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Woodriff Family
Papers of the Woodriff Family
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MS 967
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Item Descriptions

Series A. Papers of Daniel Woodriff (1756-1842)

Admiralty order to command HMS Endymion, (ex-44, troopship), 20 January 1789 (Item 1)

Log book of HMS Endymion, 22 July 1790-28 August 1790 when she struck an uncharted rock and sank; the log continues after the wreck describing salvage operations, the courts-martial, return to England and ends at Bristol on 12 December 1790 (Item 2)

Copy of the verdict of the courts martial on the wreck of the Endymion held at Jamaica, 6 October 1790 (Item 3)

Extract from Woodriff's journal concerning his work as Transport Agent at Southampton and Lynn, evacuating troops from the Low Countries, Written at Hokaus, 21 December 1794 (Item 4)

Two drafts of a letter written by Woodriff on behalf of a fellow officer to the Admiralty, undated (Item 5)

Copy of a letter sent by Woodriff to the Commander of the Rochefort Squadron complaining of the treatment of prisoners of war, 13 November 1805 (Item 6)

Copy of Woodriff's report to the Admiralty, Teneriffe, 7 November 1805, of the loss of the Calcutta in an action with the French (Item 7)

Memorial on the situation of the Lieutenants of the Royal Navy, held as prisoners of war in France, June 1810 (Item 8)

Three drafts of a letter to the First Lord of the Admiralty, asking for a new appointment and describing the fire at Port Royal, Jamaica in 1815 (Item 9)

Insurance policy for ship Dyson travelling to London from Rio de Janiero, 8 May 1830 (Item 10)

Plan of ships lost off Jamaican coast; on the reverse side is a note about Woodriff's father, John Woodriff, killed at Senegal, 13 October 1761 (Item 11)

Several drafts of memorials, undated (Item 12)

Woodriff's will (also one badly damaged copy), 9 December 1828 (Item 13)

Printed poem entitled "To the Memory of Daniel Woodriff", written after his death in 1842 (Item 14)

Series B. Mrs Sarah Woodriff (d.1860)

Sarah Woodriff's will and codicil, 1846-1860 (Item 50)

Series C. Papers of John Robert Woodriff (1790-1868)

Service documents (17 pieces), 1802-1851 (Item 100)

Memorials and letters relating to promotion, 1823-1863 (Item 101)

Copy of a sworn statement relating to an incident at Platenburgh Bay, 1811 (Item 102)

Commendation from Lord Brisbane at the Admiralty Board, 1855 (Item 103)

Documents relating to Customs Service, 1846-1847 (Item 104)

Papers relating to John Robert Woodriff's appointment as Sergeant-at-Arms, 1856 (Item 105)

Personal papers relating to his family (Item 106)

Various family documents (Item 107)

Personal papers - non-family (Item 108)

Personal accounts and business letters, 1849-1857 (16 pieces) (Item 109)

John Robert Woodriff's wild, 1843 and codicil, 1867 (Item 110)

Personal account book, 1863-1867. 7 3/4" x 6 1/2" marbled boards with leather corners and spine (Item 111)

Personal notebook, containing drafts of letters etc. 7 1/2" x 9 1/2" marbled boards (Item 112)

Series D. Mrs Jessie Woodriff

Personal papers relating to her and her family, 1856-1864 (Item 150)

Papers relating to her sister's will (Mary Ann Le Bailey), 1879-1881 (Item 151)

Series E. Papers of Daniel Thomas Woodriff (b. 1839)

Personal papers, 1839-1855. 3 pieces (Item 200)

Series F. Papers of George Woodriff (b. 1843)

Family and personal papers (Item 300)

Series G. Papers of Allen Woodriff (1846-1876)

Service documents and letters relating to his death in 1876 (Item 400)

Contemporary printed material related to the Navy and religion (Item 500)

Empty envelopes - note stamps. 5 pieces (Item 501)

Photographs of portraits of the Woodriffs, also of two oil paintings of the Caloutta action (Item 502)