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Margaret Kentley
'Sometimes the pilot wears a skirt' Collection
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MS 6938
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Item Descriptions

Hilda Hope M'Naugh (File 1)

Millicent Maude Bryant (File 1)

Evelyn M. Follett (File 1)

Mary Testore Loris "Paddy" Bell (File 1)

Dorothy E. Reis (File 1)

Florence Mary "Bobby" Terry (File 1)

Margaret Frances Skelton (File 1)

Nancy I. Lyle (File 1)

Dr Kate Bloomfield (File 1)

Mary Elizabeth (Mollie) Woods (File 1)

Edith Vera Tonkin Cooper (File 1)

Irene Dean - Williams McGushion (File 1)

May Bradford (File 1)

Marion Frances "Brownie" Lunn Wright (File 1)

Enid Esther L'Estrange Mather (File 1)

Gertrude McKenzie Bear (File 1)

Nancy Bird Walton (File 1)

Amy Johnson Mollison (File 1)

Elly Beinhorn (File 1)

Mrs Harry Bonney (File 1)

Freda Thompson (File 2)

Jean Batten (File 2)

Margaret McKillop Kelman (File 2)

Bozina Krajca Vrla - Escape to freedom (File 2)

Martaret Gilruth Nacamuli (File 2)

Constance Karhula (ne Jordan) (File 2)

Mardi Gething (File 2)

Jennie Broad (File 2)

Gwendoline Stark Caldwell (File 2)

Florence Martindale (File 2)

The development of Air Traffic Control in Australia (File 2)

Women's War Service 1939-1946 (File 2)

Nancy Watts and Patricia Down (File 2)

Nancy Ellis Leebold (File 3)

Margaret Clarke Woolhouse (File 3)

Moira Holt (File 3)

Patricia Toole (Grahame) - A bush pilot in New Guinea (File 3)

Mrs Betty Hay, 1953 - To build a new airstrip in Papua New Guinea (File 3)

Eileen Steenson (Mrs Ronalds - A Captain in New Guinea (File 3)

Robyn Wells May (File 3)

The development of A.T.C. in Australia, post W.W.II (File 3)

Olga Tarling (File 3)

Shirley Anderson (File 3)

Jean Hackman (File 3)

Rosalind Merrifield - Flying the Pacific Ocean Solo (File 3)

Elizabeth Garrett (File 3)

Christine Davy M.B.E. Connair (Connellan Airlines) (File 3)

Helen Blackburn (ne Dutton) - Shell collecting in remote places. (File 3)

Shirley Adkins (File 4)

Dr Dorothy Herbert (File 4)

Sue Folks (File 4)

Ruth Hodges The Powder Puff Derby (File 4)

The hare and the tortoise 1968 Style : a marathon race around Australia (File 4)

Senja (Harvard) Robey (File 4)

Robin Dicks - The Flying Nurse (File 4)

Beryl Young (File 4)

Parachuting (File 4)

Jean Burns (File 4)

Judy Gilbert (Mrs Case) (File 4)

Kathryn Henderson (Mrs Flynn) (File 4)

Ballooning (File 4)

Kathryn Turnbull (File 4)

Women in gliding (File 4)

Helen Fitton (File 4)

Sue Martin (File 4)

Kay Chase (Mrs Veitch) (File 4)