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MS 7159

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Created: 1986

Collection Summary

Joan Craik
Joan Craik Autograph Collection
Date Range
c. 1900
Collection Number
MS 7159
0.15 metres (1 ms box)
Language of Materials
National Library of Australia


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Preferred Citation

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Item Descriptions

Series 1. Autograph Letters Signed

Albert, C.P. (Item 1, 2)

Baden Powell, Robert (Item 3)

Beauchamp, Lord (Item 4)

Becke, Louis (Item 5)

Bellew, Kyrle (Item 6)

Birdwood, William Riddell 1st Baron (Item 7)

Bruce, Stanley 1st Viscount (Item 8)

Buchanan, David (Item 9, 10, 11)

Caine, Hall (Item 12, 13)

Cook, Sir Joseph (Item 14)

Cambridge, Ada (Ada Cross) (Item 15, 16, 17)

David, Sir Tennant Edgeworth (1858-1934) (Item 18)

Donaldson, Sir Stuart (1st Premier of N.S.W.) (Item 19)

Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan (Item 20)

Fisher, Andrew (Item 21, 22)

Gladstone, Rt. Hon William Ewart (Item 23)

Haggard, H. Rider (Item 24, 25, 26)

Jersey; Lord (Item 27, 28)

Kipling, Rudyard (Item 29, 30)

Maccarthy, Maud (Item 31)

Murray, James (Item 32)

Ogilvie, William Henry (1869-1963) (Item 33)

Preston-Stanley, M. (Item 34)

Reid, Sir George Houston (1845-1918) (Item 35)

Rusden, J.T. (Item 36)

Shackleton, Sir Ernest Henry (Item 37)

Smith, Sir Ross and SMITH, Sir Keith (Item 38, 39)

Smith, William Saumarez (Archbishop of Sydney 1898) (Item 40)

Stead, William T. (Item 41)

Stuart, Esme (Item 42)

Thomson, Sir Edward Deas (1800-1879) (Item 43)

Von Mueller, Ferdinand (Item 44)

Warwick, Francis (Item 45)

Way, Sir Samuel James (Judge) (Item 46)

White, Sir Cyril Brudenell Bingham (1876-1940) (Item 47)

White, Gilbert (Archdeacon) (Item 48)

Wragge, Clement L. (Item 49)

Yonge, C.M. (Item 50)

German Receipt, Papua New Guinea (Item 51)

Facsimile of a letter written by Oliver Cromwell (Item 52)

Series 2. Autograph Signatures

Abbott, J.H. (Item 1)

Albert, Prince Consort of Victoria, Queen of Great Britain (1819-1861) (Item 2)

Allenby, General (Item 3)

Arnold, W.M. (Item 4)

Baden Powell, Robert (Item 5)

Barton, Sir Edmund (Item 6)

Beach, William (Item 7, 8)

Beauchamp, Lord (Item 9)

Bendigo, Bishop of (J.D.?) (Item 10)

Birdwood, William Riddell Birdwood 1st Baron (Item 11)

Boldrewood, Rolf (T.A. Browne) (Item 12)

Brown-Potter, Mrs (Item 13)

Cambridge, Ada (Ada Cross) (Item 14)

Carmichael, Campbell (Item 15)

Carrington, Lord (Item 16)

Cook, Sir Joseph (Item 17)

Cooper, D. (Item 18)

Cowper, Sir Charles (1807-1875) (Item 19)

Cummings, W. (Item 20)

Dalley, William B. (Item 21, 22)

Darley, Sir Frederick M. (1886-1909) Chief Justice in N.S.W.) (Item 23)

Darvall, J.B. (Item 24)

Deakin, Alfred (Item 25)

Dewey, D.H. (Item 26)

Dickens, Charles (Item 27, 28)

Driver, R. (Item 29)

Duff, J.W. (Item 30)

Dunn, A.C. (Item 31)

Eddy, E. (Item 32)

Sly, Alice (Item 33)

Faucett, P. (Judge) (Item 34)

Fisher, Andrew (Item 35)

Foster, William (Item 36, 37)

Garran, Sir Robert Randolph (Item 38)

Garrett, Thomas (Item 39, 40)

Geriardy, John (Item 41)

Glossop, John (Item 42)

Griffiths, Sir Samuel Walker (1845-1920) (Item 43)

Hambourg, Mark (Item 44)

Holman, N.G. (Item 45)

Hughes, William (Item 46)

Jellicoe, Lord (Item 47, 48)

Kintore, Lord (Item 49)

Kruse, Johann (Item 50)

Lang, John Dunmore (Item 51)

Lauder, Harry (Item 52)

Lautley, Charles (Item 53)

Lawson, Henry (Item 54)

Lindsay, Sir Lionel Arthur (Item 55, 56)

Lindsay, Norman Alfred William (Item 57)

Lister, William (Item 58)

Lodge, Oliver (Item 59)

London, Jack (Item 60)

Longstaff, Sir John (Item 61)

Lyons, Joseph Aloysius (Item 62)

Maccormick, A (Item 63)

Macdonald, Sir Hector (Item 64)

Mackennal, Sir Bertram (Item 65)

Mawson, Sir Douglas (Item 66)

Maxim, Hiram S. (Item 67)

May, Phil (Item 68)

Melba, Dame Nellie (Item 69, 70)

Murray, T.A. (Item 71)

Paderewski, J.J. (Item 72)

Papakura, Maggie (Item 73)

Parker, H.L. (Item 73a)

Parker, Gilbert (Item 74)

Parkes, Sir Henry (Item 75)

Paterson, Andrew Barton (Item 76, 77)

Philpotts, W. Eden (Item 78)

Plumer, H. (Item 79)

Rawson, Harry H. (Item 80)

Robertson, John (Item 81)

Roosevelt, T. (Item 82)

Rumford, Clara Butt (Item 83)

Shaftesbury, Lord (Item 84)

Sherwin, Amy (Item 85)

Smith, Bruce (Item 86)

Spence, Percy F.S. (Item 87)

Stephens, Alfred George (Item 88)

Strathfield, John Richard Houlding (Item 89)

Sydney, Bishop of (John Charles) (Item 90)

Sylva, Marguerita (Item 91)

Terry, Ellen (Item 92)

Titheradge, George S. (Item 93)

Tree, Herbert Beerbohm (Item 94)

Turner, Ethel Sybil (Ethel Curlewis) (Item 95)

Watson, W.C. (Item 96)

Wentworth, William Charles (Item 97)

Wiegand, August (Item 98)

Wilding, Anthony F (Item 99)

Williams, S.B. (Item 100)

Windeyer, Sir William (Judge, 1st B.A. at Sydney University) (Item 100, 102)

Wolffe? (Item 103)

Woolls, William (Item 104)

Wright, Archbishop (Item 105)

Members of the State Ministry of N.S.W., 1908 (Item 106)

Including: Wood, W.H. (Chief Secretary); Waddell, T. (Colonial Treasurer); Hughes, John (Vice-President of Executive Council); Woolls, John (Government Whip); Oakes, Charles W. (Hon. Minister); Wade, C.S. (Premier); Perry, John (Minister for Agriculture); Moore, W. (Minister for Lands); McCourt, William (Speaker); Lee, Charles Alfred (Minister for Public Works); Ashton, James (Hon. Minister)

First three Professors of Sydney University (Item 107)

Including: Woolley, John (Classical Literature and Logic); Pele, M.B. (Mathematics and Natural Philosophy); Smith, J. (Chemistry and Experimental Physics)

Unidentified - 11 signatures and 2 autograph letters, signed (Item 108)