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MS 2254, MS Acc06.063, MS Acc13.049

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George Dreyfus
Papers of George Dreyfus
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MS 2254, MS Acc06.063, MS Acc13.049
5.4 metres (6 boxes, 6 elephant folios, 1 folder, 9 folio boxes)
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Biographical Note

Musician and composer. Dreyfus was born in Germany and came to Melbourne as a child. He was a basoonist in the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, 1953-1954 and 1958-1964, and began composing full time in 1964. Recipient of several prizes, including the first Creative Arts Fellowship at the ANU in 1967.

Item Descriptions

Class MS 2254. Original Consignment

Comprises manuscripts that include George Dreyfus' Incidental music to Leonce and Lena, a play in one act by Georg Buchner, and photocopies of "Expo '70, Symphony No. 1". There are also four diaries, 1965-1967, the manuscript text of a recorded talk for Australian Music Survey No. 1, posters, programmes, programme notes, and newspaper cuttings all relating to Dreyfus and his music. The collection also contains typescript notes on contemporary Australian composers, and musical scores for "Hallelujah for Handel", "Smash hit", "Rush" and "Theme of Marion".

Contained in 6 boxes and 6 elephant folios.

Class [unnumbered]. Original consignment

Diaries, 1965-1966 (File 1) - Box 1
Diaries, 1967 (File 2) - Box 1
Sitsky Quartet, 1969 (File 3) - Box 1
Text of recorded talk for Australian Music Survey No.1 [n.d.] (File 4) - Box 1
Programme for First George Dreyfus Concert, 6.3.1968 (File 4) - Box 1
Photocopies of newspaper, articles, 1967-1968 (File 5) - Box 1
Music score: Outback, 1969 (File 6) - Box 1
"Symphonic", 1969 (File 6) - Box 1
"Walk Through The Orchestra", 1969 (File 6) - Box 1
"The Gilt Edge Kid" (1 page), 1969 (File 6) - Box 1
Programme - Moomba Week of Australian Music (File 6) - Box 1
Music Score: "Bassoon" (File 7) - Box 1
Music Score: "Rush" (File 7) - Box 1
Manuscript and typescript for "Reflections in a (File 7) - Box 1
Glass-House", Concert series 1970 (File 7) - Box 1
Programmes, May 1973 (File 8) - Box 1
Photocopy of George Dreyfus's "Garni" Sands", 1974 (File 9) - Box 1
Music Score: "The Pieman", 1969 (File 10) - Box 1
Music Score: "Symphony No.1", 1967 (File 11) - Box 1

Class [unnumbered]. Consignment received 1972

Poster and programmes, 1972 (File 12) - Box 1
G.D. Chamber Orchestra - Annual Report, 1972 (File 12) - Box 1
G.D. Chamber Orchestra - Concert Season 1972 (File 12) - Box 1
Press release re "Garni Sands" (File 12) - Box 1
List of material on Hugo Alpen (File 12) - Box 1

Class [unnumbered]. Consignment received 12th May 1981

Newspaper cuttings, 1968-1970 (File 13) - Box 1
Programme - ABC 1970 Youth Concerts (File 13) - Box 1

Class [unnumbered]. Consignment received 23rd April 1985

Newspaper cuttings 1967-1982 (File 14) - Box 1

Class [unnumbered]. Consignment received 2nd September 1985

"Garni Sands" - contemporary Australian Opera (File 14) - Box 1

Class [unnumbered]. Consignment received 15th August 1989

Programmes and newspaper cuttings, 1972-1988 (File 15) - Box 1

Class [unnumbered]. Consignment received 27th November 1985

Operatic Theatre Programmes (File [unnumbered]) - Box 2-3
"Symphony No.1" (Item 1) - Folio-Box [unnumbered]
"Antitheses" (Item 2) - Folio-Box [unnumbered]
"Strophe" (Item 2) - Folio-Box [unnumbered]
"Fantasy" (Item 2) - Folio-Box [unnumbered]
"Theme and Variations" for Pianoforte (Item 2) - Folio-Box [unnumbered]
"The Adventures of Sebastian the Fox" (Item 3) - Folio-Box [unnumbered]
"Arr for Bassoon and Piano"(folio item) (Item 3) - Folio-Box [unnumbered]
"Leonce and Lena"(folio item) (Item 3) - Folio-Box [unnumbered]
"The Seasons"(folio item) (Item 4) - Folio-Box [unnumbered]
"From Within Looking Out" (Item 4) - Folio-Box [unnumbered]

Class [unnumbered]. Consignment received 10th February 1988

"Smash Hit" (File 5) - Folio [unnumbered]
"Expo No 1-3" (File 6) - Elephant-Folio [unnumbered]
"Perspectives" (File 6) - Elephant-Folio [unnumbered]
Three posters (File 6) - Elephant-Folio [unnumbered]

Class [unnumbered]. Consignment received 7th February 1986

Three posters (File 7) - Folio [unnumbered]
"Hallelujah for Handel" (File 7) - Folio [unnumbered]
"Deep Throat" (File 7) - Folio [unnumbered]

Class MS Acc06.063. Consignment received 2006

Comprises papers relating to Dreyfus and the performance of "Sebastian's greatest adventure", 30 January 2005, comprising a promotional brochure, two photocopied newspaper cuttings, and a print-out of three digital photographs.

Contained in 1 folder.

Class MS Acc13.049. Consignment received 2013

Comprises handwritten manuscript parts of the soundtracks to a number of Australian films and television series for which George Dreyfus composed the music. These include: Waterfront (TV series), Power without glory (TV series), Great expectations (TV series), Delta (TV series), Break of day feature film), The Illusionist (filmed ballet). The material represents the whole of the original scores.

Contained in 9 folio boxes.