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Eric C. Rolls
Papers of Eric C. Rolls
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MS 7027 et al.
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Item Descriptions

Class MS 7027. Original Consignment

Comprises correspondence, manuscripts, lectures, reviews, notes, posters, photographs, publications, and historical material on the Doyle and Eather families. The collection includes manuscripts of The green mosaic, Running wild, The river and A million wild acres. Many of the papers relate to natural history and conservation in New South Wales. Correspondents include George Johnston, Douglas Stewart, John Tierney, Nancy Keesing, Barry Watts, Barbara Ker Wilson, John Thompson, Hal Porter and Elizabeth Harrower.

Contained in 34 boxes + 1 folio box.

Envelope marked 'Misc papers re Pilliga not needed for writing' (File 1) - Box 1

Containing: 16 newspaper cuttings; several MS notes; Designs for Possum traps; List of Koala sightings by author in forest; Several misc. printed papers and journals

52 letters to and from Thos Nelson and Curtis Brown (File 2) - Box 1

28 received, 24 sent.

Includes Sue Ebury's reader's report on first four chapters.

Envelope marked 'Letters in and out re Pilliga not needed for writing' (File 3) - Box 1

119 letters to and from a wide range of people asking for information, 1970 to 1979.

1973 letters sent, 1946 received.

99 letters to and from a wide range of people all with some refs to Pilliga book 53 sent, 46 received (File 4) - Box 1

Chap. 8. 19 marked and annotated copies Native Plants for New South Wales (File 5) - Box 1

Craft Australia with article on Rosewood furniture made by Griffith Tablecraft Pty Ltd (File 6) - Box 1

Common Insect Pests of Trees, Forestry Commission of NSW (File 6) - Box 1

Rural Research in CSIRO, 23 March 1958 - Kimberley Horse Disease and Crotalaria (File 6) - Box 1

Wildlife in Australia, vol 12, no. 3, 1975, The Australian Grass Tree (File 6) - Box 1

Marked copies bush fire bulletin, winter 1974, spring 1974 (File 6) - Box 1

Marked copies Ecos, 12 May 1977 and 14 November 1977 (File 6) - Box 1

Envelope marked 'Chap 8 Misc' (File 7) - Box 1

Containing: 12 newspaper cuttings; 10 handwritten notes some several pages long; Xerox copy paper by W.A.W. deBeuzeville, 'The Forest Resources of the Pilliga' 7.10.1915 (Original possibly in NSW Forestry Commission); 12 letters to various people incl Inez Armitage, Steven Clemesha, George Althofer, Laird Welchman ref plants. 8 letters sent, 4 received.

Envelope marked 'Chap 8 misc assessed but not used. 1.' (File 8) - Box 1

Containing: Handwritten notes; Copies Native Plants; 1 Copy Ecos; 1 Copy Wildlife in Australia; 'Brigalow Scrub...' Dept of Primary Industries, Qld. Wildlife Service Booklet, no. 1; Botanical description Acacia leucoclada by Mary Tindale Brigge, October 1978, Burrendong Arboretum; 5 quarto pages of typewritten suggested trips prepared by author for Gould League camp of bird watchers at Baradine, 1975

Envelope marked 'Chap 8 misc assessed but not used. 2.' (File 9) - Box 2

Containing: MS note; 3 copies Native Plants for NSW; 2 newspaper cuttings; Forest and Timber, vol 6 no 3, 1969 and vol 11, no 1, 1975; Why Timber Floors are in Fashion; Brigalow development, Queensland Dept of Primary Industries; The Anatomy and Properties of Wood, Timber Engineering Design Course, lectures 1 and 2, 19 February 1973; 1 letter in.

Chap. 7. Old Dubbo Gaol, by Bill Hornadge, 1974 (Printed) (File 10) - Box 2

The Story of Dunedoo, 1977 (Printed) 52 p. 2nd ed (File 10) - Box 2

Envelope marked 'Chap 7 misc' containing: (File 10) - Box 2

1 newspaper clipping (File 10) - Box 2

Typescript copy of a long piece of doggerel written in early 1900s, The Breelong Blacks by Arthur Noonan (File 10) - Box 2

Xerox copy 'Synopsis of Offences Committed by the Outlaws Jimmy and Joe Governor'. Headed "Police Department, Armidale, 1900" (File 10) - Box 2

Xerox copies from various newspaper clippings in Police Dept files on Jimmy and Joe Governor (File 10) - Box 2

6 letters attached to various clippings. 2 letters sent, 4 received (File 10) - Box 2

Chap. 6. 9 marked and sometimes annotated newspaper clippings (File 11) - Box 2

Marked xeroxes from ADB (File 12) - Box 2

Agricultural Gazette of NSW, 2 October 1909 (File 13) - Box 2

Marked and annotated xerox copies from History of Australian Land Settlement, S.H. Roberts, North Western Courier, 4 September 1933 (File 14) - Box 2

From Stockyards to streets, John Leslie (File 15) - Box 2

Reports of the Dept. of Lands, 1907, 1908 and 1909 re Joy's Clearing (File 15) - Box 2

Letter from Cuthbert Fetherstonhaugh, Coorianawa, 24 May 1887, to Minister for Lands (Xerox copy) (File 15) - Box 2

MS report on Willylaw Run by J. Windeyer Edmonds, (1 page xerox), 3 August 1885 (File 15) - Box 2

Two marked Agricultural Gazettes containing articles about wheat growing, 1975, 1978 (File 15) - Box 2

Newsletter, RAHS, May 1974 (File 16) - Box 2

(cabs 1890 and Mudgee Show 1846)

Rainfall records for local towns from Bureau of Meteorology (File 16) - Box 2

Australian Book Review, no 18, February-March 1980 - ref to Sir Thomas Mitchell (File 16) - Box 2

Poster, one of several prepared by me for lecture to Warrumbungle Walkabout at luncheon stop in forest, 1875 (File 16) - Box 2

RAHS Journal and Proceedings, vol 48, pt 6, 1963 - marked and annotated articles on NW Plains, Jervis, and 'The Kirk and Social Problems of the Eighteen Thirties...', Rev. Alan Dougan (File 17) - Box 3

Envelope marked 'Chap 6 Misc' (File 17) - Box 3

Containing: 8 newspaper cuttings; Misc handwritten notes; 2 marked Newsletters, RAHS, June and July 1975 ref coaches; 19 letters ref Rouse and Brown stock brands, to Jim O'Reilly (retired agronomist) ref wheat growing on blacksoil plains, to Harry Abbott, Boggabri, whose father knew Harry Joy, and others. 8 letters sent; 11 received. 3 letters and reports from Ms Hilary Marshall, genealogist, London; 2 letters from me to Ms Marshall; Letters from Mrs Richards, genealogist - 27 pages of typewritten quarto (approx 13,000 words) ref north-west squatters and settlers; 2 letters from me to Mrs Richards

Lachlan Vintage Village, Forbes - advertising brochure (File 18) - Box 3

Doyle family history, printed and enclosed in a folder, compiled by Alec B. Doyle, October 1960 (File 18) - Box 3

(lacks family trees).

Historical Narrabri, Narrabri and District Historical Society, August 1967 (File 18) - Box 3

'Back to Gilgandra Week', 15-23, May, 1976 (File 19) - Box 3

Marked and annotated copies: (File 19) - Box 3

Descent, vol 6, pt 3 (Outline history of the Eather family); Descent, vol 3, pt 2 (Richard Rouse, also refs to Federick York Wolseley in 'Recollections of a Pioneer'); Newsletter, RAHS, nos 164, 166; RAHS Journal vol 48, pt 5, 'Exploration and Settlement of the North-Western Plains', James Jervis

Marked copy The Australian Author, vol 8, no 1, re brutality to convicts (File 19) - Box 3

Printed paper 'James Walker of Wallerowang', F. Winchester, Lithgow District Historical Society (File 19) - Box 3

Photocopy Forest Reserve no 1104, 1877 (File 19) - Box 3

Photocopy part 'Recollections of a Rambling Life', Thomas Archer (File 19) - Box 3

Marked and annotated xerox copies from (File 20) - Box 3

ADB (File 21) - Box 3

Australian Men of Mark (Eales) (File 21) - Box 3

Wandering in New South Wales, George Bennett (File 21) - Box 3

The Life and Adventures of Martin Cash (File 21) - Box 3

From Tarriaro to Ross Roy..., Henry G. Lamond (File 21) - Box 3

Kamilaroi and other Australian Languages, Rev. W. Ridley (File 22) - Box 3

Reminiscences of Thirty Years Residence..., R. Therry (File 22) - Box 3

First Annual Report upon the Occupation of Crown Lands, 1879 (File 23) - Box 3

Resources of Northern Districts..., W. Gardner (File 23) - Box 3

An Outline of Closer Settlement in New South Wales, C.J. King (File 23) - Box 3

Mudgee Past and Present, Godfrey Harris (File 24) - Box 4

With the Pioneers, W. Dalton, in Journal Scone Historical Society, 1961 (File 24) - Box 4

Extract from a Despatch from the Commissioner of the Australian Agricultural Company..., Correspondence and Papers relating to Australia, 1844-1846 (File 24) - Box 4

Complete xerox copy of 'The History of the Walker and Archer Families in Australia 1813-1868', Bernard Henry Crew, thesis for the degree of Master of Arts. ANU, 1963 (File 25-27) - Box 4

Envelope marked 'Chaps 4, 5 misc' (File 28) - Box 4

Containing: 24 Newspaper cuttings; 2 xerox copies from Narrabri Jubilee Celebrations, 1933; MS notes; Marked copy Descent vol 4, pt 1, containing articles on John Maxwell of Bathurst and on the AA Company; 2 Marked Newsletters, RAHS; Trust Newsletter, vol 1, no. 32, National Trust of Australia (Victoria); Gilgandra Gateway to the Golden West, stapled printed sheets; 4 photocopies of articles by W.C. Cormie in Western Stock and Station Journal 1956-1957. Xerox copies Full Court and Supreme Court reports of John Lloyd's action against Ebenezer Vickery, from Sydney Morning Herald 22 November 1878 and another undated; Xerox copy from Town and Country Journal 20 May 1876 ref Patrick Quinn; Xerox copy from Sydney Morning Herald 23 January 1861, William Nowland, letter to editor; Photocopies from Sydney Morning Herald March-July 1864 ref Launts and cattle stealing; Xerox copy from The Morning Bulletin, 1947, 'Norse Stamps Honour late Colin Archer'. 2 pages from Agricultural Gazette, NSW, ref grasses; Photocopy 'Rust in Wheat', Sydney Morning Herald, 13 May 1864.

Xerox copies Register of Lease documents, Alfred Croxon (File 29) - Box 4

Copy of portion of map of Wollombi Brook showing Onus, Eather, Williams holdings c. 1870s (File 29) - Box 4

Photograph cave Ebenezer Orr lived in on Borah Creek (File 29) - Box 4

Typescript copy of 'A Mornerandum of the Squatters of Georgean a part of Argyle and Rocks Burrough general caracter', Goulburn area 1838, found in Archives 4/2348.2, Commsrs of Crown Lands, 1837 (File 29) - Box 4

Envelope containing descriptions of runs 1848, 1865-1866 and 1879 from New South Wales Government Gazettes. (FOLIO) (File 29) - Box 4

31 letters to and from Eather, Onus, Brown, Doyle relation, Dr John Atchison, Mrs Nancy Gray (Scone), L.L. Green (local historian at Tamworth) and others. 14 letters sent, 17 received (File 29) - Box 4

11 letters to and from Association of Genealogists and Record Agents, Middlesex, and Miss Hilary Marshall, genealogist, London. 5 letters sent, 6 received (File 29) - Box 4

Envelope marked 'Letters Mrs Richards' containing approx 72 typed quarto pages (over 30,000 words) of research reports from Joanna Richards, a professional genealogical researcher. Deals with most of the early men in the north-west of NSW (File 30) - Box 4

2 letters from me to Mrs Richards (File 30) - Box 4

Annotated xerox and photographic copies from HRA; Memoirs of William Cox, J.P (File 31) - Box 4

Journal of an excursion across the Blue Mountains of NSW (File 32) - Box 4

Australia's First Frontier, T.M. Perry (File 32) - Box 4

Cunningham's report, 1827 (File 32) - Box 4

Journal of a Route from Bathurst to Liverpool Plains, Allan Cunningham (File 32) - Box 4

An Atlas of New England (File 33) - Box 4

Pioneer Familes of Australia, Charles H. Bertie (File 33) - Box 4

Discovery of Mudgee, Henry Selkirk (File 33) - Box 4

North Western Courier, 4 September 1933 (File 33) - Box 4

Journal of an Expedition..., T.L. Mitchell (File 33) - Box 4

Supreme Court Criminal Jurisdiction Informations, 1831, 1832 (File 33) - Box 4

Colonial Secretary Letters re Land (Lawson, Cox, Baldwin, Yeomans, Singleton) (File 33) - Box 4

Sydney Gazette, 19 August 1824 (File 34) - Box 4

Envelope marked 'Papers not required chaps 2 and 3' (File 34) - Box 4

Containing: Various newspaper clippings; Poster 'The Aberdeen Country' advertising Orana Zoological Gardens; 2 newsletters, RAHS; Mudgee Sesqui-Centenary Souvenir and Programme; Xerox copies part of Parry's journal; Government Gazette, notices re land 30 September 1831; Extract from The Land of the Beardies, E.C. Sommerlad; Letter from Sir John Jamison to Colonial Secretary 14 October 1831 attached to Code of Rules (re land), Colonial Office, Downing Street, November 1824

Envelope marked 'Chap 3 misc' containing: (File 35) - Box 4

Handwritten notes; Photocopy 'A Journal kept by Mr George Cox...' 1821; Allan Cunningham's map of Bathurst and Liverpool Plains; Xerox copies from ADB; Various newspaper cuttings; Newsletter RAHS May 1977 (Mitchell's map), September 1976 (surveying); 12 letters to and from Russell Kyle, an English veterinary surgeon, Dr John Atchison, Bernard Crew and others, 3 letters sent, 9 received

Chap. 2 National Times magazine 7-12 November 1977 containing 'The Convict in us all' (File 36) - Box 4

Marked and annotated xerox and photographic copies from: (File 36) - Box 4

Cox and Lawson 1824 applications for land (File 36) - Box 4

A History of Australia, CMH Clark (File 36) - Box 4

The True Story of Margaret Catchpole, GB Barton (File 36) - Box 4

Mudgee Centenary Souvenir, 1821-1921 (File 36) - Box 4

Sydney Gazette, 1824 (File 36) - Box 4

Papers relating to Margaret Catchpole collected by James Bonwick (File 36) - Box 4

Envelope marked 'Chap 2 misc' containing: (File 36) - Box 4

Booklet, 'The Discovery of Saint Patrick's Plains'; Handwritten notes; 4 letters to and from Dr Brian Fletcher, University of Sydney and Ms Norma Townsend, UNE. 2 letters sent, 2 received

Chap. 1. Annotated xeroxes from HRA (File 37-38) - Box 6

HRNSW (File 39) - Box 6

The History and Development of Sheep Farming from Antiquity to Modern Times part 1, Clarence Mclvor (File 40) - Box 6

Journal of Two Expeditions..., John Oxley (File 40) - Box 6

Journal of the Expedition..., Francis Barrallier (File 40) - Box 6

Marked copies: Decent (Aust. Society of Genealogists) and Newsletter, RAHS (File 40) - Box 6

Xerox copy 'Pigmentation of Sheep' from Australian Journal Agricultural Research, 16, 1965 (File 41) - Box 6

Annotated xeroxes of: (File 41) - Box 6

Cook's Journal; A Complete account of the Settlement..., Watkin Tench

Four pages from Sydney Morning Herald 28 June 1976, 'The States of two Nations' (US Bicentennial supplement) (File 41) - Box 6

Envelope marked 'Chap 1 misc' (File 42) - Box 6

Containing: Handwritten notes; 5 annotated newspaper clippings; Xerox copy 'Extracts from Recollections of the Clark Family of Bulga, via Singleton' from Australian Society of Genealogists; Inscription on James Ruse's headstone copied by Kim Rolls

10 letters re blueness of Blue Mountains, South African stock brought to NSW and wild cattle at Camden - 5 letters sent, 5 received (File 43) - Box 6

Envelope marked 'South African Infm re Cattle and Sheep' (File 44) - Box 6

Containing: Xerox copies from various books listed in bibliography; 2 colour photographs of modern fat-tailed sheep; 4 letters - 1 letter sent, 3 received

2 envelopes containing misc. notes used in writing and correcting (File 45-46) - Box 7

1 envelope marked 'Chapter References to Notebooks'. This is the only key to Rolls' use of the notebooks (File 47) - Box 7

1 envelope marked 'Preface Finished with' (File 48) - Box 7

Containing: MS of preface; 10 Ms notes; Decent vol 8, pt 3 - ref to Samuel Clift; Journal RAHS, vol 61, pt 4, 1975 and vol 64, pt 3, 1978 - ref to squatters, forest; Journal, Quirindi and District Historical Society, vol 11, no 4, 'Breeza'.

3 letters to and from Nancy Gray, Scone Historical Society, - 1 letter sent, 2 received (File 49) - Box 7

24 letters to and from Mrs Richards - 18 letters sent, 6 received (15,000 words) (File 49) - Box 7

1 letter sent ref stock routes, 1 received (File 49) - Box 7

22 letters sent to various historical societies (File 49) - Box 7

9 marked Newsletters, The Society for Growing Australian Plants (File 50) - Box 7

3 marked Newsletters, Wildlife Preservation Society of Australia, September 1973, May 1979, December 1976 (File 50) - Box 7

Forest and Timber, Spring 1972, 'In the timeless region they call 'The Pilliga' (File 50) - Box 7

Forest and Timber, vol 13. no 1 1977, 'The Cedarcutters of Northern New South Wales (File 50) - Box 7

Information Handbook, Dept. of Forestry, ANU 1975 and 1977 (File 51) - Box 8

Faculty Handbook 1975, The Australian National University (File 51) - Box 8

Marked xerox copies: (File 51) - Box 8

Namoi-Narrabri Timber Reserve, Legislative Assembly NSW 1878-1879; Charles Darwin's refs to NSW, 'Excursion to Bathurst'; 'The Land', Victorian Yearbook, 1973.

Brown envelope marked 'Misc' (File 52) - Box 8

Containing: 30 newspaper cuttings; 5 MS notes, one several pages long; Your Forests, advertising brochure, Forestry Commission of NSW; Forestry as a Career, Forestry Commission of NSW, 1972; Cutting from undated Agricultural Gazette, 'Multiple use of rangelands in USA - some hints for Australia?'; Cutting from The Bulletin, 3 March 1973. 'Secret threat to our forests'. RAHS Newsletter, no 155, 1976, 'Progressive Deforestation'. Wildlife Preservation Society of Australia, Newsletter, June 1976, March 1976, March 1977, refs to National Parks, rainforests. 2 letters - 1 sent, 1 received

Xerox copies: (File 52) - Box 8

First Annual Report upon the Occupation of Crown Lands... for the year 1879; 'Cypress Pine. A New Lease of Life', Forest and Timber 1969, Dave Ryan; Experiment 021216 - Pulpwood Plots - Yerrinan SF, R.A. Curtin, 1974; Extracts from Mountain Forests of Gippsland, The Story of Gippsland, The Land of the Lyre Bird, The Strzeleckis.

Papers: (File 52) - Box 8

Fire Seminar Review of Papers, National Parks and Wildlife Service, undated, c. 1975; Wood Technology, FR Humphreys, Forestry Commission of NSW Letter from Forestry Commission of NSW

Chap. 13 (File 53) - Box 8

Marked and sometimes annotated copies: (File 53) - Box 8

Ecos. May 1975, 'Australian birds - migrants or nomads?'; Wildlife in Australia, vol 15, no 3, 'The Elusive Desert Sprite', Donald Trounson; Wildlife in Australia, vol 9 no 3 'The Brush-tongued Lorikeets'. Wildlife in Australia, vol 13. no 3 - several refs

Advertising pamphlet form University of New England, Warrumbungles Walkabout, 1975 spring schools (File 53) - Box 8

Brown envelope marked 'Misc' (File 54) - Box 8

Containing: 10 Newspaper cuttings; 1 MS note

Papers: (File 54) - Box 8

'Red-chested and Little Button-quail in the Mudgee district of New South Wales, Alan Morris (File 54) - Box 8

'Further information on the Birds of the Pilliga Scrub', written by me for Alan Morris to publish in Australian Birds. (He is editor. Article written to formula not in English) (File 54) - Box 8

Xerox copies: (File 54) - Box 8

'New records of Red-tailed Black Cockatoos in south-eastern Australia...', LC Llewellyn; 'Feeding behaviour of a Purple-crowned Lorikeet on flowers of Eucalyptus buprestium', Stephen D. Hopper and Andrew Burbidge

3 Letters - 1 letter sent, 2 received (Other important letters for this chapter boxed with bird list papers) (File 54) - Box 8

Kennel Control Journal, vol 20, no 6, 1976, 'Australian Native Dog Training Society of NSW Limited' (File 55) - Box 8

Xerox copy paper by Hans Brunner, 'A Comparison of Indirect and Direct Methods of Mammal Survey at Dartmouth in North Eastern Victoria (File 55) - Box 8

Paper by B.J. Fox and D.A. Briscoe, 'Pseudomys pilligaensis, a new species of Murid Rodent from the Pilliga scrub' (File 55) - Box 8

Envelope marked 'Misc' (File 55) - Box 8

Containing: 15 newspaper cuttings; Xerox copies from, Country Life and Stock and Station Journal, 2 October 1936, The Sun, 3 December 1973, The Stawell Times-News, 16 August 1977; 4 MS notes; Pages from RAS Kennel Control Journal, October 1975, 'Dingo' September 1976, 'Australian Native Dog Training Foundation'; Wildlife Preservation Society of Australia, Newsletter, September 1976 - ref Dingoes and the poison 1080. 'The Fox in Victoria', B.J. Coman, Vermin and Noxious Weeds Destruction Board, Pamphlet no 37.

Paper from Australian Journal of Ecology (1978), 3, 'Recolonization of coastal heath by Pseudomys novaehollandiae (Muridae) following sand mining, Barry J. Fox and Marilyn D. Fox (File 56) - Box 8

Xerox copies papers by Hans Brunner (File 56) - Box 8

For scat analysis in a forest park in south-eastern Australia. 'Hair Identification - a useful Technique for the Mammal Ecologist'. 'A Successful Search for the Broad-toothed Rat Mastacomys fuscus Thomas. 'The Broad-toothed Rat still in Sherbrooke Forest...'; 'Locating and Trapping the Broad-toothed Rat (Mastacomys fuscus Thomas) at Powelltown.

19 Letters (to and from Barry Fox, Basil Marlow, Geoff Douglas, J.R. Giles and others), - 12 letters received, 7 sent (File 56) - Box 8

Chap. 11 (File 57) - Box 9

Xerox copies from 3 books ref Australian termites (File 57) - Box 9

Envelope marked 'Misc' (File 58) - Box 9

Containing: 12 cuttings from newspapers and magazines; 5 MS notes; Extract from The Australian Journal of Science ref Red-backed Spiders on Tristan da Cunha; Forestry Commission paper 'Notes on Termites and their Control'. 5 letters - 4 sent, 1 received; MS notes ref collections of termites; 12 letters to and from Dr J.L. Reynolds, Forestry Commission of NSW, and R.H. Eldridge, also of Forestry Commission, ref termites, 7 letters sent

5 received (collected 15 species of termites, an extraordinary number from one area); 3 letters to Australian Museum ref fish - 2 letters sent, 1 received (rare fish found); 3 letters to Australian Museum ref lizards - 1 letter sent, 2 received

Marked xerox copies (File 59) - Box 9

North Western Courier, 4 September 1933, 'The Artesian Basin'. The Pilliga National Forest, booklet pub. by Forestry Commission c. 1933; Department of Agriculture, NSW, 'The Agricultural Prospects and soils of the Pilliga Scrub', Farmers Bulletin no 54, 1912; Agricultural Gazette of NSW, 2 July 1909, 'The Pilliga Scrub'. 'The District of Liverpool Plains' - page from William Gardner, Productions and Resources of the Northern and Western Districts of New South Wales.

Wildlife Preservation Society of Australia, Newsletter, June 1977 - letter re Warrumbungle National Park (File 59) - Box 9

Envelope marked 'Misc' (File 60) - Box 9

Containing: 10 newspaper cuttings; 5 MS notes; Typescript copy of talk given by me to Gould League camp at Baradine Showground 25 August 1975 and to Warrumbungle Walkabout in the forest on 29 August 1975

Xerox copy (File 60) - Box 9

Aboriginal relics in the village of Baradine prepared by Liz Edmondson of National Parks and Wildlife; Chromium from The Mineral Industry of New South Wales, Dept of Mines

Tourist maps and brochures, Warrumbungle National Park (File 60) - Box 9

Brochure, 'Exploring the Universe' from Siding Spring Conservatory (File 60) - Box 9

4 Letters to and from Professor Hoddinott, University of New England and Peter Bindon, Canberra, ref Kamilaroi language and relics - 2 letters sent, 2 received (File 60) - Box 9

Letters to and from Dept of Mines ref minerals in area stapled to Ms notes, xerox copies and part of a letter from Peter Taylor, Canberra, who has copies of two applications to mine chromite in the Jacks Creek area (File 60) - Box 9

Chap. 9 (File 61) - Box 9

Copies, most marked, some annotated (File 61) - Box 9

'The Climatological Basis of Forestry', summary of evidence of W.A.W. de Beuzeville before the Commonwealth Rural Reconstruction Commission, September 1943; The Australian Author, vol 7, no 2, 1975, ref to 'offsider'. Roof Support in Coal Mines; Hoofs and Horns, September 1972, containing article by Joan Starr on bullock teams; Walkabout, October 1966, article on bullock teams by Bruce Adams; Walkabout, June 1961, article on bullock teams by Jeff and Mare Carter

The Prickly Pear Pest in NSW (File 62) - Box 9

Baradine Centenary, 1865-1965 (File 62) - Box 9

Kennel Control Journal, vol 22, no 4, 1978, article on Australian Cattle Dog (File 62) - Box 9

The Agricultural Gazette, April 1958, article on 'A Charcoal Cool Safe' (Intended to be used with a Narrabri murder case. A missing man's bones were found hidden among the charcoal in a charcoal safe but the woman charged with the murder was found not guilty, "Not a stain on her character' said the judge. The story could not be used because of the possibility of libel. Anyway there was no room for it.) (File 62) - Box 9

Native Plants for NSW, vol 12, no 2, 1978, ref to wattle and daub (File 62) - Box 9

Boggabri - the Story of our Town, 1957 (File 62) - Box 9

Kennel Control Journal, vol 18, no 8, 1975, letter to editor about cattle dogs (File 63) - Box 9

Kennel control Journal, 1974, Royal Easter Show Supplement, refs to Australian Cattle Dog (File 63) - Box 9

Kennel Control Journal vol 22, no 5, 1978, Kelpie (File 63) - Box 9

Kennel Control Journal vol 20, no 4, 1976, Border Collie sheep dog (File 63) - Box 9

Agricultural Gazette, October 1971, Chain saws and vibration (File 63) - Box 9

Extract from First Annual Report upon the Occupation of Crown Lands for the year, 1879 (File 64) - Box 10

The Courier Centenary of Publishing, 1873-1973 (File 64) - Box 10


Xerox copy (File 65) - Box 10

Map Pilliga National Forest c 1933; Forest Conservancy Branch, report on for 1889; Correspondence relative to Crown Lands and Emigration in New South Wales, 1839; Marked and annotated xerox copies from:; Australian Dictionary of Biography

Envelope containing 2 letters from John Grosser re pine growth and resin, also notes on Ivan Krippner and Ben Harris made by Roy Edwards (File 66) - Box 10

Envelope marked 'Misc' (File 67) - Box 10

Containing: 21 newspaper cuttings; 17 MS notes and records of interview some several pages long; Typescript from AJ Taylor, Armidale, on prickly pear; 10 Newsletters, RAHS, marked, some annotated; Xerox copies from The English and Australian Cookery Book by an Australian Aristologist, 1864 (E. Abbott, of Tasmania) pub. London 13 p. Ferguson 5598 (totals over 300 pages); Pages concerning J. Ednie Brown from Blue Lake Holiday Guide, 1969; Advertising pamphlet Cypress Pine from NSW Timber Advisory Council. Xerox copies from: Broadcast Year Book 1946, 1947 2MO Gunnedah; SMH, 9 June, 1864, drafting sheep; Forest and Timber, May 1965

Page from RAS Kennel Control Journal, July 1976, 'Which Australian Cattle Dog?' (File 67) - Box 10

Page from Baradine Show Catalogue, 1974, 'The Pilliga Today' (File 67) - Box 10

18 letters including one from Mrs Richards, one from HR Carter re early lighting, and a letter to Ann Godden, then of Thos Nelson, telling her of the projected Pilliga book and asking if she wanted it. Letter from Ann saying 'Yes'. 8 letters sent, 10 received (File 67) - Box 10

2 envelopes containing the handwritten first draft of Pilliga, 951 pages (File 68-75) - Box 11-12

2 envelopes containing the first typewritten draft of the book (I write in longhand, then put it on tape to help the typist. I give her both the tape and the MS then correct the first typewritten copy) (File 76-83) - Box 12-13

1 envelope containing the first draft of chaps 1 and 2. Sue Ebury asked for some changes and later information necessitated other changes (File 84-85) - Box 13

Envelope marked 'Maps, letters, slips and captions re Photographs finished with' (File 86) - Box 14

Containing: MS list of captions to 136 photographs sent to Thos Nelson; 66 letters sent - 40 sent, 26 received ref maps and photographs; (to Sue Ebury, Will Newton, Suzanne Ridley, Michael Stringer, Anne Knight (Bell)

78 MS notes ref maps and photographs (File 87) - Box 14

10 MS notes ref photographs made by Joan in Sydney and Coonamble (File 87) - Box 14

Photographic reduction map of Liverpool Plains District south-west portion (File 87) - Box 14

Photographic reduction Will Newton's copy of that map (File 87) - Box 14

Typed copy of the details to be shown on map 4 plus some additions to map 3 (File 87) - Box 14

Typed notes for Joan re photographs to be looked for in Sydney plus notes for mapper and 1 letter from mapper (File 87) - Box 14

Typewritten notes for Joan re photographs from Mitchell Library (File 88) - Box 14

Notes to Joan ref photograph from Archives and correction to Plant list from National Herbarium attahed to letter to National Herbarium (File 88) - Box 14

Page of misc. notes to Joan (File 88) - Box 14

MS list of photographs to be taken (File 88) - Box 14

Notes to Joan re photographs from Bulletin and Govt Printer attached to 1876 advertisement for a whim (File 88) - Box 14

The Richmond Cedar-getters, broadsheet pub. by Northern Rivers College of Advanced Education (File 88) - Box 14

Proof of captions for photographs with corrections in MS (File 88) - Box 14

Photocopy of list of Illustrations with corrections in MS (File 88) - Box 14

Envelope marked 'Bibliography' containing MSS of bibliography in another envelope (File 89) - Box 14

Legible copy of bibliography written by Joan for the typist (File 90) - Box 14

MS list of corrections to typed bibliography (File 90) - Box 14

Letter to Sue Ebury detailing corrections (File 90) - Box 14

Envelope marked 'Acks plus few corrections' (File 91) - Box 14

Containing: MS of Acknowledgements; 18 MS notes; 6 letters - 3 sent, 3 received to Dr John Atchison, John Dunnet of the Courier newspaper and Brigadier Austin

Model of traps used to catch possums and especially the Tiger Cats we did not catch (File) - Box 15

Envelope marked 'Extra Letters and Papers including Bird List and Plant List plus Weston Bates's report' (File 92) - Box 16

Containing: Typescript of Bird List corrected by Alan Morris; MS of Bird List; MS of Plant List; MS notes made by Joan at National Herbarium when correcting Plant List; Typescript of Plant List corrected by National Herbarium; Typescript of Plant List with some additions inserted by me; 2 Newspaper cuttings from Northern Daily Leader ref AA Company returned by Dr John Atchison - apply to chap. 3; 6 MS notes; Pamphlet, Birds and Mammals of Warrumbungle National Park; Extract from Emu 71, The Red-chested Quail in NSW, A.K. Morris; Page from RAS Kennel Control Journal, October 1980, article by J. Lewry on Staghounds; RAHS Newsletter no, 191, August 1980, par by John Atchison on meaning of term 'horned cattle.'; Brigge, Burrendong Arboretum journal, no. 48, October 1979; Booklet, Warrumbungle National Park; The Bird Observer, magazine of the Bird Observers' Club, no. 541 December 1976; Xerox copies from Singleton Argus, October and November 1900, December 1942

Lizard Survey of the Mt Kaputar National park and Narrabri area with additions and annotations made by me (File 93) - Box 16

The birds of the Baradine District - list compiled by AR McGill (File 93) - Box 16

Bird list for Pilliga Nature Reserve (File 93) - Box 16

Coonabarabran District Bird List (File 93) - Box 16

MS Copy of Wilf Taylor's birdlist (File 93) - Box 16

RAHS Newsletter, no 188, April 1980, 'The Finding of the Seven Hills Farm' (File 93) - Box 16

45 letters to and from National Herbarium ref plant samples - 28 letters sent, 17 received (File 93) - Box 16

15 letters to and from Hans Brunner ref hair samples - 7 sent, 8 received (File 94) - Box 16

15 letters to and from Sue Ebury ref corrections to MSS - 8 sent, 7 received (File 94) - Box 16

3 Letters to and from Liz Dovey of National Parks and Wildlife Service - 1 sent, 2 received (File 94) - Box 16

3 letters to Alan Morris, National Parks and Wildlife Service (File 94) - Box 16

6 letters to and from Tim Curnow of Curtis Brown - 3 sent, 3 received (File 94) - Box 16

2 letters to and from Brigadier M Austin ref martial law - 1 sent, 1 received (File 94) - Box 16

5 letters to and from Wilf Taylor ref birds - 3 sent, 2 received (File 94) - Box 16

2 letters to and from Merv Goodwin, Gunnedah, ref King Quail - 1 sent, 1 received (File 94) - Box 16

1 letter to Mrs A Kensit, Baan Baa (File 94) - Box 16

2 letters from University of New England (File 94) - Box 16

1 letter from Barry Fox, University of NSW (File 94) - Box 16

1 letter from Phillip Greenwood, University of NSW (File 94) - Box 16

1 letter from Archives Office of NSW (File 94) - Box 16

2 letters to Sue Ridley, Canberra (File 94) - Box 16

1 letter from Sue Ebury including a report on the book by Professor Weston Bate for the Literature Board (File 94) - Box 16

Eleven MS notebooks, approx. 200,000 words of research notes (File 95-97) - Box 16

Box of photographs (File 98-100) - Box 17

Containing: Box of colour slides of Breadknife from different angles plus a few other scenes, Kim Rolls; Box of colour slides of Silky Oak in flower at Cumberdeen R.W. Crane; Envelope containing 19 photographs of sawmills, wheatgrowing and other scenes copied from old local photographs by RW Crane; Box of colour slides of Ocellated Velvet Gecko and young, the Breadknife and misc. photographs, Kim Rolls; Box of colour slides of wildflowers in forest, one of Pepper, our Beagle bitch, Kim Rolls; Box of colour slides of Harris brothers' dwelling at Harris Tank, Willala Hills and other photographs in Pilliga Nature Reserve, HW Crane; Box of colour slides of Drosera burmannii and D indica at at Coghill Creek, Kim Rolls; Box of colour slides massed Drosera burmannii and misc., Kim Rolls

Black and white photographs - attempts by Bob Crane to photograph flocks of galahs feeding amongst sunflower stalks (File 101) - Box 17

Packet black and white photographs of sleeper dump at Kenebri c. 1977, lichen growth, Dandry Creek, pine shadows across F line, Kim Rolls (File 101) - Box 17

Packet black and white photographs Coghill Creek as a bed of sand, Drosera indica, D. Burmannii and misc., Kim Rolls (File 101) - Box 17

Packet black and white photographs feet of Gehyra australis, Kim Rolls (File 101) - Box 17

Packet colour photographs Fred Keegan loading, temporary yard for snig horses, horse snigging, measuring pine log, sleeper cutter's temporary camp (George Leeson's camp), Joan Rolls (File 101) - Box 17

Packet black and white photographs Grass Tree flowers, mixed mallee and acacia, misc., Kim Rolls (File 101) - Box 17

Packet black and white photographs Warrumbungles from the west, Kim Rolls (Light not good for whole of Kim's vacation. Used Evans's sketch instead) (File 101) - Box 17

Packet black and white photographs, more of Warrumbungles from the west, Kim Rolls (File 102) - Box 18

Packet black and white photographs, Gwabegar timber mills, Kim Rolls (File 102) - Box 18

Packet black and white photographs of foot of Yellow-footed Marsupial Mouse, Kim Rolls (File 102) - Box 18

Packet colour photographs, John Ecroyd loading with fork lift, Joan Rolls (File 102) - Box 18

Packet black and white photographs, Golden Orb-weaving Spider, Kim Rolls (File 102) - Box 18

Three colour slides in envelope, Harris Brothers' humpy, scantling at John Crosser's mill, Acacia buxifolia overgrown with False Sarsaparilla, RW Crane (File 102) - Box 18

Seven colour slides in envelope, Silky Oak at Cumberdeen, November. 1977, RW Crane (File 103) - Box 18

Colour slides in envelope, John Grosser's sawmill plus misc. slides, RW Crane (File 103) - Box 18

Packet of colour photographs and some black and white Fred Keegan's snig horses in Merriwindi forest, Joan Rolls (File 103) - Box 18

Envelope with 4 black and white photographs of Warrumbungles from the west, Kim Rolls (light not good enough, Evans's sketch used instead) (File 103) - Box 18

Long envelope containing various negatives of photographs used, also three best negatives of foot of Gehyra australis (File 103) - Box 18

Small envelope containing two slides of Arnold Kuusik using his abacus at a Gwabegar sawmill. Although he has been in Australia for may years he is still wary about having his photograph taken (File 104) - Box 18

His relations in Russia are still vulnerable (File 104) - Box 18

Envelope containing 4 negatives foot of Yellow-footed Marsupial Mouse and 1 black and white, Kim Rolls (File 104) - Box 18

Envelope containing 4 negatives Golden Ord-weaving Spider and 1 black and white, Kim Rolls (File 104) - Box 18

About 70 misc. black and white photos, some considered but not used, some experimental prints, some reject prints of photos used in book (File 105-107) - Box 18

Negatives of James Walker and Andrew Brown photographs from John Gibson copied by Bob Crane - not good - originals sent to Thos Nelson for copying (File 108) - Box 19

4 Negatives of Jane and Claude Carr, Kim Rolls (File 109-110) - Box 19

Colour photographs of massed Acacia conferta, also A. buxifolia, RW Crane (File 109-110) - Box 19

Envelope containing negatives Mary Orr, and horse hauling sleepers through a sand monkey (File 109-110) - Box 19

Negatives of foot of Yellow-footed Marsupial Mouse, Kim Rolls (File 109-110) - Box 19

Envelope containing 4 colour negatives Young Dan Casey sharpening circular saw at Wooleybah, also an old steam engine at Wooleybah (File 109-110) - Box 19

15 negatives Jane and Claude Carr, Kim Rolls (File 109-110) - Box 19

Colour photograph of sleeper cutting at Baradine, RW Crane (File 109-110) - Box 19

12 proof sheets misc. photographs, photographers name on back, all negatives also in box (File 111) - Box 19

Misc. MS directions and records (File 112) - Box 19

3 rolled-up bundles of maps labelled: 'corrections to maps 2,3,4', '1st version maps 2,3,4', 'Various copies 1881 map' (File 112) - Box 19

2 envelopes containing typescript copy (3rd carbon) of whole (File 113-114) - Box 19

Book (File) - Box 20

Envelope marked 'Additional misc. letters' containing 35 misc. letters - 19 sent, 16 received (File 119-120) - Box 20

Approx 170 letters in and out (File 142-147) - Box 24

Including: 24 October 1969 to WR Cumming, secretary Commonwealth Literary Fund reporting on work done; 12 October 1974 to Richard Walsh ref book sales; 22 September 1969 to and from George Johnston ref Clean Straw for Nothing; 17 January 1973 from Marianne yamaguchi after she had been up to illustrate The River; 19 June 1972 from Barbara Ker Wilson ref illustrating The River (Look); 28 March 1973 from Marilyn Stacy ref cover for Running Wild; 18 December 1958 from Guy Howarth, University of Cape Town, ref poems in an anthology; 9 February 1961; 21 February 1961 from Ian Mudie ref poems in an anthology; 23 February 1961 from Douglas Stewart ref poems sent to Bulletin; 29 July 1966 from Douglas Stewart ref publication Sheaf Tosser; 30 June 1970 ; 21 July 1970 to and from Derek Whitelock, editor Issue, ref criticism by Roland Robinson of a lecture I gave at University of Adelaide; 11 January 1938 ; 12 April 1938 from Rudolf Spindler, Germany; 1962-1968 four from John Tierney (Brian James) - he taught me at Fort Street Boys High; 9 July 1953 from Douglas Stewart ref poems for Bulletin - one accepted, two censored despite Doug's efforts; 30 March 1962 from Hal Porter ref including Kama in Coast to Coast; 15 February 1960 from Douglas Stewart ref Miss Strawberry; Undated (1969) from Roland Robinson ref troubles in poetry society 46 letters 1965-1974 ref They All Ran Wild

Approx 135 in and out: family letters, business letters, letters re lectures in Adelaide (File 142-147) - Box 24

Including 32 to and from Angus and Robertson ref publishing The River, New Guinea Mosaic, and Running Wild. 1 from John Couper ref row in Poetry Society. Announcement winner Captain Cook Bi-centenary prize plus certificate (won by They All Ran Wild)

Approx 180 letters, family, friends, business (File 148-150) - Box 25

Including: letters in and out ref lecture to South Australian English Teachers' Association; letters ref illustrating Running Wild; to and from Barbara Ker Wilson ref writing The River and Running Wild from Elizabeth Riddell ref interview; to and from Douglas Stewart ref New Guinea Mosaic and other writing announcing joint winner Sidney Myer Charity Trust Award for Sheaf Tosser; 23 letters re lecture series in Adelaide. Nicest Listener Award citation from 3UZ

Approx 145 letters (File 151-154) - Box 25

Including: to and from Ann Godden (Nelson) ref publishing New Guinea Mosaic various letters about talks including talk to Anzaas Science Conference in Canberra; re The River winning Braille Book of the Year award; invitation to presentation of Matthew Flinders award won by Running Wild; from Masatoshi Kusunoki, member House of Councillors, Japan, ref son Kazumi coming to stay with us; 1947 letters from John Thompson ref Death Song of a Mad Bush Shepherd; 1953 letter from Joan just before our marriage; (1953-1977) Business, personal, publishing.

Approx 130 private and business letters including report to Coonabarabran Shire Council on essay competition 1975 from from Douglas Stewart 1972 ref The Green Mosaic (File 155-160) - Box 26

(1971-1975) (File 161-164) - Box 27

Approx 100 private and business letters (File 161-164) - Box 27

Including: to and from Nancy Keesing ref modern writing; to editor Australian Book Review ref a barbaric review of Nadine Amadio's Charles Blackman; letter to parents on our honeymoon 1954; to Stewart Edwards, National Book Council, ref winners 1981 award... I was one of judges

Approx 105 private and business letters (File 165-168) - Box 27

Including: letter to woman who wanted authors to contribute to a book about uranium to Douglas Stewart ref Miss Strawberry; from Ken Dallas, Tasmanian historian, ref They All Ran Wild; 5 Fort Street compositions corrected by John Tierney (Brian James) when I was in 2nd year, 1937; 1970-1979 and 5 poems 1937

Approx 50 letters (File 169-171) - Box 28

Including: to and from Barry Watts ref paperback They All Ran Wild 1976-1979 Some business and family. Some good advice to other writers

(128 pages) Many amendments. First typescript Running Wild (File 172) - Box 28

Manuscripts plus corrected first typescripts all poems published in The Green Mosaic plus some rejected poems in MSS (Typescript bears a few minor amendments, MSS heavily worked) (File 173-174) - Box 28

MSS and preliminary notes for prose version of The Green Mosaic - not used (250 pages) (File 175-176) - Box 29

Another typescript with corrections Running Wild (126 p. Minor amendments) (File 177) - Box 29

Two typescript copies The River with some corrections (few amendments, all very minor) (File 178) - Box 29

MSS The River (Look) plus first typescript and letters in praise of it from Barbara Ker Wilson and Douglas Stewart (MS 107 p. Typescript 61 p. Minor amendments) (File 179) - Box 29

MSS Running Wild (Takeover). (209 pages, heavily amended) (File 180-181) - Box 29

Typescript of unused prose version of The Green Mosaic poetry published instead) 185 p. double-spaced. No amendments (File 182-183) - Box 30

Lecture 1973 to South Australian English Teachers Association plus working notes and newspaper cuttings (File 184) - Box 30

Various lectures in MSS and typescript including CLF lectures to schools in south-east SA, 1970, and lectures at Adelaide University 1970, plus MSS notes for lectures (1970-1972). Drafts and final versions of ca 16 speeches or lectures. Children's poems sent to Rolls (File 185-188) - Box 30

MSS and first typescripts of many of the poems used in Sheaf Tosser plus some unused poems. (approx 40 poems. Mainly typescript with few amendments). Some have been published (File 189-190) - Box 31

MSS and typescripts of poems, some published, some not, originally being collected for a book I did not go ahead with (13 poems) Published printed copy of "The fox", winner of arenfell Henry Lawson Festival, 1960 Ampol Award for verse" (File 191) - Box 31

Approx 150 letters business and private (File 192-195) - Box 31

Including: from Douglas Stewart c. 1948 after I sent him first version of Sheaf Tosser; from Nancy Keesing asking me to judge NBC awards 1981; letters to and from Elizabeth Harrower ref judging NBC awards; letters to and from Literature Board Ref work; letter to Tim Curnow 1976 asking him to act as agent; handwritten letter to Joan while I was away writing (relates to Pelorus Jack) (1975-1982) Most routine

Approx 120 letters, 32 (File 196-201)

Including: Copy talk to Royal Blind Society (taped) on presentation of Talking Book of Year award 1982; MSS description of our property Keewaydin, Boggabri, offering it for sale 1966; 2 photographs in folder sent home from New Guinea 1943

(Family, business, publishing, 1968-1972) Mainly routine Green folder containing typescript of The River as prepared by Angus and Robertson for printer plus instructions to printer (67 page draft. Few amendments. Published 1973) (File 202) - Box 32

Copy John Thompson's Quality.Street programme built around poem, Pelorus Jack (13 page script) (File 203) - Box 33

Two typescripts, different versions, of unpublished poem, Pelorus Jack (1 22-page, 1 27-page draft, minor amendments) (File 204) - Box 33

Folder containing first version of poem Sheaf Tosser plus scraps and old unsuccessful work (File 205) - Box 33

Copy of Judges' report for National Book Council award, 1981, plus typewritten summing up of every book entered (File 206) - Box 33

Publishers working copy of The Green Mosaic. First edited by Douglas Stewart at A R - after the takeover by Sue Ebury at Nelson (File 207) - Box 33

54 reviews and references to They All Ran Wild (File 208-209) - Box 33

Reviews and references to The River, Miss Strawberry, Running Wild, Sheaf Tosser andThe Green Mosaic (File 210-212) - Box 33

The Land, 1979 Royal Showgirl, April 12, 1979 (File 213) - Box 34

Newsletter of the RAHS. December 1981 (black writing) "Descendant of James Chisholm - P3" (File 213) - Box 34

Society for Growing Australian Plants, NSW region - The Constitution (as amended March, 1979) (File 213) - Box 34

Kennel Control Journal vol 25, No 4, October 1981. "Cattle Dogs" Plastic UNICEF bag (File 213) - Box 34

Class MS Acc05-116. Consignment Added 2005

Comprises papers relating to articles for the Sydney Sun-herald, 1993-1995; articles, talks, lectures and addresses, 1993-2004; and papers on addresses at conferences, workshops and community meetings, 1989-2004. There are also drafts, research material and correspondence relating to publications, television programs, talks and essays, 1983-2004; forewords, essays and reviews, 1990-2003; and, correspondence with fellow writers and with Rolls' wife Elaine van Kempen, and one letter from Douglas Stewart, 1968.

Contained in 8 boxes + 3 cartons.

Class MS Acc07-144. Consignment Added 2007

Comprises financial records, school exercise books from Fort Street Boys' High; research material relating to Visions of Australia: impressions of the landscape 1640-1910 (2002), and Australia: a biography, the beginnings from the cosmos to the genesis of Gondwana, and its rivers, forests, flora, fauna, and fecundity (2000); speeches, articles and correspondence.

Contained in 34 boxes.

Series. Financial Records, 1946-2000

Containing a record of farming and writing over 50 years including a complete run of cheque books from 16 May 1946 to 2 May 1986. Income is usually annotated, so is expenditure. Also complete set Joan Rolls's records as farm partner and relieving pharmacist (1954 - 1985) and Elaine van Kempen's records as partner and independent consultant (1987 - 2000). Includes other financial records such as tax records, 1987-2000.

Financial Records (File) - Box 1-13

Series. School books

Eric Rolls's handwritten school exercise books from Fort Street Boys' High

School books (File) - Box 14-16


Impressions of the landscape 1642 to 1910. Published Lothian, Melbourne 2002.

19 envelopes containing research material, mss, photographs, correspondence re research and suggestions, etc., including copies of some rare manuscripts. (File) - Box 17-20


The beginnings from the cosmos to the genesis of Gondwana and its rivers, forests, flora, fauna and fecundity. University of Queensland Press, 2000.

13 large envelopes containing relevant journal articles. (File) - Box 21-23
16 large envelopes journal articles and newspaper cuttings (File) - Box 24-26
Envelope of mss notes (File) - Box 24-26
Envelope containing photocopies from 'Biogeography and Ecology in Australia (ed) Keast, Crocker and Christian, Den Haag, 1959 (File) - Box 24-26
CSIRO Wildlife Research, Vol.17 No.1, March 1972 - The Tasmanian Native Hen, patterns of behaviour. (File) - Box 24-26
Additional Evidence of the Genus Ichthyosaurus in the Mesozoic rocks (and 'rolling downs formation') of North-Eastern Australia by R. Etheridge Junior in (File) - Box 24-26
Proceedings of the Linnean Society of N.S.W., April 1888 (File) - Box 24-26
The Cambrian Fossils of South Australia, Professor H. Tate, 1892 (File) - Box 24-26
A Background to Nature Conservation published by the Fauna Protection Panel, Chief Secretary's Department, 1962/4/6 (File) - Box 24-26
Select Bibliography of Queensland Fossils with list of contributors and members of the Queensland Palaeontographical Society, 1972 (File) - Box 24-26
A major lava tube system from Undara volcano, North Queensland. Atkinson, Griffin and Stephenson. From Bulletin Volcanologique, 1975 (File) - Box 24-26
29 large envelopes containing manuscript notes and letters, working notes, framework, masters for each chapter: with corrections, after editing, editorial references, index, cover design, galleys, corrections to galleys (File) - Box 27-29
1 envelope containing research notes re Insects (File) - Box 30-31
1 envelope re deserts (File) - Box 30-31
1 envelope re Jervis Bay (File) - Box 30-31
1 envelope re Egrets, Terns and Stilts (File) - Box 30-31
1 envelope re Present plants and animals (File) - Box 30-31
1 envelope re Regent Honey Eater (File) - Box 30-31
1 envelope re Butterflies (File) - Box 30-31
1 envelope re Turtles (File) - Box 30-31
1 envelope re Plants and animals (File) - Box 30-31
1 envelope re Animals (File) - Box 30-31
2 envelopes of Newspaper cuttings and mss notes (File) - Box 30-31
1 envelope on Kangaroos including correspondence E.C.Rolls and Felix Schlager, UNE, Armidale, 1980 (File) - Box 30-31
1 envelope with various articles, newsletters and notes re birds. (File) - Box 30-31
Material re fossil plants, (File) - Box 30-31
Material re Aboriginal plants (File) - Box 30-31
Envelope containing photocopy of 'Report of an Expedition in the South Eastern portion of Western Australia to Inquire into a reported incursion of rabbits by Arthur Mason', 1896 (File) - Box 30-31
Envelope containing photocopies of Australian Grasses with Illustrations by Fred Turner, 1895 (File) - Box 30-31
Envelope containing The Forage Plants of Australia with Illustrations by Fred Turner, 1891, with notes from research assistant Ophelia Cowell. (File) - Box 30-31
Envelope containing variety of magazine articles, newspaper cuttings and manuscript notes re Australian trees and forests. (File) - Box 30-31
Envelope containing general information regarding plants and soil. (File) - Box 30-31
Eric Rolls' article The Rejuvenation of Fire, plus large envelope of reference notes. (File) - Box 30-31
Index of Horticultural and Biological Research on the Australian Flora (ed. J.A. Armstrong, 1987) (File) - Box 30-31
Evolution of the Flora and Fauna of Arid Australia, ed. Barker and Greenslade, ANZAAS South Australian Division 1982 (photocopies) (File) - Box 30-31
Australian Journal of Marshes and Freshwater Reserves, 1990 - Grazing on Bacteria by Zooplankton in Australian Billabongs, Boon and Shiel. (photocopy) (File) - Box 30-31
Australian Journal of Marshes and Freshwater Reserves, 1994 - Seasonal Zooplankton Fauna of Salt Evaporation Basins in South Australia - Campbell. (photocopy) (File) - Box 30-31
Australian Journal of Marshes and Freshwater Reserves, 1993 - Invertebrate Communities of Relict Streams in the Arid Zone: the George Gill Range, Central Australia (photocopy) (File) - Box 30-31
Central Australian sand-ridge flora 18,000 years ago, R Buckley (File) - Box 30-31
Relationships, distribution and evolution of Triodia and Plectrachne, S.W.L. Jacobs (File) - Box 30-31
Surrey Skipper (The newsletter of the Surrey (with SW London) Branch) - butterfly conservation, editions used for research February 1998, October 1998, February 1999, June 1999 (File) - Box 30-31

Series. Talks and articles

Envelope containing Army Papers; Demobilization procedure book; Record of service book; Army driving licence; Pay sergeant's receipts for bookmaking profits; Photocopy certificate of discharge from military forces; Final statement of account - discharged member; Special tobacco ration; First bank passbook 1933 to 1948; 1929 letter from Miss Postlethwaite, kindergarten teacher at Grenfell, to my mother. (File) - Box 32-34
Envelope containing papers re land acquisition: Qualification certificate to apply for land Letter Dept of Lands 11 May 1950 stating conditions of mortgage; Notification of lands to be held as Closer Settlement Leases - the 1948 Therebri settlement that my block was part of; Wheat quota authority 1970/71; 2 mortgage discharge papers 1958; Agricultural Statistics (File) - Box 32-34
Envelope containing misc. family letters that Joan had kept (File) - Box 32-34
Envelope marked 'Letters that did not get answered'. (File) - Box 32-34
Envelope re dedication of 2006 Adelaide Writers Week to Eric Rolls, containing program including dedication by David Malouf, Eric Rolls' reply, program notes, related correspondence and newspaper cuttings (File) - Box 32-34
Correspondence with writer Carolyn Leach-Paholski re mentorship of the Watermark Literary Fellowship, Report on the Watermark Literary Fellowship, Copies of poems of CL-P Poems written during the Fellowship (File) - Box 32-34
Correspondence with CL-P re launch of her book, The Grasshopper Shoe (File) - Box 32-34
Envelope containing correspondence with Fay Beebee, PhD student re proposed interview for her project, May 2006 (File) - Box 32-34
Envelope containing copies of articles written for the Kendall Chronicle, the fortnightly newsletter of Kendall Community Centre; these articles later collected into a book for sale in support of the Centre, and first printing of that book. (File) - Box 32-34
Envelope containing letters from students and teacher of Kempsey West Primary School inviting ECR to be a special guest at their Asian Marketplace event in conjunction with the band Sirocco. (File) - Box 32-34
Envelope containing numerous articles written for Divine Magazine, Melbourne (File) - Box 32-34
Envelope containing correspondence, notes re South Project, Common Grounds Exhibition in Melbourne and copy of ECR's catalogue essay. (File) - Box 32-34
Envelope containing correspondence with members of Baradine Progress Association regarding ECR's attendance as guest of honour at the 2003 Celebration of the Pilliga including official dinner program and ECR's after dinner speech. (File) - Box 32-34
Envelope containing information about genome project, University of Iowa (File) - Box 32-34
Envelope containing introduction by ECR to Roger McDonald, guest speaker at Watermark Literary Dinner, November 2006 (File) - Box 32-34
Envelope containing introduction by ECR to Les Murray at Watermark Henry Kendall Oration, August 2006 (File) - Box 32-34
Envelope containing notes, cuttings, research for essay on religion for Australian Book Review and copy of essay (File) - Box 32-34
Envelope containing introduction to Mike Archer, guest speaker for Watermark Literary Dinner, October 2005 (File) - Box 32-34
2 envelopes containing copies of the Kendall Chronicle, Kendall community newsletter, 2005 and 2006 (File) - Box 32-34
Envelope containing talks given at Watermark Literary Muster, October 2005 (File) - Box 32-34
Envelope containing information, program, correspondence with Hon. Bob Carr and Susan Wyndham (SMH) regarding Watermark Literary Muster; also correspondence with Dr David Malikoff regarding his performance in Watermark Words and Music for which ECR wrote the opening, correspondence with David Owen, Editor, Island, Tasmania, and copy of article 'A Song of Water' written for that magazine. (File) - Box 32-34
Envelope containing talks given at Watermark Literary Muster: Nature Writing or Environmental Writing, The Shape of Poetry, and Setting the Scene. (File) - Box 32-34
Envelope containing correspondence with Professor Zhang Wei, Nanjing University, China, regarding his translation of 'Citizens', including photocopy of Chinese Post advertising the translation. (File) - Box 32-34
Envelope containing white bait papers - extensive research notes, photocopies, newspaper cuttings regarding white bait fishing in New Zealand, plus subsequent article for Divine Magazine. (File) - Box 32-34
Envelope containing extensive research notes, photocopies, newspaper cuttings regarding New Zealand wine, plus subsequent article published in Divine Magazine. (File) - Box 32-34
Envelope containing talk to students at St Columba Anglican School, Port Macquarie. (File) - Box 32-34
Envelope containing essay :An Unknown People written for Australian Book Review. (File) - Box 32-34
Envelope containing essay commissioned by Deborah Bird Rose for ASLE-ANZ newsletter, 2006 (File) - Box 32-34

Class MS Acc10-100. Consignment Added 2010

Comprises papers reflecting Rolls' careers as a public speaker and writer, largely on environmental subjects. They comprise family and business correspondence; research material; draft articles, reviews and book excerpts; talk texts; event programs; and photographs. Topics, publications and places represented by substantial amounts of material in the collection include: slow food and the Ark of Taste Award for Slow Food; Australian wildlife, particularly the kangaroo; introduced animal species ("animal immigrants"); the Pilliga; "The north coast story"; Visions of Australia: impressions of the landscape 1640-1910 (2002); and Sojourners: the epic story of China's centuries-old relationship with Australia: flowers and the wide sea (1992).

Contained in 14 boxes.

Letters To And From Ruth Blair, U.Tas, Re Writer In Residence. (File) - Box 1

Letter To Vic Cherikoff Re Aborigines And Kangaroos - No Reply (File) - Box 1

Letter From Noel Preece Desert Discovery Re Article On Sailing Trip And Cancellation Murray River Trip 1992 (File) - Box 1

Letters To And From Glen Saunders Dept Of Ag. Orange Re Feral Pigs (File) - Box 1

Invitation To John Wolseleys 5oth Birthday Melbourne (File) - Box 1

Letter From John Wolseley Re His Trips In W.A. 1988 (File) - Box 1

Letter From Bob Sessions Advising Of Leaving Nelsons 1985 (File) - Box 1

Letters To And From Graham Robertson C.S.I.R.O. Plus Sending Him (File) - Box 1

Notes On Colour Of The Blue Mountains (File) - Box 1

Letter From Jim Noble C.S.I.R.O. Re His Monograph On Woody Weeds And Congratulations On Gungahlin Seminar (File) - Box 1

Letter Elaine To Eric Re Tax Matters (File) - Box 1

Articles - Wild Cattle Creek And The Effect Of Logging Wild Cattle Creek, c.1988-1998 (File) - Box 1

Regimes Of Fire (File) - Box 1

Birds Too Many And Too Few (File) - Box 1

Flying Foxes (File) - Box 1

Letter From Dr Richard Braithwaite C.S.I.R.O. 1986 (File) - Box 1

Information On Australian Native Bees Including Correspondence To And From Breeder Thomas Carter, Rockhampton, Qld, 1997 (File) - Box 1

Folder Containing Correspondence To And From Helen Flannagan Re Promotional Lunch In Noosa 1998 Plus Noosa Notes And Talks (File) - Box 1

Various Letters And Talks For : Murray Darling Basin Pilliga Booklet; Inland Rivers Network; Letters To And From Dr Lesley Cameron; Notes For Visions Of Australia; From Ophelia Cowell, Research Assistant; Signed Copy Of Article Suzanne Falkiner; Notes For Tasmania; Royal Flying Doctor Service Call Sign Directory And Erics Portable Station Licence. (File) - Box 1

Great Dividing Range Notes, Letters, Ms And Ts, (File) - Box 1

Notes And Correspondence With Tobys Estate Re Coffee (File) - Box 1

Notes And Correspondence Re Cassowaries To And From Bill Gammage, Fiona Simpson At Australian Museum, Paul Sillitoe, Durham Uni. U.K., Mary-Jane Mountain, Anu, Michael Somare Library Png,; (File) - Box 1

Essay On Religion Submitted For Calibre Prize 2oo6 (File) - Box 1

Letters To And From Re Speaking At Beef Improvement Association Conference, 1997 (File) - Box 1

Elaine's Notes Re Fishing Anthology Plus Her Work For Helen Proudfoot (File) - Box 1

Photocopies Of Articles Re Tasmania, Used In Australia, A Biography; (File) - Box 1

Scheme Plus Australia Council Guidelines And Letter To Sandra Forbs Ozco Re Same. (File) - Box 1

Letter To Noel Preece Requesting Information On Desert Skinks (File) - Box 1

Letter From Antony And Elizabeth Curnow, France, Thanking Us For A Million Wild Acres We Gave Them During Our Visit (File) - Box 1

Six Pages Of Information On Kangaroos 1984 (File) - Box 1

Letter From Frank Rossback Thanks For N.P.A. Talk (File) - Box 1

Large Envelope Of Miscellaneous Letters Including To Family Members, Other Writers Politicians, Etc. (File) - Box 1 or 13 ?

Various Letters And Notes Re Invitation To Warana 1990, Talks Song Of The Soil And Celebrating Wildness, Typescript And Ms Notes (File) - Box 2 or 3 or 6?

Talk To Aboriginal Wheatbelt Corporation 1993 - Correcting Australia (File) - Box 2

The Farming Of A New Planet For Island Magazine 89-90 (File) - Box 2

Forward To A Book Of Environmental Essays Published M.U.P. (File) - Box 2

Talk - Books At A Crossroad - At A Seminar In Taree, Regional Culture\In The New Millenium 1997 (File) - Box 2

Talk To National Parks Association Port Macquarie, A Hard Look At National Parks 1995 (File) - Box 2

Talk At Brisbane Writers Festival 1997 Writing My Place, Marked Copy (File) - Box 2

Ecology And Empire Conference, London 1996 (File) - Box 2

Talk Literary Histories At Somerset College 1997 Marked Copy Plus Program And School Newspaper (File) - Box 2

Talk At Tables Of Toowong For Brisbane Launch Of Celebration Of Food And Wine Plus Notes Re Meal (File) - Box 2

Article Londoners And Newspapers 1988 (File) - Box 2

Article The North Coast - A New Life Or The End (File) - Box 2

Talk At Warana 1990 Song Of The Soil, Marked Copy (File) - Box 2

Talk Trade Old And New, Marked Copy (File) - Box 2

Talk To Nida Students 1996 Marked Copy And Draft Copy (File) - Box 2

Talk At Camden Haven Ace 1995 About Writing, Marked Copy (File) - Box 2

Talk On China To Coonabarabran Cwa Also Gunnedah View Club, 1983 (File) - Box 2

Talks To Years 3 And 4 And Years 5 And 6 At Coonamble Primary School - Ms (File) - Box 2

Talk To Anzaas Conference 1975 The Animal Immigrants (File) - Box 2

Review The Atlas Of Australian Birds R.A.O.U. For M.U.P. 1984 (File) - Box 2

Response On Receiving The Age Book Of The Year 1981 (File) - Box 2

Talk To Braille And Talking Book Library 1976 Handing Over Trophy To Next Winner, Frank Moorhouse; E.R. Won In 1975 (File) - Box 2

Launching Bourke, A Pictorial History, Vol.1 1992 (File) - Box 2

Opening Coonabaraban Art Show 1981 (File) - Box 2

Lecture To Scrolls Club Quirindi 1980 (File) - Box 2

Talk To Gould League Camp And Warrumbungle Walkabout 1975 (File) - Box 2

Forword To Publication Of Maxwell Letters (File) - Box 2

Lecture To The Dept Of Ecosystem Management, Une - Pilliga, 1980 (File) - Box 2

Talk Trade With Asia 1996 And Marked Copy (File) - Box 2

Talk The First 3o Years At Museum Of Sydney 1995 (File) - Box 2

Letters And Launch Talk Of East Coast Country By Alan Frost 1996 (File) - Box 2

Talk Orange 1993 And Marked Copy (File) - Box 2

Talk Somerset College Celebration Of Literature 1994 During (File) - Box 2

Landcare Debate Cancer Of The Sunburnt Country, Canberra 1994 (File) - Box 2

Workshop On Writing (File) - Box 2

Talk For Watermark 2oo7 Animal Immigrants (File) - Box 2

Article For Weekend Australian 2oo2 Visions Splendid (File) - Box 2

2gb Monologue With Clive Robertson, The Degradation Of Australia (File) - Box 2

Article S.M.H. 1994 No Bare Soil (File) - Box 2

Article Free Range Eggs For Independent Monthly 1996 (File) - Box 2

Review A.B.R. Tiger General - The Killing Of Victor Chang (File) - Box 2

Galleys For Article Great Dividing Range For Independent Monthly Plus Correspondence With Ashley Hay, 1994 (File) - Box 2

Marked Talk At Perth Writers Festival 1995 (File) - Box 2

A Sorrows End, The Irish Story (File) - Box 2

Reviews Of Six Childrens Books For Sally Mcinerney, Editor, Childrens Lit. S.M.H., Plus Correspondence (File) - Box 2

Reviews Edge Of The Sacred, Redefining Australians, Minorities, And From Italy To Ingham, And Tiger General (File) - Box 2

Australia As It Was And Is, Uni Of Qld. 1983, Ms Draft (File) - Box 2

Letter Lucy Frost Re Panel Melbourne Writers Festival 1996 (File) - Box 2

Talk Forests And Forestry (File) - Box 2

Article North Stradbroke Island (File) - Box 2

Talk Looking At Wildlife (File) - Box 2

Talk Perfumed Pines Conference Australian Forest History Society. We Got Flooded Out And Tom Griffiths Read The Talk (File) - Box 2

Talk Warana Festival 1983 Writing Non-Fiction (File) - Box 2

Review Introduced Birds Of The World By John Long For (File) - Box 2

Letters And Notes Re Launch Of British Edition Of Tim Flannerys The Future Eaters (File) - Box 2

Brian Mathews Introduction To E.R. At Literary Linkis, Menzies Centre (File) - Box 2

Talk Food Writing 1997 (File) - Box 2

Letters To And From Simon Clews, John Kinsella Re Melbourne Writers Festival 1996 Plus Letter To Deb Wilson Who Was Minding The Office Plus Marked Copy Of Writing The Land (File) - Box 2

Talk At Warana Festival Brisbane 1983 Writing Non Fiction, Ts And Ms (File) - Box 2

Talk To Coonabarabran Primary School (File) - Box 2

Talk To Coonabarabran C.W.A. Ts And Ms (File) - Box 2

Talk Citizens 1996 (File) - Box 2

Session On Writing With Alan Baillie (File) - Box 2

With Tracker Tilmouth, Richard Refshauge, Kate Richardson, Judy Messer, Etc., Ts And Ms (File) - Box 2

Letter From Debra Bird Rose Inviting Contribution To Ecological Humanities On Nature Writing (File) - Box 2

Notes For U.S.A. Trip 2ooo Including Articles On Soul Food, The Deterioration Of Milk And Butter, Cajun And Creole Foodincluding By Elaine. - Articles For Divine And Story Of Trip By Elaine. (File) - Box 3

Talk To Dept Of Geography Environmental Studies, U.Tas 1992 (File) - Box 3

Information About Humane Slaughter Including Correspondence To And From Rare Breeds Survival Trust, England. (File) - Box 3

Letters To And From Stephen Dovers Anu Asking For Essay For Book; Plus Galleys And Relevant Notes Proposed Format Of Book Essays In Australian Environmental History (File) - Box 3

Talk The Welcome Rabbit Given In Full To Society Of Animal Production And Shortened For Coonabarabran High 1969 (File) - Box 3

Trip To Singapore, England, Scotland Including Orkney, Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, 1998 Notes And Letters Between Ecr And Evk (File) - Box 3

Adelaide Festival 1994 Talk The Mystic East (File) - Box 3

Talk In Support Of Inaugural Camden Haven Music Festival, Henry Kendall And Other Poets 1996 (File) - Box 3

Plus Elaine Van Kempen's Related Talk As Patron Of Kendall Heritage Society For Henry Kendalls 170TH Birthday 2009 (File) - Box 3

Chapter The Soil That Gives Me Substance In Homeland, Ed. George Papaellinas (File) - Box 3

Talk To Maurice Ryan Students At Southern Cross Uni, Lismore 1993, Marked Copy (File) - Box 3 and 7

Notes And Letters Re Food And Wine Books Including Travel To Italy. (File) - Box 3

Talk The Flow Of Life - Doctors And Herbalists (File) - Box 3

Warana Welcome Letter And Poster 1990 (File) - Box 3

To Alan Morrison With Article On Victorian Chinese Including Article And Research Notes And Re Article On Kangaroos And The Ups And Downs Of Kangaroos Ms (File) - Box 3 or 6?

Various Letters And Notes Re Invitation To Warana 1990, Talks Song Of The Soil And Celebrating Wildness, Typescript And Ms Notes (File) - Box 2 or 3 or 6?

Growth - Working Title For Australia, A Biography - (File) - Box 4

E.R. Handwritten Research Notebook No.3; (File) - Box 4

Two Envelopes With - Letters To And From Tom Griffiths; Letters, Notes, Brochures Re Visit To Menzies Centre For Ecology And Empire Conference, London 1996. Envelope 1 In Box 8. Envelope 2 In Box 4. (File) - Box 4 and 8

Further 3 Large Envelopes Of Research Material Used In Australia, A Biography Including Correspondence With U.Q.P.. (File) - Box 4

Folder Of Drawings From Children At Newtown Primary School - Thank You For Coming, 1992 (File) - Box 5

Pen And Ink, No. 21, 1997 (File) - Box 5

Sponsorship Proposal By Amp Society, Including For 'Growth Of Australia' By Er, 1992 (File) - Box 5

Age Article And Notes Black And White Look At Land (File) - Box 6

Talk For Environmental Studies Uni Tasmania 1992 Plus Notes (File) - Box 3 or 6?

Talk At Melbourne University - The Changing Environment 1993 Plus Market Speaking Copy (File) - Box 6

To And From Paul Brennan Re The Rights Of Nature 1990 Plus Endorsement (File) - Box 6

Talk Orange 1993 Handwritten (File) - Box 6

Talk To Friends School, Hobart 1992 (File) - Box 6

Canberra Schedule For Adfa And Talk To Students (File) - Box 6

Review The Fatal Shore Robert Hughes In Overland 1o7 1987 (File) - Box 6

Article Healing The Land And Letter From Hugh Spencer, Aust. Tropical Research Foundation (File) - Box 6

Article Timber, Esp.Cattle Creek Demonstrations (File) - Box 6

Article Food In The Hand (File) - Box 6

Photographs Of Rabbit Packing For Export (File) - Box 6

Orana, Vol 30, No. 3, 1994 (File) - Box 6

Tasmanian Historical Research Association: Papers And Proceedings, Vol 36, No. 4, 1989 (File) - Box 6

Talk At Chinese Museum Melbourne 1992 (File) - Box 6

Various Letters To And From Grenfell Henry Lawson Festival Plus Ecr Judges Report 1990 (File) - Box 6

Ecr Special Guest Henry Lawson Festival 1999 Talk Typescript And Ms (File) - Box 6

Handwritten Talk At Vaucluse House 1990 (File) - Box 6

Article How Australia Grew Up (File) - Box 6

Peter Botsman Appreciation Of Talk Brisbane Institute 2ooo (File) - Box 6

National Landcare Awards 1990 Program And Guest List And Media Release Including Official Invitation (File) - Box 6

Er Review Of Hearts Desire By Edward Hoagland 1990 (File) - Box 6

Notes And Talk, The Wild Film (File) - Box 6

Notes Re Featherstone Film (File) - Box 6

Talk Introducing Two Of More Than 8oo Gods (File) - Box 6

Independent Monthly September 1992 Article One-And-All Trip (File) - Box 6

Article Immigration 1888, 1988 (File) - Box 6

Independent Monthly May 1995 E.R. Article Bush Fires Are Good For Us (File) - Box 6

Article Country And City Late 198os (File) - Box 6

Talk At Darwin Library 1986 The Eratic Communication Between Australia And China Ms And Typescript (File) - Box 6

Article On Writing From Experience In Orana Journal Of School And Childrens Librarianship Vol.3 1994 (File) - Box 6

Essay, A Very Tall Story, Australians Review Of Books Oct.2ooo (File) - Box 6

Three Talks For Somerset College Celebration Of Literature (File) - Box 6

To Alan Morrison With Article On Victorian Chinese Including Article And Research Notes And Re Article On Kangaroos And The Ups And Downs Of Kangaroos Ms (File) - Box 3 or 6?

Response At Sydney Launch Of Sojourners 1992 Typescript And Ms (File) - Box 6 or 7?

Talk At Brisbane Launch Sojourners 1992 (File) - Box 6 or 7?

Clf Lectures To Schools Mount Gambier And Yorke Peninsula, S.A., Announcement And Three Lectures,, 1970 (File) - Box 7

Public Talk Launceston 1992 An Environment In Change Not In Jeopardy And Marked Copy (File) - Box 7

Talk For Abc Ockhams Razor 1992 A Clash Of Cultures - 2 Of 7 Pages (File) - Box 7

Er Launch Of Roger Mcdonald`S Shearers Motel In Brisbane Plus Typescript And Ms (File) - Box 7

Talk And Reading Une 1985 (File) - Box 7

Talk To Coonabarabran Primary School 1985 (File) - Box 7

Talk To Gulargambone School 1972 (File) - Box 7

Talk To Northern Zone Teachers At Coonabarabran 198o (File) - Box 7

Talk To Speech Night Barradine School 197o (File) - Box 7

Talk At Narrabri Arts Council 1972 (File) - Box 7

Review For The Age Of Shadows Of Our Dreaming By Anne Fairbairn 1983 Ms And Typescript (File) - Box 7

Article Orientations: Australian Versions Of Asia 1992 Typescript And Ms (File) - Box 7

Talk University Of Qld Australian Soil As It Was And Is Sept.1983 (File) - Box 7

Talk Herbalists In Hong Kong (File) - Box 7

Talk Pearling (File) - Box 7

Talk At Launch Of Selected Poems Warana 1990 (File) - Box 7

Talk For Indochina Chinese Association Cabramatta 1992 Chinese Involvement In Making Australia (File) - Box 7

Article/Talk A People Conditioned By Disasters, Not Conquered 1990 (File) - Box 7

Writing Workshop University Papers And Talks Uni. Of Tasmania 1992 (File) - Box 7

Talk In Perth February 1985 The Parochialism Of Good Writing (File) - Box 7

Talk At Gardenesque Vaucluse House October 1990 (File) - Box 7

Talk To Royal Blind Society September 1982 Delivered On Tape (File) - Box 7

Lecture To English Teachers In Coonabarabran 1982 (File) - Box 7

Letters Institute Of Foresters, After Dinner Speech And Field Excursion Baradine Meeting 1986 Plus Talks For Both Plus Ms (File) - Box 7

Launch Speech Of Peter Careys The Unusual Life Of Tristan Smith (File) - Box 7

Letters To And From Dubbo Field Naturalist Society 1985 (File) - Box 7

Talk To Narrabri Rotary 1985, Letters Re Talk To Narrabri Rotary And Ms (File) - Box 7

Talk By Michael Galvin At Asal Une 1985 (File) - Box 7

Draft Talk English And The Young S.A. English Teachers Assn. 1973 (File) - Box 7

Letters And Synopsis More A New Planet Than A New Continent (File) - Box 7

Letters And Program Asal 85 (File) - Box 7

Talk The Cost Of The Coast Uni Of Qld Seminar 1982 (File) - Box 7

The Blue Green Darling River Published Independent Monthly 1992 (File) - Box 7

National Book Council Judges Report 1981 In Canberra Times (File) - Box 7

Article For The Sydney Review Before The Bitumen 1989 (File) - Box 7

Talk The Mystic East ?? (File) - Box 7

Article For The Bulletin The Modern Forest ?C1980 (File) - Box 7

A Voyage Of Discovery In The Independent Monthly 1992 (File) - Box 7

Article Evolution In The Outback Qantas Magazine Aug.1990 And Ms (File) - Box 7

Talk In Dubbo Australian Versions Of Asia 1992 (File) - Box 7

Letters To And From Greg Leach Conservation Commission Of N.T. Following Research On One-And-All (File) - Box 7

The Complete Kangaroo Story Ts C.1980 (File) - Box 7

Article The New Beach C.1980 (File) - Box 7

The Song Of The Dingo ?1986 (File) - Box 7

Out-Of-The-Way Australia 1987 (File) - Box 7

Blurb For Talk In Darwin 1986 (File) - Box 7

Three Articles Nurturing The Soil, Restoring The Soil, Restoring Rivers And Marshes Plus 1995 Biog. (File) - Box 7

Talk At Orange 1993 (File) - Box 7

Talk To History Students, U.Tas 1992 (File) - Box 7

Talk To Maurice Ryan Students At Southern Cross Uni, Lismore 1993, Marked Copy (File) - Box 3 and 7

Talk At Brisbane Launch Sojourners 1992 (File) - Box 6 or 7?

Judges Report National Book Council Award 1981 Ts And Ms (File) - Box 7

Talk For Mrs Walkers Tech Class Of 17 Year Old Girls The Importance Of Words 1968 (File) - Box 7

Talk At Southern Cross University, Lismore 1993 (File) - Box 7

Also Given At Botobalar Vineyard Mudgee (File) - Box 7

Introduction Professor Wang Gungwu And Introduction Frank Trinh Mitchell Library? (File) - Box 7

Ts And Ms Also Marked Copy As Given To English Dept U.Tas 1992 (File) - Box 7

Letter To Lesley Cameron Re Talks At Armidale 1985 (File) - Box 7

Notes For Reading At Armidale (File) - Box 7

Invitation To Asal Armidale 1985 Plus Details Of Program (File) - Box 7

Because Of Broken Leg. (File) - Box 7

Talk To Royal Blind Society To The Braile And Talking Book Library Re The River (File) - Box 7

Article Age 1988 Back To Bigotry (File) - Box 7

Talk And Reading At Une 1985 Ts And Ms (File) - Box 7

Talk To Coonabaran Primary School 1985 Ms (File) - Box 7

Notes For Reading At Une 1985 (File) - Box 7

Ts And Ms And Promotional Material (File) - Box 7

Letters Cres At Anu Re Lecture 85 (File) - Box 7

Letters To And From Dr Lesley Cameron Working On Potaroos (File) - Box 7

Excerpt From Celebration Of The Senses Published The Age 1984 (File) - Box 7

Talk To Dept Of Geography And Environmental Studies UTas Questioning A Few Fervent Opinions 1992 And Proofs And Letter For Island Magazine (File) - Box 7

The Leveret In The Bulletin 1961 (File) - Box 7

Notes For Poetry Workshop (File) - Box 7

Notes, Correspondence Plus Articles For Lets Do It Supplement Of A.P.N. Provincial Newspapers, Qld And Northern N.S.W. Including Emails Back And Forth With Elaine Who Was Working In Sydney. Elaine Wrote Half These Articles But All Published Under E.R. Name As Her Son Was On The Staff Of The Group. (File) - Box 8

Letters To And From Stefano De Pieri Re Participation Mildura Arts Festival 1998 Plus Copy Of Talk And Marked Copy. (File) - Box 8

Letters, Notes, Talks Re Participation In Tenth Symposium Of Australian Gastronomy, The Grampians 1998 (File) - Box 8

Letters To And From John Newton, Contributing Editor, Financial Review, And Copies Of Food Articles Published. (File) - Box 8

Letters, Brochures Etc. And Correspondence With Seed Savers, Byron Bay. (File) - Box 8

Letters To And From John Peel, 2 Envelopes Re Erics Chapter In That Place Called New South Wales I, Re Photographer For Doorways Re Proposal For Tree Book Together, Etc. Envelope 1 In Box 9. Envelope 2 In Box 8 (File) - Box 8 and 9

Correspondence Re Participation In Celebration Of The Pilliga 2oo1, Launch Of Bird Routes Of The Pilliga Book And Re Later Visit With Roger Deakin, Writer, U.K. Plus Correspondence With Premier And Minister Forenvironment Re Briggalow Belt, South Bioregion Assessment. (File) - Box 8

Notes For Australia, A Biography Including Letter To Sally Mcinerney And Errol Sullivan Re Possibility Of Television Documentary And Email To Elaine Visiting Hungary Enclosing Part Of Chapter 4 For First Editing. (File) - Box 8

Letters To And From Roger Deakin, Writer, U.K. (File) - Box 9

Letters To And From Publishers Re An Irish Story Eric Wrote For Children (File) - Box 9

Barbara Ker Wilson - Proposal For Eric To Write Opera Libretto On Ben Boyd (File) - Box 9

Letters To And From Other Writers, Small Requests From Other Publishers, Aust. Academy Of The Humanities Certificate Of Fellowship 1985 And Terra Australis Conference 1988. All Listed On Front Of Envelope (File) - Box 9

Letters To And From Other Writers, And Associates. (File) - Box 9

Large Collection Of Research Notes, For Australia, A Biography, Plus Invitation To Attend Murray Darling Conference In Moree 199o And Correspondence Nature Conservation Council To Governor Of N.S.W. Re His Opening Conference Which Discusses The Absurd Proposal Re-Route Coastal Rivers To The Inland. (File) - Box 9

Very Detailed Descriptions And Menus For Dinners Cooked By Elaine And Eric For Each Other, Including Wine Lists.2oo5 And Letter To Vanessa, Adam Van Kempen’s Wife, Re Special Dinner 1997 (File) - Box 10

Slow Food - In 2ooo Eric Rolls Was Appointed An International Juror For The Ark Of Taste Award For Slow Food, Italy. It Was A Four Year Appointment. The Same Year, He And Elaine Travelled As Guests To Bologna For The Awards Ceremony And On To Turin For Salon Del Gusto Food Fair. (File) - Box 10

Nine Envelopes Containing All Correspondence, Brochures, Ark Of Taste Nominations For Subsequent Years And Articles Written For The Journal Slow. (File) - Box 10

One Envelope Containing Correspondence And Information Re Slow Food Sydney Convivium. (File) - Box 10

Correspondence With National Trust Of Qld Re Proposal For Involvement In Chinese Heritage Museum (File) - Box 11

Research Notes And Article For Smh Re Benlate And Response From Dupont (File) - Box 11

3 Envelopes Of Letters And Contracts To And From Literary Agents And Publishers Plus Some Abstracts Of Books (File) - Box 11

Story Of Publication Of Sojourners And Citizens Including Legal Action Against Collins/A (File) - Box 11

Correspondence And Acquittals Australia Council Literature Board Fellowships Between 1988 And 2oo6 (File) - Box 11

Papers Relation To Iandra And Greenthorpe Near Grenfell Where Eric's Grandfather Was A Sharefarmer (File) - Box 11

Research Notes For Fortnightly Articles Related To Kendall Chronicle 2oo3 To 2oo7 (File) - Box 11

Elaine Van Kempen Papers Re Work Done At Times When Eric Was Writing And To Help Keep Our Heads Above Water. (File) - Box 11

Notebook And Reports As Field Officer For Historic Records Search In 1987; (File) - Box 11

Correspondence And Papers Relating To Work With Historic Houses Trust Re Various Contract Jobs In Event Management; (File) - Box 11

Review Of Veranda Embracing Place By Philip Drew Published In Fabrications, Journal Of Architects Aust. Nz, 1992. (File) - Box 11

Winner’s Certificate Publication Section Of Hastings Heritage Design Awards For Local History - Kendall A Railway History, One Of 4 Local Histories Written During The Last Few Years. (File) - Box 11

Letter Of Appointment As Executive Officer For Open Days At Government House, Sydney, In 2ooo, From Personal Assistant To Governor, NSW. Initially This Was Arranged By Historic Houses Trust But Government House Preferred To Have Control. This Continued Through The Next Two Years Until G.House Taken Over Completely By Historic Houses Trust. (File) - Box 11

Article For National Trust Of Qld Journal 1991; (File) - Box 11

Letter From Orange City Library Acknowledging Sheet Music Of Song Relating To Orange Cherry Blossom Festival. (File) - Box 11

Catalogue Essay For Jeannie Bakers Rosie Dock Exhibition And Relevant Correspondence (File) - Box 12

Copies Of Illustrations Used In Visions Of Australia (File) - Box 12

Visions Of Australia Letters To And From Publisher, Editor, Publicist And Fan Letters (File) - Box 12

Talk Australia As A Wild Flower Garden (File) - Box 12

Visions Of Australia 2 Envelopes Of Biographical Notes Of People Quoted (File) - Box 12

Visions Of Australia E.R. Handwritten Notes (File) - Box 12

4 Envelopes - Visions Of Australia Ms (File) - Box 12

Visions Of Australia Envelope Containing Elaines Corrections (File) - Box 12

Contracts For Books, Radio, Television And Relevant Correspondence With Agent And Publishers (File) - Box 12

Papers Relation To Honorary Doctorate University Of Canberra 1995 (File) - Box 12

Correspondence With Agent Cameron Cresswell - Lesley Fadzean Re Chapter In Living Forest And Ms (File) - Box 13

Talk For C.S.I.R.O. 5oth Anniversary Celebrations Looking At Wildlife And Relevant Corresondence (File) - Box 13

Reviews All From Forest To Sea (File) - Box 13

Review For A.B.R. Of Brian Coman Book Tooth And Nail And Relevant Correspondence (File) - Box 13

Notes, Correspondence Re Kakadu And C.S.I.R.O. Kapalga Station Visit 1986 (File) - Box 13

Details Of Equipping Land Cruiser For North Australia Trip 1986-7 (File) - Box 13

3 Envelopes Correspondence And Relevant Documents Agent Cameron Cresswell Re Aboriginal Book (File) - Box 13

Talk At Canberra Folk Festival 1992 (File) - Box 13

Large Envelope Of Miscellaneous Letters Including To Family Members, Other Writers Politicians, Etc. (File) - Box 1 or 13?

Letters To And From Royal Flying Doctor Service Regarding Radio Network 1991 (File) - Box 13

Talk At Canberra Folk Festival April 1992 (File) - Box 13

Letters To Mori Gallery Sydney With Payment For Listening Springs By Judy Watson (File) - Box 14

Photographs Used In From Forest To Sea (File) - Box 14

The North Coast Story Full Version (File) - Box 14

Large Envelope Of Research Material Including Handwritten Notes For The North Coast Story (File) - Box 14

Letters To And From Desert Discovery Re Canning Stock Route Trip, One-And-All Trip And Proposed Murray Trip Which Did Not Happen (File) - Box 14

Ideas For Agricultural Diversity, Cuttings, Printed Papers, Correspondence And E.R. Notes (File) - Box 14

Notes And Various Drafts Maintaining A City For St Andrews Essay Prize, Scotland (File) - Box 14

Correspondence Between E.R. And Bill Gammage Re River Flows And Depths (File) - Box 14

Correspondence With Jane Lennon Re Ballarat Trip E.R. Launched Environmental Program At University (File) - Box 14

Personal And Business Letters Including Re Farming (File) - Box 14

Articles By David Foster And Drusilla Modjeska Including About E.R. (File) - Box 14

Review Of Roger McDonald Gone Bush 1990 (File) - Box 14

Class MS Acc11-161. Consignment Added 2011

Comprises papers documenting Rolls' careers as an historian, non-fiction writer, poet and public speaker. They include correspondence, draft manuscripts, talks, essays and articles, research material, ephemera, notes and notebooks, poetry, news cuttings and photographs. Of particular interest is an incomplete unpublished work, referred to by Rolls as the "Aboriginal book", incorporating large amounts of research and original material, and manuscript and typescript drafts. Other subjects represented in the papers include the Chinese in Australia, animal stories, early Australian exploration and the Pilliga. The photographs comprise copies of those used in Rolls' book, They all ran wild, and negatives and slides relating to the Chinese in Australia.

Contained in 19 boxes.

CHINESE research hand written notebook. Correspondence with David Cleaver re Jung family. Photographs of Chinese sites in the Palmer River goldfield. Rural Society - Journal of research into rural and regional social issues (Eric as referee), 1970s-1980s (File) - Box 1

Large packet of slides and rolls of film relating to Sojourners and Citizens and associated book of negatives, 1970s-1980s (File) - Box 1

Cutting Sydney Gazette NSW Advertiser, 15 April 1824 - re Trade with China (File) - Box 1

Cutting the Australian, 29 October 1996 - at time of Citizens launch (and re Pauline Hanson) (File) - Box 1

Tianenmen Square article (File) - Box 1

Talk 'CHINA' to Coonabarabran CWA - AUGUST 1983, 1970s-1980s (File) - Box 1

Talk 'CHINESE INVOLVEMENT IN MAKING AUSTRALIA' to Inco-China Chinese Association, Cabramatta, Feb. 1992, 1970s-1980s (File) - Box 1


LECTURE given by Eric Rolls 1989, 1970s-1980s (File) - Box 1

ANIMAL STORIES - proposals for series of books for children to be written by Eric Rolls and illustrated by Annie Georgeson about Australian fauna. Plus stories written: Lace Monitor, Echidna, Grey Teal, Garden Spider, Tasmanian Devil, Dingo, and some illustrations. Relevant correspondence agent publishers. 5 envelopes. 'English and the Young' in the JOURNAL OF THE SAETA (South Australia English Teachers Association) 1972 - Eric Rolls was working with primary school children throughout SA, 1960s-2000s (File) - Box 2

1969 - Talk 'The Welcome Rabbit' to Armidale Branch of the Society of Animal Production, 1960s-2000s (File) - Box 2

ABR - review of From Forest to Sea, 1960s-2000s (File) - Box 2

Australian Review of Books, Feb.99 - 'Running Wild - Nicolas Rothwell distills a Rollsean Essence', 1960s-2000s (File) - Box 2

List of ECR articles and talks. ECR 'Nature Writing - 'The Lovely Bird in the Lovely Tree', Commonwealth Literary Fund Lecture 15 March 1972. Notes for talk to Forestry Conference during tour of the Pilliga 1987. ORANA South Australian Journal of School and Children's Librarianship - Eric Rolls 'Writing from Experience', 1970s-1990s (File) - Box 3

TALK 'Correcting Australia'. ADELAIDE WRITERS' WEEK (March 1970) talk at University of Adelaide 'The Sound and Shape of Poetry'. LECTURE to SA Primary Schools - 'Playing with Words'. TALK to Narrabri Rotary re changes to Australia - Sept. 1985. TALK - The Changing Environment. TALK - Forests and Forestry. ARTICLE - 'A Black White Look at Land' pub. SMH AGE c. 1995 with note re Mick Dodson. ERIC'S Chapter in FOUR SEASONS edited by Geoffrey Dutton, 1970s-1990s (File) - Box 3

TALK as Festival Guest at Henry Lawson Festival, June 1998. TWO EXERCISE BOOKS, ERIC ROLLS 1D at FORT STREET SCHOOL, SYDNEY 'POETRY' includes miscellaneous letters 2D 'ENGLISH'. On Oxley's Trail - The Discovery of New England Tableland by J,F. Campbell L.S. Itinerary European trip 1988. Notes from European trip 1988. Notes from trip One and All July 1992, 1970s-1990s (File) - Box 3

Notes for family wedding 1986. Music Magazine Premiere includeds sheet music for Eric Rolls' poem Sheaf Tosser for voice and piano by Michael Whiticker. Includes program for first performance 1986 and handwritten letter from the composer. PLUS handwritten manuscript by Michael Whiticker. Notes re early exploration, 1970s-1990s (File) - Box 3

Publisher, agents' and PLR records of book sales - 1960s - 1980s. Papers regarding Order of Australia and other notes. Sundry photographs. Lists of Eric's books given as gifts. Program SCU Graduation Ceremony (occasional address). Certificate of Registration of brand and earmark. Biographical information for Who's Who, 1970s-1990s (File) - Box 3

Extensive documentation of criticisms of A Million Wild Acres by Benson and Redpath in RBG Journal Cunninghamia includes comments by Tim Flannery, D.G. Ryan et al., E.H. Norris et al., Marty Linehan, Howarth, (Director RBG), John Dargavel ANU, David Paull, 1980s-2000s (File) - Box 4

Rolls talk Perfumed Pines at AFHS Conference, 1980s-2000s (File) - Box 4

Article Tom Griffiths The Writing of A Million Wild Acres, 1980s-2000s (File) - Box 4

Correspondence with Dr Stephen Gale, 1980s-2000s (File) - Box 4

Re request for article 'Land of Grass' in Journal of Institute of Australian Geographers, 1980s-2000s (File) - Box 4

Extensive correspondence between Rolls and Gale re above, 1980s-2000s (File) - Box 4

Article The Army and the Pilliga Forest Rolls `1984 Typescript and mss, 1980s-2000s (File) - Box 4

Research papers Pilliga Forest Timbers, 1980s-2000s (File) - Box 4

Papers re 'Celebration of the Pilliga', 1980s-2000s (File) - Box 4

Rolls' visit to Pilliga with English writer Roger Deakin, notes and correspondence, 1980s-2000s (File) - Box 4

Elaine van Kempen research notebook for commissioned eco history of Pilliga forests 1996, 1980s-2000s (File) - Box 4

Murray Darling Basin booklet The Pilliga written by Eric Rolls, 1980s-2000s (File) - Box 4

Large collection of articles, talks and book reviews written by Eric Rolls over period of 15 years, 1970s-2000s (File) - Box 5

Eric Rolls' poetry, 1960s-2000s (File) - Box 6

Three envelopes The Green Mosaic including the first typescript; Miss Strawberry poems, Pelorus Jack poems, 1960s-2000s (File) - Box 6

Three envelopes of old and new poems, 1960s-2000s (File) - Box 6

Talk for Watermark 2005 - The Shape of Poetry, 1960s-2000s (File) - Box 6

Eric Rolls; early experiments with poems and songs, including music, dance, visual word play, the shape of words and tom fooleries, 1950s-1970s (File) - Box 7

Correspondence: Re Adelaide ArtLink lecture and other events 2002; Adelaide catalogue essay 1999; Australia Council; Divine Magazine; general re Visions of Australia; With Roger Deakin and re his postumous book Wildwood; with Wall to Wall television re proposed involvement in program 'The Colonial House', 1990s-2000s (File) - Box 8

With Exile Publishing re Munro book; to and from Roger McDonald, Ashley Hay, ABC re Rolls' programs on meat; with Anita Heiss; with Svend Mortensen, Denmark; Grace Pundyk re using quote in her book; to and from Bill Gammage re Indigenous Australians, kangaroos, rivers, etc. to Premier Bob Carr; Southern Cross Uni re talk; Prof.Fitzgerald, La Trobe Uni re Chinese papers; participation in documentary on rabbits, 1990s-2000s (File) - Box 8

With Ann Dollin editor Aussie Bee; re Miss Strawberry poem published in France; Bill Jonas re Aboriginal book; Bill O'Toole re Trepang song written for Eric; Brian Coman re his book Tooth and Nail; The Bulletin, A Sustainable City for Millenium issue; Carolyn Leach Paholski re launching her book; Brian Walker, CSIRO 50th Anniversary celebration; Colin Thiele invitation; Deborah Newell (via Mike Archer) re native grasses, 1990s-2000s (File) - Box 8

With Des Barrett, Power House Museum, re collitris samples; Diana Hawkin, judging first Watermark Fellowship; Dominic Rado re fishing; Donald McDonald re destruction of the ABC; Pete Hay re Watermark Fellowship; Prof. Hao Fu re Rolls' poem Bamboo in Chinese collection; Gib Gate School re talks to students; Gordon Grimwade re Chinese photographs' Australian Review of Books re Timber Story; Ruth Blair re Environment, Community Culture Conference, U.Q. 2002; Australian Honours Secretariat support Zelda d'A'prano; judging in Camden Head Pilot Station writing competition; Hugh Spencer Australian Tropical Research Foundation, 1990s-2000s (File) - Box 8

Re (as yet unpublished) Aboriginal Book: Correspondence with: Mick Dodson, Linda Burney, Tim Haydon, Patrick Dodson, Lowitja O'Donoghue, Jack Beetson, Marcia Langton, Bill Jonas, Bill Gammage. NAJOMBOLMI - Reflections and rejections of an Aboriginal Artist, a paper by Ivan Haskovec and Hillary Sullivan re Kakadu Rock Art. Fire management in Kakadu N, a paper by A.J. Press. Large collection of relevant cuttings and research notes, 1990s-2007 (File) - Box 9

Re (as yet unpublished) Aboriginal Book: Large collection of research papers and Including re Windschuttle, 1990s-2007 (File) - Box 10

Re (as yet unpublished) Aboriginal Book: Many envelopes of handwritten mss, 1990s-2007 (File) - Box 11

Re (as yet unpublished) Aboriginal Book: Large collection of research papers and notes, 1990s-2007 (File) - Box 12-13

Re (as yet unpublished) Aboriginal Book: TYPESCRIPT - printed at various stages of development, 1990s-2007 (File) - Box 14-16

Papers re Eric Rolls' research trip on 'One and all' 1992; research papers and notes re forests and grasses, 1980s-1990s (File) - Box 17

Eric Rolls' correspondence with: R.D.Fitzgerald re Vietnam War 1968; Tom Griffiths, Bill Gammage, Diana Hawken; Jim Noble; John Newton, Chris Fiek, Mike Archer, Roger Deakin, Wall to Wall, Re Fort Street with photographs; Ruth Blair: Slow Food; Birds Australia; Charlotte Wood; Australian Native Bee Research Centre; Mark Tredinnick; re Centenary Medal; Jane Lennon; Bill Fenner; John Marsden; Laurie Muller; Tim McCartney Snape; Darrell Lewis; Pter Beattie; LandCom; Janet Cohen; Sue Briggs; Robert McAfee; Peter Marcfarlane re Chinese; Gabrielle Carey; Fay Beebe; David Lu re Chinese; Christine Williams; Denise Humphreys; Australian Society of Authors; Edward Duyker; Dr John Pickard re fencing wire and relevant papers; Suzanne Fraser re Wile Cattle Creek logging; Bio for Who's Who; Roger McDonald and Sue Fisher; Robert Onfray; Carolyn Leach Paholski; Camden Haven Arts Coucil; Roger Fryer; Ben Morphett; Mavis Barnes re water; Fort Street; Deborah Rose; Kempsey West Public School; Michael Denholm (File) - Box 18

list of papers sold to ADFA; original deposit of A Millin Wild Acres papers with NLA; Sundry photographs of Eric Rolles. Invoices sale of The River. Articles re New Guinea Air Warning Wirless Company of which Eric Rolles was a member WW2. Notes re Australian Heroines; Letters re proposed prose work on New Guinea; Curtis Brown re paperback They All Ran Wild 1976; Curtis Brown 1977 re various books. Handwritten story about the writing of Perlous Jack. Letters and documents regarding surveys of State boundaries, S.A, Qld and N.T. including copy of handwritten document by L. A. Wells. Notes re debating and writing style. Letters re prickly pear (File) - Box 18

Photographs for They all ran wild, 1960s (File) - Box 19

Class MS Acc12-148. Consignment Added 2012

Comprises papers relating to Rolls' career as a writer, including correspondence, articles, manuscripts, children's stories, research material and book reviews. In addition there are photographs, family history papers, general correspondence and condolence letters received by the family after Rolls' death.

Contained in 5 boxes.

Ian Marr correspondence, 1990-2002 (File) - Box 1

The Fortian magazine, 1990-2002 (File) - Box 1

Wedding papers, Elaine Eric, 1990-2002 (File) - Box 1

Fishing, 1990-2002 (File) - Box 1

Termites article, 1990-2002 (File) - Box 1

A Sorrow's End - an Irish story for children, 1990-2002 (File) - Box 1

Emails to from Elaine while she was in New York, 1990-2002 (File) - Box 1

Correspondence to both ECR EvK, 1990-2002 (File) - Box 1

Airways magazine Jan/Feb 1993, 1990-2002 (File) - Box 1

Airways magazine Nov/Dec 1990, 1990-2002 (File) - Box 1

Weekend Australian Oct.5/6 2002, 1990-2002 (File) - Box 1

Proposal for opera on Ben Boyd, 1990-2002 (File) - Box 1

Sojourners - the Boat, 1990-2002 (File) - Box 1

Aboriginal Theatre programme, 1990-2002 (File) - Box 1

Judy Watson brochure, 1990-2002 (File) - Box 1

Articles and papers by ER (list) x 2, 1990-2002 (File) - Box 1

The Australian magazine - The Heroines of Bosnia, 1990-2002 (File) - Box 1

Letter from Colin Roderick to George ?Johnston, 1990-2002 (File) - Box 1

Pilliga Histories ECR EvK, 1990-2002 (File) - Box 1

'Our last Scrabble scores', 1990-2002 (File) - Box 1

Eric - general public appearances, 1990-2002 (File) - Box 1

Roger Deakin memorial and correspondence, 1990-2002 (File) - Box 1

Re-publication - A Million Wild Acres and permissions, 1990-2002 (File) - Box 1

Eric Rolls - general photographs, 1990-2002 (File) - Box 1

Condolence letters x 3 envelopes (File) - Box 2

Eric Rolls - condolence book (File) - Box 2

Financial arrangements for Eric's funeral (File) - Box 2

Watermarks - for Eric - Catherine Padmore (File) - Box 2

(UNPUBLISHED MANUSCRIPT), 1950s (File) - Box 3

(A New Life at 62 - unexpected wonders), 1950s (File) - Box 3

Rolls family memorabilia, 1950s (File) - Box 3

Letters from readers with suggested corrections to A Million Wild Acres (1950s), 1950s (File) - Box 3

Photocopies of Reviews of books by E.R, 1950s (File) - Box 3

Eric's letter re misplaced records in State archives, 1950s (File) - Box 3

Rolls articles - Land Ideology, 1950s (File) - Box 3

Eric's 'Pre-Aboriginal Book' (File) - Box 4

Bibliography to Oct.2002 (CD-ROM), 2002 (File) - Box 4

Correspondence with Bill Gammage re Eric's 'Aboriginal Book' working title 'An Unknown People', 2002 (File) - Box 4

Annotations to the original ms which was later edited by Eric to remove contemporary material, 2002 (File) - Box 4

'An Unknown People' pp 1 - 123, 2002 (File) - Box 4

Annotations to original ms. of 'An Unknown People' - before Eric's revision, 2002 (File) - Box 4

E.R. Papers relating to ms. of unpublished working title 'An Unknown People', 2002 (File) - Box 4

General correspondence to both ER EvK (File) - Box 5

E.R. general (File) - Box 5

Eric's food notes taken from our recipe books (File) - Box 5

Chinese book launches (File) - Box 5

Eric - sundry photographs (File) - Box 5

Reviews (File) - Box 5

4 Stories for children (File) - Box 5

Mississippi/Murray research notes (File) - Box 5

The Independent 'The Billion Trees of Man' (File) - Box 5

Graduation address (File) - Box 5