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Created: 28/06/2022

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Class MS Acc08.043. Consignment received March 2008 - Box 1-4 (MS Acc08.043), Box 5-8 (MS Acc08.043), Box 9-10, 6-16 (MS Acc08.043), Box 11-12, 14-15 (MS Acc08.043), Box 13, 19 (MS Acc08.043)

Comprises scores, composing notebooks, juvenilia, audio reels, press cuttings, reviews and programs.

Series. Audio recordings

Subseries. Recordings [only known existing copies of these performances]
Side 1: Track I (RS): Music at Night. Reicha / Schumann Op 38 / Macdowell. Track II (Roger Smalley 12/11/67): Twentieth Century Piano Music. Schonberg Op 23; Piano Piece IX Stockhausen, 5 Pieces Roger Smalley; Le Traquet Stapazin Messian. Side 2. Track I: Symphony No. 2 (1944) - Charles Koechlin [LPO C. Silvestri]; Track II: String 4tet No 2 Eliott Carter (Parrenin Quartet); Antechrist Maxwell Davies, Monodrama Harrison Birtwistle (2' at end just back in TR 1] - both Pierrot Players [1st performances] (Item NLA.MS-SAV003981) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-018
Stockhausen Piano pieces 5, 7 + 8 played by Roger Smalley. 2nd BBC recording made on [...]. Side I, track I: Symphony No 3 Schuman BBC Sym. Cond. Boulez. Track II: Dunstable. Side II, Track I: Piano pieces 5, 7, 8 Stockhausen (Roger Smalley) 2nd BBC recording. Track II: Little Symphony (Goehr) (Item NLA.MS-SAV003982) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-018

Side I, track I: Symphony No 3 Schuman BBC Sym. Cond. Boulez. Track II: Dunstable. Side II, Track I: Piano pieces 5, 7, 8 Stockhausen (Roger Smalley) 2nd BBC recording. Track II: Little Symphony (Goehr)

String quartette No. 1 (Item NLA.MS-SAV011018) - Shelf-Tall OH2-9-014
The leaden Echo and the Golden Echo for trumpet, piano and piano accordian (1964). Janacek - From the house of the dead. Wiltgenstein Motet. Bach - Flirchete dich nicht, Geshr The deluge and Little music for strings, Charles Ives - Symphony No 3., 1964 (Item NLA.MS-SAV011019) - Shelf-Tall OH2-9-014
Side 1 Busoni 10 pieces. Side 2 Alexander goehr - piano trio. Schonberg 5 pieces and Messiaen, Roger Smalley BBC broadcast. Busoni piano concerto. (Item NLA.MS-SAV011020) - Shelf-Tall OH2-9-014
The Song of the Highest tower (1st Performance). Master 1, 23/07/1993 (Item NLA.MS-SAV011021) - Shelf-Tall OH2-9-014

More information in casing.

Pulses for 5 x 4 Players (1st Performance) (Item NLA.MS-SAV011022) - Shelf-Tall OH2-9-014

London Sinfonietta, conducted by David Atherton. Oger Smalley and Tim Souster Electronics.

Canticle for organ played by Adrian Jack., 1963 (Item NLA.MS-SAV011023) - Shelf-Tall OH2-9-014

Recorded on the organ in the concert hall of the RCM 1963. More information in casing.

Synata for Strings., 20/02/1973 (Item NLA.MS-SAV011024) - Shelf-Tall OH2-9-014

More information on casing.

Capriccio No 1 for Violin and Piano-Roger Smalley, Andrew McGee and the composer. (Item NLA.MS-SAV011025) - Shelf-Tall OH2-9-014

BBC recording .

Konzert Stuck for Violin and Orchestra., 23/02/1980 (Item NLA.MS-SAV011026) - Shelf-Tall OH2-9-014

A live recording of the 1st performance, given in the Concert hall, Perth, as part of the 1980 Festival of Perth on 23 February 1980. More information on casing.

Zeitebenen Performance Tape - Part A (Item NLA.MS-SAV014121) - Shelf-Short OH2-2-001

Copied from original 4 track tape

Zeitebenen Performance Tape - Parts B & C (Item NLA.MS-SAV014122) - Shelf-Short OH2-2-001

Copied from original 4 track tape

Subseries. Recordings [various works by Smalley, performances by Smalley of works by others]
Intermodulation: Roger Smalley, Tim Souster, Andrew Powell, Robin Thompson. Concert at Oxford (Holywell Music Room) given as part of the English Bach Festival on [...]. ?Transformation tests and complete performance ?Chinese Whispers. Mono recordings on each track both sides (Item NLA.MS-SAV003983) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-018
Roger Smalley:Side 1 Max Davies Interview. Side 2 'Youth at the helm', incl. 2 parts of Variation for strings (Item NLA.MS-SAV010999) - Shelf-Tall OH2-9-014
Dubbed to Smalley DAT 1: Pg-no 4., 23/07/1993 (Item NLA.MS-SAV011000) - Shelf-Tall OH2-9-014

duration 29'

Composer's choice, Bath Festival Recital. Side 2 Incomplete Piano trio., 23/071993 (Item NLA.MS-SAV011001) - Shelf-Tall OH2-9-014

More information of cover

Accord - roger Smalley and David Bollard (pianos), 3/09/1977 (Item NLA.MS-SAV011002) - Shelf-Tall OH2-9-014
Brahms piano trio No (3?), 23/07/1993 (Item NLA.MS-SAV011003) - Shelf-Tall OH2-9-014

Dubbed to Smalley ! DAT Pg-no 1

David Bedford Piano Piece 1, Tim Souster Piano Piece 1. Played by Roger Smalley (Item NLA.MS-SAV011004) - Shelf-Tall OH2-9-014

BBC Recording. Maybe more on the tape. Further information on cover.

Roger Smalley (Item NLA.MS-SAV011005) - Shelf-Tall OH2-9-014

Side 1. Track 1. Vingt regards sur L'Enfant-Jesus (Messiaen) Part1 only, John Ogden Piano. 2. Altenberg Lieder. Berg. 3. Dance of the spirits, Busoni. Track 2. 1. Symphonic Poem, Pellaes and Melisande (Schonberg). 2. Le merteau sans Maitre, boule. New Music Ensemble, rosemary Phillips. 3. Piano Study No. 1, Brian Dennis (Played by B.D. 1964. 4. Shakespeare music. P.M. Davies. Side 2, Track 1. Heyden quartette, Op. 76, No. 6 Amadeus. 2. P. M. Davies Leopardi Fragments (New Music Ensemble) 4. Heyden Quartette, Op. 76, No. 4. 5. Heyden quartette Op. 76, No. 5 6. Schubert Lieder. Side 2, track 2. 1. Jance diary of one who disappeared (Gerald English) 2. Mahler Symphony No. 10, Adagio (Dean Dixon) 3. Schonberg Phantasy for violin and piano, Op. 47 (Tibor Varga) 4. Geoneldo 3 Motets (completed by Stravinsky) 5. Reginald Smith Brindle Concerto for 5 instruements and percussion.

Roger Smalley:Side 1, track 1. Brickner symphony No. 8. Halle and BB Northern Orchestra. 2. Das Buch der Hangeden Gerten, Op. 15, Stockhausen piano piece. Side 2 , Track 1, Smetena String Quartette No. 2. Debussy 3 piano pieces, Ives concord sonatta. 2. Webern )p. 26, Schonberg Modern Pslam, Debussy Sonata for flute, viola and harp. (Item NLA.MS-SAV011006) - Shelf-Tall OH2-9-014

More information on cover

Ggregory Baron - cello, Roger Smalley - piano. Sanmartini: Sonata in G major. Schobert: Sonata in A Minor Arpeggione (first movement). Chopin: Introduction and Polonaise Brillante. Faure: Elegie. Nin: Two Airs from Suite Espanol. Brahms: sonata in F Major (incomplete (Item NLA.MS-SAV011007) - Shelf-Tall OH2-9-014
Tim Souster; Spectral Waste Land Music (Intermodulation) (Item NLA.MS-SAV011008) - Shelf-Tall OH2-9-014
Subseries. Recordings [various, including concerts with mixed composers including Roger Smalley]
Roger Smalley. Transformation; Memories; Melody Study 1. 71/2 IPS stereo (Item NLA.MS-SAV003984) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-018
Roger Smalley. Transformation I for piano with electronic modulation (1968/9) [1st version]. Roger Smalley - Piano, Tim Souster - Potentiometer. Stereo 7 1/2 ips. BBC recording (not broadcast) made on [...] at the Purcell Room. NB 1st (unrevised) version. Not to be used (Item NLA.MS-SAV003985) - Shelf-Short OH2-1-018
Composers on criticism (BBC), Sep-73 (Item NLA.MS-SAV011009) - Shelf-Tall OH2-9-014

ABC dubbing for private use. 13'40'

Piano pieces 1 -5, 27/09/1969 (Item NLA.MS-SAV011010) - Shelf-Tall OH2-9-014
[Untitled] (Item NLA.MS-SAV011011) - Shelf-Tall OH2-9-014
Tape to accompany DAAD submission. 1. Zeitebenen, 2. Pulses for 5 x 4 players, 3. Strata for 15 strings, 4. Transformation, gloria Tibi Trinitas. (Item NLA.MS-SAV011012) - Shelf-Tall OH2-9-014

More information in case

Tim Souster Break and Group composition 1., 22-23/12/1973 (Item NLA.MS-SAV011013) - Shelf-Tall OH2-9-014

Roger Smalley piano, other players listed on cover. Recorded BBC, London

"Live at Falmouth", 4/03/1971 (Item NLA.MS-SAV011014) - Shelf-Tall OH2-9-014

Roger Smalley - Melody Study 1. Stockhausen - Expo for 3 and Verbindung

Strata (Item NLA.MS-SAV011015) - Shelf-Tall OH2-9-014

BBC Symphony Orchestra

"Accord" - audition copy for listening purposes only (Item NLA.MS-SAV011016) - Shelf-Tall OH2-9-014
[Untitled] (Item NLA.MS-SAV011017) - Shelf-Tall OH2-9-014
Zeitebenen for 4 instrumentalists and 4 channel tape MONODY for piano with live electric modulation. Inter-modulation., 08/10/1973, -6/06/1972 (Item NLA.MS-SAV014124) - Shelf-Short OH2-2-001

More info in case

Zeitebenen for 4 instrumentalists and 4 channel tape (1972-73). Cologne & Godorf 1973 Inter-modulation, 1972-1973 (Item NLA.MS-SAV014125) - Shelf-Short OH2-2-001

More info in case