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Raymond Cottam Allsop
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Item Descriptions

Drafts and articles (published) on Frequency Modulation (F.M.) in television and radio (File 1)

F.M. - Articles from Electrical Weekly, ABCB (File 2-3)

F.M. Inquiry - Reported Evidence (File 2-3)

Articles Electrical Weekly re Sydney T.V. Station Sites and channel plan for Commonwealth (File 2-3)

Correspondence from George Harrison, August, 1963, with enclosures (File 4)

George Harrison's resolutions re the setting up of a Federal Comm. The Century, May 31, 1968; Feb. 2, 1968.

Amateur Radio Station Licence and Renewals, and related correspondence (File 5)

Handbook for operators of amateur wireless stations. Correspondence dealing with Special Experimental Licence, including newspaper cuttings.

The "Cinetelcam", by Ray Allsop (File 6)

Submission by Ray Allsop, and correspondence, referring to the inquiry into frequency modulation broadcasting.

Correspondence with the Rt. Hon. Harold Holt (File 7)

Correspondence with the Rt. Hon. John G. Gorton (File 8)

Correspondence with the Hon. Allen Fairhall, 1964-1970, and statements by Mr Fairhall in Parliament (File 9)

Report of the Radio Frequency Allocation Review Committee, 1961 (File 10)

News cuttings, including his "Letters to the Editor" (File 11)

Correspondence with the Postmaster-General, 1955-1955 (File 12)

Correspondence with the Prime Minister's Department, 1947 (File 12)

Statements on sites and channels for T.V. stations; news cuttings, notes, statement by the Postmaster-General (File 13)

Articles by Ray Allsop (1957-1958) on the future of television in Australia (File 13)

Biography of Ray Allsop (synopsis of a tape) (File 13)

Interim Technical Note of Amalgamated Wireless (Australasia) Ltd., on "F.M. Broadcasting (File 14)

with particular reference to Mr R. Allsop's proposal". Related correspondence, 1970.

Correspondence with Mr Harry Turner, M.P. for Bradfield, 1970-1971 (File 15)

F.C.C. - Standards of good engineering practice concerning F.M. Broadcast Stations, 1945 (File 15)

News cuttings from U.S. newspapers about T.V. and radio (File 16)

Dial, vol. 2, no. 2.

2 Reprints from Electrical Weekly, 15/7/1955 and 29/7/1955.

News cuttings on control of the A.B.C, 1955 (File 17)

Report - The case for commercial T.V. licenses, 1954 (File 17)

Correspondence with the Marconi Company Limited, 1954-1971 (File 17)

Statement by the PMG's Department on the allocation of channel frequencies for television purposes (File 17)

Draft history - Australian Electronics Industry (File 17)

Statement by the Music Broadcasting Society on F.M. Broadcasting (File 17)

Proceedings of the Institution of Radio and Electronics Engineers, Australia. Vol. 32, No. 11, November 1971 (File 17)

The Australian Broadcasting Control Board. Transcript of Proceedings, 5 April 1960 (File 18)

Xerox copy of The Life and Work of Sir Isaac Shoenberg, 1880-1963 (File 18)

Broadcasting and Television Bill, 26 September 1968 (File 18)

Cutting from The Economist, 18 May 1968 (File 18)

Cutting from the Australian Financial Review, Sept. 3 1970 (File 18)

Australian Broadcasting Control Board. Transcript of Proceedings, 26 April 1960 (File 19)

Research and Development in Australian Industry (File 19)

The Industrial Viewpoint, by R.G. Ward. 1971; Department of Supply and Industrial Research and Development, by T. Lawrence, 1971

Australian Industries Development Association (File 19)

Bulletin No. 214, November 1970

Letter to "The Australian", 11 Dec. 1969 (File 20)

Letter to "The Australian Financial Review", 20 Aug. 1968 (File 20)

Letter to Director-General of the P.M.G.'s Department, 22 Jul. 1968. (File 20)

Letter from M. John O'Neill, 18 Jan. 1971 (File 20)

Re: F.M. Broadcasting, by Ray Allsop, 16 Apr. 1969 and 15 Jan. 1966 (File 20)

Letters from A.B.C, 2 Jul. 1970, 9 Feb. 1970 (File 20)

Memo from Trevor Janine, of English Dept. of Sydney University, 2 Mar. 1972 (File 20)

Letter from Secretary of Senate Standing Committee on Education, Science, and the Arts, 1 Mar. 1972 (File 20)

Correspondence with the National Broadcasting Co., the Columbia Broadcasting System, and the Radio Corporation of America, 1946-1947 (File 20)

Correspondence with Columbia University, 1952 (File 20)

Letter from Australectric Ltd. To Mr W.T. Trickett, 26 Apr. 1922 (File 20)

Letter from Walmsley Cowley Co, 29 Jan. 1965 (File 20)

Letter from Ferris Bros. Pty. Ltd, 25 Oct. 1965, 20 Oct. 1965 (File 20)

Letter from P.B. Andrew, 15 Jul. 1965 (File 20)

Standards for the Australian Television Service; television channels, standard intermediate frequencies and standards for limits of radiation from receivers; wave propagation and television broadcasting at very high frequencies (File 21)

Including Propagation, V.H.F. Spectrum; The Marconi Review. No. 113, 1954; Cutting from The Financial Times, July 30, 1954: "Battle of the Frequencies"; Cheyenne Mountain Tropospheric Propagation Experiments, 1955; "Practical considerations of F.M. coverage" 1947; "Overcoming the Line-of-Sight Shibboleth with the Air and High Power" 1955; "F.M. Station WMIT is back again"; News cuttings on Sydney and Melbourne T.V. coverage, on B.B.C. services to Africa; Extracts from articles dealing with T.V. in Great Britain and America; Report of a meeting of the Frequency Allocations Committee; Table of N.Z. television channels; Diagram showing allocations for broadcasting above 40 m.c./sec.

News cuttings, 1956, 1959, 1954 (File 22)

Extracts from "Television Digest", November 1953 - March 1954 (File 22)

Extracts from "N.Y. Herald Tribune", 1953 (File 22)

Extract from "The Listener", 1954 (File 22)

Opening address of the 23rd Annual Convention of the Australian Federation of Commercial Broadcasting Stations (File 23)

"The C.P.S. Emitron"; "A process for the manufacture of narrow pitch metal mesh"; "The image-orthicon".

Report and annexure on the introduction of V.H.F. Sound Broadcasting, with Frequency Modulation, to the Australian Broadcasting System (File 23)

Royal Commission on Television Broadcasting, 1953 (File 23)

Evidence on technical aspects of television.

F.C.C. Allocation Plan, 1945 (File 24)

"Radio-Wave Propagation", by Dr Harlow T. Stetson, 1942 (File 24)

"High-power television transmitters for Bands IV and V", by T.S. Robson and T.M.J. Jaskolski, 1959 (File 24)

"Standards for the Australian Television Service", 1957 (File 24)

"Distribution of Broadcast Listeners' Licences in Australia as at 30 Jun. 1958" (File 24)

"Comments on proposed frequency assignment plan, part VI and Appendix C of the Australian Broadcasting Control Board's 7th Annual Report, 30 Jun. 1956" (File 24)

"F.M. Station WMIT is back again" (File 24)

"The Bulletin of the Sydney Division. The Institution of Engineers, Australia" (File 24)

September, 1965

Proceedings of the Institution of Radio Engineers, Australia (File 25)

June 1960, and February 1947.

Seventh Annual Report of the Australian Broadcasting Control Board, 1955 (File 25)

Photocopy extracts from 6th Annual Report (File 25)

Photocopy extracts from "Which", December 1969; June 1970 (File 25)

Loan Defence Bill, May 1966 (File 26)

"Design of a Highly Stable Transistor Oscillator for the 500 Mc/s Region" (File 26)

Z. Uzdy. 1965.

Nation, May 30, 1964 (File 26)

"A proposal for the development of Frequency-Modulation Broadcasting in Australia" (File 26)

"UHF FM Broadcasting", 1964 (File 26)

Correspondence with Sir James Kirby, 1965 (File 27)

Correspondence with National Roads and Motorists' Association (N.S.W.), 1965 (File 27)

Correspondence with Longworth and McKenzie, Consulting Engineers, 1965 (File 27)

Correspondence with Philips Electrical Industries Pty. Limited, 1957 (File 27)

Report on Television Equipment, by Philips, 1959 (File 27)

"The Case for F.M. Radio in Australia" (File 28)

"Notes for Mr R.C. Allsop" from R.D. Stewart, 15 October 1971 (File 28)

Diagrams relating to radio and T.V. broadcasting bands (File 28<_emph>)

Statistical summary of licences for broadcast and T.V. receivers, 1971-1972 (File 28)

Cuttings and extracts from various journals on F.M. broadcasting (File 28)

Statements and reports on F.M. in Australia, West Germany, United Kingdom and the U.S.A (File 29)

"Frequency-Modulation Transmission System for Broadcasting" (File 29)

List of National and Commercial Broadcasting stations, 1960 (File 29)

Medium Wave Frequency Plan of Australian and New Zealand Broadcasting services (File 29)

Correspondence with E.M.I. Ltd, 1945, 1949 (File 30)

News cuttings and correspondence with "The Sydney Morning Herlad", 1956, 1958 (File 30)

List of applicants for F.M. licences (File 30)

Correspondence relating to the application for a licence for a commercial broadcasting station at Moree (File 30)

Minutes of the 203rd meeting of the Board, held in Melbourne, on 16 September, 1954 (File 31)

"Australian Television Standards" (File 31)

"Power and Frequency of Melbourne and Sydney National Television Stations: Calling of tenders (File 31)

News cuttings relating to F.M. broadcasting and Television, 1946-1971 (File 32)

Questionnaire, 1962 (File 32)

Cuttings from Electrical Weekly, 1961 (File 32)

Letter from W.N. Williams, editor of Radio, Television and Hobbies (File 32)

News Copy re a New National Broadcasting Station at Ceduna/Streaky Bay, South Australia, 1969 (File 33)

Letter to Mr Higginbotham, Letter from W.J. Griffith, May 1962 (File 33)

Extract from Audio, May 1964 (File 33)

Memo by Ray Allsop on the results of F.M. Station WHIT in North Carolina (File 33)

Letter from Antiference (Australia) Pty. Limited, 1960 (File 33)

Extracts from Wireless World, December 1954; November 1970 (File 33)

Statement of negotiations concerning frequency channels for T.V (File 33)

"VHF" Car Radio Reception (File 33)

Extracts from Electrical Weekly, 1955 (File 33)

Extract from Time, December 1968 (File 33)

Submission to the Inquiry into Frequency Modulation in Australia (File 33)

Joint Submission by Simon Gray Pty. Ltd. And Ian Hill and Associates.

Photocopies of letters to The Australian, and The Sydney Morning Herald, 1969 (File 34)

Letters to The Australian Financial Review, 1968, 1969 (File 34)

Extracts from The Australian Financial Review, 1969 (File 34)

Extract from The New York Times, 1969 (File 34)

News cuttings, 1957-1971 (File 35)

Extracts from Time, 1968, Gramophone, 1967, The Bulletin, 1969, 1971, Variety, 1967, 1969, Mingay's News 1971 (File 35)

News Copy - T.V. Times - Questions on Colour Television" (File 35)

Extracts from Questions. Senate. April 1970, on Broadcasting (File 35)

Correspondence with The Hon. H.L. Anthony, 1952-1955 (File 36)

Memo "Television Channels", and accompanying report; related correspondence with Sir Giles Chippindall, 1956-1957 (File 36)

"On human communication and telecommunication systems, by E.R. Dalziel (File 37)

Extracts from Mingay's Electrical Weekly, 1964, 1963; Electrical and Electronic Trader, 1971; Electrical Weekly, 1959, 1958; Electronics Weekly, 1971 (File 37)

Incentive no. 151, on Commercial Radio Monopolisation (File 37)

Notes on the Representation to PMG re U.H.F. - F.M (File 37)

Australian Electronics Engineering. Vol. 2, No. 10, March 1970 (File 38)

"F.M. Multiplexing", 1955, and Correspondence of Multiplex Services, 1956 (File 38)

"A provisional technical policy for the introduction of frequency-modulation broadcasting, television and facsimile transmission, in Australia", 1945 (File 38)

Statistics on Australian radio and T.V. broadcasting (File 39)

Correspondence with the Australian Broadcasting Control Board (File 39)

Submission by Ray Allsop, referring to the inquiry into F.M. broadcasting, 1969-1971 (File 39)

"A case for television in Australia", by Ray Allsop (File 40)

Extracts from The Sydney Morning Herald, 1951, 1957, 1963 (File 40)

"Deviation from true longitudinal time to assume synthetic daylight saving". By Ray Allsop, 1970 (File 40)

Extracts from The Australian, 1970 (File 40)

"Whither television Australiana?" by Ray Allsop (File 40)

1956, and related correspondence.

Correspondence with the Hon. Alan S. Hulme, and attachments, 1966-1970 (File 41)

Correspondence with New Zealand officials, 1967-1969 (File 41)

Correspondence with private individuals, 1969-1970 (File 41)

Correspondence with Mr E.G. Whitlam with newspaper directors and television managers, 1965-1966 (File 41)

"Re: Future of Australian T.V. Program Development" (File 42)

"Re: Imported film for program" (File 42)

The Network Plan (File 42)

Folder of correspondence with Editor of The Sydney Morning Herald; Sir Robert Menzies; Prof. Leslie Martin; Sir Lionel Hooke (File 42)

Statement of evidence, 29 Mar. 1963, before Senate Committee inquiring into the production of films and programs in Australia for television (File 43)

Erda Journal, Vol. 39, No. 12, Feb. 1968 (File 43)

BM/E May 1966, Vol. 2, No. 5 (File 44)

F.M. and Television, July 1947, August 1947, September 1947 (File 44)

F.M. and Television., December 1946, March, May, June, October, 1947 (File 45)

Frequency Modulation Business, July 1946 (File 46)

NBC Transmitter, September, 1946 (File 46)

Radio Electrical Weekly, September 22, 1947 (File 46)

Time, December 20, 1968 (File 46)

The Bulletin, February 26, 1972 (File 46)

Extracts from B, Feb. 4, 1971 (File 47)

"Cable T.V.: Slumbering electronic giant - A multi-billion industry (File 47)

The problem of frequency-modulation broadcasting and television in Australia". By Ray Allsop, 1946.

"Some facts relating to the possible introduction of F.M. into Australia". By Lewis Bennett (File 47)

Editorial on F.M. Broadcasting, from B.B.C. Engineering Monographs. No. 83, Jul. 1970 (File 47)

Australian Broadcasting Control Board. Inquiry into Frequency Modulation Broadcasting (File 48)

Statement of evidence submitted by Amalgamated Wireless (Australasia) Limited. October, 1970; supplementary evidence. March, 1971; further information to complete or clarify the data already furnished. May, 1971.

Statement by Mr A. Fairhall on P.M.G. Estimates, 5 October 1955 (File 49)

New Zealand Broadcasting Authority. Report and Recommendations to the Minister of Broadcasting on an inquiry into Frequency-Modulation for broadcasting stations (File 49)

Newspaper cuttings, 1946 and 1971 (File 50)

Extracts from periodicals, 1969-1971 (File 51)

Correspondence with H.L. Kirke, of the B.B.C, 1945-1948 (File 51)

Correspondence with The Chase Manhattan Bank, 1970-1971 (File 51)

Correspondence with the Australian Broadcasting Control Board (File 52)

Re F.M. Inquiry; Report on F.M.; Cost of F.M. v. A.M. Transmitters.

Annexure 2, to the Report on F.M (File 52)

Statement presented to the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Broadcasting, by Truth Sportsman Limited, May 1946 (File 52)

Confidential notes on the extension of television services (File 53)

Correspondence with Austarama Television Pty. Ltd., and Ansett Transport Industries Ltd (File 54)

Address by The Hon. Alan S. Hulme to the Federation of Australian Commercial Broadcasters, 1966 (File 54)

Statement by the P.M.G.'s Department on F.M. Broadcasting, 1961 (File 54)

Summary of Australian Post Office evidence to A.B.C.B. inquiry on F.M. Broadcasting (File 54)

R.E.L. Specifications (File 55)

Report to the A.B.C. on the introduction of F.M. Broadcasting (File 55)

Annexure I to the report. (See Folder 52 also).

Newspaper cuttings, 1945-1951 (File 56)

Úse of experimental F.M. transmitters for a national program" (File 56)

"Air Wave Pollution". By Shirley Scheibla, 1970 (File 56)

The A.B.C. Weekly, August 7, 1948 (File 57)

Proceedings of the Institution of Radio Engineers, Australia, May 1948 (File 57)

Qantas Empire Airways, February 1948 (File 57)

Erda Journal, September, 1967 (File 57)

Further submission by Ray C. Allsop to the Technical Inquiry on Frequency Allocation Questions (File 58)

Correspondence with Dacorp. Pty. Ltd., 1970 (File 58)

Correspondence with Gordon Dryden, 1970 (File 59)

F.M. Inquiry. Summaries of the more significant statements made during the hearing in 1971 (File 59)

Statement by Sir Robert Madgwick to the Australian Broadcasting Control Board Inquiry on F.M. (File 59)

Newspaper cuttings, 1932-1958 (File 60)

Newspaper cuttings, 1964-1971 (File 61)

Extracts from periodicals, 1947-1971 (File 62)

Address by Mr Allan Fairhall on P.M.G. Estimates, 1951 (File 62)

"Television (Australia)". By Ernest Fisk, 1950 (File 62)

Talk by Mr Ray Allsop from National Stations, 13 Nov. 1953 (File 62)

Correspondence, 1952-1966 (File 63)

With Graham Ford, 1964-1965; Bank of N.S.W. 1966; John D. Armstrong and Associates Pty. Ltd. 1966; Mr H.L. White, 1952; Mr J.D. Jess, 1964; Mr Thomas Muldoon, 1954; re Continuation of F.M. Service, 1961.

12th Report of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Broadcasting, 1946 (File 63)

Submission to the Postmaster-General on the introduction of UHF-F.M. by Ray Allsop, 1966 (File 64)

Correspondence, 1961-1970 (File 64)

The Sydney Morning Herald, 1969; The Hon. C.W. Davidson, Post-master-General, 1961; The Australian Broadcasting Commission, 1970; The Parliamentary Library, Canberra, 1970; Mr Andrew Peacock, 1967; Amalgamated Wireless (Australasia) Limited 1970.

Extracts from Hansard, 6 Jun. 1968 and 15 Oct. 1970. "British Television". May 1949 (File 65)

B.B.C. Facts 7. 1969 (File 65)

"Íntroduction of F.M. Broadcasting", 1954 (File 65)

"F.M. Broadcasting in country areas", 1954 (File 65)

"Development of the Broadcasting Service - Use of F.M." (File 65)

"Frequency Modulation Broadcasting" (File 65)

T.V. Transmission Sites - London and U.S.A.; Suggestions as to the possible sites for Australian Transmitting Stations; Map of Canberra and the A.C.T. (File 66)

Folder containing Parliamentary decisions and statements about T.V., also Memoranda for Cabinet about T.V. (File 67)

Evidence presented by Ray Allsop, referring to F.M. transmission system for broadcasting, facsimile and radio relay links, 1945-46 (File 68)

"Distant Electric Vision". By J.D. McGee, 1938 (File 69)

Royal Commission on Television Broadcasting. Further Evidence on Technical Aspects, June 1953 (File 69)

A.B.C. Board. Address by Chairman to 39th Convention of the Federation of Australian Commercial Broadcasters at Surfers Paradise, 1969 (File 69)

B.B.C. Press Service. Director-General's speech to the Radio Industries Club, 1969 (File 69)

Standards for the Australian Television Service (File 70)

"A case for Television in Australia". By Ray Allsop. 1951. Notes on F.M. (File 70)

Tape recording by Ian Hill to A.B.C.B. Inquiry on F.M., 1971 (File 71)

A.B.C.B. Television Program Standards, 1956 (File 72)

A.B.C.B. Report and Recommendations to the Postmaster-General, 1955, 1958, 1959 (File 72)

Miscellaneous (File 73)

Broadcasting Records (File 74)

The case for Frequency Modulation Broadcasting in Australia, 1967 (File)

B T, September 3, 1970 (File)

London Calling, December 1, 1955. December 22, 1955 (File)

Woman's Day, January 17, 1972 (File)

World's Press News, June 20, 1946 (File)

"Air Wave Pollution" By Shirley Scheibla, 1970 (File)