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Stretton, Hugh, AC, Professor
Papers of Hugh Stretton
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MS Acc09.193, MS Acc16.053, MS Acc19.001
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Scope and Contents

The MS Acc09.193 consignment comprises typescripts of articles, seminars and conference papers, addresses and other writings; correspondence with colleagues and friends (often with copies of their papers) and with some institutions (mainly trusts); biographical material (mainly in relation to academic positions and publications); copies of references prepared for colleagues and (former) students; some student and early teaching notes; and a small quantity of material relating to Stretton's long association with the South Australian Housing Trust.

The series of Stretton's writings from 1946 is comprehensive, but apart from these and some early student essays and teaching notes the papers mostly relate to the later years of Stretton's career and public life.

Correspondents include Bettina Cass, H.C. Coombs, David Donnison, Sol Encel, James Friguglietti, Israel Getzler, Barry Hill, Ken Inglis, Derry Jeffares, John Langmore, Lionel Orchard, Allan Patience, Mark Peel, Martin Rein, Paul Streeton, Ivan Szelenyi, Don Watson and Michael Young.

The MS Acc16.053 consignment comprises a letter of Peter Munz from 1972, a reprint of Munz's essay 'History and theory: Studies in the Philosophy of History' (1971), along with letters of Richard Kennedy from 1997-1998 and a reprint of Kennedy's book "Australian Welfare History: Critical Essays" (1982).

The MS Acc19.001 consignment comprises correspondence to Pat Stretton concerning her husband Hugh, along with poetry, autobiographical writings and postcards from philosopher Jack Smart and Inga Clendinnen.

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Copying and publishing of unpublished manuscript material is subject to copyright restrictions. For such material, written permission to publish must be obtained from the copyright holder(s). Copying of unpublished material for research purposes is permissible 50 years after the death of the creator of the material.

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Items from this collection should be cited as '[Title or description of manuscript item], Papers of Hugh Stretton, National Library of Australia, [class/series/file number]'.

Immediate Source of Acquisition

The collection was donated to the National Library by Hugh Stretton in December 2009.


Stretton's articles and correspondence were well ordered and have been preserved, in their entirety, in the arrangements in which they were found. Other papers selected have been grouped into additional series.

Biographical Note

Born Melbourne 15 July 1924, educated at Beaumaris State School, Mentone Grammar and Scotch College; studied law and classics at the University of Melbourne (interupted by military service) history at Oxford University (M.A. 1948) and political science at Princeton (as a visiting fellow). Appointed a Fellow at Balliol College, Oxford, 1948, taught at Oxford 1948-54. Appointed to the University of Adelaide as Professor of History; Visiting Research Fellow in Economics; Deputy Chairman of the South Australian Housing Trust (invited to the Board on the basis of his Ideas for Australian Cities).

MA (Oxford), HonDLitt (ANU, La Trobe). HonLLD (Monash), HonDUniv (Adelaide, Flinders), Fellow of the Academy of the Humanities [Academies of the Humanities and Social Sciences in Australia].

Stretton's book publications include The Political Sciences: general principles of selection in social science and history (1969), Ideas for Australian cities (1970 and later editions), Capitalism, Socialism and the Environment (1976), Urban Planning in rich and poor countries (1978), Political essays (1987), Public goods, public enterprise, public choice (1994), Economics: a new introduction (1999) and Australia Fair (2005) as well as the 1974 Boyer Lectures, Housing and Government, and many articles published in collections and journals over some 60 years. There is a list of Stretton's publications to 1989 in Markets, morals and public policy, ed. Lionel Orchard and Robert Dare, Sydney, Federation Press, 1989.

Item Descriptions

Class MS Acc09.193. Consignment received 2009

This consignment comprises typescripts of articles, seminars and conference papers, addresses and other writings; correspondence with colleagues and friends (often with copies of their papers) and with some institutions (mainly trusts); biographical material (mainly in relation to academic positions and publications); copies of references prepared for colleagues and (former) students; some student and early teaching notes; and a small quantity of material relating to Stretton's long association with the South Australian Housing Trust. The series of Stretton's writings from 1946 is comprehensive, but apart from these and some early student essays and teaching notes the papers mostly relate to the later years of Stretton's career and public life. Correspondents include Bettina Cass, H.C. Coombs, David Donnison, Sol Encel, James Friguglietti, Israel Getzler, Barry Hill, Ken Inglis, Derry Jeffares, John Langmore, Lionel Orchard, Allan Patience, Mark Peel, Martin Rein, Paul Streeton, Ivan Szelenyi, Don Watson and Michael Young (20 boxes, 1 medium folio box).

Series 1. Correspondence (individuals), c1978-2009

Principally regarding papers and research by Stretton and his correspondents, reference requests and support for grant applications. Only a few files include material earlier than the 1990s. Arranged alphabetically: a list of the correspondents and date range of the correspondence, with a note on content, is appended as a Special List.

'Sundry correspondents', 1977-94 (File) - Box 1 (MS Acc09.193)

Mainly single letters, arranged chronologically; correspondents include Stephen Murray-Smith (1980), Michael Young (1977), Tom Uren (1980); also a copy of a letter from Stretton to [Jonathan] Haslam re Ted [E.H.] Carr (1994)

Adams, Phillip, 1999. Information on Economics, a new course of study and biographical notes on Stretton (Item) - Box 1 (MS Acc09.193)
Adelman, Irma, University of California, Berkeley, 1998-9. Re Stretton's paper for July 2000 issue of World Development (Item) - Box 1 (MS Acc09.193)
Ahluwalia, Pal (Director, Centre for Post-Colonial Studies, Hawke Research Centre), 2007. Nomination of Ahluwalia for fellowship of the Academy of the Social Sciences (Item) - Box 1 (MS Acc09.193)
Aitkin, Don, 2002. Letter on theme of 'abundance', prompted by John Button's essay (Item) - Box 1 (MS Acc09.193)
Akiu. News article 28 April 2001 re his war service with Australian troops in East Timor in 1942 (Item) - Box 1 (MS Acc09.193)
Allen and Unwin, 1999. Request for review of Glesson and Low's Australian Urban Planning (Item) - Box 1 (MS Acc09.193)
Apps, Patricia, University of Sydney, 1978 and 1992. Apps' paper on The political economy of public finance, and comments on 'households' section of Stretton's ms (Item) - Box 1 (MS Acc09.193)
Arms, Jane (literary agent), 2003. Works suggested for possible publication 2001, 2003 (Item) - Box 1 (MS Acc09.193)
Astle, David, 2001. Email enquiry regarding material relevant to his publications (Item) - Box 1 (MS Acc09.193)
Atkinson, Mick (State member for Spence), 1999. Circular letter re Barton Road closure (Item) - Box 1 (MS Acc09.193)
Australia Institute. Information on the Institute, list o publications, undated [after 2000] (Item) - Box 1 (MS Acc09.193)
Bacchi, Carol, 1999-2000. Nomination as a fellow of the Australian Academy of Social sciences, with cv and list of publications (Item) - Box 1 (MS Acc09.193)
Balogh, Thomas. Correspondence 1998-9 with June Morris, Institute of Contemporary British History, on The Balogh project, and related papers (Item) - Box 1 (MS Acc09.193)
Bamford, Greg, University of Queensland, 2005. Personal news, paper on housing in Copenhagen and Stockholm, and issue of Architecture Australia Jan-Feb. 2009 with article by Bamford (Item) - Box 1 (MS Acc09.193)
Bannon, John, 10 February 2007. Personal letter of thanks (Item) - Box 1 (MS Acc09.193)
Barrington, Rodney (SA Housing Trust), 2001-2. Submission for Hugh Stretton Award 2001 (Item) - Box 1 (MS Acc09.193)
Beilharz, Peter, La Trobe University, 1992-2003. Correspondence and papers regarding projects and publications and Beilharz's views on Stretton's contribution to social/economic ideas (Item) - Box 1 (MS Acc09.193)
Belchamber, Grant, ACTU, 1990. Criticism of Stretton's lecture at Leeds Polytechnic 3 May 1990 on 'How research came to dominate higher education' (Item) - Box 1 (MS Acc09.193)
Blaas, Wolfgang, Technical University, Vienna, 2002-3. Proposed German version of Stretton's textbook (Item) - Box 1 (MS Acc09.193)
Black, Michael, 15 November 2003. Personal letter (Item) - Box 1 (MS Acc09.193)
[Blackett, Simon, commissioning editor for Palgrave Macmillan - see Fulbrook file] (Item) - Box 1 (MS Acc09.193)
Blainey, Geoffrey. Letter 1986 and articles by and about Blainey 2000 (Item) - Box 1 (MS Acc09.193)
Blaugh, Mark, 1999. On Stretton's Economics (Item) - Box 1 (MS Acc09.193)
Blewett, Neal. Request from Dept. of Foreign Affairs and Trade 1994 for reference for security clearance for Blewett (Item) - Box 1 (MS Acc09.193)
Boehm, Stephan, 2005. Teaching of undergraduate economics (Item) - Box 1 (MS Acc09.193)
Bowman, David, 18 October 1997. Single letter on political situation (Item) - Box 1 (MS Acc09.193)
Bradley, Denise, 1989. Correspondence regarding merger of SACAE and the University of Adelaide (Item) - Box 1 (MS Acc09.193)
Bray, John. Circular statement 'An account of the events immediately preceding my appointment as Chief Justice of South Australia' 27 January 1980 (first written 15 March 1967) (Item) - Box 1 (MS Acc09.193)
Brennan, Geoffrey and Nicole Mitchell, 2000. Paper on the 1998 Queensland election and covering letter (Item) - Box 1 (MS Acc09.193)
Bricknell, Ray and John McRobert, 2006-8. Correspondence and papers on taxation (Item) - Box 1 (MS Acc09.193)
Brown, Peter, 20 March 2000. Copy of Brown's letter to Alan Greenspan on gold and inflation (Item) - Box 1 (MS Acc09.193)
Burns, Peter, 1999. Ceramics research resume (Item) - Box 1 (MS Acc09.193)
Burnside, Julian, 2003. On Burnside's Don Dunstan Human Rights Oration on immigration (Item) - Box 1 (MS Acc09.193)
Burry, Neil, 2002-8. On Burry's mss of proposed publications on obesity etc., with extensive notes by Stretton and a review by Neville Hicks (Item) - Box 1 (MS Acc09.193)
Button, John, Oct-Nov. 1991. Stretton to Button regarding Graduate School of Management and MFP submission (Item) - Box 1 (MS Acc09.193)
John Calvert, 2004. Conference article re Douglas Pike and covering letter (Item) - Box 2 (MS Acc09.193)
Cardwell, Phillippa, 2003. Email correspondence and paper re her thesis on Money, Work and Mothers (Item) - Box 2 (MS Acc09.193)
Carmichael, Haydn, 1999. Reply of Stretton regarding sources on social justice (Item) - Box 2 (MS Acc09.193)
[Bob Carr. Article on Carr in Australian Magazine, September 2000] (Item) - Box 2 (MS Acc09.193)
Cass, Bettina, Nov. 1980 and Dec.2001. Re her paper on 'Family economy' (with copies of papers 1977-8) and request for her comments on Stretton's book on economic strategy (Item) - Box 2 (MS Acc09.193)
Castles, Ian, Academy of Social Sciences, 1999. Papers for 1999 Academy Symposium (Item) - Box 2 (MS Acc09.193)
Chapman, Paul, undated. Comments on his thesis examiners' reports (Item) - Box 2 (MS Acc09.193)
[Clark, Manning] Contribution by Stretton to proposed publication 'Manning Clark, by his students', 1999 (Item) - Box 2 (MS Acc09.193)
Clendinnen, Inga, 1999-2000. Exchange of letters re the writing of autobiography (Item) - Box 2 (MS Acc09.193)
Clewett, Todd, 2004. Work on city planning (Item) - Box 2 (MS Acc09.193)
Collins, Paul, 2006. Re his book Burn on bushfires and Stretton's father Leonard Stretton (Item) - Box 2 (MS Acc09.193)
[Coombs, H.C.] 1996-9 and undated. Paper supporting Coombs nomination for the Nobel Prize (1996) and Times magazine article on Coombs Oct. 1999; Stretton's comments on a new last chapter for 'A Light on the hill' (Item) - Box 2 (MS Acc09.193)
Crocker, Walter, 1992-2001, 2007. General personal letters on politics, economics, society, books etc (Item) - Box 2 (MS Acc09.193)
Crowley, Frank. Personal letter 23 March 2007 (Item) - Box 2 (MS Acc09.193)
Crozier, Michael. Request to interview Stretton for a political science project 9 October 2000 (Item) - Box 2 (MS Acc09.193)
Cully, Mark. Request for reference 2002, with copy of application (Item) - Box 2 (MS Acc09.193)
Darijani, Ali (University of Tehran), 2003. Re acceptance as a Visiting Scholar (Item) - Box 2 (MS Acc09.193)
Davidson, Kenneth. Age article on 1995, Stretton's notes [of telephone discussion?] 2000 (Item) - Box 2 (MS Acc09.193)
Davies, Geoff, June-July 2001. Re his ms Living in Gaia (Item) - Box 2 (MS Acc09.193)
Davis, Mark, 2002-3, 2008. Support for his Churchill Fellowship application (Item) - Box 2 (MS Acc09.193)
Davison, Graeme, 2007. Nomination of Mark Peel for fellowship of the Academy of Social Sciences (Item) - Box 2 (MS Acc09.193)
Dawkins, Jeremy, 1997. Re sources on Oliver MacDonagh (Item) - Box 2 (MS Acc09.193)
Derham, Bill. Personal letter 22 April 1997 (Item) - Box 2 (MS Acc09.193)
Dickson, Bob, 2001, 2007. Personal and re his writings (Item) - Box 2 (MS Acc09.193)
Disney, Julian (Don Dunstan Foundation), June 2006. Forum on Affordable Housing (Item) - Box 2 (MS Acc09.193)
Donnison, David, University of Glasgow, 1997-2007. Re research and writings, copy of paper 'The academic contribution to social reform' 1999 (Item) - Box 2 (MS Acc09.193)
Dow, Geoff, University of Queensland, 1993-2001, 2006. Re his Ph.D thesis and promotion applications (Item) - Box 2 (MS Acc09.193)
Duguid, Andrew M, 11 June 2001. Sending pamphlet written by his grandmother in 1944 (Item) - Box 2 (MS Acc09.193)
Duncan, Graeme, 2002-7. Personal postcards, letter of support by Stretton for his appointment as Dep. Vice-Chancellor (undated) (Item) - Box 2 (MS Acc09.193)
Duncan, Walter, 2003-5. Articles and notes re Duncan and statement of the Walter and Dorothy Duncan Trust (Item) - Box 2 (MS Acc09.193)
Edgeoloe, Michael, 2002-5. Publication of reminiscences and selection of essays of Vic Edgeloe (Item) - Box 2 (MS Acc09.193)
Edwards, Geoff, Griffith University, 2001, 2003-5, 2007-8. Mainly re his publications and thesis (Item) - Box 2 (MS Acc09.193)
Edwards, Paul, 1999, 2005. Personal (Item) - Box 2 (MS Acc09.193)
[Elgar] Email correspondence 2006 with Paul Davies re The Elgar Companion see also Paul Streeton file (Item) - Box 2 (MS Acc09.193)
Elliott, Larry (Economics editor of The Guardian), 1999. Sending sample chapter of Economics (Item) - Box 2 (MS Acc09.193)
Encel, Sol and Diana, 2001-7 and undated. Personal and regarding articles by them (Item) - Box 2 (MS Acc09.193)
Etherington, Norm, 1992-2002. Including nomination for fellowship of the Academy (Item) - Box 2 (MS Acc09.193)
Farmiloe, Tim, 2001. Re assisting Kathryn Gargett to obtain a job in England (Item) - Box 3 (MS Acc09.193)
Fischer, Gerald, 1995. Book printing and State Records Act (Item) - Box 3 (MS Acc09.193)
Feik, Chris (publisher, Black Inc), 2006. Proposed publication of a Stretton family memoir (Item) - Box 3 (MS Acc09.193)
Fisher, Betty, 2000, 2006. On subject of ethical standards (Item) - Box 3 (MS Acc09.193)
Flanagan, Sabina, 1992. Australian Research Fellowship application (Item) - Box 3 (MS Acc09.193)
Flego, Peter, 13 December 2006 commenting on Australia Fair (Item) - Box 3 (MS Acc09.193)
Friguglietti, James, 1999-2006. Draft paper for George Rudé seminar and other information on Rudé, including copies of his letters to the State Library of Tasmania 1960-61 on sources. See also Rudé file (Item) - Box 3 (MS Acc09.193)
Foster, Maria, 27 July 2001 [on retirement as editor? of an unnamed publisher] (Item) - Box 3 (MS Acc09.193)
Fulbrook, Edward, 2003-4. On efforts to have Stretton's Economics textbook published (Item) - Box 3 (MS Acc09.193)
Gare, Shelley. Emails 13 and 14 March [no year] [re interview of Stretton??] (Item) - Box 3 (MS Acc09.193)
Gallop, Geoff, 14 October 1999. Copy of covering letter for a copy of Economics, sent for possible use in campaign against reduction of funds for the public sector (Item) - Box 3 (MS Acc09.193)
Georganas, Steve, undated. Outline of campaign support notes?? (Item) - Box 3 (MS Acc09.193)
George, Don, 2001. Proposals for resettlement of migrants/refugees in country town (Item) - Box 3 (MS Acc09.193)
Getzler, Israel, 1993. Letters and copies of Getzler's papers, abstract of book on Getzler by Nikolai Sukhanov (Item) - Box 3 (MS Acc09.193)
Gibilisco, Peter, 1997-2007. Extensive correspondence and papers re his thesis and publications and later applications and awards (Item) - Box 3 (MS Acc09.193)
Gold Coast Urban Design conference (invitation), 2007 (Item) - Box 4 (MS Acc09.193)
Gomersall, C.N.. Luther College, Iowa, 2001-7. Extensive file of correspondence and drafts relating to publication of Gomersall's Study Guide (based on Stretton's Economics textbook) (Item) - Box 4 (MS Acc09.193)
Goodwin, Neva, 11 May 2002 on Stretton's Economics (Item) - Box 4 (MS Acc09.193)
Gorman, Clem, 2006. Personal, including his 'farewell' to Adelaide (Item) - Box 4 (MS Acc09.193)
Gough, Austin, 12 July 1996. Personal (Item) - Box 4 (MS Acc09.193)
Graham, Andrew (Balliol), 1981-2008. Personal and on research, including some articles (Item) - Box 4 (MS Acc09.193)
Gruen, Nicholas (Australian National University), 1990-1. Stretton's comments on Gruen's papers and applications (Item) - Box 4 (MS Acc09.193)
Gunter, Sarah and Frances Mowling, c.2000-8. Personal Christmas cards (Item) - Box 4 (MS Acc09.193)
Gust, Ian, 2000, 2006. Emails re CSL (Item) - Box 4 (MS Acc09.193)
[Habiby, Anne] Information on the Initiative for a Competitive Inner City (ICIC) and Michael Porter (Item) - Box 4 (MS Acc09.193)
Hamilton, Clive, Australia Institute, 2008. Information on Hamilton and draft letter to him on his farewell (Item) - Box 4 (MS Acc09.193)
Hancock, Keith, 2002. Email and article by Hancock and Sue Richardson on conciliation and arbitration (Item) - Box 4 (MS Acc09.193)
Harvey, Jadynne, 2002. Correspondence and article re his proposed work on the Housing Trust (Item) - Box 4 (MS Acc09.193)
Harcourt, Geoffrey, 1993-2003. Correspondence; also copy of a 1974 address by Harcourt at the ACAE opening diploma ceremony and draft autobiographical paper for Michael Szenberg's series 'Economists Life Philosophies' (Item) - Box 4 (MS Acc09.193)
Hassan, Riaz, c.1993-6. Including Housing Survey 1993, and support of his election to the Academy 1996 (Item) - Box 4 (MS Acc09.193)
Hector, Donald, December 2005. Emails re Norwegian oil (Item) - Box 4 (MS Acc09.193)
Henley, Mark, 18 August 2004. Definition of "essential service" (Item) - Box 4 (MS Acc09.193)
[Hetzel, Basil], 18 November 2003. Letter to UNSW Press re possibility of publishing Hetzel's proposed autobiography (Item) - Box 4 (MS Acc09.193)
Hill, Barry, 1995-2005. Poetry, personal emails and postcards and paper 'The mood we are in'; and re his Strehlow research (including Stretton's review of Broken song) (Item) - Box 5 (MS Acc09.193)
Hill, Christopher, 2003. Obituaries and Balliol memorial service program (Item) - Box 5 (MS Acc09.193)
Hirst, John, 2007 and undated. Papers by Hirst, with covering notes (Item) - Box 5 (MS Acc09.193)
Hodgson, Geoff (University of Hertfordshire). Emails re his recent publications (Item) - Box 5 (MS Acc09.193)
Huber, Said, 2007. On Stretton's Economics (Item) - Box 5 (MS Acc09.193)
Hutton, Will (ed. The Observer), 1995, 1998. Re Stretton's Economics textbook proposal [also to Larry Elliott of The Guardian] (Item) - Box 5 (MS Acc09.193)
Inglis, Ken [also Amirah and Louise], 1990, 1995, 2005-9. Personal notes, cards and emails; also note from Ron Gibbs with 1994 cutting re Inglis (Item) - Box 5 (MS Acc09.193)
Jaffe, Patricia, 2006. Re her father's housing development, and thanks for copy of Stretton's book (Item) - Box 5 (MS Acc09.193)
James-Martin, Peter, 2001. Farewell speech for Simon Stretton (Item) - Box 5 (MS Acc09.193)
Jeffares, Derry, 2000-3. Correspondence with Jeffares and re proposed biography by Christopher Rush (Item) - Box 5 (MS Acc09.193)
Jennings, Peter, 2001. Possible visit and his cv (Item) - Box 5 (MS Acc09.193)
[Johnston, Elliott] Copy of University of Adelaide file 116/1940 on the University Radical Club (Item) - Box 5 (MS Acc09.193)
Jolly, Erica, 10 July 2009. On proposed book 'Challenging the Divide' (Item) - Box 5 (MS Acc09.193)
Jones, Barry, 2001-6. On books, ALP strategy, government program Knowledge Nation and Stretton's submission to the Senate Committee on Australian Higher Education Needs (Item) - Box 5 (MS Acc09.193)
Juniper, James, 2001. Email re websites on economic and social policy (Item) - Box 5 (MS Acc09.193)
Kararach, George, 2001-2. Reader's report and correspondence with Pluto Press re Kararach's book proposal Imperfect Competition (Item) - Box 5 (MS Acc09.193)
Karidis, 2002. Fax re proposal for Balfour's site (Item) - Box 5 (MS Acc09.193)
Katter, Senator, 13 May 2004. Letter from Stretton to Katter regarding his views on national policy, for his book Australia Fair (Item) - Box 5 (MS Acc09.193)
Keane, David, Oct. 1999. On his book Civil representation in Australian government (Item) - Box 5 (MS Acc09.193)
Keaney, Michael, Glasgow Caledonian University, 1998-2001. Reports and reviews of Stretton's Economics (Item) - Box 5 (MS Acc09.193)
[Keating, Paul]. Text of Redfern speech 1993 and other papers on 'black armband history', and Don Watson on 'Bureaucratese' (Item) - Box 5 (MS Acc09.193)
Keen, Steve, 2000-1. On Keen's book Debunking Economics, and support for his University promotion (Item) - Box 5 (MS Acc09.193)
Kelly, Maurice, 1993. His ms on the New Zealand economy (Item) - Box 5 (MS Acc09.193)
Kelly, Paul (ed. The Australian), 21 Jan. 2000. Stretton sending his paper on 'Neoclassical imagination and financial anarchy' pub. World Development June 2002 (Item) - Box 5 (MS Acc09.193)
Kendig, Hal, 2000. Stretton's review of his chapter (Item) - Box 5 (MS Acc09.193)
Kennedy, Richard, 1998-2000. Personal letters (Item) - Box 5 (MS Acc09.193)
Kerkin, Norman, 2000. Copy of preface of his (unpublished) 'Globalization and Gaia' and covering letter (Item) - Box 5 (MS Acc09.193)
[Kerr, Duncan], 2001. Stretton's review of Electing the Ambassador (Item) - Box 5 (MS Acc09.193)
Knox, Philip, Dept. Employment, Workplace relations and Small Business, 1999. Re Stretton's views on Job Network (Item) - Box 5 (MS Acc09.193)
Kwan, Elizabeth, 19 March 2007. Personal card (Item) - Box 5 (MS Acc09.193)
Langmore, John, 1993-2009. Personal and papers on Labor policy, unemployment etc., emails re meetings 2005 to discuss 'Revitalising Labor'. Separate file on Stretton's UN consultancy and paper on Inefficiency of Global Capital Markets, 1998 (Item) - Box 6 (MS Acc09.193)
Levin, Margaret, 20 November 2004. Her research on Robert Wilson Ievers and Archibald Crawford (Item) - Box 6 (MS Acc09.193)
Li, Jason Yat-Sen, 2000. Notes on Li and copy of his lecture 'The changing face of Australia' (Item) - Box 6 (MS Acc09.193)
Llewellyn-Smith, Michael, 2007. Re interview of Stretton in connection with his thesis on Strategic Planning (Item) - Box 6 (MS Acc09.193)
Luca, Vittorio (Victor), 26 September 2007. Climate change and capitalism (Item) - Box 6 (MS Acc09.193)
Lyytikainen, Kaija, 2000-1. Thesis outline, related correspondence and Stretton's notes (Item) - Box 6 (MS Acc09.193)
McAuley, Ian, 2001-2. Emails re Hancock report, data on superannuation (Item) - Box 6 (MS Acc09.193)
McCalman, Janet, 1992-4. Stretton's comments on book using interview with him, and McCalman's application for the Chair of History at Monash (Item) - Box 6 (MS Acc09.193)
McDonough-Glenn, Margaret, 3 April 2002. Thanks for information on sources (Item) - Box 6 (MS Acc09.193)
McGarvie, Richard, 16 January 2002. On Stretton's essay 'How not to argue' (Item) - Box 6 (MS Acc09.193)
Mc Gregor, Richard (The Australian). Sending him a copy of textbook abstract for review (Item) - Box 6 (MS Acc09.193)
McGuiness, 2002. Personal emails re work progress (Item) - Box 6 (MS Acc09.193)
MacNamara, F.M., 28 May 2007. Copy of his letter to Kevin Rudd recommending he read Australia fair (Item) - Box 6 (MS Acc09.193)
McQueen, Humphrey, 2000. Re work on Rowe (Item) - Box 6 (MS Acc09.193)
McRobert - see Bricknell file (Item) - Box 6 (MS Acc09.193)
Mack, Andrew, 2007. Brief emails re projects (Item) - Box 6 (MS Acc09.193)
Maddox, Graham, University of New England, 28 April 2005. Thanks for launching Festschrift (Item) - Box 6 (MS Acc09.193)
Magor, Noel, 1998. Papers by Magor and Stretton's comments (Item) - Box 6 (MS Acc09.193)
[Manne, Robert], 1999. Support for his Academy nomination (Item) - Box 6 (MS Acc09.193)
Manne, Anne, 2001. Emails re issues of family and children in economic strategy (Item) - Box 6 (MS Acc09.193)
Martin, Allan, 4 October 2000. Eureka article (Item) - Box 6 (MS Acc09.193)
Martin, Lynn, Oct. 1999. Martin's application for Rolex Award (Item) - Box 6 (MS Acc09.193)
Mathews, Race, 2000. On globalisation and paper on Mutualism (Item) - Box 6 (MS Acc09.193)
Maxwell, Mary, undated (c.1999). Circular letter re 'The Bluebook, an intellectual event in Australia's history' opposing globalisation, and on MAI (Multilateral Agreement on Investment) (Item) - Box 6 (MS Acc09.193)
Médaille, John, 2005. His articles on 'Distributivism and catholic social teaching' and email comments on economic efficiency (Item) - Box 6 (MS Acc09.193)
Menadue, John, 2006. Statement by Stretton for launch of The New Matilda (Item) - Box 6 (MS Acc09.193)
Merrett, Stephen, 1999. On Stretton's new textbook (Item) - Box 6 (MS Acc09.193)
Mimouni, Zakaria, 1989-92. Personal (Item) - Box 6 (MS Acc09.193)
Moore, Gregory (Ph.D student, La Trobe University), 1991-2. Copy of paper 'The conspiracy against orthodox economics' and Stretton's comments (Item) - Box 6 (MS Acc09.193)
Mowling, Frances - see Gunter file (Item) - Box 6 (MS Acc09.193)
Munro, Doug, 2007. Visit and interview re Beaglehole (Item) - Box 6 (MS Acc09.193)
Myers, Peter, 1992-4. Papers by Myers and others (Item) - Box 6 (MS Acc09.193)
[Myrdal, Gunnar]. Paper on Myrdal by Paul Streeton, undated (after 1994) (Item) - Box 6 (MS Acc09.193)
Neutze, Max, 2000-1. Transcript of interview with Neutze and Stretton's contribution to an Australia Institute memorial publication (Item) - Box 6 (MS Acc09.193)
[Norway] Letters from Royal Norwegian Embassy 2001 in response to Stretton's requests for information (Item) - Box 6 (MS Acc09.193)
O'Hara, Ken, 22 June 1999. Personal on various issues (Item) - Box 6 (MS Acc09.193)
[Oldham, Wilfrid] Typescript paper for the Sydney AHA, 1998 [author Stretton?] (Item) - Box 6 (MS Acc09.193)
Orchard, Lionel, 1988-2007. Copies of papers, applications, emails 2007 re lecture by Geoff Mulgan (Item) - Box 6 (MS Acc09.193)
[Oxley, Alan] Email Allan Patience regarding, 28 March 2001 (Item) - Box 6 (MS Acc09.193)
Page, Michael, October 1999. Biography of Alan Hickinbotham (Item) - Box 6 (MS Acc09.193)
Patience, Allan, 1993-2005. Articles, references, personal correspondence (Item) - Box 6 (MS Acc09.193)
Peel, Mark, ANU, 1994-6, 2005, 2008. Including correspondence and nomination of Peel for Fellowship of the Academy (Item) - Box 6 (MS Acc09.193)
Pettit, Philip, 1984, 1987. Correspondence re Pettit's papers (Item) - Box 6 (MS Acc09.193)
[Pike, Douglas] - see John Calvert file (Item) - Box 6 (MS Acc09.193)
Phillips, Heather, 2005-7. Personal (Item) - Box 6 (MS Acc09.193)
Phillipps, Walter, 1990, 1994-5, 2000. Re Jefferis book (Item) - Box 6 (MS Acc09.193)
Prest, Wilfrid, 1996, 2004. Application for Chair of History, University of Newcastle, and paper on British History (Item) - Box 6 (MS Acc09.193)
Probert, Belinda, 2002. Sending her draft of part of Australia Fair for comment (Item) - Box 6 (MS Acc09.193)
Pugh, Cedric, 4 April 2001. Sending book review of Compact cities by Jenks and Burgess (Item) - Box 6 (MS Acc09.193)
Pusey, Michael, 1990, 1992, 2002-6. Papers and applications (Item) - Box 6 (MS Acc09.193)
Raftery, Judith, 2006. request to launch her book Not part of the public (Item) - Box 7 (MS Acc09.193)
Rahimi, Touraj, 2005. On Stretton's Economics (Item) - Box 7 (MS Acc09.193)
Ramsay, Hamish, 2008. Proposal to establish a Living Bequest at the University of Adelaide (Item) - Box 7 (MS Acc09.193)
Ramsay, Tony, 2005. Stretton's review of his book Economic democracy (Item) - Box 7 (MS Acc09.193)
Rein, Martin, 1979-90, 2000. Essays, comments on books, pension reform, etc (Item) - Box 7 (MS Acc09.193)
Riach, Peter, De Montfort University, 1986, 1993, 1998, 2000. Re Riach's papers and Stretton's Economics (Item) - Box 7 (MS Acc09.193)
Richards, W.G., 1987. Extensive correspondence on Adam Smith, and copy of Richard's letter to Senator John Button (Item) - Box 7 (MS Acc09.193)
Ritter, Paul, 1971. On city planning (Item) - Box 7 (MS Acc09.193)
Rogers, Mark, University of Melbourne, 1998. Stretton's enquiry regarding his project on 'Innovation, productivity and profitability in Australian enterprises' (Item) - Box 7 (MS Acc09.193)
[Rudé, George], 1998-2002. Correspondence with James Friguglietti re work on Rudé for the Rudé seminar 2002: with copies of source material from the 1950s including his security file (Item) - Box 7 (MS Acc09.193)
Saket, Ala, 2003. Sources for economics (Item) - Box 7 (MS Acc09.193)
Sandercock, Leonie, c.2004-8. Papers and personal letters (Item) - Box 7 (MS Acc09.193)
Sanne, Christer, 11 December 1999. Thanks for book (Item) - Box 7 (MS Acc09.193)
Sansovini, Kate - see Derek Whitelock file (Item) - Box 7 (MS Acc09.193)
Sarkissian, Wendy, 2009. Personal (Item) - Box 7 (MS Acc09.193)
Schnaiberg, Allan, 1980, 2008-9. On Stretton's books and his debt to him (Item) - Box 7 (MS Acc09.193)
Scott, David, 2005. Papers on the ALP (Item) - Box 7 (MS Acc09.193)
Self, Peter, 1993-9. Correspondence, reviews, articles, obituary (Item) - Box 7 (MS Acc09.193)
Sen, Amartya, 2000. Copy of Sen's letter to Lord Young of Dartington re Sen's article on Tagore and commenting on Stretton's book (Item) - Box 7 (MS Acc09.193)
Serle, Geoffrey, 1990. Personal letter (commenting on teaching and on the deaths of Kathleen Fitzpatrick, John La Nauze, Lloyd Robson and Bon Austin) and copy of his Russel Ward lecture (Item) - Box 7 (MS Acc09.193)
Sexton, Margaret. Letter to Sexton 14 October 1999 re housing policy (Item) - Box 7 (MS Acc09.193)
Sharp, Rhonda, 1997. Comments on draft chapters of Economics (Item) - Box 7 (MS Acc09.193)
Sheridan, Kyoko, 1991-2001, 2006. Papers, articles, applications and correspondence, especially re her Governing the Japanese economy (Item) - Box 7 (MS Acc09.193)
Sheridan, Tom, 2000, 2005. Promotion applications, nomination to the Academy, Stretton's notes on the occasion of his retirement (Item) - Box 7 (MS Acc09.193)
Smith, Barry, 1983. On influence of women's votes, and letter of thanks for information from Joan Rydon (Item) - Box 7 (MS Acc09.193)
Smith, Colin, 2004. Personal letter (Item) - Box 7 (MS Acc09.193)
SAHT [South Australian Housing Trust] Stretton Award, 1993-4. Establishment and first award (Item) - Box 7 (MS Acc09.193)
Spence, Matthew, 2001. On Stretton's Economics and further reading (Item) - Box 7 (MS Acc09.193)
Stephenson, Gordon, 1994-5. Correspondence and his pamphlet on 'Compassionate Town Planning', with Stretton's editing suggestions (Item) - Box 8 (MS Acc09.193)
Stilwell, Frank, 1996-2007. Applications, letter (2007) sending his obituary of Ted Wheelwright (Item) - Box 8 (MS Acc09.193)
Stokes, Geoff, 1990-1. Paper and letter on 'Dawkins and the Labor tradition' (Item) - Box 8 (MS Acc09.193)
Streeton, Paul, 1990-2006. Their work and publications, including on Streeton's The Elgar Companion, and commentary by Stretton on Stretton's Economics. Also copies of early papers and reviews 1949-82 and a biographical sketch 1984. See also Elgar and Myrdal files (Item) - Box 8 (MS Acc09.193)
Stretton, Hugh - see Series 5 (Item) - Box 8 (MS Acc09.193)
Sutcliffe, Glynn, 1993. Paper on Shakespeare and personal re law case (Item) - Box 8 (MS Acc09.193)
Sykes, Alan, 10 November 2005. Re his textbook (Item) - Box 8 (MS Acc09.193)
Szelenyi, Ivan, [1980], 1987-98. Including his application for V-C position at Flinders University and Stretton's summary of his Prospects and limits of power (1st draft 1980) (Item) - Box 8 (MS Acc09.193)
Taylor, Lance, 1997-8. Including comments by Stretton on his Income Distribution of 1991 (Item) - Box 8 (MS Acc09.193)
Tilley Hat, 2001. Correspondence re, with Alex Tilley (Item) - Box 8 (MS Acc09.193)
Thompson, ANU, 14 February 2000. Help with research on Geoffrey Serle (Item) - Box 8 (MS Acc09.193)
Thornton, Tim, Monash, 2006. Praise for Economics (Item) - Box 8 (MS Acc09.193)
Travers, Peter, 1996. Curriculum vitae and letter recommending (Item) - Box 8 (MS Acc09.193)
Tregenza, John, 1999. Stretton's obituary; also copy of Tregenza's 1969 ANZAAS paper (Item) - Box 8 (MS Acc09.193)
Trengrove, Gregory, 1992-5. Support for applications (Item) - Box 8 (MS Acc09.193)
Troy, Patrick, 1998-2004. Papers, cv, ARC grant application (Item) - Box 8 (MS Acc09.193)
Tyson, Paul, 2002. Correspondence, comments etc re his book Moral economics (Item) - Box 8 (MS Acc09.193)
Venn, J.W., 27 October 1999. Personal letter (cures for AIDS) (Item) - Box 9 (MS Acc09.193)
Ver Eecke, Wilfried, Georgetown University, 1998. Thanks for letter re his paper on merit goods (Item) - Box 9 (MS Acc09.193)
Walker, Nick (Australian Scholarly Publishing), 1994-5. Proposed new magazine The View Australia (Item) - Box 9 (MS Acc09.193)
Ward, Peter and Michael Bollen (Wakefield Press), 2000-2 and undated. Publication projects and Stretton's Economics (Item) - Box 9 (MS Acc09.193)
Warner, John, 2003. Personal (re student years at the University of Adelaide) (Item) - Box 9 (MS Acc09.193)
Warner, Lyndan, 2002-5. Chapters of her ms (on book trade?) with Stretton's comments (Item) - Box 9 (MS Acc09.193)
Waterman, Anthony, 2003. Paper on political economy (Item) - Box 9 (MS Acc09.193)
Watson, Don, 2000. Letters and emails on Australian economic policy, including extensive comment on Keating (Item) - Box 9 (MS Acc09.193)
Wearne, Bruce, 1990, 1992-3. Papers (including on Stretton) and letters on general issues (Item) - Box 9 (MS Acc09.193)
Wells, Samuel, 2003-5. Proposal for A National Institute for the Arts and Humanities (2003) and references (Item) - Box 9 (MS Acc09.193)
Wettenhall, Irene, 1979-80. Personal postcards, paper on Doris Lessing, poetry (Item) - Box 9 (MS Acc09.193)
Wheelwright, E.L. (Ted), 1980, 1989. Paper and radio talk by (Item) - Box 9 (MS Acc09.193)
White, Kate, 1996. Proposed biography of Leonard Stretton (Item) - Box 9 (MS Acc09.193)
[Whitelock, Derek], 2004. recollections of, by Kate Sansovini (Item) - Box 9 (MS Acc09.193)
Wicks, Rick, 2006. Re writing on economics (Item) - Box 9 (MS Acc09.193)
Wighton, Wodie [Rosemary], 2 April 1993. Comments on ms [on her family?] (Item) - Box 9 (MS Acc09.193)
Wilson, Trevor, 2005. Nomination for an award within the Order of Australia and draft review of The myriad faces of war (Item) - Box 9 (MS Acc09.193)
[Xenophon, Nick], 1998. Copies of press releases, speeches and articles re (Item) - Box 9 (MS Acc09.193)
Yencken, David, 1996, 1998. Papers by and related correspondence (Item) - Box 9 (MS Acc09.193)
Young, John, 28 June 2006. Personal letter and copy of newsletter of The Living Boat Trust (Item) - Box 9 (MS Acc09.193)
Young, Michael, 1998-2002. Personal and copies of articles and speeches; also re visit to Australia 1998, typescript copy of his diary of his visit to Australia in 1951, and memorial service program, 2002 (Item) - Box 9 (MS Acc09.193)
Miscellaneous (unfiled correspondence), 2000-8 (Item) - Box 9 (MS Acc09.193)

Series 2. Correspondence (institutions), 1999-2009

Correspondence with organizations and institutions, mainly trusts, with their reports and newsletters. Arranged alphabetically: a list of the correspondents and date range of the correspondence is appended as a Special List. [Note: Only files with correspondence or other evidence of Stretton's direct communication or specific association with the organization have been selected; others with circular material only, not retained, included the Evatt Foundation, Mandela Foundation, Now We the People and Shelter SA]

The Australian Collaboration, 2001 (File) - Box 10 (MS Acc09.193)
Adelaide City Council, 2000, 2005 (File) - Box 10 (MS Acc09.193)
AHURI, undated (File) - Box 10 (MS Acc09.193)
Australia Council, 2001 (File) - Box 10 (MS Acc09.193)
AFTINET (Australian Fair Trade and Investment Network), 2001 (File) - Box 10 (MS Acc09.193)
Australia Institute (Clive Hamilton) (File) - Box 10 (MS Acc09.193)
Australian Orphans (Elliott Johnston) (File) - Box 10 (MS Acc09.193)
Commissioner for Children (Matt Gaughwin), 2002 (File) - Box 10 (MS Acc09.193)
Citizens' Electoral Council, 2002 (File) - Box 10 (MS Acc09.193)
ERA (Economics Reform Australia), 2001 (File) - Box 10 (MS Acc09.193)
Duncan Trust [file includes articles by W.G.K. Duncan, his cv and an exchange of letters between Duncan and Geoff [Sauer] 1973 relating to the history of the University of Adelaide] (File) - Box 10 (MS Acc09.193)
Dunstan Foundation, 1999-2008 (File) - Box 10 (MS Acc09.193)
Ronald Henderson Research Foundation, 2000-2 (File) - Box 10 (MS Acc09.193)
Housing Management Council, 2002 (File) - Box 10 (MS Acc09.193)
Myer Foundation, 2000-4 (File) - Box 10 (MS Acc09.193)
New Matilda, 2006 (File) - Box 10 (MS Acc09.193)
NILS (Sue Richardson and Mark Cully, Flinders University), 2000 (File) - Box 10 (MS Acc09.193)
National Library of Australia [relating to deposit of Stretton's papers], 2000 (File) - Box 10 (MS Acc09.193)
Scotch College, Melbourne [relating to the Hugh Stretton prize], 2008-9 (File) - Box 10 (MS Acc09.193)

Series 3. Articles and other papers by Hugh Stretton, 1946-2007

Comprehensive, mainly typescript, copies of journal articles, conference and seminar papers, addresses, speeches at book launches, etc. Arranged chronologically.

Articles etc. by Stretton, 1946-75 (File) - Box 11 (MS Acc09.193)
Articles etc. by Stretton, 1976-81 (File) - Box 12 (MS Acc09.193)
Articles etc. by Stretton, 1982-92 (File) - Box 13 (MS Acc09.193)
Articles etc. by Stretton, 1993-2007 (File) - Box 14 (MS Acc09.193)

Series 4. Writing and research projects, c1981-2008

Correspondence, copies of articles, notes relating to pending and past writing and research projects. [Note: Typescript of The Political Sciences and files on Economics textbook retained by the Stretton family]. See also Gomersall file in Series 1 for proposed Study Guide based on Economics: a new introduction.

Public Sector Research Project, c.1983-86 (File) - Box 15-16 (MS Acc09.193)
"Fresh Start' (Economic education, a case for a fresh start), 1981 (File) - Box 15-16 (MS Acc09.193)
J.W. Wainwright (ADB entry), 1988-89 (File) - Box 15-16 (MS Acc09.193)
Review of Sources of the Self by Taylor, Nussbaum, Arrow etc, c.1990 (File) - Box 15-16 (MS Acc09.193)
Australia Fair, c1998-2004 (File) - Box 15-16 (MS Acc09.193)
'Current work' (including Challenge (Teaching and Government) and contribution to Australian Greats) (File) - Box 15-16 (MS Acc09.193)

Series 5. Biographical, and academic appointments and research grants, c.1989-2005 - Box 17 (MS Acc09.193)

Curriculum vitae, bibliography and articles about Stretton, including Ken Inglis' 'Hugh Stretton's University of Adelaide 1954-56' and transcript of an interview with Stretton by Wilf Prest 2005 [formerly with Stretton's correspondence]; study leave report 1985, official correspondence relating to appointments as Research and Visiting Fellow and to research funding grants.

Series 6. References, c.1990-2001 - Box 17 (MS Acc09.193)

Copies of references given for positions, research funding and Academy nominations for colleagues and students

Series 7. Student essays and early teaching bibliographies, 1942-49

[University of Melbourne] Ormond College tutorials on English economy, 1942 (File) - Box 18 (MS Acc09.193)
History essay/exam papers, 1947 and undated (File) - Box 18 (MS Acc09.193)
Course notes for International Relations, Princeton University, 1948-49 (File) - Box 18 (MS Acc09.193)
[Oxford University] Dept. of History, Modern Europe reading list, 1948-49 (File) - Box 18 (MS Acc09.193)

Series 8. Lecture notes, notes on readings, misc. notes and reference files, 1981-c2006

Course notes, paper 'Three models of a modern mixed economy' and other articles for Flinders University, Politics Discipline course in Australian Political Economy, 1990 (File) - Box 19 (MS Acc09.193)
Notes on books and articles read during, 1981 (File) - Box 19 (MS Acc09.193)
Miscellaneous notes (most unidentified and undated), c.200 (File) - Box 19 (MS Acc09.193)
Files on the Adelaide Parklands, c2006 and Victoria Park campaign, 2004 (File) - Box 19 (MS Acc09.193)

Series 9. Papers relating to the South Australian Housing Trust and Housing Policy, 1975-1991

Housing Policy Report outline and P.R.S. Housing report drafts, 1975 (File) - Box 20 (MS Acc09.193)
Transcript of interview of Sir Thomas Playford by Hugh Stretton (and letter to the SAHT Director 1996 re the interview tapes), 1980 (File) - Box 20 (MS Acc09.193)
Legal documents and correspondence relating to establishment of the Ramsay Trust (Financing equity-rental house sales from capital indexed debentures), with working tables, scrapbook of publicity articles and advertisements 1983, and Trust reports, 1990-91 (File) - Box 20 (MS Acc09.193)
Scrapbook and papers relating to capital indexed debentures (File) - Folio-Box 21 (MS Acc09.193)

Class MS Acc16.053. Consignment received 2016, 1971 - 1998 - Box (Shared), Box 1 (MS Acc16.053)

This consignment comprises a letter of Peter Munz, 1972, and a reprint of Munz's essay 'History and theory: studies in the philosophy of history', 1971, together with letters of Richard Kennedy, 1997-1998, and a reprint of his book Australian Welfare History: critical essays (1982).(1 folder)

Class MS Acc19.001. Consignment received 2019, 2008 - 2014 - Box Shared, Box 1 (MS Acc19.001)

This consignment comprises correspondence to Pat concerning Hugh, poetry, autobiographical writing, and postcards from philosopher Jack Smart and Inga Clendinnen. (1 folder)