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Robert Gray
Papers of Robert Gray
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MS Acc05.020 and MS Acc11.066
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Item Descriptions

Class MS Acc05.020. Original Consignment

Drafts of the poems for Robert Gray's book Afterimages and drafts of other poems as well. There are proofs for Grass script: selected earlier poems, published in the United Kingdom in 2001, that show many re-workings not incorporated into any edition in Australia. Also, proofs for Afterimages and revised proofs for some reviews Gray wrote for The Australian. The collection also includes correspondence, ca. 1999-2004.

Comprises 2 boxes.

Class MS Acc11.066. Consignment Added 2011

Papers reflecting Gray's writing processes and his interactions with other Australian and international poets and painters. The papers include correspondence, a notebook, manuscripts and multiple annotated typescripts for several of Gray's works. The works are: The land I came through last; Afterimages; Nameless earth; and a volume of his collected poems (to be published in 2011). Correspondents include Christopher Koch, Peter Goldsworthy, Kevin Hart, Les Murray, Dennis O'Driscoll and Jan Zwicky. In addition, there is a letter from Patrick White, in which White names Gray, along with Bruce Beaver, as one of the two best poets in Australia.

Comprises 6 boxes.

Series. The land I came through last (2008), Giramondo

Entire manuscripts of Gray's memoir, in all seven rewritings. The name changed whilst being written, eg 'The waters under the earth', 'A light in the porch', 'Life with the Sergeant-Major' etc., c.2006 (File) - Box 1
Published copy of the memoir, which won the CAL (Copyright Agency Ltd)/Waverley Library Award and earned Gray a Doctor of Creative Arts degree from University of Technology Sydney (UTS). (File) - Box 1
Memoir - annotated typescripts (File) - Box 5
Memoir - annotated typescripts (File) - Box 3
Manuscript notebook (File) - Box 3

Series. Afterimages (2001,2003) Duffy and Snellgrove

Annotated typescripts of the published book of poetry (File) - Box 2

Series. Collected poems

Revisions of all Gray's poetry, through its entire course, for forthcoming 'Collected poems', to be published 2011 by British publisher, Carcanet, and in Australia by the John Leonard Press. Worksheets are mostly not in their published order. (File) - Box 3

Series. Nameless earth (2006), Carcanet UK

Manuscripts and annotated typescripts for a published book of poetry, c.2005 (File) - Box 4
Page proofs of a Dutch/English selection of my poems with rewritings (File) - Box 4

Series. Correspondence

Letters from various correspondents, some of them printed-out emails, all relevant to Gray's work, writers identified by Gray (list in Box 6 but also listed below)., c.2001-2011 (File) - Box 6
Ted Hillyer - painter (File) - Box 6
Michael Hulse - academic at University of Warwick, UK; poet (File) - Box 6
Roo Borson - Canadian poet (File) - Box 6
John Olsen - painter (File) - Box 6
Cynthia Jeffreys - painter (File) - Box 6
John Leonard - publisher, editor, anthologist (File) - Box 6
Kevin Hart - poet and academic (in US) (File) - Box 6
Stephen McInerney - poet (File) - Box 6
Dennis O'Driscoll - Irish poet (File) - Box 6
Stephen Edgar - poet (File) - Box 6
Patrick White - novelist (one letter that refers to Gray, handed on by the recipient) (File) - Box 6
Martin Harrison - poet and academic (File) - Box 6
Robert Bolton - arts editor of the Financial Review (File) - Box 6
Anne Ferguson - sculptor (File) - Box 6
Harry Cummins - English poet (File) - Box 6
John Foulcher - poet (File) - Box 6
Susan Wyndham - arts editor of the Sydney Morning Herald (File) - Box 6
Emma Lew - poet (File) - Box 6
Rosamund Bartlett - translator and biographer of Chekhov, Tolstoy and other Russians (File) - Box 6
Jeffrey Wainwright - English poet and academic (File) - Box 6
Jennifer Compton - poet and essayist (File) - Box 6
Helen Garner - novelist and prose writer (File) - Box 6
Lois Downing - Gray's half-sister (File) - Box 6
Barry Hill - poet and prose writer (File) - Box 6
Joachim Sartorius - German poet, head of the Berlin Literatur Festival (File) - Box 6
Dr S Yamamoto - president, Meiji University (File) - Box 6
Lars Ahlstrom - Swedish translator (File) - Box 6
Richard Dove - translator into German (File) - Box 6
Maarten Elzinga - Dutch translator (File) - Box 6
Hamish Ironsides - English poet (File) - Box 6
Les Murray - poet (File) - Box 6
Christopher (Chris) Koch - novelist (File) - Box 6
John Mateer - poet (File) - Box 6
Ed Campion - prose writer (File) - Box 6
Maria Cristina Biggio - Italian translator (File) - Box 6
Mike Heald - broadcaster and poet (File) - Box 6
Craig Sherborne - poet (File) - Box 6
Susan Stewart - American poet and academic (File) - Box 6
Jan Zwicky - Canadian poet (File) - Box 6