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Bicentenary Publications Project (Australia)
Parliamentarians' questionnaires
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MS 8806
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Item Descriptions

Questionnaires (File 1)

Adermann, Albert Evan (Item)

Aldred, Kenneth James (Item)

Anderson, Kenneth McColl (Item)

Armitage, John Lindsay (Item)

Bandidt, Henry Norman Charles (Item)

Barwick, Sir Garfield Evan John (Item)

Baume, Peter Erne (Item)

Beazley, Kim Christian (Item)

Berinson, Joseph Max (Item)

Bjelke-Petersen, Florence (Item)

Bolkus, Nick (Item)

Bowen, Nigel Hubert (Item)

Braithwaite, Raymond Allen (Item)

Breen, Marie Freda (Item)

Bryant, Gordon Munro (Item)

Bunton, Cleaver Ernest (Item)

Button, John Norman (Item)

Cameron, Clyde Robert (Item)

Cameron, Ian Milne Dixon (Item)

Questionnaires (File 2)

Carlton, James Joseph (Item)

Carrick, John Leslie (Item)

Cash, Earl Douglas (Item)

Cavanagh, James Luke (Item)

Child, Joan (Item)

Childs, Bruce Kenneth (Item)

Chipp, Donald Leslie (Item)

Chynoweth, Robert Leslie (Item)

Clark, Joseph James (Item)

Clayton, Gareth (Item)

Cleaver, Richard (Item)

Colston, Malcolm Arthur (Item)

Cooke, Nelson Marshall (Item)

Cope, James Francis (Item)

Cotter, John Francis (Mick) (Item)

Coutts, Wilfred Charles (Item)

Cowan, David Bruce (Item)

Cramer, John Oscar (Item)

Dean, Arthur Gordon (Item)

Doyle, Francis Edward (Item)

Drury, Arnold Joseph (Item)

Drury, Edward Nigel (Item)

Einfeld, Sydney David (Item)

Evans, John Gordon (Item)

Everingham, Douglas Nixon (Item)

Falkinder, Charles William Jackson (Item)

Fry, Kenneth Lionel (Item)

Questionnaires (File 3)

Fuller, Arthur Neiberding (Item)

Gayler, John (Item)

Giles, Geoffrey O'Halloran (Item)

Gilbert, William Arthur Duthie (Item)

Gillard, Reginald (Item)

Gilmore, Thomas Vernon (Item)

Gorton, John Grey (Item)

Grassby, Albert Jaime (Item)

Griffiths, Alan Gordon (Item)

Grimes, Donald James (Item)

Guilfoyle, Margaret Georgina Constance (Item)

Gullett, Henry Baynton Somer (Item)

Haines, Janine (Item)

Hannah, George Conrad (Item)

Hasluck, Paul Meernaa Caedwalla (Item)

Haworth, Sir William Crawford (Item)

Hicks, Jeffrey Noel (Item)

Holten, Rendle McMeilage (Item)

Howson, Peter (Item)

Humphreys, Benjamin Charles (Item)

Hurford, Christopher John (Item)

Hyde, John Martin (Item)

Jarman, Alan William (Item)

Jenkins, Henry Alfred (Item)

Jull, David Francis (Item)

Kelly, Charles Robert (Item)

Kent, Lewis (Item)

Questionnaires (File 4)

Kerin, John Charles (Item)

Kilgariff, Bernard Francis (Item)

King, Robert Shannon (Item)

Lawrence, William Robert (Item)

Luchetti, Anthony Sylvester (Item)

Lucock, Philip Ernest (Item)

Lusher, Stephen Augustus (Item)

Macklin, Michael John (Item)

McClelland, Douglas (Item)

McGuren, Francis William (Item)

McIntosh, Gordon Douglas (Item)

Mackay, Malcolm George (Item)

Mackenzie, Alexander John (Item)

Mackinnon, Ewer Daniel (Item)

McMahon, William (Item)

McManus, Francis Patrick (Item)

McNeill, Neil (Item)

Maguire, Graham Ross (Item)

Marriott, John Edward (Item)

Milton, Peter (Item)

Missen, Alan Joseph (Item)

Monaghan, James Edward (Item)

Morris, Allan Agapitos (Item)

Negus, Sydney Ambrose (Item)

O'Brien, Reginald Charles (Item)

Poke, Albert George (Item)

Porter, James Robert (Item)

Primmer, Cyril Graham (Item)

Questionnaires (File 5)

Puplick, Christopher John Guelph (Item)

Reid, Leonard Stanley (Item)

Robertson, Edward Albert (Item)

Rocher, Allan Charles (Item)

Ruddock, Philip Maxwell (Item)

Staples, Peter Richard (Item)

St John, Edward Henry (Item)

Scholes, Gordon Glen Denton (Item)

Shack, Peter Donald (Item)

Simmons, David William (Item)

Simon, Barry Douglas (Item)

Snedden, Billy Mackie (Item)

Snow, James Henry (Item)

Street, Anthony Austin (Item)

Tangney, Dame Dorothy (Item)

Thomas, Andrew Murray (Item)

Tuckey, Charles Wilson (Item)

Turnbull, Reginald John David (Item)

Watson, John Odin Wentworth (Item)

Webb, Charles Harry (Item)

Wells, Deane McMillan (Item)

Whan, Robert Bruce (Item)

White, Peter Nicholson Duckett (Item)

Whitlam, Edward Gough (Item)

Whittorn, Raymond Harold (Item)

Yates, William (Item)

Papers relating to the project (File 6)

Flyers - 'The People's Palace: parliament in modern Australia' by David Solomon (Item)

Brochure - 'The Parliament's Bicentenary Publications Project: an introduction' - 19 June 1981 (Item)

Blank questionnaires - Parliamentary Bicentenary Publications Project - Biographical Information (Item)

Parliament's Bicentenary Publications Project - Progress Report - 1984 (Item)