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H. Duncan Hall
Papers of H. Duncan Hall
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Item Descriptions

Series 1. General Correspondence

Approximately 1927–1971. Including correspondence with and about General Smuts. Other correspondents include Sir Clive Baillieu, H.V. Hodson and Van Nostrand (Publishers) (File) - Box 1

Approximately 1952–1974. Correspondents include Van Nostrand and other publishers, Sir Charles Dixon, R.G. Menzies (File) - Box 2

Approximately 1961–1975. Correspondents include Van Nostrand and other publishers, Dorothy(?) Coveney, W.N. Medlicott (File) - Box 3

Approximately 1927–1974. Includes correspondence with publishers, article distribution lists, correspondence on Commonwealth and Empire textbook, and on Who's Who; with Prof. H. Lauterpacht, 1943–1948; loose correspondence; correspondence with W. Yandell Elliott, 1950 (File) - Box 4

Series 2. A History of the British Commonwealth of Nations

Correspondence (with some notes and cuttings) (File) - Box 5

Plan, outline of chapters, preface, earliest drafts. (File) - Box 6

Introduction by R.G. Menzies. Includes correspondence by R.G.M. Drafts (File) - Box 7

Drafts (File) - Box 8

Drafts, some annotated (File) - Box 9

Drafts, including vol.50 and Vol. 58 (File) - Box 10

Drafts: "Constitutional Relations", Vol.2 and Vol.2 (File) - Box 11

Drafts: "Constitutional Relations", Vol.4; "Treaty Relations", Sub1, Vol.4 (File) - Box 12

Drafts "Treaty Relations" Vol.5, Vol.7; "Drafts I.C.", "Vol. Aus.I" (File) - Box 13

Drafts: "Vol Aus III"; "C.A.O. 1964"; "Canberra Notes, 1959". (File) - Box 14

Notes, cuttings, bibliography; working copy - published text; chapter 22-23 (working copy?); loose drafts, Galleys 1970–1971 (File) - Box 15

Miscellaneous notes, cuttings (File) - Box 16–18

Notes, cuttings, some chronologically arranged, 1919–1944 (File) - Box 19

Cuttings by date: 1940–1958 (File) - Box 20

Cuttings by date: 1953–1956 (File) - Box 21

Cuttings by date: 1957–1961. Subject files on the Queen, Crown, citizenship and Coronation of Q.E. 2 (File) - Box 22

Subject files (File) - Box 23

Notes, cuttings, articles on Crown; B.C. of N. Bibliography; B.C. of N. Book arrangements - Access to Australian Archives, etc.; Machinery of Cooperation, Consultation, Communication - cuttings etc.; British citizenship 1900's to 1925; British Commonwealth Parallels and Anglo-American military cooperation.; British Citizenship, nationality; Prime Ministers, Parliament, Smuts.; "Genesis of the Balfour Declaration" - article, lists, correspondence etc.

Subject files (File) - Box 24

Foreign Affairs article: B.C. as a great power Cuttings on defence, Munich 1938; Harris Institute on B.C.; Dafoe Diary on 1923, 1926; talks; American Society of International Law: Address May 1940; London notes 1963 (1909–1922), 1955; Various articles on Colonial politics; Imperial preference; scientific research, 1942–1949; History of B.C. Frontier - background notes, cuttings

Subject files (File) - Box 25

Notes, cuttings etc on War, Memoirs of Churchill, Hull etc.; Notes for Harvard book British Commonwealth at War Defence; Correspondence 1943–1944 on B.C. reprints circulated by B.I.S.

Subject files (File) - Box 26

Notes, cuttings, articles on B.C. of N. "Last phase"; Notes, cuttings, articles on Smuts, Churchill, Menzies, Ireland etc.; F.A.'s 1945–1948, B.I.S. papers and cuttings; Vol.1B. Myers state dept. notes; Treaty of Lausanne; Notes early 1920's on Race and Citizenship; Economics, citizenship and other papers; B.C. of N. Preface, and Geneva 1929.

Subject files: Geographic subdivision (File) - Box 27

Australia, including White Australia Policy and Immigration

Subject files: Geographic subdivisions (File) - Box 28

Australia, Burma, New Zealand, Europe, Ceylon, Atlantic, Colonies in general

Subject files: geographic subdivisions (File) - Box 29

Cuttings on countries and dominions, A-Z South Africa

Subject files: geographic subdivisions (File) - Box 30

Ireland, Canada, Ghana, India, Newfoundland, Palestine, Pakistan, U.S.A., Asia, Suez

Files on sections of B.C. of N (File) - Box 31

Main subjects; Guide to Vols 1-8, also year and bibliog. for data Ireland 1969.Vol.4, Vol.5, Vol.8; T.R.V. notes from C.R.C. for History of B.C. C.R.III

Files on Sections of B.C. of N. (File) - Box 32

C.A.O. Vol. 9, photostats 1964; B.C. of N. (L) Vol.1.; Other background material: newsletters, circulars, printed articles, data

Photocopies of periodical articles (File) - Box 33

Other background material; files on research outstanding, lectures and talks, reviews of B.C. of N (File) - Box 34

Scrapbook of cuttings on the British Commonwealth (File) - Folio 1

Large photographs of Hall (File) - Folio 1

News clippings, newspaper, periodicals, parliamentary papers, souvenir volumes on the British Commonwealth (File) - Folio 2

Series 3. Mandates, Dependencies and Trusteeship

Correspondence, reviews, drafts (File) - Box 35

Drafts, notes, cuttings, articles, correspondence (File) - Box 36

Notes, including alphabetical expanding file of notes, and cuttings etc (File) - Box 37

Notes, cuttings, official papers and subject files: New Guinea, U.S.A. Colonies, U.S./U.K. Parliamentary and commercial relations, trans-Jordan, Syria, Dutch N.E.II (File) - Box 38

Series 4. Psychological Warfare

Cuttings, notes, articles, texts of German broadcasts, Axis propaganda, Carnegie Conference 1943, Anglo-American relations 1943–1945 (File) - Box 39

Notes, cuttings, lectures, letters and articles (File) - Box 40

Notes, cuttings, volumes on German Psychological Warfare (File) - Box 41

Series 5. British Raw Materials Mission

Drafts, notes, Mission to Chicago and address, 1944 (File) - Box 41

Series 6. Drugs

File on 1931 Opium mission in India, Straits Settlements and Java (File) - Box 41

Minutes and Reports of Advisory Committee on Traffic in Opium and Other Dangerous Drugs, (League of Nations), notes, articles, printed matter (File) - Box 42

Series 7. League of Nations

Documents concerning the Commission of Enquiry for European Union; articles, lectures, conferences, official documents, cuttings, reports, file on Geneva protocol 1925, file on Optional Clause, 1929–1930 (File) - Box 43

Subject File: League of Nations sanctions; various reports and articles, Australian Parliamentary papers on the League of Nations, monthly statements - Australia, cuttings, correspondence, book of sketched portraits by Oscar Lazar of members of the Assembly and the Secretariat, League of Nations, Geneva in 1930 (File) - Box 44

Series 8. United Nations

Report of the Preparatory Commission of the United Nations, 1945; Dumbarton Oaks file, 1945; General Assembly papers, including the Model U.N. General Assembly 1952, and papers on Non-Self-Governing Territories (File) - Box 45

General Assembly papers, Trusteeship Council papers (File) - Box 46

Trusteeship Council: Reports of 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th, 16th, 17th sessions, 1948–56 (File) - Box 47

Security Council papers, including those on Pacific Islands; U.N. papers on Palestine, Jerusalem; Documents on Non-Self-Governing Territories, and other articles and reports (File) - Box 48

U.N. papers on South-West Africa; papers on 4th Committee, Trusteeship; brief for the Australian delegation to the 14th session of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trades, Geneva 1959; news cuttings, miscellaneous U.N. and British Information Services papers (File) - Box 49

Series 9. Commonwealth Parliamentary Association

Empire Parliamentary Association reports 1935, 1943; notes for Syracuse lecture 1926, other papers; Ottawa Conference 1943; Council, London 1953; South African tour and Nairobi Conference, 1954; Jamaica meeting 1956 (File) - Box 50

Series 10. Institute of Pacific Relations

Papers presented at Honolulu, 1925; diaries, letters, reports 1925–1927; Report on mission to South Africa, 1935, Conference on Virginia Beach 1939 (File) - Box 51

Series 11. Conferences

Subseries 11-1. Imperial Conference

Published minutes on Conference 1911, papers and reports 1921–1962 (File) - Box 51
Notes, cuttings, reports on conferences 1922, 1923, 1926–1927, 1931, 1937, and general. Also extracts from Imperial War Conference, 1918 (File) - Box 52

Subseries 11-2. Others

1926 Conference at the Williamstown Institute of Politics, on Australia and the Pacific; 1944 Conference on Freedom of Access to Raw Materials; Washington Conference on International Communication, 1956; Conference on British Studies-various dates and publications; naval conferences, various dates; MS of article for symposium on world affairs; Institute of World Organisation (Graduate School), including material on Sigmund and Anna Freud; and papers on other conferences (File) - Box 53

Series 12. Lectures, Talks, Addresses

1920–1939 Peace Treaty lectures; notes for article and lecture on Italy, Fascism 1922–1923 and International Labour Organization, 1924–1925; notes on France, Germany and Central Europe 1924, 1925; Williamstown lectures 1926–1927; army war college; notes for Syracuse lectures 1923–1927; Radio Nations broadcasts and some lectures 1937–1938; papers on entrance to United States 1930 and Harvard lectures 1940 (File) - Box 54

Lecture notes "Dilemma of Democracy", University of Michigan, 1939; Harvard lectures and addresses 1940–1941 (some correspondence); talk on Psychological War 1936; abortive series of lectures for U.S. Department of Agriculture 1948; article on S.E. Asia; handwritten lecture/tutorial notes, chiefly English history (File) - Box 55

Drafts for lectures "Anglo-American Nucleus", photocopies, of lectures on Historic Dumfries, Virginia, Inc; lecture notes on jurisprudence course; and Balliol lecture and reading notes (File) - Box 56

Series 13. Personal Papers

Diary/Minutes July 1942–February 1944 (File) - Box 57

Diary/Minutes March 1944–September 1945 (File) - Box 58

Diary/Minutes October 1945–July 1947 (File) - Box 59

Unfinished memoirs (File) - Box 59

Data on League of Nations work, B.C. of N., and career (File) - Box 59

File "Will's manuscripts" (i.e. Father), family history and family letters, various letters of reference, testimonials, other academic documents, 1939 papers on entry into U.S.A., poetry printed in Hermes 1910–1914, biographical material (File) - Box 60

Indexes to boxes, memos and notes, biographical material, diary notes, passports, income tax returns, publication distribution lists, curriculum vitae, papers on America 1936–1937, family photographs, files on B.E. Historical advisor, and on J.W.H. Brooks (File) - Box 61

Coronation invitations, Ford and Guggenheim applications, personal documents (birth certificate, invitations etc (File) - Box 61

Series 14. General Subject Files

Colonies; files on geographical areas: Palestine and Middle East, Pakistan, Nauru to 1947, Malaya to 1947, Burma 1945–1947, India 1940–1941 (File) - Box 62

Expanding file of cuttings, notes, articles on countries A-Z (File) - Box 63

Subject files (File) - Box 64

Palestine 1947; Beekeeping; Official war histories; Ireland 1921–1922; Reports of Norman Wait Harris Memorial Foundation; Cuttings on China, India, Australia, Near East, Turkey, Balkans; General cuttings; "1942–1945 papers and correspondence, diary"

Chronological subject files 1941-1959 (File) - Box 65

Ghana, Lausanne, Canada; The Crown, Churchill; Governing ideas, geography and climate; Common Market, Commonwealth profiles; Syllabi and bibliographies, nucleus E.S.P.; World Order; Review (by and about Hall); Articles by Gilbert Murray

Subject files (File) - Box 66

Expanding file of biographical notes, cuttings by years.; Leaders in war, Radio Nations, 1937–1942; Labour Party Advisory Committee: Minutes and papers, 1918; Satanism, with ref. to Australian Satanism France; colonies; Outlawing the Communist Party, 1957; Sources of Soviet conduct, House of Commons debates; Anglo-American nucleus 1937–1942; Hitler, 1938–1941; League breaks, 1938–1940

Subject files (File) - Box 67

United States of America; U.K. as leader; S.E.A.T.O.; Privy Council; Articles on anthropology and culture, with bibliographies; Photocopies of circular "This Day"; Speeches, cuttings on W.W.II; Bibliography of British Embassy Library, Washington Cuttings, notes, drafts, addresses, articles

Non-Self-Governing Territories (File) - Box 68

Volume: "International frontier and Mandates, Dependencies and Trusteeship - Reviews and correspondence" (File) - Box 69

International frontier, 1948–1949. Map, papers etc. Colonies, Nationalism (File) - Box 69

Studies of overseas supply. London correspondence Annotated draft of L.C. 1951 (File) - Box 69

Subject files (File) - Box 69

Harvard book project; Imperial Conference 1926– Hertzog Speech; Pacific War Council; League of Nations; Defence, and various other articles

Subject files (File) - Box 70

Avenol visit, Sanctions, Canada and air developments, Bruce, cuttings, 1936–1937; "Diary" 1944–1946; War causes, psychological warfare; North American supply - Correspondence and working papers; Two concepts of Commonwealth by Dafoe and Curtis, 1917, notes, cuttings.; Middle East Conference; Miscellaneous, including painting of "Lapstone", Emu Plains

Subject files (File) - Box 71

Australia-Notes and cuttings 1940–1959; Geographical subject files: Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Japan; Chronological subject files: 1917–1919, 1922, 1928, 1945–1947; Correspondence on Official War Histories, 1955–1960; "Chicago papers 1942"; Letterbook 1930–1931 - Mission Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Turkey; Printed articles and magazines

Series 15. Other Papers

Notebooks, diaries, photographs (File) - Box 72-73

Slides (File) - Box 74

Index cards (File) - Box 75

Dictaphone bands (File) - Box 76

Maps (File) - Box 77

British Information Services circulars (File) - Box 78-79

Printed articles, pamphlets, reports, books (File) - Box 80-82

Brochures on U.S.A. bicentennial 1976, photocopies of printed articles (File) - Box 83

Miscellaneous manuscript articles, printed articles, loose notes and cuttings (File) - Box 84

Scrapbook of reviews, cuttings, correspondence (File) - Folio 3

Letters of Duncan Hall to Alan and Norman Hall, 1972, 1975 (Added 27/10/93) (File) - Box 84