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Jimmy Sharman
Papers relating to Jimmy Sharman and Jimmy Sharman's Boxing Troupe
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c. 1910-2008
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MS Acc10.107
4.95 metres (12 ms boxes + 4 folio boxes + 3 elephant folios)
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Item Descriptions

Series. Photographs

Red plastic wallet entitled 'Personal tax receipts' containing photos, including family, military and boxing situations. Several photographs depict a funeral, probably of Charles Perry. Includes an envelope containing a list of details of fights in 1939., c.1939 (File 1) - Box 2

Photographs of boxers include Rex Gilbert, the Maltese Marvel [Louis Kabassy?] and Billy Grime.

Green plastic wallet containing Jimmy Sharman's Troupe envelopes and photographs of boxing identities, some signed., 1920s-1950s? (File 2) - Box 2

Photographs of boxers include Jacky Green, Billy Grime, Ralph Clay, Micky Miller, 'Tiger', Dave Smith, Tommy Uren, Bill Butler, Frank Burns, George Cook, Paddy Boxall, Harry Collins, Jack Johnson (USA) and Jimmy Carter (USA).

Loose photographs now in a plastic bag, including family. Several depict JM Sharman as a child and adult. Includes a portrait of Mrs JM (Violet 'Pud') Sharman (File 3) - Box 2

Originally in tub numbered Box 1 when received at NLA.

Photographs, in an envelope marked 'Sharman family unknown', Early 1900s? (File 4) - Box 2

Originally in tub numbered Box 1 when received at NLA. Some of these photographs were originally in frames and have been deframed by the Library

Include photographs of the three Jim Sharmans, JM Sharman with a very young JD Sharman, Mrs JM (Violet 'Pud') Sharman and other female family members, a sketch by Harry O'Reilly of one of the older Jim Sharmans, 1940s? (File 5) - Box 2

Mounted oval portrait of Mrs JM (Violet 'Pud') Sharman (File 6) - Box 2

Family photographs, largely uncaptioned, including a number of JM Sharman and one of JD Sharman, 1940, c.2003 (File 3) - Box 3

Includes a news cutting 'Death of Mr James Sharman', 1940.

Plastic wallet containing sporting photographs of JM Sharman, largely with the Western Suburbs Rugby League team and several copies of one of Sharman with St Joseph College football coach, Brother Henry (File 1) - Box 10

Includes a primary school class photograph of JD Sharman (1956).

Includes: photograph and news cutting of 'old showmen'; boxing photographss, posters and news cuttings; and an invitation to an exhibition opening of Michael Nagy paintings, featuring an image of the Jimmy Sherman Boxing Troupe, 1934-2002 (File 4) - Box 13

The boxing photographs include images of JM Sharman and his father, NZ rugby player George Nepier, Rud Jimmy, Jimmy Carruthers, Dave Sawer(?) and Irish O'Grady.

Envelope of dodgem car photographs, 1980s(?) (File 1) - Box 16

Photographs, largely of the Jimmy Sharman Boxing Troupe but including photos of the Molloy family (c.1924), c.1920s-1950s? (File 3) - Box 16

Includes a photograph of boxer Jimmy Young.

Molloy and Sherman family photos and copies of Boxing Troupe photographs (File 4) - Box 16

Childhood portrait of JM Sharman (File 1) - Folio-Box 1

Photographs mounted on card of JM Sharman in sporting teams, school class photo and one on a horse. Includes a copy of cartoons entitled 'Know your cricket terms', c.1928-1934 (File 4) - Folio-Box 1

Signed photo of boxers with Jimmy Sharman (File 5) - Folio-Box 1

Photographs and photocopies of the Jimmy Sharman Boxing Troupe, 1920s-1960s (File 6) - Folio-Box 1

Album of JM Sharman's life, including press cuttings, 1980s(?)-2004 (File 1) - Folio-Box 4

Family photograph album, c.1945-2000 (File 2) - Folio-Box 4

Album containing photographs of family, travels, the Jimmy Sharman Boxing Troupe and show personalities, including boxers, c.1920s-2000s (File 1) - Folio-Box 5

Framed photograph of JM Sharman playing bowls on the 'Jimmy Sharman Green' (File 2) - Folio-Box 5

Miscellaneous photographs and prints of the Jimmy Sharman Boxing Troupe and of boxers, some signed, c.1930s-1950s(?) (File 1) - Folio-Box 17

Photographs of boxers include Jack Hassen, Archie Kemp, Les Darcy, Micky Miller, 'Champions of the past' (captioned), Dave Sands, Carl Olson, Mickey Hill, Taffy Hancock, Rocky Marciano and 'Bronco' Don Johnson.

Framed photograph of JM Sharman with two unnamed boxers (File 2) - Folio-Box 17

Photographs of boxers and the Jimmy Sharman Boxing Troupe, c.1930s-1950s(?) (File 3) - Folio-Box 17

Photographs of boxers include Samoans Rex Talo, Tom Saga and Sam Moto, Max Baer and Jack Dempsey.

Framed photograph of the Jimmy Sharman truck (File 4) - Folio-Box 17

Large photograph of the St Josephs College football team, 1932 (File) - Folio 19

Series. Miscellaneous

Clear plastic envelope containing a hand-written autobiographal note of JM Sharman, a 1985 passport of JM Sharman, handwritten notes relating to show life and typescript, handwritten and printed poems, yarns, cartoons and jokes, c.1985 (File 1) - Box 3

Aboriginal flag (File 5) - Box 8

Plastic wallet containing certificates awarded to JM Sharman and his father, for donations and for horseriding at the Royal Easter Show (1927). Includes a poem written on the occasion that a bowling green was named in honour of JM Sharman (1998), 1920-1998 (File 2) - Box 10

A photograph of JM Sharman and his father at the grave of Jack Darcy was behind the certificate.

Framed certificate awarding Honorary Membership of the Victorian Showmen's Guild to Jimmy Sharman (File 4) - Box 11

Red plastic wallet containing: poems by Ray Couglan and Bobby Barter; papers from a Western Suburbs Rugby League Past Players Assoc. reunion (2002); oral history transcripts of an interview of JM Sharman by Dr Richard Broome (2004); and biographical information about JM Sharman, c.1998-2005 (File 2) - Box 16

Miscellaneous boxing papers - Includes: news cuttings; an envelope containing a handwritten account of 'Obstacles, disappointments, illness, court cases and worries that had to be overcome … since starting in the touring boxing show business'; boxing and wrestling publications; photographs (including one of Sharman as a footballer); and a short typescript article about the Troupe, c.1926-1981 (File 5) - Box 18

Personal papers of JM Sharman - Wartime health certificate of unfitness (1942) and a gold club program (1959), 1942, 1959 (File 6) - Box 18

Riding Crop - Prize for 'Boy Rider, Sydney Show 1926', 1926 (File 7) - Folio-Box 1

St Joseph's College cap marked 'Champions 1932', 1932 (File 4) - Folio-Box 5

Series. Publications

March/April 2008 issue of Blue Mountains Gazette Review, 2008 (File 2) - Box 3

St Joseph's College Magazine, 1931-1932 (File 1) - Box 6

St Patrick's College, Goulburn, Annual Review, 1928-1929 (File 2) - Box 6

St Joseph's College Magazine, 1982 (File 3) - Box 6

Two cookery books and a notebook containing handwritten and printed recipes, 1938, 1954 (File 4) - Box 6

A century of striving: St Joseph's College, Hunter's Hill, 1881-1981, 1981 (File 1) - Box 7

Inscribed by the author and containing a card autographed by students(?) including Jimmy Sharman.

Volumes of bush ballads, poetry, Aboriginal place names and a biography of Alick Jackomos, 1933-2006 (File 2) - Box 7

Sunday Mass book, 1971 (File 4) - Box 8

The grand parade: history of the Royal Agricultural Soc of NSW by Brian Fletcher; Narrandera Shire by Bill Gammage (1986); and The showies by Bob Morgan (1995), c.1986-1995 (File 1) - Box 12

Magazines, largely containing articles about or by JM Sharman, 1941-1942, 1966-1968 (File 3) - Folio-Box 5

Series. News cuttings

Cuttings book - Jim Sharman Jnr's column in The Sporting Globe, 1954-1956 (File 2) - Folio-Box 1

Cigar box containing cuttings relating to Jimmy Sharman's career as a boxer, c.1910-1940 (File 3) - Box 10

Chocolate box containing cuttings, a photograph, letters to JM Sharman on the death of his father and a eulogy for Eddie Williams, c.1965-1990 (File 5) - Box 16

Small notebook containing news cuttings about the Sharmans, particularly JM Sharman's early sporting activities; and an issue of The outdoor showman (1987) including content about the Sharman Boxing Troupe, c.1930-1987 (File 6) - Box 16

Leather photograph folder containing news cuttings about the Sharman Boxing Troupe and boxers. Includes The Darcy story, a published account of Les Darcy's life and boxing career, and an issue of The Australian Boxing Ring (1933), c.1933-1981 (File 1) - Box 18

Envelope of news cuttings marked 'J, c.1981 (File 2) - Box 18

Includes: a photograph; cuttings; a draft copy of 'Who'll take a glove (from the Jimmy Sharman tapes)'; and a transcript of an interview of Jimmy sharman with Richard Broome, Alick Jackomos and Clive Coram(?) at Melbourne Showground (1995), c.1982-1995 (File 3) - Box 18

Series. Stationery

Empty envelopes with 'Jimmy Sharman Famous Troupe' logo, c.1970, 2005 (File 3) - Box 11

Envelopes and a letterhead writing pad with the Jimmy Sharman logo (File 2) - Box 12

Series. Rugby League papers

Football reunion memorabilia - Envelope containing prints of photographs and a publication from a Western Suburbs Rugby League Past Players Association reunion, 2002 (File 3) - Folio-Box 1

Poster entitled 'Magpie legends' including Jimmy Sharman (File) - Folio 15

News cuttings and a letter relating to JM Sharman's career as a player with the Western Suburbs Club, 1934-1937 (File 4) - Box 18

Series. Printing blocks

Metal chocolate box containing boxing images and text 'Jimmy Sharman's Famous Troupe' engraved in metal and mounted on wooden blocks (File 4) - Box 3

Edinburgh Festival Tattoo tin box containing a block of a boxing troupe scene (File 1) - Box 13

Series. Telephone directory

Plastic flip-style telephone number list (File 5) - Box 3

Plastic flip-style telephone number list (File 2) - Box 11

Series. Visitors books and journals

Birthday Visitors Book - Notebook inside zip-up cover of Asian design containing birthday cards, handwritten messages, letters and photographs, celebrating JM Sharman's 93rd birthday, 2005 (File 1) - Box 8

Plastic wallet containing notebooks in which notes were written by people visiting JM Sharman in hospital after he suffered a stroke, 2005 (File 2) - Box 8

Letterbook of Jimmy Sharman's Famous Athletic Troupe letterhead, containing no correspondence, 1935 (File 3) - Box 8

Two notebooks documenting shows, boxers, publicity, audiences etc, 1953-1957, 1964-1971 (File 1) - Box 9

Series. Financial records

Three notebooks documenting income and expenses for the Boxing Troupe, 1968-1988 (File 2) - Box 9

Notebook documenting income and expenses for boxing matches and containing written agreements between boxers and Jimmy Sharman, 1912-1921 (File 3) - Box 9

Series. Realia

Two-up pennies, a cut throat razor, badges inside a plastic container and two pairs of glasses (File 1) - Box 11

Series. Audio and Video

Eight audio tapes, largely containing interviews of Jimmy Sharman. One is marked 'Patrick White', c.1992-1995 (File 2) - Box 13

Videorecording of a Jimmy Sharman Tribute, 'Pratten Park Magpies', May 2003 (File 3) - Box 13

Series. Posters

Adverting poster - Hand-drawn/-written poster: 'Who'll have a glove?...' (File 8) - Folio-Box 1

Boxing Troupe posters - One hand-written and three printed advertising posters (File) - Folio 14

Boxing Troup poster - Larger-sized version of printed advertising poster in Elephant Folio 1 (File) - Folio 15