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Series. Audio

"Symphony No 2 by Eric Gross performed by the Australian Symphony Orchestra, Conductor -Patrick Thomas. From internal note -'This symphony is not complete, is also distored toward end'. Item 1 of 119 Gross tape reels.", 1980 (Item NLA.MS-SAV002523) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-004

The Austral Months. Music: Eric Gross, Words: Henry Kendall, William (BAR), Sharon Raschke (PNO). Item 2 of 119 Gross tape reels. (Item NLA.MS-SAV002524) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-004

Department of Music and Pro Musical Society Sydney University - Great Hall. Includes pieces by Mozart, Ross Edwards, John Dowland, Josquin de Pres, Eric Gross - Conducted by Eric Gross. Item 3 of 119 Gross tape reels., 22/10/1975 (Item NLA.MS-SAV002525) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-004

Bagatelle for Trombone and Piano by Eric Gross. Grand Master (New Conductors). Item 4 of 119 Gross tape reels., 3/01/1995 (Item NLA.MS-SAV002526) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-004

Na Shledanou, Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, Patrick Thomas. Item 5 of 119 Gross tape reels. (Item NLA.MS-SAV002527) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-004

Burns Settings. Compositions for Bass, Piano and Soprano. Item 6 of 119 Gross tape reels. (Item NLA.MS-SAV002528) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-004

SILAS. Item 7 of 119 Gross tape reels. (Item NLA.MS-SAV002529) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-004

The Grand Adventure. Copy only. Item 8 of 119 Gross tape reels., 30/05/1980 (Item NLA.MS-SAV002530) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-004

Sydney University Experimental Music Laboratory re-recorded by Ian Fredricks. Includes track list. Item 9 of 119 Gross tape reels., 31/07/1986 (Item NLA.MS-SAV002531) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-004

[Bassetero]. Item 10 of 119 Gross tape reels. (Item NLA.MS-SAV002532) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-004

Janice Taylor, Mon dub of all takes. Item 11 of 119 Gross tape reels. (Item NLA.MS-SAV002533) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-004

Eric Gross - Sinfonietta. Item 12 of 119 Gross tape reels. (Item NLA.MS-SAV002534) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-004

The Shepherd of Bethlehem (Rehearsal). Item 13 of 119 Gross tape reels. (Item NLA.MS-SAV002535) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-004

To Una and Frank, from Pam and Eric. Item 14 of 119 Gross tape reels., 15/12/1958 (Item NLA.MS-SAV002536) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-004

Moonscape by Eric Gross. SASO and Patrick Thomas. Item 15 of 119 Gross tape reels, 1975 (Item NLA.MS-SAV002537) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-004

Interviews with Czech Composers. Item 16 of 119 Gross tape reels. (Item NLA.MS-SAV002538) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-004

[unclear label]. Item 17 of 119 Gross tape reels. (Item NLA.MS-SAV002539) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-004

Sumer Gilgamesh. Music cuts 1-17 and 18 to the end. Item 18 of 119 Gross tape reels. (Item NLA.MS-SAV002540) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-004

[unclear label]. Item 19 of 119 Gross tape reels. (Item NLA.MS-SAV002541) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-004

Pacem in Terris (Item NLA.MS-SAV002542) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-004

Part of Youth Concert - Sinfonietta. S.A.S Orchestra (Item NLA.MS-SAV002543) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-004

Armidale Music (Item NLA.MS-SAV002544) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-004

Symphony No 1 by Eric Gross (Item NLA.MS-SAV002545) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-004

Sunset Moon and Dreams by Eric Gross. Recorded Perth Workshop No 4, 24/02/1972 (Item NLA.MS-SAV002546) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-004

Sinfonietta. Track notes included (Item NLA.MS-SAV002547) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-004

Pacem in Terris (Item NLA.MS-SAV002548) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-004

The Amorous Judge (Item NLA.MS-SAV002549) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-004

Seaspray. Music used in Survival Course (Item NLA.MS-SAV002550) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-004

Quartet for 2 Flutes and 2 Oboes (Item NLA.MS-SAV002551) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-004

A Time to Every Purpose. Copy of ABC recording (Item NLA.MS-SAV002552) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-004

A Time to Every Purpose. Recording of Performance at St. Andrews Catherdral Sydney (Item NLA.MS-SAV002553) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-004

Of Strings and Things; Prelude to Paradise. Australian Symphony Orchestra Adelaide, R. Cooper, 1981 (Item NLA.MS-SAV002554) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-004

[Occ. Music for Bris, etc] (Item NLA.MS-SAV002555) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-004

BANESSAN (Item NLA.MS-SAV002556) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-004

The Grand Adventure. Includes track list (Item NLA.MS-SAV002557) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-004

Trophies from Trips to the Snow (Item NLA.MS-SAV002558) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-004

In One Lifetime (Item NLA.MS-SAV002559) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-004

Three Burns Settings. Both sides, 1967 (Item NLA.MS-SAV002560) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-004

Symphony No 1 by Eric Gross. Aberdeen Unviersity Orchestra, conducted by the composer (Item NLA.MS-SAV002561) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-004

The Big Nine Music (Item NLA.MS-SAV002562) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-004

Antubconseas. 1st Performance bt N.T.O. , ABC Great Hall, Sydney University (Item NLA.MS-SAV002563) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-004

"Concert Piece 'Antubconseus'. Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, Patrick Thomas", 2/08/1973 (Item NLA.MS-SAV002564) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-004

Wildes Music. Includes track list (Item NLA.MS-SAV002565) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-004

The Shepherd of Bethlehem. Copy of ABC recording (Item NLA.MS-SAV002566) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-004

Rooftops. Music dub (Item NLA.MS-SAV002567) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-004

Course Set for Tommorrow. Recorded ABC Chatswood, 14/08/1963 (Item NLA.MS-SAV002568) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-004

Papua and New Guinea. Music dub (Item NLA.MS-SAV002569) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-005

Shepherd (Item NLA.MS-SAV002570) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-005

Dusek. Includes track list (Item NLA.MS-SAV002571) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-005

Dusek II (Item NLA.MS-SAV002572) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-005

Three Burns Settings. Includes track list; recorded in Aberdeen; recorded in Sydney (Item NLA.MS-SAV002573) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-005

Seaspray 2 (Item NLA.MS-SAV002574) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-005

3 Dusekianas. State Chamber Orchestra, 1979 (Item NLA.MS-SAV002575) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-005

Papua w/ NG tape (voice). Recorded by Commonwealth Film Unit (Item NLA.MS-SAV002576) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-005

Sinfonietta. Henry Krups, conductor (Item NLA.MS-SAV002577) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-005

Swinging on the Gate, Dream Concert (Item NLA.MS-SAV002578) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-005

[Vh Concerts] (Item NLA.MS-SAV002579) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-005

3 Inventions for Trombone/Cello (Item NLA.MS-SAV002580) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-005

Suite for Double Reeds (Item NLA.MS-SAV002584) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-005

Occassional Music for Brass and Percussion; Sunset, Moon, Dreams (Item NLA.MS-SAV002585) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-005

Oedipe a Colone by Sacchini; Piano Concerto by Mozart, 24/10/1973 (Item NLA.MS-SAV002586) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-005

[Various Gross tracks], 10/06/1982 (Item NLA.MS-SAV002587) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-005

"Mendelssohn: Fingal's Cave; Beethoven: Symphony No. 1. Pro-Musica Concert", 23/04/1980 (Item NLA.MS-SAV002588) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-005

The Austral Months. 12 songs, Eric Gross; Bill Coombes (Item NLA.MS-SAV002589) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-005

Klavierstucke I and II, 16/09/1982 (Item NLA.MS-SAV002590) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-005

Handel Te Deum by Buxtehude (Item NLA.MS-SAV002591) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-005

Pro Musica Choir Orchestra. Includes track list, 21/07/1961 (Item NLA.MS-SAV002592) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-005

Handel: Chandos Anthem No 5 ; Dvorak: Quintet in A Major. (Item NLA.MS-SAV002593) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-005

Wildes Music. Includes track list (Item NLA.MS-SAV002594) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-005

Psalmody; Na Shledanou (Item NLA.MS-SAV002595) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-005

Na Shledanou (Item NLA.MS-SAV002596) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-005

Tri Bagately Pro Fetnu (Item NLA.MS-SAV002597) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-005

Fanfpous. Sydney Symphony Orchestra (Item NLA.MS-SAV002598) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-005

[untitled] (Item NLA.MS-SAV002599) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-005

Shepherd of Bethlehem - Live Performances (Item NLA.MS-SAV002600) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-005

Alan Light; Songs of Eric Gross. From take no (start of Alan?) (Item NLA.MS-SAV002601) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-005

Alan Light; Songs of Eric Gross. From Take No. 67 (Item NLA.MS-SAV002602) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-005

Songs of Eric Gross. Take 114-159 (Item NLA.MS-SAV002603) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-005

[Green and Red] (Item NLA.MS-SAV002604) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-005

5 Burns Settings for Bass and Piano. Includes track list (Item NLA.MS-SAV002605) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-005

[untitled] (Item NLA.MS-SAV002606) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-005

[untitled] (Item NLA.MS-SAV002607) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-005

[untitled] (Item NLA.MS-SAV002610) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-005

Composition for Clarinet and Piano by Sue Ellingworth [unboxed]. From ABC 2BE, 7/05/1962 (Item NLA.MS-SAV002611) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-005

Five Burns Settings for Bass and Piano, composed by Eric Gross (Item NLA.MS-SAV002612) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-005

Symphony No 1 by Eric Gross. ABC Stereo (Item NLA.MS-SAV002613) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-006

Landscape -Peter Sculthorpe; Music for Japan (Item NLA.MS-SAV002614) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-006

From the Tropics to the Snow; Wide Pastures; Tree Business; Hobart (Item NLA.MS-SAV002615) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-006

Symphony No 2 by Eric Gross. Adeilade Symphony Orchestra, conductor: Patrick Thomas, 29/04/1982 (Item NLA.MS-SAV002616) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-006

[Parker] (Item NLA.MS-SAV002622) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-006

[untitled] (Item NLA.MS-SAV002623) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-006

[untitled] (Item NLA.MS-SAV002624) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-006

[untitled] (Item NLA.MS-SAV002625) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-006

Happy Birthday Medley (Item NLA.MS-SAV002626) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-006

Sinfonietta; Labyrinth of Love; Wedding March (Item NLA.MS-SAV002628) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-006

Sinfonietta; Labyrinth of Love; Psalm 47 (Item NLA.MS-SAV002629) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-006

Concertino for Orchestra. Queensland Symphony Orchestra, conductor: Patrick Thomas (Item NLA.MS-SAV002630) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-006

[untitled] (Item NLA.MS-SAV002631) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-006

Wait Till Tomorrow. Audition (Item NLA.MS-SAV002632) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-006

Interview with Detlef (Item NLA.MS-SAV002633) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-006

The Amorous Judge (Item NLA.MS-SAV002635) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-006

Wildes Music copy. Roll one; Includes track list (Item NLA.MS-SAV002636) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-006

Wildes Music cop. Roll two; Includes track list (Item NLA.MS-SAV002637) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-006

Wildes Music copy. Roll three; Includes track list (Item NLA.MS-SAV002638) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-006

Classical Persian Music. Includes track list, 1968 (Item NLA.MS-SAV002639) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-006

Five Burns Settings for Bass and Piano, composed by Eric GrossRecorded in Aberdeen; Recorded in Sydney (Item NLA.MS-SAV002640) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-006

A Time to Every Purpose. copy of ABC recording (Item NLA.MS-SAV002641) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-006

Cymbeline. 1st Day Recording (Item NLA.MS-SAV002642) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-006

Triptych (Item NLA.MS-SAV002644) - Cassette-Box 151

[Tub Bagatelle; De Poelen Live] (Item NLA.MS-SAV002645) - Cassette-Box 151

[Untitled] (Item NLA.MS-SAV002646) - Cassette-Box 151

Saxphone Quartet No. 1 - Eric Gross. 1st Performance live (Item NLA.MS-SAV002647) - Cassette-Box 152

The University in Concert - Side I, II, 15/03/1989 (Item NLA.MS-SAV002648) - Cassette-Box 152

The University in Concert - Side III, IV, 15/03/1989 (Item NLA.MS-SAV002649) - Cassette-Box 152

Perth Concert Hall (newspaper clippings of concert in manuscripts box), 14/06/1986 (Item NLA.MS-SAV002650) - Cassette-Box 152

[unclear label] (Item NLA.MS-SAV002651) - Cassette-Box 152

Pro Musica Choir. A Concert of Mostly Contemporary Mostly Christmas Music - Conductor: Eric Gross, 26/11/1987 (Item NLA.MS-SAV002652) - Cassette-Box 152

"5 Children's Songs by Mr Holland" (Item NLA.MS-SAV002653) - Cassette-Box 152

Czech Composers (Interviews) (Item NLA.MS-SAV002654) - Cassette-Box 152

Klavierstucke I, II, III; Moon Interlude. Includes track list (Item NLA.MS-SAV002655) - Cassette-Box 152

Organ Music by Eric Gross. Includes track list (Item NLA.MS-SAV002656) - Cassette-Box 152

Oboe Concerto; Saxophone Quartet No 1 by Eric Gross. Includes track list (Item NLA.MS-SAV002657) - Cassette-Box 152

On The Sole Arabian Tree by The Renaissance Players, 11/03/1976 (Item NLA.MS-SAV002658) - Cassette-Box 152

Film Music of Eric Gross - Part one of two programs for 2MBS FM (Item NLA.MS-SAV002659) - Cassette-Box 152

Film Music of Eric Gross - Part two of two programs for 2MBS FM (Item NLA.MS-SAV002660) - Cassette-Box 153

Flute Quartet; 6 Songs for Soprano; Trilogy for Orchestra. Includes track list (Item NLA.MS-SAV002661) - Cassette-Box 153

"Quartet for 2 Flutes and 2 Oboes; 3 Dusekianas; Concertino's for Orchestra. Includes track list" (Item NLA.MS-SAV002662) - Cassette-Box 153

Mandolin Quartet; Mandolin Concerto No. 1. Includes track list (Item NLA.MS-SAV002663) - Cassette-Box 153

Pacem in Terris; The Amorous Judge. Includes track list (Item NLA.MS-SAV002664) - Cassette-Box 153

Eric Gross:Habanera Serenade; Igor Deklvia. Includes track list (Item NLA.MS-SAV002665) - Cassette-Box 153

Sydney Mandolins ABC Recording. Copy - Includes track list (Item NLA.MS-SAV002730) - Cassette-Box 153

Eric Gross -3 Trombone Pieces. Includes track list (Item NLA.MS-SAV002731) - Cassette-Box 153

Eric Gross - Habanera Serenade; Grube/Dekleva. Production Master (Item NLA.MS-SAV002732) - Cassette-Box 153

Tape from Taipei - 2MBS FM (Item NLA.MS-SAV002733) - Cassette-Box 153

Henry Krips talk. Loose magnetic tape in brown envelope (File 49)

Henry Krips talk (Item NLA.MS-SAV007759) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-031

Series. General papers

Programs, correspondence, booklets, booklets of Asian music, John Grundy notes, Sydney Philharmonia, 1954 - 1989 (File 682)

Includes a cassette tape

John ?? Interview, 31/07/1989 (Item NLA.MS-SAV007760) - Cassette-Box 417