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Cameron Hazlehurst
Papers of Cameron Hazlehurst
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Scope and Contents

The papers include correspondence (mostly carbon copies and photocopies of Hazlehurst's letters), diaries, files and research material, typescripts, galley proofs, notes, cuttings, photocopies and printed material.

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Copying and publishing of unpublished manuscript material is subject to copyright restrictions. For such material, written permission to publish must be obtained from the copyright holder(s). Copying of unpublished material for research purposes is permissible 50 years after the death of the creator of the material.

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Immediate Source of Acquisition

The collection was donated to the Library under the Taxation for the Arts

Scheme in 1987-1988. A second addition was donated under this scheme in February 1992.

Biographical Note

Cameron Hazlehurst was born in Harrogate, England, in 1941 and emigrated to Australia with his family in 1951. He matriculated from Melbourne High School in 1959 and completed his Bachelor's degree at Melbourne University in 1963. After a brief period as a Teaching Fellow in History at Monash University (1964-65), he continued his studies at Balliol and Nuffield Colleges, Oxford, obtaining a Doctorate in Modern History in 1969. He held the positions of Junior Research Fellow at Nuffield College in 1968-70 and at Queen's College in 1970-72.

Subsequent positions include those of Fellow at the Research School of Social Sciences, ANU (1972-73, 1975-92) and Assistant Secretary of the Department of Urban and Regional Development in Canberra (1973-75). His most recent position was as head of the School of Humanities at the Queensland University of Technology.

Hazlehurst has been engaged in various research, advisory and consultancy projects, including the biography of Sir Winston Churchill, the Political records project on British parliamentarians, the BBC series on The British Empire, the Mastermind program for ABC television and as an adviser to the Australian Frontier Organisation.

His publications includes Politicians at war, July 1914 to May 1915 (1971), Reforming Australian government: the Coombs report and beyond (1977), Menzies observed (1979), The mastermind book (1979), Australian Conservatism: essays in twentieth century political history (1979), and Gordon Chalk: a political life (1987).

References: Who's who in Australia 1993, p. 616.

Item Descriptions

Class. Orginial Consignment

Series 1. Writings

Subseries 1-1. Australian conservatism - Box 1-2

Australian conservatism: correspondence, notes, drafts, typescripts, galley proofs and photocopies. 2 boxes.

Subseries 1-2. Gordon Chalk - Box 3-23

Sir Gordon Chalk: correspondence, research material, photocopies and cuttings. For further correspondence relating to this project, see Series 7 and 8. 21 boxes.

Subseries 1-3. Mastermind - Box 24-31

Mastermind: correspondence, photographs, notes, references, typescripts, index cards, video cassette of the TV show, and a copy of the book. 8 boxes.

Subseries 1-4. Menzies observed - Box 32-37

Menzies observed: notes, typescripts, galley proofs and drafts. 6 boxes.

Subseries 1-5. Politicians at war - Box 38-40

Politicians at war: drafts and galley proofs. 3 boxes.

Subseries 1-6. Reforming Australian government - Box 41

Reforming Australian government: correspondence, typescripts and photocopies. 1 box.

Series 2. Hazlehurst as an adviser, consultant and reviewer - Box 42-46

The Australian Frontier and the Accreditation Panel on modern history with the ACT Schools Authority, Times higher education and Times life book; Winston S. Churchill: galley proofs. 5 boxes.

Series 3. Australian National University files - Box 47-53

Miscellaneous files relating to the ANU, 1972-92. See also Series 19 for further files from Hazelhurst's work at the ANU, 1972 - 89. 7 boxes.

Series 4. Department of Urban and Regional Development files - Box 65-76

Papers accumulated while Hazlehurst was employed by the Department of Urban and Regional Development (DURD): copies of correspondence, minutes, leaflets, circulars and miscellaneous DURD documents, 1973-75. See also Series 19 for DURD daily action files, 1973-75. 12 boxes.

Series 5. Miscellaneous - Box 76-77

Miscellaneous files relating to the Australian Archives and the Woodrow Wilson Fellowship Foundation. 2 boxes.

Class. Consignment added 24 February 1992

Series 6. Correspondence, 1960-72 - Box 78-81

The correspondence in the this series relates to Hazlehurst's years at the University of Melbourne (1960-63), Monash University (1964-65) and Balliol and Nuffield Colleges, Oxford (1966-72). The personal correspondence is mostly from the period when Hazlehurst and his wife, Jeanette, were living in Oxford (1966-72). 23 folders.

Series 7. Correspondence with literary agents and publishers, 1966-89 - Box 82-83

This series contains Hazlehurst's correspondence with literary agents and publishers, beginning with the literary agent, A.P. Watt (1966-73), where his main correspondents were David Machin and later, Hilary Rubinstein. From 1968-73, Hazlehurst corresponded with the publisher, Jonathan Cape, as both an author and historical adviser. From 1970 his correspondent was again David Machin. There is also a brief correspondence with The Observer in 1968 and correspondence with Harvester Press, 1971-84. The series concludes with Hazelhurst's correspondence with the Darling Downs Institute Press, 1986-89, regarding the publication of his book, Gordon Chalk: a political biography. 14 folders.

Series 8. Outward Correspondence files, 1968-89 - Box 84-89

This series contains three sequences of Hazlehurst's outward correspondence files: 1968-1972 (Box 84-86); 1979-1985 (Box 86-87) and 1983-1989 (Box 88-89). 6 boxes.

The first sequence includes correspondence of a general nature as well as that relating to particular research projects, such as Hazlehurst's proposed biography on David Lloyd George. From 1969, much of the correspondence relates to the 'Political records project', a survey of the papers of twentieth century British cabinet ministers. This correspondence is thus interspersed with many file notes on the papers of these British cabinet ministers.

From 1979-1985, Hazlehurst retained carbon copies of his correspondence and notes. The third sequence, from 1983-89, contains correspondence regarding Hazelhurst's research for the biography of Sir Gordon Chalk; requests for articles; drafts of two book reviews and some correspondence regarding the National Council on AIDS (1988).

Series 9. Political Records Project - Box 90

The 'Political records project' was a survey of the papers of twentieth century British cabinet ministers. The project sought to locate and list the surviving papers of all the men and women (326 in all) who attained cabinet rank between 1900-1951. This series contains correspondence, minutes and drafts from 1967-72 which relate to the project. See also Series 8 for further correspondence on the project. 7 folders.

Series 10. British History articles - Box 91-92

The series contains drafts of the following articles: 'Introduction' to Winston S. Churchill, The people's rights, reprint of 1909 edn., Jonathan Cape, London 1970; 'Asquith as Prime Minister 1908-1916', English Historical Review, vol.85, July 1970 p.502-31.; 'Campbell-Bannerman as Prime Minister', History, vol.55, October 1970 p.360-83 (co-author, Jose F. Harris).; 'The Baldwinite Conspiracy', Historical Studies, vol.16, no.63, October 1974 p.167-91.; 'Churchill as social reformer: the Liberal phase', Historical Studies, vol.17, no.66, April 1976, p.84-92; 'David Lloyd George', 'Sir Edward Grey', and 'A.J.P. Taylor', in Encyclopedia Americana, New York 1970-71.; 'Introduction' to The Lloyd George Liberal Magazine 1920-23, reprint by Harvester Press, Brighton, 1973.; 'The Unknown Chief Secretary: H. E. Duke, 1st Baron Merrivale, Chief Secretary for Ireland 1916-18', Irish Historical Studies, vol.20, no.79, March 1977 p.286-311 (co-author, D.G. Boyce).; 'Introduction' to The History of the Ministry of Munitions, microfiche edn., Harvester Press, Brighton, 1976.; Article on politics in the First World War. 17 files.

Series 11. The British Empire - Box 93-95

From 1968-71, Hazelhurst acted as research consultant for the BBC TV series, The British Empire. This series contains program outlines and formats, draft plans and notes for programs 1-13, correspondence, research notes and articles for the television series. 19 files.

Series 12. The Six Day War - Box 96-97

In 1967 Hazelhurst acted as a consultant to Randolph Churchill for his book, The six day war (Penguin, Harmondsworth 1967). In particular, Hazelhurst drafted the chapter on radio and television coverage of the war. The bulk of the series consists of BBC news reports of 5 June to 11 June, 1967. Other material includes notes and drafts on BBC coverage of the war; audience statistics and notes; transcripts of interviews; press reports; notes on correspondents and newspaper clippings. 16 files.

Series 13. History of Australian official statistics - Box 97-98

As a consultant to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Hazlehurst advised on the history of Australian official statistics for the proposed bicentennial Year book Australia. This series contains papers from 1983-88, including correspondence, notes and reports relating to the consultancy arrangements as well as material gathered on the different states. 13 files.

Series 14. Diaries 1966-88 - Box 99-104

The main diaries, covering the years 1966-88 (incomplete; Boxes 99-102), occasionally include journal-type entries. For most years, Hazlehurst also kept a second, pocket diary (1967-88, incomplete) and also annotated his desk calendars (Box 103). The series also includes six address books (Box 104). 5 1/2 boxes.

Series 15. Primary and secondary education, 1951-59 - Folio 104-109 + Folio

The series contains some primary exercise books of Hazlehurst's sister, the actress Noni Hazlehurst (Box 104). The remainder of the series consists of Hazlehurst's own primary and secondary exercise books, texts and some projects (Box 105-9). 5 1/2 boxes + 2 folio items.

Series 16. University study and teaching, 1960-65 - Folio 110-118 + Folio

The bulk of this series contains Hazlehurst's notes from his undergraduate years at Melbourne University, 1960-63. There is also material relating to his residential college, Ormond, as well as personal papers (Box 110-116). In 1964-65 Hazlehurst held a teaching fellowship in History at Monash University, and a number of files begun in his undergraduate years were considerably expanded during these years (Box 117-118). 9 boxes + 1 folio item.

Series 17. Oxford University, 1966-72 - Box 119-120

In 1966 Hazlehurst took up a Monash University travelling scholarship to study at Nuffield College, Oxford. He subsequently held the positions of Junior Research Fellow at Nuffield College (1968-70) and at The Queen's College (1970-72). This series consists of files and miscellaneous publications from those years. 2 boxes.

Series 18. Personal files, 1960-80 - Box 121-127

This series contains files from Nuffield and Queen's Colleges; applications for academic positions as well as for fellowships and grants; files on groups and projects with which Hazlehurst was involved and a few files on individuals such as Sir Keith Hancock and J.A. La Nauze (Box 121-24). The series also contains papers relating to the Hazlehurst's divorce and custody matters (Box 125-27, Closed until 2050). 7 boxes.

Series 19. Professional files, 1972-89 - Box 128-129

This series contains files relating to Hazlehurst's work at the Australian National University from 1972-89. This includes the papers of the Archives Committee (1976-80) and the Visiting Fellowships Committee (1982-84), both of the Research School of Social Sciences, and the Public Lecture Committee (1978-82); as well as the proposal for a book of essays on energy and Australia (unpublished). Also included are D.U.R.D. daily action files for 1973-75 and a miscellaneous file. 2 1/2 boxes.

Series 20. Miscellaneous - Box 130

Miscellaneous printed material including reports of 'The Institute for the study of man and society' (1971); a book by Frank Engel, 21 years of Australian frontier (1988) and an application by community broadcasters for a commercial broadcasting station licence in the Canberra area. Also includes 5 folders of ephemera, 1972-80. 1 box.