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Created: 1970

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Kenneth Hince
Papers of Kenneth Hince
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Scope and Contents

The papers were received in 1969 from Mr Kenneth Hince as part of a larger collection which included 2,500 books and a considerable amount of sheet music. There are some papers relating to Hince's activities as a collector and music critic, but it is basically an "artificial collection", in the sense that the papers were brought together after the actions to which they relate had occurred, not concurrently, and were derived from many sources. Almost all the papers relate to music, and primarily Australian music, and were assembled by Hince over a period of 25 years.

The papers include manuscript and printed scores, manuscript and printed articles, correspondence, programmes, the constitutions of Australian musical organizations, biographical material, newspaper cuttings and photographs. Most of the material belongs to the period 1895-1969, but there are a few letters dating from earlier than 1895.

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Copying and publishing of unpublished manuscript material is subject to copyright restrictions. For such material, written permission to publish must be obtained from the copyright holder(s). Copying of unpublished material for research purposes is permissible 50 years after the death of the creator of the material.

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Biographical Note

Kenneth Hince was born in 1926 and educated at Xavier College, Melbourne, and the University of Melbourne, where he studied Medicine and later Arts. He served for a year in the Royal Australian Air Force and then taught languages at Xavier College. In 1960 he opened a secondhand bookshop in Melbourne, and concentrated his collecting on Australiana and rare English editions. Since 1964 he has been music critic for The Australian.

Item Descriptions

Series 1. Musical Scores

This series consists of both manuscript and printed scores.

Manuscript scores (Item 1-298A)

Including: C. de Beirot. Fantasia de ballet for violin and orchestra; J.E. Clifton. Ecce Deus Salvator Meus; G Mahler. Das Lied von der Erde; Caro Roma. Don't you mind it, honey; Leslie Howard. Orchestration for the British Ballet; and Adrian Holland's scores and arrangements.

Printed scores (Item 298B-326)

Including: Allan's cornet gems. no.1; Bulch's cornet album nos. 1-2; Frank Bridge. Sonata for violoncello and piano; Nicholas Bochsa. Variations on Nel cor piu non mi sento, Les Plaisirs de la Memorie,Twelve progressive studies for the harp, Forty studies for the Erard Double-Movement Harp: Book 1, and Preludes for the harp, composed and dedicated to Lady Berwick; Hendrik Andriessen. Ricercare; D.S. Moreno. Gregorian manual; Music to be sung at the Empire Concert, 1911; J.F. O'Hagan. After the dawn, waltz ballad; and F. Schmidt. A la mémoire de Claude Debussy.

There is also a photostat copy of one leaf of George Dreyfus's opera Garni Sands.

"Victoria cantata" by Leon Canon (Item 3644)

Added December 1984.

Series 2. Books and Articles

The series consists of both the manuscripts of articles and published books and articles.

Manuscript articles, 1850-1947 (Item 327-399)

Including: Lecture on psychological effects of music; Music in Australia; A Montague. Seventy years of music; and an untitled film script.

Published books and articles: A.M. Abell. Brahms as I knew him; Pageant of Australian Music and Musicians; A. Dolmetsch. The Viols. Part 2; M. Dumesnil. Saint-Saëns the remarkable; H.P. Hopkin. How Dvorak taught compositions; N. Keshavram Lengar. The present position of North Indian Music; W. Lyle. Some ancient viols; W. Meller. Antipodal; M. Ravel. What I think of modern music; R. Stevenson. The young pianist's Grainger; Sutton. A centenary publication, 1954; Wentzel. The first hundred years of music in Australia chapter three; K. Hince. Music in Australia, 1965; and the review by Hince of Arnold Schoenberg's letters; Contemporary German Music; six Rhyme Sheets by George Baker, George Scott, Frederick Johnston and Geoffrey Scott (Item 400-498)

Series 3. Author Files

Author files on various musicians and composers, both Australian and overseas, make up this series. Files are arranged in alphabetical order. Most files contain only biographical notes and press releases, and in the case of some overseas artists, photographs. The larger files include: (i) Hince: mostly correspondence; (ii) Barrett: lectures and Holford Oration (his correspondence is in Series 6); (iii) Berlioz: unpublished letters; (iv) Dreyfus: autographed leaves of scores; (v) Grainger: correspondence; (vi) Heinze: application and testimonials for professorial appointment; (vii) Holford; (viii) Marshall-Hall: programmes; (ix) Tate: press cuttings. Single newspaper cuttings appear irregularly throughout the series.

Generally, the files contain letters or notes written by the individual listed. In a few cases, they only hold photographs of, or cuttings relating to, the individuals.

Agnew, Roy (Item 499-505)

Alva, Luigi (Item 506-518)

Angeles, Victoria de los (Item 519)

Arral, Blanche (Item 520)

Barrett, Sir James (Item 521-524)

Beard, Frederick (Item 525-527)

Berglund, Paaro (Item 528-530)

Berlinski, Jacques (Item 531-550)

Berlioz, Hector (Item 551-555)

Bliss, Sir Arthur (Item 556-561)

Bochsa, Nicholas (Item 562-567)

See also scores, items 309-312.

Bolet, Jorge (Item 568-574)

Borwick, Leonard (Item 575)

Brumby, Colin (Item 576)

Brune, Tittell (Item 577-583)

Butterley, Nigel (Item 584-595)

Collier, Marie (Item 596)

Coutts, David (Item 597-599)

Dawson, Peter (Item 600)

Delius, Frederick (Item 601)

Dixon, Dean (Item 602-616)

Dorati, Antal (Item 617-621)

Douglas, Clive (Item 622-623)

Dowd, Ronald (Item 624-627)

Dreyfus, George (Item 628-655)

Earp, Frederick (Item 656_687)

See also subject files, items 3194-3226.

Ferras, Christian (Item 688-690)

Fullard, Leonard (Item 691-704)

Garretty, Joyce (Item 705)

Grainger, Percy (Item 706-821)

Hanson-Dyer, Louise (Item 822-823)

Harper, Heather (Item 824)

Hart, Fritz (Item 825-827)

Haydon, Claude M. (Item 828-829)

Heinze, Sir Bernard (Item 830-856)

Hill, Alfred (Item 857-867)

Hince, Kenneth (Item 868-1066)

Holford, Franz (Item 1067-1082)

Hopkins, John (Item 1083)

Howard, Paul (Item 1084-1106)

Hughes, Robert (Item 1107-1111)

Humble, Keith (Item 1112-1118)

Hunter, William (Item 1119)

Hutchens, Frank (Item 1120-1122)

Jaggard, Betty (Item 1123-1125)

Jenkins, Cyril (Item 1126)

Keussler, Gerhard von (Item 1127)

King, Russell (Item 1128)

Kreisler, Fritz (Item 1129)

Laver, W. A. (Item 1130)

Le Gallienne, Dorian (Item 1131-1141)

Levy, Charles (Item 1142-1143)

Malcolm, George (Item 1144-1146)

Manifold, John (Item 1147-1148)

Marshall-Hall, G. W. L. (Item 1149-1200)

Mason, Delia (Item 1201-1203)

Meale, Richard (Item 1204-1210)

Mendelssohn, Felix (Item 1211)

Nickson, A. E. H. (Item 1212-1213)

Panufink, A. (Item 1214-1215)

Pauk, Gyorgy (Item 1216-1222)

Paul, Tibor (Item 1223)

Post, Joseph (Item 1224-1225)

Reeves, Anna (Item 1226-1228)

Robinson, Sir William (Item 1229)

Sanzogno, Nino (Item 1230)

Schwarzkopf, Elizabeth (Item 1231-1252)

Segovia, A. (Item 1253-1254)

Serebryakov, Paul (Item 1255)

Shirley-Quick, John (Item 1256-1257)

Slovac, Ladislav (Item 1258-1259)

Smithers, Welshford (Item 1260)

Steele, Elsie (Item 1261)

Stewart, Nellie (Item 1262-1270)

Stravinsky, Igor (Item 1271-1273)

Sutherland, Joan (Item 1274-1280)

Tate, Henry (Item 1281-1494)

Tzipine, Georges (Item 1495-1507)

Tullio, Eileen di (Item 1508-1511)

Ughi, Uto (Item 1512-1514)

Vandenberg, Alice (Item 1515)

Vasary, James (Item 1516-1518)

Walters, Edgar (Item 1519)

Weber, C. M. von (Item 1520)

Werder, Felix (Item 1521)

Williamson, Malcolm (Item 1522-1526)

Woodward, Roger (Item 1527-1530)

Series 4. Subject Files

This series is arranged in alphabetical order. Generally the series consists of letters, circulars, bulletins, magazines, A.B.C. schedules, press cuttings, documents and the constitutions of several musical organizations including the N.S.W. State Orchestra of Henri Verbrugghen and the Lady Northcote Permanent Orchestra Trust. The volumes on Melbourne supplement the bound volumes of newspaper clippings in Series 5. Significant files are those on the Lady Northcote Permanent Orchestra Trust, with letters by Sir James Barrett, the Melbourne University Conservatorium, the Australian Elizabethan Theatre Trust and the Heidelberg District Musical Society. Other interesting items include a prospectus of the Australasian Grand Opera Company and the 1844 syllabus for Bindfield's Classes in Reading, England.

A.B.C. - Correspondence with Kenneth Hince (Item 1531-1547)

A.B.C. - Biographical handouts (Item 1548-1671)

A.B.C. - Schedules (Item 1673-1947)

A.B.C. - Queensland Symphony Orchestra (Item 1948-1967)

A.B.C. - New South Wales Symphony Orchestra (Item 1968-2038)

A.B.C. - South Australian Symphony Orchestra (Item 2039-2067)

A.B.C. - Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra (Item 2068-2080)

A.B.C. - Western Australian Symphony Orchestra (Item 2081-2164)

A.B.C. - Victorian Symphony Orchestra (Item 2165-2221)

See also Victorian Symphony Orchestra.

Adelaide Festival (Item 2222-2277)

Adelaide University (Item 2278-2302)

Australian Performing Rights Association (Item 2303-2304)

Astra Chamber Music Society (Item 2305-2317)

Australasian Grand Opera Company (Item 2318-2327)

Australian Boys Choir (Item 2328-2329)

Australian Elizabethan Theatre Trust (Item 2330-2416)

Australian Imperial Choral Union (Item 2417)

Australian Society for Keyboard Music (Item 2418-2423)

Australian Society for Music Education (Item 2424-2433)

Bendigo Competitions (Item 2434-2437)

The Berlioz Society (Item 2438-2554)

Binfield's Classes - Reading, England (Item 2555)

Boosey and Hawkes (Item 2556-2571)

British Council (Item 2572-2609)

Canberra Choral Society (Item 2610-1626)

Commonwealth Music Fund (Item 2627-2629)

Council of Adult Education (Item 2630-2631)

Dallas Brooks Hall (Item 2632-2638)

Dandenong Festival (Item 2639)

Elder Conservatorium. See also Adelaide University (Item 2640-2691)

E.M.I. Melbourne (Item 2692)

England, Ireland (Item 2693-2701)

Erickson Consort (Item 2702-2705)

Faber Music (Item 2706-2712)

Fellowship of Australian Composers (Item 2713-2718)

Festival of Perth (Item 2719-2761)

Festivals - European (Item 2762-2772)

France (Item 2773-2778)

Guild of Australian Composers (Item 2779-2786)

Heidelberg District Music Society (Item 2787-2860)

Henty Piano (Item 2861-2862)

Hobart Adult Education (Item 2863-2868)

Hobart Theatre Royal (Item 2869)

Hungarian Art Festival (Item 2870-2877)

International Godowsky Society (Item 2878-2914)

International Society for Contemporary Music (Item 2915-2988)

K.G.B. Services (Item 2989-2990)

Lady Northcote Permanent Orchestra Trust Fund (Item 2991-3124)

Marionette Theatre of Australia (Item 3125)

Marshall-Hall Orchestral Concerts (Item 3126-3157)

Melba Conservatorium (Item 3158-3166)

Melbourne, 1855-1856 (Item 3167-3169)

Melbourne, 1889-1894 (Item 3170-3193)

Melbourne, 1911 (Item 3194-3226)

Melbourne, 1920s (Item 3227-3326)

See Series 5, Press Cuttings.

Melbourne, 1927 (Item 3327-3362)

Melbourne, 1929 (Item 3363-3386)

Melbourne - Miscellaneous (Item 3387-3413)

Melbourne Cultural Centre (Item 3414-3421)

Melbourne - Fitzroy Methodist Mission (Item 3422-3428)

Melbourne Philharmonic Society (Item 3429-3433)

Melbourne - St Stephens Church, Richmond (Item 3434)

Melbourne Symphony Orchestra - Fritz-Hart Division (Item 3435-3456)

Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, 1933, 1934 (Item 3457-3518)

Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, 1935 (Item 3519-3545)

Melbourne University Choral Society (Item 3546-3548)

Melbourne University Conservatorium (Item 3549-3559)

Melbourne University Conservatorium - History (Item 3560-3692)

Mildura Arts Centre (Item 3693-3697)

Montefiore Hill Concert Hall (S.A.) (Item 3698-3699)

Musica Viva Society (Item 3700-3734)

Musical Society of Victoria (Item 3735-3737)

Musicological Society of Australia (Item 3738)

Myer Music Bowl (Item 3739)

National Music Camp (Item 3740-3750)

National Union of Australian University Students (Item 3751-3771)

National Youth Orchestra of Australia (Item 3772-3775)

N.S.W. Conservatorium of Music (Item 3776-3798)

New Sydney Woodwind Quartet (Item 3799-3803)

Netherlands (Item 3804-3867)

Netherlands Information Service (Item 3868-3901)

Novello (Item 3902-3904)

Opera Centre (Item 3905-3907)

Oriana Madrigal Choir (Item 3908-3909)

Oxford Music Bulletin (Item 3910-3913)

Pan-Pacific Auditions (Item 3914-3921)

Peninsula Musical Society (Item 3922-3935)

Perth University Music Department (Item 3936-3943)

Project New Music (Item 3944-3951)

Queensland University Music Department (Item 3952-3961)

Royal School of Church Music - Southern N.S.W. (Item 3962-3964)

Royal Victorian Liedertafel (Item 3965-3969)

St Andrew's Cathedral Choir Society (Item 3970-3973)

Society of Classical Guitar (Item 3974-3976)

Soirees Musicales (Item 3977-3981)

Spira Opera Company (Item 3982-3987)

Sweden (Item 3988-3997)

Sydney - Music - History (Item 3998)

Sydney Opera House (Item 3999-4014)

Sydney Symphony Orchestra (Item 4015-4035)

Sydney University Music Department (Item 4036-4043)

Torrey, Alexander - Souvenir (Item 4044)

U.N.E.S.C.O. (Item 4045-4089)

United States - Information (Item 4090-4151)

United States - Material (Item 4152-4165)

Universal Edition (Item 4166-4185)

University of California (Item 4186-4200)

University of New England (Item 4201-4249)

University of New South Wales (Item 4250-4253)

University of Tasmania (Item 4255)

Verbrugghen Orchestra (Item 4256-4355)

Victorian Education Department (Item 4356-4377)

Victorian Opera Company (Item 4378-4386)

Victorian Symphony Orchestra (Item 4387-4414)

Vivaldiada (Item 4415-4419)

Western Australia - Music Council (Item 4420-4427)

Miscellaneous (Item 4428-4476)

Series 5. Newspaper Cuttings

Arranged chronologically, the cuttings provided a detailed history of musical groups in Melbourne in the early decades of this century, and supplement the subject files relating to Melbourne. There are two volumes of Melbourne University folios, (1900-1910, 1913-1914) containing material relating to the Conservatorium; a date invoice book showing loans of music material from the University library; two volumes of the music criticism of Henry Tate, 1924-1916; a volume of newspaper cuttings 1903-1906; cuttings of Harold Robb's reviews of operas and concert in Melbourne in 1912; a volume of Angelita Davis documents; "News Cuttings" 1920-1923; Music in Melbourne, 1912; a volume on music in Melbourne from August to September, 1951; a volume of Sydney Music Cuttings from June to July, 1951; two volumes of "News Cuttings", Melbourne 1927-1928 and 1929-1930; volume on Melbourne music 1925-1927; and a volume of newspaper cuttings on opera seasons from the 1890's to the 1940's, especially the Melba opera season. More recent volumes of cuttings are those on Melbourne, 1964; the Christchurch Festival, 1966; and the Festival of Perth in 1966 and 1967.

Series 6. Albums

Four albums form this series. The Marshall Hall cuttings album contains details of the administration of the Marshall Hall Concerts 1903-1911, concert programmes, and details of the Melbourne University Conservatorium. The second album contains letters received by Sir James Barrett while the third album, "Plays I have seen", contains details of plays seen in Melbourne 1875-1896. This supplements "Melbourne 1889-1894" in the subject files, The fourth album is a Musicians Birthday Book with several signatures.

Series 7. Pictures and photographs

The series consists mostly of photographs on Percy Grainger, his mother and home, and reproductions of some of his musical scores. There are also photographs of composers, musicians and conductors, a series on the industrial development of Western Australia, and postcards of musicians. Miscellaneous photographs of overseas and some Australian musicians may be found in the author file.

Series 8. Catalogues

The series contains a wide range of music catalogues issued by commercial firms, both Australian and overseas, dating from 1918 onwards.

Series 9. Additional Material

This series includes papers relating to the Australian Broadcasting Commission (3 boxes), added January 1985, and music scores (2 boxes), added September 1985.