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John Grant - Letter to mother and sister, 5 December 1803 (Item 12)

Farewell nature suggests last letter before sailing.

John Grant - Letter to mother and sister, 2-22 May 1804 (Item 14)

20 pages, describing voyage on Coromandel (Captain Robinson). Leaves Portsmouth some time shortly before 1 January 1804. (Grant appears to have had a privileged passage, being accepted, presumably because of his education and social position, as one of the Captain's staff, and sleeping and messing in their quarters. His main function appears to have been keeping five journals for the Captain.)...

John Grant - Letter to mother and sister, 13-16 July 1804 (Item 15)

Personal description of Judge Atkins. Grant is living in a "ruinous house" offered as an asylum by Mr Williamson at Parramatta, and is supporting himself. Governor King did not give him the freedom of the colony, as he was persuaded by Williamson, Captain Cox, Judge Atkins and Major Johnston that the time was not ripe to apply for it. From Governor King he received £20 for rum acquired in San Salvador, but no favours as King had animosity for the previous Governor Hunter's friends, including Williamson who befriended Grant. Captain Charles Bishop of Prospect befriends Grant, 5 miles from his home at Parramatta. (Bishop a man of influence, and in a joint concern with George Bass who has been gone 17 months to Peru on a trading voyage. Bishop himself a minor explorer).

John Grant - Letter to mother and sister, 1-10 January 1805 (Item 22)

His unhappy relations with Governor King and general description of his progress, and acquaintances, which include Surveyor-General Evans, Captain Kent (Hunter's nephew), and naturalist J.W. Lewin. Grant still at Williamson's farm. (20 p.).

John Grant - Letter to mother and sister from Sydney, 28 Apr 1805 (Item 23)

Is now working property of Captain Bishop who has become insane, and through intercession of Captain Kent has been given freedom of the Colony by Governor King.

John Grant - Letter to mother and sister, 16 April 1810 (Item 36)

Enclosing copy of request through Rev. Marsden to Governor Macquarie for a free pardon.

John Grant - Letter to brother Samuel, 11 May 1810 (Item 38)

Advising proposed despatch with Commodore Blight of his six journals.

John Grant - Letter from Prospect Hill to mother, sister and brother, 27 July 1810 (Item 39)

Grant is not yet pardoned but Macquarie has promised him such if he can arrange a voyage home. Grant is promised a passage home in the Springrove due to leave shortly, promised by Mr. Hook, Mr. Campbell's partner. As there is no more correspondence it is presumed he accepted this. Also in letter is 1810 Ode.