

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William John Swainson
Papers of the Swainson Family
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MS 519
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Immediate Source of Acquisition

The letters, together with the pencil drawing, receipt and note about the correspondence were all copied for the Library with the permission of the owner, Right Honourable the Countess of Iddesleigh, Pynes, Exeter, 1959.

Item Descriptions

William Swainson to "Grandpapa" 2 February. 1844, envelope addressed to: John Parkes (Item 1-4)

W. Swainson to "Grandpapa", 3 April 1844 (Item 5-8)

"In this letter is a particular account of his engagement with a Mr Bidwell in the grazing of sheep and cattle about 30 miles from Wellington".

W. Swainson to "Grandpapa", 2 April 1845 (Item 9-12)

W. Swainson to "Grandpapa", June 1845 (Item 13-16)

W. Swainson to "Grandmama", 20 August 1843 (Item 17-20)

W. Swainson to "Grandpapa", 20 September 1846 (Item 21-23)

W. Swainson to "Grandpapa", 21 December 1846 (Item 24-27)

W. Swainson to "Grandpapa", 20 February 1847 (Item 28-31)

With a copy of Major Richmond's letter dated 17 August 1846

W. Swainson to "Grandpapa", 11 May 1847 (Item 32-35)

W. Swainson to "Grandpapa", June 1843 (Item 36-39)

W. Swainson to "Grandpapa", 1 November 1847 (Item 40-43)

W. Swainson to "Grandpapa", October 1848 (Item 44-47)

Chas L. Swainson to J. Parkes, 23 January 1839 (Item 48-49)

Concerning William's schooling

J. Parkes? to Swainson, answering previous letter, 26 January 1839 (Item 50)

Chas L. Swainson to J. Parkes, 26 May 1839 (Item 51-53)

Chas L. Swainson to Joseph Parkes, 12 June 1839 (Item 54-57)

Chas L. Swainson to J. Parkes, June 22 1839 (Item 58-61)

Chas L. Swainson to Joseph Parkes, 2 July 1839 (Item 62-64)

Chas L. Swainson to J. Parkes, 9 July 1839 (Item 65-68)

Chas L. Swainson to J. Parkes, 16 December 1839 (Item 69-72)

Chas L. Swainson to J. Parkes, 11 June 1840 (Item 73-75)

Letter addressed to John Parkes, 10 September 1841 but appearing to be from J. Parkes (Item 76-77)

Contradictory note on letter reads: "Copy of letter to Mr Chas Swainson.... to inform him of the arrival of little Edwin from Gibraltar".

Henry G. Swainson to "Grandmama", 16 August (Item 78-79)

Henry G. Swainson to "Grandmama", 16 September 1840 (Item 80-81)

Mrs Alma Swainson to Mrs Parkes (Item 82-83)

Alma Swainson to Mrs Parkes, 1842 (Item 84-85)

Mary F. Swainson to "Grandmama and Grandpapa", 8 August 1841 (Item 86-89)

Letter continued and sent by the ship Matilda 12 September 1841

Henry G. Swainson to "Grandmama" with a few lines added by Mrs Alma Swainson to Mrs Parkes, 4 September 1842 (Item 90-91)

Part of a letter by A. Swainson and envelope addressed to Mrs Parkes (Item 92-93)

Note on letter refers to two letters and date of 20 August 1843

Henry G. Swainson to "Grandpapa and Grandmama", 13 March 1844 (Item 94-97)

3 pages of Henry's first Journal (No. 1) and envelope addressed to John Parkes dated February 1844? (Item 98-101)

Henry G. Swainson to Grandpapa, January 20 1845 (Item 102-105)

3 pages of Henry's Journal (No.2) and envelope addressed to John Parkes. Dates of journal, February-March 1844 (Item 106-109)

3 pages of Henry's journal (No. 3) envelope addressed to Mrs Parkes; dates of journal, March-June 1844 (Item 110-113)

3 pages of Henry's journal (No. 4) with envelope addressed to Mrs Parkes dated, 29 July 1844 (Item 114-117)

Henry G.S. to Grandpapa, 3 April 1845 (Item 118-120)

duplicate of item 120 (Item 121)

Henry G.S. to "Grandmama and Grandpapa", 14 September 1845 (Item 122-125)

Envelope and part of a letter addressed to John Parkes (Henry G.S.) no date (Item 126-127)

part of a letter by Henry G.S. no date (Item 128)

part of a letter from Henry with envelope addressed to John Parkes (Item 129)

Henry Swainson to "Grandpapa", 31 January 1846 (Item 130-133)

Henry S to "Grandpapa mama", 20 October 1845 (Item 134-137)

Henry S. to "Grandpapa" referring to the news of his grandmama's death, 10 November 1845 (Item 138-139)

Henry S. to "Grandpapa", 12 July 1846 (Item 140-143)

Letter to John Parkes from Henry S. dated (1st page missing), 22 December 1845 (Item 144-146)

Henry S. to "Grandpapa", 22 November 1846 (Item 147-148)

Henry S. to "Grandpapa", 7 January 1847 (Item 149-151)

Henry S. to "Grandpapa", 20 March 1847 (Item 152-155)

Henry S. to "Grandpapa", 14 January 1848 (Item 156)

Henry S. to "Grandfather", 19 January 1848 (Item 157-160)

Henry S. to Grandfather and to Uncle, April 5 1848 (Item 161-164)

Henry S. to Uncle (Joseph Parkes) thanking him for providing a passage home, December 6 1846 (Item 165-168)

Envelope addressed to Charles Swainson (Item 169)

Henry to Uncle, April 18 1848 (Item 170-172)

"Swainson letters - A Family settled in New Zealand" (Item 173)

Notes written by Bessie Rayner Belloc, née Parkes (Item 174-176)

Drawing of men cultivating land (Item 177)

Note "No. 2. The commencement of the House and shipping in Wheat Park Field, Hawkshead" (Verso of drawing) (Item 178)

Envelope addressed to John Parkes (Item 179)

Index to letters received from Mrs Swainson, 10 April 1833 (Item 180)