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Sir Keith Wilson
Papers of Sir Keith Wilson and Lady Elizabeth Wilson
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MS Acc10.030, MS Acc10.209
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Item Descriptions

Class MS Acc10.030. Original Consignment

Includes records relating to the Liberal Party of Australia and associated organisations. The records relate to: Political Reform League: executive committee minutes, financial papers, constitution, rules, and newspaper cuttings; Political Reform League women's section (from 1932 Women's Branch, Young Liberal League and, at final meeting, Young Liberal Women), and minutes; Adelaide Young Liberal League: minutes, annual reports, annual returns, roll books and financial statements; Liberal Youth Centre: executive committee minutes; Liberal and Country League: executive committee minutes, South Australia Division papers, constitution principles and state platform, handbooks, list of branches and officers, historical publications, Tusmore Women's Branch minutes, lecture notes; Liberal Party of Australia (federal), Federal Executive Committee, minutes and papers, annual meeting papers, constitution, platform, historical publications, speeches by party leaders Menzies and Holt, election campaign publications, pamphlets and weekly newsletters.

Further records comprise those relating to the Liberal Party of Australia South Australian Division: constitution, Arts Policy Group minutes; Liberal Party of Australia Federal Women's Committee: papers and general files on women; papers on women's organisations including State Women's Council, Liberal and Country Party Policy for Women; Pan-Pacific and Southeast Asia Women's Association Australia Inc.: conference proceedings, correspondence, newsletters, reports, notices to members, history; Senate Standing orders, 1937; electoral materials including Boothby electorate polling places, 1940, scrapbook of 1946 election; political pamphlets including "The red twin: Communism, Socialism" (Federal Country Party publication), "Hard facts: inflation" (Office of Senator Amanda Vanstone); and, copies of student Liberal magazine

Contained in 10 boxes.

Series. Political Reform League

Executive Committee, minutes. Includes constitution, rules and annual financial statements, 27 November 1928-January 1931 (File) - Box 1 (MS Acc10.030)
Women's section [from 1932 Women's branch, Young Liberal League and, at final meeting, Young Liberal Women], minutes, Sept.1929-Oct. 1935 (File) - Box 1 (MS Acc10.030)
Papers: proposed constitution and rules, reports, draft platform of SA Liberal Federation, report on relations between the reform league and the Federation, account of deputation to the Premier, voting tickets, posters, 1929-30 (File) - Box 1 (MS Acc10.030)

Also other election material, and related papers, including ALP and State Country platforms.

Newspaper articles on the Political Reform League and on economic policy, public debt, cost of government and the economy generally; also printed constitution of the South Australian Liberal Federation 1928, 1928-[30] (File) - Box 1 (MS Acc10.030)

Series. [Adelaide] Young Liberal League

General Meeting minutes, annual reports and financial statements, 12 March 1937-22 August 1950 (File) - Box 2 (MS Acc10.030)

Inserted is a signed letter from Edith Lyons to Miss [sic] Wilson 15 May 1937 thanking her for the YLL's congratulations

Executive Committee minutes, 27 Feb. 1937-24 June 1946 (File) - Box 2 (MS Acc10.030)
(City of Adelaide, initially Tusmore) branch, annual returns. Include roll book, elected officers, financial statements, 1950/51-1984/85 (File) - Box 2 (MS Acc10.030)

Series. Liberal Youth Centre

Executive Committee minutes, March? 1946-Sept. 1948 (File) - Box 2 (MS Acc10.030)

Initial and final sections damaged, with loss of text

Series. Boothby electorate polling booths

Plans and addresses of locations of polling booths for Boothby, and letters to Mrs K.C. Wilson from LCL officials, 1940 (File) - Box 2 (MS Acc10.030)

Series. [Election scrapbook]

Scrapbook of [1946] election material including draft platform of LPA and pamphlets on behalf of K.C. Wilson and other Liberal Party candidates (W.E. Palmer, Ian D. Hayward), [1946] (File) - Box 2 (MS Acc10.030)

With loose insertions, some of later date (K.C. Wilson as candidate for Sturt)

Series. Liberal and Country League Executive Committee, Health and National Insurance Sub-committee minutes

Minutes of (2) meetings, ms. report and related papers, including 6th interim report of Joint Committee on Social Security July 1943, 1943-44 (File) - Box 2 (MS Acc10.030)

Series. Liberal and Country League, S.A. Division

Delegates' Annual Meeting [from 1974, State Council annual general meeting] papers, 1956, 1967, 1970-81, 1987-2001 (File) - Box 3-4 (MS Acc10.030)

Agenda and related papers and correspondence: files variously include reports, discussion papers, speeches, and newsletters. Files for 1975-79 include papers on Arts policy [see also Arts Policy Group minutes, Box 9].

Files mainly those of Lady Elizabeth Wilson

Constitution Principles and State Platform, 1953, 1955, 1956,1966, 1968,1969,1970, 1971,1972 (File) - Box 6 (MS Acc10.030)

Printed items (16, some duplicates)

Liberal Party of Australia, South Australia Division, Constitution, 1975, 1981, 1983 with amendments to 1987 (File) - Box 6 (MS Acc10.030)

Duplicated typescripts (3)

Series. Liberal and Country League, South Australia Branch,

Handbooks and list of branches and officers, 1967, 1982 and undated (File)

Duplicated typescripts (4)

[History] 'Origins of the Liberal and Country League of South Australia', 1957, 1965 (File) - Box 6 (MS Acc10.030)

Printed items (2)

Liberal Arts Policy Group, minutes. File includes letter of commendation from James Irwin 4 September 1983, 22 November 1979-25 July 1983 (File) - Box 9 (MS Acc10.030)

Lady Wilson was Convenor; see also Arts Policy papers in Delegates annual meeting files 1975-79 in Box 3

Pamphlets. Are you a Liberal? and What the LCL means to you, undated (File) - Box 10 (MS Acc10.030)

Printed items (2)

Series. Liberal Party of Australia [Federal]

Annual meeting papers. Program, agenda, reports etc. of 11th, 14th-17th, 19th-22nd annual meetings, 1956, 1959-62, 1965-67 (File) - Box 5 (MS Acc10.030)

Printed items (9)

Constitution, 1955, 1967 (File) - Box 6 (MS Acc10.030)

Printed items

Liberal Party of Australia Official (Federal) Platform, 1946 (draft), 1948, 1960, 1971, 1974 (File) - Box 6 (MS Acc10.030)

Printed items

Liberal Party of Australia [History] 'Forming the Liberal party of Australia: record of conference of representatives'; 'Twenty-one, The Liberal Party of Australia 1944 to 1965'; 'History and organization of the Liberal Party of Australia'; 'The Liberal Party - History'; program of Opening of LPA Headquarters, 1965, 1944, 1965, c.1996 and undated (File) - Box 6 (MS Acc10.030)

Printed and typescript items (5)

NSW Division Constitution, undated; Victorian Division constitution, Feb. 1965; Queensland branch official platform, constitution and rules 1964; Queensland Division State platform 1967, 1965-67 and undated (File) - Box 6 (MS Acc10.030)

Printed items (4)

Federal Executive Committee, minutes and papers. Include memoranda, reports and research notes, 7 February-11 November 1956 (File) - Box 7 (MS Acc10.030)

Files (6) of Mrs K.C [Lady Elizabeth] Wilson as Federal Women's Comm. Representative

Federal Women's Committee papers and general files on women; minutes and associated research notes, branch/State reports, discussion papers and correspondence, 1956, 1960-61, 1963, 1965, 1967-69, 1997-1999 (File) - Box 8 (MS Acc10.030)

1956 files (2) include research bulletins on budget, insurance, public accounts, automation, etc. and a letter from the Secretary of the S.A. Division re concerns at changes to the constitution. 1961 file is the meeting of the Joint Standing Committee on Federal Policy. 1963 and 1967 files have papers by Lady Wilson on 'The Woman Voter' and 'The Woman's Place in the World'.

Files (12) of Mrs K.C. [Lady Elizabeth] Wilson

Series. Liberal and Country League

Tusmore Women's branch, minutes, 14 July 1942-15 July 1948 (File) - Box 8 (MS Acc10.030)
Lecture Notes. Printed guidelines for lectures on election procedure, and notes for talk given by Mrs Wilson, 1968 and (mostly) undated (File) - Box 8 (MS Acc10.030)

Series. Victoria League correspondence and papers

File includes transcript of proceedings of 10th Australian conference, 1955 and 45th annual report for 1955/56, 1955-56 (File) - Box 8 (MS Acc10.030)

Lady Wilson was Chairman of the National Committee

Series. Miscellaneous

Papers on women's organizations etc. Including draft Guidelines for (State) Women's Council, LCP Policy for Women, 1986 Women of the Year luncheon program, [1936-86] (File) - Box 8 (MS Acc10.030)
Civil Defence School, Course booklet for Welfare Study Period no.4, April-May 1958 (File) - Box 9 (MS Acc10.030)

Attended by Lady Wilson

Commonwealth of Australia, Senate Standing Orders, 1937 (File) - Box 10 (MS Acc10.030)

K.C. Wilson's copy

[LPA] Speaker's Notes, 1947 (File) - Box 10 (MS Acc10.030)
[LPA] Weekly newsletter; Summary of the week's news of Federal interest prepared by Charles Meeking, Press Secretary of the Leader of the Opposition [Menzies]; No.2-10, 12-13 and index, 14 April-30 June 1944 (File) - Box 10 (MS Acc10.030)
Liberal Party of Australia pamphlets, 1949-73 and undated (File) - Box 10 (MS Acc10.030)

The case against Socialist Labour: background notes for speakers and canvassers 1949, Communist Party Dissolution Bill 1950, The health of the people 1950, Suez Canal: statement by the Prime Minister …25 September 1956, This is what we have done (Menzies) c.1959, Consultation and Cooperation (Sir Philip McBride) 1962, The fight is on 1973, Your family, the Liberal approach undated

Printed items (7)

Miscellaneous political pamphlets, c.1948, c.1991 (File) - Box 10 (MS Acc10.030)

The Red twin: Communism, Socialism (Federal Country Party publication) c.1948; Hard facts: Inflation (Office of Senator Amanda Vanstone) c.1991

Printed items (2)

Student Liberal Magazine. Magazine of The Australian Universities Liberal Federation, July 1954, 1961/62 (File) - Box 10 (MS Acc10.030)

2 issues only

House of Representatives seating plan, admission tickets to the Visitors' Gallery, printed Journals of the Senate, Votes and Proceedings of the House of Representatives, notices of motion; Young Liberal Ball ticket 1959, 1949-50, 1959 (File) - Box 10 (MS Acc10.030)

Series. Pan Pacific and South East Asia Women's Association Australia Inc.

Conference proceedings and associated papers. Proceedings of 9th, 17th and 18th annual conferences and 1996 workshop, program and delegate's kit for 17th conference, commemorative booklet and group photo for 18th conference, 1961, 1988, 1990, 1996 (File) - Box 9 (MS Acc10.030)

Mainly printed items (7)

Presidents Papers. Correspondence, newsletters, reports, notices to members, c.1968-72, 1980-99 (File) - Box 9 (MS Acc10.030)

2 folders

[History] 'Sixty years on: the story of the PPPSEAWA 1928-88' and 'History of the Association', [1988] and 1993 (File) - Box 9 (MS Acc10.030)

Printed items (2)

Series. Liberal Party of Australia Federal Election campaign

Policy speeches [Joint Opposition Policy speech 1949]. Speeches by Party leaders Menzies and Holt, 1946, 1949, 1955, 1958, 1961, 1966, 1967 (File) - Box 10 (MS Acc10.030)

Printed items (12)

Campaign Publications. Liberal Facts 1967, The way forward and The way ahead, 1974, 1966-67, 1974 (File) - Box 10 (MS Acc10.030)

Printed items (2)

Class MS Acc10.209. Consignment Added 2010

Comprises printed (Hansard) speeches, typescript and manuscript speeches and talks for radio and Australia Day Council; correspondence relating to services for the disabled; biographical and historical notes on Sir Keith's life and war service; Royal Commonwealth Society papers, including letter of welcome as President of the South Australia Branch and address to the Society by Malcolm Fraser; Commonwealth Immigration Advisory Council minutes, notes and correspondence; Australian Citizenship Convention papers, information notes and bulletins; government members' Social Security Committee minutes, reports and correspondence; United Nations 20th General Assembly papers including speeches, reports and notes; Good Neighbour Council minutes, publications and correspondence.

Contained in 5 boxes.

Series. Speeches and broadcasts

Printed speeches (Hansard), typescript and manuscript talks for radio broadcasts and Australia Day Council speech, 1940-44, 1960-64 and c1978 (File 1_3) - Box 1 (MS Acc10.209)

Series. Miscellaneous notes and correspondence

Correspondence relating to services for the disabled and letters of appreciation, 1965-66 (File 4) - Box 1 (MS Acc10.209)
Includes biographical and historical notes relating to Sir Keith's life and war service (fragments), correspondence relating to the K.C. Wilson Housing and Welfare Fund, papers on means testing and pensions, and newspaper cuttings, 1941-84 (File 6) - Box 1 (MS Acc10.209)

Series. Royal Commonwealth Society

Letter of welcome as President of the S.A. Branch and address to the Society by Malcolm Fraser, 1973 (File 5) - Box 1 (MS Acc10.209)

Series. Commonwealth Immigration Advisory Council papers

Minutes, agenda papers, notes and related correspondence, 1958-61 (File) - Box 1-2 (MS Acc10.209)

Series. Australian Citizenship Convention papers (printed)

[Delegates' information notes]/Information Bulletin, 1958-63 (File) - Box 2 (MS Acc10.209)

Series. Government Members' Social Security Committee papers

Minutes and related correspondence, reports etc., 1956-66 (File) - Box 2-3 (MS Acc10.209)

Series. United Nations General Assembly papers

Speeches, 20th General Assembly 1964; Report of Australian delegates 20th GA 1965; notes and speeches on foreign affairs, 1964-65 (File) - Box 3 (MS Acc10.209)

Printed 'Verbatim record' of 19th General Assembly not retained

Series. Good Neighbour Council papers

Minutes, publications and related correspondence, 1967-73 (File) - Box 4, 5 (MS Acc10.209)

K.C. Wilson was President