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Study Group on Structural Adjustment
Records of the Study Group on Structural Adjustment
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Item Descriptions

Professor W. Kasper (File 1)

Association of Australian Forging Industries (File 2)

Submission by A.J. Birch (File 3)

Heavy Engineering Manufactures Association (File 4)

Metal Trades Industry Association (File 5)

Fisher Swan Pty.Ltd., (File 6)

Dunlop Australia Ltd. (File 7)

Australian Electronics Industry Council (File 8)

Australian Chemical Industry Council (File 9)

Plastics Institute of Australia Incorporated (File 10)

Non-Leather Footwear Manufacturers Association (File 11)

Australian Federation of Consumer Organisations (File 12)

Australian Wholesale Softgoods Federation (File 13)

The Treasury (File 14)

Simpson Pope (File 15)

Footwear Manufactures Federal Executive Council (File 16)

Australian Industry Development Association (File 17)

Victorian Manufacturing Advisory Council (File 18)

Australian Council of Apparel Manufacturers (File 19)

Australian Council of Social Services (File 20)

Department of Economic Development (File 21)

Private Business Association of Australia (File 22)

Australian Council of Salaried and Professional Association (File 23)

Australian Electrical Manufacturers' Association (File 24)

Federated Furnishing Trade Society (File 25)

Australian Farmers Federation (File 26)

Department of National Development (File 27)

Department of Foreign Affairs (File 28)

National Library of Australia (File 29)

Department of Industry and Commerce (File 30)

Australian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers' Association (File 31)

Printing and Allied Trades Employers' Federation of Australia (File 32)

Confederation of Australian Industry (File 33)

Australian Mining Industry Council (File 34)

Government of Tasmania (File 35)

C.S.R. Limited (File 36)

Department of Science (File 37)

Department of Business and Consumer Affairs (File 38)

National Importers Association (File 39)

Peter Cullen for Midford Products (File 40)

Department of Labour and Industry S.A. (File 41)

Australian Industry Development Corporation (File 42)

City of Whyalla (File 43)

Conzinc Rio Tinto of Australia Limited (File 44)

General Motors Holden (File 45)

Department of Employment and Industrial Relations (File 46)

A.C.T.U. (File 47)

Premiers Department N.S.W. (File 48)

Canberra Consumers Incorporated (File 49)

Australian Chamber of Commerce (File 50)

Number not used (File 51)

Minister for Industrial Development W.A. (File 52)

Australian Organisation for Quality Control (File 53)

Murray Goulburn Co-op (File 54)

CAI Pt.2 (File 55)

New Zealand Planning Council (File 56)

Alcoa of Australia (File 57)

Kellogg Rural Adjustment Unit (File 58)

The Institution of Engineers (File 59)

Department of Productivity (File 60)

IMPACT - Powell Dixon (File 61)

CAI Pt.3 (File 62)

Department of Finance (File 63)

Department of Defence (File 64)

Australian Confederation of Apparel Manufactures (File 66)

Treasury (File 67)

Industrial Development Policy Instruments

Treasury (File 68)

Macro Economic Policy Making and Structural Adjustment Assistance

Treasury (File 69)

Foreign Investment Policy in Australia

Treasury (File 70)

Capital/Labour/Output Ratios

Treasury (File 71)

Compensation for Change Via "Real Costs" and "Transfer Payments"

Treasury (File 72)

Likely Developments in the Economy

W.Kasper (File 73)

Overseas Experiences with unemployment and job creation policies/lessons for Australia

MTIA (File 74)

Additional Submission

Department of Transport (File 75)

Transport Factors Relation to Adjustment Problems of Australian Manufacturing Industries

AIDA (File 76)

Research & Development Grants

AIDA (File 76)

Cost of a "Free Depreciation Scheme"

AIDA (File 76)

The Investment Allowance

AIDA (File 76)

Proposal for a Total Look at Protected Industry

Department of Trade Resources (File 77)

Minerals Processing in Australia - The Project Approach

R.G. Hawkins (File 78)

Economic Management and Structural Change

CAI - thoughts on various matters (File 79)

Govts. Indicative Planning

Enlarging Growth and Investment Opportunities

Mobility of Labour

Manpower Planning

Is a Reduction in Living Standards a Requirement to become Competitive Internationally?

The Role of Government in Restructuring

Should Australia be in the Vanguard of International Reform for Developing Trade and Reducing Barriers to International Trade.

Department of Business and Consumer Affairs (File 80)

Import Quotas

Bureau of Industry Economics (File 81)

Service Sector Activities in Australia

Bureau of Industry Economics (File 82)

Likely Trends in Capital/Labour Ratios for Australian Industries

Bureau of Industry Economics (File 83)

Some Economic and Social Implications of New Technology

Bureau of Industry Economics (File 84)

Direct and Indirect Employment in Highly Protected Industries

Bureau of Industry Economics (File 85)

Capital Recovery Allowances

R. Garnaut (File 86)

A few notes on inter-sectoral adjustment and employment in Australia - on interpretation

R. Gregory (File 87)

Tariffs and exchange rates

Department of National Development (File 88)

Commonwealth State Measures to Encourage Private Investment in Non-Metropolitan areas

Dept of Nat Development (File 89)

An Analysis of Manufacturing Industry by Levels of Protection, Imports, Exports : Possible Future Prospects

Dept of Nat Development (File 90)

Implications of Energy Price Changes on Industrial Development

Dept of Nat Development (File 91)

Commonwealth Decentralized Development Program

Dept of Nat Development (File 92)

An Outline of the Role of Governments in Providing Assistance to Particular Development Projects

Dept of Nat Development (File 93)

OECD: Overseas Adjustment Experience

Dept of Nat Development (File 94)

Australian Experience in Structural Adjustment Programs

Dept of Nat. Develop. (File 95)

The Role of Structural Adjustment Policies in National Development

Dept of Nat. Develop. (File 96)

Manufacturing Sectors with Possible Future Prospect

Dept of Nat. Develop. (File 97)

[on each OECD country : a summary of measures and the levels of assistance provided over the past few years]

Dept of Nat Development (File 98)

Survey of Selected Firms

Industries Assistance Commission (File 99)

Capital Intensity for Manufacturing Industries

IAC (File 100)

Export Incentives

IAC (File 101)

Statement 1, Part A; Profile of Australia's Present Industry Structure

IAC (File 102)

Brief Resume of International and Australian Adjustment Assistance Schemes

IAC (File 103)

Part II : Case Studies of Selected High Cost Industries

IAC (File 104)

Assistance to Australian Manufacturing Industries 1974-1975 to 1976-1977

IAC (File 105)

Questions on Textiles, Clothing and Footwear

IAC (File 106)

The Role of Foresight in Managing Structural Change

IAC (File 107)

Some Issues in Structural Adjustment

IAC (File 108)

Points of Reference and the Definition of Highly Protected Industries

IAC (File 109)

Background paper on the Commission's Tariff Review Program

IAC (File 110)

Background papers on Domestic Appliances and Passenger Motor Vehicles

IAC (File 111)

How Assistance to High Cost Activities Disadvantages Low Cost Activities

Bureau of Industry Economics (File 112)

Assessment of "Evaluation of the New Investment Allowance : by Webb and McMaster.

Working Group 2 Report (File 113)

"The adequacy of information systems supporting industry and employment policies in Australia"

Working Group 3 Report (File 114)

"International trade pressures for structural change.

Working Group 4 Report (File 115)

"Regional issues in Structural Adjustment"

Working Group 5 Report (File 116)

"Structural Adjustment and the Australian Labour Marks"

Working Group 6 Report (File 117)

"Evaluation of Struct. Adjustment schemes in Australia and Overseas."

I.A.C. Profile of Australia's Present Industry Structure (File 118)

ACOSS Study (File 119)

Treasury (File 120)

"How Present Protection for Some Reduces Business and Employment Opportunities for Others"