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Created: October 1980

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Sir Timothy Coghlan
Papers of Sir Timothy Coghlan
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MS 6335
2.31 metres (7 archive boxes + 4 ms boxes + 1 medium folio box)
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Item Descriptions

Series. Correspondence

Correspondence, 1878-1891 (File 1)

Correspondence, 1892-1894 (File 2)

Correspondence, 1895-1896 (File 3)

Correspondence, 1897-1899 (File 4)

Correspondence, 1900-1904 (File 5)

Correspondence, 1905-1906 (File 6)

Correspondence, 1907-1908 (File 7)

Correspondence, 1909-1910 (File 8)

Correspondence, 1911-1914 (File 9)

Correspondence, 1915-1919 (File 10)

Correspondence, 1920-1926 (File 11)

Correspondence (File 12)

Series. Letter books

30 March 1906-30 October 1906 (File 13)

18 December 1908-17 May 1911 (File 14)

29 June 1911-17 June 1915 (File 15)

Not used (File 16)

Series. Invitations programmes

1888-1902 (File 17)

1905-1910 (File 18)

1911-1916 (File 19)

1921-1925 (File 20)

Series. Membership of clubs societies

Associate Member Institute of Civil Engineers (File 21)

Member Public Service Board (File 21)

Anglo Saxon Club (File 21)

City Carlton Club (File 21)

Constitutional Club (File 21)

Junior Naval and Military Club (File 21)

Junior United Service Club (File 21)

Royal Statistical Society (File 21)

Series. Honours

Imperial Service Order, 1903 (File 22)

Franco-British Exhibition Commissioner, 1908 (File 22)

K.C.M.G., 1918 (File 22)

Series. Miscellaneous Papers

Congratulations on Knighthood, 1914 (File 23)

Telegrams and letters of condolence on death of Sir T.A. Coghlan (File 24a_24b)

Power of Attorney, 1905 (File 25)

Extract from 'Register of Proprietors...', 1905 (File 25)

'Passport', 1906 (File 25)

National Registration, 1915 (File 25)

Papers on process for degreasing wool (File 26)

N.S.W. Parliamentary papers (File 27)

Sydney Morning Herald miniature edition, 2 January 1901 (File 28)

Draft report of U.K. Select Committee (File 28)

Intelligence Department, N.S.W. Bulletin No.15, 'Report on the Question of European Emigration to Australia' by T.A. Coghlan, 1907 (File 28)

[J. le Gay Brereton] 'Oithona', 1902 (File 28)

Title page 'Poems and Essays from The Critic...' edited by T.A. Coghlan, 1878 (File 28)

P.H. Pearse, 'The Separatist Idea', 1916 (File 28)

James Stephens, 'Arthur Griffith, journalist statesman' undated (File 28)

A.E., 'The Inner Outer Ireland', 1921 (File 28)

Michael Collins, 'Arguments for the Treaty', n.d., [1922] (File 28)

Hon. Mrs Maxwell Scott, 'Thoughts on our Blessed Lady' (File 28)

Tasmanian Railways. Visitors Free Pass, 1890 (File 29)

T.A. Coghlan, 'Land and Income Tax Proposals' (File 29)

Telegram Alicujus., 1907 (File 29)

T.A. Coghlan, note on back of Lady Coghlan's Harrod's invoice (File 29)

T.A. Coghlan, note dividends, 20 July 1917 (File 29)

2 Christmas/New Year cards (File 29)

Typescript note 'Friday 14th April' (File 29)

Cesare Lombrose, 'Old Crimes and Modern Crimes' dedicated to Coghlan. (MS and 2 copies typescript) (File 29)

Series. Coghlan family correspondence

T.A. Coghlan to his wife Helen (Lena), 1910-1913 (File 30)

Mrs H. Coghlan to T.A. Coghlan, 1905 (File 31)

Mrs H. Coghlan to T.A. Coghlan, 1906-1909 (File 32)

Mrs H. Coghlan to T.A. Coghlan, 1910-1913 (File 33)

Mrs H. Coghlan to T.A. Coghlan, 1914-1923 (File 34)

Mrs H. Coghlan to T.A. Coghlan, undated (File 35)

T.A. Coghlan to his daughters Eden and Marjorie, 1909-1910, 1913 and undated (File 36)

T.A. Coghlan to his son Austin, 1924-1925; undated (File 37)

Mrs H. Coghlan to her daughters Eden and Marjorie, 1910-1911, 1914 and undated (File 38)

Mrs H. Coghlan to ?, incomplete, 1920 (File 39)

Mrs H. Coghlan to her son Austin, 1924 (File 39)

Eden Coghlan to her parents (File 40)

Eden to Marjorie (File 40)

Eden to 'Auntie' (File 40)

Eden to Julia, 1905-1921, undated (File 40)

Marjorie Coghlan to her parents (File 41)

Marjorie to Eden, Pat to Marjorie, 1906-1915, undated (File 41)

Austin Coghlan to his parents, mainly from Downside School, 1917-1920 (File 42)

Austin Coghlan to his parents, mainly from Downside School, 1921-1924 (File 43)

Austin Coghlan to his parents, mainly from Downside School, 1925-1926 (File 44)

Austin Coghlan to his parents, mainly from Downside School, undated (File 45)

Austin Coghlan to Eden Coghlan, 1918 (File 46)

Austin Coghlan to Bill Carslake, 1926 (File 46)

Aunt Leila to Austin Coghlan, undated (File 46)

Austin Coghlan to Ruby Coghlan, 1947-1955 (File 46)

Ruby Coghlan to Austin Coghlan, 1954, undated (File 46)

Naval message to Lieut. Austin Coghlan, undated (File 46)

Congratulatory telegram to Mrs Coghlan, 1959 (File 46)

Series. T.A. Coghlan

Kreedy to T.A. Coghlan, 1910 (File 47)

'To Pollie on her 32nd Birth-day' by R.L., 1881 (File 47)

Postcard, photograph of Register showing entry of baptism of Capt. Cook. (File 47)

'Pensionnat Des Dames De L'Assomption', printed (File 47)

Leaflet in German, printed (File 47)

Lady Coghlan, visiting cards (2) (File 47)

Series. Mrs H. Coghlan

Diary of visit to U.K. in 1897 (File 48)

Blank Folders and Envelopes (File 49)

Series. Austin Coghlan

School Reports (File 50)

Letters Downside School to Sir Timothy and Lady Coghlan (File 51)

Papers from school (File 52)

'Chess Tournament', 1944 (File 52)

Western Australian Turf Club, Honorary Members ticket (File 52)

Series. Marjorie Coghlan

School Reports (File 53)

Series. Coghlan children

Drawings (File 54)

Series. Newspaper cuttings

Newspaper Cutting Book, c.1885-1899 (File 55)

Newspaper Cutting Book, c.1890's (File 56)

Newspaper Cutting Book, 1893-1906 (File 57)

Newspaper Cutting Book, 1890-1920 (File 58)

Newspaper Cutting Book, 1907-1919 (File 59)

Newspaper Cutting Book, 1905-1908 (File 60)

Newspaper Cutting Book, 1908-1912 (File 61)

Book of cuttings "Old Sydney" (File 61a)

Miscellaneous Newspaper Cuttings, 1889 (File 62)

Miscellaneous Newspaper Cuttings, 1898, 1900 (File 63)

Miscellaneous Newspaper Cuttings, 1905-1906, 1908-1911 (File 64)

Miscellaneous Newspaper Cuttings, 1914, 1919-1922 (File 65)

Miscellaneous Newspaper Cuttings, 1923-1926 (File 66)

Miscellaneous Newspaper Cuttings, undated (File 67)

Cuttings from 'The Bulletin', 1889-1919 (File 68)

Series. Photographs

Family Photographs (19 photographs); City Railway, Sydney, 1922 (6 photographs) (File 69)

Series. Material added to the collection 1975-2004

Typescript of autobiography by Sir Timothy Coghlan, copied by Austin Coghlan from his manuscript, and list and notes about the Coghlan Papers. (File)

Added April 1975. Formerly at MS 4906. Placed in front of first box.

Nine notebooks compiled by Sir Timothy Coghlan containing calculations mainly used in the 'Wealth and progress of NSW' series, ca. 1886-1905. Also five notebooks in other hands on economic and historical subjects; and a word-processed document by Bryan Haig entitled 'Sir Timothy Coghlan - a neglected pioneer in national accounting' (76 p.) (File)

Added 13 September 2004. Bryan Haig worked for the Australian Bureau of Statistics from 1959 to 1963. The material acquired by the NLA from Haig came into his possession from the NSW and Commonwealth statistician, Sir Stanley Carver, who had acquired it on a personal basis, presumably during his years as official statistician for NSW.