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MS Acc09.027, MS Acc09.051, MS Acc10.025

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Valrene Tweedie
Papers of Valrene Tweedie
Date Range
1938 - 2008
Collection Number
MS Acc09.027, MS Acc09.051, MS Acc10.025
1.71 metres (7 ms boxes + 1 large folio box + 2 packets)
Language of Materials
Special Collections (Manuscripts)


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Item Descriptions

Class MS Acc09_027. Original Consignment

Comprises news cuttings, photographs, programs, correspondence, publications, and business, financial and legal papers and writings.

Contained in 7 boxes + 1 folio bx.

Series. Pre De Basil

Clippings photographs ephemera: Polish Australian Ballet; First Australian Ballet; Leon Kellawy (File) - Box 1A (MS Acc09.027)

Series. De Basil

De Basil's Ballets Russes, Australia/Americas: Photos programs, clippings (File) - Folio 1B (MS Acc09.027)
Letters from Valrene Tweedie to her friend Marnie Martin (from USA and Cuba), 1940−1946 (File) - Box 1A (MS Acc09.027)

Series. Sergei Denham's Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo

part 1: photos, Denham Correspondence (File) - Box 1B (MS Acc09.027)
part 2: clippings, programs, copies of Dance News (File) - Box 1B (MS Acc09.027)

Series. Cuba

Clippings, programs, books photos, 1940−1951 (File) - Box 1A (MS Acc09.027)

Series. Scrapbooks

Australia 1940, on board ship 1920, Cuba 1940s (File) - Folio 1 (MS Acc09.027)

Please note: This scrapbook is in a very delicate condition. Many photographs are loose, pages are disintegrating.

De Basil 1941−1942; Pro-Arte (Havana) 1944−1945, 1941-1945 (File) - Folio 1 (MS Acc09.027)
National Theatre, Wakooka, G'Day Digger (File) - Folio 1 (MS Acc09.027)
Australia minimal, 1938−1940 (File) - Folio 1 (MS Acc09.027)

Series. Return to Australia

Photos, clippings, programs, ballet libretti; TV (including G'Day Digger and ABC); Miscellaneous choreographic work; Ballet Concertante; NIDA; Marriage to James Upshaw 15/12/1962 (clippings) (File) - Box 2A (MS Acc09.027)

Series. National Theatre Ballet

Clippings, photos, programs, 1952−1954 (File) - Box 2A (MS Acc09.027)
Can Can: Clippings, photos, programs, script, correspondence, 1955−1956 (File) - Box 2A (MS Acc09.027)
Wakooka: Choreographic notes, photos, clippings, programs, 1957−1960s (File) - Box 2A (MS Acc09.027)

Series. Australian Academy of Ballet

Concert programs 1964−1984; Student's choreographic workshops (1976−1982, incomplete); Scholarships and bursaries (1967−1985, incomplete); Miscellaneous flyers and clippings; Miscellaneous roll books exam results; Summer School 1967 - photographic scrapbook, 1964-1982 (File) - Box 2C (MS Acc09.027)

Series. Books and Manuals

'Best foot forward', Bulletin of the Association of Australian Dancers, December 1957; Royal Academy of Dancing, Major Examination syllabus: Girls' Advanced, 1988; Laurel Martyn, Manual of classical dance theory, 1991; Laurel Martyn, Classical Dance Teaching Programme, 1991; Marilyn Jones et al, Favourite enchainements, ca. 2000?, 1957-2000 (File) - Box 2B (MS Acc09.027)

Series. Living Treasure photographic exhibition

Catalogue, publicity, correspondence, 1993 (File) - Box 3A (MS Acc09.027)

Series. Australian Dance Awards

Clippings, photos, acceptance speech;Program for awards 2001, 1998-2001 (File) - Box 3A (MS Acc09.027)

Series. National Gallery of Australia exhibition - From Russia with Love

Recorded interview with Valrene Tweedie and Anna Volkova (incomplete cassette tape of interview, original unedited transcript, corrected transcript); Catalogue of exhibition, 1999 (File) - Box 3A (MS Acc09.027)

Series. Ballets russes reunion (New Orleans)

Diary, clippings, correspondence, photos, clippings, media pack; Scrapbook of a dancer (by Dorothy Buckridge Nesbitt., 2000 (File) - Box 3 (MS Acc09.027)

Series. Nutcracker - The Australian Ballet

Part 1: Clippings, programs, cast sheets, correspondence and contracts, 1992 -2000 (File) - Box 3A (MS Acc09.027)
Part 2: Photos, chookas cards, 1992 - 2000 (File) - Box 3B (MS Acc09.027)

Series. Requiem - The Australian Ballet

Programs, contracts and pay advice notices, clippings, photos, chookas cards, 2001 (File) - Box 3B (MS Acc09.027)

Series. The Dancer's Newsletter

Incomplete copies from July 1007 to April/May 2006: (The Dancer's Newsletter was published by Jodi Rose.) (File) - Box 3B (MS Acc09.027)

Series. Assorted lectures notes

Ballet history notes for HSC, Notes and correspondence for WEA classes, 1970s, AICD notes for HSC (File) - Box 3B (MS Acc09.027)

Series. Miscellaneous

Biographical articles (printed) (File) - Box 3B (MS Acc09.027)
Dance notebook (File) - Box 3B (MS Acc09.027)
Miscellaneous Ballets Russes photos (File) - Box 1B (MS Acc09.027)
Biographies, CVs, interview material (unpublished) (File) - Box 3B (MS Acc09.027)
Miscellaneous programs Australia, USA, UK, Russia, 1940−2000 (File) - Box 2C (MS Acc09.027)
Miscellaneous personal photos (File) - Box 3B (MS Acc09.027)
Miscellaneous choreographic notes, articles about dance and dancers; miscellaneous Cecchetti items (File) - Box 2B (MS Acc09.027)

Series. Photos of students

Photos of students, unidentified (File) - Box 2B (MS Acc09.027)

Series. New Zealand

New Zealand guest teaching (File) - Box 2B (MS Acc09.027)

Series. Reverence

Reverence - Call sheet, contracts, flyer, 2000 (File) - Box 3B (MS Acc09.027)

Series. Revolutions (Fokine program) - The Australian Ballet

Revolutions (Fokine program) - The Australian Ballet Clippings, photo, 2006 (File) - Box 3B (MS Acc09.027)

Class MS Acc09_051. Consignment Added 2009 - Folder 1 (MS Acc09.051)

Comprises programs for workshops and choreographic competitions run by Ballet Australia. Some are photocopies.

Contained in 1 packet.

Valrene Tweedie: Anna Volkova & Valrene Tweedie, 10/10/1997, National Gallery of Australia, 10/10/1997 (Item NLA.MS-SAV10268) - Cassette-Box 514



Physical Facet

Compact cassette tape

Class MS Acc10_025. Consignment Added 2010 - Piece 1 (MS Acc10.025)

Comprises opy prints of black and white ballet photographs of senior girls, Melbourne, 1941, with identification of dancers by Tweedie; a list of "strikers" in Cuba, 1941, handwritten by Tweedie; the schedule of Australian Ballet rehearsal calls for Friday, 14 February, 1992, Ballet Centre, Melbourne; a copy of handwritten production notes for a new version of The Nutcracker by Graeme Murphy and Kristian Fredrikson; and an ABC inter-office memo on terms of engagement for Miss Valrene Tweedie and Channel Two Dancers, 1962.

Contained in 1 packet.