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Marcel Aurousseau
Papers of Marcel Aurousseau
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Immediate Source of Acquisition

The first two consignments (21.4.1967 and 9.4.1980) of the Marcel Aurousseau papers were donated by Mr Aurousseau and were accessioned in 1981 at MS 1879. On the receipt of the third (and largest) consignment on 24 May 1985 from his widow, Mrs Cecily Aurousseau, for reasons of space a new number (MS 7070) was allocated to papers.


The consignments received in 1967 and 1980 are arranged in a single sequence of four series (Series 1 to Series 4). The consignment added in 1985 is arranged in a separate sequence of twenty series (Series 1 to Series 20).

Biographical Note

189119 April; born at Tara, Edgecliff Road, Woollahra, Sydney, N.S.W. Tara is on the N.W. corner of Rowe St.
1896c. Public school, Peakhurst
1898c. Do., Hurstville West
1901Private School (Mr Dunn) Petersham
1902Public School (Mr Middenway) Bexley
1903Trip to Tasmania
1904Six months at 'Westbridge', Ballina, Richmond River
1905Trip to North Island of New Zealand. To Sydney Boys' High School
1907Cadet, Australian Museum, Sydney (library, mineralogist)
1911To University of Sydney (Science)
1912Joined Royal and Linnean Societies of New South Wales
1914(March) B.Sc. (Hons. And University medal for Geology). Appointed Lecturer in Geology, University of Western Australia
1915Enlisted in the 1st A.I.F. Commissioned 2nd Lieut. To Egypt with the 6th/28th.
1916To France with the 51st Infantry Battalion. Wounded near Mouquet Farm. Awarded Military Cross.
1917Captain. To 4th Training Battalion, Codford, Wilts.
1918Wounded at Domart (S.E. of Amiens). Awarded French Croix de Guerre.
1918Divisional Education Officer - 1st Aust. Div. A.I.F.
1919Returned to Australia. Lecturer in Charge, Department of Geology, University of W. A.
1920To Geophysical Laboratory, Carnegie Institution of Washington.
1923To the American Geographical Society of New York.
1924Returned to Australia. Attended meeting of ANZAAS at Adelaide. Expedition to Barrington Tops, N.S.W.
1925Went to Europe.
1926Journey on foot from Paris to Madrid.
1927Finished conducting parental tour of Western Europe. Wrote first pat of Highway into Spain at Geneva.
1928Working on Highway into Spain. Prepared chapter on Artesian Water for Professor T.W.E. David's book The Geology of Australia.
1929Finished Highway into Spain at Chelsea
1930Highway into Spain published in London and accepted for publication in the U.S.
1931Reading and translating for publishers.
1932Translation of Rosenkrantz's El Greco and Cervantes published. Abdominal operation (University College Hospital)
1933To the Royal Geographical Society. Working on an index to the supplements to the Geographical Journals.
1936The Index published. Appointed Secretary of the Permanent Committee on Geographical Names (the P.C.G.N.)
1939Initiated a program of transliteration for the War Office and Admiralty.
1942P.C.G.N. Glossary of Modern Greek and Gazetteer of Greece published. Awarded the Cuthbert Peek Grant by the R.G.S. Married Cecily Mary Vance.
1944P.C.G.N. Gazetteer of Albania published..
1946New ed. Of the Gazetteer of Albania published. Awarded Research Medal of the Royal Scottish Geographical Society. Joined the R.G.S.
1947Joined the Hakluyt Society
1949Represented H.M. Government at the 3rd International Congress of Onomastic Sciences (Brussels).
1952Represented H.M.G. at the 4th International Congress of Onomastic Sciences (Uppsala)
1955Resigned from the F.C.G.N.
1956Prepared The Rendering of Geographical Names. Left England for Australia.
1957Appointed member of the Antarctic Names Committee of Australia. The Rendering of Geographical Names published.
1958Joined the Royal Australian Historical Society.
1959Attended Perth meeting of ANZAAS. Elected President, Geographical Society of N. S.W.
1960Re-elected Pres. Geog.Soc. N.S.W.
1961Attended Brisbane meeting of ANZAAS, to Heron Island.
1963Attended Canberra meeting of ANZAAS.
1965Had a heart attack.
1966Appointed to National Committee for Geography.
1968To New Caledonia and the New Hebrides. My translation of The Letters of F.W. Ludwig Leichhardt published by the Hakluyt Society in 3 vols.
1969Awarded the Victoria Medal of the Royal Geographical Society.
1972Honorary Fellow of the Australian Academy of the Humanities (F.A.H.A.)
1973Honorary D. Litt. (Newcastle, N.S.W.)
1975Facs. Ed. Of The Rendering of Geographical Names published in the U.S.A.

Item Descriptions

Class. Consignments received 1967 and 1980

Series 1. Nettie Palmer letters

23 letters from Nettie Palmer to Marcel Aurousseau (File 1-2) - Box 1

Series 2. General correspondence

Alphabetical correspondence (File 1-5) - Box 1
Jean and Sarah Aurousseau (File 6) - Box 1
Mitchell Library (File 7) - Box 2
Elsie Webster (File 7) - Box 2
Arthur Wheen (File 7) - Box 2
Prof. W. Benson (File 8) - Box 2
Prof. Launcelot Harrison (File 8) - Box 2
Geo-physical Laboratory (File 8) - Box 2
- Carnegie Institution of Washington (File 8) - Box 2
Manly Municipal Council (File 9) - Box 2
Alice Williamson (File 9) - Box 2
Capt. Brett Hilder (File 10) - Box 2
Ralph Middenway (File 10) - Box 2
Brigadier T.S. Louch (File 11) - Box 2
Dr. K.T. Pont (File 12) - Box 2
Ralph Middenway (File 12) - Box 2
Maurice F. Fry (File 13) - Box 2
Lucien Henry (File 14) - Box 3
Abbotsleigh School (File 14) - Box 3
Prof. P.D. Murray (File 15) - Box 3
Prof. T.W.E. David (File 15) - Box 3
American Geographical Society of N.Y. (File 15) - Box 3
Dr. Isiah Bowman (File 15) - Box 3
Capt. H.B. Bennett (File 15) - Box 3
Prof. Mark Jefferson (File 16) - Box 3
Prof. W.G. Woolnough (File 16) - Box 3
Ernest G. Hodge (File 16) - Box 3
Dr Gladys Wrigley (File 16) - Box 3
Dr N.L. Bowen (File 16) - Box 3
C. Anderson (File 17) - Box 3
Association of American Geographers (File 17) - Box 3
Frances G. Goodwin (File 17) - Box 3
Royal Geographical Society (File 18) - Box 3
War Service correspondence (File 19) - Box 3
Dr. A.I.G. McLaughlin (File 20) - Box 3
Capt. F. Wadge (File 21) - Box 3
Mdme J. Soubeiran (File 21) - Box 3
Dr H.S. Washington (File 21) - Box 3
University of W.A. (File 22) - Box 4
John Somerville (File 23) - Box 4
Dr J. Kirtland Wright (File 24) - Box 4
Frank Sargeson (File 24) - Box 4
Dr T. Liddon Parr (File 24) - Box 4
Correspondence with publishers re Highway into Spain and El Greco. (File 25) - Box 4
Photographs of testimonial to George Aurousseau (File 26) - Box 4
Photographic album including photographs of Sydney (File 26) - Box 4
Miscellaneous correspondence including George Aurousseau (File 27) - Box 4
Letters to George Aurousseau on the death of Lucien Henry (File 27) - Box 4
Correspondence relating to the history of geographical associations (File 27) - Box 4

Series 3. Military, legal, expenditures records - Box 4

Comprising various papers relating to military, legal and financial matters.

Series 4. Diaries and related papers

Diaries, 1939-45 (File) - Box 5
Diaries, 1956-77 (File) - Box 5
Certificates (File) - Folio-Box 5

Class. Consignment added 24 May 1985

Series 1. General correspondence - Box 6-14

The correspondence is arranged in an alphabetical sequence and has not been sorted within files. The correspondence dates from 1920 to 1984 and relates to Marcel Aurousseau's research and writings on geographical names, exploration research, landscape in art, literary and art criticism and book reviews. Some correspondence relating to his research on Leichhardt and Cook, and some family correspondence may also be included but the bulk of that correspondence is in separate series.

Some typescripts are also included.

Major correspondents are: Archives of N.S.W.; Australian Academy of the Humanities; Australian Dictionary of Biography; Beale, Edgar; Crone, G.R.; Fitzgerald, Brigadier L.; Freestone, Rob; Frost, Allan; Geelan, P.; Geography Bulletin; Geographical Magazine; Goodwin family; Hakluyt Society; Hoare, Michael; Hutchinson Publishing; Martin, G.J.; Meanjin; Mesnage, G.; Middenway R.; Melbourne University Press; McCullough, Max; McLaughlin, A.G.J.; National Library of Australia; O'Sullivan, John; Australian School of Pacific Administration; Raven, Yvonne; Royal Australian Historical Society; Royal Geographical Society of Australasia; Royal Society of N.S.W.; Rutherford, Frank; Ryan, Bruce; Webster, E.M.; White, Patrick.

Other correspondents include: Astor, Lady Nancy; Aurousseau, Shane and Sally; Aurousseau, Sylvain; Backhouse, D.; Beaglehole, A.; Bergmann, Walter; Bettenson, A.J.; Bowman, Isiaah; Branagan, D.F.; Christesen, C.B.; Clark C.H. Manning; Courtenay, Key; Davison, Frank Dalby; Fitzgerald, Lawrence; Fitzhardinge, L.F.; Fitzpatrick, Kathleen; Ford, Edgar; Fowler, Beatrice; Freestone, Rob; Garran, J.C.; Hancock, W.K.; Hasluck, Paul; Hasluck, Margaret; Inglis, Ken; Jones, Phyllis; Keneally, Tom; Kennedy, Priscilla; Kramer, Leonie; La Nauze, J.; Linnean Society of N.S.W.; Lubbock, Adelaide; Mather, R.B.; Morrison, R.H.; Overland (Journal): The Pacific Geography Society; Powell, Lawrence Clark; Richardson, Geoffrey; Roderick, Colin; Roe, Michael; Ross, A.D.; Scott Polar Research Institute; Serle, Geoffrey; Smith, Bernard; Smith, Vivian; Spate, O.K.H.; Stanger, Sophia; Strehlow, T.G.H.; Swan, R.A.; Taylor, Doris; Walker, Lennox; Walker, R.B.; Whitley, Gilbert P.; Wilcox, Arthur A.; Wild, Alan; Woolnough, Ilma; Wright, John Kirkland.

Series 2. Diaries of notebooks - Box 15

This series comprises diaries for the years 1978-1983. There are several notebooks containing research notes.

Series 3. Writings

This series contains typescripts of Marcel Aurousseau's writings including poetry, articles and book reviews. There is also a card index to his writings.

Card index to Aurousseau's writings (File) - Box 15-16
Marcel Aurousseau - autobiographical and miscellaneous writings and poems (File 1) - Box 15-16

-'I confer with Master Shakespeare concerning the split infinitive'

-'God meets a botanist'


'Solstice - Poems' (File 2) - Box 15-16
Poems and translations (File 3) - Box 15-16
'A meditation at eighty - on the theme - Armada' - 2 copies (File 4) - Box 15-16
Geographical writings (File 5) - Box 15-16

-'Durban: an outlet for distant reservoirs'

-'Minerva, 1923'

-'Sydney: a new interpretation'

-'Landscape in art: pictures as registers of change' - 2 copies

-'Le Havre: eight years after'


-'The Sorbonne as it is today'

-'Fourth International Meeting of Recorder Players'

Population and patterns of Settlement; 'A contrast in Chalklands' (File 6) - Box 15-16
Book review - Charleroi : Etude de geographie urbaine. By Jean Fichefet, 1935 'The Geography of Towns' by A.E. Smailes 1953 'The arrangement of the rural population in Picardy and Flanders' Geog. J. 51 (1981) 393-394 (File 6) - Box 15-16
Review of papers - 'The arrangement of rural population in Belgium' Geog. Rev. 11 (1921) 612-614 (File 6) - Box 15-16
'Urban Geography: a study of German towns' Geog. Rev. 11 (1921) 614-616 'The English village community' (File 6) - Box 15-16
Review of Harold Peake's The English village: the origin and decay of its community London 1922 Geog. Rev. 13 (1923) 495-49 (File 6) - Box 15-16
'A comprehensive treatise on the population problem' - review of A.M. Carr-Saunders. The population problem: a study in human evolution. Geog. Rev. 13 (1923) 496 (File 6) - Box 15-16
Review - Robert M. Brown's City growth and city advertising' Bibliogr. Geogr. 1923(1924)323 (File 6) - Box 15-16
The capital city, : a step in its interpretation' - review of V. Cornish the great capitals: an historical geography London 1922 Geogr. Rev. 14 (1924), 156-157 (File 6) - Box 15-16
'A new interpretation of economic evolution' - review of N.S.B. Gras An introduction to economic history London 1922 Geogr. Rev. 14 (1924) 161-163 (File 6) - Box 15-16
'London: a geographical synthesis' Geogr. Rev. 14 (1924) 310-312 (File 7) - Box 15-16
Overpopulation: the limitations of an idea' Geogr. Rev. 14(1924) 315-316 (File 7) - Box 15-16
'The plan and site of Tenochtitlan, review of W.L. Hare's 'The city of Mexico' in Garden cities and town planning. Vol.13, 1923 pp. 135.142 Geogr. Rev. 14 (1924) 491 (File 7) - Box 15-16
Review of several books on the subject of population problems Geogr. Rev. 81 (1933) 278 (File 7) - Box 15-16
'Typescript of 'Problems of Population: being the report of the Proceedings of the Second General Assembly of the International Union for the Scientific Investigation of Population Problems Royal Society of Arts, London, 1931 (File 7) - Box 15-16
Published - London, George Allen and Unwin, 1932 (File 7) - Box 15-16
Review in French of H.J. Fleure 'The life of Europe' in G. Manchester, XIX, 1934 No.3, p.203-211 Bibliogr. Geogr. Internat. 1934(1935) p.166'A contrast in Chalk-lands' Scottish Geogr.Mag.36 (1920)158-161 (File 8) - Box 15-16
The idea of a dictionary of Australian place names, 12. Jun. 1970 (File 8) - Box 15-16
'The position of Canberra', 30 Oct. 1978 (File 8) - Box 15-16
Notes (File 8) - Box 15-16

-'Notes on Geographical Associations formed in Australia'

-'Note on Pascal'

-'Isaiah Bowman' 26 Mar. 1974

-'Forgotten figures' 21 Mar. 1977

(Chinese in Sydney in the early 20th century) (File 8) - Box 15-16

-'Early house types' 29 Apr. 1976

-'Suburban quarries' 19 Sept. 197-

-'Sound and sense'

T/S of 'poems by Charles Harpur 1817-1868' (File 9) - Box 17
'Henry Clarence Kendall 1841-1882' (File 9) - Box 17
(N.B. Marcel Aurousseau researched and wrote on these Australian poets) (File 9) - Box 17
'Notes after war' - collection of writings which have appeared in various journals and newspapers (File 10-11) - Box 17
Notes and book reviews (File 12) - Box 17
Book reviews (File 13-16) - Box 17
Before man (File 13-16) - Box 17
Before history (File 13-16) - Box 17
Period of discovery (File 13-16) - Box 17
Nineteenth century (File 13-16) - Box 17
Our own times (File 13-16) - Box 17
Correspondence and notes concerning 'Our part of the world' (File 17) - Box 18
Our part of the world - collected comment - M. Aurousseau 1923-1976. (File 17) - Box 18
Writings of Marcel Aurousseau (File 18-20) - Box 18
Misc. typescripts of Articles, reviews with some press cuttings - (File 21) - Box 18
Press cuttings (File 21) - Box 18
Lt. James Cook's Kangaroo (File 21) - Box 18
Newcastle (File 21) - Box 18
French explorers in the Pacific (File 21) - Box 18
Progressive deforestation (File 21) - Box 18
Expedition to Barrington Tops 1925 (File 21) - Box 18
Spurway and ridgeway (File 21) - Box 18
South Sea or Pacific Ocean (File 21) - Box 18
The Royal Geographical Society of A/Asia (File 21) - Box 18

-The Aberdeenshire Company

-The Routes of the Explorers

The Russian visitors of 1820 (File 21) - Box 18
'Geographical papers' (File 22) - Box 18
Typescripts and press cuttings (File 22) - Box 18
'The distribution of inland basins' (File 22) - Box 18
'Sydney: a geographical interpretation' (File 22) - Box 18
'The influence of external, sources of attraction on the prismatic compass' (File 22) - Box 18
Geographical Society of N.S.W. with copies of articles and papers by A. Rousseau. (File 23) - Box 18
Spanish vessels in Sydney Cove 1793 -typescripts is attached at Appendix B. (File 24) - Box 18

Series 4. Cook material

A copy of his article Cook's voyages 1960 with letters and press cuttings. (File 1) - Box 19
Westminster Abbey Commemoration program 1979 of the 200th anniversary of Cooks death. (File 1) - Box 19
Cook brochures and pamphlets (File 2) - Box 19

Series 5. Leichhardt material

Material relating to his book The letters of F.W. Ludwig Leichhardt and his continuing interest in the explorer. (File 1) - Box 19
Leichhardt sources. (File 1) - Box 19
Correspondence with Brigadier L. Fitzgerald (File 2-3) - Box 19
Press cuttings (File 2-3) - Box 19
Letters and reviews, journals (File 2-3) - Box 19
Correspondence, 1981-1982 (File 2-3) - Box 19
Correspondents include Prof. Manning Clark, Elsie Webster and Nancy Gray (File 2-3) - Box 19
Press cuttings correspondence, reviews, literary agreement. (File 4-7) - Box 19

Series 6. Highway into Spain

Press cuttings book (in bad condition) of reviews of Highway into Spain including a copy of a review by Nettie Palmer. (File 1) - Box 20
Maps and photographs. (File 2) - Box 20

Series 7. Early exploration research

Correspondence and typescript relating to the explorer, Torres, including correspondence with J.C. Garran (File 1) - Box 20
Correspondence, press cuttings relating to the Geologist and Historian, G.A.V. Stanley. (File 1) - Box 20
Copies of 1830s and 1840s letters copied from the Royal Geographical Society Archives, relating to early names and exploration. (File 2) - Box 20

Series 8. Geographical Names

Geographical Names Board of N.S.W. (File 1) - Box 21
Press cuttings and correspondence including correspondence with Professor Sir Keith Hancock and letters to the Sydney Morning Herald. (File 2) - Box 21
Correspondence, cuttings, notes. (File 3-4) - Box 21
Antarctic Names Committee of Australia (File 5-7) - Box 21
United Nations Conference on the Standardisation of Geographical Names (2nd : 1972: London) (File 8) - Box 21

Series 9. Australian Academy of the Humanities

National Committee on Australian Place Names including correspondence, circulars. Includes papers by Ian Donaldson, L.T. Evans and A.G.L. Shaw. Correspondents include W.K. Hancock, Phyllis Jones and C.H. Manning Clark (File 1-3) - Box 22
Correspondence, minutes, council reports, 1972-1984 (File 4-8) - Box 22

Series 10. Spelling Action

Correspondence, newsletters etc. of the Spelling Action Society. (File 1-2) - Box 23

Series 11. Professor Griffith Taylor, 1880-1963 - Box 23

Press cuttings, reprints, correspondence relating to Professor Griffith Taylor.

Series 12. Music

Correspondence and programs - the Society of Record Players, The Recorder Society of N.S.W. A.M.E.B. syllabuses, typescripts, photographs, recorder publications, brochures. (File 1-3) - Box 23
Australian Directory of Music research entry, press cuttings. (File 1-3) - Box 23
Copies of the Sussex Recorder News. (File 1-3) - Box 23
(N.B. During his lifetime, scores and periodicals were donated to the Newcastle Branch of the State Conservatorium of Music. Books were donated to the University of Newcastle) (File 1-3) - Box 23

Series 13. 51st Battalion, A.I.F. Association

Circulars, correspondence, invitations etc. (File 1-3) - Box 24
Press cuttings to the history of the battalion, including correspondence with Reg Wood. (File 4) - Box 24

Series 14. Biographical

Curriculum vitae, press cuttings, journals, will, birth and marriage certificates, mother's birth certificate. (File) - Box 24
Family details (File) - Box 24
Copy of Australian geographer v. 15 no.1 May 1981 with article by Robert Freestone 'Marcel Aurousseau and the true tint of geography' (File) - Box 24
Photograph of Marcel Aurousseau, D. Litt. (File) - Folio-Box 24
University of Newcastle (N.S.W.) (File) - Folio-Box 24
Sydney Technical College certificates (File) - Folio-Box 24
R.G.S. Certificate (in blue box) (File) - Folio-Box 24

Series 15. Personal and financial records

Perpetual Trustee Co. Ltd. correspondence, statements, etc. (File 1-5) - Box 25-26
Accounts and receipts (File 6) - Box 25-26
Bank statements, correspondence (File 7-8) - Box 25-26
Medical (File 9-10) - Box 25-26
Repatriation, Dept. of Veteran Affairs (File 11) - Box 25-26
Pension (File 12) - Box 25-26
Income tax (File 13-15) - Box 25-26

Series 16. George Aurousseau

Letters from M. Aurousseau to his father, George Aurousseau, 1935-1937 (File 1-3) - Box 27
Miscellaneous letters Including M.A. to his father and mother 16 Jun. 1916; Lady Nancy Astor to George Aurousseau 11 Feb. 1933; M.A. to his brother Felix; Tom? To his uncle, George H. Aurousseau 21 May 1936; French and Belgian banknotes sent to George Aurousseau (1936) (File 4) - Box 27
Correspondence, photographs, press cuttings, biographical material relating to George Aurousseau. (File 5) - Box 27
Signed copy of 'Reminiscences of Old Manly 1868-1880' by George Aurousseau. (File 5) - Box 27
Biographical notes (File 6) - Box 27

Autobiography - draft by Marcel Aurousseau

Lucien Henry material (File 7) - Box 27
Perpetual Trustee Co. - Estate of George Aurousseau including a copy of the will of George Hippolyte Aurousseau. (File 8-9) - Box 27

Series 17. Family papers

Early family correspondence from, 1881 (File 1) - Box 28-29
Correspondence - Sally and Shane Aurousseau 1970s, 1980s. (File 2) - Box 28-29
Correspondence mainly from Sylvain Aurousseau 1953-1979 with press cuttings relating to the Royal Aero Club of N.S.W. (File 3-4) - Box 28-29
Yvonne Raven (File 5-9) - Box 28-29
Miscellaneous correspondence (File 10) - Box 28-29
Family history (File 11) - Box 28-29
Felix Aurousseau and the Peat and Milson Islands Hospital, Hawkesbury River (File 12-13) - Box 28-29
Press cuttings of letters by Mrs Cecily Aurousseau (File 14) - Box 28-29

Series 18. Publications

This series contains copies of Aurousseau's published works and P.C.G.N. glossaries.

Marcel Aurousseau Highway into Spain London, Peter Davies 1930 - one copy. (File) - Box 30
Marcel Aurousseau The rendering of geographical names, London: Hutchinson, 1957 (File) - Box 30
The same from U.S.A. Greenwood press 1975. (File) - Box 30
South Pacific v.10 no. 3 Jan-Feb. 1959 (File) - Box 30
M. Aurousseau 'Cook's voyages' in Geography bulletin. (File) - Box 30
Privately circulated October 1960. (File) - Box 30
Issued by the Geographical Society of N.S.W., late 1960. (File) - Box 30
Revised 1970 - several copies. (File) - Box 30
Permanent Committee on Geographical Names for British Official Use A gazatteer of Greece (File) - Box 30
Prepared for the Admiralty and War Office at the House of the Royal Geographical Society, Kensington, London, 1942 (File) - Box 30
Marcel Aurousseau Geographical names for international use. (File) - Box 30
Proceedings and transactions. (File) - Box 30
Congress of Onomastic Science, 1958. Vol. II. Reprint. (File) - Box 30
Copies of P.C.G.N. glossaries prepared for the War Office (File) - Box 31

Malay (A) in English Orthography; Malay (B) in Dutch orthography; Norwegian; Persian; Polish; Portuguese; Romanian; Russian; Serb and Croat; Spanish; Swedish; Thai; Turkish; Albanian 1st and 2nd eds.; Arabic 1947 ed); Bulgarian; Burmese; Chinese; Czech and Slovak; Danish (2 eds.); Dutch (2 eds.); Estonian; Finnish; French; German; Greek; Hungarian; Icelandic; Indo-Chinese (2 eds); Italian; Japanese; Latvian; Lithuanian; 1942/1943 glossaries; Modern Greek; Russian; Albanian; Serbo-Croat and Slovene; Romanian; Thai (Slamese); Turkish

Index to supplements to the Geographical journal, vols. 1-14, nos. 1-41, 1918-32. London: RGS, 1936 (File) - Box 31
Reprint from the Journal and Proceedings of the Royal Society of New South Wales VXCII pp. 104-114 (File) - Box 31
M. Aurousseau 'Surface temperatures of Australian seas : the older records from fixed stations. Sydney: Royal Society of New South Wales, 1959 (File) - Box 31
Reprint from Transactions Nov. 1975, Pub. No66 M. Aurousseau 'Letter to the Editor' in reply to Prof. E.L. Ullman's article on 'Space and/or time: opportunity for substitution and prediction'. (File) - Box 31

Series 19. Miscellaneous

Includes postcards, brochures, photocopies.

1930's press cuttings of letters to The Times on topics such as 'Landscape in art'; The Sorbonne by M.A.; 1970s press cuttings. (File) - Box 32
Incomplete copy of a paper 'On Australian literature 1788-1938' by C. Harley Gratton in Australian Quarterly, June 1938 (File) - Box 32
Our origins: from penal camp to Parliament. An exhibition bearing witness of Australian past 1788-1856 Mitchell and Dixon Galleries (File) - Box 32

Series 20. Tributes after Aurousseau's death

One File containing letters of condolence.Draft of obituary and photocopies. (File 1) - Box 32
Australian geographer v.16, no.1 which includes an obituary. (File 2) - Box 32

Series 21. Added, 2 September 1996

Manuscript poems, 'Solstice'Corinne Collins, 2 December 1985 (File 1) - Box 32