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Papers of James Bristock Brigden
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Item Descriptions

Series 1. Papers relating to economic conditions in Australia, 1928-1939

Conference of Commonwealth and State Ministers ... to consider the financial relations between the States and the Commonwealth: report of debates. (Government Printer, 1926.) 64 p (Item 1)

Financial agreement - Hansard. N.D. typescript. 4 p (Item 2)

An Act relating to the establishment of a Bureau of Economic Research (Government Printer, Canberra 1929). 4 p (Item 3)

Australian finance: text of agreement. Budgets must be balanced. Sir Otto Niemeyer's review. (reprinted from the Argus, 22nd August, 1930). 8 p (Item 4)

Economic policy in the crisis. ['Strictly confidential'] November 1930. typescript. 2p. 2 copies (Item 5)

Notes on monetary policy. (Bureau of Economics, Brisbane. 5th December, 1930) typescript. 3 p. 2 copies (Item 6)

Conference of Commonwealth and State Premiers and Treasurers: Draft of report prepared for consideration of committee appointed to investigate the position and prepare information for consideration by the conference. ['Confidential; with corrections.'] (Government printer, Canberra N.D.) 16 p (Item 7)

Summary of the position of Australian Finance. ['Confidential'] Government Printer, Canberra. N.D.) 8 p (Item 8)

Conference of Premiers, Melbourne, 25th February, 1931: Notes on the proposal to use further bank credit for loan expenditure. typescript. 2p (Item 9)

Helping industry: report to Premiers: unemployed relief: Aid for wheat farmers. (Newspaper? clipping with note in pencil. 5/?/1931) (Item 10)

Finance: the financial crisis. (a reprint of ch. VIII from the Commonwealth Year Book, No.24, 1931. pp. 757-765.) (Item 11)

Report of the Under-Treasurers and Economists upon the possibilities of reaching budgetary equilibrium in Australia: Melbourne 23rd May, 1931. ['rough proof subject to check']. 13p (Item 12)

Premiers' Conference 28th June - 1st July, 1932. typescript notes. 3 p (Item 13)

The Premier's Plan and the Budgets. 1931-1932 and 1932-1933. Treasury Officers' report. (Government Printer, Canberra. 1932.) 21p (Item 14)

Record of the conference of Commonwealth and State Ministers held in Melbourne from the 14th April to the 21st April, 1932. (Government Printer, Melbourne, 1932.) 109p (Item 15)

Monetary and Economic Conference, London, 1933. Report concerning the period 12th June, - 26th July, 1933. Presented by the Australian Minister in London, (the Rt. Hon. S.M. Bruce, C.H., M.C., M.P.) (Government Printer, Canberra, 1933) 65p (Item 16)

Conference of Commonwealth and State Ministers held in Melbourne, 8th, 9th, 12th, 13th and 14th June, 1933. Proceedings and decisions of conference with appendices. (Government Printer, Canberra, 1933). 48 p (Item 17)

Australian Loan Council. Confidential. (typescript, 7.11.34.) 1 p. [together with long hand notes. 4p (Item 18)

Letter dated 29.2.1928 from Rt. Hon. S.M. Bruce asking for Memorandum on control and management of Industry, and on Question of giving Employees a share therein; together with. Brigden: reply and a copy of the memorandum. typescript. 14 p (Item 19)

Holme, J.B. The British scheme for Self-Government of Industry; and its counterpart in New South Wales. (Sydney 1919) 18 p. 2 copies (Item 20)

Economic outlook of Australia: High Tariffs assailed .. the poverty of Ideas. (reprinted from the Industrial Australian and Mining Standard, 27 September,1928) 1 p (Item 21)

Brigden, J.B. Notes on the economic position of Australia: October 1929. typescript. 6p (Item 22)

Brigden, JB. Financial: the economic position: reduced income from Abroad: effects upon the living conditions. Sydney Morning Herald. 7th December, 1929. 2 copies (Item 23)

Brigden, JB. Some humors of Australian Tariff Policy, reprinted from the Swedish-Australasian Trade Journal, January, 1930 3 p (Item 24)

A review of Australian economic conditions, March? 1937. [author] typescript 16 p. Sydney, 12/3/1937 (Item 25)

The expansion of primary Production. Appendix P. [to ?]; together with extracts from Griffith Taylor's evidence to the Royal Commission of the Constitution, 1928. typescript. 6 p (Item 26)

Notes on the Australian Position. December 1931. (Sydney, 1931) 22 p (Item 27)

The financial relations of the States and the Commonwealth as affected by the Depression. (Government Printer, Sydney, 1933) 4 p (Item 28)

Report of the Committee appointed by the Government of the Commonwealth of Australia to make a preliminary survey of the Economic Problem. (Government Printer, Melbourne, 1932). 37p. [with pencilled notes and calculations] (Item 29)

Series 2. Addresses. Short papers and radio talks

The dominions' share in naval defense. (N.D. 14p. typescript) (Item 30)

The definition of Money. (delivered in Hobart, May, 1923. 22 p. typescript of paper for the Economic Society, Hobart.) (Item 31)

Tides in Australian history. (21st September, 1937). 5p. typescript (Item 32)

Quota in excelsis: a fantasy of international dumping. (Notes of address by Mr. J.B. Brigden to the Economic Society Meeting, Chamber of Commerce rooms, Brisbane, 11th May, 1934. 3p. Typescript. 2 copies (Item 33)

British Commonwealth relations. (draft summary of address given to the Victorian branch, Australian Institute of International Affairs, on November 10th, 1948 by Mr. J.B. Brigden) 12p. typescript (Item 34)

Brisbane Philosophy Circle: Suggestions for discussion. (18th September, 1936). typescript. 1 p (Item 35)

Propaganda. Philosophy Circle, Brisbane. (18th November, 1932) typescript. 13p (Item 36)

Superstition changes its form. Philosophy Circle, Brisbane (18th September, 1936). typescript 6p (Item 37)

The origin of life. Philosophy Circle Paper by W.H. Bryan D.Sc., (N.D.).5 p. typescript. 2 copies (Item 38)

Notes on Professor Hawken's paper. 'The University and the Professions'. for the Thirty Club. (31st July, 1936 typescript 3 p (Item 39)

Economic planning. (typescript copies of six weekly radio talks delivered between the 16th October and the 20th November, 1933.) Titles as follows:- (Item 40)

(1) 'the devil a saint would be' 7 p.

(2) Competition: old theories and new facts. 5p.

(3) Rationalization: the example of Queensland sugar. 5 p.

(4) The Utopia of economic stability. 4p.

(5) Control of investment. 5 p.

(6) Machinery for planning. 5p.

The Man-in-the-Street watches the Scientists. (broadcast talk, 26th June, 1935. typescript, 9 p,) (Item 41)

An introduction to Economics. (typescript copies of radio talks to Schools. educational sessions. 4th, 11th and 18th September, 1934.) Titles as follows:- (Item 42)

(1) Foundations. 7 p.

(2) Value. 7 p.

(3) Money. 9 p.

The Social costs of advertising, Economic Society, Hobart,, July 1928 (Item 43)

Series 3. Biographical Material, press cuttings, etc

Comprises Items 44-52.

Series 4. Papers relating to the Australian Overseas Transport Association, 1929-1930, and the Navigation Act, 1912-1926

Comprises Items 53-64.

Series 5. Papers relating to the National Insurance Commission, 1939

Comprises Items 65-70.

Series 6. Published Works