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James Tyson
Papers of James Tyson
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James Tyson was a pastoralist who acquired extensive properties through Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria becoming a legendary figure during his life time, celebrated in a poem by A. B. Paterson "T.Y.S.O.N." He died intestate in 1898 leaving and estate of £2,500,000. See Australian Encyclopaedia volume 9.

MS 34 relates chiefly to the case of McEvoy v Tyson, a dispute concerning the boundaries of their respective holdings (Moon Moon Curra and Tyson's Darling District and Juanbung runs) at the junction of the Darling and Murrumbidgee Rivers. Robert Biggart Gow, the umpire in the dispute, in 1864 awarded costs to be shared equally and himself laid down the boundary to be observed. Further legal action ensued but is not recorded in the papers.

As well as papers to do with the case there is a group of personal papers of Robert Biggart Gow, maps of pastoral areas in some of which he held an interest, and also maps relating to the Burke and Wills expedition, including one signed by W.J. Wills.

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The collection has been microfilmed (G7727-7728)

Separated Materials

Note that further papers of James Tyson are held at MS 877.

Item Descriptions

Series 1. Evidence Given In The Case McEvoy v Tyson

Transcript of evidence taken by the arbitrators, Nicholas Chadwick for McEvoy and Robert Landale for Tyson, before the umpire, R.B. Gow. Autograph manuscript 182 p. (Item MS 34_1_2) - Box 1

Series 2. Papers Submitted As Evidence

List of papers given in evidence. 1p. (Item MS 34_3) - Box 1

A. New South Wales Government Gazette of 30 October 1863. (Item MS 34_4) - Box 1

B. Affidavit of A.N. Langley and 3 maps (A.B.C.) 5p. (Item MS 34_5_8) - Box 1

C. Affidavit of Walter Phips Barter. 3p. (Item MS 34_9_10) - Box 1

D. Affidavit of MacCabe. 2p. (Item MS 34_11) - Box 1

E. Affidavit of Augustus Morris. 3p. (Item MS 34_12) - Box 1

F. Tracing by Commissioner Cole. (Item MS 34_13) - Box 1

G. Copy correspondence and extracts from papers on Record in Crown Lands Office Sydney. 20 October 1847 – 8 January 1863. 18ff. (Item MS 34_14) - Box 1

J. Authenticated copy of Government Records of Moon Moon Curra, Tyson's Darling District and Juanbung Runs. 7 February 1848-1850; mentions forfeiture of runs by William Charles Wentworth. 50ff. (Item MS 34_15) - Box 1

K. Large cloth map. (Item MS 34_16) - Map-Folio Item MS 34_16

L. Two letters to A.O. Moriarty. 4p. (Item MS 34_17_18) - Box 1

M. Agreement of sale of Paika by Morris to Tyson. 3p. (Item MS 34_19) - Box 1

N. Affidavit by W.R. Davidson and Map. 2p. (Item MS 34_20) - Map-Folio Item MS 34_20

Series 3. The Award

Attested copy of award by Robert Biggart Gow dated 7 May 1864. (Item MS 34_21) - Box 1

MS draft of award and sketch map. 3p. (Item MS 34_22_23) - Box 1

Letter by R. Biggart Gow dated 14 May 1864 to A.O. Moriarty, Chief Commissioner of Crown Lands outlining reasons for his determination. (Item MS 34_24) - Box 1

Series 4. Correspondence Relating To The Case

Correspondence relating to the case, particularly with R.B. Gow, dated 13 April – 4 August 1864. (Item MS 34_25_45) - Box 1

Series 5. Miscellaneous Papers Relating To The Case

Document relating to appointment of Robert Landale as an arbitrator, and other matters. (Item MS 34_46) - Box 1

Map of the area in dispute (Item MS 34_47) - Box 1

Map of the area in dispute headed 'Tyson's map 2'. (Item MS 34_48) - Box 1

Series 6. R. B. Gow Testimonials

A. Attested copy of award as umpire in the case Tyson v McEvoy. (A note relates to the award being subsequently disputed in six different actions but upheld). (Item MS 34_49) - Box 1

B. Relates to Gow's participation in the matter of Grant, Lamont and Aitken. (Item MS 34_50) - Box 1

C. Document of appointment in 1870 as umpire in arbitration between Australia Mortgage Land and Finance Co. and Mr Godfrey B. Mackinnon. (Item MS 34_51) - Box 1

D. Memo of agreement between Mr J. Dunne and R.B. Gow as to Purchase of cattle in Queensland. (Item MS 34_52) - Box 1

E. "A/c of my expenditure of £5, 900 for Mr. J. Dunne in purchase of cattle in Queensland". (Item MS 34_53) - Box 1

F. "Extract of Mr. J. Dunne's letter of 7 January 1871 referring to Dunne's satisfaction in the above purchase. (Item MS 34_54) - Box 1

Memo from R.B. Gow to Geo. Cook dated 21 November 1871 giving a list of referees. (Item MS 34_55) - Box 1

Letter to Gow from R. Landale dated 5 May 1870. (Item MS 34_56) - Box 1

Series 7. Miscellaneous Papers Connected With R. B. Gow

Comments on pastoral holdings (by R.B. Gow?) including Mount Arrowsmith No. 3. (Item MS 34_57_58) - Box 1

Epitome of Stuart's journey to Coopers Creek. (Item MS 34_59) - Box 1

Series 8. Maps Having A Variable Connection With R. B. Gow

"Tracing shewing Route taken by the V.E.E. Party from Mininda on the Darling to the Torowoto Swamp in Latitude ..." Signed "William J. Wills Surveyor and Astrl. Observer to the Expedition". (Item MS 34_60) - Box 1

Map of Burke and Willis route from Coopers Creek to Carpentaria (printed) ; Described as "Copied from the Map prepared by Wills". (Item MS 34_61) - Box 1

Map of area near Coopers Creek. (Item MS 34_62) - Box 1

"Meninda to Coopers Creek. Sturt's track by Barrier Range 1844". (Item MS 34_63) - Box 1

Map of Mt Lyell, Mt Stuart area. (Item MS 34_64) - Box 1

"River Darling from Meninda to Mount Murchson". (Item MS 34_65) - Box 1

Areas around Gardiners Creek, near Mindie and Mt. Murchison. (Item MS 34_66) - Box 1

"Agricultural Area of Ardgray, Parish of Wyuna, Country of Rodney" (Printed) 21 August 1862. (Item MS 34_67) - Box 1

"Plan Portions 1 to 40 in the Parish of Tattaila. Country of Cadell N.S.W. 1862". (Item MS 34_68) - Box 1

Maps of pastoral areas relating and probably relating to R.B. Gow. (Item MS 34_69_89) - Box 1

"Plan of the Town of Wentworth ..". (Printed) December 1859. With MSS notes. (Item MS 34_90) - Box 1

"County Lands. Parishes of Echuca North South. County of Rodney". (Printed) September 1862. (Item MS 34_91) - Box 1

"Plan of the Town of Maoma at Maidens Ferry. Parish of Moama. Country of Cadell N.S.W." (Printed). (Item MS 34_92) - Box 1

"Township of Echuca ..." 17 October 1850 (Item MS 34_93) - Box 1

"Plan of the City of Adelaide". (Item MS 34_94) - Box 1