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Class MS Acc13.001. Original Consignment

Papers relating to the Melbourne-based office of the Chair of the Australia Council, 1993-1997. Includes extensive correspondence, briefings, speeches, travel to India and China (1996), appointment diaries, meeting notes, annual reports, statistics, media monitoring reports, transcripts and press cuttings.

Comprises 8 archives boxes and 9 cartons.


Australia Council Policy Manual. Briefing Manual for Hilary McPhee as incoming Chair. Manual for Members of the Australia Council. Handbook for Members of the Australia Council, its Boards and Committees. Hilary McPhee, Chair of Australia Council, and Michael Lynch, General Manager. (Hilary McPhee's personal papers relating to the Melbourne-based office of the Chair of the Australia Council, 1993-1997. Includes extensive correspondence, briefings, speeches, travel to India and Chine (1996), appointments diaries, annual reports, statistics, media (Rehame tapes, transcripts and press cuttings).), 1993- 1996 (File) - Box 1

Briefings for incoming chair and general manager

Australia Council briefings. 'Major Evaluation of the Australia Council' - Final Report. Cordiner King Hever: 'Australia Council Review' - Final Report, 'Australia Council Review' - Final Report - Appendices, Australia Council - Access and Equity Plan. Peter Alexander and Associates P/L:An evaluation of the appropriateness of the Australia Council's responses to the changing arts environment, Australia Foundation Board Mtgs. (Hilary McPhee's personal papers relating to the Melbourne-based office of the Chair of the Australia Council, 1993-1997.), 1991-1997 (File) - Box 2

Documents relating to the restructure of the Australia Council

Australia Foundation - various correspondence. Australia Foundation - Planning and Formation. Cultural Policy Formulation. St James Ethics Centre Programme - 'Can we afford to be efficient'. Notes about the Australia Council's base level funding - pre 'Creative Nation' - Hilary McPhee - personal comments - mtg with Prime Minister and senior staff. SPAA Conference - Hector Crawford Memorial Lecture. Riposte to Donald Horne's piece. Australia Council restructure article written for 'The Sydney Morning Herald' and 'The Age'. 'Creative Tension' - speech to The Sydney Institute. 'The Business of Culture' - Creating Culture National Conference, Parliament House, Canberra. 'Cultural Identity in the Arts' 1995 Global Diversity Conference. Australia Council Awards and Inaugural Young Australian Creative Fellowships, Old State Theatre, Melbourne. Evatt Foundation Breakfast Speech, August 1994-November 1995 (File) - Box 3

Adjuncts to the Australia Council and Cultural Policy formation in the context of 'Creative Nation'.

Sydney Theatre Company - 'Squirts Programme'. Miles Franklin Literary Awards. The Tasmania Pacific Region Prize. City of Melbourne Honoured Artists Awards. Premier's Literary Awards. Kibble Awards for Women Writers. National Community Link Awards. Adult Audio Book of the Year Award. Australia Foundation for Culture and the Humanities - Reference Panel - 'Australia's Stories'. Geraldine Pascall Foundation. Australia Council, incl. leaving party, cards, etc., 1997-2003 (File) - Box 4

Post Australia Council - various appointments incl. judging panels.

Asia - Australia Institute: Briefings, Advisory Council - Profiles, Asia Leaders' Forum and Council Mtg-Beijing, Asia Social Policy Forum - Chiang Mai Thailand, Asia Young Leaders' Forum - Jakarta-Bandung Indonesia, Asian Leaders' Forum-Gotemba Japan, Asia-Australia Institute-Occasional Papers No. 1, Asia-Australia Institute Percepetions Project Working Paper No. 3, Gwingamma Forum. REHAME TAPES: ATN7 'The Times' - Allegations of Corruption in the Australia Council, ABC TV 'Between the Lines' - Australia Council/Australian Review of Books, ABN2 - 'Express' - Segment on the Arts, ABC Nat. TV - 'Lateline' - Hilary McPhee sets arts community offside, ABV2 National Press Club Luncheon, ABN2 News - Australia Council to restructure, SBS28 News - ditto, ABN2 - 'The 7.30 Report' - South Australia State Theatre Company to produce only Australian plays. NON-REHAME TAPES: SBS Broadcast - Global Cultural Diversity Tape 1, 2 x un-named tapes, 1993-1997 (File) - Box 5

Post Australia Council - China visit, Asia Australia Institute - briefings. Tapes relating to Australia Council re-structure and various controversies.

Chair's Appointment Diaries, Meetings, etc. Notebook - Australia Multimedia Enterprise - Notebook - Macau visit, Mid 1994- April 1999 (File) - Box 6
Australia Council - annual reports, statistics and publications, 1992-96 (File) - Box 7
TRAVEL: Australia Council/Asia-Australia Institute, China, Macau, Australia Council, India, Macua, Federal election, Australia Multimedia Enterprise (AME). Australia Council: Legal, Arts Fact Sheet, Arts Council comparative data, Peer assessment research, Review Working party, correspondence and info. pre appointment (File) - Box 8
Detailed index to all 23 Lever Arch Files in Boxes 9-17. 3 Lever Arch files containing McPhee's briefings, correspondence, notes, meetings, appointments, drafts prior to AC appointment and following. (Hilary McPhee's personal papers relating to the Melbourne-based office of the Chair of the Australia Council, 1993-1997.), March 1992-June 1994 (File) - Box 9-17

In the context of the Federal Government's first cultural policy, Creative Nation, this was a substantial re-assessment of the role of the Australia Council and its restructure.

Class MS Acc13.006. Consignment Added 21 January 2013

Papers relating to the Australia Council for the Arts. Includes agenda and meeting papers (121st-144th meetings), audio and video cassettes of media appearances and coverage, and press cuttings relating to plans to restructure the Australia Council.

Comprises 10 boxes.


Hilary McPhee's personal papers relating to the Melbourne-based office of the Chair of the Australia Council, 1993-1997. In the context of the Federal Government's first cultural policy, Creative Nation, this was a substantial re-assessment of the role of the Australia Council and its restructure.

Mainly agenda Papers and supporting documentation to various meetings.

121st Mtg, 9,10,11 March 1994 (File) - Box 18
122nd Mtg, 12-13 May 1994 (File) - Box 18
123rd Mtg, 7 and 8 July 1994 (File) - Box 18
124th Mtg (Teleconference), 13-Sep-94 (File) - Box 19
125th Mtg, 10-11 Nov 1994 (File) - Box 19
126th Mtg (Teleconference), 13-Feb-95 (File) - Box 19
127th Mtg, 23-24 Feb 1995 (File) - Box 19
128th Mtg + Special Mtg on Peer Assessment, 02-May-95 (File) - Box 19
129th Mtg, 25-26 May 1995 (File) - Box 19
130th Mtg, 6-7 July 1995 (File) - Box 20
131st Mtg (Teleconference), 01-Aug-95 (File) - Box 20
132nd Mtg, 15-Sep-95 (File) - Box 20
133rd Mtg - Missing (File) - Box 20
134th Mtg, 30 Nov-1 Dec 95 (File) - Box 20
135th Mtg, 22-23 Feb 1996 (File) - Box 21
136th Mtg (Teleconference), 03-Apr-96 (File) - Box 21
137th Mtg, 15-May-96 (File) - Box 21
138th Mtg, 27-28 June 1996 (File) - Box 21
139th Mtg, 29-30 Aug 1996 (File) - Box 22
140th Mtg (Teleconference), 13-Sep-96 (File) - Box 22
141st Mtg, 14-15 Nov 1996 (File) - Box 22
142nd Mtg, 20-21 Feb 1997 (File) - Box 23
143rd Mtg (Teleconference), 19-Mar-97 (File) - Box 23
144th Mtg, 29-30 May 1997 (File) - Box 23
Misc. audio and video cassettes of relevant media (File) - Box 24
Rehame video tapes: (File) - Box 24
The 7.30 Report re Centenary of the Venice Biennale, 13-Oct-95 (File) - Box 24
ABC National TV 7.54pm - Hilary McPhee stepping down as Chair of the Australia Council, 26-Jun-97 (File) - Box 24
ABN TV News 7.19pm - Australia Council has new Chair, 10-Jul-97 (File) - Box 24
The 7.30 Report - The history of modern architecture has witnessed diminished role for artists, 03-Dec-96 (File) - Box 24
Non-Rehame video tape: (File) - Box 24
The 7.30 Report - Starving Actors, 20-Feb-95 (File) - Box 24
Misc. audio and video cassettes of relevant media (File) - Box 24
Rehame audio tapes: (File) - Box 24
2BL - A review of 1996 by four prominent Sydneysiders, incl. Hilary McPhee, 13-Dec-96 (File) - Box 24
Radio National Public Forum - What happens to the arts and our cultural landscape when life gets tough?, 26-May-97 (File) - Box 24
ABC National Radio 'PM' - Discussion on the retirement of Hilary McPhee from the Australia Council, 10-Jul-97 (File) - Box 24
Non-Rehame audio tapes (File) - Box 24
Hilary McPhee ex Peter Couchman, 06-Jun-94 (File) - Box 24
Interview with H. Crampton, 03-Jun-97 (File) - Box 24
Late Light Live, 30-Aug-93 (File) - Box 24
Misc. audio and video cassettes of relevant media (File) - Box 24
Non-Rehame audio cassettes (File) - Box 24
Late Night Live, 20-May-96 (File) - Box 24
Hilary McPhee on Triple J, 20-21 Feb 1995 (File) - Box 24
Arts Today, 24-Apr-97 (File) - Box 24
Booktalk, 82/96? (File) - Box 24
Bill Kelty on regional development - Monash University, 24-Feb-94 (File) - Box 24
Press cuttings relating uproar over plans to restructure the Australia Council, 1993-1997 (File)

Class MS Acc13.032. Consignment Added 25 February 2013

Papers relating to McPhee Gribble as an imprint of Penguin Books Australia; the Australian Book Publishers Association; McPhee's work with Pan Macmillan for Picador and Macmillan Imprints; notes of speeches given by McPhee, cuttings of columns she wrote for The Age and other publications, and files relating to her book Other people's words, published in 2001; papers relating to several projects with which McPhee was involved.

Comprises 11 boxes.

Series. McPhee Gribble as an imprint of Penguin Books Australia Ltd

Work-in-progress - author files: Carmel Bird - 'The Bluebird Café', 'Dear Writer'; Vincent Buckley - 'Last Poems'; Rod Jones - 'Prince of the Lilies'; Rodney Hall - 'The Second Bridegroom'; Eric Rolls - 'An Anthology of Australian Fishing'; Helen Garner - 'Last Days of Chez Nous'; Blanche d'Alpuget vs Stan Anson re Hawke: 'An Emotional Life'; Dorothy Hewett - 'Wildcard'; Drusilla Modjeska - 'Poppy'; Gerald Murnane - 'The Plains', 'Velvet Waters', Paul Carter-Baroque Memories'(under consideration), 1988-1990 (File) - Box 28

Books in editorial and production when company taken over by Penguin. McPhee as Publisher of imprint.

Organisation chart, meeting notes, internal correspondence, book proposals, and costings, sales figures, 1990-1994 (File) - Box 28
Penguin Books Corporate Plans x 3: 1990-1992 dated Oct. 1989, 1991-1993 dated Oct. 1990, 1992-1994 dated Oct. 1991, 1990-1994 (File) - Box 28
McPhee Gribble in the 90s/Change of Address to South Yarra (File) - Box 29

McPhee Gribble's offices were initially at Claremont Street, South Yarra, Vic. 1990, then at Penguin Australia at Maroondah Highway, Ringwood, Vic.

Samples of McPhee Gribble stationery at Penguin, 1990-1991 (File) - Box 29
Australian Book Publishers Association - Report of Book Export Development Committee, 22 Feb. 1991 (File) - Box 29
Australian Book Publishers Association - Hilary McPhee's notes re Export Development Committee agents proposal incl. visit to New York for American Booksellers' Fair, Jun-91 (File) - Box 29

Series. A new publishing venture

Working papers/narrative; core list; costings; projections; etc, Late 1991 (File) - Box 29

McPhee's several attempts to start another independent publishing house.

Series. McPhee Gribble Publishers Pty Ltd

Catalogues, 1979-1980, 1987-1988, Jan-Jul 1988 (File) - Box 30
Magazine containing article re McPhee Gribble/Diana Gribble and Hilary McPhee - 'Follow Me' - No. 29, Jun/Jul 1987 (File) - Box 30
'Practical Puffins' - unpublished last manuscripts and illustrations: 'Bed-making the most of it', 'Sounds-a strange collection', 'Making money-for yourself and others' (File) - Box 30
McPhee Gribble Publishers Business Plan - Documentation re planning and final trading statements, 1988-1990 (File) - Box 30

One of several corporate plans prepared in 1988-1989 pre-purchase of the company by Penguin Books Australia Ltd

Series. Hilary McPhee at Pan Macmillan for Picador and Macmillan Imprints

Misc. correspondence with various authors, internal office communications, book costings, publishing programme, Catalogue 1994, invitations to book launches, publicity material, authors' promotion itineraries, minutes of publishing meetings and sales reports. Also includes McPhee's notes (Oct 93) from her visit to Frankfurt Book Fair, New York and London, incl. meetings with agents, publishers and authors, Apr 1992-Dec 1993 (File) - Box 31

McPhee was approached for the role of Publishing Director of Pan Macmillan's imprints by James Frazer at the Adelaide Festival Writer's Week, March 1992. McPhee spent several days a fortnight at Pan Macmillan's head office in Sydney at meetings and building the publishing list, drawing up author contracts, overseeing design and production, sales and marketing.

Files re employee lists, job specifications, salaries, performance and appraisal reports, business plans, forecasts, annual accounts, acquisitions policy, budgets, ideas, hit list, acquisitions sought and on offer, gratis list, Apr 1992-Dec 1993 (File) - Box 32

McPhee's Melbourne office was at the Pan Macmillan warehouse facility in Port Melbourne.

McPhee's notes from her visit to Frankfurt Book Fair, New York and London, incl. meetings with agents, publishers and authors, Oct-93 (File) - Box 32
McPhee Consultancy Agreement (File) - Box 32
McPhee invoices and expenses (File) - Box 32
Files re publishing industry - misc. statistics, press articles Australian Book Publishers Association and Fellowship of Australian Writers material (File) - Box 32
Files, author correspondence, proofs and some manuscripts in editorial: Tim Winton 'The Riders'; Drusilla Modjeska 'The Orchard'; Rodney Hall 'The Colony Club', 'The Lonely Traveller', 'The Day we had Hitler Home to Lunch'; Kate Grenville 'Dark Places', Apr 1992-Dec 1993 (File) - Box 33

Files saved from McPhee's Port Melbourne office assembled by staff after a flood in May/Jun? 1993 and returned to McPhee after her resignation in Dec 1993. McPhee had editorial meetings at this office with Melbourne based authors incl. Helen Garner, Rod Jones, Janine Burke and Amanda Lohrey.

Series. Speeches given by Hilary McPhee

Various - mostly typed/printed but also includes handwritten speech notes - 9 x folders, 1993-2002 (File) - Box 34

Series. Newspaper columns written by Hilary McPhee for 'The Age' and other publications

Includes typescripts and published clippings - 2 x folders, 2001-2002 (File) - Box 34

Series. 'Other People's Words' - published by Picador, 2001

Files relating to permissions; production; promotion; 2 x black 'display' folders of reviews, articles and interviews; misc. correspondence; itinerary for media commitments; Picador catalogue featuring 'Other People's Words'; celebration party invitation list' gratis book list' letters from others to Hilary McPhee on publication of the book, 2001 (File) - Box 35

Series. Pluto Press proposal to Hilary McPhee to start up a publishing programme

Misc. notes and ideas, Late 2003 (File) - Box 36

One of several propositions that went nowhere.

Series. Various invitations to McPhee

To accept positions on boards of misc. organisations; to give speeches; to be a judge on panels, etc. incl. Australians for a Just Refugee Program (Inc.) - to be a Patron; Williamson Community Leadership Programme - Speaker; International Conference on the Future of the Book - Keynote Speaker; Committee for Economic Development of Australia - Speaker; Arena Theatre Co. - Chair of Board; Kibble Literary Awards - State Library of NSW - Address, 2000-2002 (File) - Box 36

Series. Various articles by various writers

Collected as background for speeches, columns, etc, 1998-2000 approx. (File) - Box 36

Series. Mietta's Song Recital and Artworks Foundation

Various papers, 1998-1999 (File) - Box 36

Series. Australia's Best Books Online - Multimedia production investment agreement

Project outline, notes, correspondence - incl. with lawyers - and draft agreement between Australian Broadcasting Commission, Cinemedia Corporation and un-named Producer, 2000-2001 (File) - Box 37

Series. Hilary McPhee's lecture notes and samples of edited manuscripts

RMIT, Faculty of Applied Social Sciences and Communications, Department of Communication Studies, Graduate Diploma in Editing and Publishing; PE200 - Principles and Practice of Editing II, 26-Jul-93 (File) - Box 37

Series. Open Learning Agency of Australia - McPhee as member of Board

Incl. correspondence, minutes of meetings of Tender Board and Monash University's proposal to offer a unit, 1993 (File) - Box 37

Series. National Library of Australia

Oral history project proposal by Hilary McPhee and Drusilla Modjeska - 'The Culture of the Forties and Fifties' - completed transcript of interview with Barbara Falk as an example (other proposed interviewees: Lina Bryans, Maisie Drysdale, Barrett Reid, Frances Burke, Clem and Nina Christensen, James Gleeson, 1993 (File) - Box 37

Series. Maisie Drysdale

Autobiographical interviews with Maisie Drysdale; edited and interviewed by Drusilla Modjeska and Hilary McPhee for a book to be published by Macmillan; Literary Agent - Barbara Mobbs. Revised full manuscript incl. list of possible illustrations, 2000-2001 (File) - Box 38

Project was cancelled.

Class MS Acc13.059. Consignment Added 15 April 2013

Correspondence with friends and authors; manuscripts by authors and friends, including editorial comments by McPhee; and papers relating to Australia's Best Books Online Project.

Comprises 7 boxes.

Various correspondence with friends and authors (includes postcards and photographs), 1995-2006 (File) - Box 49

Drusilla Modjeska (incl. misc. pieces of her writing), 1996-2002 (File) - Box 49

Helen Wire, 1995-1999 (File) - Box 49

Jan Senbergs (incl. his speech at Harvard Australian Symposium, Harvard University, 9 May 1997 and piece on Artists Grants, February 1985), 1997-2001 (File) - Box 49

Hannie Rayson, 2001-2005 (File) - Box 49

Jim Davidson, 1999-2001 (File) - Box 49

Pauline Nestor/Leela Gandhi, 1999-2006 (File) - Box 49

Ramona Koval, 2000-2001 (File) - Box 49

Correspondence with friends and authors, 1994-2006 (File) - Box 50

Tim Winton, 1998-2006 (File) - Box 50

Carmen Callil, 1995-2004 (File) - Box 50

Eulogies and obituaries for various prominent people: (File) - Box 50

Ian Robertson, 13-Jan-04 (File) - Box 50

Philip Martin, 18-Oct-05 (File) - Box 50

Peter Kerr, 1990 (File) - Box 50

Marie Tehan, 01-Nov-04 (File) - Box 50

Peter Mathers, 08-Nov-04 (File) - Box 50

Maisie Drysdale, 2001 (File) - Box 50

Helen Garner correspondence, postcards and small pieces of writing, including some material on 'Joe Cinque's Consolation', 1981-2006 (File) - Box 51

Manuscripts by authors/friends including editorial comments by McPhee: (File) - Box 52

Alex Miller - 'The Other Man' (Prochownick's Dream?), 2003-2005 (File) - Box 52

Don Watson - 'The Silence' - film script, 2001 (File) - Box 52

Hannie Rayson - 'Two Brothers' and 'Inheritance' scripts, including material for The Life Writing Project. Acts 1 and 2 of 'Inheritance', 2002-2005 (File) - Box 52

The Life Writing Project met monthly after hours at the Australian Centre at Melbourne University. Set up for writers of biography, autobiography and memoir to discuss work-in-progress with each other.

Peter Steele - poems and essays, 2000-02 (File) - Box 52

Helen Garner - 'Joe Cinque's Consolation' - late draft - here called 'Lament for Joe Cinque', Dec-03 (File) - Box 52

Manuscripts by authors/friends, some including editorial comments by McPhee:, 2003-04 (File) - Box 53

John Hooker - 'Casement', 2003 (File) - Box 53

Murray Bail - 'Notebooks' - London, May-04 (File) - Box 53

Jocelyn Moorhouse and Michelle Joyner - 'Eucalyptus' - film script based on novel by Murray Bail - 3rd draft, Jun-04 (File) - Box 53

Tim Winton manuscripts including correspondence with Sophie Cunningham and editorial comments by McPhee and Sophie Cunningham. 'The Turning', 'Cloudstreet', 'Lockie Leonard', 'Bugalugs Bum Thief', May 1990- February 2004 (File) - Box 54

'Cloudstreet' was work-in-progress when McPhee Gribble was acquired by Penguin. 'Lockie Leonard' and 'Bugalugs Bum Thief' were published next then 'The Riders' was published by Pan Macmillan when McPhee moved to that company in 1993. 'The Turning' was published in 2005 after McPhee left the company.

Australia's Best Books Online Project. Correspondence and planning documents for a multi-media project initiated by McPhee across various institutions including ABC Online, the State Library of Victoria, Cinemedia and Pan Macmillan. Its broad aim was to address the decline of Australian literary content in education and the media. Brian Matthews and Robert Drewe and a number of other writers and critics were involved (File) - Box 55

Class MS Acc13.076. Consignment Added 29 April 2013

Papers relating to McPhee's editorial work for several authors including Drusilla Modjeska and Helen Garner; work with Rigby Limited; publication of Other people's words; work with Pan Macmillan for Picador and Macmillan Imprints; the sale of McPhee Gribble to Penguin; work with the Universities Council of the Commonwealth Tertiary Education Commission (CTEC), the University of Melbourne, 'New' and 'Media She'; the Women's Electoral Lobby; and a 1970 court case re Penguin's s attempt to distribute the book Portnoy's complaint.

Comprises 11 boxes and 5 cartons.

Series. Drusilla Modjeska

'Stravinsky's Lunch' - Two copies of original MS - one includes McPhee's marked-up editorial suggestions and notes to author re process; other includes photocopies of illustrations, 1997-1998 (File) - Box 39

McPhee left publishing from 1994 but editorial sessions continued by by telephone and face-to-face when McPhee in Sydney or the author in Melbourne.

'A Story Ripe to Tell' - MS; story contained in 'Secrets' - first published in 1997 by Pan Macmillan Australia Pty Ltd - along with stories by Amanda Lohrey and Robert Dessaix, 1996 (File) - Box 39
'The Figure from Lake Sentari' - MS, 25-Apr-97 (File) - Box 39
'The Mountain' - Late draft with McPhee's editorial comments and discussion notes with the author in Melbourne. Published in 2012 by Random House, 2010 (File) - Box 39

Series. Helen Garner

'Cosmo Cosmolino' - published by McPhee at Penguin as a McPhee Gribble title in 1992. Editing notes for discussion with author - second part of MS only, 1990 (File) - Box 40

Contracted by McPhee Gribble before sale of imprint to Penguin Books Australia.

Correspondence from Garner re early progress, incl. suggestion for book's title (File) - Box 40

Garner followed McPhee to Pan Macmillan.

Handwritten notes by McPhee for speech given at book's launch, 06-Mar-92 (File) - Box 40
'The First Stone' - published by McPhee at Pan Macmillan in Picador imprint, March 1995 (File) - Box 40
Two draft manuscripts edited and 'legaled', 28 May 1994-4 July 1994 (File) - Box 40
Legal opinions and correspondence between McPhee and Peter Bartlett of Minter Ellison Morris Fletcher re Pan Macmillan's reluctance to publish, Nov-Dec 1994 (File) - Box 40
Article by Peter Craven re McPhee's resignation from Pan Macmillan, Dec-94 (File) - Box 40
McPhee's notes re publication of 'The First Stone' and 'falling out' after 'Sydney Morning Herald' article, Nov 1994? (File) - Box 40
Notes supplied to 'Elle' magazine questionnaire., Dec-94 (File) - Box 40
Article in 'The Age' - 'The End of the Affair', Jun 2000? (File) - Box 40
Two draft manuscripts edited and 'legaled', 28 May 1994-4 July 1994. (File) - Box 40
Publisher's proofs, Dec-94 (File) - Box 40

Series. Other people's manuscripts

Rhys Isaac - 'Landon Carter', 2000 (File) - Box 40

Various MS sent to McPhee Gribble for advice, comment, possible publication.

Hugh Mackay - 'The Spin', 1998 (File) - Box 40
Angus Trumble - 'A Brief History of the Smile' - non-fiction book proposal incl. sample MS, Undated (File) - Box 40
Helen Garner - 'The Feel of Steel' - collection of stories. MS and editorial correspondence with author, 2000 (File) - Box 40

Eventually published by Picador in 2001.

Rosemary Hansen - 'Ro's Story' - unpublished commissioned project for possible McPhee Gribble publication. Autobiographical account of developing Multiple Sclerosis, including during pregnancy and child rearing, 1978-1979 (File) - Box 40

Hansen was married to painter, Peter Freeman, McPhee's first husband.

Harold Bridger - Interviews by Stan Gold - 'The Double Task - Harold Bridger - Life and Work' incl. micro. cassettes of interviews, 1999 (File) - Box 40

Series. Rigby Country Books

Commissioned and packaged series of publications for Rigby Limited: 'House Crafts', Research - Julie Watts, Writer - Frances Kelly, Photographer - Gordon Glenn; 'Farm Crafts', Research - Rosemary Freeman, Writer - Frances Kelly, Photographer - Dianne Lancashire; 'Garden Crafts', Research - Julie Watts, Writer - Frances Kelly, Photographer - Gordon Glenn; 'Food Crafts', Research - Rosemary Freeman, Writer - Frances Kelly, Photographer - Gordon Glenn; 'Bush Crafts', Research - Rosemary Freeman, Writer - Frances Kelly, Photographer - Dianne Lancashire, 1978 (File) - Box 40

In its first few years McPhee Gribble 'packaged' series for several publishers including Rigby, UQP, Heinemann and the Curriculum Development Centre, Canberra (1975).

Series. Habitat

Resource kit produced for Curriculum Development Centre, 1976 (File) - Box 40

Series. Re-educating a generation: avoiding sex bias

Resource kit produced for Curriculum Development Centre, 1976 (File) - Box 40

Series. Harold Bridger papers and taped interviews with Dr Stanley Gold

McPhee with Dr Gold and others attempted to produce a manuscript commemorating the work of UK psychoanalyst, Harold Bridger, who visited Australia regularly to work with the Pratt Family company. Harold Bridger visited McPhee Gribble as a 'creative company', 1979 (File) - Box 41

Series. Sisters, 1979 - Box 41

'Sisters' was a feminist book club, a publishing initiative set up by Diana Gribble, Hilary McPhee, Anne O'Donovan, Sally Milner and Joyce Nicholson in 1979. 'Sisters' published a range of poetry, short stories and novels (incl. letter from Melbourne Uni. Archives dated 1 Aug 2001 re access to archives).

Series. Other People's Words

Published in Picador by Pan Macmillan Australia Pty Ltd in 2001. Copy of book, 1950-2000 (File) - Box 42
Contextual press clippings re publishing, arts generally, the ABC, media directions, Sept 1999-Dec 2000 (File) - Box 42
Interviews with publishers, agents and other industry figures on history and status of publishing in the UK, 2000 (File) - Box 42
Background and research papers incl. Penguin Books catalogues 1950, 1951, 1956, 1964, 1965, 1967, 1968, 1969 plus Penguin African Series 1965-1969; Report of the Australia Book Trade Working Party, 1975, Kenneth Hince Antiquarian Bookseller Catalogue No. 3, May 1964, 1950-1975 (File) - Box 42
McPhee's working files relating to material on: 'The Writer', 'The Editor', 'The Publisher', 'The Bookseller' and 'The Reader'- incl. own notes, articles and press clippings. Published in Picador by Pan Macmillan Australia Pty Ltd in 2001, 1999 (File) - Box 42
McPhee's file of compilation of quotes by writers and others regarding the experience/craft of writing, 1999 (File) - Box 43
McPhee's office files of various speeches by others incl. Jana Wendt - Andrew Olle Media Lecture (1997), President Mary Robinson to the Global Forum of Women, Dublin (1992), Robert Hughes - Summer Rally for the Republic (1996), Anne Summers - Back to the Future - ACTU Whitlam Lecture Series (1997), Hannie Rayson - Acting up in Howard's Australia (2002), Noel Pearson - launch of Don Watson's 'Recollections of a Bleeding Heart - A Portrait of Paul Keating' (2002), Gough Whitlam's eulogy at service for Nugget Coombs (1997), 1992-2002 (File) - Box 43
Typed MS with some handwritten author changes (File) - Box 43
Editing notes by editors Jacqueline Kent and Judith Lukin-Amundsen. Page proofs and correspondence regarding production including text design and cover proofs (File) - Box 43


Papers relating to sale of McPhee Gribble to Penguin - legal, financial, in-house costings, re-structuring, other proposals, business plans and balance sheets, 1988-1990 (File) - Box 44

Various solutions were sought as the late 1980s recession hit, sales plummet and authors' advances rise. Expressions of interest from UK publishers for co-publishing.

Turnover and scheduling list produced for McPhee Gribble staff, then for Penguin Australia - first as distributors, then as owners (File) - Box 44
Retail value eroded by recession - staff meetings re re-structure, 1991 (File) - Box 44
McPhee's diary notes made from her 1989 diary held in Baillieu Library (File) - Box 44
Distribution Agreement with Penguin Books., May-91 (File) - Box 44
Correspondence with Penguin Books re acquisition date, etc., incl. publishing schedule, sales analyses and turnover estimates (File) - Box 44
McPhee's visits to agents and authors in New York and London to place McPhee Gribble titles in UK and US, following up previous interest at book fairs (File) - Box 44
McPhee's participation in Pacifica Forum organised by Canadian Pacific Publishing Society in Vancouver (File) - Box 44
Correspondence with McPhee Gribble team, reports from home and office incl. with Julia Taylor, Sophie Cunningham and Michael Langley re books in production, new projects, etc., and then husband, Don Watson (File) - Box 44
Overseas reviews of Tim Winton's 'Cloudstreet' (File) - Box 44
Protracted correspondence with Penguin re terms of acquisition, cash flows, balance sheets, etc, Apr-90 (File) - Box 44
Assignments of contracts with authors, Dec-89 (File) - Box 44
References and letters of support FOR others and misc. thank you letters to McPhee FROM other others (File) - Box 44
Correspondence from authors, publishers and other prominent Australians re sale and McPhee's move to Penguin (File) - Box 44
Internal Penguin correspondence re publishing programme, incl. participation in Adelaide Writers' Festival, 1992 (File) - Box 44
Correspondence with universities (incl. outside Australia), agents and publishers re possible sale of archives of McPhee Gribble Publishers, 1991-1992 (File) - Box 45
Final Heads of Agreement document signed and dated 29 Nov 1991 and other papers for Cecil McGarvie Pty Ltd, 1990 (File) - Box 45

Penguin Books purchased the name 'McPhee Gribble Publishers' - it was therefore necessary for McPhee and Gribble to form another company to deal with remaining legal and financial issues. The name 'Cecil McGarvie' was based on the names of two streets - Cecil Street, Fitzroy, Vic. and McGarvie Street, Paddington, NSW, where offices had been occupied by McPhee Gribble

Consultancy Agreement between McPhee Gribble Publishers, Penguin Books and Hilary McPhee, 1990 (File) - Box 45
Correspondence between McPhee and Gribble re finances, legalities, etc (File) - Box 45
McPhee Gribble Publishers Financial Statements; Costing matrix (File) - Box 45
Framed print/lithograph from McPhee's office at Penguin, 1991-1992 (22 - 'The Eye, a strange Balloon, Moves Towards the Infinite, 1882. Lithograph (to Edgar Poe), 10 1/4 x 7 3/4" Collection Galerie Le Bateau-Lavoir, Paris (File) - Box 45
McPhee's membership of Board of National Centre for Australia Studies, Monash University (File) - Box 45
McPhee's membership of Meanjin Board of Directors - Agendas, Minutes, correspondence, 23-Nov-89 (File) - Box 45
Correspondence from Macquarie University re possible membership of Advisory Board (File) - Box 45
Legal correspondence and documents with lawyers Mallesons Stephen Jaques, 1990-1991 (File) - Box 45
National Companies and Securities Commission document re change to McPhee Gribble's Memorandum of Association, 29-Nov-89 (File) - Box 45
Drafts and final of Sale of Assets Agreement - final signed and dated 23 Nov 1989, 1990-1991 (File) - Box 45
National Companies and Securities Commission document re change to McPhee Gribble's Memorandum of Association, 1990 (File) - Box 45
Drafts and final of Sale of Assets Agreement - final signed and dated 23 Nov 1989, 1990-1991 (File) - Box 45
National Companies and Securities Commission Notice of Resolution - Change of Name from McPhee Gribble Publishers Pty Ltd to Cecil McGarvie Pty Ltd, 1975-1989 (File) - Box 45
Superannuation and taxation documents (File) - Box 45
McPhee Gribble Publishers editorial systems for copy editing, author information and production (File) - Box 45
Complete set of McPhee Gribble Publishers catalogues and posters (File) - Box 45
Melbourne University sale of archives correspondence and Agreement dated 8 Oct 1990 (File) - Box 45
Fax to Diana Gribble re establishment of Text Media Group, 12-Sep-90 (File) - Box 45
McPhee's notes to Sophie Cunningham, Julia Taylor and Michael Langley re overseas trip to USA and UK, May/Jun 1991 (File) - Box 45

Series. Hilary McPhee at Pan Macmillan for Picador and Macmillan Imprints

Letters from authors, publishers and others re McPhee's move from Penguin to Pan Macmillan, Feb-March 1992. (File) - Box 46
McPhee's personal office files and office correspondence with authors and others including John Romeril, Peter Blazey, Rodney Hall, Helen Garner, Elizabeth Jolley, Paul Fox, Merv. Lilley, Carmen Callil and Peter Carey, 1992-1993 (File) - Box 46
Also correspondence with Penguin Books Australia re 'Practical Puffins', 1993-1994 (File) - Box 46
Profile of McPhee in 'The Australian Magazine', 17-18 Oct 1992 (File) - Box 46
Pan Macmillan's Publishing Programme, 1993 (File) - Box 46
McPhee's files from Melbourne office of Pan Macmillan on list and export development, Feb/March 1993 (File) - Box 46
File note from Julia Taylor, dated 13 March 2013 covering her employment with McPhee Gribble Publishers at Penguin from Oct 1990 to May 1992 and then at Pan Macmillan from Jun 1992 to Aug 1996. Attachments include copy of 'The Groupie' - McPhee Gribble Newsletter No. 4, 19 Dec 1990, Macmillan Newsletter No. 39, Nov 1994, Pan Macmillan Jun 1992-Aug 1996, photos and captions from Pan Macmillan 'events', 2 x wp discs (undated and untitled) and floor plan at Pan Macmillan Melbourne office. Also floor plan from same office from Michael Langley who also worked at McPhee Gribble and McPhee Gribble at Penguin (File) - Box 46
McPhee's office file re Australian federal election campaign including UK press coverage sent by Carmen Callil, Australian press cuttings, especially regarding Arts Policy in Australia (File) - Box 46
Don Watson's speech as Paul Keating's speechwriter for Republican Launch, 25-Mar-93 (File) - Box 46
Involvement in Abbotsford Convent campaign (File) - Box 46

Series. Hilary McPhee - Personal office files

Participation in Festivals incl.:, Pre-2007 (File) - Box 47
Sydney Writers' Festival, 2001 (File) - Box 47
Brisbane Writers' Festival, 2001 (File) - Box 47
Byron Bay Writers' Festival, 2002 (File) - Box 47
Melbourne Writers' Festivals, 1991, 2002, 2003 (File) - Box 47
Adelaide Festival, 1992 (File) - Box 47
Consultancies and appointments incl. State Library of NSW, University of WA Press, Eureka Street, Victorian Premier's Literary Awards Committee, proposal as recipient of Centenary Medal (declined - 2002) (File) - Box 47
Australian Broadcasting Commission, Pre-2004 (File) - Box 47
Involvement in Australia Centre, Berlin, 2001 (File) - Box 47
Literature Board - McPhee's reports on 'Evolution of Book Publishing Subsidies Programme' and 'Individual Writers' Grants Programmes - Evaluation of Results', 1990-1994 (File) - Box 47
Member of Victorian Governor's Publishing Team (Dr Davis McCaughey), 1988 (File) - Box 47
Book reviews, articles and correspondence with other writers and reviewers incl. Richard Flanagan, Helen Garner, Anne Summers, Murray Bail and Gerald Murnane* incl. re furore about Peter Craven's review of 'The Best Australian Stories 2001' in 'Australian Book Review', 1975-2002 (File) - Box 48
McPhee's speeches incl.: (File) - Box 48
Pacific Forum, Vancouver - 'Trading in Books - the International Environment', 1991 (File) - Box 48
Fremantle Arts Centre Seminar - 'Future Directions in Print', 1989 (File) - Box 48
Submission to Public Inquiry into Books Prices, 1989 (File) - Box 48
Speech at International PEN Annual Dinner;, 1990 (File) - Box 48
Speech at Phillip Institute Graduation Ceremony, 1991 (File) - Box 48
Acceptance speech - Hon. Degree of Doctor of Letters, Monash University, 1992 (File) - Box 48

Series. Universities Council of the Commonwealth Tertiary Education Commission - Member

Universities Council of the Commonwealth Tertiary Education Commission (CTEC). McPhee was on the Council of Melbourne University and appointed to the Universities Council of CTEC by the Minister for Education, Susan Ryan, Aug 1983, 1983-1987 (File) - Box 56

Appointments etc. include correspondence with prominent Australians including: Susan Ryan, Janet McCalman, Joan Kirner, David Morgan, Terry Moran, Tim Bowden, Andrea Hull, Stephen Fitzgerald, John McDonald, Brian Stonier, John Hewson, Winsome McCaughey, Mietta O'Donnell.


Appointed July 1997 by Vice-Chancellor Alan Gilbert for a three year period; re-appointed for two years - letter dated 16 Sept 2003 for period 17 Nov 2003 to 17 Nov 2005. Throughout the appointment, McPhee was a member of Board and committees, maintaining her involvement in the arts, cultural policy development and publishing, writing articles and speeches, 1997-2005 (File) - Box 56
Australia Council, incl. KPMG paper 'Taxation Reform and the Arts'; Briefing Notes for Australia Council Chair; Board Member of Victoria College of the Arts - Minutes of Meetings etc.; Advisory Group to Australian National University's 'Research in the Creative Arts' project May 1997 (File) - Box 56
McPhee on Board of Ian Potter Museum of Arts, University of Melbourne; correspondence with Melbourne University Press; speeches and keynote addresses to Society of Editors, Institute of Post Colonial Studies, Faculty of Arts Dean's Awards, 11 Jun 2003, Population Summit 2002; Patron of Australia National Piano Awards 2000; Notes from Berlin Writers' Festival, 19 Oct 2001; Notes from Meeting of ABC Arts Advisory Committee; Participation in Panel at Brisbane Writers' Festival 2001; Involvement in Australian Publishers' Association's Residential Editorial Programme, 1999; Board Member of Melbourne Community Foundation; Australian Historical Association - Judge - National Council 2001 for the Centenary of Federation publication grants. Correspondence re Miles Franklin Literary Award, 2002; Correspondence with State Library of Victoria re Victorian Premier's Library Awards, July 2001 - McPhee a Member of Advisory Committee, 1997-2005 (File) - Box 56
McPhee's citation for inclusion in the First Volume of the Victorian Honour Roll of Women, 2001, 1997-2005 (File) - Box 56
Order of Australia Award 2001 (File) - Box 56
Visiting Fellowship in the Humanities Research Centre, Australian National University, Nov/Dec 2000 (File) - Box 56
Appointment to Library Board, State Library of Victoria, 2000 (File) - Box 56
Member of interview panel for appointment of Director, Arts Victoria, 2000 (File) - Box 56
Speech at Melbourne Writers' Festival, 1997 - 'Dumbing Down' (File) - Box 56
Professor Alan Gilbert's draft discussion paper on 'Academic Freedom', 7 Feb 1999. Correspondence re participation in Jill Kitson's ABC Radio Book Talk programme. Council Member, the Asia-Australia Institute (concluded Feb 1999). Member of Committee of the City of Melbourne Song Recital Award, 1999; Member of Board, Centre for Cross Cultural Research, Australian National University, 1998; Notes from first meeting of University of Melbourne's Faculty of Arts Indigenous Studies Powerhouse Group, 18 Apr 2001. University of Western Australia Press - Report prepared re University's Press programme including operating budgets, 2002. Speeches for book launches, incl. Alex Miller's 'Prochownick's Dream' and Mary Ellen Jordan's 'Balanda'; published book reviews; transcript of interview with Martha Nussbaum and Helen Garner at Melbourne Writers' Festival 2005; McPhee's regular columns and op. ed. pieces published in 'The Age', 2002, 1997-2005 (File) - Box 57
McPhee's participation in Humanities Writing Project, Institute of Advanced Studies, University of Western Australia - Feb 2006 (File) - Box 57
Misc. addresses and speeches incl.: Walter and Eliza Hall Medical Institute, 27 Feb 1998, Melbourne Writers' Festival, 1997; First Byron Bay Writers' Festival, Keynote Address, 2003; Meanjin launch - 'Portraits of the Artist', 8 July 2003, Melbourne University Press' 'Retreat', 17 July 2003; University of Melbourne Dean's Award Ceremony, 11 Jun 2003; Wollongong University's Graduation Address, May 1997, 1997-2005 (File) - Box 57
Panel participation at State Library of Victoria - 'What do Independent Scholars Do?' - 22 Feb 1999. Keynote address, Noosa Long Weekend Arts Festival, Jun 2004 - 'Stories that can't be told' (File) - Box 57
Transcript of interview with McPhee by Dr Carolyn Rasmussen on 18 Dec 2001 re McPhee's activities as a student at University of Melbourne from 1959 (File) - Box 57
Article by McPhee - 'On Publishing Tim Winton' - 1999?, 1995-2003 (File) - Box 57
Correspondence from the Minister for Communications and the Arts, the Hon. Michael Lee, Dec 1994-Aug 1995 re Public Lending Right (PLR) and Educational Lending Right (ELR)., 1994-1995 (File) - Box 58
McPhee's PLR payment advices for 'Practical Puffins' 1995-2003., 1995-2003 (File) - Box 58
E-mails received at McPhee's office at University of Melbourne - 1999 - correspondents include Jim Davidson, Paul Hetherington, Brian Matthews, Stuart Macintyre, Michael McGirr, Chris McAuliffe, Kate Darian-Smith, Greg Dening, Ramona Koval (File) - Box 58
Participation in Australian Future Directions Forum, 2005 (File) - Box 58
Donation to Athenaeum Library, 2005 (File) - Box 58
Participation in Whitlam Institute Master Class 2005 (University of Western Sydney) (File) - Box 58
McPhee's comments re Brian Clouston for Australian Honours Secretariat (File) - Box 58
McPhee as member of Writers and Readers Committee at State Library of Victoria - correspondence, briefing papers, agendas and reports incl. Victorian Premier's Literary Awards 2004 Report, Communications and Marketing Plan for Victorian Premier's Literary Awards 2005, review and recommendations re Library's public programmes and Library's Creative Fellowship applications for 2006 (File) - Box 58
Australia Council - Dec 2004-Apr 2005 - McPhee's participation in Meeting on 10 March 2005 regarding major re-organisation and restructure plans (File) - Box 58

Australia Council Chair at the time was David Gonski

Adishakti Trust, Laboratory for Theatre Art Research, Pondicherry, India - McPhee's address, 7 Jan 2004; Information DVD on Adishakti; McPhee's Report on Winter Workshop and Symposium - 15 Dec 2003-14 Jan 2004 (File) - Box 58
McPhee's comments re Brian Clouston for Australian Honours Secretariat, 2005-2006 (File) - Box 58
Document - 'Growing Esteem - Choices for the University of Melbourne - A discussion paper that invites involvement and response', July 2005 (File) - Box 58
Correspondence re end of Fellowship, returned University of Melbourne identity pass, etc, 2005-2006 (File) - Box 58
Report for Glyn Davis re utilizing Vice-Chancellor Fellows, Feb 2005 (File) - Box 58
Retirement as Member of State Library of Victoria Board for six years (incl. correspondence from Minister for the Arts, Mary Delahunty, dated 16 May 2006). 'The Australian Financial Review Magazine' - McPhee as Panel Member for 2006 Power List nominations - correspondence, lists, etc. Australian National Piano Awards - 2004 and 2005. Director of Board of the Herbert and Valmae Freilich Foundation Fellowship, Australian National University Humanities Research Centre - 2005. The Melbourne Prize for Literature- Member of Awarding Committee - Committee for Melbourne - 2006 (Simon Warrender). Judge - 'The Australian'/Vogel Literary Award, 2006, 2004-2005 (File) - Box 59
A Writing Centre for Scholars was proposed in 2004 by McPhee for University of Melbourne and subsequently established by the University as a resource for academics writing for general audiences, 2004-2005 (File) - Box 60

Includes papers reflecting purpose, potential membership, participants, budget, etc.

In 2005, a proposal for a national centre was developed by a syndicate made up of University of Sydney, University of Melbourne, Australian National University and the Australian Academy of the Humanities under the Australian Research Council's Linkage the Learned Academies Special Project (File) - Box 60

McPhee's notes re frustrations with the larger project.


McPhee was a founding Board Member of on-line political newsletter, 'New'; Chair - John Menadue, Board Members included Susie Carleton, Rod Cameron, Lisa Bowman, Bill Gurry and Michael Henry. Funded by supporters and subscribers., May 2004-06 (File) - Box 60
Correspondence, meeting notes, reports to the Board, subscriber surveys 2005 and 2006, subscriber list dated 20 Apr 2005, business case, organisation structure, cash flows and book reviews by McPhee (File) - Box 60
As a founding Member of the Board, which appointed the first editor, Natasha Cica, and Paul Smith, Business and Policy Manager, McPhee was Cica's editorial mentor and adviser, especially during the breakdown of communications with Chairman John Menadue, which resulted in Cica's resignation in Sept 2004. McPhee, with the assistance of her Personal Assistant, Helen Smith, acted as Editor for the interim, to be followed by Jose Borghino as Editor and Rod McGuiness as Business Manager (File) - Box 60

Series. 'MEDIA SHE'

Written and edited by Dr Patricia Edgar and Hilary McPhee in 1973-1974 when McPhee was editor at William Heinemann Publishers and Dr Edgar was in the Centre for the Study of Educational Communication and Media at LaTrobe University, 1973-1974 (File) - Box 61

Published in 1974

Manuscript and Designer David Wire's production roughs. Extra photos by Shaw Tan and Margaret Higgs (File) - Box 61
Press clippings of reviews (File) - Box 61


Photographs - International Women's Day (File) - Box 61

Series. 'THE WEL PAPERS' - The National Journal of the Women's Electoral Lobby

Produced by Hilary McPhee (Freeman) and Diana Gribble together with Anne Latreille, Jocelyn Mitchell, Dimity Reed, Ann Seddon, Sandy Turnbull Designed by David Wire; cartoons by Bruce Petty and David Wire; Photos - various (File) - Box 61

Series. 'PORTNOY'S COMPLAINT' by Phillip Roth

Transcript of court proceedings 9 Nov 1970 and legal costs. John Michie, General Manager, Penguin Books Australia. McPhee's notes and letter to Julie Petty. Press clippings (File) - Box 61

Published by Penguin Books, 1970

Class MS Acc13.089. Consignment Added 16 May 2013

Papers relating to the publication of Memoirs of a young bastard - the diaries of Tim Burstall, including correspondence, research material and press cuttings; correspondence from authors, artists, critics, family and friends, and also relating to McPhee's term as Chair of the Australia Council; McPhee's papers on cultural policy and national identity.

Comprises 7 boxes.

Series. 'MEMOIRS OF A YOUNG BASTARD - THE DIARIES OF TIM BURSTALL' - November 1953-December 1954

Published by The Miegunyah Press, Melbourne University Press, 2012. Extensive research documents and notes, especially into areas of art, film, mud brick housing, City of Melbourne and outer suburban Eltham in the immediate post-war period, Pre-2012 (File) - Box 62
Book - 'Nillumbik Now and Then' - Marguerite Marshall, photos - Alan King, McPrint Publications, 2008 (File) - Box 63
Reviews of 'Memoirs of a Young Bastard'. McPhee's talk re 'Memoirs' at Royal Historical Society Meeting, 20 March 2012. Transcript of McPhee in conversation with Fay Zwicky re 'Memoirs', Perth Writers Festival and McPhee's preparatory notes - 25 February 2012. McPhee's notes for talk on 'Angry Penguins', Perth Writers Festival, 26 February 2012. Eltham Talk re 'Memoirs', 18 March 2012. CD - short film - 'The Prize' - made by Tim Burstall (computer version incl. early shorts). CD - audio. interview with Betty Burstall By McPhee, September-October 2009. CD - Burstall family photos, 2008-2012 (File) - Box 63
Book - copy of 'Alvin Purple' - Catherine Lumby, Currency Press, 2008. Screensound Australia Monograph No. 4 - Longford Lyell Lecture 2003 - 'From Dunny, Damnation to Distinction' - Tim Burstall on Tim Burstall (National Screen and Sound Archive). National Archives re access - Betty Burstall - misc. papers, 6 December 2010. Arts Law Centre - Defamation Law for Material Published after 1 January 2006. Correspondence with Melbourne University Press incl. general style; draft introduction with Louise Adler's editorial comments. Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) correspondence re Tim and Betty Burstall's membership of The Communist Party, 15 February 1965. Graeme Blundell at Sydney Writers Festival 2012 re 'Memoirs of a Young Bastard', 1965-2012 (File) - Box 63
Original manuscript of Tim Burstall's Diary as edited by McPhee; galleys with McPhee's corrections; captions for photographs, 2012 (File) - Box 64


Relating to McPhee's Australia Council appointment and illness during second half of 1994. Includes postcards, letters, notes, faxes, etc. from friends and family incl. Drusilla Modjeska, Helen Garner, Barry Hill, Paul Fox, Glen Tomasetti, Jan and Helen Senbergs, Rick Amor and others, 1990-1994 (File) - Box 65

From McPhee's offices at Penguin Books Australia then the Australia Council Sydney office.

Correspondence incl. faxes to McPhee in Venice for the Biennale as Chair of the Australia Council, from husband Don Watson and from Personal Assistant at Pan Macmillan, Julia Taylor. Correspondence from authors, artists, critics, family and friends incl. Barry Hill, Rod Jones, Mary Lord, Bill Henson, Louise Hearman, Anne Summers, Paul Fox, Geoffrey Dutton, Carmel Bird, Bill Robinson, Ray Hughes, Don Watson, Cathy Santamaria, David McCaughey, Hugh Mackay, John Hooker, 1995 (File) - Box 65


Correspondence - letters, postcards, etc. Includes Carmen Callil, Rob Drew, Geoffrey Dutton and McPhee's editing suggestions, Rodney Hall and McPhee's editing suggestions, Cathy Santamaria, Graham Little, Penelope Trevor, Prime Minister P.J. Keating, Deputy Leader of the Opposition and Shadow Treasurer, Gareth Evans, Hugh Mackay, and others, January-August 1996 (File) - Box 65

McPhee's term as Chair of the Australia Council was extended after the change of Government in February 1996. This correspondence from her office in Sydney reflects this period.

Dymphna Clark, Stephanie Alexander, Stuart Purves, Lorraine Elliott, Richard Pratt, Winsome McCaughey, Deborah Klika, Michael McGirr, Anne Summers, Jim Morgan, the Hon. Michael Lee, Minister for Communications and the Arts, and others, 1997 (File) - Box 65


Letters, postcards, faxes, press cuttings etc. from friends, authors, painters and others during McPhee's last six months as Chair of the Australia Council and prior to her appointment as Vice Chancellor's Fellow at University of Melbourne. Includes Pam Casey, Geoffrey Bardon, Sandra Zurbo, Judith Brett, Rodney Hall, Maisie Drysdale, Julia Taylor, Katherine Hattam, John Wolseley, Chris Wallace-Crabbe, Robert Dessaix, Carl Vine, Carmel Callil, Jean McCaughey, Paul Grabowsky, Murray Bail and others, 1998 (File) - Box 66
Letters, postcards, etc. from William Delafield Cook, Brian Matthews, Janet McCalman, Janine Burke, John Marsden, Carmel Bird, Kate Grenville, Glen Tomasetti and others, 1999 (File) - Box 66
Letters, postcards, etc. from Drusilla Modjeska, Murray Bail, Rachel Buchanan, Joyce Nicholson, Greg Day, Carmen Calill, Lily Brett, Michael Cathcart, Barbara Caine, Robert Dessaix and others incl. Commemorative Ceremony material for Graham Little (24 February 2000) and Helen Daniel (25 October 2000), 2000 (File) - Box 66
Letters, postcards, etc. from Stanley Gold, Jim Davidson, Kate Grenville, Martin Flanagan, Jeffrey Smart, Glen Tomasetti, Kerryn Goldsworthy, John Wolseley, Anne Chisholm, Martin Flanagan, Maisie Drysdale, Dr Bernard Carroll, Prime Minister P.J. Keating and others. Commemorative Ceremony material for Mietta O'Donnell, 11 January 2001 (6 January 1950-4 January 2001), 2001 (File) - Box 66
Dr Bernard Carroll, Anna Sande, Ed. Campion, Joanna Murray-Smith, Gillian Bouras, Janine Burke, David McCaughey, Chris Wallace-Crabbe, Patricia Edgar, Duncan Kerr, MP, Mary Delahunty, MP, Helen Garner, Mardi McConnochie, Jeffrey Smart, Anna Funder, Bruce Lawson and others, 2002 (File) - Box 66
Luba Bilu, Joan London, Dina Ross, Laurie Muller and others incl. Commemorative Ceremony material for Clem Christensen (3July 2003) and Dr John Pryde Paterson, AO (4 March 2003), 2003 (File) - Box 66
Ramona Koval, Hugh Mackay, Virginia Trioli; George Papaellinas, Anne Deveson, Marie Tehan, MP, Gordon Darling, AO, Chester Eagle, Jes Senbergs, Macmillan Publishers, re McPhee's piece in 'The English Mosaic' series and others, 2004 (File) - Box 66
Helen Garner, Elizabeth Evatt, Patrick McCaughey, Katherine Hattam and others, 2005 (File) - Box 66
Sophie Cunningham, Carmel Callil, Virginia Duigan and others. Incl. Commemorative Ceremonies for George Tibbits, Newman College, 23 July 2008, and Memorial Celebration for Harold Bridger, 14 May 2006, Savile Club, London (1909-2005), 2006 (File) - Box 66

Series. Cultural Policy

McPhee's papers on cultural policy and national identity. Includes material from Australia Council, Victoria College of the Arts and The Arts Hub. Covers visual arts, architecture, theatre, dance, poor writing, including press clippings, 1990s-c.2012 (File) - Box 68
McPhee's papers on cultural policy and national identity. McPhee's speeches on the issue, Coopers and Lybrand Report - 'National Survey of Funding Programmes', information on grants to the arts, Federal Budget Statement 1996 - Communications and Arts portfolio (Senator the Hon. Richard Alston), including press clippings, 1990s-c.2012 (File) - Box 68

Class MS Acc13.134. Consignment Added 18 July 2013

Photographs, mainly of various offices occupied by McPhee Gribble and related events. There are also author photographs and photographs relating to Practical Puffins.

Comprises 3 boxes.

Series. Photographs - 1 batch

1 x black and white - approx. 20cm x 25.5cm, 1974 (File) - Box 1

Pre McPhee Gribble - 1974. Photo for article during campaign for women tram drivers, during planning time for McPhee Gribble

4 x various black and white (sepia) - largest approx. 12.5cm x 10cm, 1975 (File) - Box 1

First McPhee Gribble office, William Street, South Yarra - 1975

15 x colour -approx. 13cm x 9cm, 1976 (File) - Box 1

Second McPhee Gribble office, 'The Bunker', Jolimont Lane, Jolimont - 1976

10 x black and white - approx. 14cm x 9cm, 1976 (File) - Box 1
2 x black and white - approx. 16.5cm x 12cm, 1976 (File) - Box 1

ABPA Dinner - 1976

Series. Photographs - 4 batches

Batch 1 of 4. 6 x black and white - approx. 12.5cm x 9cm, 1977-1982 (File) - Box 1

Third McPhee Gribble office, 203 Drummond Street, Carlton 1977-1982

Batch 1 of 4 (cont'd). 24 x black and white - approx. 13cm x 9cm, 1979-1980 (File) - Box 1

McPhee Gribble office 1979-80

Batch 2 of 4. 1 x envelope containing 8 individual negatives 15cm x 3.5cm, 1979-1980 (File) - Box 1

McPhee Gribble office - 1979-80

12 x colour - approx. 13cm x 9cm, 1979-1980 (File) - Box 1

McPhee Gribble office - 1978-81

1 x colour - approx. 8.5cm x 8.5cm, 1978-1981 (File) - Box 1

McPhee Gribble office - 1982

Batch 3 of 4. 11 x colour - approx. 15cm x 10cm, 3 x black and white - various, largest 20cm x 12.5cm, 1977-1982 (File) - Box 1

McPhee Gribble office 1977-1982

Batch 4 of 4. 14 x black and white - approx. 25cm x 20cm, 1978-1980 (File) - Box 1

Various photos - 1978-80

Series. Photographs - 4 batches

Batch 1 of 4, 1 x colour - 9cm x 11cm,, 1983 (File) - Box 1

Cecil Street, Fitzroy - early 1983

4 x black and white - 12.5cm x 9cm (File)
6 x negatives in white envelope - approx. 3.5cm x 15cm, 1983 (File) - Box 1

Cecil Street, Fitzroy

16 x black and white - approx. 13cm x 9cm, 1983-1984 (File) - Box 1

Staff at work in new offices - 1983-1984

Batch 2 of 4. 1 x black and white - 14cm x 9cm, 1987 (File) - Box 1

Cecil Street, Fitzroy - 1987

5 x colour and 1 x black and white - approx. 15cm x 10cm (File)
9 x colour - 16.5cm x 10cm, 1988 (File) - Box 1

Penang Affair, Brunswick Street, Fitzroy - 1988

Batch 3 of 4. 2 x colour - approx. 9.5cm x 12.5cm (File) - Box 1

Brian Matthews' Louisa Launch, William Mora Gallery - 1987

1 black and white - approx. 25.5cm x 20cm, 1987 (File) - Box 1

McPhee Gribble staff photo on the stairs - August 1985

1 black and white - approx. 25.5cm x 20cm, 1985 (File) - Box 1


1 x black and white - approx. 30cm x 25cm (File) - Box 1

Last days in Cecil Street - after PBA acquired McPhee Gribble - Late 1989

Batch 4 of 4. 25 x colour - approx. 15cm x 10cm, 1983-1989 (File) - Box 1

Various views Cecil Street office - 1983-89

Series. Photographs - 3 batches

Batch 1 of 3. 27 x black and white - various sizes ranging from 10.5cm x 8cm to 24cm x 16.5cm, 1975-1989 (File) - Box 1

Author Photographs 1975-1989. These were displayed in frames on the walls of the offices (not a complete set)

Batch 2 of 3. 20 x black and white - various sizes largest 20.5cm x 25cm (File) - Box 1
Batch 3 of 3. 22 x black and white - various sizes largest 28cm x 20.5cm (File) - Box 1

Series. Photographs - 1 batch

18 x colour - approx. 13cm x 9cm, 1983 (File) - Box 2

Christmas Party 1983 Cecil Street, Fitzroy

35 x colour - approx. 13cm x 9cm, 1984 (File) - Box 2

Helen Garner's 'Postcards from Surfers' Launch, Cecil Street, Fitzroy 1984

Series. Photographs - 2 batches

Batch 1 of 2. 25 x colour - approx. 15cm x 10cm, 1985 (File) - Box 2

Christmas Party 1985, Cecil Street, Fitzroy

Batch 1 of 2. 23 x colour - approx. 15cm x 10cm, 1985 (File) - Box 2

Series. Photographs - 3 batches

Batch 1 of 32 x colour enlarged COPIES (approx. 20cm x 175cm) with tracing paper overlays together with ORIGINALS numbered on back, 1986-1989 (File) - Box 2

McPhee Gribble Christmas Party Crowds 1986-1989Cecil Street, Fitzroy

Photograph No. 1 - 1986 - Approx. 90 x 130cm (File) - Box 2
Photograph No. 2 - 1987 - Approx. 100 x 150cm (File) - Box 2
Batch 2 of 32 x colour enlarged COPIES (approx. 20cm x 175cm) with tracing paper overlays together with ORIGINALS numbered on back (File) - Box 2

McPhee Gribble Christmas Party Crowds 1986-1989Cecil Street, Fitzroy

Photograph No. 3 - 1988 - Approx. 100 x 150cm, 1988 (File) - Box 2
Photograph No.4 - Approx. 100 x 150cm (File) - Box 2
Batch 3 of 31 x colour enlarged COPY (approx. 20cm x 175cm) with tracing paper overlay together with ORIGINAL numbered on back (File) - Box 2
Photograph No. 5 - 1989 - Approx. 100 x 150cm, 1989 (File) - Box 2

Series. Photographs - 1 batch

21 x colour - approx. 15cm x 10cm, 1987 (File) - Box 2

Christmas 1987, Cecil Street, Fitzroy

Series. Photographs - 4 batches

Batch 1 of 420 x colour - approx. 15cm x 10cm, 1988 (File) - Box 2

Christmas 1988, Cecil Street, Fitzroy

Batch 2 of 410 x colour - approx. 15cm x 10cm, 1988 (File) - Box 2

Day after Christmas party

15 x colour - approx. 15cm x 10cm, 1988 (File) - Box 2

Christmas Party

Batch 3 of 4 24 x colour - approx. 15cm x 10cm, 1988 (File) - Box 2

Christmas party

Batch 4 of 4. 10 x colour - approx. 15cm x 10cm, 1988 (File) - Box 2

McPhee Gribble dinner at Vassilys in Abbotsford - 1988

3 x colour - approx. 15cm x 10cm (File) - Box 2
1 x black and white - approx. 18cm x 13cm (File) - Box 2

Series. Photographs - 5 batches

Batch 1 of 5. 25 x colour - approx. 15cm x 10cm, 1989 (File) - Box 2

December 1989 was the last Christmas Party held at 66 Cecil Street Fitzroy, followed by a present giving in the office the next morning.

Batch 2 of 5. 25 x colour - approx. 15cm x 10cm, 1989 (File) - Box 2

Christmas 1989, Cecil Street, Fitzroy

Batch 3 of 5. 25 x colour - approx. 15cm x 10cm, 1989 (File) - Box 2
Batch 4 of 5. 25 x colour - approx. 15cm x 10cm, 1989 (File) - Box 2
Batch 5 of 5. 26 x colour - approx. 15cm x 10cm, 1989 (File) - Box 2

Series. Book Samples - 23 finished copies

16 titles in English, 1975-1979 (File) - Box 3
7 titles in Italian, Greek, Dutch, 1975-1979 (File) - Box 3

Series. Photographs - 7 batches

Batch 1 of 7. 10 x black and white - 12.5cm x 9cm, 1975-1979 (File) - Box 3

McPhee Gribble Practical Puffins testing and illustrating 1975-1979 - Drummond Street and William Street Production Photographs

Batch 2 of 7. 26 x black and white - 12.5cm x 9cm, 1975-1979 (File) - Box 3
Batch 3 of 7. 2 x black and white - approx. 8cm x 7 cm.., 1975-1979 (File) - Box 3
2 x black and white - approx. 13.5cm x 8cm. (File) - Box 3
2 x colour - 13cm x 9cm (File) - Box 3
1 x black and white - approx. 10.5cm x 13.5cm (File) - Box 3
1 x black and white - approx. 10cm x 15cm (File) - Box 3
Batch 4 of 7. 17 x black and white - approx. 21.5cm x 16.5cm, 1975-1979 (File) - Box 3
3 x black and white - various sizes approx. 27cm x 18cm (File) - Box 3
Batch 5 of 7. 8 x black and white - proof sheets, various sizes approx. 19.5cm x 24cm, 1975-1979 (File) - Box 3
Batch 6 of 7. 10 x individual envelopes of negatives - approx. 3.5cm x 16cm, 1975-1979 (File) - Box 3

McPhee Gribble Practical Puffins testing and illustrating 1975-1979 - Drummond Street and William Street

10 x individual strips of negatives in an envelope - approx. 3.5cm x 15.5cm (File) - Box 3
14 x individual strips of negatives in a clear plastic slip - approx. 3.5cm x 25cm (File) - Box 3
11 x individual strips of negatives in white paper sleeve - approx. 3.5cm x 24cm (File) - Box 3
11 x individual negatives in white paper sleeves - approx. 10cm x 12.5cm (File) - Box 3
1 x colour - approx. 10.5cm x 8.5cm (File) - Box 3
Batch 7 of 7. 28 x black and white - 12.5cm x 9cm, 1975-1979 (File) - Box 3
2 x colour - approx. 13cm x 9cm (File) - Box 3

Series. Story Booklet

Original and copy, 1978 (File) - Box 3
Made by Diana Gribble for James Michie and Anna Gribble, 1978 (File) - Box 3