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Osmar White
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MS Acc06.177 and MS Acc07.141
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Class MS Acc06.177. Original Consignment

Correspondence; drafts of published and unpublished works, including novels, short stories, non-fiction works, articles, playscripts, television scripts (Homicide, Hunter and others), radio scripts (International man) and commissioned histories (for Australia Post and Gollin & Co. Ltd); notebooks; newspaper clippings books and loose clippings; research material, photographs and other papers relating to the Colombo Plan; speech notes; travel documents and other personal documents; material relating to journalism training and lectures; maps; story ideas, book proposals and synopses.

Comprises 12 ms boxes + 1 folio box.

Series [unnumbered]. Colombo Plan Assignment, 1958-1959

Large range of subjects and places. Most are captioned. Captions range from simple sentences to two paragraphs. 37 photos, 1958-1959 (File 1) - Box 1
Discussion between Osmar White and Foreign Affairs Committee. Filed stories on Colombo Plan (incomplete). Notes on projects in Pakistan. Impressions of political and economic situation in Pakistan., 1958-1958 (File 2) - Box 1
Summary of conclusions re Colombo Plan. General notes., 1959 (File 3) - Box 1
2 notebooks, some loose pages. Written in longhand., 1958-1959 (File 4)
Mainly between Dept. of External Affairs and Osmar White., 1958-1959 (File 5) - Box 1
Copy of manuscript and final publication of 'The Seed of freedom: Australia and the Colombo Plan' (File 6) - Box 1

Series [unnumbered]. Correspondence

With publishers, contracts, publicity material etc.

Correspondence, contracts etc. relating to the publication 'Green Armour' and 'Time now, time before', 1972-1991, 1962-1986 (File 7) - Box 1
Correspondence, contracts etc. relating to the publication 'Parliament of a thousand tribes', 1965-1973 (File 8) - Box 1
Correspondence, contracts, reviews etc. relating to the publication 'Guide to Australia' and 'Australia for everyone', 1969-1979 (File 9) - Box 1
Correspondence, reviews etc. relating to the publication' Under the iron rainbow' and 'Melbourne' (includes contract), 1969-1979, 1966-1972 (File 10) - Box 1
Correspondence, contracts, publicity, children's letters etc. for 'The Super-Roo of Mungalongaloo', 'The Further adventures of Dr. A.A.A. McGurk' and 'McGurk and the lost atoll', 1973-1988, 1980 - 1989 (File 11) - Box 2
Correspondence and contracts for 'A Guide and directory to Australian wines' and 'On the side of the angels', 1971-1975, (File 12) - Box 2
Correspondence, contracts, reviews, publicity, etc. for 'Silent reach', 1977-1990 (File 13) - Box 2

Series [unnumbered]. Published novels and non-fiction mss

Typed revised Ms of Conqueror's Road, 1983 (File 14) - Box 2-3
Conqueror's Road Ms. with author's edits plus other edits. 8 notes by Mollie White attached, 1983 (File 15) - Box 2-3
Time now, Time before, typed with minor biro editing (File 16) - Box 3
Forbidden shores, first copy, typed with minor editing (File 17) - Box 3

Series [unnumbered]. Unpublished novels

Side of the angels, Chapters 1 - 25. Original Ms with author's corrections. Missing some early pages. (File 18) - Box 3
Side of the angels. Chapters 26 - . Original Ms with author's corrections. Missing some early pages. (File 19) - Box 3
Side of the angels. Pages 1 - 223. Clean copy, typed (File 20) - Box 4
Side of the angels. Pages 224 - 449. Clean copy, typed (File 21) - Box 4
Wings without halo. Typed on pink and green paper; incomplete. (File 22) - Box 4

Series [unnumbered]. Short story mss

Standard of Conduct; Beginnings; The Lost mission; White gold; Uncontrolled territory; The Civiliser; Barney O'Rainey and the Donovan baby(1st version, later version in folder 24); A Letter of introduction; The Candles of Halmstad (draft and edited versions); The Silent weapon; Agreement fulfilled; The ringmaster; Frozen Joe's story; Kelley's hope (2 versions); Includes an original list of the full collection of manuscripts, c.1930s (File 23) - Box 4
Barney Rainey and the Donovan's baby, (Edited version, two copies); Full hand's wages (EMD); The Nettle club (incomplete); The Veil (several versions, some incomplete); Hassett dreamed (incomplete); Hunger seas (one complete Ms. Plus research notes handwritten by OAM), 1938 or later (File 24) - Box 4
The Jolly man (most revisions by OEW, some, e.g. page 7, by OMA); An entertaining fellow (early version of The Jolly man); The Current (editing by OMA); The Goldstone of Ontong Balu; The Old gods (incomplete Ms from several drafts, including handwritten notes); The Quality of mercy (two versions); The Case in room 27 (handwritten Ms, two pages only); Hatter's mate (incomplete); The Job that Dinny cased (incomplete Ms. Perhaps an earlier version of Hatter's mate); The trouble makers (two version); Poo Er remembers; Wages; Under the clock (incomplete); Elissa and the wicked uncle (two parts); Untitled story (in bag), undated (File 25) - Box 5

Series [unnumbered]. Book proposals, synopses, incomplete Mss, newspaper articles Mss

Miscellaneous freelance articles, late 1960s (File 26) - Box 5
New Guinea, New Zealand (1946), Pearls (Talks). Some others, untitled. (File 27) - Box 5
Incomplete Ms. of a book about the New Guinea War, offcuts from 'Green armour'. Incomplete Ms. Of New Guinea book (Disputed country). Various newspaper articles on New Guinea (1963) (File 28) - Box 5
Book proposal. Incomplete Ms. 'The House of Kevi - A report on New Guinea since the Second World War'. Various book ideas. Ideas for a Western Australian picture(photographs) book. Ideas for an Australian picture (photographs) book. (File 29) - Box 5

Series [unnumbered]. Story ideas, playscripts, incomplete fiction Mss

Various synopses and fragments (File 30) - Box 5
Fragments of unpublished 'Galbraith novel, Side of the angels. Incomplete, unpublished book. Synopsis and incomplete ms of unpublished novel (File 31) - Box 6
Miscellaneous radio, television and play scripts (File 32) - Box 6

Series [unnumbered]. Unpublished commissioned histories

Gollin and Company History. Clean copy plus notebook pages with contacts, expenses etc., 1974 - 1975 (File 33) - Box 6
Gollin and Company History. Edited Ms., not in order. Includes some correspondence, 1974 - 1976 (File 34) - Box 6
Post office history, typed, minimal editing. (File 35) - Box 6

Series [unnumbered]. Miscellaneous material

Passports, vaccination certificates, press cards, other cards and passes, c.1944 - 1978 (File 36) - Box 6
'French my second language' 1943. 'German conversation simplified', Hugo's language institute, n.d. 3 miscellaneous notebooks, 3 Antarctic notebooks (File 37) - Box 7
Speech notes on Australian Literature and writing. Council of Adult Education discussion group book notes, 1948? (File 38) - Box 7
Journalism training material including outline for a text book. Lecture notes etc. by White as Herald and Weekly Times cadet counsellor, 1947 - 1949 (File 39) - Box 7
About rock climbing and early days in the Blue Mountains, 1989 - 1990 (File 40) - Box 7

Series [unnumbered]. Early newspaper and magazine clippings

Mostly from 'The Herald' and 'The Sun News Pictorial', 1939 - 1940 (File 41) - Box 7
From 'Radio Record' (Wellington, New Zealand). Short stories and articles under his various pseudonyms - Maros Gray, E.M. Dorkin, Edison Watt, O.E.W and M.O.S., 1937 - 1938 (File 42) - Box 7
Mostly dated, not all attributed. Various pseudonyms, 1937 - 1943 (File 43) - Box 7

Series [unnumbered]. Radio scripts

'International Man' Episodes 1 - 10 (File 44) - Box 8
'International Man' Episodes 11 - 20 (File 45) - Box 8
'International Man' Episodes 21 - 30 (File 46) - Box 8
'International Man' Episodes 31 - 40 (File 47) - Box 8
'International Man' Episodes 40 - 46 (File 48) - Box 8

Series [unnumbered]. Television scripts

'Homicide': Notes for scriptwriters, synopses for episodes, full scripts. (File 49) - Box 9
'Homicide': 4 episode scripts by Osmar White (File 50) - Box 9
'Homicide': 2 scripts by Ian Jones and Phil Freeman, 1966 (File 51) - Box 9
'Hunter': story lines and scripts, 1967 (File 52) - Box 9
'Next Friend': two acts only. (File 53) - Box 9
'Seaspray': script and story treatment (File 54) - Box 9
Unfinished TV script and drafts (File 55) - Box 9
The Defector: a play for television. Script and miscellaneous pages of rewrites. (File 56) - Box 10
Manhaul a television play' by Osmar White: several versions and a camera script. Notes by P.G. Law and Nel Law, 1962 (File 57) - Box 10
Asia and adjacent areas (1951); New Zealand (1927); New Caledonia (1957); Malaya and Indo-China (n.d.); New Georgia Island (1943); Pakistan (1953); Burma (1943); Pacific Ocean (1943); New Guinea and adjacent territories (n.d.); Papua New Guinea (1961); Papua (1927); City of Singapore (Tourist map); West New Guinea navigation chart (1944); East Highlands of New Guinea (1955); Netherlands New Guinea (1959); East Indies (n.d.); Pacific Ocean (n.d.); New Caledonia (n.d.); New Guinea (n.d.) (File 58) - Box 10

Series [unnumbered]. Scrapbooks

The 'Jill' Case. Mostly Osmar White articles from 'The Herald', 1955 - 1956 (File 59) - Folio-Box 11
Osmar White articles from a variety of papers. Mainly about 'The Colombo Plan', 1959 (File 60) - Folio-Box 11
Articles and reviews, various sources, various authors, 1960 - 1991 (File 61) - Folio-Box 11
Articles, various sources, mainly Osmar White, 1946 - 1949 (File 62) - Folio-Box 11
Articles, excluding 'The Jill Case', 1950 - 1955 (File 63) - Folio-Box 11

Series [unnumbered]. Scripts

'The Alcheringa Stone': five episode mini-series. Dramatized from a novel by Osmar White, 1981 (File 64) - Box 12

Series [unnumbered]. Notebooks

'Under the iron rainbow' (4) (File 65) - Box 13
New Zealand (1) (File 66) - Box 13
Mexico (1) (File 67) - Box 13
Tasmania (1) (File 68) - Box 13
'Under the iron rainbow' (NW Australia) (1) (File 69) - Box 13
Colombo plan diary and notes (1) (File 70) - Box 13
South Africa, New Guinea. Post war (3) (File 71) - Box 13

Class MS Acc07.141. Consignment Added 2007

Mostly World War II era papers, including letters to Mollie White (wife), manuscript for Conquerors' road, 1946, notebook-diary, identification cards and other accreditation and press clippings, mainly on New Guinea, 1942-2005.

Comprises 2 ms boxes + 1 folio box.

Report on the work of war correspondents in the New Guinea area, 1942 (File 1) - Box 1

Conquerors' road typescript, 1945-1946 (File 2) - Box 1

Letters from White to his wife Mollie (File 3) - Box 1

Letters from White to his wife Mollie, 1942-1943 (File 4) - Box 1

Leather wallet (brown) containing packet of identification cards, permits, membership cards and licenses, 1940-1945 (File 5) - Box 1

Exercise book, part-filled, used as notebook at front and diary at back (File 5) - Box 1

Australia's Heritage typed pieces on Australian Antarctic base and on early Australian theatre companies (File 6) - Box 2

Documents concerning White's application to visit Kanga Force and Samarai, New Guinea; White's Australian accredited war correspondent's license Form B, 1942 (File 7) - Box 2

Cotton khaki pouch containing cloth identification patches (File 8) - Box 2

Album of press cuttings, with extra unattached bundle of cuttings, both mostly from 1942, on the war in New Guinea (File 9) - Box 2

Album of press cuttings, 1945-2005 (File 10) - Box 2

Album of press cuttings on New Guinea campaign, 1943-1946 (File 11) - Box 2

Album of press cuttings on New Guinea campaign and the war in Europe, 1943-1946 (File 12) - Folio- Box [unnumbered]